Velvet Blue - Settling the Hash

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Description: Hashim is confronted by some street toughs in Southtown, but meets with the timely invervention of Velvet Blue.

The sun has already gone down past the horizon, blanketing the downtown area of Southtown in the kind of dim twilight broken up by street lamps, phone screens, and the headlights of passing cars. It's almost cozy, with the background murmur of people on their way home mixing with the sounds of tires on asphalt, if you're into that sort of thing. Perhaps the smell of grease and vehicle oil might turn some off.

But up on the rooftops, danger lurks. Shadowy figures who scan the streets below in search of weaker prey that they can pounce upon and then steal away into the night. Their kind never goes away, not for good. No matter how many are beaten down and chased off, like the mythical hydra another will always take their place.

Of course, that's why tonight, a seven foot tall pink man built sturdier than an oak tree is climbing up to the roof of one of these buildings, a small set of apartments by the look of it. He's immediately confronted by several gang thugs, all clad in puffy winter wear to keep out the chill of the wind. Due to his size, they keep out of arm's reach, but don't back down. They have the power of numbers on their side.

"What you doin' on our turf, pinky? We don't sell skin lotion up here." one of them, a fresh-faced youth wearing a faux gold chain around his neck and a cap with some sports logo or another, speaks up. The others nod and laugh a little.

The giant, bare chested and bald headed, having already left his robes and turban behind down below, laughs as well. "Hahaha! You are good at jokes. Maybe you would think of pursuing a comedy career instead of breaking into cars. I think it would pay better in the long run." he remarks.

"What? Did you follow us all the way here? That was halfway across town!" the youth says, giving the strange man a disbelieving look. "Only a lunatic would think of messin' with us, especially on our home turf. Hope you're ready man, 'cause we're gonna turn that pink skin black and blue."

Things had quieted down enough around Southtown that regular patrols were a thing again. Not by the police--but in this instance, a member of Southtown's nightlife. A very particular sort of nightlife, that is.

Scaling an otherwise sheer brick or cement building like a lizard wasn't too challenging a feat for whoever had this strange point of view--coming up over the edge of the building in the dark and keeping quite still as the voices, amplified by heightened senses, boomed clear as day. Elongated dark nails could be seen as they curled over the edge of the building and a strange silhouette pulled itself up and over the edge of the roof, rolling forward and with a rather loud clacking of what sounded like boots or hard soled shoes against the roof's surface.

"Bigger question is why you're in mine, sonny jim," one could see yellow cat-like eyes and a set of ivory teeth suspended in the dark, by themselves, like it was some kind of nightmare fuel Cheshire Cat, before the being stepped into the light, and the rest of them followed suit. Which was... perhaps not what Hashim might have been inspecting. Sure there were long ribbed bat-like ears, long dark hair... but this wasn't quite Batman, exactly.

A long black skin-tight suit with thick white furred collar, long indigo platform heeled boots and what looked like a long spaded blue tail...? like some kind of club-going tiefling? Course, there was what looked like a small sword or very long knife tucked into one of the boots...

Some folks perhaps did not believe Velvet Blue was real, the 'queen of kabukicho', it's weird phantom protector was something rumored about, but those who'd seen them knew they were very much real. How could some cabaret worker really be a darkstalker, AND that strong?

"I don't do free shows, either, beat it," Velvet stuck out his thumb and jerked it backwards over their shoulders, signalling the toughs to get lost.

Hashim has already put up his hands, ready to throw down with these thugs, when another challenger arrives. However, it doesn't appear this one's with the gang, but rather a vigilante much like himself. He does give Velvet a questioning look however, after taking in all of... that. "Are you a demon courtesan? I am not certain I understand."

The thugs, in the meantime, use that distraction to move in, throwing punches that the jolly pink giant dodges as if he were a stream flowing around their fists. The first has his legs taken out from under him, the second grabbed and slammed on top of his cohort, and the third finds himself being hurled over the edge of the roof... thankfully into a conveniently placed dumpster filled with relatively soft garbage, the lid slamming shut after him.

"Crap, even ganging up on him doesn't work! Take the other freak hostage!" the youth from before, evidently some sort of authority figure in the gang, orders his men. However, as he backs away from Hashim, he finds none of his thugs moving, instead keeping wary of Velvet.

"Nah man, I heard of that one. They calls 'em Velvet Blue, supposed to be some real kinda superhero. I ain't messin' with that, no way." one of the larger gangsters says, and the others, about six in total, all nod in agreement.

"You kiddin' me? This ain't a comic book, we got enough people to take 'em both if we just rush 'em." the leader frustratedly suggests, though he's sweating nervously by now.

"Not quite," Velvet replied to Hashim with a grin, but the grin became a bit steelier as it was retrained on the gang members they were facing down. They move, as Velvet perhaps expected they might--and they bring hands to bare. Noticing the sudden fear effect he is inspiring however, Velvet immediately straightens up again, however--the sharp, bitter emotion of fear is evident among them--it's something he can feel acutely, being part darkstalker.

"It's true, and when I bite you, you're gonna turn into an okama too!~" Velvet grinned devilishly, raising long, (and sparkling) nails up into the air, the fingers hooked into claws. At that moment, Velvet's tail swings around and begins glowing--a little supernatural shit is always good to spook humans, they know--and they take one, clacking booted step towards the group.

"C'mon boys~ Velvet-ojou is hungry~"

Velvet puts on quite the show, those nails and glowing tail serving to back up their words with just the right level of scare factor to make the gangsters take a step back. "Pshaw, right, we ain't scared o' nothin'! R-right guys? Get that freak!" the leader commands, despite his shaking knees. However, he's only met with silence, if you don't count the sounds of shoes on ladder rungs and asphalt.

Turning around, the youth finds himself completely alone, abandoned by his backup. Looking back at Velvet again, then over at Hashim, he wordlessly bolts for the fire escape as well, tripping over himself to escape.

Once he's gone, the pink giant raises an eyebrow at Velvet. "Okama?"

Velvet grins a little bit, lowering his hands and the tail's glow dimming--putting a hand on his hip instead. "You're pretty lucky you ran into one of the /good/ fairies here, hon, otherwise this would turn out very poorly for you," Vel admired the dark pointed nails along his right hand, a sort of Shere Khan behavior if there ever was one. One with a bit less malice, perhaps, but no less refinement.

By the time Velvet looks up, the leader has taken flight, and Velvet breathes an internal sigh of relief. He didn't like hurting humans, even guys like this.

"It means queer, my dear, something those guys can't stand the thought of," Velvet shrugged a little. "You've got to be seen as supremely tough... macho in that kind of life, thankfully they're more afraid of Darkstalkers I think than they are of people like me," Velvet smirked, then shook his head, nodding to Hashim.

"And you, I take it you're new around here? Most new supernaturals get notified to come see me when they come to Southtown, sooner or later--well, this part of it, anyway, I'm Velvet, as you probably heard... what ought I call you?" he looked up at Hashim, since well--Vel was only about 5'8", bit taller perhaps, thanks to the boots.

Since the gang's been dealt with, the genie man focuses his attention on Velvet, relaxing a bit as they talk. "I did not know there were fairies in this part of the world. I thought they were mostly in Europe." he says, scratching his chin. This is further followed up on with, "You are indeed quite strange. Are you not a Darkstalker? You appear to be stalking in the dark."

But yes, introductions are in order! Bowing to Velvet, the genie man hurriedly replies, "Ah, my apologies, I am being very rude. My name is Hashim, I am currently traveling the world to crush evil wherever I find it. I was not informed that I needed to see you upon arriving. I beg your forgiveness."

"That's right--well, more than a few kinds," Velvet's eyes dart back and forth, amusedly, before making an amusing face--not able to help it. He coughs into a fist though and shakes his head, dismissiing these antics. "Supernaturals, correct--also the fae are about, it's true, night creatures like werecreatures are not uncommon here, either, or vampires," he stepped around Hashim, looking over the 7ft tall magenta giant. Magenta, not quite pink--Velvet was able to discern the difference, unsurprisingly.

"Ah, no need to bow--though I do appreciate it. You are from the Middle East, I take it? Welcome to Southtown," Velvet gestured for the man to straighten up, with a smile and a nod. "You're right though, I am a darkstalker, and you're probably considered one too--I would suggest perhaps a bit of a long coat if you're insisting on going around in public," Velvet stopped back around the front of Hashim, addressing him. "As uhm, impressive as the view is, if only your face is showing humans will be more likely to think your skintone is simply makeup," he gestured towards Hashim's front, his tail flicking behind him.

Hashim gives Velvet a blank look in regards to the 'more than a few kinds' comment, clearly not understanding the double entendre. He gets the rest though, folding his arms over his chest as he nods and straightens up. "I see. I hope they remain peaceful, then, or I will be forced to brand them with my Jinn fire. My justice does not discriminate."

He keeps his eyes on Velvet while the bat-like Darkstalker gives him a thorough inspection. Not out of distrust, necessarily, but more... curiosity. "I typically wear my dishdasha- my tunic- when I am among the public. It restricts my fighting, however, and it would not do to get it dirty or torn either. I left them below before climbing up here." he explains, then a moment later he adds, "And yes, I am from Oman. Beautiful place in summer, you should visit."

"Yeah... I wouldn't recommend trying to fight too many humans, is the only thing--there's a lot more of them than us, and if they think we're a threat they will panic--humans are collectively fairly foolish, you understand," Velvet nods, though doesn't seem to like the 'Jinn fire' bit, though he nods with a bit of a grimace. "I... don't want to see too many of them being harmed, is my concern--stupid or not, some of us are still related to living, mundane humans," he then blinks a little bit at the suggestion of the summer vacation.

"Ahah, I will consider it--though I think I'd burn to a crisp... without some very strong sunblock," Velvet sheepishly grins a little. "Oh! You don't consume alcohol, I suspect, but if you are ever looking for a place to meet other supernaturals--I operate a small, hidden club for our kind, if you are so inclined..." Vel rubs his chin, thinking about it.

"Then again, I don't imagine they have cabarets where you come from, do they..." slight awkwardness.

"I see. I will keep the flames to a minimum, then. Are broken bones acceptable?" Hashim asks, stroking his goatee curiously. But as the conversation turns toward less violent subjects, he smiles wryly and notes, "It is worse in the other seasons. Summer is when the typhoons come in, bringing all of the beautiful greenery with them. Much more shade."

After thinking for a few moments about Velvet's return offer, he nods. "I see, I suppose it would not hurt to see how the people of the night live in this place. I am not certain what a cabaret is, but as for alcohol..."

Thousand yard stare. "Never again."

"Yes, cracking of tibias and fibias is, if it's in self defense, I say," Velvet gestured to the long knife, or short sword tucked inside his right side boot. "This I keep for more supernatural threats, partly silver alloy, y'see--werecreatures and spectral things don't quite cut or bleed like mortal humans," the bat-eared performer explains, tilting their head a little bit, before grinning.

"Ah, can't say I'm much of a fan myself, was more when I was human, but... never could tolerate it longterm, perhaps thankfully," Vel seems to disdain alcool to an extent as well. "My club, however, has quite a few other supernaturals there, or beings affected by them--as long as you are able to remain civil there, I promise your safety," Velvet bows his head a little, even, as if trying to make a promise. He probably was.

"If you'd like to see it, anyway, you can come along, or I can leave you my card--should probably get off this rooftop before we attract too much more attention, though..."

Hashim shakes his head to banish the memories of that particular Noodle Incident, following Velvet's movements and nodding. "I admit there were few where I am from. In fact, I am the only one I have known of until I left my home to visit other countries. I believe you are the first I have spoken to, although that Abigail in Metro City was suspiciously large..."

He nods in agreement on that last part though, starting to climb back down the way he came. "Yes, I do not wish to be arrested for loitering. Quite the embarrassment for someone who fights for justice, no?" Once he's safely on the ground, he picks up his neatly folded clothes from where they sit atop a freshly dusted trashcan, donning them quickly and easily. "Give me the card, and I will seek out this club of yours."

"Really? there's no other non-humans where you were from?" Velvet paused for a moment, looking down a little. Hash did say he was from some small village, so that checked out, actually... He'd heard tell of more supernaturals in say, India, when Vel ahd been over there to deal with Ultratech, but India and South East Asia was a big place...

"Oh! you met Abigail~ yeah, he's not what I'd call normal, either, but I don't think he's a supernatural," Velvet grinned a bit. "At least not directly, mind your step--" Velvet swung a leg over the side of the rooftop and would head down whatever scaffolding or fire escape there was, until those boots clacked against the cold concrete.

"There you are, don't hesitate to come by if you like, though it might be a bit of a culture shock for you," Velvet handed over his 'business' card with a little smile. It's a small white/yellow faded looking thing, with spider-thin calligraphy scratched into the surface. If Hashim pays attention he'll notice the writing fades and changes as he turns in different directions, as if to update the address based on his location. Freaky~

"Farewell for now~" Velvet Blue's words too fade as he melds back into the shadows, doing a bit of a disappearing act. Always a large ham, that one.

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