World Warrior 2023 - R4: Unagi vs Bezique

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Description: World Warrior match between Lee and Bezique at a construction site in Metro City

In the hustle of bustle of Downtown Metro City, there we a fight in place.

The World Warrior. The semifinals were approaching, and one of them was taking place at a stalled out construction site. Originally a block that was leveled in the Majigen Inicident, it was planned to be rebuilt a while back. But funding issues, including a rather high profile embezzlement situation, has lead it to become stalled out. When the inspection came back that the foundation had to be reset due to erosion, the entire project basically was in a limbo where it needed to be restarted, but didn't have the fund to restart it. Thus, a skeletal framework of a construction site rests now, drywall and machines and all, waiting for the money to restart it. Money that very well may come from the World Warrior. The perimeter was filled with a crowd and stands, but the actual construction grounds were clear of people.

That is, everyone except the fisherman on the bench

Unagi Laochan was an older Asian man with messy silver hair parted down the middle, and he was sitting on a lunch bench right at the side of the break trailer. A short salt and pepper beard cover his chin and face, and his skin was rough and tanned. Despite his weathered features, the man somehow seemed a bit younger than he should be. A purple baseball cap sits on his head, bearing an emblem of a unicorn in the center. He was garbed in a blue ryoshi's outfit: a waterproof jacket tied around his waist, with a pair of overall style bib pants. He was wearing a stained white shirt, and a pair of waterproof gloves. The brim of his hat was over his eyes, and he seemed to be resting. There was a faint fishy smell around him, and at first impressions he seemed to be a member of the blue collar audience, hoping to catch the fight from a choice seat. But no. He was the competition here. He was one of the fighters.

The other one set to arrive any time now.

Scandals had devestated the reconstruction of this part of the city, of the like that had not been known since perhaps the Big Dig, or other such large North Eastern construction projects. The devestation that still remained made the place look a bit bombed out, or kinda like the future war segments from some kind of sci-fi movie. Which... considering the blue arcs of electricity appearing just now made that a little bit too appropriate~

Accompanying the blue lightning is what looks like a large ring of cards standing upright erupting from the ground and then fanning out, rotating and orbiting around a shaft of light, a top-hatted figure silhouetted in the middle of it. As the glowing subsided it revealed the form of... a uh, stage magician rabbit lady, complete with Zatanna-esque black vest and white button up shirt, ending in coattails and a leotard bottom? Somehow, some must be thinking--furaffinity has somehow escaped into reality, through some measure of science and or magical fuckery. And probably so.

"Howdy there, you must be my opponent--I'm Bezique, and I'll be your..." the hare woman (And it would be hare, since well, the ears were rigid, rather than loppy) peered over at the silver-haired man, raising a brow. "I'd say capitan, maybe--you kinda look like a longshoreman," she grinned, showing off buck teeth, setting foot outside the revolving circule of large playing cards that disappeared with a glimmer of light around her. She was wearing big black ankle-high leather boots, like you might see on a biker. "You gonna reel us in over there? I hope it's with some pretty slick moves, because ah got a few of my own~" she grinned and flicked up a few cards held between the gloved fingers of one fist, and yes, she did have a distinct Southern twang.

"Oh, before ah forget~" she snapped her fingers, an arena of large oversized playing cards rising up around them. "Don't want the audience to get hit by somethin' while we're playing, right darlin'?" she cracked her knuckles, apparently ready to get right to it.

The fisherman is quiet at first.

He might have very well been asleep. Unagi Laochan keeps the brim of his cap low, as the rabbit magician makes her entrance (yes yes the matter of rabbit vs hare is an important topic of discussion in the relevant circles, but a lagomorph is a lagomorph). Unagi's first reaction is, well, unreaction. But she mentions the audience, he tilts the brim of his hat up. His eyes are alert, and focused as the house of cards comes up all around them. Looking around at them, he shows a twinkle in his eyes.

"Ah yes, reel you in."

"You must be magician, then, showing your cards so early." Unagi states, as he rises up from the bench. "Though I am disapointed that a lovely lady like yourself doesn't keep them close to your chest." The humble fisherman brings his hands behind his back, and walks around to the other side of the bench. "But if you are hoping to put on a show, I am afraid I am just a simple man. I cannot put on much of a show with my kicks and punches. But if I would be so modest to ask." Unagi leans over the bench slightly, meeting his eyes with Bezique.

"Would it be alright if I am the willing assistant to your show?"

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"Aw, well aren't you the ladykiller type? Kinda reminds me of the last guy I ran into," Bezique grins and readjusts the brim of her top hat, once seh has doffed it in greeting of the man, straightening it. It has sections of the brim shortened apparently for her ears, or maybe it just moulds around them. Both are possible.

"Well sure you can put on a show with your kicks and punches, jus' has to be alright with y'all that I respond in kind," the rabbit grinned and flicked out a fan of cards from underneath her white gloved hand, as if out of nowhere--and they were. She urged him to stand with her other hand and got into position a fair distance away from him, as was customary in these sorts of affairs.

"Well? You going to pull those pistols or just stand there whistlin' dixie, hon?~" the rabbit taunted.

COMBATSYS: Bezique has joined the fight here on the right meter side.

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The fisherman holds on to the top of the bench, swaying his hips.

"Acquitted." Unagi states coyly, as she asks if she is going to pull the pistols. He was looking at the cards, glancing up and down her outfit, from her feet, all the way up to her hat. And especially lingers on the ears. He glances back at the wall of cards. Was it even time to fight? Were there even judges? He wasn't too worried. In the worst case, it would be decided who was still standing, and who wasn't. "But I don't exactly use guns. You have very delicate features, you know?" He reverses his grip on the bench.

And the bench comes rolling her way.

The bench flips forward, aiming to roll squarely into her shins. It wasn't too hard, it wasn't the attack. No, that was Unagi running up the forward flipping bench, and leaping through the air. Bounding forward, he attempts to seize Bezique by her shoulder and those upright ears. Should he get a grip, he would swing his legs, and leverage his momentum to drive the hare's head straight down towards the bench. And should he get that far?

He was going to hold on to those ears as long as he could.

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Oh, there are folks watching--from cameras setup in the ruins around the place. NOL wouldn't do to have any crew injured, plus Bezique has setup her usual cordon of those giant cards to create a ring or barrier around them, less to keep her opponent out--and more for them to keep from killing whoever happened to be outside it.

As the bench comes sailing towards her, that fan of cards is swung out along with the hand holding them--slicing through the bench and breaking it cleanly in two as it flies through the air--the broken halves tumbling away in two different directions, away from the rabbit! Yeah... lot of people could die just from casual shit Bez might do.

Lee's followup is to close in on her, which Bezique responds promptly by rearing her right gloved hand back and winding up for what looked like a Popeye-style punch--his hands might fasten on her ears, but she's also jumping up and wrapping her legs around his waist as he grapples with her, her buck-toothed grin wide as she attempts to bring that big white gloved hand that's been winding up down on his head! He could try to roll or throw her off, of course.

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Unagi assesses his opponent, in piecemeal.

She separates the bench, placing it in two pieces. That is, in fact, something might do to him. As he pulls the rabbit nearly out of her hat, however, she seems to almost take enjoyment out it. As her hand comes around, well, it was a hand at least. As she latches out with her thighs, UNagi is actually reversed severally. Caught in the rabbit's trap, he is clobbered squarely on his head, knocked tumbling at one half of the bench. Slamming into it, the fishermen rolls up. Grazing his hand on a cut that was growing on his cheek, he gives a brisk assessment.

"Interesting... and unconventional."

Hooking the half of the bench with his leg, he sends it airborne. Another point of cover, another approach. She had space, and the fisherman was coming in- under the bench. He was actually outpacing it, dipping down low in a rather mist-like step beneath the airborne bench. And then, he leaps, bounding -ahead- of the bench as he takes to the air with a flying kick. Was the bench part of the attack? Was it a distraction? It seemed between the fisherman and the magician,

Both had their own tricks at play.

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Grazing Hit

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"That's me sugah~ never had a rabbit jerk a knot in your tail?" the rabbit boxes Lee's head in a few times, though the position makes it a bit inconvenient--those fishnet clad legs of the rabbit lady do not let go until he's getting black and blue. On his face, that is.

"Oof... might want some ointment for that, though," she dusts herself off after she rolls and scrambles away from him, getting to her booted feet, before the half of the bench comes flying--she is momentarily distracted away from him by it--she twists and catches the flying kick only partially, able to turn with it and let the rest of the energy of it sail past her. Still, ow.

As Lee goes past her, Bez brings her left leg up and turns again--trying to bring her right leg up and around and slam into him now that he's on the other side of her!

COMBATSYS: Bezique successfully hits Lee Chaolan with Medium Kick.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Lee Chaolan      1/--=====/=======|>>>>>>-\-------\0          Bezique

"Oh, not a tail~"

Unagi's tone is wistful, of another time, of a better time. But his ruse doesn't quite work the way he had hoped. She reacts to it, giving him an opening. But as the kick is caught by her, it leaves him exposed for the follow up. He makes the attempt to reposition, to adjust his footwork to catch her by her fat rabbit flank.

The Rabbit Kick (Well the Hare Kick) catches him before he can complete the reposition.

Unagi is staggered, stumbling backwards as he struggles not to be knocked down. The initiative was lost, the momentum needed to be restarted. He peers from under his hat, and adjusts it, straightening it out. Hooking his leg, he brings the other half of the bench around, and he puts his forward foot on it. Then, he opens his stance, leaning his weight on his back leg, bringing the other forward. Raising his fingers up with his leading hand, Unagi gestures Bezique to approach him, conceding the momentum to her.


COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan gathers his will.

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"Hooh--" Bezique has to struggle to keep her balance as the leg slams into Unagi, having to partly spin and bring her leg down and around to regain her footing--which only takes her a split second or so to do.

"Why'd ya have to just take that, sugah--you trying to save your strength and just blow up poor little old me??" Bezique hopped a step back and a card was flicked out from behind her hand, her fingers gripping it and bringing it up as she stared straight ahead at Unagi.

"If we're gonna do that, then lets get this thing started!" she flipped the card over to it's face side--an Ace--and many cards began to swirl around her, as if trapped in her orbit as her energy began to flare!

COMBATSYS: Bezique gathers her will.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Lee Chaolan      2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|>>>>>>>\>>-----\1          Bezique

She wasn't taking the bait.

It was curiouser and curiouser for the martial artist, how elusive the strange rabbit lady was. As she answers his gambit with a gambit of her own, Unagi gives a smirk, as he tightens his hand into a fist. "If you want to get this started," He states coyly, as he leans forward. "Then you have to give me your best~" It was a challenge now.

He's moving.

Launching off the bench, the fisherman lunges in, opening with a driving backhand, followed by a machine gun assault of high kicks. Unagi breaks away from the assault with a driving kick. Should he have made it that far with stunning the hare, he would finish by throwing a single rose (where did that come from) into Bezique's forehead, before turning his back to them.


COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan issues a challenge!!

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Lee Chaolan      2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|>>>>>>>\>>-----\1          Bezique

COMBATSYS: Bezique interrupts Brilliant Rose from Lee Chaolan with Ace of Swords EX.
- Power hit! -

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Lee Chaolan      1/-<<<<<</<<<<<<<|>>>>>>-\-------\0          Bezique

"C'mon there sugah~ come to Bezique~" the hare flicks the card over and their eye glints--just for a moment, in the temporary shade from the very real, very physical playing card in their gloved hand. As Unagi leaps into the air off the bench, there are only seconds to move. In defiance of physics, Bezique is able to bring her hand up with that card--the ace glowing brighter as it leaves her fingers--the card rocketing through the air and impacting the also airborne man as she attempts to turn out of the way of his flying kick.

The rabbit is knocked down and away as Unagi comes down, winding up bruised and a bit bloodied as she tumbles along with him, before sliding to a stop on her booted feet, one palm helping slow their movement.

"Whooo! There we go hon! Now pull those pistols," her other hand is of course dedicated to keeping her tophat rooted to the crown of her head.

There was a quiet change in tone.

Up to this point, Unagi seemed almost bemused to be fighting the tricky rabbit. THat is, until he is intercepted out of his surging attack by the card by an ace up her sleeve. As Unagi is sent back once more, he crashes into the bench, shattering it. She did, in fact, answer his challenge. But he was no more better for it. He gets up again, battered and bloodied. But the shift in tone makes it as clear as it can, as he turns to face Beizque.

He wasn't smiling anymore.

There was a hot flash of raw insult. It seems that Unagi's had been beguiled for a few more times. Eyes focused, he was running now, faster than before now. Dipping in low, he unleashes a wicked roundhouse kick, that falls short. Pulling in, he dips in low and makes a circle. A magician should be able to see the sleight of hand that Lee was pulling, though, when he brings his grazes his hand at the hare's wrist. Should it connect, he would latch on like a bear trap, and drag it around as he tries to maneuver behind her. There, he would attempt to wrench her arm behind her back, and push her kneeling on the ground, before stomping down on her head. Working out his frustrations.

And bringing out his hidden wrath.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan successfully hits Bezique with Lee Harassment.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Lee Chaolan      2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\===----\1          Bezique

"Or you just gonna stand there, whistlin' dixie?~" Bezique finished the taunt, kind of poor form to not, after all. As the tall, broad-shouldered man rushed in, she at first dipped back at the roundhouse kick, feeling the air being rent along it's path. When her wrist is caught, though--it's quite something else.

Her right arm is wrenched behind her back, likely popping it right of the socket--and her fishnet-clad knees hit the pavement before long, her eyes wide as she's forced down, and then essentially stomped on. Blood from both her nose and mouth splatters the street, the brim of the hat snapped and folded. Oof.

And then the brim of the hat snaps back into place, with an audible flick of the fabric, and she begins to rise. She turns her head, looking quite a bit more ghastly now with the blood running down her face and those big white buck teeth, but she's grinning.

"Aww, honey, I didn't know you had it in ya~" her hat actually tumbles off the crown of her head, her feathered white hair wild. Reaching up, she balls a fist and punches down into the hat as hard as she can--and then above, the same hand emerged from a swirling portal above Unagi, now giant-sized and careening right down for him!

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan auto-guards Bezique's Portal Crush.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Lee Chaolan      2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|-------\-------\0          Bezique

With the stomping barrage, the fisherman regains his composure.

Unagi releases Bezique, letting the damage sink in. He doesn't give her space though, keeping close. The smirk returns, even as the hat snaps back to shape. Already, she was beginning to rise, and was moving to punch down on the hat. Unagi, fortunately, wasn't done, and what's more, he had a sense of what fighting a trickster like this entailed. As the giant fist comes down, the old fisherman snaps out and grabs the arm. Not the fist above him. But the -hare's- arm, locking it in place as he catches it, keeping his gentle eyes on her. The fist comes just -short- above him, as he struggles to keep the fist coming down all the way into the hat. "Tut tut tut" Unagi scolds, clucking his tongue as he begins to shift his position. The moment he releases the rabbit's hand, he was at her mercy. He moves, a high kick coming as he pivots to her flank. The kick comes short, and so does the reposition. Feinting to the opposite direction, he rises up at her opposite side, a flash of silver energy coming over him. He is very close to her now, and as he rises?

He unleashes a one-inch punch right at the base of the rabbit's ribcage.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan successfully hits Bezique with Death Touch.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Lee Chaolan      1/-------/<<<<<<<|=======\-------\0          Bezique

Bezique realizes what is happening a bit too late, actually growling and snarling as her forearm is restrained--not able to bring her suddenly giant fist down on him. He might even feel the padded brushes of her huge fingertips against his shoulders and hair as her hand unballed from the fist, as if trying to snatch at him.

Bezique tries to roll as she grabs her hat, narrowly avoiding the kick to her side as the man feints--rising up just as the one-inch punch hammers into her ribs.

"Ahhhhh!" she emits a pained howl in a strained voice, blood and spittle flying as her jaw drops, eyes widening. As if reflexively, the hand rises to her head again--the hat coming off and being tipped toward him as what looked like snakes sprang out of it--no, ropes. A whole flurry of brown taut ropes lashing out towards him like an octopus, even as the hare falls back against the ground, writhing in pain.

"Ahhh--daggum white haired yankee sumbi--" and other frantic pained Southern noises. She's not unconscious, she just sure wishes she was!

COMBATSYS: Bezique can no longer fight.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      1/-------/<<<<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan dodges Bezique's Magician Rope.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      1/-----<</<<<<<<<|


Unagi connects true, ending the fight in a single executing blow. As the burst of ropes come out, ready to make him into a bunny of sorts as well. It's clutch, as the older fisherman starts weaving and moving, faster and faster, nearly faster than the eye can follow. Ropes taste him, touch him. But just barely fail to get a grip. As she falls, as she curses and sputters, Unagi stands fast, and waits. Waits. Waits.

And they call the fight.

THe martial artist relaxes. Looking at Bezique with a twinkle in his eye, he adjusts his purple cap. Lowering it over his eyes, he gives a thumbs up to his opponent.


COMBATSYS: Lee has ended the fight here.

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