NFG Season One - Kenzo in Paradise

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Description: Ayala and Djamila invite Kenzo to a party at the Pink Paradise to celebrate life, love and the future.

While the Pink Paradise doesn't exactly dedicate entire nights to VIPs, or whatever--it DOES host parties, and right now it's throwing one for a very special guest of two of the bigger name resident's. Now, Djamila and especially Ayala want to make this a special event for their friend, and what else would be more fun for a young man than a champagne party at an ~exotic dance club~...


Thankfully, there isn't that much alcohol flying around tonight, and any of the girls on stage are in pasties and thongs at least, so it's not /too/ bad. The place is got kind of a mardi gras atmosphere tonight, moreso than usual, as the two apparently have let most of the women working there in on the fact this is supposed to be a ~special~ night, for a very good friend of theirs.

Ayala to her credit has only had a few beers, and that's like soda for her, more or less, compared to what she's normally into, and she's ordered a bunch of takeout to be brought over to the booth they've set up, since to be fair the place doesn't do food.

Kenzo for his part, doesn't order anything harder than actual soda, since he knows that the last thing he wants to happen is to have the tabloids going nuts about wild partying. Enjoy the sights, maybe get some dances but never let himself be seen drinking booze since he doesn't the place getting its liquor license shut down or any blow back to get back to Ultratech. He doesn't want Greg to encounter yet another elevator incident all because of him.

Kenzo can be seen moving throughout the place wearing a maroon button down shirt and black slacks. He wants to look nice if not super dressed up. With a soda in his hand he heads to where the food is located dancing, badly, to the music as he moves to the food.

Djamila agreed to this for two reasons. The first, a party for Kenzo, is cool. He deserves that. She wants him happy. Second, he should see what kind of places she works at. The second one is the scariest. She hopes he can understand, that a lot of her body can be seen by a lot of people, but her heart belongs to only one.

his is a lot of fun." She tells Ayala, though a hint of nervousness probably shows on her face as she talks to Ayala. Then again, Kenzo can look at other women too. He has eyes, after all. It's fair, at least, she thinks so. She's just inexperienced with the whole thing and wants to be good to Kenzo as he really means a lot to her and then some.

She takes a deep breath and keeps her calm. She's dressed in a pretty red dress. She giggles and it seems to be related to Kenzo's dancing. She sneaks toward him. "If you want babe, I will teach you how to dance when it's a good time." She grins a bit, since she can't wink.

Ayala meanwhile has gotten into soemthing a bit more 'flashy' for the evening, which is a set of meganta metallic threaded shorts and midriff baring tank top, along with the pair of sneakers she normally runs around in. Stuff she probably borrowed from one of the 'girls' that work there, since she didn't have any 'fancy dress' (at least, what passes as that for her) on hand. So she improvised a bit.

The curly blonde haired cavewoman whistles for Djamila and gives a wave, as she goes over to greet Kenzo and her gal pal there.

"What wrong, Djamila? you feel okay? sick already? not like you," Ayala is concerned, but also not above a little humor, even if she doesn't quite know what is wrong with the other girl.

"Ayala hope Kenzo like party! come--dance, eat, drink!" she nodded, "Djamila and Ayala even dressed up!" she speaks a bit loudly over the music, but well, that's how it is at parties.

Kenzo after grabbing a plate of food sort of dance walks back over to join Ayala and Djamila with a smile plastered on his face. It's impressive how off beat Kenzo's dancing is considering it's the same guy who managed to whack one of his opponents to the beat of Miserlou. Almost as if his rhythm was in his hands and no where else in his body.

"Hey Ayala. Hey, Djamila."

He immediately puts the plate and the soda down and then turns towards Djamila once more.

"Want me to grab a plate of food for you as well?"

"Hey Ayala, I am good. You did great." Not about to take credit when Ayala did most of the work for it. She has evolved so much in the modern work. "How are you doing Ayala? I am fine. just Kenzo is seeing a strip club. I work in a strip club, so yeah. I don't want it to be a problem." She adds. "May I say you look very flashy? In a good way."

"Hey Kenzo, that's ok right?" She doesn't add much context, so no one can fault Kenzo if he has no idea what she is talking about.

"Would you? I would like that. I will eat anything you put on it, don't trouble yourself too much about what I would prefer. I am versatile in food." She leans in to give a kiss on the kiss on the cheek. He would see there was even a hesitation going toward his lips. She doesn't want to put pressure on him or anything. She does have true feelings for him.5

Ayala for her efforts, gets a burrito, and starts gnawing on that, while kicking back with a beer. She's a very casual sort of person when it comes to partying, and relaxing in general--at least she hasn't gotten into any of the hard alcohol. Yet.

"Ayala could have done better, to be fair--always try to tell self, to get better," the cavewoman remarked, before frowning a little and looking around. "What, Gadget man never been in place like this before?" the thought to her is a little strange, since where Ayala comes from, this looks like a fairly normal spot to her, drinking, dancing, partying--thought he adult themes are not lost on her. What IS lost is the whole moral thing, which, well... yeah, Cavewoman lack of understanding, to some respect.

"Kenzo looks like he having fun, want to dance with us?" she grins, finishing that wrap of hers in like 2 or so bites and doing similar with her beer, getting up on her feet again. With the metallic-threaded sports outfit she probably looks like one of the other dancers, if you disregarded the scarred muscled/toned figure she has. She pauses as Djamila leans in for that smooch on Kenzo however, grinning widely with her jaw dropped a little bit.

Oooh boy, here we go.

Kenzo doesn't shy away from the kiss on the cheek and returns a kiss on the cheek of his own. He however doesn't hesitate as though he was considering kissing the lips instead. He probably wanted to avoid too overt displays of PDA while in the club so he didn't make it awkward for the dancers.

"I'm not going to tell you not to look. You're not dead. And it's an unfair expectation to put on somebody. Even when you're not here."

With that, Kenzo's off to the food table to grab some food for Djamila. A burrito and some sauce and some sides and he's right back next to Djamila and placing her plate right in front of her before sitting next to her.

"Ayala, this one hell of a party you're throwing!"

"You are awesome Ayala." She lets her friend know, and I am sure Kenzo at least knew about such a place before now." She looks at him. "I am not expecting you to have lived in a convent or something." She grins.

"What I am worried about, to be honest, is I work in a strip club. Other men and women see my body. I don't want it to affect you negatively. My heart is yours. This is not shared with any other." She finally finds the courage to be honest about that one.

"Anyway, thank you for the food, I appreciate it. You make me feel so special. I want to make you feel special too." She smiles and takes a bite. She's not one of those women worried about her weight because she uses her body.

"I am willing to dance after food, work the calories out." She grins and seems to relax now some. "This is a perfect party, with two important persons in my life."

"Did not know you were seeing eachother," Ayala seems very amused by this, but also excited. She is happy Djamila has a guy friend, so to speak, even if she can't exactly comment on the relationship status, just yet. Nor will she.

The cavewoman is smiling like the cat who ate the canary either way, however, that just made her evening. "Ayala threw best parties back home, she know," she leans over and gives her blindfolded friend a pat on the shoulder, a very hearty one.

"I think we are scheduled for tournament next, will be careful," she leans in to Djamila's ear, so that last part is more between them, before getting back to the festivities, so to speak.

"When first meet Kenzo, it was at bar, but he was too young to drink, so it was kind of awkward," she shares that anecdote, shrugging a little. "Still lot Ayala has to learn about this place..." it was still a bit odd being a human that wasn't even really that well accustomed to the human world, just yet.

"Make sure you don't eat too much if you're going up on stage, Djamila!" she cautions, hearing her friend say that. She makes it sound like she's chiding someone for wanting to go swimming after eating, or something.

"Yeah. That's a pretty new development. I keep feeling like I'm so lucky."

Kenzo takes a bite out of his burrito and then a sip of his soda. Taking his time to enjoy the food rather than consuming the food as quickly as possible. It's not like he's in the military or in prison or anything.

"I'm still not of legal drinking age though. It's even more strict here than it was in Southtown."

The ninja shrugs. It isn't like he's stressed about not being able to drink alcohol because there's still tits, still butts, and the most important of all there's the lady he's here with.

"You know. I wonder if Djamila has ever received a private dance," he says before turning to Djamila. "Have you?"

"It's quite new." She tells Ayala. That's why I didn't have time to tell you yet. I would have otherwise. You're a close friend." She smiles. "I feel pretty lucky, too. It's just scary a little when it's a first real relationship." She grins a bit.

When Ayala leans over to Djamila, she answers. "It is coming, and I hope you will give it your all, you too Kenzo. If you both give it your all, there will be no regrets."

She was about to say he's still too young to drink, but Kenzo already says so, it would be silly to say the same thing. As for alcohol, Djamila drank before, but she's with Kenzo and Ayala. She doesn't need to drink to be happy.

She looks at Kenzo. "I haven't. I learned to kiss with another stripper, though." She isn't ashamed to share that with Kenzo. She just wants him to be comfortable with her work, is all.

"I don't know if I will go on stage. I could do a private dance for you two. It depends. Yeah? I will be fine." She also eats slowly, enjoying the time.

"Ayala is very happy for you two, she hopes things go well!" the curly blonde haired woman brings her hands up, clasping them together. She really is happy. "Ayala has flame back home--when she get back, she hopes they are still waiting for her, but Ayala had chief things to do," she nodded. It's apparently something of a precarious situation there, it would appear, but she doesn't seem bothered by it. She is then rightly confused by what Kenzo means next, about the dance.

"Uhh, doesn't girl dancer usually give that to man? you know, who is sitting?" she blinks a little, thinking of when she's seen girls giving lapdances, apparently, by 'private dance', she probably doesn't quite get what Kenzo means. She has an eyebrow raised at that.

"I don't know if Kenzo would like such a thing," she grins a little looking down, apparently amused by Djamila's suggestion there. It seemed like a more personal thing at this point, no?

Kenzo raises an eyebrow at Djamila kissing another stripper but says nothing. Instead he focuses in on Ayala's comment.

"I want Djamila to experience the job from the customer's end as well. It's a party and I want her to enjoy it."

Kenzo pulls out some cash and places enough money on the table to cover the private dance and a generous tip. After that, he stands up before looking back and forth between the two ladies.

"I have to go to the bathroom for a moment. Have fun!"

He then heads to the bathroom, dancing all the way, badly.

She said that because she never really kissed that way. Yes, most people probably think a stripper will be experienced in all things of sex and love. But Djamila is not. She has learned what a family is because of the other girls, but that's about it, besides the kissing.

"Thank you Ayala. As for the flame back home. If they are worthy of you, they will be waiting for you. Otherwise, they're just an idiot. You're a catch, Ayala." She smiles at her, finishing her food.

She also answers Ayala's question. "Man to man, man to woman, woman to woman, and woman to man. Unless the stripper really has a problem with the same sex or the other sex. But then it gives you less profit." But as Kenzo pays for a dance. It's not the dance itself that makes her happy. She just knows things will be just fine. She understands now Kenzo does not have a problem with her work. "Thank you, love." She tells him as he heads toward the bathroom. Hopefully, that doesn't weird it out, it just came out. She might not even realize she said the L word.

The girl, who has been paid for by Kenzo comes and does what she is paid for. Djamila never thought she would get that perspective on stripping and all.

She turns her head toward Ayala for just a short moment. "If you want one too, my treat, ok?" She smiles at her.

"It make Ayala so happy," the cavewoman is honestly touched by the budding relationship between these two, to the point she even tears up a bit. She tries to hide it by turning her head and wiping it away quickly with a hand half-curled into a fist.

"Well, it probably wouldn't hurt if you wanted to give Ayala one, I mean... Djamila is spoken for now, right?" and this is probably also the last time she'd ask for such a thing ws long as that is the case, of course, it's implied.

"Sure, lets do it~" Ayala grabs another beer, stepping off to some corner of the club likely to have Djamila do her thing. Kenzo of course might be greeted with an interesting sight once he gets out of the bathroom. She kicks back and cracks open her beer, crossing her legs and hanging her arms along the backside of the booth's imitation leather seating. For perhaps one of the few times since she's come to Earth, she /looks/ like a chief of some kind, at least.

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