KOF 2016

KOF Ruleset - The main ruleset for the KOF 2016 tournament. - created on 23:54:20 04/24/2016 by P-Body and last modified on 23:55:04 04/24/2016.

Team Canada?! Bad Ideas and Misguided Causes - Alexis Lovell of Killasaurus Orphanage fame (...of a sort) has herself an idea - she wants in on the King of Fighters, and she needs a team for it! Good thing she already has a team of her bandmates to whip into shape... or not?! Can a chance meeting with the (in)famous Howard Rust, Jr. change their tune?! Maybe he stands to send the whole thing into further discord... who knows? Might as well just go along with it, eh? - created on 19:53:35 05/09/2016 by Rust and last modified on 12:49:40 05/18/2016. Cast: Rust and Alexis.

KOF Teambuilding: Maiden Venture - Two entrepreneurial figures of some mysterious aquaintance settle on terms that may see the rise of yet another King of Fighters tournament team. With blessedly no Mignon. Because she's banned. For reasons. - created on 19:34:25 05/13/2016 by Trish and last modified on 12:22:49 05/23/2016. Cast: Trish and Brandon.

Team Canada?! National Call To Arms?! - A collection of terrible ideas, born under two causes. One, to find teammates for the King of Fighters tournament. Two, to deliver a hunk of rock someone among them is convinced is mail delivered to the wrong address. Is anyone going to go home happy? (...Or even at all?!) - created on 15:10:44 05/16/2016 by Rust and last modified on 22:53:38 05/26/2016. Cast: Rust, Sasquatch, and Alexis.

NBH Issue 1: Enter Mania Skull - Thrill as Himeko Kashiwagi and her friends from the Jounalism Club as they break some rules to create their own Skull Signal. But will Skullomania answer the call? Will he join the ambitious teens King of Fighters team! Find out in this exciting issue of No-Brand Heroes! - created on 16:16:45 05/22/2016 by Himeko and last modified on 17:18:53 05/27/2016. Cast: Himeko and Skullomania.

Making Plans - Charlie Nash and William Guile meet at a bar near their Air Force base to discuss the potential for extracurricular activities involving a recently-annoucned tournament... - created on 19:10:46 05/26/2016 by Guile and last modified on 23:31:22 05/26/2016. Cast: Guile and Charlie.

NBH Issue 2: Enter the Zappa - Himeko Kashiwagi was just a normal girl showing off her amazing teaching technique to the newbie students of Hibiki's Dojo when suddenly a mysterious stranger enters the scene. The pacifist(??) Zappa has an offer that Himeko simply cannot refuse. Or can she? Find out in this thrilling issue of No-Brand Heroes #2! And in this issue, PROFESSOR X DIES. - created on 20:05:57 05/26/2016 by Himeko and last modified on 17:19:01 05/27/2016. Cast: Himeko and Zappa.

KoF Teambuilding: Shrine Recruitment - Having used a combination of Trish and his own connections, Brandon Malone finally makes contact with the champion of the Rumble Tournament, Ayame Ichijo. Will the Arcane PI make a good impression or will he fall flat on his face in his attempt to recruit the shrine maiden onto his King of Fighters team. - created on 11:32:37 05/28/2016 by Brandon and last modified on 23:36:06 05/29/2016. Cast: Ayame and Brandon.

Broken Hearts: the 3 souls - The angy Yuri storms off across town. But she meets a familiar face, and a new one. Will her hopes be fulfilled? Together, they may mend a broken heart. - created on 21:01:23 05/29/2016 by Miguel and last modified on 23:43:38 05/29/2016. Cast: Munin, Miguel, and Yuri.

USA! USA! US.. A?! - Who could have ever expected that the USA Sports Team could have been ambushed in a dark alleyway. Spoiler Alert: There is a new USA Sports Team on the block. - created on 16:04:15 05/30/2016 by Lucky and last modified on 21:58:34 05/30/2016. Cast: Brian, Lucky, Ken Masters, Scratch, and Q-Bee.

B6 Qualifiers: Team Canada vs Twilight Star - The qualifying rounds for King of Fighters begin with some good old fashioned southern (in)hospitality, as Team Canada's rock princess Alexis and Home Depot ninja Howard Rust Jr. take on the Twilight Star Circus's resident fortuneteller Elise and the mysterious 'Rhydderch' in a no-holds-barred match at the Brutal Wrestling Arena. <Winner: Twilight Star> - created on 16:07:58 06/04/2016 by Elise and last modified on 13:59:34 06/10/2016. Cast: Honoka, Zach Glenn, Rust, Oboro, Elise, and Alexis.

B7 Qualifiers: Psycho Soldiers vs No-Brand Heroes - No-Brand Heroes and Psycho Soldiers face off in the qualifying round of King of Fighters. The personalities and fighting styles keep the match fun for the fight fans, but when did this turn into a horror movie!? <Winner: Psycho Soldiers> - created on 17:26:01 06/04/2016 by Momoko and last modified on 14:00:00 06/10/2016. Cast: Himeko, Momoko, Kain, Athena, Skullomania, Haru, Zappa, and Kensou.

B8 Qualifiers: SoM vs BH - The Seekers of Mysteries led by Brandon Malone takes on the Broken Hearts led by Miguel Caballero Rojo. Who will qualify for the 8th seed bracket and who will be forced to watch the tournament on TV? (Winner: Broken Hearts) - created on 19:18:29 06/05/2016 by Brandon and last modified on 23:21:39 06/10/2016. Cast: Ayame, Munin, Miguel, Trish, Brandon, and Yuri.

KOF: KOFallout - The Seekers of Mysteries team faces a grim reality; already eliminated from the King of Fighters in their first round match and still feeling the shocking amount of damage. All however is not restful and facilitating of recovery as there's not much time to sit still. Some sinister plot at a fighting tournament!? - created on 20:06:26 06/10/2016 by Trish and last modified on 22:15:05 06/13/2016. Cast: Ayame, Lee Chaolan, Jedah, Trish, and Brandon.

KOF Stage 1: Team Interpol vs Team Sunshine - The Pao Pao Cafe is well known for Southtown affecindos as the one place for food, fun, and fighting. Thanks to the fact that most of the worldwide competitive fighting runs through Southtown one way or another, the world will get the opportunity to experience a local treasure within the city. Team Interpol will be leading off with Agent Daniel 'Lady Killer' Little against Miami sensation Reya "Neon" Romero. It's detective on detective action right down at Pao Pao cafe. And remember: Thursday is Girl Teams Night! Three for One specials for girls teams! <Winner: Team Interpol> - created on 22:13:30 06/17/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 22:23:02 06/24/2016. Cast: Ingrid, Daniel, Lita, Sergei, Noboru, Jedah, and Neon.

KOF Stage 1: USA vs. Twilight Star - King of Fighters, Round 1: Twilight Circus versus Team USA! Will the mysterious and acrobatically violent members of Twilight Circus triumph over the bold, daring strategies of Team USA? Find out inside! <Winner: Team USA> - created on 21:21:51 06/18/2016 by Oboro and last modified on 18:59:15 06/22/2016. Cast: Honoka, Ken Masters, Vega, Zach Glenn, Scratch, Oboro, Scorpion, and Elise.

KOF Stage 1: Team Ninja vs Psycho Soldiers - With match considerations provided by Kain Heinlein, the Psycho Soldiers and Team Ninja face off on Livingston Island, at Mosi-Oa-Tunya in Zambia. With the Zambezi River thundering down a 400-foot-tall drop, it might be easy to miss the fact that an entire platoon of soldiers is lurking just a short distance away... << Winner: Psycho Soldiers >> - created on 20:36:44 06/21/2016 by Nagase and last modified on 00:09:31 06/26/2016. Cast: Momoko, Nagase, Athena, Maki, Haru, Lee Chaolan, Ryu Hayabusa, Kira Volkov, and Kensou.

KOF Stage 1: Sonic Assault vs. Broken Hearts - Barcelona features some caged heat as the team of Broken Hearts featuring hometown hero Miguel faces off against the united military might of Sonic Assault. The cage walls barely can contain the explosiveness! (Winner: Sonic Assault) - created on 20:37:41 06/21/2016 by Charlie and last modified on 22:22:51 06/24/2016. Cast: Guile, Charlie, Munin, Miguel, and Yuri.

KoF: So What Now? - Trish summons the team leader of the ill-fated Seekers of Mysteries, to see what moves he'll make next and to check on his mental state. Medical assistance wasn't the only service provided. Counsel was offered as well. It remains to be seen what the P.I. will do with it. - created on 20:28:56 06/23/2016 by Brandon and last modified on 22:30:37 06/24/2016. Cast: Trish and Brandon.

KOF Stage 2: Psycho Soldiers vs Team USA - Ah, Venice. The City of Water, the City of Masks. The semi-finals for the lower bracket between Psycho Soldiers and Team USA will take place in Italy, between the respective leads of Kensou against Ken Masters. This match will be a test of agility as well as skill; the fight itself will be settled on bridge, on boat, on canal, with the ring itself stretching over and in one of the canals. As an added bonus, while it isn't the time of year for Carnival, it seems that there is a Masquerade taking place at the same time as the King of Fighters match! So while the leads battle it out, the other teams can mingle with crowds of strangers in masks. Isn't that FUN. <Winner: Psycho Soldiers> - created on 13:39:55 07/02/2016 by Kensou and last modified on 13:31:46 07/04/2016. Cast: Momoko, Honoka, Athena, Ken Masters, Zach Glenn, Scratch, Haru, Scorpion, and Kensou.

KOF: Lee And Miguel's Friendly Chat - Lee Chaolan and Miguel has been looking for trouble since this tournament started. Lee Chaolan was insulted by Miguel's sabotaging of Ayame, and Miguel was insulted by what Lee Chaolan did with his HitBit character. Miguel tracks down Lee Chaolan at one of his private resorts... and the two clash. - created on 17:14:45 07/03/2016 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 17:56:29 07/08/2016. Cast: Miguel and Lee Chaolan.

KOF Stage 2: Sonic Assault vs Team Interpol - Ni Hao! For the upper bracket matches, Sonic Assault will be facing down Team Interpol. With the respective leads of Guile facing off against Sergei, it will be a straight forward match along the ramparts of the wall. In spite of strict crackdowns from the Chinese government, however, there is a great deal of contreversy over the presence of HitBit in this fight from the government... and the presence of Interpol from the public. Both Sonic Assault and Team Interpol may need to find time to manage hostile government officials AND angry crowds while forcing their way through this match.<Winner: Team Interpol> - created on 23:17:31 07/04/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 13:36:52 07/11/2016. Cast: Guile, Charlie, Daniel, Lita, Sergei, and Dr. Tessitore.

KOF: The Sifting of Chaos - A restless night following her team's Semi-Finals victory in KOF leaves Athena Asamiya available for a chance encounter. She hungers for a test of strength, ideals, and resolve, and Kein Heinlein is willing to oblige. - created on 23:28:47 07/08/2016 by Athena and last modified on 19:27:30 07/11/2016. Cast: Kain and Athena.

KOF Finals: Team Interpol vs Psycho Soldiers - Team Interpol and the Psycho Soldiers face off at Stonehenge for the finals of the King of Fighters tournament. It's noticeably devoid of a large audience and what is up with the strange energy in the area? Also, Team Interpol's leader is notably missing. Will it be the mostly united Psycho Soldiers or will Team Interpol pull out the victory in spite of 'morale issues?' <Winner: Psycho Soldiers> - created on 20:10:50 07/21/2016 by Lita and last modified on 23:53:44 07/26/2016. Cast: Momoko, Kain, Athena, Daniel, Haru, Lita, Sergei, and Kensou.

KOF: Third Place: Team USA vs Sonic Assault - The battle for third place in the King of Fighters tournament takes place on Ayers Rock! Not -at- Ayers Rock, but on top of it! It's a photo finish! [Winner: Team USA] - created on 20:08:15 07/23/2016 by Fio and last modified on 14:30:40 08/03/2016. Cast: Fio, Ken Masters, Guile, and Scratch.

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