Pumpkins are the worst! - Kagura and Riki team up to take down a Gear! - created on 18:05:11 12/04/2017 by Kagura and last modified on 23:46:20 06/02/2019. Cast: Riki, Kagura, and Jack-O'.

A Diplomatic Encounter - A hung-over Kagura has to pull things together in order to meet with a Zepp representative due to a lapse of Hibiki. Tsubaki drops in for a visit in the aftermath. He will certainly make no worse decisions in the near future... - created on 21:34:19 12/07/2017 by Kagura and last modified on 00:08:52 12/19/2017. Cast: Potemkin, Kagura, and Tsubaki.

The Imperator's Will - Recovering from the alcoholic haze of drunk-dialing Izanami, Kagura's caught by Katarina during a rare bit of actual work. She attempts to sniff out his true ambitions, but the Black Knight is not as mentally simple as she expected. - created on 00:20:55 12/19/2017 by Kagura and last modified on 18:46:29 12/20/2017. Cast: Kagura and Katarina.

Be Careful With Sparring Partners - After finding out Potemkin was assaulted by an unknown individual, and near the end of Southtown's blockade that prevented the large man from returning to Zepp, Kagura invites the man for a more informal conversation of his attacker, ending in a spar that causes a good deal more collateral damage than Kagura intended... - created on 22:46:49 12/27/2017 by Kagura and last modified on 19:59:32 12/31/2017. Cast: Potemkin and Kagura.

Recruitment Drive - With NOL blooming quickly, Kagura is forced to deal with some mundane issues by Hibiki for blowing up a warehouse and causing extra work for his subordinates. Knowing of the many heroic accomplishments of Zach Glenn, he goes to make a personal visit to the man, and makes it clear what the future landscape of the world will be like... with even those like him granted no exception for past deeds, if they pick the wrong side of a new line in the sand. - created on 01:06:58 12/31/2017 by Kagura and last modified on 19:59:42 12/31/2017. Cast: Zach Glenn and Kagura.

One for you, two for me! - After being tormented by a certain Vampire, Kagura decides to sneak out once again to drown his frustrations. - created on 04:37:12 07/01/2019 by Kagura and last modified on 10:02:19 07/08/2019. Cast: Kagura and Moondyne.

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