Forceful Conscription - The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Heidern, having recieved intel on K's whereabouts during the lockdown of Southtown, decides to try to bring him into the fold for the decisive battle... one way or another. - created on 16:25:59 10/30/2017 by K' and last modified on 01:50:08 10/31/2017. Cast: Heidern and K'.

Junkyard Dogs - Pure Violence meets Brute Force when K' decides to steal from Abigail. A winner is you. - created on 20:40:50 11/02/2018 by K' and last modified on 01:24:41 11/03/2018. Cast: K' and Abigail.

Sacred Mirror and Profaned Fire - The Yata Priestess seeks the Beast of Flame, with promises of unraveling mysteries that daunt both of them... - created on 10:32:29 11/06/2018 by K' and last modified on 20:25:00 11/06/2018. Cast: Chizuru and K'.

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