Kongou - Paying A Visit to the Po-Po

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Description: Apparently aiming to get a bounty attached to his name, Kongou heads to the small local branch of The NOL in Metro City to file a 'complaint' regarding their recent efforts concerning him and Bezique arrives to help fill out the paperwork with fists, magic cards and earthquakes.

The NOL outpost in Metro was an unassuming building--of course, it's current assailt had seen the property before. It resembled an office building attached to a large parking deck. Of course, this was a front, and the base comprised both of these buildings, and more. There was a small wall and gate around it, with an intercom next to it. But that's only a hindrance to someone who is tiny, and weak--or can't climb at all.

Meanwhile, one of the agents that was assigned to watch the place was across the the globe somewhere on a beach--in a secluded area, no less. There was a boom box placed ontop of a plastic bucket, a cooler nearby--a lawn chair set right out in the surf, so each wave brought in a spritzing of cool water against the legs. The legs of Bezique, that is--a whole cooler of twisted teas, the boom box playing "Take me home, Country Road" with sunglasses on and nothin' to do at the moment. She was just in a red bikini, with no one else around--but the hat perched atop the stereo. That thing was always around, of course--one could argue it was as part of her as her body, but who knows.

It's actually not all that unusual for the ground to shake in Metro City. Nevermind that it's the literal stomping ground for the infamous Mad Gear titan known as The Superhuman Hot Rodder, but it's also played host to several tournaments, not the least of is the current finales of the NFG, and then there's just every day things like a semi truck driving by...or perhaps a military convoy or freight train.

So when, those inside of the base, hear and feel a faint *TOOM* that rumbles, they pay it no immdiate mind. At least at first. Various readouts may crackle slightly. A faint smell of ozone waft through the air and then another *TOOM* resounds and then another and then another.

How very...Jurassic Park of it.

Especially when the entire front entrance of the non descript building is suddenly parted like a curtain as two enormous hands reach forward through the concrete and glass and then shove to either side, wrenching open the building in a display of violent crushing strength and revealing in the rising plume of dust, the massive body of one Kongou - the Strongest Titan. The behemoth of the NFG sponsors. The---oh well they get the point.

Especially as lights flicker and alarms sound in response to the kaiju-mans looming presence and the shaking of the ground that resounds as he strides in.

"Hello..." he rumbles, deep resonant voice rolling over the lobby as his torso plows in and hsi head scrapes grooves through the ceiling. "I have come to report a harassment!"

Bezique does not feel orhear the vibrations of the footfalls this far away--given that it's warm out wherever she is, she's definitely not in the same kinda region or hemisphere--but that doesn't mean she is completely out of contact...

When the bellowing and crashing of walls coming down come through the same circuit the intercom is attached to--and runs right out of her hat--the bottle she is holding goes flying--as does she, as she rolls right off the lawn chair in surprise.

"Wahhh!" she winds up picking herself up from the sand, her front and face covered in it, as she brushes herself off quickly, looking over to her hat and quickly stands herself up. With a flick of her wrist, her magician/ringleader outfit is suddenly back on, and she simply dives right into the hat--which turns inside out, finally imploding as follows her through the dimensional gateway--right into the lobby of the office.

"What in the sam CHRIST is going--oh, hello," Bezique straightens the rim of her hat and blinks as she looks up at the big man, tilting her head a little.

"What can we do ya for, tall dark and massive?" she looks up a bit wide eyed, still with a hint of what might be incredulousness here.

The behemoth grins, his flesh creaking as his smile pulls from ear to ear. He lifts a single fist up and clenches it, producing a sound like boulders cracking as his knuckles tense and his flesh tightens. His massive shadow rolls over the gathering NOL guards as weapons begin to train on him.

"I'm filing a complaint." he rumbles, still grinning but with a strange bit of joy in his gaze. Joy for violence it would seem as the mirth there is far from friendly.

"you.." begins Kongou ..only to be interrupted by the sudden flashy arrival of the magician into the lobby between him and the guards.

Behind him, more of the front wall collapses as he lowers his massive arm in some surprise and uncertainity before slowly grining again.

"Weelllll! I recognize -you-.." he rumbles, "..ANd a World Warrior contendor as well if I"m not mistaken. I'm here because I am offended... Have you come to try and step in heroically?"

"Well ya kinda caved the front of the place in hon, where do I go to file the complaint with you?" Bezique blinked a little bit and then looked around, grinning just a bit sheepishly, but with a little black-hearted amusement there, too.

"I'm not here by choice, hon--I'm an NOL agent, and I was trying to give y'all a pass before, but now look what ya done!" the southern rabbit girl waved her arms around, since the wall was now caved in.

"What am I gonna tell folks?! y'all just decided to install a new sun roof?" she sighed. "Well, did you wanna leave a complaint then, or did you wanna pull pistols?" she crossed her arms, gesturing with her chin up towards Kongou's massive arms. Those could be considered 'guns', right??

The behemoth pauses and his grin fades. It is not normal. Usually his expression is affable, jovial, if a little distracted, but now he seems to focus his full attention on the magician before him and he appears thoughtful and more considerate of the matter.

"....An associate of mine was approached and 'interviewed' by someone I believe to be NOL about me. It was not a comfortable or friendly experience for her. That and I have been attacked in my own home. I believe I am within rights to begin to exercise a certain level of hostility to you and yours."

Kongou inclines his head slightly as he studies her and then asks bluntly:

"Why do you waste your time with them?"

"It's not always a comfortable experience, no," Bezique shook her head, seeming to agree with the towering gigas. "If you were attacked then why did you show up here, you want to fight?" the rabbit raised a brow at that, looking up at the huge hulking man, though not seemingly afraid, either.

"Y'all just wanna fight then, I mean..." she frowns a little. "I was hoping to get another few drinks in me, but--if you wanna have a go around about it," she waves a hand, a few of her magical playing cards fanning out into the air--glowing yellow, red and blue.

"I work for 'em, darlin'--about the only kinda place for someone like me, I think y'all'd agree," she smiles.

"Did you not hear me? I was attacked first. I gave you all no mind until that encounter and then after that to find out someone under my protection was being bothered by one of yours." responds Kongou, voice sounding more tight now.

He then grins slowly "I have come to send a message. I would have considered being 'tested' for my own sake as I feel weak as a baby in this world and struggle with the shackles on me....I was curious as to if I had shaken some of the bindings but I have now changed my mind."

He lifts a massive arm up, curling it backwards, sinew creaking audibly as his physique bulks up and swells visibly, straining his garments. "Incorrect. This not the only kind of place for you. But very well, since World Warrior is paused, perhaps you will show me something interesting!"

COMBATSYS: Kongou has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kongou           0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Bezique has joined the fight here on the right meter side.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Kongou           0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0          Bezique

"If y'all wanted to just fight, that's all you had to say, sugar--" the rabbit lady flicked a card out from the one's arranged in front of her and moved around to exit the now crumbling office building front--leaving her and Kongou out front, in what constituted a 'yard' for it, holding that blue card she had swiped out of the air, she held it up and it and several others like it began to revolve around her--before flaring outward and trying to smack right into Kongou!

"Can't imagine I won't look like rabbit roadkill if you get ahold of me, babe--but I got this!"

COMBATSYS: Kongou just-defends Bezique's Jack of Shields!

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Kongou           0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0          Bezique

"Truly?" asks Kongou of the magician as she begins to put distance between them. The fact that she's potentially acting to distract him from taking his frustrations out on the NOL soldiers and workers themselves isn't lost on him - but her eagerness and willingness to engage him in combat does do the job of holding his attention.

He turns in place, watching as moves out into the front open yard of the busted up foyer and entrance but he doesn't move himself just yet, seemingly ponderous and laborous in his thoughts and reflexes.

That is until her attacks light up the area between them and her cards come spiraling towards him with a flare of magic.

His gargantuan physique begins tightening up, massive bulks of sinew hauling up laboriously in a tidal wave of hardening flesh as the attack explodes into him and the assault washes over his body like burst of water against a battleship hull.

He brings both of his arms up infront of his body, biceps bulking up obsenely and physique seemingly growing more mountianous by the second as his grin broadens.

"Very good! You will earn your keep then..."

With that he suddenly relaxes his body , bringing his arms down and the roll of his monstorus body so powerful that a shockwave ripples out from him, blasting the guards backwards, tearing up the ground and rolling thunderously towards her from the pressure of his movements alone.

COMBATSYS: Bezique blocks Kongou's Shockwave Burst.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Kongou           0/-------/-----==|>------\-------\0          Bezique

"Damnit he's big," Bezique curses under her breath as the cards basically bounce off him, realizing it's not just his size that's the problem. The shockwave rolls over her--throwing her back a bit, and leaving her unsteady for a moment. However, she weathers it almost as well as he just did her own attack.

"That hide 'o yours, it's somethin' else, isn't it? Ahuhuh--I can see that," Bezique slips her gloved hands together and cracks her knuckles--before her arms swing out again, bringing her hands up into fists and advancing on the gigas--attempting to jump right up and give him a bit of the ol' one-two in his face with both her fists.

"C'mon--just a little rabbit boxing, sugah!"

COMBATSYS: Bezique successfully hits Kongou with Rabbit Punch.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Kongou           0/-------/---====|>>-----\-------\0          Bezique

By now he's begun walking forward, crashing through the broken remnant of the front walls and approaching Bezique with that big grin on his features.

He begins to speak but pauses upon seeing her close the distance with him...and then leap and go right for his face. He attempts to raise his massive arm up to catch her mid leap but is far too slow and her fists land solidly against his head, actually jerking the head to the side and causing his massive jaw to pull into a grimace as her fists slam into them.

"Oh! Now that was unexpected!" he admits, not believing she had such physical capabilities in her. But meanwhile his massive hand raises and attempts to bear down towards her before she can rebound away.

It's huge, of course, perhaps bigger then she realizes now that she's up close and as it draws near to her torso, it turns upright and his massive pointer finger flicks out, strength rolling into the casual display with force akin to a battering ram despite the casual gesture.

COMBATSYS: Kongou successfully hits Bezique with Ten-Ton Finger EX.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Kongou           0/-------/-======|>>>>>>>\-------\0          Bezique

Something that may come as a surprise ist he rabbit actually hits hard--at least that one-two combo from her before she sails back to the ground, boots clicking against the ground. She is quick to roll out of the way of Kongo before she gets knocked over by his tree trunk-like legs, or at worst stepped on.

As the bunny begins to stand from the roll however she finds herself caught by that finger--it's actually just getting flicked by his finger, she's aware, but holy crap is it huge--and does it hurt.

"Guh!" she is wide eyed and jawed as she's thrown back by it, double over for a moment before regaining her stance--this time bringing one of her boots right up and trying to land a kick against one of Kongou's knees, with those big black boots she wore. It ought to be a bit more dangerous than usual, considering she's a rabbit and, and all--but she is still off-balance from that hit.

COMBATSYS: Kongou fails to interrupt Evasive Kick from Bezique with Seismic Crush.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Kongou           0/-------/=======|>>>>>>>\-------\1          Bezique

"Are you -trying- to handicap yourself by engaging with me in hand to hand!?" questions Kongou as he bears down on her thunderously in the aftermath of his successful strike while rubbing his jaw with his free hand.

He frowns upon seeing her rebounding and then lunging in towards him again. That she's going for his joints is no surprise to him. Huge, brutish but actually intelligent and cunning, despite his over the top attitude ...but he now wrestles with some confusion as he tries to make heads or tails of this NOL officer and as she comes in he raises a huge arm up and then brings it down to try and slam it into her to pin her to the ground.

He misses utterly. Her kick slams against his legs and he grimaces, frowning from the force and rattling somewhat as he tilts mildly off balanced and she slips away from him.

His fist goes plunging into the ground, kicking off another earthquake and he wobbles but does not fall. "Oi! Well then! What a surprise!"

"Well I can't just sit over here whistlin' dixie, honey--" the gigas's hand slams into the ground, hard enough to shake the buildings nearby--surely enough to crush whoever was standing there into a pancake.

Bezique instead pops up a short distance away, doffing her hat and giving a little bow. She sunk /into the ground via a portal and evaded the hand coming down, after giving Kongou's knee the boot. "Ah didn't know you had a CRUSH on ol' Bezique already honey, but don't worry--it's not over yet--" she fans those cards of hers out again, several rings of them rotating around her.

"Ol' Bezique ain't just a scrapper, honey--she learned enchantment since she was a little girl," the colorful glowing cards are sprung between her gloved hands, crackling with energy!

COMBATSYS: Bezique gathers her will.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Kongou           0/-------/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>---\1          Bezique

"I am a big enough man to admit that I have underestimated you!" declares Kongou as he straightens back up and then reaches up to dust himself off from the lingering debris sitting on him that had settled there from his initial crash through the front of the building. "You are good! I have even felt your blows as more then mere light stings! I suppose that means I must now use a itsy bitsy bit more of my strength."

He brings his fist up, grinning now as his eyes start to smoulder with crackling energy. A nearby light pole pops, and other electronics warble and wobble as the behemoths sheer presence and pressure begin to increase. His muscles begin inflating and creaking once again, The bicep of his clenched fist bulking up like a horrifying boulder, veined with thick rope sized veins as he tenses it.

There is then a sudden *BOOOM* as the behemoth lunges forward so fast he's displaced the air around him. THe entire landscape rocks violently as he pivots, bringing his fist down and then around and up like some massive trebuchet,, lunging in the fist for a thunderous uppercut aimed for the entire body of the magical rabbit girl.

COMBATSYS: Bezique interrupts Orbital Launcher EX from Kongou with Portal Crush EX.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Kongou           1/---====/=======|>>>>---\-------\0          Bezique

The whole area might as well have that sort of shake and wobble that a camera might have during an earthquake type effect in a movie here--since that's about what the surging energy here is doing.

"And now for my next trick--" Bezique keeps her hat doffed, instead holding it out in front of her and then rearing her right fist back--like she's gonna try and knock someone's lights out--and punches directly into the hat. From above Kongou, a portal appears--a large one, about as wide as he is--and the rabbit woman's fist begins to descend on him from it--careeing down into him! ...The only thing is, the fist is now about as big as his torso--it's massive, and coming right down on his head!

The fist from the gigas comes up explosively--nearly blowing Bezique right off her feet, and nearly does--her fist coming down on the giant just as it retracts through the hat, pulled back with the rest of her as she's thrown back against the nearby stone wall, sprawled out against it. Ow.

It is certainly a unique experience for him. It's rare that he's fought other giants even approaching his scale. He's not even been able to wrangle a match with Zog.

Needless to say, this catches him by surprise. He's no time to even react when the fist slams into him and actually sends him flattening to the ground, throwing off the full force of his upper cut and forcing him into a massive sinkhole that forms wildly around his vast bulk. He emits a muffled, "WHOULFGH!" as he goes pressing in, a huge crater shaped like his body and then the massive print of the enlarged rabbits fist forming around him and expanding rapidly.

He lays there, flattened for a few long seconds before he finally, dazed and disorientated, begins to push himself up out of the crater, blinking a few times and then attempting to relock his attention back onto Bexique.

As he rises, he is silent. That crackling energy beginning to build around him once more and then he lunges, leaping forward towards her to try and slam his body into her and press her against the wall and close the distance. As he moves, his body begins crackling with that aetheric energy once more, trailing behind him as he moves. His physique inflating larger once again.

"Well done!" he rumbles cheerfully, "I was annoyed at first but now I am so glad I came here to file a complaint!"

COMBATSYS: Bezique just-defends Kongou's Quick Smash!

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Kongou           1/--=====/=======|>>>>---\-------\0          Bezique

"Whoo! got me a little there yourself--that probably hurt me more than it did you, huh--?" Bezique blinks as she staggers back towards the... sinkhole, where Kongou was pushed into. Ow. That looked like it hurt. "Oh, I guess not," she drew a finger into her collar, tugging at it, as if she was embarrassed by that. "Damn sugar, you shouldn't /want/ me to try to crush your head, come on now--" she blinks as she notices he's pulsing... and growing. Daresay hulking out--but perhaps with a blueish white sheen, instead of green??

As Kongou throws himself at her against the wall, though--she dodges aside and pushes away from him, clearing his giant body as it seeks to squish her.

"I wonder, if now the shoe is on the other rabbit foot--" she brings her knee back and prepares to twist and send her boot right into his ribcage, trying to punish him while he was flat against the wall!

COMBATSYS: Kongou blocks Bezique's Rabbit Kick.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Kongou           1/-======/=======|=====--\-------\0          Bezique

"Why not??" asks Kongou, his big booming voice rumbling as his movements shake the area ad rock the building. "Tihis is not fun?? I thought you asked for this!"

His massive arm comes up, catching her attacks and then shoving her away with a press of his monstrous limb. More energy crackles around him, surging him larger still as the earth cracks and sunders and more lightpoles shatter, sending glass down to the streets as behemoths energy rages and fuels his ever growing strength.

"But very well. I will use just a teeny tiny bit more and continue to restrain myself !"

As she dashes away he lunges, pressing off of the ground with a leap that sends his huge body hurtling skywards to try and catch back up with her.

He actually manages a flip before splaying his huge arms and legs out and then dropping straight down for her in a monstrous belly flop that is sure to trigger earthquake warning systems across the city upon impact.

COMBATSYS: Bezique dodges Kongou's Meteor Splash.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Kongou           1/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=====--\-------\0          Bezique

"Well I gotta explain the wall /somehow/, sugah!" Bezique blinking as her boot meets the gigas's massive arm instead of the unprotected side, as she had aimed for. Still, it didn't look pretty. "Now I know you're sitting on a lot of energy there--whoo are you ever! you could probably crush me right between your pectorals!" Bezique grinned her body leaving afterimages of herself as she jumps back away from that giant moonsault--the windows of the building around them getting blown out from the impact and showering them with glass. Bezique tries to weather the storm of it via her hat, though several shards still fall around her.

"This ain't gonna end well for one of us, I reckon--well, lets make it look good, hnnnnn--" she begins to almost hum, conjuring up more of those cards as they fly and scatter around her, almost like a flurry of cherry blossoms, the shards of glass now littering the ground around them.

COMBATSYS: Bezique gathers her will.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Kongou           1/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\=------\1          Bezique

Another leap sends the behemoth up from the crater, bounding into the air in a lunging leap as he pursues her.

"Do not fear..." he offers, "I am still holding back. Or being held back. But...If ou'd like..we can end this!"

He grins a bit, pressing a massive hand to the ground an dthen suddenly vaulting forward upwards and then down towards her once again. Both of his arms raise upwards, fists clenching and then piledriving down for her violently with omre of that earthquake causing strength of his on display.

"Trying to be 'nice' I am but perhaps being nice is no longer necessary!"

COMBATSYS: Bezique blocks Kongou's Hammerblow.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Kongou           2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\=====--\1          Bezique

"Ah know, sugah--why do you think I'm charging mah cannons as well~" Bezique winks at the man, or well, gigas. "You can toughen yourself up to just soak up whatever *I* throw atcha--and you wonder why all these fellas wanna get you in for study," she waggles a white-gloved finger at him. She brought both her arms up next and conjured a shield of cards to begin focusing on her front as she was pushed back by the massive, twisting slam of those fists--her boots sliding along the ground as the cards begin to crack and give away under the force of them--before Bezique has to jump back, abandoning them to be crushed. That won't work again...

"Oof, well bless you, sugah--I think we're both not gonna make this," she whips out a fan of cards and scans them briefly with one eye trained on the gigas, suddenly reaching forward to put her finger on one card...

COMBATSYS: Bezique focuses on her next action.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Kongou           2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\=====--\1          Bezique

"I wonder nothing! I simply do not trust you! Your tactics have proven clandestine or completely aggressive. Had the NOL simply contacted me and asked...I might have allowed it but now -- having met several of you, I fear you are the only one who has some degree of pleasantness about them thus far."

He plows forward, body crackling with energy and then he grins large once more, "But...this is enough for now."

He considers the situation thoughtfully and then his smile tightens abit as his eyes narrow. "Ah ... I see.." he concludes as if sensing something or reading something that cannot be easily ascertained by just observing the two.

"Very well. Another tact then.."

He comes to a stop - and then suddenly vanishes. A loud *KATHOOOM* roars through the area as the shockave rips out from the giants sudden blistering movements.

Like hurtling asteroid, he re-appears, exploding into view right infront of her from the force of his movements. His entire body leaning forward into a crashing collision attempt as he attempts to bring a huge fist hurtling forward towards her and then up again in a vast upper cut sure to send her flying should it land--

COMBATSYS: Bezique fails to interrupt Gigaton Crush from Kongou with #The General EX#.
- Power fail! -

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kongou           0/-------/<<<<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Bezique can no longer fight.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kongou           0/-------/<<<<<<<|

Upon impact, she'd find herself launching skywards as the giant's fist snds her hurtling straight up into the air, granting her a stunned view of the landscape below.

Another *BOOOM* sounds as Kongou abruptly leaps up, looming behind her, now airborne as well from his monstrous jump. She slams right into his torso - her body basically now swallowed up by him and he brings his arms around in a crushing grasp. She is indeed in danger of being crushed by the behemoths pectorals as he spins in mid air and then descends downward into an earth shaking moonsault press that buries her into the ground beneath his vast bulk. The entire area shakes and rumbles once again - probably for the last time thankfully - as he rebounds and pushes up off of her and goes lunging backwards towards where he first started.

Bezique forms a circle of cards around her once the gigas begins to move--a huge card looms over her, spinning in the air--it's of a... Gray-cloaked Civil War general, wielding a cavalry saber--with ghostly glowing eyes? The hell is that? The card itself is the size of a large painting, and revolves in the air--before it swoops down--and Bezique hops on the back of it--riding it like a surfboard as she barrels down towards Kongou--ready to jump off right before the card is launched down towards her. One can imagine Fortunate Son or Freebird playing as she barrels down.

"Yeeeaahhoooo!" the rabbit lady is holding onto her hat with one hand--a crazed look in her eyes!

As she jumps off, the hard sails down and comes into contact with his fist in the uppercut--there is a giant corona of energy, and then an explosion, which glows a huge chunk out of the side of the building as it throws Bezique up--up up, into the lower stratosphere.

"Waaahahahaahaha---" and she's laughing, crazily, cackling--the magician rabbit followed by a huge cloud of those playing cards... several of which already litter the ground from during the fight, which right now is the only evidence she's even been here...

Upon seeing this, Kongou blinks and pulls back, looking shocked and then surprised. He had expected her to--at least have stuck around to talk and speak more on The NOL in the aftermath of her defeat but this....this...is abit surprising.

"Hmm..did I overdo it? I thought I was still holding back.." he muses.

Message sent however and he shakes his head. Perhaps he'll get a bounty now. He can hope! Then again, unknown to him, thi sis but a tiny little office in the big scheme of NOL efforts.

"Very well!" he rumbles, "Away I go then!"

The behemoth steps aside and then begins to warble out of sight as the energies that sustain him and pull him btween here and The Backyard once more envelop him ..taking him from this place before more serious and more lethally inclined NOL forces do indeed see fit to arrive.

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