Subject Break-Out - The latest experiment of NESTS, Farseer #1F4, awoke from his slumber and sought to escape. In the midst of the escape, NESTS sent one of their operatives to deal with detaining the subject. - created on 19:13:35 11/26/2014 by Keith and last modified on 06:48:51 12/01/2014. Cast: Eve and Keith.

From Star to Hero - Johnny, frustrated at not being qualified for the Gods of Battle SNF event, lets out his steam in the ring in efforts of finding a good fight and to be taken seriously. He comes across a mysterious stranger who grew interested a fight. However, Johnny Cage gets more than he bargained for in this fight. - created on 21:05:05 12/13/2014 by Keith and last modified on 07:50:12 12/14/2014. Cast: Keith and Johnny Cage.

Abnormality Taken In Stride - The night has been rather peculiar for Keith. Deal with thugs who tried to attack you because of bad timing, run into some eccentric wealthy looking man who knows more than he should about him, and a girl who appears to be an actual catwoman. Nothing that a bottle of alcohol won't help in coping with the issue. - created on 06:16:51 12/17/2014 by Keith and last modified on 06:49:57 12/18/2014. Cast: Slayer, Keith, and Felicia.

Twilight Star Challenge 6 - Keith! - This next match goes over the story of Mizuho, who has to overcome the Fire Dancer. Keith volunteers into the event, but what was meant to be a simple participation ended up a deeper dive into an uncomfortable subject for the amnesiac boxer. - created on 07:00:07 12/26/2015 by Keith and last modified on 15:46:50 01/02/2016. Cast: Honoka and Keith.

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