Discordant Memories - Still recovering from her encounter with Dizzy and Ragna, Noel receives not one but two unexpected visitors while in the hospital. Both are familiar faces but one of them might not be quite as altruistic as they claim. - created on 16:20:39 12/10/2017 by Katarina and last modified on 21:33:47 12/10/2017. Cast: Noel, Katarina, and Clio.

Composition 1: An Ode to Zepp - Having spoken with the commander of the NOL forces in Southtown, Zepp's elite soldier Potemkin decides to kill some time by patrolling the mostly empty city. Surprisingly, he finds something, though it certainly isn't what he was expecting. - created on 19:38:02 12/21/2017 by Katarina and last modified on 01:05:07 12/22/2017. Cast: Potemkin and Katarina.

Heroes and Soldiers - With rogue Gears and angry Darkstalkers running amok in Japan, Leo Whitefang has chosen to lead a small group of Sacred Order soldiers in defense of the city of Southtown. However, it would seem that his methods are not quite in keeping with the expectations of the NOL's more militaristic members. - created on 16:41:16 01/03/2018 by Katarina and last modified on 20:41:18 01/03/2018. Cast: Katarina and Leo Whitefang.

Seeds of Dissent - Having returned from her duties aboard, Lieutenant Katarina prepares to move against the brazen invasion of Jedah Dohma into Southtown territory. However, upon revealing her plans to the commanding officer of NOL's Japanese branch, she meets some unexpected resistance. - created on 23:42:20 06/03/2019 by Katarina and last modified on 03:58:09 06/05/2019. Cast: Kagura and Katarina.

Black Dragon Ch. 3: The Dragon's Lair - Despite successfully destroying the power plant, the NOL commander in charge of the assault is left with more questions than answers as the Dragon seems to have outplayed her opponents yet again. - created on 14:54:38 06/23/2020 by Katarina and last modified on 15:01:44 06/23/2020. Cast: Katarina.

Dark Temptations - The attack on the Syndicate crime lord's fortress had failed. Though they acted with stealth, Duke proved that he was not so foolish as to leave his holdings completely unguarded. In the aftermath of that terrible clash, Renka awakens to discover that their escape had not come without an unexpected cost. - created on 16:51:33 09/06/2020 by Katarina and last modified on 00:18:21 04/29/2021. Cast: Katarina and Renka.

Dark Duet - Having spent the better part of two years mired in her job, Katarina finally returns from a brief vacation eager to resume work. An unexpected task leads to her seeking out a particular individual with a unique talent for violence, only to find a kindred spirit eager to join her on the hunt. - created on 09:41:11 09/25/2023 by Katarina and last modified on 05:45:28 09/26/2023. Cast: Katarina and Katsuro.

A Match Made in Hell - After tangling with the reborn phoenix goddess, Katsuro finds himself in need of a helping hand. Afterwards, he and his commanding officer discuss their dark plans for the future. - created on 15:05:16 01/15/2024 by Katarina and last modified on 15:35:50 01/22/2024. Cast: Katarina and Katsuro.

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