Jack Out of the Box - Clio just wanted a nice day. One that did not involve monsters or madness. What she finds is a Gear, someone that could be her Valentine! Unfortunately, as a Valentine, as nice as she may seem and as friendly as she can be, she still has a goal in Southtown. It's really not an if, but a when, that the two come to blows! - created on 00:29:19 11/26/2017 by Jack-O' and last modified on 11:03:55 11/26/2017. Cast: Jack-O' and Clio.

Thanks, Anime! - In which Ramlethal and Jack-O' meet, discuss existential issues of purpose, uncertainty, family, and the sheer, terrifying power of nakama. The adventures of Straightmurder Sharkface and Maskrandom Rainbowdoom begin here...! - created on 20:20:01 10/19/2018 by Jack-O' and last modified on 04:29:45 10/20/2018. Cast: Ramlethal and Jack-O'.

Dance Dance Friendvolution! - Mercedes Deletraz, seeking out the mysterious Jack-O' Valentine, finds out that the REAL Jack-O' Valentine is the friends we made along the way -- like, for example, Jack-O' Valentine!! Read in horror as a conspiratorial Frenchwoman is brutally befriended, which definitely happens!(?) - created on 22:34:21 10/24/2018 by Jack-O' and last modified on 06:29:55 10/29/2018. Cast: Mercedes and Jack-O'.

Family - Fate has a funny way of throwing monkey wrenches into the most mundane of situations. What was meant to be nothing more than simple guard duty for a low-priority asset becomes something much more bizarre for NESTS experiment Eclipse Umbra. And a chance meeting with one Jack-O' Valentine sees fit to upend his entire world. For good cause! Probably!! - created on 21:07:54 11/18/2018 by Jack-O' and last modified on 02:15:42 11/20/2018. Cast: Eclipse and Jack-O'.

Permutations and Pappardelle - Shadowing I-No's activities to get a better idea of the shape of her witchy agenda brings Jack-O' Valentine to the doorstep of renowned psychic, Rose. Which she promptly breaks into. And then tries to make dinner for the hostess of. It's pretty much just all downhill from there. But in the midst of shattering wine bottles and exploding couches, Rose and Jack-O' find they may have more than a few things in common. - created on 20:43:53 12/27/2018 by Jack-O' and last modified on 23:09:37 01/06/2019. Cast: Rose and Jack-O'.

The Perils of Possibility and Pugillusionism - What does it mean to be real, and what does it mean to simply be a passing illusion...? In a desperate bid for food, Haruna Abe enters the hallowed halls of the Pugillusionist's Paradise -- but finds her competition to be a bit more than she bargained for. In the ensuing struggle, existential questions are inadvertently posed, magicians are potentially killed (?!) and the confounding nature of Jack-O's are considered. Can Haruna triumph, in search of precious prime rib--?! Another precious memory for Jack-O' Valentine is born. - created on 20:12:52 06/07/2019 by Jack-O' and last modified on 02:26:37 06/09/2019. Cast: Jack-O' and Haruna.

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