Tale 1 - Into The Pit - Darkstalkers are still something of an enigma. An urban myth, a tale told of... but relegated to the fringes of society. People do not believe that they even exist, they are thought to be costumed freaks or body modders. Two passing acquaintances from a bygone era encounter each other here in the Capital 7 Casino in Metro City... and decide that it may be to change that perception. For the good of all (man)kind. - created on 22:28:07 12/30/2014 by Jedah and last modified on 22:47:27 01/08/2015. Cast: Slayer and Jedah.

Tale 2 - Child of the Night - A hunt through the Norwegian forests at night leads to a mysterious rendezvous between two kindred souls. - created on 20:46:52 01/22/2015 by Jedah and last modified on 08:45:30 01/23/2015. Cast: Jedah and Kiyomi.

The Cruise To Nowhere - A long ocean cruise. A big, expensive cruise liner. Lots of people. And LOTS of blood. ALL THE BLOODS. - created on 21:29:17 02/02/2015 by Jedah and last modified on 23:46:15 02/07/2015. Cast: Jedah and Sol Badguy.

Of Things To Come - Jedah has been keeping tabs on darkstalkers around the world. He meets Father Walter Bardsley this evening, outside the humble Church of Saint Mary. - created on 21:32:27 02/12/2015 by Jedah and last modified on 00:20:42 02/13/2015. Cast: Jedah and Walter.

Uninvited Guest - Even in the midst of one of the largest Army installations in the US, Sergeant Delaney is not safe from confronting demons -- both figurative and literal. - created on 12:14:44 05/23/2015 by Jedah and last modified on 00:02:38 05/25/2015. Cast: Caoimhe and Jedah.

The Death Of Good Manners - The translocation of Metro City was a very neat way for Lord Dohma to meet new and interesting people -- but even then, he didn't get to welcome each and every newcomer personally. He's found an opportunity to rectify this, deep beneath the streets of a returned Metro City. - created on 20:36:50 08/23/2015 by Jedah and last modified on 23:40:58 10/05/2015. Cast: Juri and Jedah.

Tree Rings - There were several entities which posed a problem for Jedah during his displacement of Metro City - and one of them had never truly left after the chaos that ensued. Questions are asked, and more questions arise... - created on 22:59:11 09/24/2015 by Jedah and last modified on 06:33:17 12/21/2015. Cast: Jedah and Eadni.

First Flight of the Bloodreaver Squadron - A convoy of military vehicles rolls along the wilds of Africa, while crimson rain falls in the distance. Before long, the skies are filled with bloodforged iron and anti-aircraft fire, a lethal ballet between two opposing forces, as vengeance from a year past is brought back to light. - created on 23:05:22 07/07/2016 by Jedah and last modified on 11:25:50 07/13/2016. Cast: Jedah and Kira Volkov.

A Zombie, An Assassin, and A Mad Scientist - Jedah's a busy guy -- plotting out the course of the post-humanity era is a never-ending job. But that's not to say he can't spare a few minutes to talk with Zabel and Lotus about an upcoming mission. - created on 16:14:40 07/27/2017 by Jedah and last modified on 12:00:30 07/28/2017. Cast: Zabel, Jedah, and Lotus.

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