The Cat Came Down To Chinatown - Even in the heart of war-torn Southtown, the restaurants of Chinatown are still needed to keep the populace from rebelling outright. Two individuals from different walks of life just happen to strike up a conversation there -- a wanted criminal, and a well-meaning NOL officer. - created on 23:28:13 12/21/2017 by Jubei and last modified on 01:37:35 12/23/2017. Cast: Clio and Jubei.

The Longest Cab Ride Ever - With the Phantom defeated, and Jubei desperate for some way of keeping his resurrected wife from turning murderhappy again, the samurai cat hails a taxi and beelines away from major population centers. Along the way, the two rekindle their love for one another and even begin the process of healing the rift with their estranged daughter Kokonoe, because MotM is all about happy endings. - created on 22:47:28 01/02/2018 by Jubei and last modified on 21:07:44 01/06/2018. Cast: Nine, Kokonoe, and Jubei.

Help... Wanted? - Two legends meet in the wake of a number of explosive battles, just outside Castle Illyria. - created on 15:20:19 05/15/2018 by Jubei and last modified on 15:50:03 05/16/2018. Cast: Leo Whitefang and Jubei.

Answers in America - Sometimes, in order to find solutions, it helps to find a different perspective on the problem. A random encounter in Metro City between a wolf and a cat may have lasting impact on the world at large... - created on 15:06:07 03/31/2019 by Jubei and last modified on 10:54:13 04/03/2019. Cast: Gallon and Jubei.

Turning Back the Wheel of Fate - Brandon, Clio, and Jubei get together in Metro City Park to set things right again. - created on 11:51:34 01/27/2022 by Jubei and last modified on 15:15:28 02/02/2022. Cast: Brandon, Clio, and Jubei.

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