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Description: Aeria and Hashim meet in the park, fight in the park, lose clothes in the park and then go for a drink.

Aeria is in Metro City at the moment. She's dressed in black pants and in a weird kind of black see-through shirt. She has a bra under, though. She also has a red leather jacket to go over it.

She makes her way around when she suddenly turns to the park. Her little friend inside told her to go there. Like a sort of feeling. It never led her wrong before, following the hunch now. She enjoys the clear her in the park.

But at one pointm she sees a very tall guy with some interesting skin color. She can't help but go to him. "Well hello there big man. Now you look interesting. I am Aeria. Who might you be?

Exploring Metro City can be a very exciting pastime for people who aren't already used to living there day after day, but eventually it all becomes a little too overwhelming. The suffocating crowds, the incessant noise of automobiles, the pungent mix of petrol exhaust and greasy street food, it can all get to be just a little too much for someone with more small town sensibilities.

That's what brought Hashim the half-Jinn warrior to the park today, to simply take a break from all the big city bustle and simply enjoy a little slice of nature, as handcrafted as some of it may be. It's a little closer to home, at least, which allows him to take a deep breath and kneel down to feel the soft grass with his palm, enjoying the refreshing coolness of the small blades.

Though, as someone who definitely stands out amid the average folk, it was only a matter of time before someone took interest enough to approach him. Glancing toward Aeria, he stands up and bows to her with a friendly smile. "My name is Hashim, I am from out of town. I hope it is a good interesting?"

She moves even closer. "It's a good interesting. You are both friendly and like you might stand your own in a fight." She grins. "Then again, even folks who don't look like they can handle themselves in a fight, still can."

Then again, she didn't look like that strong of a fighter either. Yet, she doesn't look scared at all. It is all normal. To be told, she's not completely normal herself. But in her case, it's hard to tell.

"So are you trying to evade people or all the noises and pollution around? Maybe both. Both can be tiresome when all you want is a simple break." She chuckles. "Anyway, it's good to meet you."

Hashim raises his eyebrow, but nods and accepts her answer. "This is true. It seems many people here are capable fighters in their own right. It was a surprise to me, as the innocent folk of my own home are not nearly so adept." he says, looking her over again and wondering if she may be yet another of those surprising fighters.

The next question is answered with a shrug and another nod. "Yes, I am not used to such busy places. This park is a nice reprieve from all of... that." He gestures back toward the main part of the city, where a traffic jam seems to have occurred for one reason or another, including lots of angry yelling. "But yes, it is a pleasure to meet you as well. Do you come here often?"

"Yeah Metro City is quite the place for fighters. Maybe it's why I live here at times." She laughs a bit. Who knows." She ponders. "Where is your home anyway, if that's not too much prying."

It makes sense to me. I came here on a hunch myself. Glad I did.

She wonders and then decides to be straight. "I either work, look for a fight or look for another kind of entertainment. Right now, I guess it would be the fighting category." She grins. "Can't say I am not straight with you. You just look fun to fight, but we don't have to. I won't hit you until you say yes. At least probably not." She grins some more.

"It's a good opportunity to test myself and hone my skills, yes. Common criminals can only provide so much of that." Hashim agrees with a small chuckle. "I am from Oman, a city called Salalah. It's beautiful during the Khareef season, when the monsoons cause the plant life to flourish. Very nice beaches too."

But then, the truth comes out! And taking a deep breath, Hashim removes his tunic and turban, folding them neatly to set them aside in the grass. Stretching his limbs and rolling his neck, he grins back at the unusual woman and says, "No need to worry. I had a feeling you were not just an office lady on her day off. We can begin whenever you please."

"Glad you're agreeing with this. Common criminals are little players, for sure. NFG people would give you more trouble than them, I am sure. She smirks.

"I need to visit that place. You make me want to." She says after listening to him.

"Oh no. I wouldn't want to work in an office. Anything but that." She grins and gets into a fighting position. "Good luck. You might kick my ass." She laughs,

"I have seen some of these New Fighting Generation people in action. They show a lot of promise. If they were to fight me, however, I would not be making it an easy victory." Hashim says with a wry chuckle, taking up what looks to be some manner of grappling stance with his open hands in front and legs bowed.

"Perhaps, in the future, I can show you my home. But for now..." He gestures with one hand, the universal sign to come at him. "If you fear defeat, I will give you the first move. It would only be fair, yes?"

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"Like we all should. The kids need to learn." She grins. "Let beat them up a little so they know they aren't all that."

"That's a nice offer of you. You are a nice man Hashim." She means both for the offer to show her his home, and the first move. "Though sometimes I just crave defeat, because it's fun too. Let give it our best, and we will have fun." She grins. "But yeah fair."

Then suddenly she comes form, enough to sweep the legs of that 7 foot giant. If she manages to make him fall, she then move up on him, to strike with her palm to his throat. Then if able she backs up, either way, a little.

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"I aim to be kind to all, though certain people test that kindness. I think that will not be a problem today." Hashim does give her a questioning look at the 'crave defeat' part, though he doesn't ask for clarification. Partly because she's suddenly sweeping his legs out from under him!

However, the jolly pink giant falls much lighter than one might expect, and as Aeria aims a strike to his throat, his beefy arm moves with surprising swiftness to take the blow instead. He quickly rolls back to his feet and rubs at the impact point. "Not bad. I think it will leave a bruise."

But with that said, he lunges in to close the distance, aiming a thrusting punch toward her solar plexus. It would seem he has a mix of styles, not just grappling.

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"I hear you. Sometimes, you have to force people to be kind." She laughs in a good mood. Why not? fighting is fun.

He manages to block the punch. He's a fighter, after all. "Good one, friend. I hope I leave a bruise.

But it's her turn now to be on the defensive. The punch is quick and sound, but her arms come up quickly as well to absorb the blow. "I think that will leave a 5-second bruise. But not because you're soft or anything. I don't keep bruises." She grins.

She then proceeds to start another trick. To see how well he deals with that. She sends him a mind blast. If it works, this one acts like a flashbang, temporarily disorienting his ears and eyes. Giving enough time to give him a strong uppercut in his chest. he's a bit too tall to get his chin easily. Soon after, if that succeeds, the ears and eyes clear up, and it's as good as new. "I am fun, you'll see." She adds.

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"The wicked who harm others for their own selfish gain must learn the hard way." Hashim adds somberly, though he gives her another curious look in response to the five second bruise comment. Some manner of regeneration, perhaps?

He is unprepared for the mind blast, causing him to stumble back with a ringing in his ears and his vision blurred. He nearly falls over, especially when Aeria's fist connects with his chest to painful effect. However, even when his senses are off kilter, his body remembers what to do from years of fighting on the streets.

Although he cannot see or hear her, the Jinn warrior uses that momentary touch to guide his movements, aiming to grab her arm and twist his entire body with hers to the ground, and then give that arm a very uncomfortable stretching. As his vision and hearing clear, he soon finds out the result...

COMBATSYS: Hashim successfully hits Aeria Corday with Armlock Takedown.

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Aeria Corday     0/-------/-======|======-\-------\0           Hashim

"Wicked is too broad. But I get you're narrowing it down by saying harming others." She nods her head.

The move works quite well on him and she nods her head.

But he's quick to come back and grab her arm. The move works well as she gets her to the ground and stretches that arm. "oops" She can feel the pain in it. But pain is just a bad moment to pass through. She suddenly tries to use her strength to bring her arm up to her, with him attached to it, and then push him back down in a weird kind of slam to make him let go of said arm. If it succeeds, it shows she is stronger than she should be at her size.

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Aeria Corday     0/-------/=======|=======\-------\1           Hashim

"It seems a simple enough concept to me." Hashim remarks through the grunting of trying to maintain that hold. He can feel through it that Aeria is much stronger than she appears, though even without that she would find the giant to be much lighter than his size would suggest. It takes comparatively little effort to lift him up, and less still to slam him down.

"Nnrgh! You truly are more than you appear, ma'am. An office job would certainly be beneath you." he says as he takes a moment to catch his breath, though it doesn't last long before he goes back in. This time, as he tries to take her to the ground again, he seeks to sit on her back and clasp his hands under her chin, pulling up and back.

COMBATSYS: Aeria Corday counters Humble Maker from Hashim with Dracunculus.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Aeria Corday     0/-------/=======|=======\-------\1           Hashim

"Some wicked people don't aim to hurt, really. They just want to have fun." She shrugs. "But I understand your concept." She doesn't try to be difficult.

"I like to think I am. Let's just say I am more than human. But I am lucky or unlucky enough to not show it.

As he comes again to get her down, she grabs his left wrist to stop him, then she twists hard, to get him on one knee. She finishes with a knee straight in the nose. She's not tender about it.

Once the knee has been delivered, she releases the wrist.

"Come on, surely you have more left in your tank, no?" She grins.

"Fun at the expense of others is hardly what I would call fun." Hashim counters, though he has no venom in his voice. Merely a difference of opinion... which is soon followed by violence, of course. He's sent stumbling back again, gingerly touching his nose and coming away with blood. "Blagh... I hate having to breathe through my mouth- ptoo!"

Seems she hit him pretty hard there, not to mention how he's flexing his injured wrist to make sure it still has feeling in it. But a moment later, the whole hand is engulfed in flame, and Hashim gives her a hard stare.

"I have been avoiding this, so as not to damage the grass or cause undue injury. But I am thinking you can take it... and the grass will grow back." he quips, before launching himself at Aeria to once again try to take her to the ground. This time, however, there are no stretches or locks, just fire and a lot of it.

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Aeria Corday     1/---====/=======|-------\-------\0           Hashim

"Some people are just... you know. Nan never mind." She laughs, dropping it.

She stares back at him* "Do what you gotta do my friend." She doesn't seem to be worried about the fire.

She falls to the ground and plans to push the fire back at him, but it fails, and her coat and aher face catches on fire." She screams. "My jacket! I love that Jacket!" She hurts though, before the fire stops on her face. It's burned there, but she doesn't seem to care too much. It's really more her jacket."

Hashim can probably see the skin is already healing. Slowly so, but it seems even the burn won't stay there for a super long time. She can't attack right now, as she has to get a hold of herself. "Good one, my man, it hurts like a bitch. I love it." At least in some way.

Hashim stops the fiery assault before it goes too far, getting off of Aeria and stepping away to let her breathe. The grass around her is nothing but ash now, black and gray with embers still smoldering among it, but just as he thought, the woman herself is mostly fine.

"I thought so. Your toughness is extraordinary, and the wounds do not remain long. Even if I went all out, I can see it would not be easy to put you down for long." the half-Jinn observes, stroking his beard. "My apologies for the jacket. I could... buy you a new one? If the price is not too high, that is."

COMBATSYS: Hashim takes no action.

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"Oh come on, you have me trapped, finish me off." She grins. In a good mood despite the pain.

"Thank you. You want to say something?" She slowly stands up, and she concentrates, healing a good part of the skin. The damage under is still there, but the face looks pretty good considering what just happened."

"Oh don't worry about the jacket, you beat it fair and square. Not come and finish me up if you can, because otherwise I will." She smirks, still in a good mood. The pain will leave later. Hashim is fun. "You're fun."

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"I thought it would be impolite to continue hitting you while you were down." Hashim admits, watching her skin heal before his eyes. It truly is a remarkable sight. But, it seems Aeria is insistent on continuing despite the damage she took, and the pink punisher nods and prepares for another assault. "You are strange. But, fun is a good word too. I am enjoying this."

It's back to business as usual now, no flames or the like. Just a dash in and reaching for her head, trying to wrap his arm around it and throw her to the ground. Basic, but jarring for the unprepared.

COMBATSYS: Hashim successfully hits Aeria Corday with Front Headlock Throw.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Aeria Corday     1/-======/=======|=------\-------\0           Hashim

"You can be impolite with me. If you give me a chance, I will heal. it's not what you want. Not if you wanna win." She smirks a bit. "I am strange. Thank you."

She tries to move out of the way of the attack, but he's too fast and he catches her, throwing her down to the ground. "Oofs, another good one. Come on more." She rolled back to her feet, but that took the wind out of her a bit.

She focuses on herself and him. "Come on more. Don't let me heal, big guy!"

COMBATSYS: Aeria Corday focuses on her next action.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Aeria Corday     1/-======/=======|=------\-------\0           Hashim

"If that is what you want, then I will oblige." Hashim nods as she gets up, grinning again and quickly closing the distance to keep up his attack. If she truly doesn't want him to let her heal, then he'll continue hitting her as hard as he can manage.

In this case, that /does/ mean more flames, his hand engulfed in red hot fire that arcs behind it as he throws a heavy downward chop at Aeria. She's already proven she can handle the heat, so may as well let her taste some more.

COMBATSYS: Aeria Corday fails to reflect Steel Cutter from Hashim with Leucochloridium Paradoxum.
- Power fail! -

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Aeria Corday     0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0           Hashim

"Thank you, my good man, she tells him.

"Oh flames again, time to" She moves to go through it to hit, but damn if those flames get through again and the chop hits her again. She is out. It shows. Then she gets back on her feet, almost unholy so. Her eyes shows she is are tired, but she is up. "Ok, I give you that fight. You have given me a lot of pain. My body is tired. I need a little bit of time to heal all of it." She grins. "Congrats, my man. Your fire is something else. One day, I will shield myself conveniently from it." She smirks, but it shows she is tired, even as her body heals.

Hashim lets out a breath, the flames dissipating into sparks as he readies another attack... but it seems she's had enough. Relaxing and rubbing at his sore wrist, the giant nods and smiles kindly down at her. "I have a feeling you could keep going if pressed, but I admit I too could use a rest. It would not do to put ourselves in the hospital over a friendly spar, after all." he agrees with a small chuckle, offering a handshake.

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Hashim           0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Hashim has ended the fight here.

She grins, part of her would have loved to go and take more damage to try to take him down, but sometimes, making a friend is more important than finishing the fight properly.

"I might have been able to, but instead, why don't we go get a drink? My treat. To the winner, the spoils, after all.

She ponders. "You go to the hospital at times?" She blinks at him. She never went to the hospital, but there is a good reason for that. Though it's also not readily apparent, why she heals so well.

She starts walking, expecting him to follow her to a nearby bar.

"A drink? Hmm, I don't normally drink alcohol, but I can make an exception to celebrate a new friendship." Hashim nods eagerly as he follows her, though at the hospital question he laughs and adds, "Hahaha, it is sometimes necessary. I heal quicker than most, it's true, but nowhere near what you showed. That was quite astounding..."

Now to just hope he doesn't accidentally set the bar on fire.

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