Ken Masters

Moonlight Interlude - Relaxing for the night on his Party Boat, Ken Masters spies a spy who has already spied him, and approaches her just as she knew he would! Cammy nonetheless has difficulty gathering meaningful intelligence on Ken; it's possible he doesn't have any. - created on 20:17:28 08/02/2016 by Ken Masters and last modified on 23:40:38 08/05/2016. Cast: Ken Masters and Cammy.

Pugilist's Clearing House Grand Prize!! - Ken Masters, in his infinite wisdom or through random algorithms or something in between, settles on the next struggling American fighter to join Team USA in time to compete for great prizes and greater glory in the KING OF FIGHTERS 2017. (Team Formation Scene!) - created on 15:41:09 07/30/2017 by Ken Masters and last modified on 01:22:07 08/05/2017. Cast: Ken Masters and Senna.

That Other Gear Threat - Ken Masters takes an unusual soul-searching sojourn into Metro City to pick a fight. He finds Abigail, and plenty of fight. - created on 22:52:33 11/28/2017 by Ken Masters and last modified on 17:21:11 12/08/2017. Cast: Ken Masters and Abigail.

Coffee and a' Rock Ken - Ken hunts down the better member of the Howard family to offer them some new excitement in their life! - created on 01:31:16 05/31/2018 by Ken Masters and last modified on 04:45:30 07/05/2018. Cast: Rock and Ken Masters.

Searching for some Mints - Ken travels all the way to Atlantic City to search for a Mint. Guess he's dead set on finding the right one. - created on 00:51:48 02/02/2019 by Ken Masters and last modified on 15:16:08 05/08/2019. Cast: Ken Masters and Mint.

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