NFG Season One - Bags To Riches

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Description: There's much gossipin' afoot as Braun seeks out Djamila to congratulate her on her journey to the finals and to discuss recent events when lo - a sudden pop star appears and must account for his dumpster filling misdeeds!

Djamila won her match against Junko. By now, probably everyone interested in the NFG knows this. Rather easily too, until what happened in post match. That took a lot out of her until Mint got her on the way out. Since then, she's been resting quite a bit and checking on Kenzo.

At one point, however, it became too much for her, so she went outside. She needs fresh air. She needs the wind. It shouldn't be too surprising to anyone who knows her. Besides she needs to be ready for the finals too. It's kind of funny. It ends like it started. Who would have thought? It's like they got through everything everyone through at them, just to meet again. Djamila would laugh if she didn't have so much in mind.

So now, on this relatively quiet day, she's at her usual spot in the park. She's doing a sort of Taichi, but it involves movements with the staff and using the wind as well. She also gathered a small crowd around her to watch her. The final is heavily talked about, and she has her own fan club. Last she heard, they were calling themselves the Fadelities. She enjoys that name, truth be told.

From time to time, she signs pictures as best as she can. Otherwise she focuses on her Taichi wannabe. Trying to keep her mind empty at the moment. Letting the air rejuvenate her. Anyone looking for her wouldn't have a hard time doing so.

She is simply dress in a dark red shirt and a black jeans. The rest is usual. Her black blindold and her black boots.

It's hard to -not- have heard about that final match as for all intents and purposes the arena seems to have been burnt down and some sort of meglomaniac demon of fire unleashed into the city or something??

Those are Braun's thoughts, at least, though the massive beastman has, perhaps, more insight then most on these matters given his origins and the very nature of his own powers. Either way, he's seemed mostly blase about it all despite the gossip, podcasting, fighttubing and other assorted media frenzies going on around it all that has placed Professional Fighting Worldwide in the spotlight and perhaps not for the best reasons.

As to him, the massive man makes his way along the winding roads and walkways of the park on an idle stroll that carries with it his own occasional run ins with would be fans that, if afraid to approach him, at least snap pictures from afar. Those that do muster up the courage to walk up to him are greeted by a resting neutral face at first but then he grants an autograph along with a grumbling, rumbly sort of word to them which makes their day. Not exactly the friendlest guy but - can't break keyfabe now can we?

The sight of Djamila does crack this somewhat though as he spots her eventually and watches her from afar, pulled back from the gathered crowd until he tires of waiting and starts to approach her while drawling out, "Hey...aint you supposed t'be an Ultratech infirmary or somethin'?"

Evidently the park is a place for fame to come and play, today. Jace Timmons is present, though you wouldn't know it by the state of the residents of the park. He is wearing a simple pair of jeans, a hoodie, and a pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses that obscure enough of his facial features to leave the man in relative peace. It may or may not occur to him, if he's going to mount his comeback, he's going to have to knock this off.

Though no stranger to Metro City, some of the architectural feats still never fail to give him pause, and pause he does. He is standing near the highest concentration of resevior, his head visibly turning from platform, to platform, to platform. One can almost see the smoke emiting from his ears, billowing out from undeneath the hood of his jacket, as he calculates the math needed to go from platform to platform to platform. Finally, his shoulders slump and he turns away, beginning to walk once more.

His path takes him towards where Djamila is practicing, and at the sight of the staff work in a slow meditative style, he pauses and stops to watch with a contemplative expression to what little of his face can be seen.

Djamila continues with her "dancing" Tai Chi routine. Soon, she switched to putting her staff down upright. To those not used to it, the staff staying upright by itself, even when she climbs, might be weird. It's not lodged in the ground. It simply stays up with her Chi.

She continues to do some slow movements on the staff itself this time. Showing her pole dancing knowledge. Sometimes, she does things that defy gravity, as the wind helps her do some moves. It stays chill the whole time.

Alas, when Braun comes to speak to her, she extends her hips and spins herself slowly all the way to the ground in a split, then she gets back up gracefully before she speaks. "Oh, Braun. Good meeting you again." She says with a smile. "I should be, but I need fresh air too. I don't like being cooped up too much. Kenzo wouldn't want me to mess up the finals, either. So here I am. How are you, Braun?

For Jace, she seems approachable enough if he wants to come talk to her, too. The black blindfold over her eyes should be enough indication she is blind.

"Where you looking for me specifically or?" She asks Braun, resting against her upright staff as she talks to him. "Either way, I could use the company." She gives a smile, even if there's something behind it. Tiredness perhaps.

"I'd been thinkin' about it. Looking to check in on you after all that..." drawls Braun's deep heavy voice as he rests one hand against his waist and makes an absent gesture with the other. His clawed fingers curl back and forth a few times and then he slowly grins, pulling his lips back into his full toothed smile that settles into a smirk. True, she can't see it but others can and she can no doubt hear it in his amused voice.

"Folk like us bounce back fast. No surprise t'see you out and about I guess but maybe what's buggin' ya aint necessarily a problem with yer physical condition yeah?"

Seems he caught that tired sound to her voice.

"No shame in admittin' if your mentally drained.. Especially since you got the pressure of the final coming up. Congratulations by the way.... Looks like you beat all the odds and managed to avoid gettin' scorched by a death ray in the process..."

His nostrils flare as his hyper senses kick in and he mumbles: "Invictus with a a hint of Bright Crystal Versace." abruptly and then he looks around, sweeping his gaze over the area and through what remains of the gathered crowd to finally indicate Jace some distance away, his attention settling on the hooded figure.

He then turns back towards Djamila and gestures with a massive finger, indicating the watching man with a clawed hand, "Got a man of taste here. Onna yer handlers?"

Seeming to lean forward to look closely at the staff maintaining it's position without seeming to need the help of stabilizers, Jace grins as he realizes the trick of chi. He watches the remainder of the exercise, tilting his head as Braun approaches and begins to talk.

He turns away, not wanting to appear as if he's wanting to not eavesdrop. His balance shifts forward, and he seems about to continue on his path until he hears Braun name his cologne. He rotates back towards the two and then takes a few steps towards them, "I'm not one of her handlers."

He turns his head towards Dajmila and comments, "Only an admirer. You're very good and your control is amazing. It's not surprising you've advanced so far in the tournament you're in."

He then looks back towards Braun, reaching up to take off his sunglasses and hang them off the zipper of his hoodie, "How did you know about that second cologne?"

"Yeah" She nods her head after Braun mentions all that. "Thanks." She gives a soft smile.

Then bouncing back. She never could stay down for a long time. Staying inside, in a bed. Bah. It sucks. "Yeah, I mean, I try to watch over Kenzo as much as I can, but I just... yeah. What I did, and what happened post-match after. It's draining a bit, is all. I just need to kick some more ass and do my best in the final. Ichika is no joke and she probably wants to prove she can beat me. I will work on proving not this time." She grins at that. "Won't be easy."

"Junko, during the match, was nothing to me. I wasn't in the mood though, so I kind of pushed her... So the post match happened, but I survived it. If you need motivation to better yourself, it worked for Ichika, worked with Junko." She's obviously kidding, her tone of voice saying so.

She turns her head toward Jace. She confirms what Jace says "Nan. Not one of my handlers. Not even sure they are around anymore. Probably somewhere far enough. Yeah?" She still shrugs her shoulder, though.

She does give a smile to Jace "Thank you. I am a pole worker of the profession. So I just transitioned to fighting. Practice and great sponsors helped a lot." She smiles more and continues. "I am honored to be in the finals. Honored to fight Ichika again. We both have something to prove." That seems to make her giggle, even if tiredly in that as well. "Anyway, join us. The more the merrier." She turns her head back to Braun. "Been up to anything after Chevy took you out of the tournament?"

"The nose knows.." says Braun, turning fully to face Jace now with a lopsided smirk to his face. He lifts a hand up and pokes at his own face and vaguelly leonine features while grinning softly, "Comes with th'territory of being one part apex predator.. Like a house cat.. Course that means I tune most things out usually otherwise y'can imagine what just walking down the street will do but...sometimes you pick up on things worth focusin' on..."

As he finishes speaking he takes a few secondds longer to study Jace. If there's recognition of him, he gives no sign to it just yet. Keyfabe and all. He does generate a slight smirk and as he adds, "And yeah. She's somethin' with that pole of hers in a fight. I never thought I'd see the day a pole like that gets used as a weapon but I guess anytihing goes."

As Djamila speaks up he drags his attention back towards her and slowly folds his mammoth arms while frowning slightly about..something..

He then simply shakes his head, "Yeah sounds like things turned out pretttyyyyy much exactly like I predicted they would. Kinda ironic. I seem t'remember you and I haven' abit of a ideology clash over Junko, Buford and the like....." He grins softly. The 'I told you so' practically hanging in the air so thickly you could reach out and grab it.

"Anyway I'm glad yer alright but I can't say I'm not suprised that Chevy didnt' push in to the finals. I was bettin' on Kenzo getting further as well once Hawksley was out and then BUck got dropped as well. I guess all us bruiser boys didn't have what it takes... As fer me? Aint much I -can- do fer now. Just waiting to see what the wra p up after the last match is gonna be.."

"The nose...?" He frowns slightly, shakes head, and then reaches into his pocket. He opens an app and begins poking at the screen quickly, a life in showbusiness giving him a one-hundred and twenty word per minute typing speed on a standard Android keyboard. He then taps a button, the returns his phone to his pocket.

Once the phone is stowed, he looks back to Braun, "I think it's one of the least argued facets of human history that as soon as someone could pick up a stick, they tried to knock someone's brain loose with it." He shrugs, then adds, "Thankfully fighters nowadays can harness energy, pick up a pole," he gestures to Djamila with this, "and beat each other to a pulp like civilized people."

He then looks between the two and observes with a mutter for himself as much as it's for anyone else, "Always so much drama around tournaments. That hasn't changed..."

When Braun mentions the nose, she can't imagine how bad it can be for him sometimes. There are definitely some smells she would rather not pick up herself, but better to have a nose than not.

She giggles a bit as Braun talks about her style, too. "Thank you, Braun. I wanted my own style. I got it. Now, if I inspire some future fighters to use that style, well, just a bonus."

"Hey, I was wrong about Junko, but you have to admit, I am the only one who could really handle her in NFG. I mean fighter-wise, not sponsors." She smirks, as she can't wink. "Now granted, the demon or whatever came out completely. But now we don't have to wonder about it.

She ponders. "If I win." She grins. "I almost said when I win." She shrugs. "I want to party. We all deserve to party because we all did amazing."

After all this, she didn't forget Jace either, she turns her head at him, almost like she's looking at him. "Always someone to disrupt things. It's a learning experience." She ponders. "Say, are you... I don't know, I think I heard your voice before, but maybe I am wrong. Some people have similar voices to one another, after all, and I am tired, so I could be wrong anyway. My name is Djamila, by the way, in case you didn't know it." She unhooks her staff to start walking, and she comes closer to him to extend her hand.

"Yeah. The nose." repeats Braun, "You, uh....finishin' yer Beater post there or somethin'?" eyes narrowing slightly at Jace's response and some confusion dancing in his own gold-brown eyes. His frown tightens a little bit as he studies the man and then listens to his comment about the pole which actually ends up pulling a laugh out of him, deep gravely voice draging across the ground and through the air.

"Oh man. Well yeah, yer right. Course that don't mean that folk expect a pole dancin' pole to kick off a whole new fightin' style but whatevah. Obviously it There is that. As to drama? Well... of course. You get personalities like that at a Christmas party there's gonna be drama let alone in the ring. This NFG's big to us but still kinda small fry. Now Neo League? King of Fighters? Friggen World Warrior? -That's- drama..." He rubs his jaw thoughtfully, "..Junko's somebody elses probably now though. Shame. Just looks bad.."

He grins slowly once again, "As to partyin'? Yeah..maybe.. I understand Big Bloke's got his mind runnin' on trying to pull a gig together but I dunno how he's gonna manage it considerin' somebody tricked 'im into bringing almost a thousand carry-bags into the gym and stashin' them in the loading dock area."

His grin broadens as if that particular situation is of incredible amusement, "But if he gets all that cleared out might be able to pull off enough room for a gig.."

Smiling, Jace extends a hand to shake Djamila's, "It's a pleasure to meet you. Jace Timmons... You've definitely heard my voice before. You've probably heard my songs, or..." And this his says with a small intake of air and a longer exhale, "...if you grew up in a monestary and are only now venturing out into the world, from my PSAs supporting the utilization of reusable bags in the grocery store."

He looks back to Braun, and then shakes his head, "Not exactly. I'm texting the woman I woke up next to." He shrugs non-chalantly and adds, "I want to see if you're--." He's cut off by a ringing from his pocket. Like a quickdraw artist from a western, his phone comes out of his pocket and he's texting away. The phone returns litterally moments later, at which point he continues, "--right. Which you were." Jace nods appreciatively, "I'm impressed."

He then looks back to Djamila, "He's not wrong. I imagine people don't expect it. We'll just call it a new twist on a old classic though, okay?"

Finally, to Braun, "Party?"

She shakes Jace's hand. "Probably heard you sing then. Either way, it's nice to meet you too. Love meeting people. Everyone's different, so it's fun.

She listens to the conversation about the phone, but she really has nothing to add to it. People can have one nightstand or whatever they want, really. For a moment, her face darkens because she destroyed her Kenzo, and she has no idea how he will be. 'Stupid bitch' comes into her mind again, but she pushes it away.

"People don't always know what to expect from me. I also made sure to try to be even less predictable. Though Junko said I was. I guess I was predictable... I won again!" She grins. "I am just kidding. One match at a time, the hardest probably coming with the final." Then she answers Jace, "They don't expect it, probably not by a physically blind woman either. But trying to bring awareness we can do everything too. I mean technically I have another way to see things, but still. We all use what we have." She shrugs.

She turns her head back at Braun. "Poor Kongou." She seems to understand Braun refers to him when he says Big Bloke. "We will figure something out. We all deserve to party and forget our problems for one night. PARTY!!!" She grins.

"Hhmm..." muses Braun thoughtfully as he listens to both the dancer and the celeb. He looks them over and then arcs an eyebrow upon processing Jace's explanation. At first he seems confused but then understanding finally dawns on him and he smirks once again, trying to decide if -he- should be impressed or amused or some combo of the two.

"Oh yeah?' he answers before nodding his head slgihtly at him, "Like I'nose knows. I guess you should hope you don't run nito her 'ex' and he got a sharp nose as well..." His grin broadens abit at that and then he glances back to Djamila at her mention of distress for his spnosor. He snorts out a laugh but then slowly pauses in thought and looks Jace over again. Where Braun is concerned, the mans celeberity status hasn't really done much to move the needle yet per se. He's not exactly the type that keeps up with such things and, well, he did happen to grow up in a secluded villainge of guardian warriors - not quite monastary but - there's quite a bit he missed from the outside world.

He doesn't miss much in the present day though. "Saaaay.." he rumbles slowly, "Come t'think of it.. Wasn't there somethn' about you dumpin' a bunch of bags into some dumpster...?" he begins slowly while truly locking his gaze onto Jace now. "Big Dude had this dumpster he took with 'im to fight Athena..." he considers slowly. "..Reusable bags, y'say..?"

Nodding quickly in agreement, Jace comments, "Well, if there was a wind-channeling pole-dancing monestary in a mountain somewhere, I probably would have done a concert there when I was younger. Since I didn't, I figured it would be a song." With a tilt of his, he then asks, "If you don't, how do you--" He seems to search for the right world, but then seems to make it there, "--perceive?"

Looking back towards Braun, he raises and lowers his left shoulder in a half-shrug, otherwise not commenting on it. When an ex is brought up, Jace smiles and shakes his head, "I don't have much to worry about in that department. I was kind of a brat, so I learned quickly how to get punched in the face."

Lifting a hand in a stopping motion, Jace replies, "Hold on, now. That headline was highly sensationalized." He lowers his hand and continues, "Yes, I was giving away canvas bags outside the MetroMart. Yes, Kongou got the vast majority of them, but--" He glances towards Dajmila for a moment, then back to Braun, "--these Metro City cynics have probably already thrown theirs away."

With a shrug of his shoulders, and the hint of a self-satisfied grin, "Apparently, Kongou hasn't."

She asks something that's not related to the current conversation with Braun. "You're going to continue fighting, right? I want to face you again one day. Got to give you your revenge or something." She grins.

Then, attention is given back to Jace for a moment. "Maybe I danced to one of your songs. Like I did with one of Lucky Chloe's songs. I will figure it out." She pauses a moment.

"Well, I started with using my other senses better. Nothing special there. Then... if you're familiar with that concept, I opened my third eye. I don't see exactly the same as physically, and there are things I can't see very well. Like I can't see reflections from mirrors and such. But it works overall. I can live a good life. I use all I can get."

She then can't help but giggle. Braun knows better about the bag thing for Jace than his music. She listens to that conversation, amused again. Then she says. "I should see Kongou. I would like a canvas back." She laughs a bit. Starting to relax for a moment.

She would like to share what happened with Kenzo, but who do you talk to about this? Her sponsor helped her get through the real reason. Junko allowed her to let out the anger she was keeping inside. But there was still something inside.

So, a completely different subject happens. "Do you fight Jace? Hopefully, you aren't someone super known all over the world for fighting. Otherwise, I am sorry. I haven't been keeping up."

"Man, those bags are gonna just sit and collect dust unless he gets reminded about 'em or gets convinced of their importance. He might keep th'one you signed considerin' how much Athena merch he got... and if he gets reminded of 'em and comes to think that htey got no value he might come a callin'... LIke an 'Ex'.."" muses Braun with a barking rolling laugh of amusement to his voice.

"Guys got very little Earth based common sense. Coudlnt' you tell? He's a friggen' gigas. Maybe not even just that cause he aint like Zog either.." Braun pauses and rubs his jaw in thought, " Guy's got no sense of scale. He aint from this dimension so he aint got no clue about biodegradable bags. "

He grins slowly once again, "I'd almost call it a practical joke but sounds like you just didn't know what you were dealin' with... You might wanna start thinkin' about a good story to cover yerself if he pops up at yer next gig.."

His attention is dragged back to Djamila at her words though and he lets out another rough laugh, "Well he's got about what, seven hundred o'em! Took one myself..." he smirks abit and then shrugs at her words, "As to me..what..continue fightin'? Yeah of course!" he laughs a little bit and then rumbles, "I -did- almost get you in that impromptu spar y'know. Course you're gettin' better but so have I.. And I did take Junko down as well but she got a lucky shot in at the end.."

He glances over to Jace and at first seems surprised at her question to him but then seems to consider things more carefully after a moment of thought.

With a smile, Jace tilts his head and then nods, "I hope it was a good song to dance to. I mean, shoot..." He trails off, lifing a hand to pull back the hoodie and scratch at the back of his head before continuing, "...I certainly didn't write them for sitting around." He listens to the explanation, nodding his head as he replies, "I'm somewhat familiar with concepts of the third eye and extrasensory perception. That's not an easy thing to accomplish. Congratulations."

He listens to the conversation between the two, his eyes shifting back and forth before he comments, "There's two schools of thought on the number of canvas bags Kongou has." He then looks back to Braun, "Which is seven-hundred and forty-nine, unless I dropped one somewhere." He looks back to Djamila and continues, "Some people will thing he has too many, and some people -- the people who watch him at the grocery store -- know he just enough." Finally, back to Braun, "He's saving so many turtles..."

To the questions about him fighting, Jace seems uncomfortable, "I did when I was younger, though, I might be looking for a match again soon. My ex, well--" His lips twist for a moment, as if he just bit into a sour lemon, "She thinks I haven't been doing anything with my life."

He turns back to Braun, his eyebrows knitting together as he listens, "Well, no. I never met anyone like Kongou, but here he is, on Earth. I imagine someone his size could seriously have an impact on things if he's not careful, so I'm not sure a little awareness would actually do harm."

He then sighs, looking back towards Djamila and shaking his head, "I guess I'd best start fighting again if Kongou can't take a public service announcement."

"Good enough to strip on." She chuckles. The strip club probably got the right to play the song on the cheap or something... Anyway. "It wasn't easy, but it's part of me now.

She listens to the bag conversation or Kongou conversation. Poor Kongou, she likes the guy, though. Zog doesn't really know so she has no opinion about it. "I guess I can take one too. Still going to tell him, though." She can't help but snicker. "I wonder what got into his head anyway. I suppose I wouldn't want to see his thought process." She turns her head to Jace. "He has too many because other people won't be able to use those bags. So they will get plastic... I might try to talk to him."

She can't help but smirk at Junko getting a lucky shot. "That's the point... But we don't have the same fighting style, so yeah." She smirks "I suppose you were close. As you get better, you will get closer or beat me. I am not unbeatable. I know that." She pats Braun's arm before giving her attention back to Jace.

"If you are looking for a match, look me up. I probably could do a friendly one." She shrugs her shoulders. I try anybody on. I tried Kongou. He went easy on me, though." She smiles.

"Yeah, you a performer alright. Listen to ou spin doctorin'..." rumbles Braun, amused and tone still laid back as he listens to Jace and then nods as Djamila notes the true issue, "The bags aint gonna end up in anyone elses hands unless he gets told to give 'em out. He'll either just take 'em back with him to The Backyard and meanwhile all seven hundred and forty nine people that could be usin' the bags are gonna keep usin' plastic while htey collect dust and aether in some non corporeal dimension."

He rumbles out a laugh and then shrugs abit at Jace, "Aint about if he can 'take' a public servive announcement guy it's just..he aint human. You ever try explainin' String Theory to a bird? Course he's aint no bird but you get my point. No tellin' what was going through his head....."

He grins back to Jace, "Anyway...."

He then seems to react to something as he hears DJamila and he gurns towards her, "Whoa, whoa, whoa..." he rumbles with amusement, "You 'suppose' I was close? Tth...You know it was a luck of the die that put me out and Chevy in. Match ups do matter. Whose to say if you'd be stnadin' here talkin' about the finals if you f you had to fight her and I had to fight say Hawksley?" he smirks, "Yer right, fighting styles do matter as does strategy and experience..." He cuts his eyes back to Jace, 'So you should get back into it if you got a heart for it man.. Age don't matter. NFG was as low as the teens and as high as the thirties. Newcomers even. You got the drive dont' you."

With a nod of his head, he replies to Djamila, "I may do that. I'll let my manager let my agent know you offered."

He then looks towards Braun, his head tilting as he asks, "Spin doctoring?" He then shakes his head, "You have it all wrong. I'm not putting a spin on anything. I'm offering a perspective that doesn't paint Kongou out to be some kind of idiot." He then spreads his head, imploringly, "Has he even been grocery shopping since then? How do you know he isn't going to bring them back to the store with him?" He drops his hands, "Look, the giga I meant has a really big heart of gold. He was eager to put forth some effort for something other than himself, which is rare, and admirable." He then laughs, "Have you ever tried to explain String Theory to Kongou?"

Forestalling any further argument, he waves a hand, "Anyway, if Kongou wants to come work it out with me, I'm about to be a lot less harder to find."

And there, just for a moment, the raw hubris in the tone of Jace's voice. For that fleeting moment, he was a younger version of himself, full of the swagger that lead him to do a great many things.

He looks back to Djamila, taking a deep breath that hitches at the very top, "Strip what now?"

She listens to Jace and Braun talk some more about Kongou and the bags. She made her point about that.

But then Braun gets to her about being close, and she grins. "Oh, you think the placements were random. It wasn't. There was a logic to it all. There's a reason I got Genie, and you got Chevy. I promise you it's not luck. I at least found a pattern anyway. Now, if Chevy had won against Ichika, I would be facing her in the final. Which would then be a pole vs pole match." She laughs. "But anyway. Sure I might have lost against Chevy. You might have won against Genie. Never know. When I saw your match, I thought you might be the winner there for a moment really. She chuckles. "I am sorry if I offended you though. You're a great fighter, no doubts about it."

Then she nods at Jace. "Cool. I don't have an agent yet. I am a people person so, I just put myself out there. Simple." She grins.

She's pretty silent after that until Jace seems to realize. "My job, besides fighting, is stripping. That's where I got my experience before turning it into a fighting style. I am damn good at it too. If I may say so myself." She grins. She's not embarrassed at all by that job, quite the opposite.

Braun just sort of looks at Jace. An appraising sort of look that leaves not a small bit of confusion in the bruisers eyes as he considers the mans words and takes a few additional seconds to measure them and then measure and assess the man once again.

He finally simply wrinkles his nose and purses his lips a little bit before noting, "It aint likely he's gonna be goin' grocery shoppin' with that many bags my guy. but hey, you'll figure out what t'do if anything at all. Good to see you got that confidence and swagger though." He pauses and then says with a grin, "You step back into this world...yer gonna need it."

He opts to allow that particular conversation thread come to its end unless brought up by another. The situation with the bags and his sponsor and perception of his sponsor was of great amusement to him but in truth, not even he can fully guess at what will happen next on that front and the point about the bags has been made by both he and Djamila. "Sounds like you got a plan." he then adds, "..Sounds lke it's gonna be a good one.."

As to the dancer, he looks back to her and adds hastily, "Hey now, no offense taken. You should know my sense of humor by now. It's fine. But you got me curious. What sort of pattern did you see? I wager somethin' to do with the points stnadin' after the last round?"

Jace listens and follows along with the win and loss happenings of the NFG Tournament, he doesn't seem surprised. Maybe he watched it? He turns his head back to Djamila and then nods his head, "You're a talented fighter. Maybe I can introduce you. Agents are useful. They can do some research and take care of a lot of the beuracracy of sanctioned fighting."

He shrugs his shoulders, adding, "It's really useful when you're juggling a fighting career and a second career at the same time."

Jace then grins, nodding his head, "That's what I thought you meant, but I just wanted to make sure. As much as I didn't write and sing my music for sitting around, I didn't write it for stripping paint off walls either."

He looks back to Braun, listening and then nodding his head. He seems to be happy to let that thread of the conversation lie where it dies.

"I am careful. You would be too after what happened." She smiles a bit sadly. before she answers his question. "Not counting the four of you that had to fight to get a spot in the tournament, it seems to follow first with last. That was Chevy and you. Then second with before last. Etc... First up and first button and you continue from there. She shrugs and brings that smile back. "You're awesome, Braun." And she means it, too.

"Thanks Jace. I appreciate that. I would return the compliment, but I never saw you fight. So I won't just say it to say it. I hope you understand.

"Nope, I don't strip paint. I strip myself." She grins. "It's much more fun for the people watching."

After a moment, she sighs. "I needed that. Meet an old friend and make a new one." She nods her heads at them. "Thank you guys."

THe beastman returns to studying Jace as he converses with Djamila, a light smirk tugging at his mouth again but he seems to be inclined to hold whatever thoughts are emerging and instead he looks away and back toawrds the dancer as she explains the stacking of the tournament and he nods his head while quirking his smirk into a look of annoyance at himself though he double takes at her compliment,

"Well thanks.." he says after a momentary stammer before he grins back at her, "I have it on good report yer pretty awesome yourself... Plus double points to yer grade for putting Junko out of our hair and into someone elses.. And as far as agents go, getting into the semi finals pretty much means they're going to be kocking on your door but honestly...given Ultratech I'd be highly surprised if they let you go that easily and don't try and make you an careful.."

He then gives Jaec a glance again, "As for you.." he muses, "...If your really lookin' to get back into things don't be shy about lookin' me or any of the other fighters out of the tournament up.. See if your ability to throw down is as good as giving away bags.."

He grins once more and then turns, preparing to step back towards the path.

Jace glances towards Braun and then nods his head with a grin, "Yeah, my agent better hurry."

Looking back towards Braun, a contemplative expression crossing his face. He then nods, "That sounds like a good idea. I'll have my people call your people."

He looks off into the distance for a moment, then back to Djamila, "It was nice meeting you."

Djamila smirks. "Caught you off-guard big guy?" She can't help but keep the smirk for a moment. "Thanks. I didn't put you in a coma, at least. Right?" She laughs a bit. "Junko was nothing in that match. Except when she turned. Really." She nods about the agents. "Final should be even better. Let's see what it brings." She also nods about Ultratech having an offer, but she doesn't add anything to it. "I am always careful, except when I mess up." She sticks out her tongue"

She realizes he's about to take his leave. "Take care, Braun, nice seeing you today."

"Same with you Jace. Call me or have your agent call me. I am not hard to find. Take care, alright? I will give you a test run for sure one day." She spins her spins her staff up in her hands. "Still have some Taichi to do now." She moves to go back to her stop. Those two helped, but she has a lot to do for the finals and for Kenzo.

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