Killer Instinct

[KI:Round 1] LEVERAGE YOUR INNER CELEBRITY - A battle in an ancient burial ground gets blasphemous and sassy. There are no clear winners, though in the end, everyone gets in trouble... maybe. In the end, battle and rage overwhelmed curiosity -- just like it always seems to... - created on 19:46:57 08/18/2015 by Sada and last modified on 08:04:05 08/21/2015. Cast: Sada and Brandon.

[KI:Round 1] GENETIC FASHION FORWARD - "Welcome to the tournament. Today, we examine what it means to be different. Is genetic advantage a necessity for success, or is will the greater factor?" At least Kusanagi doesn't have to walk very far. It seems Ultratech is starting out easy, bringing him to a nice little cafe at the local mall. He's probably even been there a few times. His opponent however, has not. A monster hunter of some renown, Baiken likely has very little interest in the pup brought before her, but Killer Instinct is not like the Red Expo. Ultratech's technologies are being saved for only the most deserving fighters, and it seems that she'll have to prove herself against the scion of the Kusanagi clan before the company starts to dispatch its dogs. - created on 19:44:45 08/19/2015 by Baiken and last modified on 08:06:02 08/21/2015. Cast: Kyo and Baiken.

[KI:Round 1] UNINTENDED FEATURES - = I'm sorry. There has been an error in today's match protocols. I'm sorry. There has been an error in today's match protocols. I'm sorry. There has been an error... = Held on the rooftops of Southtown at night, Jin was supposed to face someone else today, someone else who was actually invited to the tournament. However, he now has one of the greatest shinobi in the world to contend with. Working from what information he could steal from the Ultratech tournament center in Southtown regarding lists of invitations sent out, Hayabusa knows that Ultratech wants Jin for some reason, and is determined to put an end to the company's scheming, unluckily for Kazama. It's a good thing Jin doesn't know how to back down from a challenge. - created on 21:32:48 08/19/2015 by Ryu Hayabusa and last modified on 08:07:13 08/21/2015. Cast: Jin and Ryu Hayabusa.

[KI:Round 1] WE'D LIKE TO SHARE YOUR TALENT - Yuri finds her way into the tournament grounds of Ultratech, where she's met by an unpleasant surprise. Will Kyokugen come out on top or will technology prevail? - created on 20:21:31 08/20/2015 by Yuri and last modified on 08:08:25 08/21/2015. Cast: Yuri.

[KI:Round 2] THE STRONGEST VS THE SHARPEST - In all truth, Baiken is hardly concerned with the actual realities of the tournament, only destroying monsters. However, despite rumors, she hasn't seen a single one yet. Is Ultratech trying to give her the slip? She might see her chance at getting to the bottom of things when there's a report from the paramilitaries aboard with her that there's a spy on the outside of the SAC she's boarded, heading to Europe. There's gunfire coming from outside the hull--and in the viewports, images of soldiers being tossed over. Based on intelligence he's taken from his fight, Hayabusa has cemented his place in the tournament, and is now following Jin and the rest of the competitors to Europe. However, his presence is still regarded as a threat by the people in charge. Baiken stands to gain a powerful ally in the shinobi--but to do so, she'll have to stand on the wing of the manta, and face him directly. - created on 16:27:01 08/23/2015 by Baiken and last modified on 19:58:47 09/01/2015. Cast: Baiken and Ryu Hayabusa.

[KI:Round 2] PRISON - Brandon Malone is informed that his opponent will be located in one of the cells on the aircraft taking him to the next location of the tournament. When he gets to the cell, he finds Yuri Sakazaki locked away. After Yuri's freed, the two throw down in a match up of mysticism vs martial arts. (Winner: Brandon) - created on 19:28:02 08/23/2015 by Brandon and last modified on 07:59:27 08/25/2015. Cast: Brandon and Yuri.

[KI:Round 2] INTERCEPTING COMMUNICATIONS - When Sada disrupts Mint's ability to watch a League of Legends livestream, their battle comes to a shocking head early. There are personal revelations (which Sada does not notice) and vicious hallway fighting. Nobody learns anything! Winner: Probably Ultratech, to be honest. - created on 19:56:30 08/24/2015 by Sada and last modified on 20:01:33 09/01/2015. Cast: Sada and Mint.

[KI:Round 2] BLOODSTAINED FLOOR - Making her way aboard as a replacement for her deceased master of the Shunpatsu Ryokuken style, the cutthroat Kaede understands more than most the sacrifices one has to make to get what they want. However, she's managed to get a ride to Europe in a containment cell, a specialty ship made for transporting a very important combat asset that was in Southtown on an unseen mission. The smell inside the ship is horrific, and because of the opaque glass walls, it's hard to tell exactly what is being transported. As far as Kaede is aware, she was assigned a bye in the tournament. But there's no such thing in real life. A cascade of screams flood the interior of the ship. There is the sound of gunfire, and the scent of charred flesh. A fire breaks out, and blood sprays across the glass. As an internal suppression system kicks in, you might realize, with some concern, that getting into the tournament is going to be harder than expected. - created on 21:49:44 08/26/2015 by Kaede and last modified on 20:03:37 09/01/2015. Cast: Kaede and Riptor.

[KI:Round 3] THE DEVIL'S CHOICE - Brandon's been busy. The battles and his investigations are leaving him with a chilling idea; that fighters are being kidnapped in the field, and are being moved towards nefarious ends. Further information recovered suggests that even his own contacts may be compromised--his client is no longer answering his calls, and recovered information about the contact he received about the burial site in Japan leads back to Ultratech facilities, conveniently the site of his next battle, and where several fighters are being kept in hospitality suites. As Mint breaks into one of the secured upper levels of the facility they're being housed in to get ahold of some of Ultratech's advancements, Brandon only really has to follow and see what he can confirm. Quite seperately, Kaede comes to her quarters to find a bouquet of flowers, with a small and insidious spider-like device that attaches to the skin. Her next battle is Brandon and Mint both, in the R&D Lab, a slightly unfair battle in operations she's quickly becoming accustomed to. But that small device is an invitation, representing power. Power.. and servitude. On it is an engraving: Evolve, or die. - created on 18:00:18 09/03/2015 by Kaede and last modified on 18:50:50 09/10/2015. Cast: Kaede, Mint, and Brandon.

[KI:Round 3] ANNIHILATE. - With Hayabusa creating a series of distractions externally, Baiken's previous matchup has been modified. She is still under watch by Ultratech's standing guard, but they seem mostly convinced that she is just there to fight strong monsters, as she had at the Red Expo. If Baiken pays close attention and finds her way into just the right places, she'll overhear certain things about her battle, and why it was altered. Something about Cinder being dispatched to the field to address several problems. That there is a saboteur in the rebel warzone, and that the sorcerer has gone rogue. Even as she is given relative leave to ponder over these issues, Ultratech has spun up one of its strongest achievements in the field of cybernetics to face her: the robotic Fulgore. Looks like she's found a monster. Baiken can sense the soul struggling inside the soulless, but this isn't the Red Expo anymore. This close to Ultratech's heart, the battles will get progressively harder from here on out. - created on 18:06:40 09/11/2015 by Baiken and last modified on 11:15:19 09/21/2015. Cast: Baiken and Fulgore.

[KI] Data Collection - After their fight with Kaede, Mint and Brandon resume their skulking around to get more information on the activities of Ultratech. However their investigations seem to be in opposite directions. Even still, Brandon proposes a temporary alliance since his needed info might be useful to her, and she has the skills needed to obtain them. But why is she acting so strange? - created on 19:19:47 09/11/2015 by Brandon and last modified on 09:26:21 09/12/2015. Cast: Mint and Brandon.

[KI:Round 3] OHH MAN..YOU MESSED UP NOW - After a stunning battle, Hayabusa and Baiken formed a powerful alliance. However, Ultratech seems to be powerfully aware of everything that goes on within their purview, and it takes quite the show to throw them off the trail. However, a series of sabotaged transports carrying weapons to central Russia has put Ultratech on the defensive. It's about time they activated one of their strongest lieutenants. In the ruins of the war, Hayabusa will discover a treasure trove of information detailing the others classified as 'high risk assets,' and lists of captured fighters. He'll find that, and one of Ultratech's strongest lieutenants. "The ninja's still not dead? Jeez. It's almost like you guys are trying to keep a PG rating or something. Tell you what: I'll go out there and reason with him a little. I'll explain to him that his friends Leonardo and Donatello are off eating pizza and that he's going to miss out on his slice if he doesn't buzz off. Hmm. On second thought, maybe I'll just burn him down--you can't sneak around if all that's left of you is your component atoms!" - created on 21:47:09 09/11/2015 by Ryu Hayabusa and last modified on 11:17:07 09/21/2015. Cast: Ryu Hayabusa and Cinder.

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