Ayala - NFG Epilogue: Ayala

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Description: In this NFG epilogue, we check in on our favorite legally distinct blonde haired cavewoman fighter and see how she fared in her quest.

A video taken via cellphone and uploaded to one of the NFG related fight tube accounts, probably Blaze's, or thereabouts.

It begins with... Ayala! She is grinning widely, but seems to have her left arm in a cast, uh oh. She's out in what looks like... a jungle?

"Hiiii~ Ayala did not do well at tournament, she knows--but she learned enough to go back to Expanse and help tribe! Tribe was pushed out of homeland due to huge dinosaur demon--and Ayala caught it! With Rockslide! It how Ayala hurt arm--" she gestures with head towards her left arm in the cast. "Doctor say it will need long time to heal, but... there was problem, uhh..." Ayala looks a little ashamed/sheepish, like she'd be rubbing the back of her head if she was not holding the phone and had her arm in a cast.

"Demon thing... ate a lot and had eggs, many eggs... and they hatch," Ayala sighed a little, losing her enthusiasm for a short beat, before her face regains some of that optimism.

"But Ayala had idea! Ayala had journeyed through Southern parts of America before, so she knew there was a lot of places like old homeland of Expanse--just without giant hundredleggers or monster dinos! So... Ayala brought them here!"

She pans the phone around where many of her tribes people are busily working on constructing huts, cabins, carrying materials and digging up clay to fire and make blocks.

"Ayala couldn't save old homeland, but Ayala was able to help tribe after all, tribe will live in jungles with indigena tribes around them--we will start again! For right now though, Ayala need to heal and help oversee new village, everyone be safe from harsh winter up north!"

The screen wobbles a bit as she tries to hit the stop button for the phone's recording, a bit hard for to one-hand that thing. Suddenly, it tumbles free of her hand and winds up catching a sight of Ayala from worm's eyes view. A final little thrill for this NFG.

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