Between a magazine rack and a hard place - Tsinghua minds his own business in a convenience store, only to be ambushed by an eccentric investigator from NOL with many questions of varying uncomfortability! - created on 13:20:39 06/19/2021 by Katsuro and last modified on 18:53:00 06/19/2021. Cast: Tsinghua and Katsuro.

Pawn checks King, King takes Pawn - The Second King of Illyria makes an unofficial visit to Japan to extradite an informant... who also happens to have a warrant set on him by NOL. Surely there is no way in which this could have negative consequences. - created on 21:40:38 08/15/2021 by Katsuro and last modified on 22:50:23 08/16/2021. Cast: Leo Whitefang and Katsuro.

Friendship is... a New Command! - It's the first day on the job for Second Lieutenant Danny 'Dashing' Dash! And her first assignment is to conduct patrol around the Southtown Fish Market while taking command of... the infamous PFC Katsuro Kirikawa. It'll... probably be fine? - created on 07:39:26 09/21/2023 by Katsuro and last modified on 07:52:19 09/25/2023. Cast: Katsuro and D. Dash.

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