NFG Season One - Kongou Takes It Downtown

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Description: Kongo goes downtown to look for something, finds Djamila and Bezique instead. Free hugs are part of the mix.

On even its slowest and most laid back time of day, downtown Metro City is a buzz with activity. Skyscrapers crowd the skyline. The streets are filled with traffic. Pedestrians line the sidewalks and rush across in massive droves and congregated groups as the lights change to allow their passages and various members of the infamous gangs of Metro City vie for attention here and there, annoy and harass the people and are harassed in turn. For a city that struggled under Mad Gears more villainous days and outright invasion of Darkstalkers and the Makai ... these sort of struggles are fairy normal and the unusual is a common occurance.

It doesn't make the incoming arrival of a certain juggernaut any less notable. A particularly wide alley, large enough to allow loading from a cargo truck into the back of a massive building, begins to experience a warbling and crackling of energy. The very air pressure seems to shift and adjust, growing more humid by the second until there is a sudden burst of light and a crackle of ether that wharbles out - and the huge body of the strongest colossus is suddenly there, filling the alleyway up from shoulder to the other. A big broad grin is on his face, sunglasses rest on his nose and is towering upper body is addorned in a big open hawaiian themed shirt that -somehow- is managing to fit him. Seems like he's found a tailor somewhere.

After a lengthy pause he begins to step forward, heavy footfalls sending rumbling *TOOMS* through the streets as he approaches the sidewalk and begins looking around, as if searching something out.

Djamila didn't feel like being alone right now so she made her way around Metro City. Random walking took her to Downtown. It wasn't perhaps the safest place, but it kept her senses on alert with everything going on around her.

One looking at her would see she is bruised. They are fading, however. She had time to meditate and help her body.

Today she is wearing a pair of rather tight jeans and a red shirt. Of course, she also has her black blindfold and her staff. Never leave home without those.

She's minding her own business for the most part, even if she is ready if someone tries to fuck with her. You never know in Metro City.

It's all good like that until she feels the ground rumbling. When did she feel that before? She raises her senses as she also thinks. Until it clicks. She felt that with Hawksley. Apparently one of his mentors was so huge. It might be a good time to see him. Otherwise, she might be told to fuck off or get squished for all she knows. But she wouldn't let herself be done for just like that.

She walks toward the rumble instead of away.

The NOL had an office around here--though there had been a bit of library activity in the states more recently thanks to World Warrior and other events going down. Bezique in particular was one of the agents that hovered around the USA right now, so when the strange seismic and energy activity was noted by scanners, a little alert was set out. It's hard to ignore the entrance of someone like Kongou, to be fair--as much as it can be to ignore the entrance of someone like Bezique--but this being Metro and not everyone here is exactly keen on their kind, some more subtlety must be exercised.

Zipping through the air is what looks like a playing card, as if carried by the wind. But it looks like it's moving just a bit too fast... though does a loop-the-loop and winds up sticking the landing right into the pocket of or fold of material beneath one of the arms of Kongou as he strides closer, Djamila not far off as well.


Kongou's deep voice rumbles and resonates with curiousity as he takes note of the arriving card and ease by which it settles into the pockets of his open shirt. he reaches up, curling two fingers as thick as tree branches over and then plucks the card up with surprising dexterity considering that it's literally looks like a gigantic set of sausages trying to pluck up a scrap of paper or a tiny leaf.

The giant squints his eyes at it thoughtfully, attempting to read the card...but he also slowly turns towards the approaching Djamila, grinding his sandled heels into the ground and turning his titanic torso to face her as if acknowledging her bold approach without directly addressing her just yet.

She is, indeed, familiar to him. How could she not be? As a mentor within the NFG it was his responsibility to be aware of all entrants even if he only actually saw her the one time and the two didn't actually speak.

He flickers his eyes up over her an then back down to the card.

If she is aware of the card, she does not say. It could be one way or another. But she seems focused on the huge man who rocks the street. She should know his name, but only thinking of Hawksley's Mentor comes to mind.

She makes her way closer toward him until she's in front of that tower of a man. "Excuse me, you we're Hawksley's mentor, right? So big, yet much less creepy than the other mentor that was there too at the time." She says softly.

After a short pause, she also adds. "I am Djamila. You probably know already, but if you didn't, now you do. Gosh, you're so damn big, no offense. There's nothing wrong with it. You seem cool enough, but yeah you're big, and it's hard to not notice you from like every sense humans have." She laughs softly. "I hope you are well. Hawksley is a friend, so by extension, it makes you one too." Never shy to talk to people this way.

The card has a corinthian-style pillar against a red background on the rear of it, and the 'face' side with the picture depicts what looks like a cartoony-styled bunny woman dressed in a stage magician's outfit giving a little wave, the Q for 'queen' at opposing corners of the illustration. Her big white-gloved hands are indeed giving Kongou a wave, until the illustration seems to move--the hand now indeed waving at him while the grinning rabbit lady--complete with buck toothed grin gives him a great big wink. It might be just out of the corner of his eye as he flicks his gaze between the card and Djamila, which perhaps makes this phenomenon no less distressing.

""Whew! so small in there you couldn't cuss a cat without getting a mouthful of fur!" the rabbit woman's head suddenly sticks itself out from between the space between Kongou's side and beneath one of his arms. There is little apparent logic of how the hell she got in there, though perhaps less straining to the imagination that there is adequate room for the rest of her to be tucked underneath his arm, admittedly.

"Hiya, sugars!" she grins.

It's like havnig an earthquake or tsunami notice you. This includes that sense of....well...he's not a -sociopath- per se but his grin gives the feeling of something or someone that has the attitude and perspective of a force of nature. Neither good nor evil but affable and yet how to describe the attitude of a meteor impact or a mountain range? The blind woman would no doubt sense this as Kongou's whole presence is like a mountain range on the landscape in all senses of the concept... But despite this pressure and weight, his grin is bright and curious. "Ooooh? Friend?" he rumbles slowly as he looks her over with keen interest.

He seems ready to add to that but then is startled by the sorcery at work with the card and then the sudden arrival of Bezique from ...'Elsewhere' for lack of better description.

He lifts his arms up, eyes widening abit in startlement as he drops the card and then takes a few shuddering steps back before lowering his arm to rest a hand on his waist.

"Ooooh? What sort of magic is this!"

He looks to Djmalia at that with a sort of 'Did you see what I just saw?' look to his expressive features. Still grinning though.

Well, she certainly is happy she doesn't have to face him in the tournament, that's for sure. She feels all kinds of power from him. Something she's not close to being herself. At least not yet. But she isn't scared of him in the sense he would want to hurt her. At least not yet. She's familiar with that feeling, so she feels safe.| "Yeah Friend. If you want. I don't think I could force you into anything." She grins sheepishly.

Then there is this voice coming from Kongou, but it's not Kongou. It's also coming from a weird place. "Hi there, are you a pimple that got sentiency on him?" She asks the voice. "I am kidding. But it's a weird place to be. Who are you?" She leans on her staff. "Kongou might know you, but I don't." She smiles.

OF course when Kongou gives her a look, which she can see rather well because he's huge, so his face and facial expression are too, she realizes he doesn't know. At least that's what she thinks. "Scratch that, who are you? FOr both of our sakes." She smiles though.

"Woah!" Bezique, the rest of her, falls out beneath the crook of Kongou's arm, landing with a few small clicks against the sidewalk, mainly from her heels. She had caught herself with one of the gloved hands before she landed face first onto the pavement, thankfully. She pulls herself up and dons her large black silk tophat, dusting herself off. Yes, it's a humanoid bunny lady, roughly the same height as Djamila, more or less, and she's dressed like she's about to go on stage on vegas. For a magic show, that is. She pats back one of her rigid hair-like ears, grinning at the two.

"Yes, friend! Well, I think it's friend so far, isn't it?" she keeps her smile as she peers over at Djamila. "Oh, you're one of those neo league fighting girls, aren'tcha? I seen you on the TV," she gives a little bow, hand over her hat.

"I am Bezique! I couldn't help but notice y'all just moseying on through here, what with that huge body and the power level, and all that, hope you don't mind me coming to have a look-see," she definitely sounds Southern, if that makes her seem more friendly or approachable or not is up to the viewer.

"Weeellllll!" rolls Kongou's deep voice as Bezique explains herself. "Take a look!"

His monstrous torso flexes as he spreads his arms wide, grinning big. THe very sound of his fiberous muscles pulling and bunching is an audible thing, like leather stretching. His shirt strains and creaks, threatenig to tear as his 'light' flex sends biceps that give the impression of boulders the size of cars beginning to bunch up and pile mass onto themselves.

"I am Kongou, the Strongest Titan. World Warrior, Neo League fighter and frequent participant on The Midnight Channel. Former NFG mentor."

He lowers a craggy huge hand, gesturing at Djamila with that big grin still there. "This is Djamila. My friend! She is also part of the NFG and in the final tournament but I have not seen her fight in person. I have heard tales however!"

WIth that, the behemoth lets that pillar like arm rest against his side. A muscle twitch rumbles through his monstrous pectorals, causing the area to shake slightly from the pressure of his brute strength.

"I came here after my last World Warrior match." he pauses and then adds with another big grin. One can almost imagine a sparkle on his teeth.

"Which I won."

"Well aren't you special?" She means it. She is not sarcastic at Belzique or anything she is even smiling. "I am NFG for now. After that, who knows, right?" She looks at Kongou. "Yeah, what the huge man said. NFG." She wonders about the tales in her head. "You will have to tell me of those tales, Mister Kongou." She grins and turns her head back toward Belzique.

After hearing her name, she says. "Hello Belzique. Love the outfit. It suits you, I think." She does not mention the ears, however." She then shrugs her shoulders. "You're probably feeling his power level. I am really guessing he's stronger than me." She grins."

"Congrats on winning your last match. I did too. We're winners." She laughs softly.

"Again, back to Belzique, she says. "Do you fight too?" She asks her. Perhaps they are all fighters here. Though she felt she was the underdog here.

"Ah-huh, I see," Bezique seems to be compartmentalizing this information with interest, flicking a playing card that looks very similar to the one that drifted near Kongou just now, idly. "And where d'ya come from, mistah Kongou, sir? I'm from Kentucky mahself," she nods a little, still with a smile. "You seem a little... from out of town, iffin ya know what I mean--kinda like myself, ahuh," she chuckles a little, her laugh a little goofy sounding.

"Well thank you, Sugah," Bez cocks her head towards Djamila, smiling. "I am! I have been competing in World Warrior myself, in fact--got a lot of strong contenders in that though, hoo boy," she tipped her hat a bit sheepishly, as she's not been having the smoothest ride in it so far, if one is following the matches.

While Kongou seems to be thinking about things, she feels for Belzique more. "When things are tough, you try harder. That's how things go. I am sure you will see some success soon, I believe in you.

So are you in the showbiz Belzique? I mean your outfit hints at that." She grins. "Your look doesn't deny it either, but I know not to judge a book by its cover. So I prefer to ask.

Bezique seems amused at how Djamila is able to see with that big blindfold on, but she plays along with it. Maybe the dancer NFG girl has some ability to see electromagnetically, or somethin', like a shark, she figures.

"I very much ahm, I'm a magician, y'see," she flicks the card around her gloved fingers, as easily as if she were wearing nothing on her hands at all. "I can do card tricks, sleight of hand, disappearin' acts, y'know, the whole slew--did a few of my World Warrior matches in Vegas, even," she nods.

"You should come down there sometime, figure you'd make a lot of money," she rubs her chin.

The pain she still feels from her match makes her perhaps more alert. It's easier to feel pain when you win than from losing. It's a worse reminder.

"A magician nice. Is it the cover for real magic? Or just illusions? I've seen real magic, it's pretty cool, but magicians who are quick with their hands are cool, too."

She undulates her hips a bit while she continues talking. "I could strip in Vegas, but Vegas is not in my future. Southtown is a likely candidate, but I need to confirm a few things first." She shrugs. "But I might visit Vegas one day, that would be fun. People are there for that, after all.

"I never match World Warriors matches. Lately, I've needed to train and watch matches of the other candidates. After that, I don't feel like watching more fights." She chuckles. "So you've seen me on tv? That's amazing."

The pain she still feels from her match makes her perhaps more alert. It's easier to feel pain when you win than from losing. It's a worse reminder.

"A magician nice. Is it the cover for real magic? Or just illusions? I've seen real magic, it's pretty cool, but magicians who are quick with their hands are cool, too."

She undulates her hips a bit while she continues talking. "I could strip in Vegas, but Vegas is not in my future. Southtown is a likely candidate, but I need to confirm a few things first." She shrugs. "But I might visit Vegas one day, that would be fun. People are there for that, after all.

"I never match World Warriors matches. Lately, I've needed to train and watch matches of the other candidates. After that, I don't feel like watching more fights." She chuckles. "So you've seen me on tv? That's amazing."


Kongou's deep voice rolls out again, quaking the area with its heavy bass tone as he reacts finally to the realization that he's in the presence of another World Warrior.

"You??" He focuses his full attention on the magician now, pulling the weight of his attention from the dancer to settle onto the magician.

The revelation seems to give him reason to truly -truly- look at her, in search of a sense of her power, peering through veils in search of any hints of power, essence, ether.

"Mighty are the ones in World Warrior. The strongest." he notes and he glances over to Djmalia. "It's very different from NFG. Veerrrrry different. Great powers are in that. Not even all of the matches are in public but in places far from many onlookers less the displays of power endanger them. It's quite intense. You should try and go to a match."

He inclines his head at her, "You would learn much. Perhaps even be astounded."

At that he looks back to the magician, "As to where I'm from? Hmmm...." he pauses and then slowly grins, "I'm not from the Makai if that's you're wondering.. Hmm..hard to explain perhaps!"

To Kongou, Bezique definitely gives off a power signature, chi-based in nature. And it's definitely enough to rival at least some of the figures in the World Warrior at the moment, so she doesn't exactly seem like she's 'helpless' exactly. She gives off a greater one than perhaps even the dancer.

"Not from Makai? some kinda related place, then? I uhndastand," she nods a little, though she seems curious more than before now. "Been to Makai myself, if you're wonderin', though it might be kinda obvious, I admit, ahuhuh.." she chuckled again, even at her own joke. She had a strange sense of humor, to be sure.

"You know, us types might need to be a little careful walkin' around Metro like this, don't anyone call out at you or try to throw things?" Bezique considers, tilting her head. "Usually for me they either run to me, or away from me, especially the children, aheh..."

"I will watch some of World Warrior one day. Who knows? I might be in one, one day." She says to Kongou. She feels the two of them are above her. They are not NFG materials, that's for sure. "We all have to start from somewhere though. I am showing what I can do. I've improved." She giggles a bit.

To answer Belzique, about people. "I know Kongou is strong, but when I feel him like this, I feel like he's a big teddy bear. I would hug part of him. I would hug you too." She tells the bunny girl. "But not without permission unless I was impulsive at the time." She admits. "I think we all need hugs from time to time. Other times, we just need to hit someone as hard as we can." She laughs softly, and she stops her undulation.

The behemoth holds the magician in his gaze for quite some time. His grin has faded now to a slight smile. Not unfriendly per se but there is also a lack of ...emotion there as well. Indeed there is a sense that Kongou ..shouldnt' be there. Like he's some sort of walking VFX which...given his size..makes some sense but it's perhaps more then even that to those who can sense these things.

"Not the Makai." he finally confirms. "There are other worlds besides The Makai. Outworld for example comes to mind. Many others. But I am from what some call 'The Backyard.' Others consider it 'The Boundary'. There are places and spaces in these elemental planes of magic and reality and within them sometimes entities exist and emerge. Think of ...The Backyard like a book and the information in it the stories of the world and ideas that make things so. Think of me like....a sentence that has a mind of its own.. This body I'm in is a container that represents the idea that is me. It mimics what that idea looks like when I leave The Backyard and or exist in different spaces. I'm a Youkai. There are others like me...but none who are me."

Kongou holds her in his gaze for awhile and then his grin returns, "Get it?"

He then turns back towards the blind NFG finalist, "A -teddy bear-?" he rumbles with a surprised bellow and then a loud laugh that vibrates through the area.

"You are strange! I think I like that! I do not mind hugs. I give great hugs! Mmm...NFG was, I understand, unique. You are the product of something special. Now, that it is over, you enter the realm of rising stars. There is a long road ahead of you but I think you will do well if you wish to commit to to if people shout at me?"

He looks back to Bezique, "There is a strange fear of what they call The Supernatural. I suppose I qualify. People should confront their fears and decide on if its actually dangerous or not. I understand that there is a thing called The NOL that wants to try and control these things. That is unwise."

"Well that's helpful to know, Sugah~" Bezique replies to Djamila with another friendly tip of her hat, like she's giving a salute there. Not many people offer to randomly hug her, to be sure.

"Oh, I see... I did not think of you as a sort of fae creature, but I think I can undastand--like a story that's gained a life and mind of it's own, right?" she nods slowly, apparently familiar somewhat with this topic. If something was believed in hard enough, it could come alive, after all.

"Oooh, looks like she likes you, sugah, better watch out," Bezique cackles a little, having a hoot at Djamila's flirting, it would appear. "I bet you get that a lot, what with all those big muscles, and all," she smiles, then blinks a little bit, tilting her head at the big man.

"Oh? and why is that unwise, darlin'?" she asks, curious again.

She sets her staff, so it stays upright on the ground and she indeed goes and hugs as she can Kongou's right leg. It's not like she can do a proper hug with him. "I am just friendly and the product of violence. I am proof you can succeed no matter what. Though this is actually a typical story. Just the circumstances are different."

She also goes to hug Belzique after. She's true to her words. The staff staying up meanwhile, hooked well to the ground with Chi.

"I am not flirting though." Perhaps it was a little. "I am friendly. Except when I strip, then I have to flirt to get more money. But my heart belongs to someone." She backs up back to her staff and grabs it in her hands once again.

She also keeps up the other two conversations. It's interesting.

Kongous' attention falls upon the other World Warrior once more, a heavy air pressure seeming to settle about her from the force of his look alone.

"Does the sun ask permission to shine? Does an earthquake ask for pardon after shaking the land? Does rain seek your okay before drenching your clothing? A single organization claiming to be the arbiter of what is or isn't and what should live and be free and what shouldn't...? In this land which is about freedom? Hn. That seems counter intuitive. All worlds are connected. All life balanced. The NOL wishes to license people to live and not let them be judged of their own accord. One called a Darkstalker is no less or more dangerous then one who isn't by simply existing. Indeed the greatest powers out there are not simply counted among the Makai or other super naturals but man himself. Some understand this.. and so this city, Metro City, may have some who do not like us but that is not all of them."

That said, the giant shrugs, looking away.

The hug draws a look of actual amusement though he adds, "A product of violence you say? Mm..that is too bad.. Though I wonder, if what the rest of the world shows you will let you keep your bubbly attitude! I will be watching to see if it does!"

He inclines his head and slowly grins, "Now who is it that has your heart..?"

"Oh my--" Bez finds this... more than a little interesting when Djamila just saunters over and hugs her. She doesn't try to stop the dancer, she just sorta lets her do it, reciprocating a little. "Well that's darned friendly of ya for sure, dear," Bezique laughs at that, not quite sure what to make of it. Not every day you get random hugs from strangers~

"Well, I think a darkstalker tends to be a bit more dangerous than just a regular ol' human bein', darlin'," she gestures around. "It's because of Jedah that they don't like Dark ones as much around here in this neck of the woods, and he's most definitely powerful," she shrugs, sighing a little. "Ah just wish people weren't so afraid of people that look like us," she seems to be pretty honest about this, at least.

"The sun does its things, and if someone is unhappy about it, the sun doesn't care. Everyone not happy can fuck off. The sun will come up in the morning and go down in the evening." She adds at one point.

"I almost died twice, I have PTSD at times. Yet, I love life, I am a people person, and I love stripping. So I hope I can keep my upbeat attitude." She grins. "I know too many details. But the man I love is for me alone. So there." Sticks out her tongue.

"Maybe I am doing a social experiment. How do two powerful beings react to random hugs? I would say you both reacted quite well." She nods her head.

"I know it's none of my business per se, but I think man can be as dangerous as anything else. Because some of them can be really nasty, and humanity has tools, like bombs and all. So take that from what you want, from the point of view of a young woman.

"You are in World Warrior. You should be wise. Humans are dangerous to each other but are not liscensed to exist." notes Kongou, turning his attention to Bezique, "Meanwhile the most dangerous beings I have seen are -not- Darkstalkers. You cannot use Jedah to justify matters in this any more then you should use the actions of a human in power to justify harming those under him. Rather treat them as individuals. It's only fair. The NOL is merely another form of oppression and control."

Kongou then slowly grins, "However..I did indicate I was going to investiage it on my own and see what 'registration' means...and if I decide if they are a problem for me or not.. However, I have already been attacked at least once by them.."

He then turns to the dancer, "She speaks truth." he says with a gesture at Dmalija and then he grins at her, "You will keep your love your own secret? Very well. I suppose that means I have nobody to be jealous of!"

"Well, all my opponents in that have been a bit more than human too, sugar--a cyborg, all big and tough kinda like yourself--plus Daniel Little! Pretty sure he wasn't human last time I checked, either," Bez shrugs again, not wanting to pursue it. "But I know what ya mean," she crosses her arms, listening to the giant.

"He's gotta be an S-class demon at least, he's not normal, yeah," she shakes her head. "Plenty of humans don't even do that already, hon," the rabbit seems to disagree a little, but she is keeping fairly calm.

"What, you wanna register with the NOL?" one of the rabbit's ears perk at that, seeming like she's surprised. "Wait, who attacked you?" she asks with concern.

She darts her gaze from between the giant and Djamila, as if she's looking for an answer there.

"Have you been attacked by the NOL too?" she asks the dancer.

"I always say the truth, but a lot of time, people don't like the truth." She smirks at Kongou. "Yes, my lover belongs in my heart, and not telling everyone who he is." She keeps smirking. "So no one to be jealous. I am not worth being jealous over." She smirks and turns back into a smile.

She then focuses on Belzique. "No, no one attacked me, I am no one special that way." Of course, the fact she can see somewhat might say otherwise. Would that put her on NOL's radar? She has no idea, but to her, she's not that special. She's Djamila, the stripper fighter.

"I said I wanted to see more of them and investigate what that means. Not that I will actually register. But ....we will see. If it amuses me I may but I may not if it it's boring."

Kongou seems to be attempting to work this out as he talks through it. He then laughs and rumbles,

"I have faced three humans. Two defeated me and gained a win. Powerful warriors. Athena a legendary psychic and pop idol. Liu Kang, the defender of Earth Realm. Our battles shook the venue but they proved able to win. You see? Being a Darkstalker or a human has no bearing on how mighty and dangerous one might become. It's choice and potential. All who I faced were greater then any Darkstalker and mighty though Jedah is...I know personally one who is just as mighty - who I faced and defeated but such a match was not a testament of what I know that he can do. He's a sponsor on Blaze with me. Or Blaze is no longer teaching.."

Kongou grins, "So you see..lables do not matter. They are just being used to sow fear and control the fearful."

"...Hmm, alright," Bezique seems to relent when Djamila replies she hasn't been attacked. She seemed to be concerned that something had happened. "Yeah? Chi-usin' human you probably mean, I don't think any of the un-powered squishies out there would hold up too well against ya, or me, for that matter--heck, even with Djamila over here," she gestured toward the blindfolded girl.

"Anyway, I have kept you two long enough, I shall be on my way now, you two be careful out there now, watch out for badguys," of course, as Bezique says this, she's conjuring what looks like a spinning ring of cards, in the middle a black void appears. She gives the two another bow and tips her hat to the two, holding onto it as she just hops into the spinning circle.

And... she just keeps on going down into it, disappearing into it like she just jumped feet first into a pool of water, though there is an accompanying pop of air as the circle closes--the cards fluttering away.

"Have a human with a nuclear bomb. That would do some damage. At least on innocent people." She shrugs

Then it's time for Belzique's departure. She does a weird kind of things. Portal maybe. "That was cool. Did you see that Kongou? I like magic like that. I find it cool." As usual, all she can do, she doesn't consider it special or magical or anything.

"I suppose to should go on my way too, so you can handle whatever you want to handle." She stretches. "Nice meeting you officially Kongou. Maybe we will again. I mean not to fight you yet. I am not suicidal, but I don't know. You were a sponsor, maybe you can teach me a trick." She laughs. "Take care." She waves and starts going on her way.

"Hmm..." Kongou looks long after Bezique's disappearence but then turns his attention back to Djamila.

"Of course!" he rumbles, "You are always welcome to hit me. I would like to know how strong you are and what work your sponsors did with you. Besides, it's a good experience for you to face someone stronger then you." He grins big once again and then turns and begins plodding heavily up the streets. "For now, farewell!"

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