KOF 2017

A simple tournament sponsored by Violet Systems concealed a shocking involvement with the Gear Project that soon erupted into full-out war.

Based on data collected from the previous King of Fighters, Violet Systems had introduced the new Combot 2.0, an AI-driven engine that allowed Combots to act with humanlike properties -- and the ability to throw energy attacks. These new Combots were, unbeknownst to many, powered by chi harvested from schoolchildren under the guise of the V-Gage Educator, a virtual reality system installed within schools in the Southtown area. Meanwhile, the G Corporation had been secretly researching Gears underneath a small village in Hokkaido, Japan -- and Mishima Zaibatsu was working on their own development, attempting to brainwash Darkstalkers for their own nefarious purposes.

The United Nations, understandably, was upset. Perhaps less obviously, though, the UN had a contract with G Corporation. And when a UN diplomat's ship was attacked while departing Japan, the UN began a systematic lockdown on the Japanese islands -- a lockdown which was met most unfavorably by the corporations of Japan! This escalation of forces led to the deployment of the Command Gear to Mount Fuji -- where the very top of the mountain was sheared off in a bombastic show of force!

The blast had the unwitting side effect of destroying wards and destabilizing a number of leylines all across the Japanese islands. Further, the god Raiden, upon learning of the Gear abominations created under Hokkaido, destroyed the G Corporation lab with a cataclysmic destruction, threatening a flood of Biblical proportions to cleanse the earth to a more pristine state!

Luckily, the combined efforts of many led to a more satisfactory resolution. But then a new situation appeared on the horizon...

KOF Ruleset 2017 - This is the official ruleset for KOF 2017. - created on 16:11:34 06/27/2017 by P-Body and last modified on 16:12:41 06/27/2017.

Three Women Walk Into A Bar - Actually, two of them started there. Either way, a (slightly drunken) team is formed... - created on 19:18:55 07/22/2017 by Claire and last modified on 09:21:48 07/23/2017. Cast: Claire, Fumiyo, and Mai.

KoF: Pushing the Limits - Terry Bogard contacts Brandon Malone to find out more about the man who would join their team for the King of Fighters tournament. What does the team captain find out about the detective and will this partnership work out? - created on 19:36:40 07/25/2017 by Brandon and last modified on 09:37:33 07/26/2017. Cast: Terry and Brandon.

KOF: Deal With The Devil - With the presence of Violet Systems mingling with the rival Yakuza under Honoka, Duke makes the daring decision to join the King of Fighters. But in order to fight, he will need a teammate of qualifying skill, as well as... other talents. - created on 12:15:46 07/26/2017 by Duke and last modified on 16:49:00 08/07/2017. Cast: Duke and Nagase.

KoF: Rock and Rumble - In order to find a team mate, Aranha has to go to a small venue rock show to find them. The audience ends up getting more than they paid for when they get to see a fight with their concert. - created on 19:54:52 07/28/2017 by Aranha and last modified on 10:21:07 07/29/2017. Cast: Aranha and Alexis.

Sylvie does SAL SAGEV - Sylvie Paula Paula finds a friend! Literately! Who knew you can just find one! Miguel and Sylvie are on the road to KOF! - created on 16:15:19 07/30/2017 by Sylvie and last modified on 19:47:45 07/30/2017. Cast: Miguel and Sylvie.

KOF: Team Revengeance is born - What do you get when you cross a power hungry corporation with two angry ninja? Much higher insurance premiums. Team revengeance has formed, and this little write up might be longer than the time it took to happen. - created on 16:53:40 07/30/2017 by Noboru and last modified on 20:52:02 07/30/2017. Cast: Maki and Noboru.

Guardians of the Balance - Or, "An Unlikely Ninja." Wherein the enigmatic shinobi Ryu Hayabusa and Kasumi pay a visit to a stronghold of the Sacred Order of the Holy Knights and recruit a like-minded psychic to their cause, drawing Alma's struggle for peace and justice out of obscurity and into the public light of the grand tournament: King of Fighters. - created on 22:23:07 07/30/2017 by Alma and last modified on 11:43:07 07/31/2017. Cast: Alma, Kasumi, and Ryu Hayabusa.

Pull up a Chair-Person - Hideo Shimazu attempts to have a quiet cup of coffee. Then a certain Chairperson walked in, with an offer. An offer he would think twice before hed refuse. - created on 15:48:20 07/31/2017 by Hideo and last modified on 17:24:34 07/31/2017. Cast: Hideo and Iincyo.

Trains Passing - Alma and Hayabusa, traveling to Hokkaido ostensibly for pre-tournament training and in reality for Hayabusa's inscrutible purposes, recognize Honoka, famed performer and a fellow competitor, at the station. Behind the friendly and incidental exchange is a faintly uneasy atmosphere. What concerns plague Honoka's thoughts? Were psychics truly mind-readers, a revelation might have awaited Alma. As it is, for now, they are but trains passing. - created on 21:46:59 07/31/2017 by Alma and last modified on 01:31:14 08/01/2017. Cast: Alma, Honoka, and Ryu Hayabusa.

Tim Hortons? In My Metro City?? - A team gets a couple more members than expected... - created on 10:29:13 08/01/2017 by Tabitha and last modified on 15:30:08 08/01/2017. Cast: Aranha, Tabitha, Alexis, and Walter.

Kliff Notes - The commander of the Sacred Order summons his agents Alma, recently inducted into a team competing in the King of Fighters tournament, and Dr. Tran to pass on their marching orders: infiltrate Violet Systems, the tournament's sponsor, and investigate their suspicious connections with dire supernatural forces. With Alma and Walter participating openly and Tran working behind the scenes, a conspiracy is only beginning to make itself apparent, and nothing is what it seems. Except Dr. Tran. He seems normal. - created on 13:33:42 08/01/2017 by Alma and last modified on 18:16:44 08/01/2017. Cast: Alma, Robo-Tran, Walter, and Kliff.

You're That Ninja! - Mai and Fumiyo track down Alma, of the hitherto unknown Towazu clan of ninjas, in the back garden of a Hokkaido ryoukan to determine what exactly qualifies their fellow King of Fighters competitor to join a team with Hayabusa and Kasumi. Alma cannot admit that it is his affiliation with the Sacred Order that gives him common cause with Hayabusa. How will he ninja his way out of this? (Answer: with a ninja. Nice save, Ryu.) - created on 21:54:21 08/02/2017 by Alma and last modified on 01:18:40 08/03/2017. Cast: Alma, Ryu Hayabusa, Fumiyo, and Mai.

B5 Qualifier Match: Heirs To Legends vs Team Miggy - At the elegant and gorgeous Theatro Municipal Opera House in Rio de Janerio, the Heir To Legends will face off against Team Miggy Mew Mew. Honoka is teaming up for the first time with Zach Glenn and Nakoruru, both fresh faces in the King Of Fighters. Against them, is junk girl Sylvie Paula Paula and the infamous Caballero Rojo, a brutal returning face in the KOF. Bringing a brutality to the opera scene, both sides will need to balance performance against function, as they strike out for the coveted 5th Bracket position, for the King of Fighters. - created on 14:11:07 08/06/2017 by Sylvie and last modified on 13:02:47 08/14/2017. Cast: Honoka, Zach Glenn, Miguel, Nakoruru, and Sylvie.

Mission 4) Cold Storage Blues - Faolan vs Henchman - Location: Thailand - Ikari Warriors have pinpointed the location of where the remains of fighters from the Mortal Kombat tournament had been acquired and stored. A simple refrigerated warehouse, owned by a front company underneath Violet Systems, and by proxy, G-Corporation. While leaving it place is normally the right course of action, the word quickly reaches the Ikari Warriors that the remains were being moved, relocated to a laboratory. Faolan's mission, should he choose to accept it, is to find and intercept the remains, and identify the location where they will be relocated to. But with Henchman on hand to guard the remains, he will have to deal with the guards by stealth or by force, before the remain are shipped out overseas for whatever sinister purposes. - created on 19:52:52 08/07/2017 by Henchman and last modified on 02:49:41 08/19/2017. Cast: Faolan and Henchman.

B2 Qualifier Match: Team Balance vs Sound And Fury - Right in the heart of the Windy City, two teams battle for the headliner of the great split, with returning faces coming to a brutal face to face match. Team Balance will be facing off against Sound And Fury, as wild card runs against wild card. Team Balance brings the returning ninja Ryu Hayabusa with a fresh new team, coming into the tournament with the beautiful Kasumi and the strange, even more beautiful Alma at his flanks. Facing against him is a practical army of Sound and Fury. Alexis returns with her new partners, the alien Aranha, the belligerent Tabitha, and what looks to be a cosplaying dragon mascot, Walter. The professional faces the weird in Chicago, as Balance collides with Sound and Fury in the fight for the 2nd Bracket. - created on 20:43:18 08/07/2017 by Aranha and last modified on 14:52:20 08/15/2017. Cast: Alma, Aranha, Kasumi, Tabitha, Ryu Hayabusa, Alexis, and Walter.

Mission 3 - School Daze - Taiyo High has gotten quieter and quieter. The burning spirit that the school was once known for was beginning to grow dim. And the only culprit that can be seen is the new "V-Gage Educator" systems. While the main curriculum has not been taken over by the virtual reality machines, the same cannot be said for the detention hall. Students who go into detention come back changed. Quiet. Submissive. Obedient. And suffer a great loss in the burning Taiyo spirit in exchange. Sakura and Yuri have independently gotten wind of these changes, and finally have the opportunity to investigate, before Sakura must leave for the next King Of Fighters match out of Southtown. But as the unlikely allies investigate the Taiyo High detention hall, they will soon find an uncomfortable truth about the new, obedient students; a truth that must be set free. - created on 16:22:30 08/09/2017 by Honoka and last modified on 16:53:18 08/10/2017. Cast: Honoka, Sakura, and Yuri.

B4 Qualifier: Rising Dragons vs Beautiful Girls - Leads: Ryu vs Mai. Location: Japan - Southtown Overpass. Underneath the Southtown Overpass, looks faces against talent, as the Rising Dragons 2017 butts heads with the Beautiful Girls Team in a fight for the 4th Bracket. The Rising Dragons 2017 bring recurring world warrior Ryu with a young prodigy Sakura, a fresh face to King of Fighters, if not the organized fighting circuit. Facing against them is three beautiful and dangerous ladies. Claire, Mai, and Fumiyo mix raw sex appeal with deadly skill, proving that good looks does not belay pure talent. Both teams will have to bring it all if they want to qualify into the tournament of kings. - created on 19:48:32 08/09/2017 by Ryu and last modified on 17:37:56 08/15/2017. Cast: Ryu, Sakura, Claire, Fumiyo, and Mai.

B6 Qualifier Match: Hungry Wolves vs Masked Men - Taking place in a specially crafted arena in international waters out in the Atlantic Ocean, this massive arena will be hosting not only one of the greatest lucha team ups the world has ever seen, but the one and only Brandon Malone, the hot-headed activist protesting Violet Systems and the HitBit brand. Teaming up alongside him is Terry Bogard and Rock Howard, relative unknowns in the world of organized fighting. With the likes of the heroic Griffon Mask, the amazing Jaguar King, and the terrifying MURDERHOUSE coming in the wings, we can only see if Brandon does better than his debut match last KOF in his fight for a position in the 6th Bracket. - created on 13:16:45 08/10/2017 by Brandon and last modified on 11:57:05 08/14/2017. Cast: Tizoc, Rock, MURDERHOUSE, Terry, Jaguar King, and Brandon.

B3 Qualifier Match: Full Moons vs Hard Knocks - AKA KOF: Getting Schooled, or a Lunar Landing? Situated over the River Thames, the world famous London Bridge manages to avoid falling down, in order to allow two strange teams to duke it out for the valuable 3rd Bracket slot. The beautiful Full Moons, Felicia and Eliza, are strange and elegant women of an almost superhuman talent, will be staring down the Hard Knocks, the best of the best of academic merits. Teacher and student will be fighting together, as the monster faces the mundane. Both Hideo and Iincyo will need to teach a lesson to the Full Moons. Hopefully, they won't be overwhelmed by the combat assets of the two madams. - created on 13:09:08 08/11/2017 by Iincyo and last modified on 11:56:33 08/14/2017. Cast: Hideo, Iincyo, Felicia, and Eliza.

B7 Qualifier Match: Team USA vs Bloodletters - It's Team Bloodletters vs Team USA in a competition to get past the prelims of the King of Fighters tournament. Lotus and Zabel live up to their team name, attempting to literally paint the town red with the unwilling assistance of Senna and Ken, but Team USA isn't about to let a few horrible monsters ruin their day. (Winner: Team USA) - created on 22:37:53 08/12/2017 by Zabel and last modified on 19:50:20 08/15/2017. Cast: Ken Masters, Senna, Zabel, and Lotus.

B8 Qualifier Match: Revengeance vs Anti-Wrestling - The fight for the final bracket comes to at the world renowned Sydney Opera Houses. Sitting at the face of the Pacific Ocean, the iconic opera house will host a different sort of performance for the King Of Fighters. Facing off in the cool early morning is Team Revengeance and the Anti-Wrestling Team. The returning ninja pair Maki and Noboru dont have the wrestling potential that local home boy Marduk is out to stop, but with Abel in the wings, its going to be a fierce battle of speed vs power. And the winner will be the final entry that makes it into the King of Fighters tournament. - created on 19:08:54 08/13/2017 by Abel and last modified on 14:52:57 08/15/2017. Cast: Abel, Maki, Marduk, and Noboru.

Mission 1) Over River, Through Woods - Late at night, across the rolling mountains of the Appalachians, a strange caravan carries massive cargo on a forbidden back road winding through the forest. And with it, the spectre of death hangs. Ichiro has his orders: Bring the shipment to the hidden location. Remove any individuals asking too many questions. Dispatch anybody who interferes. Ichiro and his men may not be able to sense the incredible aura around the cargo. Alma and Ayame, however, may find the strange cargo, and have every reason to liberate the caravan of its cargo, and learn which where the strange item is being taken. - created on 00:04:53 08/15/2017 by Alma and last modified on 16:50:23 09/04/2017. Cast: Alma, Ichiro, and Ayame.

Mission 2) Hack Dot Next - Noboru vs Claire - With the HitBit information finally being processed, fighter data used to be able to log and process remotely. With the new sensors, however, fighter data has become something more than 1s and 0s. Special sites have been set up around the world to manage and compile the data, chi and otherwise, to properly record and store for further experimentation and development. Many have been opposed to HitBit data, however; some have pursued legal recourse. Others, like Noboru, have a more personal approach. Noboru will be infiltrating the HitBit Processing Site, with the intent to sabotage the data in order to protect the integrity of ninjas. But with secret agent Claire of the Tekken Force running the show, we can only see just how far he can get. - created on 17:58:17 08/15/2017 by Claire and last modified on 00:06:31 08/17/2017. Cast: Noboru and Claire.

Mission 5) What The Doctor Ordered. - A mysterious illness has spread amongst those taking part in the Play To Work project. But what isn't shocking is the magnitude of the sickness, but how minor it was. Merely fatigue and nausea, with no clear other side effects. That is, except significantly reduced chi production. With the illness spreading beyond the college students, a mere bystander in the history of man, Rust Jr, uncovers a single clue on the strange ailment: A small medical shop, owned by Patricia Eleanor Nathair that is up the ways. Rust Jr. must come to the clinic for clues, which may come innocently, or may come with a price beyond prices for the answers. - created on 03:19:54 08/18/2017 by Trish and last modified on 12:14:05 09/06/2017. Cast: Rust and Trish.

Waiting on the Next Round - At the hotel the Hungry Wolves are staying while they wait for the next fight locations for the King of Fighters, Brandon goes through the footage of the next opponents just as Terry gets back from training. They discuss meal plans as well as how they plan to handle the next round of the King of Fighters. - created on 20:50:47 08/18/2017 by Brandon and last modified on 18:51:03 08/19/2017. Cast: Terry and Brandon.

Q2: Rising Dragons 2017 vs Heirs to Legend - The Rising Dragons and the Heirs to Legends advance from the qualifiers, traveling across the world to a small but elegant chateau in Gay Paree. There, Sakura and Honoka will stare down each other within the Chateau de Colde, a maison in ownership of a minor noble family. While the pair will battle inside, they will have the honor of battling before the true prize of the de Colde family; a famous art piece that stretches across the entire room. There, the two teams will battle for the chance to advance into the semi-finals. The only rule to follow? Don't wreck the interior; that stuff's expensive, and we don't want to test the patience of the insurance companies. - created on 10:21:43 08/21/2017 by Honoka and last modified on 23:10:31 09/03/2017. Cast: Honoka, Ryu, Sakura, Zach Glenn, and Nakoruru.

Mission 11a) At The Mouth of Madness - In Thailand, Faolan has discovered that the remains of fighters from the Mortal Kombat tournament were scheduled to be sent to the Southpoint Canine Lab. Reaching out to the private industry on specialists, the Ikari Warrior heads to the recently abandoned laboratory with professional hero Robert Richards and expert monster hunter Zach Glenn in tow. As Zach descends into the depths, Faolan and Bob secure the topside, investigating the aboveground premises. Spared from the real horrors of the lab, they encounter their own challenges when Sergei and his team arrive on behalf of the United Nations, under orders to cover up the experimentation center's existence and eliminate all evidence. Can our investigative team fend off the dangers within... and those on the outside- - created on 12:30:46 08/26/2017 by Sergei and last modified on 00:37:06 09/07/2017. Cast: Faolan, Sergei, and Bob.

Q3: Team USA vs Team Balance - After a stunning performance of the other team of ninjas against the returning favorite Team USA, the two teams finally face a showdown to see who will advance, and who will stray. The elegant ninja Kasumi will face off against Ken Masters himself, to decide who will make it into the final four, and who will come home with ten gift cards from Olive Garden. And what better way to show off the ways of the United States than to show down at a nearly-abandoned oil refinery. Ken Masters can promote his nationalist flair to the lovely Kasumi amongst the abandoned junk piles and hissing steam vents amongst the rich aroma of processed sour crude oil. Don't hold your breath in this matchup, unless you are watching from the sidelines! - created on 15:23:23 08/26/2017 by Ken Masters and last modified on 17:28:56 09/10/2017. Cast: Alma, Ken Masters, Kasumi, Senna, and Ryu Hayabusa.

Q4: Full Moons vs Hungry Wolves - With the strange new faces Full Moons coming out in a close match, they are pouring up and over against the Hungry Wolves in familiar territory. The Hungry Wolves bring in a hometown advantage as the fight comes in at Southtown, right outside the local favorite 'Old Line,' home of the hard rock. Eliza, the terrifying woman that brought Hideo down to his knees, will be leading in against Terry Bogard right outside the Live House. Will he be okay- Or will Eliza and her ladies make him bust a wolf- - created on 12:48:08 08/27/2017 by Terry and last modified on 17:48:04 09/10/2017. Cast: Rock, Terry, Felicia, Eliza, Brandon, and Duck.

Mission 11b) Man Bites Dog - Within the laboratory, the meddlesome trio uncover a terrible truth about the nature of the lab. Deep in the heart of what looks like experimental hell, Zach Glenn, master monster hunter of the Glenn Clan, has to brave it alone. With only the sweet thoughts of his beloved Honoka to keep him safe, he will let the rest of the investigative team secure the topside. He himself will pick through the maze of endless dog cages, and discern the darkest secrets of this seemingly labyrinthine maze. There, he may just discover that monsters are not born, but made... - created on 16:52:05 08/27/2017 by P-Body and last modified on 23:43:52 08/29/2017. Cast: Zach Glenn.

Mission 10) Okaerinasai, Goshujin-sama~ - There's nothing more irritating than a man who doesn't know when to keep his head down or his mouth shut. Perhaps the most outspoken critic of Violet Systems and their methods of combat collection data, Brandon Malone has gained the attention of Lee Chaolan through lengthy legal battles and condemning the company publicly. It's time he was silenced, for the greater(?) good. Enter Fumiyo, the sensual assassin. Enlisted and deployed, imagine Brandon's surprise when he finds this beautiful young woman in his hotel room... with a lot more to offer than warnings or threats. - created on 20:17:16 08/27/2017 by Brandon and last modified on 23:31:37 08/29/2017. Cast: Brandon and Fumiyo.

Q1: Syndicate Team vs Team Revengeance - After a startling success in Sydney, Team Revengeance advances in the face of dire odds into the quarterfinals. They will travel across the ocean to the legendary Taj Mahal, where Maki and Hokutomaru must face the fresh faces in this tournament, the only team that auto-qualified, the Syndicate Team. The infamous Duke, teamed with returning favorite Nagase, brings the terror of tournaments past as they will face down long runner Maki as the King Of Fighters heat up into showdown of, once again, of speed vs power. Place your bets people! - created on 17:49:41 08/28/2017 by Duke and last modified on 10:42:56 09/07/2017. Cast: Duke, Hokutomaru, Nagase, Maki, and Noboru.

Mission 7) Snips And Snares - Throughout history, it has been proven that all it takes to form an alliance is two great minds that think alike, for better or for worse. While Nagase and Noboru find themselves on opposing sides during the tournament, their goals align. In order to obtain that which they seek, they must work together... Because their enemies certainly are. Paid a hefty sum, two mercenaries for hire stand in the way of the HitBit facility's destruction. Oswald and Cooper have a welcoming gift for the intruders that is simply to DIE for. - created on 19:52:35 08/28/2017 by Oswald and last modified on 21:10:38 08/30/2017. Cast: Oswald, Nagase, Noboru, and Cooper.

Mission 8) Unnecessary Facts - Sylvie is a junk girl, living her junk life to its fullest. An unaware puppet of NESTS, she lets them pull her strings all under the guise of her own madness. Compelled by the puppeteers to head to HitBit's main research and development facility, her purpose is to infiltrate and investigate. Little does she realize, the disgraced head of the R&D department intends to do the same, and views her presence as a golden opportunity not only to get back into Violet Systems good graces, but to net a pretty new waifu that he can play dress-up with. Can Sylvie protect her innocence against the crazed Yoshiaki, or will she be the next victim of the mad engineer? - created on 20:33:55 08/28/2017 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 17:32:14 09/11/2017. Cast: AY4M3 and Sylvie.

Mission 6) Teachable Moments - All across the Southtown school board, the V-Gage Educator has been introduced as the newest means of fixing listless students. Not only does it serve as a motivating teaching tool, it has found a powerful niche in deterring problem youths from causing further issues. What would have been the way of the future for Japanese education is not considered favorable by all; Yuri is one such student, part of the pair that revealed to the UN just how insidious and seedy the V-Gage Educator really is. Counted among its supporters, Aaron arrives to learn about the V-Gage Educator as a representative of the Boy Scouts, but that isn't what Yuri should be worried about. The real cause for concern here is a young hothead named Batsu, who has gotten in his head that Yuri is against the V-Gage, and he intends to beat it out of her head any thoughts against it. - created on 17:25:12 08/30/2017 by Aaron and last modified on 17:33:56 09/15/2017. Cast: Batsu, Aaron, and Yuri.

Mission 12) Cry Of The Planet - Following a series of rolling brownouts in Hokkaido, G-Corporation quickly takes credit for it as a side effect of their experiments. In truth, Raiden, the Thunder God, has awakened. Hearing the cries of the planet, he's driven to a blinding rage, and in his fury, he unleashes his power upon the countryside in a manner most unbecoming of his status. With more than just the hidden Darkstalker village where his temple is located in danger, one of the inhabitants by the name of Kelly moves to try and quell his rage. Ryu Hayabusa arrives in tandem, sworn to protect the world against apocalyptic matters just like this. It's up to them both to stop this clear and present threat to humanity, at any cost. Are they up to the task of striking down a God- - created on 18:19:04 08/31/2017 by Ryu Hayabusa and last modified on 17:00:06 09/07/2017. Cast: Raiden, Ryu Hayabusa, and Kelly.

KOF Mission 9: To Catch a Killer - Even though brainwashing a true Darkstalker is a snap for Violet Systems, Lee Chaolan asks, "Who cares?" Mishima Zaibatsu's stance on the matter is far less dismissive. They're VERY interested. Not only will integrating Darkstalkers enable them to wield greater power, it would act as a buffer against G-Corporation's own incredible breakthroughs. Lotus is the perfect subject for capture and conversion, and Claire is under strict orders to bring her in for a fun time of psyche annihilation and unorthodox reprogramming. Understandably, Lotus isn't exactly cool with that, and being a Darkstalker whose favorite hobbies range from stabbings to variation of stabbings, Claire may be in for the fight of her life to contain this psychopath. - created on 18:35:51 09/03/2017 by Claire and last modified on 12:27:09 09/06/2017. Cast: Lotus and Claire.

Foreign Women, Continued - After the Heirs to Legends' battle against the Rising Dragons, there is much for two Ainu women to discuss: art, life, and the cyclical patterns which they often entwine themselves in. - created on 20:18:52 09/03/2017 by Honoka and last modified on 20:13:17 09/17/2017. Cast: Honoka and Nakoruru.

Ends and Means - Fei Rutherford, scion of the Rutherford Conglomerate and director of its medical branch, has announced the successful treatment of a form of leukemia utilizing Violet Systems' Chi Battery technology. But the United Nations has condemned Violet Systems, this year's host of the King of Fighters tournament, for theft and misuse of this technology and demanded that Japan arrest Lee Chaolan and turn him over to an international court. Lee Chaolan and Japan have rejected these demands, throwing international relations into turmoil. Alma Towazu, a covert agent of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights, a secret Darkstalker-policing organization under the direction of the United Nations, manages to arrange a meeting with Fei Rutherford thanks to Alma's reputation as an acclaimed artist and recently-victorious King of Fighters competitor. Both the Sacred Order and Alma's King of Fighters teammates, Ryu Hayabusa and Kasumi, suspect that Violet Systems is toying with eldritch horrors to acquire its Chi Battery technology, so Alma, believing that Fei must be a good person, chooses to approach him directly and attempt to find out what he knows. What follows is a fateful meeting between two men of conviction and character. It remains to be seen whether, in the end, their values will complement one another or explosively collide. - created on 16:20:10 09/07/2017 by Alma and last modified on 23:58:39 09/11/2017. Cast: Alma and Fei.

Business As Usual - With the hammer of the United Nations looming over Violet Systems, Lee Chaolan has a pleasant business meeting with one of his benefactors, Fei Rutherford. Fei, the heir of the Rutherford family, had just founded the Rutherford Medical Clinic, and has found the opportunity to gain from Lee Chaolan's misfortune... and of course, visa versa. - created on 19:08:52 09/10/2017 by Mian and last modified on 23:48:57 09/11/2017. Cast: Lee Chaolan and Fei.

Twin Ravens - Two ravens fight on a rooftop and discuss NESTS. No, not bird nests, the other NESTS. Who is the mysterious figure and just exactly what do they want from Munin? Where is Hugin in all this? Why do I keep asking so many questions? Stay tuned for the next episode of 'The White Raven'! - created on 13:40:57 09/11/2017 by Hugin and last modified on 16:19:31 09/11/2017. Cast: Munin and Hugin.

Nagase Versus The Volcano - Nagase wasn't at the quarterfinal match -- and neither was her counterpart, Noboru. Duke... has some thoughts about that, and he's demanded that the tech-ninja show up to justify her unexcused absence. - created on 11:55:03 09/12/2017 by Nagase and last modified on 15:49:55 09/14/2017. Cast: Duke and Nagase.

S2: Hungry Wolves vs Balance - With a last minute reschedule, a local sumo wrestling champion has generously offered his training facility within the male side of the sento. Housing a wrestling ring for the trainees of the sumo style, the facility serves to be adequate for the fight between the Hungry Wolves against the ninja-styles of Team Balance. The mild Rock Howard, after overcoming overwhelming femininity, will get a chance to face overwhelming masculinity as he is paired against the master ninja Ryu Hayabusa for the semi-finals. Who will make it to the finals? And who will end up washing down the drain? - created on 02:23:32 09/13/2017 by Ryu Hayabusa and last modified on 18:12:04 09/24/2017. Cast: Alma, Rock, Terry, Kasumi, Ryu Hayabusa, and Brandon.

Act 2: Mission 1 - The Capture Of Lee Chaolan - With Japan silent, and Lee Chaolan arrogantly defying them, the United Nations has decided to put an end to any empty words, and resolve the rogue executive permanently. Recruiting the deadliest assassins of the Lin Kuei, the United Nations has staged a hostile retrieval of Lee Chaolan at his vacation home at the beach. Sub-Zero has been instructed to deal with the CEO cleanly and efficiently: Capture the executive while the UN Special Forces occupies his bodyguard force, and extract him from the site. Alive. At least, in a state where he can be revived easily enough. The world will know soon enough that those who defy law and order, will be doomed to be crushed under it's boot. - created on 15:29:49 09/14/2017 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 11:13:13 09/18/2017. Cast: Lee Chaolan and Sub-Zero.

Act 2: Mission 8 - Culling The Horde - The Southpoint Canine Labs have since been blown up and abandoned, picked clean of information and supplies. Then why are there monsters crawling around it? Lord Dohma has his orders to prep the labs, for the arrival of a precious gift from the Dark Lord. Ky Kiske, late to the party as usual, has come to investigate the Ultratech lab. Instead of finding secrets already pilfered by the Ikari Warriors, Ky Kiske is forced to confront the hostile band of monsters, lead by the psychotic Lotus. The presence of this monsters are sinister, and Ky Kiske may learn what loose ends are buried deep under the rubble below. - created on 18:16:31 09/15/2017 by Ky Kiske and last modified on 19:05:05 09/17/2017. Cast: Ky Kiske and Lotus.

S1: Syndicate Team vs Heirs to Legend - The chaotic situation with the condemnation of King Of Fighters has not left the world without fighting. And not everyone agrees with the condemnation. One of the world's biggest supporters of King Of Fighters, the SNK Corporation, has offered one of it's Neo*Geo Land locations to promote the tournament. Taking place outside of the Arcade/Media Supercenter, the Syndicate Team brings the techno-ninja Nagase to face the Heirs To Legend's own noble warrior, Zach Glenn for a battle to the finals. Maybe when they are done, they can do a few rounds inside! - created on 22:11:41 09/15/2017 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 12:31:57 09/22/2017. Cast: Duke, Nagase, Honoka, Zach Glenn, and Nakoruru.

Act 2: Mission 10 - Lost in the Woods - After sacking the Southpoint Canine Lab, the Ikari Warriors have a list, and a lead. With a data share with Zach Glenn, the Ikari Warriors have found that the likely location of one of the Unknown Gears lays in the Dark Woods outside of Southtown. Leading the investigation further is Faolan, taking point on this winding trail. While many mercenaries refuse to enter those woods, one volunteer slinks forward. The mysterious Fumiyo promises she has a lead on what lays within the forest, and she will help Faolan through them. But neither Faolan and Fumiyo can prepare when a lone figure emerges to intercept them, for purposes only known to him. - created on 20:44:37 09/16/2017 by Sol Badguy and last modified on 13:57:30 09/26/2017. Cast: Faolan, Sol Badguy, and Fumiyo.

Act 2: Mission 7 - Paved By Good Intentions - When missiles were launched at the SCP-5002, the eldritch horror transported by Ultratech, it was not destroyed. Instead, it was woken up. Fortunately for this island we call Earth, the creature was mostly benign, interested far more in returning home to lay its eggs, than to linger in an alien world such as ours. Unfortunately, its method of returning home is to channel a portal to the nearest exit, quickly drawing the attention and presence of Lord Dohma himself, as the rest of Majigen pours into our world. Ayame is at the front lines to stop this invasion, and with some support of master monster hunter Baiken, the duo must dispatch Jedah quickly... before the Dark Lord takes his prize as he sees fit. - created on 17:52:00 09/17/2017 by Jedah and last modified on 18:15:02 09/24/2017. Cast: Ayame, Jedah, and Baiken.

Act 2: Mission 3 - To Match A Ninja - It has become apparent to Munin that she has been used by HitBit to further their goals. With the HitBit organization withdrawing back into Southtown, Munin and her sister Hugin get a lead on HitBit. They get word that the tournament was infiltrated in a single team. That a ninja from the Beautiful Girls Team has the information they need on the HitBit schemes. A seductive, enchanting ninja, with an all too lethal edge, working for a secret organization. Unfortunately for Mai, it seems that there is some confusion on which beautiful girl they want... - created on 18:58:03 09/18/2017 by Hugin and last modified on 23:15:37 09/19/2017. Cast: Munin, Hugin, and Mai.

Imprisoned - After his capture by the United Nations, Lee Chaolan has been disgraced. Awaiting his tribunal, Lee Chaolan sits in a detention out in international waters. To his surprise, Lee Chaolan receives a guest that offers to support him in his time of need... and a guest who is quite unwanted. - created on 14:40:44 09/19/2017 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 19:14:04 09/20/2017. Cast: Heihachi and Lee Chaolan.

Act 2: Mission 11 -- The Shining Path - With his family in the midst of a public war with the United Nations, Jin Kazama is left with a moderately peaceful shelter. Only relatively; the schools are in the midsts of tearing themselves apart over But Jin cannot be expected to be tangled in conflict between his family and the world, can he? The question is brought to him by a mysterious sage, a wandering figure with a strange past. There is guidance in conflict; there is conflict in guidance. But Jin must see the paths that lay before him, and his must choose not only his future, but the future of the world itself. - created on 20:06:27 09/19/2017 by Frei and last modified on 19:55:48 09/21/2017. Cast: Frei and Jin Kazama.

Act 2: Mission 5 - Assault On Battery - Noboru has finally found the location of the V-Gage Battery Warehouse, the central wholesale warehouse of the V-Gage batteries. With the international market shutdown, 90% of the V-Gage batteries are located here. But not all dealers of HitBit are wicked souls; Fei Rutherford, the billionaire philanthropist, had recently been handed over the warehouse by Lee Chaolan himself, granted unmitigated access to the batteries to serve for medical research. Noboru has the opportunity to cripple the chi-drain technology in the world for good. Will he do so at the cost of the cure of diseases? - created on 23:25:40 09/19/2017 by Noboru and last modified on 22:53:47 09/30/2017. Cast: Noboru and Fei.

Act 2: Mission 5 - Act of God - The freak storm that struck Hokkaido is a disaster. While the government scrambles to assign blame, the reclusive CEO of G-Corporation emerges to Nibutani, holding a press conference. With the promise to rebuild the dam and the generator, it seems that human progress would not be stopped without something more stern than a warning. A thunderclap rushes upon the press conference, for teleportation is nothing for a god, especially so close to his warded lands. When Raiden arrives to strike the offending human dead, Kazuya finds unlikely rescue from a bitter source: The Tekken Forces elite, sent by Heihachi as a further humiliation to the man. As Kazuya is forced to flee, Lars and Claire must cover the escape of the Mishima by engaging with Raiden - created on 19:08:43 09/21/2017 by Claire and last modified on 19:57:05 10/09/2017. Cast: Akuma, Lars, Raiden, and Claire.

Act 2: Mission 4 - Follow The Trail - As the Hungry Wolves move into the next phase of the tournament, Brandon Malone finds himself a wanted man. Not wanted by the law, but by the mysterious forces seeking to assassinate him. His contacts quickly draw together a lead, however. A mercenary by the name of Cooper, whose background ties him to the very people who ordered his assassination. Brandon has to corner him at the Pao Pao Cafe in Southtown, and find out the truth of who is out to kill him. - created on 19:34:27 09/21/2017 by Brandon and last modified on 09:22:37 09/22/2017. Cast: Brandon and Cooper.

False Flags Ahoy! - Chaos reigns supreme! With the situation in Japan heating up, the United Nations has sent an order for all diplomats to leave the country ASAP. The last diplomat discreetly boards a boat departing for Korea -- but this boat's about to pick up not one but -two- unwanted escorts! - created on 15:07:04 09/26/2017 by Honoka and last modified on 14:09:33 09/29/2017. Cast: Urien, Honoka, and Nina.

Act 2: Mission 12 - After School Special - With the protests worsening, Yuri has been labeled a pariah across the schools, held as a symbol of the corruption that runs deep within the institution. Her father, concerned for her safety, has demanded her daughter stay home at the Kyokugen Dojo, where he can keep a watchful eye on her. Naturally, while Yuri is mostly a good girl, so is Sean, who has returned from the King Of Fighters tournament to a school at war with itself. He has to reach Yuri to understand the chaos that is unfolding at his school. But will Yuri see a potential friend? Or will she see just another enraged student ready to attack her? - created on 16:01:20 09/27/2017 by Yuri and last modified on 23:49:13 09/27/2017. Cast: Sean and Yuri.

Telling a Little Bird - Having been captured by Munin and Hugin, Mai undergoes interrogation as part of their pursuit of evidence against Violet Systems. They say that loose lips sink ships, but what if Mai is already in the market for depth charges...? - created on 20:42:20 09/27/2017 by Mai and last modified on 23:50:36 09/27/2017. Cast: Munin and Mai.

It's a helluva drug - Lilith runs into Kokan in South America for a bit of the OLD ULTRAVIOLENCE. - created on 21:38:12 09/27/2017 by Lilith and last modified on 01:20:33 09/28/2017. Cast: Lilith and Kokan.

Act 2: Mission 2 - Seek And Destroy - With Yoshiaki captured by NESTS, it is time to make their move. Not directly, of course. They have people for that. Unknowingly pawns of NESTS, both Kula and Sylvie are lured to strike out at the Combot Research Facility. Their mission? Clear out the base, and expose the technology for NESTS to acquire. Unfortunately for them, they are quite expendable, and with Sylvie's previous actions, they have a guest waiting to greet them, fresh out of the depths of G-Corporation skunkworks. - created on 18:59:13 09/28/2017 by Sylvie and last modified on 23:10:37 10/05/2017. Cast: Kula, Sylvie, and Gigas.

Queen of Diamonds/Ace of Spades. - Don't you draw the queen of diamonds, boy. She'll beat you if she's able. You know the queen of hearts is always your best bet. The queen of diamonds is money the queen of hearts is love. Don't chase money you'll lose the little you've got. Chase love. Brandon Malone's sometime mentor comes to the rescue and after only the tiniest measure of respite digs him into even deeper heapings of trouble with only the promise of being a little more prepared for what was to come. The world has gone to hell in a handbasket, humanity has offended a god and his wrath was vengeful and temperamental. That was all in the distant past, a lesson in history, only it wasn't anymore and currently is happening once again. Oh, and they never successfully dealt with it last time...!! just engineered into a future generations problem. Seriously, fuck you people of the past! - created on 22:28:00 09/28/2017 by Trish and last modified on 18:23:06 10/03/2017. Cast: Trish and Brandon.

Act 2: Mission 30 - No Harm, No Fowl - The Hungry Wolves find themselves scattered across the city of Southtown. Geese's city. Having called in Rock Howard upon the aftermath of the last round of the King of Fighters, now the teen heartthrob has gone missing. Alerted to this by Taiyo High and Rock's part time job, Terry Bogard kicks plenty of ass on his way through Geese Tower for some answers. Fortunately, the man of the hour is in, and while Geese doesn't have much to say of the whereabouts of his disowned heir, he certainly has a story to tell about the hole in the wall of his office penthouse. Suffice to say, Terry will need to beat the information out of him. Is today the day when Geese's goose is finally cooked? - created on 11:24:38 10/05/2017 by Geese and last modified on 23:20:33 10/05/2017. Cast: Terry and Geese.

Act 2: Mission 34 - To Dine Upon the Fly - Having suffered the unpleasant consequences of a brief family reunion, Rock rests up at Southtown General Hopsital to recover from his wounds while under the watchful guard of the mystical detective Brandon. Unfortunately, a predator of the worst sort finds its way into their midst, sensing a wounded target to prey upon. Injured and cornered, Rock finds himself caught in the web of the Spider herself and she's in the mood to play. - created on 15:04:52 10/05/2017 by Juri and last modified on 03:49:35 10/22/2017. Cast: Rock, Juri, and Brandon.

Mission #23: Truth or Consequences - War has begun. With the Security Council of the United Nations voting for war, it was time to enjoy the fruits of their labor, and celebrate as diplomats do best: With a dinner party. With the inner crowd of the elite of the UN, even some of the more elusive benefactors, such as Tom Abel. Kokan and Fumiyo demonstrate the drawbacks of angering the ninjas of the world, as they descend with stealth and subterfuge at a great dinner. But the ninjas will find out, there are a few of the elites that are simply more elite than others. - created on 21:17:23 10/05/2017 by Urien and last modified on 11:41:14 10/16/2017. Cast: Urien, Fumiyo, and Kokan.

Blood Ritual - Upon the sundered cliffs of Mt. Fuji, where Justice's fury has fallen, Kotal finds a place of power. There he slaughters outmatched warriors and takes their blood to serve his sorcery. But one man's blood, thick with madness, has led him here in search of a different god. - created on 16:07:48 10/07/2017 by Yamazaki and last modified on 00:12:00 10/08/2017. Cast: Yamazaki and Kotal.

Act 2: Mission 26 - Pirates of the K'aribbean - Junk on a junk, destination the New World, Sylvie was shipped off with her cargo of Combot research materials. She is the curator of scraps, rising up in the ranks of NESTS, from trash to semi-trash. Sylvie is doing a FANTASTIC JOB! But there's an end to all the gloating and fun on deck when the captain notifies her of some junk stowaway on the ship: A defect more defective than Miss Paula Paula herself. How did the renegade K' even get here, and what is his goal? If not to ensure that sensitive equipment sinks to the bottom of the Pacific for the greater good, then it must be as an illegal immigrant, because who the hell wants to live in Japan right now anyway! - created on 13:15:59 10/08/2017 by K' and last modified on 20:42:48 10/09/2017. Cast: K' and Sylvie.

Act 2: Mission 19 - Welcome to the Jungle - Heihachi, utilizing the chaos of the broken wards of Mt. Fuji's eruption and Raiden's momentary absence, begins combing the villages for traces of the strange Command Gear he heard about. What began as an extermination campaign for monsters ended up as something more, although he learned a valuable lesson not to play around with unusual opponents... and might have plunged Japan into a far worse crisis... - created on 14:49:03 10/08/2017 by Heihachi and last modified on 13:16:45 10/23/2017. Cast: Heihachi and Dizzy.

Act 2: Mission 17) Rites of Passage - With the seals across Mt. Fuji broken, Momiji has been entrusted in restoring the balance. Returned to the abandoned temple, she begins the rituals to purify the corrupted leylines, and cleanse it of the foul energy Justice poured in. If her efforts are successful, then the magics can restore, and the magical wards can regenerate. Not everybody wishes the seals to return, however: Makai, the cursed channeler, has waited for the arrival of Momiji, to ensure that the seals remain broken long enough for him to harvest what lies beneath. Mystic battles mystic as the future of Mt. Fuji hangs in the balance. - created on 01:28:15 10/09/2017 by Masaru and last modified on 17:39:28 10/13/2017. Cast: Momiji and Masaru.

Act 2: Mission 22 - Into the Woods - Kelly has every reason to stay and defend the Hidden Village. But the elders of the town had a special mission for her. Escaping the forest, Kelly leads the children of the village to safety, taking them away, far away. Taking refuge in an abandoned cabin, she tries to contact her brother, trying to find out what to do. But she will have company soon enough. Felicia, lost without her Lee, only has the promise of Heihachi: Bring me those who escape the village, and I may let you know where you beloved Lee is. Felicia now tracks down Kelly, and realizes quickly that she must bring the children to the clutches of Heihachi. Is it worth a man's love to commit such an heinous act? - created on 12:45:29 10/09/2017 by Felicia and last modified on 20:44:41 10/09/2017. Cast: Felicia and Kelly.

Man of the House - The man of the house has to keep everything together, in these crazy and worrying times. No one is so far removed from the goings on as to be untouched, but even the globally insignificant and publically obscure need a firm hand and a cool head to keep everything together. - created on 15:44:20 10/09/2017 by Rust and last modified on 19:54:56 10/09/2017. Cast: Rust.

Act 2: Mission 16 - Made In Japan - Johnny Cage had it made. Made in Japan, that is. With a new movie announced and in production, he was ready to bust ninja, slap some shogun, and woo all the geisha in the latest action thriller. But Justice just had to mess it all up and nuclear laser everything. Now, the crew have been evacuated. A real ninja war has broken out. The Cage is PISSED. Instead of searching for the real culprit or those involved, he wrongly directs his wrath at the Iga Clan, which in turn draws the attention of Huitzilopochtli, a fierce demigod otherwise known as Kotal. Kotal meant to test the weakened seals of the mountain, but must contend with Nagase and some AAA actor with a grudge first, or else how will his konquest begin? - created on 17:35:07 10/09/2017 by Nagase and last modified on 23:05:32 10/11/2017. Cast: Nagase, Johnny Cage, and Kotal.

Act 2: Mission 24 - Collection Agency - To honour the contract above all else, even as the world's tide ebbs and flows. It does not concern the enigmatic Irishman whether his actions are right or wrong, Oswald's intent is fulfilling the request of the client to pilfer secret documents at a UN-affiliated headquarters. Turns out, that very same headquarters is a satellite office of the Illuminati, yet another organization dipping their hand into the pot. Kolin considers herself to be a good secretary, one of the best, but to leave her post to deal with a card-wielding wart on the foot of progress? Oswald may find himself in well over his head. - created on 17:55:14 10/09/2017 by Oswald and last modified on 22:26:03 10/09/2017. Cast: Oswald and Kolin.

Act 2: Mission 33 - Viral Media - When the nuclear blast was unleashed into the planet, Trish felt more hate than she had ever mustered in her allegedly long life And the first place to burn will be the V-Gage at Justice High. Trish comes to infect the V-Gage systems with her personal virus, staging it to spread across the entire student body. Unfortunately for her plans, the danger of infecting the students of Justice High means a danger for Jin. And Alisa, number one robot buddy, has her prime directive: Protect Jin at any cost. - created on 17:57:46 10/09/2017 by Trish and last modified on 13:27:41 10/12/2017. Cast: Alisa and Trish.

Act 2: Mission 27 - Rememberance - It began at noon. When the nuclear pillar erupted over Mt. Fuji, Sol Badguy could stop and see the future of Japan unfold. The depravity of the United Nations. Lies, betrayals, and finally, the lust for power. There are few able to stop the madness from escalating. Sol Badguy is one of those few, his past mired with Justice's own. He had one goal: to stop a monster from being unleashed on the world. To stop a weapon from being unleashed. And finally, to try and find any spark of humanity, any memory to drag her back. He knows. He remembers. - created on 17:23:30 10/10/2017 by Sol Badguy and last modified on 21:56:43 10/26/2017. Cast: Sol Badguy and Justice.

Act 2: Mission 36 - Hello, God? It's Me, Ainu - Raiden is in his metaphorical tent, as the cries of the planet grow into a cacophony. Recovering from his ambush from Akuma, the thunder god finds company by two of his worshippers: the Ainu maidens, Nakoruru and Honoka. The pair of ladies come for more than hosannas, however. They bring rage and anguish over the destruction of their people and their homes, and find their faith tested by the Thunder God. Raiden must teach his followers the vision he shares... and how they can help bring about a brave new world against the treacherous United Nations and Japan alike. - created on 16:59:02 10/12/2017 by Honoka and last modified on 15:50:04 10/19/2017. Cast: Honoka, Nakoruru, and Raiden.

In God We Trust - The United Nation base in China is under attack, by the one and only lovable Igniz. Unfortunately for both mankind and godkind alike, this particular base houses not only a gear army, but the leader of the army, Justice. But such nuclear arsenals are okay for Igniz, as the god in waiting has a point to make... - created on 00:39:47 10/13/2017 by Justice and last modified on 17:10:54 10/20/2017. Cast: Igniz and Justice.

Act 2: Mission 35) Daniel Jack Excavates - After his encounter with the famed ninja Ryu Hayabusa, Daniel Jack has been buried deep into the leylines of Hokkaido, a corruption driving deep underneath. Slumbering, but awake. Stirring, but asleep. Trapped in the boundaries of life and death, the ex-detective has found unlikely help by the servants of Lord Dohma, who has just the ritual to raise the bound shadow. But unlikely help is found in the strangest of places, as the demoness Morrigan has found delight in the actions of Jedah's minions... and has decided to take Daniel as a plaything for herself. - created on 20:23:51 10/13/2017 by Lilith and last modified on 18:00:37 10/14/2017. Cast: Morrigan, Lilith, and Lotus.

Act 2: Mission 9 - Clever Girl(s) - Riptor has come in search of Alma in his hotel, sent by Ultratech to avenge their lost specimen in Appalachia. But Alma has already been left for dead in a murky pool by Urien of the Illuminati, who came to neutralize an agent of the Sacred Order, their rival in the power struggle for influence over the United Nations. As vicious raptors close in, a spectacular savior arrives in the nick of time, having foretold this possible future. Now two students of Rose must fight as one to survive. - created on 22:36:49 10/13/2017 by Alma and last modified on 02:53:46 10/27/2017. Cast: Alma, Riptor, and Menat.

Act 2: Mission 21) Guerrilla War - In the outskirts of the Dark Forest, the Ikari Warriors do not have to deal with the storming ninja wars. Focusing on the Command Gear, Faolan and Clark mobilize to not only out maneuver the United Nations and NESTS, but infiltrate the Hidden Village to safely eliminate the Tekken Forces within. At least, that is the plan. But all plans are undone when a red-hatted witch with a panache for heavy metal arrives. Hamburgers are not what satiate this witch, and the Ikari Warriors are in her way. Like all the others, she is after the same target. But her motives are known only to her alone. And time repeats itself again, and again. - created on 19:44:50 10/14/2017 by Faolan and last modified on 11:04:17 10/20/2017. Cast: Clark, Faolan, and I-No.

Act 2: Mission 32) Night Class - Ryuko is your seemingly average high school student. Counted among her many interests are anime, texting, and Iaido. Unlike most girls her age? She possesses the burning desire to dispatch all of the V-Gage servers on campus. Teaming up with the number one rebel of the establishment, Yuri Sakazaki, they form an alliance to be reckoned with. Hideo does not like interruptions, especially when he is caught unawares while preparing the other teachers for their private lessons in the new Mishima-themed education. It's against the rules to be at school after hours, even if this isn't his school, and rule breakers are to be punished, or worse... Expelled. - created on 16:51:09 10/15/2017 by Hideo and last modified on 12:10:36 10/23/2017. Cast: Hideo, Ryuko, and Yuri.

The Crimson Circle - Aokigahara, the "Suicide Forest," was one of many regions irradiated as a result of the attack on Mt. Fuji. The bonds between Earth and the mystical leylines are more vulnerable here than they have been in a long time - and certain powers have sought to take advantage of the weakness. All the more reason for a certain monster hunter to start snooping around... - created on 18:56:24 10/16/2017 by Jedah and last modified on 10:20:29 10/18/2017. Cast: Clark, Faolan, Jedah, I-No, and Brother Grimm.

Act 2: Mission 31) Hell To Pay - Jin vs Duke - After his conversation with the mysterious sage Frei, Jin Kazama has made his choice to confront Lee Chaolan, Heihachi, everyone who has brought Japan into this state of madness. Unfortunately for Jin, Duke is looking for answers too. With his opponents gone, and the tournament on hold, the crime boss has come to the Zaibatsu headquarters for answers, just like Jin. Unlike Jin, the crime boss has no restraint; he will get his victory, no matter who he must break to reach the end of the Mishima legacy. - created on 16:24:34 10/17/2017 by Jin Kazama and last modified on 23:28:44 10/24/2017. Cast: Duke and Jin Kazama.

Act 2: Mission 15) The Snake's Temptation - Shermie is a new face in the endless disasters that is this world. Well, if you can see her face under that hair. The young lady with bangs has come for a simple opportunity: to test the seals upon Orochi, and see if they have been weakened, Or which state they are in at all. Prowling around the mountain, however, is another figure hungry for the wild power that has been unleashed: The dreaded Necalli, the fierce and hungry creature lurking for energy. And with the riot of the blood heavy in the air, Shermie has more than enough energy to share... and more than eager to give Necalli more than he can handle. - created on 01:33:21 10/19/2017 by Shermie and last modified on 17:27:02 11/01/2017. Cast: Shermie and Necalli.

Act 2: Mission 18 - At the Edge of Time - Two individuals, bearing memories of the previous timeline. And one, with no memories of the last reality, still feeling inexplicably drawn to the smoking maw of the volcano. Zach, Ayame, and Ash all wander within, as the shadows pull and tug at them. The three see the heart of Mount Fuji's core: A single Time Sphere, sparking with energy. What was one before, has become now. But a single figure stands between them and the energy-engorged sphere. A figure of the past, a spectre... that would do anything to keep /him/ from remembering. - created on 14:06:31 10/21/2017 by Ash and last modified on 15:18:05 01/11/2018. Cast: Ash, Zach Glenn, and Ayame.

Act 2: Mission 20 - Ice to Meet You - Meanwhile, a covert operations team of Spetsnaz infiltrate outside of Southtown, to stage their advance into the dark forest. Intercepting them are NESTS Special Forces, led by Kula on a scouting mission that quickly turns into something much more. As Sergei and NESTS duke it out in the woods, a cold heart battles against a fiercer chill. Who will triumph, to claim the prize that lies beyond the foliage? The Command Gear of Japan, sought by both the UN and NESTS, so close yet so far... - created on 16:49:42 10/21/2017 by Kula and last modified on 01:37:58 12/05/2017. Cast: Kula and Sergei.

Act 2: Mission 29) The Devil's Due - The manifestation of Raiden at the conference with Kazuya was eye-opening, to say the least. A physical god, unleashing pure lightning and thunder in a holy fury. But that was far from the most ominous appearance for the Mishima. Akuma's arrival at the battle with Raiden was only a taste of the power the raging demon sought. Now, Akuma has trailed after Kazuya, the brutal fighter seeking a true challenge. Kazuya is not unprepared; he knows he is marked by the demon. And he awaits Akuma high at the Floating Garden Observatory, ready for battle. Akuma will wring out the ultimate power of Kazuya, one way or another. - created on 19:17:51 10/21/2017 by Akuma and last modified on 00:24:27 11/16/2017. Cast: Akuma and Kazuya.

Act 2: Mission 25) Avengeance - In another world, in another timeline, there would be no homeland for Baiken. No past, no present, and no real future. Just moments, drifting through time. But there is reality for Baiken, a present, a future. And the United Nations has just demonstrated that it was willing to take it away. By the time the United Nation's retainer, Sub-Zero, gets the warning, Baiken was already deep in a Gears base, knee-deep in the wholesale slaughter of Gears. And if Sub-Zero cannot stop her, she won't stop. She won't stop until all of them are dead. - created on 19:00:33 10/25/2017 by Sub-Zero and last modified on 22:37:10 10/26/2017. Cast: Baiken and Sub-Zero.

Trust is Earned, Never Given - Trust is fragile thing, hard to obtain, easy to lose, and almost impossible to rebuild once broken. Delta Red had disbanded once their trust in the UN had been broken by simple act of wielding the Command Gear Justice against Japan. Now, one of the former members of Delta Red seeks to join another outfit but can they trust her? - created on 19:44:04 10/29/2017 by Lita and last modified on 08:43:17 10/30/2017. Cast: Heidern, Faolan, Lita, and Leona.

Duty Calls - At last, after long days harried by her superiors, Noel Vermillion chances upon one of her mission targets. Her path intersects with Alma Towazu's when she returns to his apartment searching for clues and finds him preparing to leave Southtown. He explains his plan: to strike at the Illuminati infiltrating the United Nations while he is still believed dead. Noel must decide if she will report the MIA Sacred Order agent or join him -- or neither. - created on 23:38:22 10/30/2017 by Alma and last modified on 00:49:12 11/10/2017. Cast: Alma and Noel.

Ikari Combat Fitness Test - Leona wants to test out one of the Ikari's newest conscripts before they head out to Japan together. This suits Lita just fine since she wants know what Leona can do having never faced her before. Is Lita well suited to be an Ikari? - created on 11:48:04 11/05/2017 by Lita and last modified on 08:37:51 11/06/2017. Cast: Lita and Leona.

On Complexes - On the eve of perhaps the most important happenings in Japan's modern history, Kolin interrupts Urien's downtime to deliver some news on behalf of a certain man... - created on 15:28:44 11/10/2017 by Kolin and last modified on 11:50:12 11/12/2017. Cast: Urien and Kolin.

Act 3: Mission 27) Weapon Disposal - Part 1 - Driven from her hiding place, Dizzy finds shelter in the empty Dream Amusement Park. Shut down due to the war, the place is abandoned. But as the chaos of the cordon breech spreads, the Sacred Order closes in on the rogue Command Gear. With Necro whispering in her ear, begging her to do anything to protect herself, things are only growing more and more desperate for the Gear, as Noel, Testament, and Ky Kiske each begin to close in upon her. - created on 16:04:45 11/10/2017 by Dizzy and last modified on 14:34:53 12/12/2017. Cast: Ky Kiske, Dizzy, Noel, Leo Whitefang, and Hazama.

Act 3, Mission 31 - The Tragic School Rush - Honoka, in her guise as third-year student Miko Kobayashi, has united with students from Gedo and Pacific High Schools. With the V-Gage indoctrination leaving the students fully susceptible to psychic suggestion, she remains embedded within the crowd, a wolf in sheep's clothing, as the students march in protest of Japanese nationalist forces, right into the heart of Mishima-controlled territory. Students who aren't under her sway, though, might take offense to students being used as human shields -- both against the Mishima organization, and as a prelude to assassination of the Command Gear! - created on 21:18:50 11/11/2017 by Honoka and last modified on 14:55:04 12/11/2017. Cast: Honoka, Iincyo, Ryuko, and Yuri.

Act 3, Mission 5 - In Shadow's Clutches - Making landfall on the northern side of Honshu, Colonel Umberto Domenico, Italian Commander within the United Nations defense forces, has brought to full bear a fourth Gear army. Except, there isn't a Colonel Umberto Domenico in the ranks of the UN. And these are not Gears. A horde of Darkstalkers has been unleashed upon Japan, under the authority of the United Nations, as part of the peacekeeping operation. This exploitation of loopholes has offended the Elder Gods. Warriors of Raiden, beginning with Noboru and Faust, move to intercept the army of darkness. But when the time comes to force Colonel Umberto Domenico in a retreat, Zach and Frei must face the true form of the Commander... and endure, for the sake of Japan. - created on 09:24:38 11/12/2017 by Jedah and last modified on 11:49:41 11/27/2017. Cast: Frei, Zach Glenn, Noboru, Jedah, and Faust.

Act 3: Mission 20) Take a Number - Bypassing the Mad Gear security team, Guy has made his decision to eliminate the ambassador in his office outside the United Nations. Sadly, the ambassador is out. As Guy stumbles on the true intentions of the Illuminati and the United Nations, fortunately, Urien's secretary Kolin is standing by to take a message. Having made a counter-proposal before in the past successfully, Kolin is given yet another opportunity to woo another potential ally to her boss's side. And if he refuses? Well, there are plenty of plots of land to bury fools around Metro City. - created on 17:43:05 11/12/2017 by Kolin and last modified on 19:51:38 11/14/2017. Cast: Kolin and Guy.

Act 3: Mission 15) Nancy Boys - Jin vs Sub-Zero - Heihachi is not alone; as one of the richest men in the world, he has uncountable resources to drive off his attackers. One such resource is a powerful weapon, resting within the secret labs hidden right in the heart of Southtown. With the people becoming more belligerent, Jin has been entrusted to mobilize the secret weapon of Mishima: NANCY-MI847J. Before it can be deployed, however, the UN moves to intercept. Using their most powerful assassin, Sub-Zero is unleashed to eliminate the concealed site holding the infamous secret project of Mishima. And if Jin cannot defend the site, Heihachi's plans for support will be left on ice. Outcome: Sub-Zero wins, Heihachi is forced to use a prototype model of NANCY-MI847J, which is weaker. - created on 15:49:26 11/13/2017 by Jin Kazama and last modified on 02:59:46 11/18/2017. Cast: Jin Kazama and Sub-Zero.

Act 3: Mission 11) Which Witch Will - Like Makai, Eadni is far darker one may consider for the servants of Raiden. And yet, she lends her support to the thunder god, respecting the divine forces and using her black magic to bind allies to his cause. She has many preparations in place for the inevitable warriors that will come to her doorstep. But does not expect the strange wanderings of Axl Low, who has come to change the future. - created on 18:14:21 11/13/2017 by Axl Low and last modified on 01:47:37 12/01/2017. Cast: Eadni and Axl Low.

Act 3: Mission 28) Violet Spectrum - There is a prize within the chaos of the war, that has yet to be claimed: The ChiTek for the Combot 2.0s. With the Combot production almost completely destroyed, the last hold out of the illegal Violet Systems technology lays with a hidden laboratory in Chinatown. There, Lee Chaolan keeps the grand prize of the King Of Fighters tournament under lock and key, to keep it from Heihachi, the UN, from everyone but the rightful winners. But the UN doesn't play by the rules. Sergei and Potemkin, special agents on behalf of the UN, infiltrate the city to finally capture the technology, and secure it to its rightful owners. But Lee Chaolan has a secret weapon: a little catgirl wrapped around his little finger, and ready to die for her master. - created on 16:07:10 11/15/2017 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 00:06:11 12/01/2017. Cast: Sergei, Lee Chaolan, Felicia, and Potemkin.

Act 3: Mission 16) Broken Toys - Juri has run out of playthings in Southtown, and has grown bored. Unfortunately, when you are bored, you end up doing work. Instructed by her superiors that it is time to acquire some Mishima-flavored technology, violence and collateral damage permitted, Juri's on the prowl. Pinpointing a Jack-Bot Laboratory on the border of Mishima Zaibatsu territory, she has only one obstacle preventing her from making off with the robots: the biomechanical monstrosity, revived and restored. Gigas. - created on 20:41:09 11/16/2017 by Juri and last modified on 17:35:55 12/03/2017. Cast: Juri and Gigas.

Act 3: Mission 17) Snakebit - Trish vs Mr. Burr - With the madness of the world descending upon the ranks of the Mishima Zaibatsu, it is not surprising that some individuals can fall between the cracks. Trish, having been one of the figures sabotaging the full extent of Lee Chaolan's machinations, now finds herself in Southtown, everything collapsing around her. Moving to eliminate the last of the corrupt technology, there is only one figure left in the path of greatness: Heihachi. Unfortunately, as she moves there, she is intercepted by Mr. Burr, a criminal loyalist in favor of the Zaibatsu. As a strictly business matter, Mr. Burr intends to dispose of Trish, so she'll never reach Heihachi in time. Outcome: If Trish wins, she can support the 3rd wave against Heihachi. - created on 00:29:43 11/17/2017 by Trish and last modified on 00:24:01 12/07/2017. Cast: Mr.Burr and Trish.

Act 3: Mission 7) Grimm Bloody Fable - Lilith, the petite succubus, is a loyal soldier in the Darkstalker army. But the hungry shadow of the succubus can sense weakness, however, and taste the darkness sitting in one's soul. And naturally, one must nip out to have a snack once in awhile. Brother Grimm may be on the prowl for the monsters invading Japan, but he will soon find himself hunted by Lilith, ready to have a taste of the curse that lays deep within. - created on 16:28:08 11/18/2017 by Lilith and last modified on 00:53:59 11/25/2017. Cast: Lilith and Brother Grimm.

Act 3: Mission 29) War Gods - Upon the shores of Southtown, two demi-gods of war face down. One embodying the brutal chaos of war, the other a more regal and commanding decider of the necessary wages of blood. But both come after a single target: the Command Gear. For Kotal, it is a bargaining chip, an offering to secure his power and influence over the mortals. For Necalli? She is food to be consumed. And neither can approach without ensuring the other has been suitably subdued. - created on 16:25:35 11/20/2017 by Kotal and last modified on 15:32:12 12/05/2017. Cast: Necalli and Kotal.

Act 3, Mission 25: Crime Syndication - The Harbor has been cordoned off like the land routes, to ensure ships do not escape the cities with refugees loaded within them. The Southtown Syndicate has eagerly offered support to secure the Cordon_ with one key exception within the ranks of the legitimate businessmen. Duke and Nagase, enraged at the Mishima Zaibatsu, have moved to seize power of the Syndicate members, and conduct the cordon as they see fit. Billy and his Syndicate allies will quickly find themselves in a sudden civil war... and heaven knows what will happen when Geese learns of this insubordination. - created on 19:31:32 11/21/2017 by Nagase and last modified on 20:14:53 11/29/2017. Cast: Duke, Nagase, and Billy.

Act 3: Mission 26 - A Song of Ice and Fire - Kula finds herself trapped in Southtown, with no way to escape. Calling for a temporary truce, she follows The Beast of Prey to a central underground train station. There, she discovers a brother: Nameless. Nameless has no interest in Kula leaving, instead wishing to enlist her in ensuring the people of the city remain trapped and sentenced to nuclear abolition. Tensions further escalate as while certainly Nameless and K' cannot agree, Kula must choose one or the other, or her own lonely path between them. - created on 14:41:34 11/22/2017 by Kula and last modified on 05:57:35 05/29/2018. Cast: Kula, K', and Nameless.

Act 3: Mission 2) You Can't Fight Fate - Mobilizing the main force into Hokkaido, Ramlethal, the first of the Valentines, leads her army of Gears into the land of the Ainu, aiming straight for the Lightning God that threatens their kin. Cold, calculating, and sadistic, Ramlethal's pragmatic advance bears two. Nakoruru, the sacred maiden of the Ainu people, decisively leads the offense as she intends to take no prisoners in the defense of her homeland. But it is more than just the island to defend. The mysterious I-No descends in a violent and merciless stand against Ramlethal, to stop the war cold. Past, present, and future come crashing down into confrontation over the fate of Hokkaido, as well as the world itself... - created on 19:58:35 11/25/2017 by Nakoruru and last modified on 23:28:14 11/27/2017. Cast: Nakoruru, I-No, and Ramlethal.

Act 3: Mission 3) White Dress, Red Wedding - At Kanmon Bridge, connecting Kitakyushu to the main island of Honshu, the JSDF makes a stand against the encroaching Gear army. You would think a tense standoff would ensue as the Ikari Warriors face off against the Gears, but in FACT, the Gears are led by... a girl in a wedding dress? Join us for headbutting sharks, stray boomerangs, and girls with swords screaming at each other... after the break. - created on 20:07:52 11/27/2017 by Elphelt and last modified on 00:36:03 12/06/2017. Cast: Faolan, Lita, Cooper, and Elphelt.

Act 3: Mission 10) Summoning Sickness - Not all of Raiden's allies share his noble ambitions. Makai, a martyr chosen to battle youkai internally forevermore only to succumb to their power, wishes to see the world ravaged by the Thunder God's light. In the hopes that he will be spared the wrath of the divine being, the cursed exorcist assists Raiden with the very bound spirits that writhe within him, summoning the demons at his behest. There is but one way to stop these rites of damnation: Makai must be dispatched. Vanessa, the boxing detective, has been deployed by her employers to eliminate the mystic, and let nothing from hell stand in her way. - created on 22:31:45 11/27/2017 by Vanessa and last modified on 06:55:30 12/03/2017. Cast: Vanessa and Masaru.

Act 3 Mission 4: Hollow Win - Staging an invasion at Kyushu's northern shore, Jack'O, the final of the Valentines, makes landfall with her ghostly horde of Gears. The eccentric Valentine switches from calculating genius to child-like, making her an unpredictable commander in the war, but she'll need all the wits she can muster when she swiftly collides with a single figure. Having failed to eliminate the Gears completely due to the interference of Sub-Zero, Baiken makes her stand here. Her village was ravaged by the likes of these creatures. Her family, her friends, only dim memories in her mind. They would die with her. Or they would be avenged. - created on 17:03:47 11/29/2017 by Baiken and last modified on 21:50:42 11/30/2017. Cast: Baiken and Jack-O'.

Act 3/14: Tyrants Must Tremble - Heihachi vs World - Heihachi waits in his office, with his elite security team, waiting for his prizes to be brought to him. When challengers come, they will be struck down. But Heihachi has finally earned the fight that he deserves, not the one he has been hoping for. Not one fighter challenges, him, but a gauntlet of enraged martial artists, descending upon him to not simply beat him into humbleness, but to take him to a knee before the United Nations. And while Heihachi can endure nuclear blasts_ even one of the strongest fighters in the world can be worn down, can't he? - created on 20:32:41 11/29/2017 by Terry and last modified on 09:31:22 12/28/2017. Cast: Terry, Munin, Heihachi, and Hugin.

KOF Act 3: Mission 18) Iron Clad - Urien--and the Illuminati--have achieved their goals. Now all that remains... is cleaning up. The simplest way to achieve that is to let the would-be hunters come to Urien. With his trusty(?) secretary, Kolin, at his side, the Iron Tyrant waits for the ninjas and heroes of justice to crush themselves against the iron wall of his indomitable willpower and savagery. - created on 19:04:17 12/02/2017 by Kolin and last modified on 01:56:44 12/17/2017. Cast: Alma, Urien, Kang, Chipp, Kolin, and Mai.

Act 3: Mission 1) Justice for All - Justice waits at Mt. Fuji, ready for the people of Southtown to decide between salvation and nuclear fire. But a familiar face has returned instead. Armed with the Ikari Warriors Leona and Heidern, Sol faces off against Justice once more. But the Gear Commander is a wily opponent, and has learned much from her experiences with Igniz and Sol. Rather than fighting them together, the Gear will divide and conquer, separating and picking off the defenders of humanity one by one, spreading them over the sacred Mountain of Japan... before delivering the coup de grace against the last stand of humanity. - created on 19:44:05 12/02/2017 by Justice and last modified on 15:02:47 12/16/2017. Cast: Heidern, Sol Badguy, Justice, and Leona.

Act 3: Mission 21) Sacred Assassins - Even the dead have a bone to pick with the United Nations. Having faked his death, Alma has snuck back to Metro City, with the intention of finding out the truth behind the United Nations. Unfortunately for him, he should know better than to take the subway at night. A mercenary in employment with the United Nations, and specifically the Illuminati, has followed the trail of the Sacred Order soldier. And he may be willing to share some answers with Alma, as a parting gift before sending Alma to the underworld. - created on 21:20:29 12/02/2017 by Oswald and last modified on 01:41:22 12/03/2017. Cast: Alma and Oswald.

Act 3: Mission 22) Starring Spangled Banner - Jezebel has announced the most terrifying event in this entire war: a reboot of Lightning Spangles. But that requires funding, and more importantly, international support. Heading straight to the United Nations, Jezebel expects to find the support she needs for the arts. But she is not the only one looking for support on the arts. Kang, the famous(?) director has also reached Metro City to get the support he needs on the arts. They could have a coffee chat, they could have a fight, they could simply find romance. Anything is possible when you are an Uptown Girl. - created on 16:31:54 12/03/2017 by Jezebel and last modified on 00:32:31 12/13/2017. Cast: Kang and Jezebel.

Act 3: Mission 12) Scout's Oath - Aaron vs Akame - Stalwart believers in what each of them is doing being the correct path. The still recovering Akame and Boy Scout Aaron and both convinced that their paths are the one that will protect the most lives and are willing to go to the extra mile in fighting for their ideal future. Neither will stop, neither will retreat the bloodiest and tiniest of battles begins. - created on 23:47:36 12/05/2017 by Akame and last modified on 20:53:38 02/11/2018. Cast: Akame and Aaron.

Act 3: Mission 6) Darkest Day, Greatest Hour - The allies of Colonel Umberto Domenico are in full force as well. Most infamous is the dreaded Lotus, the crazed knife-wielding fiend. But not all creatures of the dark serve said darkness. Lei Lei, the strange jiangshi, or hopping vampire, may seem like just another soldier in the darkstalker army. But the young lady shows much more than her mundane brethren; Lei Lei and her sister Lin Lin are joined by mystic ritual, dedicated to hunting down vicious monsters like Lotus. And should she drive away the crazed killing Darkstalker, she can move on lend her unique talents to the front lines of this war. - created on 18:28:37 12/06/2017 by Lei Lei and last modified on 17:29:41 12/07/2017. Cast: Lei Lei and Lotus.

Act 3, Mission 32 - The Tragic School Rush, Pt 2 - Afflicted with tear gas, a blinded Touji Matsubara accidentally attacks Yuri Sakazaki -- who -had- been allied with Miko in her group's march to locate the Command Gear. But as long as Touji is more than willing to keep swinging, well, that might be a bit of a problem -- especially when Kazuki Kirigana, fresh from his convalescence in Southtown General Hospital, leaps to his friend's aid! - created on 19:41:14 12/06/2017 by Natsu and last modified on 14:00:21 12/11/2017. Cast: Honoka, Kazuki, and Yuri.

Two Lieutenants Walk Into A Cafe - Lieutenant Yayoi invites Lieutenant Nanaya out to discuss new orders. Plans to handle the nefarious Chain Guy are hatched... and maybe Ragna too. - created on 19:14:00 12/07/2017 by Makoto Nanaya and last modified on 22:15:21 12/07/2017. Cast: Tsubaki and Makoto Nanaya.

Downtown Encounter - Days after Ragna's encounter with Terumi and Noel, a certain member of the Zero Squadron tracks him down to ask a couple questions regarding her investigation of the matter. ...The answers she gets may not agree with her. - created on 20:39:37 12/11/2017 by Ragna and last modified on 22:46:29 12/11/2017. Cast: Tsubaki and Ragna.

Act 3: Mission 8) Fear The Reaper - The dogs of war are nearly upon Southtown. And leading the vanguard between the city and the monsters is Ayame Ichijo, shrine maiden and monster hunter. Without hesitation, she leads a one-woman army against the stragglers and skirmishers, ready to confront the darkness. But the Reaper finds a familiar and wholly unwelcome face in her first skirmish. Daniel Little, the former Interpol agent. The man, having been twisted by his encounters with the underworld, has only quelled his madness long enough to attempt to return to the United Nations_ and join the ranks of the Darkstalker army. With Ayame standing between him and his fate, the Darkstalker has to face the Reaper. - created on 11:41:43 12/13/2017 by Daniel and last modified on 12:28:44 02/23/2018. Cast: Frei, Ayame, and Daniel.

Lightning Crashes - Miko Kobayashi's devastating parade of students leads her straight to the end goal - the Command Gear, Dizzy! But can she and Kazuki stand up against the light of Ky Kiske? - created on 18:55:09 12/13/2017 by Honoka and last modified on 06:26:56 12/16/2017. Cast: Honoka, Kazuki, Ky Kiske, and Dizzy.

KOF Finals: Syndicate Team vs Team Balance - After a small world war, a gears war, and a nuclear hammer held high over it, the finals of the King of Fighters tournament finally have come. Taking place at the Howard Stadium, the largest fighting arena in Southtown, the arena is filled in spite of all that has happened. Duke of the Syndicate Team will be leading against the mysterious Alma, in a battle for the championship. At this stage, everyone is a winner; but who will be the world champion? - created on 22:35:59 01/10/2018 by Duke and last modified on 00:04:24 01/26/2018. Cast: Duke, Alma, Nagase, Kasumi, and Ryu Hayabusa.

KoF Bronze: Heirs to Legend v Hungry Wolves - The King of Fighters Bronze match pits the Heirs to Legend against the Hungry Wolves! Winning team gets a cool million, a themed Saturday Night Fight, and a Combot. Souls and fists collide in a match to remember!' - created on 22:33:58 02/01/2018 by Nakoruru and last modified on 13:16:48 02/11/2018. Cast: Rock, Terry, Honoka, Zach Glenn, Nakoruru, and Brandon.

KOF 2017 - Bboard Postings - A collection of all the KOF posts for the KOF 2017 - created on 15:54:50 02/19/2018 by GLaDOS and last modified on 21:31:31 02/19/2018.

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