NFG Season One - Braun and Djamila Keep Meeting Randomly

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Description: Braun is drinking outside the Dead Squirrel. He knows Djamila approaches, before she notices him. Yet he stays where he is at. Conversation happens. They get to know one another better

It's been a few weeks since The Dead Squirrel was burnt to the ground and, considering how absolutely wild the circumstances of that disaster were, the citizens are going about their business as if this sort of thing is just part and parcel of the vibe that is Metro City.

And of course they are. This is the city that Haggar fought for, that has seen Darkstalkers attack en masse, that Mad Gear exists in a varying state of menaces to society and hoodlum vigilanties against other gangs with more dangerous motives.

But that doesn't top some mourners from considering the bar, as it was a favorite watering hole. It'll bounce back in time but as of right now, it is rightfully closed.

One particular mourner stands out among the rest. The mammoth beastman , Braun, sits atop a large crate that contains wares and goods that had been moved from the interior of the bar sometime back. A large bottle in his massive hand and he drinks heavily from it with large heavy gulping pulls. A host of cans are around him, and empty bottles, as if he was drinking away the last of the offgerings the shut down bar had on hand. His presence causes a mild stir as well. NFG competitor, Darkstalker (apparently), and just general immense brutish leonine man... it's hard to miss him and not snap photos or just observe him. Some with awe, some with fandom in their eyes, others with clear disgust and dislike. His 'ilk' has a reputation after all.

Djamila for her part, had been walking aimlessly for a while. She needed to think about a few things. The tournament, Kenzo, what happens after the tournament? All sorts of things. She has spent a good part of the day drawing, but now, just walking.

It takes her toward the Dead Squirrels. She remembers hearing it has been burnt down. Weird how things can be.

She continues walking closer when she realizes someone she knows from before,is here. Someone who won his first fight in the tournament. "Braun! What are you doing here?" She can use a nice distraction from her thoughts for now. "You're doing ok?" She still has her staff of course, and her blindfold. Never leave home without them.

"Since I have you nearby, I want to congratulate you. You did great." She gives a smile."

She is also dressed in a comfortable dress and boots. She sets her staff down nearby Braun and leans on it, happy to have met at friendly face. Or at least someone she knows.

The beastman's nostrils flare a bit, twitching well before she actually draws near enough to make him out and recognize him. "Hrn.." he rumbles, musing to himself thoughtfully on the happenstance of this meeting and then he lowers his drink down and sets it roughly against the concrete just as she calls out to him.

"Well, well, look who it is.." he drawls out, before leaning forward and resting an elbow on an upraised knee to tilt his body in her direction. His lip curls in a mildly amused smile which...well perhaps she can't tell but a smiling Braun isn't always a great looking sight given his massive canines and incisor teeth.

"Fancy meetin' you here... What're you doin' wanderin' around and where's yer bodyguards?"

He flickers his gaze here and there. He didn't sense them per se but doesn't put it past them to be using something to hide themselves from him. "...Mmm...? Congratulations? Oh yeah, thanks babe. To bad it's my first 'real' wind. DKO's aside. I guess those kinda count in that I took the other party down but bein' standin' is always better."

He slowly pushes up from the crate, towering up to his full height to loom head and shoulders above the crowds before turning and starting a slow prowling approach towards her. "Saw yer interview by the way. Yer just full of sunshine and roses about everybody aren't ya?"

She doesn't know Braun knew she was around, before she knew he was. She doesn't really care. She doesn't feel threatened. Maybe she should, but she doesn't at the moment.

She does give more of a smile. She likes Braun. Apparently how he looks doesn't bother her. Why should it anyway? "Yeah, I pop out unexpectedly on people." She grins, teasing. It was a coincidence, after all,"They are holding back again. I needed my space." Her life and always monitor her anyway, among other things, so they always know how the hell she is for what's important. "Sorry, they took me like that after the spar. It was very rude. I hope you are ok." She frowns at that, but nothing she can do.

She nods her head. "That was a very important win for you, and you pulled through. Should be proud it's where your real win happened. There is no draw in this tournament. as far I understand it."

"Most people, yeah. I have a couple of people I have trouble with. Buford can go hang, and the other one, I am trying to not be a bitch." She admits.

She stands back up fully now instead of leaning on her staff. "So you came here often?" She means the bar itself. "Sorry for your loss if it's the case." She ponders. "Am I disturbing you? I am fine spending time with you right now, but only if you want that. Otherwise, I will be on my way, and you can drink in peace."

"I thought you'd made a breakthrough in maturity on th'likes o'Buford.." tuts Braun though he can't help but grin a little bit as he leans forward, "Priorities. Remember? You give a pass to the girl that did this..." he nods to the bar, "But you feel some kinda way about Buford just cause you don't like the way he talks and he's internalized some sorta masculinity trauma. I bet if you ask the people who had to have glass pulled outta them which one they preferred...they'd have something to say about that. Buford can learn t'change the way he thinks." He probably won't but.. "But that's up to him. I thought you had thicker skin then that, babe."

He picks up another drink and then asks curiously, "So whose the other one? And no I don't come 'ere often. I was just curious as to its status since I was kinda part of the whole place burnin' down. No you aint disturbin' me.."

Braun takes another drink and then points with a clawed finger as he adds, "You know there's such a thing as bein' -too- polite. Stop worryin'."

"I don't have to wish him good luck or anything. I would much rather Iris win, and then he can go hang. I mean, what if he turns into a woman killer? He can change, or he can go deeper into his hate." She shrugs. "If he becomes a man of the year or something because he changes, good for him." She chuckles. "As for Junko, when she does her things, she hurts herself. She didn't look happy with the pain. So, I am sorry for the bar and people that got hurt. Hell, I got hurt. I fought her too, but it's on NFG staff for not taking into account that matches need more security when she is involved and don't make her fight inside. That's dumb. Don't you think?" She turns her head, almost as if she's looking at his face.

A girl everyone is a fan of except me, apparently. So, I am in the wrong. It's okay, though. It will be settled in the tournament one way or another." She smiles "So I just got lucky by finding you here. Great." She smiles.

"Good I am not disturbing you. I will be myself. If you feel I am too polite, well, deal with it." She sticks out her tongue. "Now, on another subject. Are you ready for Chevy? She finished first of the whole season. That's impressive." She unhooked her staff, moving closer to Braun. "Worried at all?"

"WHoa, whoa. YOu can't be that niaeve. Did I misread ya the other day? Not you sittin' here blamin' the staff of NFG on the deliberate actions of a fighter during a fight and then jumpin' from Buford being misogynistic to one day killin' a woman?" Braun seems legitimately shocked now as he lifts his huge hands up, palms facing her in a placating gesture. "That's some wild thinkin'. Junko doesn't even see me as a person and wouldn' have batted an eye if I got killed by her antics." He makes a vague gesture, ignoring her attempt to change the subject as he plucks up another drink, "Listen it aint like I'm defendin' the guy but I just call double standards when I see 'em. If your comfortable with a double standard then no skin off my back just know what it is. Sheesh. That's some wild thinkin'. I aint never actually blamed somebody else for Buford's insanity but at least all he does it talk and here you go bendin' over backwards to defend the fire girl, as if she's the only one that hurts herself when she fights. She aint. Far from it..."

He takes another drink and falls silent for a moment, letting that hang in the air and it seems as if he's ignoring her for a few heavy beats. Then.

"Chevy's good. Somebody's gotta face 'er. I saw how she took down Hawksley. That was a good fight.. Worried?" He smirks coyly, "A second round round newcomer versus the first place whose been in both rounds? Yeah I'm the" he smirks, "Maybe I like it like that.."

She frowns. "Ok, I might be wrong about Junko. If she would be fine killing you and all, that's bad. It just means I am not omniscient. I don't know everything. I would never want you to die. I am sorry." She frowns. "As for Buford, it's just a possibility. I've had a bad man in my life, and he was family. So you will excuse me if I think Buford could become worse one day." She shrugs. "So if it bothers you that I am wary Buford, that's on you."

"The undercat I like" She laughs.". You will have people cheering for you. People love the Undercat, and even if you are bigger than Chevy, she still finished first. So it should be clear to people." She laughs a bit more.

"Oh, I have something for you, but I don't have it with me, because I didn't expect to meet you. I will have it sent to you to Blaze before you leave the place. Or at the tournament. Do you have a preference?" She sighs and cracks some joints as she stretches.

"Yer puttin' words in my mouth darlin'. I never said don't be wary of Buford so cut the 'tude. -That's- on you." He shrugs and makes a few absent gestuers, "Family can suck. If you've got past trauma that he reminds you of then that's what you got and I can't speak to that but be careful that you don't apply other peoples actions onto those who haven't done anything and build something in your mind that's not there. Anyone can become anything. Good men have become horrible killers. Terrible monsters have become saviors. The world aint kind to us and lifes experiences shape us all but to -declare- it aloud suggests you've already made your mind up... So whatever."

He seems content to let that linger and then says, "As to Junko - she like many folk don't care for Darkstalkers and I guess that's what I qualify as. In fact I think she's some sort of huntress of 'em. Her interview made her feelings clear. She don't see me as a 'person' but a monster. Bakemono..."

He quiets again and then smirks mildly, "Whatcha got for me? A surprise? Mmm....Tournament aint for some days yet. Send it to Blazin' HQ. Place should be patched up by now."

"Buford could head that way, if he doesn't that's great." She then stops about it. Buford is not worth having such a long conversation about. She's wary of the guy, but he doesn't stop her from sleeping at night or the like. And what happened with her father. She doesn't want to continue on that further either.

"You look nice enough. Fun to spar with wicked claws and chi." She grins. "It sucks if someone has a problem with you only for what you are. Should be who you are. You are a person. It's hard not to see it. Can't believe I am the one who says that." She smirks at him.

"Yeah, a surprise. Because after NFG is done, who knows if we will meet again? We might not have met a whole lot, but you affected my life. I am happy I know you."

She takes a deep breath. "You want to walk about with me? Or is that hard for you right now?" She was playfully teasing him

"Mm...can't tell if anything I said got through that pretty head o'yers." muses Braun as he studies her.

He then listens as she speaks on him and then shrugs a little bit and finally begins moving towards her, "We'll meet again." he notes, "NFG's just the beginnin'. Unless folk plan on bowin' out of professional fightin''s unlikley we'll not keep running into each other. Not like they're gonna pair us up in matches against the world champions out there, yeah?"

He makes a few vague circular gestures with his hand, "Lead on then."

He waits her for to move in the direction she wants to take them though as he does he also adds, "..ANd is that how yer seein' then eh? You readin' folks chi?"

"Maybe, maybe not. It's fine for you to see something one way, and I see it a different way. It's not like I am perfect anyway. Far from it. I am just me, nothing more, nothing less.

That's true enough, those of us who stay in the fighting scene will meet again in some ways. It makes me wonder if some will give up if they don't win the tournament. It would be kind of silly because there can be only one winner in that tournament, but we all grew from it. But seeing already as two NFGs haven't participated in the tournament for one reason or another, who knows? As for your question. Yeah, we're not ready for world champions yet, so it would be weird if they did that." She sighs softly.

She then starts walking in a direction, slowly. "It's more complicated than that. You ever heard of the third eye?" She asks softly as she walks. "I see colors. I can't read books size characters, because they are not clear enough at that size." She shrugs. "I am lucky enough to have what I have." She then asks. "Don't you think everyone sees differently anyway? I mean like with all of our experiences affecting us, we don't understand the information from sights the same way." Wondering what is his opinion of the subject.

"It doesn't matter what your life experiences are, two plus two is going to always be four. Just cause you grew up somewhere that insisted it's five, it's not, it's four. There's always going to be true things that some folk refuse to see it as so and use 'their lifes experiences' as a reasoning when in reality they just bein'...blind. So while you're right, there are many ways to see things..sometimes there's only one way to see it even if you don't want to..."

HIs voice trails off in thought and then Braun looks at her thoughtfully and slowly smirks,

"Yeah some folk did bow out or disappear. That Tamaki girl and John Doe, right? Wierd... I mean..yeah things happen but..I don't think anyone that remains is gonna just give this up. They wouldn't have joined up if it didn't mean -something- 'em. That's alot of pain just for something that doesn't matter. The tournament's just an end to this 'event' I hear they got them, what, Saturday Night FIghts and then the regular Neo League seasons and then all sorts of other tournaments. Just gotta make sure you keep your head down in case trouble happens as well.."

But let's say peanut allergy. If you don't have one, peanuts are great and tasteful. You see peanuts, you know you're in a for a treat. But if you have an allergy that can kill you, then it is poison for you. Of course, that's not only life experience there. It's a deeper issue. But I like the analogy that two + two is four, not five, no matter how you want to look at it. At worse, two + two is twenty-two." She giggles a bit. "Seriously, I agree, sometimes, there is one way to look at it, unless you play the ostrich and put your head in the sand."

"It's strange. Tamaki and JD were not on the low end of things, yet it's them who left. I wouldn't have been happy if it had been you or any of the newest recruits, either. They must have had their reasons."

"I hope no one will give up, but no one should I agree with that. At this point, just fight it out until you lose. Giving up would be silly. In that way, it's everyone for themselves. Do your match and do your best to go on further and further. After that, we will have other events and can display our skills. The tournament is not the end of all. That's for sure.

She keeps walking, not too fast, not exactly slow either. Normal for her. "Do you have a regular job? I am just curious. Professional teddy bear perhaps?" Hopefully, her tone is good enough to show she is teasing again.

"Everybody got reasons..." drawls Braun slowly, "Few people just do stuff for no reason. Still don't mean I aint wonderin' what happened but...never met 'em or had to fight 'em so I guess I got no context..."

Braun considers her next question and her comment and he raises an eyebrow and frowns lightly. He doesn't seem insulted as much as thinking inwardly for a moment. He then shakes his head and his voice lifts up once more. "Nothin' you need to hear about, darlin'. Messy stuff. People like me gotta do what we gotta do to make ends meet and eat. I guess I can say some merc work here and there. You'd be surprised at what goes on..."

He quiets and then says, "Well maybe you wouldn' be surprised. but anyway, you probably don't know much about The Makai but I had some dealin's that way as well before I had to cut out and find my own path. It's messy, like I said. Messy. NOt worth detailin'..."

I fought Tamaki in the beginning, but JD, I never even met him, and he's been in my team since the beginning. The only time I saw him was at the Rumble. I wonder what happened to Tamaki, but I don't really feel attached to JD. But they had their reasons, and if they would want to share, they would have done so.

I won't pry further about that. If I don't need to talk about it, then it is what it is. I just thought normal work might be hard for you. Not that it is fair or anything." She slows down a bit.

"Let me just ask you this question now, and you don't have to get into details either. Just what you are comfortable with." She turns her head toward him. "Do you think you are on the right path for you right now? Or you're still looking?"

After listening to his answer, she says. " I am on the right path. I have different things on it. I just haven't found everything I am supposed to find yet I think. For now, I will focus on the good things and see where the tournament takes me. It is simply the ending of this event like it was said earlier, but it's still the thing to focus on fighting-wise."

"Anyway, if you're ever in a bind and you need some help, contact me. Will see what I can do for you. Or is that too nice slash polite?" She laughs.

At that, Braun laughs.

"Hah! What's normal? What counts as normal work? I mean....okay sure.. I guess yer a dancer yeah. That's 'normal'. I don't know o'too many dancers that can do what you do. So fair."

He rubs his jaw and then slowly grins, "I'll give you a frame o'ref then. I make a good bouncer at the sorta club you dance at. Been paid to do stuff like that. It aint hard as long as folk are willin' t'treat me fair and when they see what I can do....well...then it works out. Plenty o'folk not worth botherin' with. I think we tread that territory pretty well in this lil'chat. BUt you encounter folk like that all the time and you just gotta keep it movin'.."

He smirks a little bit, "Listen you can be a little sweetie pie as much as you wanna be. No problem there. Earlier you were just apologizin' too much for my tastes. If I didn't want you around I"d have cahsed you off, yeah?" Braun makes a dismissive gesture, "But I think it is about time for me to go wanderin' off..."

"Normal is a difficult concept. Need a baseline I guess. But what is the right baseline, then." She shrugs her shoulder. "I don't think many strippers use their skills to become a fighter. I need to open my school." She kids.

She listens to Braun talking about being a bouncer. "Oh, I would feel safe with you as a bouncer. Nobody would dare touch the girls. That's quite important." She nods her head. "It's good you can get a job like that. If someone doesn't want to know you and just thinks, 'Yuck Darkstalker', they are not worth it. Bad Darkstalkers, sure. But humans can be the same. If they can't understand that, their loss.

"Sometimes I do that. I apologize too much. I hit hard, so I learned to apologize." She laughs again. "But noted. If you don't want me around, you will say it.

She nods her head. "Thanks for your company, Braun. It cleared my head a bit too, and I am always happy to see a friend." She moves closer enough to be able to grab his arm. "I will look forward to your match and your result. Show her the Braun I saw in our spar." She grabs said arm and squeezes it. "Take care, Braun. Until later. Hell, for all we know, we could meet in that tournament and fight one another." She releases his arm and ponders where she will go next. Back to base would always be possible.

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