Date with a Nurse - Frederick investigates the Atelier pavilion at Gedo High in an attempt to find a vaccine sample. - created on 22:26:23 12/20/2014 by Igniz and last modified on 02:05:45 12/24/2014. Cast: Igniz and Frederick.

Vengeance, Served Cold - Ash awakens disoriented in a clearing near Southtown, only to be confronted by Igniz. The aspiring God must decide what to do, with the man who both killed him and granted him knowledge that transcends time... in the end, though, he decides... (WARNING: MATURE CONTENT ADVISORY -- GORE) - created on 19:25:38 12/21/2014 by Igniz and last modified on 03:36:40 01/12/2015. Cast: Ash and Igniz.

A Night on the Town - Invited out to drink by Hayato, Igniz gets unexpectedly philosophical. - created on 16:32:39 12/28/2014 by Igniz and last modified on 20:48:32 12/28/2014. Cast: Igniz and Hayato.

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