Do I look like your travel agent? - Kotal, high class General in charge of much of Outworlds' armies worked his way up, talented and loyal yet- still single, with career focused outlook on life after a bad break up with his last culture. More than a few hundred years without a vacation even a chance at a working holiday might be welcome and eagerly embraced. Sent back to the old neighbourhood, the Earthrealm of new has finally revealed itself to actually be: well, it's kind of filthy; full of poor and unhealthy people, pollution, vice and violence. The world as it was has been changed (culturally and technologically) the old ways discarded, lost or in danger of being so. For now General Kotal is still the expert and man with the plan! Compared to the latest arrival; just when everything is starting to take shape the boss's daughter arrives out of nowhere. Haughty, powerful and beautiful she still keeping daddy appraised of how the work is going. "Cortez" just can't catch a break, work follows him home and now his workload doubles as he has to help her blend in also. <Rated PG> - created on 19:58:05 07/31/2016 by Kitana and last modified on 20:32:39 08/17/2016. Cast: Kitana and Kotal.

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