John Crawley

Sunset Over Southtown - A city in peril as Southtown falls more and more under the heel of the Syndicate. The organized crime outfit worms its way through financial institutions and the world of organized crime day by day, but it also goes to lengths to keep the people that live in this city under its thumb. It does so through the harsh and direct enforcement by people like John Crawley, former United States Marine with a lust for violence. But sometimes, a hero rises from the people, and sometimes a hero rises from the shadows. The ninja, Geki, has words of wisdom and a hope of clarity for the former soldier Crawley. Will the military maverick be overthrown in his petty tyranny against a Southtown neighborhood, or will the Syndicate demonstrate to the people just how strong they can be? - created on 00:47:27 03/16/2019 by John Crawley and last modified on 03:32:27 03/16/2019. Cast: John Crawley and Geki.

Streets of Cage - On the Streets of Southtown, world famous superstar Johnny Cage just wants a little rest and relaxation with his adoring fans. However, the criminal element never lets a hero rest and the evil John Crawley descends with his murderous group of Syndicate thugs with an eye to ruining the streets for the good people of Southtown. Will the hero stand tall? Will he keep the people safe? Can he keep himself safe? Find out in Streets of Cage! - created on 13:09:59 03/30/2019 by John Crawley and last modified on 15:11:44 03/31/2019. Cast: Johnny Cage and John Crawley.

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