World Warrior 2023 - R3: Daniel vs Bezique

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Description: Daniel Little runs into Bezique, the dimension mage bunny sorceress for a stunning World Warrior match on a rooftop!

The stage this time has been set up in a bit more of a remote area of Vegas, as that's where Bezique tends to like to throw down. This time it's on a high rooftop, but not just for Hollywood dramatism or production values--this way, she has to be way less careful with how she sets up the 'barrier' for the arena. While at some point in the past the barrier might have been to avoid her opponent leaving, she uses it more now to avoid any casulties or collateral damage from her own actions or her opponent's. NOL has certain rules it has to follow, don'tcha know.

With cameras setup on roofs around this one, and likely with some helicopter camera point of view feeds, Bezique springs cards from one hand to the other, idly--a section of the rooftop's surface has been darkened and a loose assortment of magical playing cards orbit around it, providing a handy portal in if her opponent chooses to come that way, as sort of an open invitation. Otherwise she mills about, idly performing various tricks in her full stage magician regalia--the strange lapine-anthro woman doing it out of habit and second nature, rather than to impress anyone watching.

It's not Daniel who comes on the stage first.

Sure, it's a dark skinned man in a bright orange Zoot Suit. But as he comes on, snapping his fingers. Standing in the middle of the stage, focuses on Bezique. From off-stage, more besuited gangsters stride up. Each one in a different chromatic zoot suit, the full spectrum rainbow of Zoot Suit gangsters totaling a dozen. They pace back and forth, watching Bezique as they move in sync. Getting in rhythm. Each snap coming on the beat of a song that wasn't heard.

And then, the lady in the strapless red gown starts working at the Audio Station.

Electro swing begins to play, as the twelve gangsters begin to dance and leap, moving in a coordinated stage show along with the music. Spinning and dancing with one another, the music builds as they keep their snapping rhythm going. They They form a full circle around the lady. Approaching in, they keep their distance, switching places with each other at every snap. UNtil finally, they begin to snap in the air, snapping at double time in a great synchronized circle, starting low, and then moving high. They all come together, not at Bezique. But at each other, bringing the snapping right in the middle of a huddle. And then, they explode up, waggling their hands in the air as they fall backwards, falling on the stage as the music just stops.

A shadow forms, around the feet of Bezique.

"I can't believe it's Daniel Little! I mean, we thought you were dead!" by 'we', the rabbit apparently means 'NOL', at the very least. She sounds a little unsure and mybe a little confused, but she's grinning all the same, her buck teeth and pearly whites on display. She is moving around the radius of where her cards were rotating slowly, apparently just enjoying the procession of zoot suited men and the singer, apparently at home in this kind of spectacle. It's a wonder where the hell she was before she wound up at NOL. Or how she was turned into a giant rabbit.

"Oh lawd, that is some kind of entrance! Why don't you come on out and say hello to Bezique," she shivers a little bit, seemingly involuntarily. "Oh, I can't help it! I can feel that power, that immensity, THAT GIRTH!" the enchantress apparently had some idea of just what she was facing down here, not only to library intelligence, but their own senses for the dark magical forces that she was encountering here.

"Come on now y'all, lets have it--give it to us!" she springs half a deck of her cards back and forth between her hands, eyes wide, grin-likewise.

As they all tumble over, there is a moment of silence.

They just lie there, as there is no... Daniel. "Did we- did we do it right." Said the man in orange. He looks at Bezique, and then the other Zooters. "Okay we are- we might need to start over."

"No, no it worked, I'm just-"

"I'm getting something under control."

Smoothly, the shape of the detective reforms up from the shadows. Dressed in an orange zoot suit, his features are pitch black, outside of his yellow eyes and white fangs. He was grinning, though he seemed to be a bit flustered in his tone. "Well, it seems my reputation precedes me." Daniel begins, before he -winces-. "Now you're tugging my- heart strings. But I'm more of a Damestalker than a Ladykiller now, and I'm not gonna give my- heart, over, to any leggy rabbit ready to pull something out of her hat." Daniel adjusts his suit, before easing into the defensive stance of Todoh. Looking to his fellows, he gives them a nod as they pull themselves off the floor of the stage. One of them pipes up.

"Are we the Damestalkers now?"

Daniel stares.

He shakes his head. "No no you are Zooters, now uh, you can clear the stage!" He grits his white fangs, as he shakes his head, looking back at Bezique. He quickly turns the grimace to a grin. "Sorry about the show, it makes them feel a lot better to do the whole ritual. They cna just like, tell me and I'll show up, but it feels cooler for them I guess. I didn't really catch your name, sweetheart."

"So who do I have the honor of fighting up here on the stage?"

"So it's true, the otherside did change you," Bezique watches the man, seeing his face--still with that grin, but her tone much more conversational now, loud enough for just her and her opponent to hear. "As it has a way of changing things," she gestured to herself, "Can you imagine I was just a poor country girl from Kentucky?" she springs her cards back and forth from hand to hand, unclear why she's divulging this information, especially to someone like this. Then again, Daniel is obviously not human. Not anymore.

"My boss sirrah Relius definitely wants to see you, though I dunno if it's on a slab or not--but I'm not gonna let that happen, not no how," there is a sparkle in her eye as she approaches, the 3" black pumps she was wearing turning instead to shin high, heavy leather boots.

"Dimension Magician Bezique, at your service, sirrah~" At once, she pulled her feet close together, doffing her hat and raising her voice more for the cameras and cheapseats, giving a bow. Her Southern accent hadn't been too exaggerated when she was speaking in that lower, more serious tone, but it definitely was when she raised her voice for all to hear, planting her hat back on her head, somehow very fluidly despite the rigid hare-like ears, her white gloved hand giving a flourish.

"And I shall be your opponent, honey," she flicked her wrist, and a cordon of her cards assembled at the edges of the building, enlarging providing a bit of a barrier from the open air beyond, just in case someone were to be thrown against them.

Daniel's grin drops, slowly, around the time she mentions her boss.

Steadily, the grin becomes a full fledged scowl. Relius. Oh, that's someone he sure knew. And she was changed too. What might have been a common ground was twisted, though. Relius. Immediately, he looks across the theater. Escapes. Tendrils stretch into the darkness. Escapes. Dimension Magician. Everything was taking an existential inventory at the mention of That Man. If he was here. If he was going to take him back, if she was going to take him back and drag him away far away back into the dark pit without a Rei to save him-

"Yeah, okay. I can dig that."

The shadowman interrupts his own paranoia, as she readies the cards. That was some of his escapes gone right there. The Zooters though, the Damestalkers weren't picking up on the detective's apprehension yet. But Daniel's presence had gone from being affable, to down right chilly. There was a dangerous focus in his yellow eyes, as he keeps his defensive stance up. "My apologies if I'm not much of a showman on the stage." He was still studying, analyzing.

"I tend to have a real down to earth technique, you follow me?"

"That's alright honey, that's what *I* am here before," Bezique stopped springing her cards back and forth between her hands, the deck disappearing as she flicked her wrist. "I see you and the big man have some prior history, to tell the truth, you ah something of a legend around that organization, so I was amazed I got a chance to meet ya, suguh," Bezique is speaking less conspiratorily but not as high as her 'performing voice' here, realizing the man has gotten the idea of just what kind of creek he's up. "I admit, my performance so far hasn't been great, so I don't reckon I'll hold a candle to /you/, hon," she gives a wink at that. "Not many women are left standing after your performance, I hear, huhuhuhuh~" she reached up and adjusted the brim of her tophat, "And I still wanna know how you came back from supposedly being dead, but I guess that'd ruin the mystery, huh?" she cracks her knuckles, even wearing the gloves.

"Damestalker is interesting, though--you looking more for romance these days?" she casually flirts, though she seems to realize that's not at all what he's looking for now, given his change in demeanor.

COMBATSYS: Daniel has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Daniel           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Bezique has joined the fight here on the right meter side.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Daniel           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Bezique

The flirting starts making Daniel stupid.

It's only a moment of stupid. But it's definitely a glimmer of stupid. But after a dazzling display from the bunny lady, he keeps it in his mind. 'Talking' about him. He didn't like that. So either she's exaggerating, or, well. If she is, then there's records on him. What he is. His weaknesses. And a missing link: how does he come back to life? So when she talks about romance? Daniel is just barely able to get the stupid off him, as he bristles intensely.

"This dick's looking more for stability than excitement, sweetheart."

The shadow shifts, and Daniel's on the move. Blazing with the shadowy energy, he thrusts in with a driving palm strike with the left, followed by an arc of shadow-stuff as he chops with the right. Shifting at Bezique's flank, he explodes in with an elbow jab, before following with two cross slashes of shadow energy. He ends with a lifting grab at the rabbit's thigh. Should he get a grip, he would lift her up and guide his hand across her front. And promptly, pivot throw her across the stage. A fast, frantic combination of attacks.

And all with the cold stare of the shadow man.

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Bezique with Harlem Sunset.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Daniel           0/-------/----===|>>>>---\-------\0          Bezique

"Aren't we all?~" Bezique is already shifting into action when Daniel speaks his desire, a card appearing from beneath her wrist as she flicks it, ready to throw, or strike him with. However, the damekiller is too fast, and his palm strike catches her right in the chest--ribs flexing, thankfully, but not breaking--however the chops to the right that follow are really what put the hurt on her, before he lifts her up by the thigh and tilts her over--the rabbit winding up thumping along the rooftop before she puts her gloved hands out to stop herself, skidding to a stop.

"What they say is true," she doesn't elaborate on what she means, but she's obviously seeing real shadow energy come out of him. She grabst he brim of her hat as a halo of cards surround her--and she disappears right into the surface of the 'stage' itself, the cards reappearing just in front of Daniel, as Bezique pops up out the ring, as if it were a portal.

"Surprise, suguh!" she grimaces and brings her fists up to try and lay a hard right cross into the zoot suited man!

COMBATSYS: Daniel dodges Bezique's Rabbit Punch.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Daniel           0/-------/----===|>>>----\-------\0          Bezique

"No, not all."

Daniel was penetrating with his language, trying to pull insights out from the NOL agent. He didn't like the NOL for practical reasons, and something felt -off- about how chipper she was. As he knocks her back, he resets his stance, stable. One hand behind the other, palms up. When she comes back at him, he retorts, briskly.

"What do they say, specifically."

As the cross comes out, Daniel pivots, sweeping his arms as he barely repositions out of the way of the hard right cross. He guides a palm into her arm, stepping neatly around. He continues his arm sweeping, a wave of energy building up higher and higher. It's a big surge of energy, but he releases. The audience copies the movement, dropping their arms down before him, as they cry out. "KASANE ATE!" WHile their waves are just little flickers of light? Daniel's unleashes a hemisphere shockwave around him, attempting to blast Bezique across the stage on a tsunami of shadow stuff. THe bunny gal might be sweet.

But Daniel was all black coffee bitter about the NOL now.

COMBATSYS: Bezique instinctively dodges Daniel's Chou Kasane Ate.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Daniel           0/-------/---====|>>>----\-------\0          Bezique

"Apart from you being dead? That you're able to command shadows, made a pact with weird demonic forces, y'know," Bezique makes a pac-man-esque chatter motion with one of her gloved hands, as if this was all talk from folks who really didn't know. Which it probably was.

"They ain't been there, they don't know jack--" Bezique's arm meanwhile is blown clear off by that huge surge and shockwave of light--as it tumbles to the ground it suddenly scatters into... cards?

The rest of Bezique, still whole, steps around where the shockwave was sent, grinning with those pearly buck teeth on display. Had she been a clone that whole time? Or just part of the time?

"They don't know like we do--huff--" the rabbit lady whips her arms out and a series of her playing cards erupt out from the surface of the stage, now man-sized, and running in a reverse domino-like pattern as they slice out of the very surface of the ground towards him!

COMBATSYS: Daniel interrupts Jack of Shields from Bezique with Jumping Jack Flash EX.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Daniel           1/-------/=======|=======\=------\1          Bezique

Sweet, and poisonous.

Daniel wanted to like the nice rabbit lady, and even compliment the show she was putting on. But the NOL ties, especially the ties to THAT man, was making him hostile on a deeper level. As he catches her in the shockwave, he registers the blowing apart. Focus. Just focus Daniel. As she repositions, Daniel recenters, back to his defensive stance. "Don't know like- oh listen here, you crazy dame." He begins, as the metaphorical and actual house of cards begin to tumble around him. "This isn't a -pact-" Daniel insists, as he picks up speed towards the cards. "It saved my life and soul! It just nailed it to the ground. I'm not some demon-dealing detective, lady."

Daniel smashes through the card.

The pattern scissors and slices the detective, shredding through his clothing. The outfit merges into his shadow stuff, his shape becoming indistinct. Ripping through the magic, he drives a rising palm straight into the abdomen of the NOL agent. Ripping it upwards, he takes the pair of them into the air."I'm not a vampire, or a monster, or a butcher, or a parasite! I'm the Ladykiller! The Damestalker! The Leader Of The Zooters!" The shadowman seizes Bezique, and -floods- her with his shadow force, the dark energy infusing into her being. Whipping her up, he slams her down as he comes back to the stage, making a Kasane Ate gesture with it. "I'm Daniel Jack, and I'm not going to tolerate some hopped-up bunny girl put me on a dog and pony show." The detective stands over her, glowering with those yellow eyes. There isn't a shockwave, just a blast of energy upwards as the stage becomes... corrupted. Saturated with the semi-real substance, she was sinking into something that would be -very- familiar to a dimensional expert like Bezique: Daniel's World. His spiritual impression, a pseudo-afterlife formed around Daniel's shadow energy. The stuff pouring off him was saturated with the same spiritual force, the boundary of life and death. It's another dimension, of sorts.

ANd she was sinking into him, it.

"I didn't say you were--" Bezique is at a bit of a loss for wards as the palm strike hits her right in the belly, however, lifting her up along with him. Her jaws agape and eyes wide, she's in a lot of pain. As she comes down, she finds herself tumbling--but then sinking... sinking into blackness?

"Wow... look at this," she blinks as she looks around, noticing the area around them has been saturated by the shadow essence. Infescted by it.

"See, the ladies must find you infectious, huhuh--" Bezique has her legs sinking down into it, but she can still move her upper torso.

"And now I'm gonna punch you right in the balls! That's right!" she grins and doffs her hat, showing it off as if this is show and tell, and holds it up in front of her, the inside turned toward her. She makes a motion like she's trying to pop the hat back up into shape, at least one would expect that--but she actually punches as hard as she can right into it.

From beneath Daniel, a portal appears--the rabbit woman's gloved hand and arm emerge from it, now easily triple their size, and the fist is indeed headed right for him. Down there.

COMBATSYS: Bezique successfully hits Daniel with Portal Crush EX.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Daniel           1/--=====/=======|==-----\-------\0          Bezique

When she stares into the abyss, its faces stare back.

Women, certainly. Plenty of women, with some men and children, looking back. Staring at her, with a coolness, a coldness. Shades. Shadows. Reflections of lives once lived. Or even still living. It's clear to see now, past the infinite yet shallow depths, a familiar face in a zoot suit. NOt a Daniel. But one of the Zooters in the audience, his doppleganger looking forlornly back. Has he been draining his followers? How many willing victims has he found so far? And what was happening to them on the other side of Daniel's Domain?

These questions and more are put on hold as Bezique slugs the detective squarely in the gonards.

The best Daniel can respond as she announces, as she goes into her hat, is "The what?" It's much more clear as he is -slammed- right between the legs in a gigantic uppercut, plowing him right in his balls. "HOW" Is all he can muster as he stretches to the top of the stage, and then, collapses back down with a groan. Nearly split in two, his shadow stuff spreads, splattering the stage as he grips himself tenderly. "I HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN ABLE TO FIND THOSE, for well, reasons, but HOW."

How indeed, as he brings his -own- hand back.

Up close, it's like a point-blank shotgun blast. There isn't a 'fantastic' or 'todoh' or 'paunch' as he is going through the motions. He explodes straight for Bezique, bringing his arm around to hook it straight across her midsection. Should he connect cleanly, or it is blocked, he would carry them both across the stage in a parabolic arc. "I BLAME YOU RELIUS CLOVER!" There, he would finish the charge by -slamming- Bezique into a quagmire of his own shadowstuff, and giving a finishing hand chop into her while she's down, exploding another corruption surge of shadowy energy, it's tendrils clinging to her. If, he caught her. If he missed? Then he would be slamming himself down in pain and frustration, as he shakes a fist in the air, both outcomes leaving him declaring loudly on stage.


COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Bezique with Fantastic Todoh Punch.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Daniel           0/-------/-----==|=======\=------\1          Bezique

Bezique is cackling insanely at this, see--she had been trying to make this a friendly match with tall dark and gruesome there in the big zoot suit and here he was going full force on her. It wasn't like she was just gonna roll over, now--even with a suit that snazzy. She's still laughing even when he reforms and rushes right over to her and wraps his arm around her waist. Phrasing. She is then slammed down into a pool of that inky goo, suplexed right into it, even--making a splash. The goo explodes out as he chops down into it--but he might not be able to find her body, not just yet, anyway.

Bezique's hat is meanwhile floating atop the surface of the shadow quagmire, brim facing upwards. There is the sound of something like a person squeezing into a rubber innertube, and Bezique's torso emerges from the hat, her hand holding a glowing ace of spades--she gives it a kiss before she flicks her wrist and sends it off towards where Daniel is standing--it crackles with white-hot energy, like plasma--screeching through the air!

"Right from my heart, sugar!"

COMBATSYS: Daniel blocks Bezique's Ace of Swords.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Daniel           0/-------/--=====|=------\-------\0          Bezique

As sweet as she might be, she had that -tang- of Relius around her.

Plus like, the balls hit. As the pile bunker comes crashing down, Bezique is nearly pulled all the way through. There was a sense of a street, maybe a speakeasy? The stage was far, far away, for both her and Daniel. The detective was trying to find her though, he made the spike. Now where was the dame? He searches around, scanning. It was like being in a shallow ocean of shadows. He locks on the hat. THE HAT. Magic tricks, rabbit out of the hat. He reaches for it, as the whole world focuses on it.

But she had an ace in the hole, in a manner of speaking.

She squeaks out before he can reach her, and as she flicks the card at him, he can at best bring the shadows around to contain it. It doesn't work all that well, but it does work. The energy slices through the darkness, piercing and purifying away the shadows as the stage returns back into shape. The shadow world was melting away, as beams of white-hot energy wing and pierce Daniel's form as well. He was getting indistinct now, absorbed into his own darkness. Absorbed into his own world. But he wasn't done.

"Not Over Yet Scuzzy!"

The inky darkness surges back in shape, lurching in with a palm strike with the left. The palm strike and hand chop, the left and right, the two techniques that make Daniel -exist-. Shadow energy floods back as Daniel attempts to twist and force his way at Bezique. To grip the stage magician on her own shoulder and forearm. Should he succeed? He would pivot, spiking the bunny straight down into a pin on the stage, away from the shadow world, wrenching her arm in order to keep the hold. "Crazy dame! You think this is all -funny?-" All it is, is the shape of shadows with a pair of tendrils like hands. Burning with blue embers. Glaring with yellow eyes.

And a pair of pure white teeth, grimacing.

COMBATSYS: Bezique dodges Daniel's Skiffle Drop.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Daniel           0/-------/--=====|=------\-------\0          Bezique

The rabbit does indeed pop the rest of the way out of the hat, picking it up as she lands in the goo, before she starts to sink into it. She's moving faster now, realizing the shadow quagmire around them is like quicksand--for her. Not for him. For him it's like water, water he can just swim through to get her. Well if he wants her...

"Aww, I bet you call all the girls cute names like that," she smirks at him, waving a hand.

"I'm having fun, sugar--I already told you I wasn't gonna bring you in--and you're still treatin' me like I am! Well I can't argue with that--hnnghh--masculine show of force!" as the Damestalker reaches for Bezique, however, her white gloved hands clap around his wrists before he can try to grab hers, evading his grasp! It appears she is going for the pin instead, pushing the man back down hard, trying to slam him against something--even if it's the shadows that he's been moving through.

Even water can slap if you hit it fast enough, right?

COMBATSYS: Bezique successfully hits Daniel with French Drop EX.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Daniel           0/-------/=======|==-----\-------\0          Bezique

"You should hear the names they call me."

Daniel just lets that one slipped. Before he can correct himself, angrily so. The quagmire was thinning, the heavy waters growing shallow. And the shallower it was, the more space Bezique had to move around. As she slips away from the assault, the grasp comes as it catches -him-.

And in fact, slam him back.

"NOL people -lie-" Daniel Jack growls as he is sent slamming into the shadows. Pinned in place, he reaches for the limb, attempting to reverse the pin. Should he manage to get a point, he would twist and leverage, aiming to pull the hands behind her, before hurling her away at the shoulder off the stage. But it's an awfully bad place to be, and those hands, those shoulders. Hips. No no, Daniel. No. Think of Relius. Not the dame.

And especially remember her damned magic tricks.

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Bezique with Medium Throw.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Daniel           1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0          Bezique

Bezique does apparently manage to throw the man to the ground, winding up ontop of him, albiet very briefly. "Oof, doesn't seem like your speed," she is wide-eyed as the man manages to restrain her and push her off like that. "Now that's more like it--" she goes tumbling, before rolling to a stop. She is laid out lying on her side, for the moment. She doesn't seem to have it in her to get up again, though she pulls her head up, a hand against the floor of the stage.

"Well, clearly you got nothin' to be afraid of here, darlin'," she grinned, wearily.

"I'm all outta cards to play, anyway. I never thought I'd actually get to meet someone like you, nevermind anyone that got turned by the other side," Bezique reaches up to grab the brim of her hat, apparently trying to keep it on.

"I don't even know what business you got with NOL besides what they tell me, and I don't believe everything I hear, sugah," she doesn't seem like she's sure what to /do/, just yet. She really was way too spent, and she wasn't using her remaining energy to try and run away. Was she not scared?

"Guess if there's more 'a us than just us, it's not like it's totally hopeless, right? Even though they're scared of you and think you're some kinda wierd monstah. Kinda like me," she grinned again.

COMBATSYS: Bezique takes no action.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Daniel           1/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Bezique can no longer fight.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Daniel           1/-------/=======|

Something's wrong with a true believer.

Certainly, Daniel can -tell- something is truly behind her words. But it wasn't true, not completely. It might not be her words that's lying. But what's behind those words. How they were comparing to each other, how -lonely- she was. ANd he remembers his own loneliness in his imprisonment. A thought runs through him. What did Relius -do- to her. A terror dawns on Daniel, as he watches her as he reposes. About how cheery she was about herself, about the NOL, about Relius. That maybe, if he was left in the mad alchemist's oven a little longer.

He'd be just like her.

"I'm not a monster." Daniel states firmly, bringing his hands into his pockets. Slowly, he relaxes, as the audience of Zooters breaks into, uh, snaps. Snapping applause. "But if you want to get to know someone like me more? You better figure out what you want to be doing with the NOL. I've been put into glass jars by folks who are 'jus dern curious' about what makes me tick." Daniel sweeps his arm, bringing up a shadow. He stares into it, uncertain. And then, he steps forward, entering it. He casts a glance back over his shoulder, before he disappears completely into the darkness.

"Maybe you ought to think about what you've been cooking in too."

"Weelll, about that--I kinda am a wanted criminal in both worlds, so, you know--" Bezique has recovered a bit more so she's able to pull herself up on her side, the fishnets she was wearing had been mostly shredded in the fight in various places.

"So where would I go? humans aren't big into folks like us, I'm sure you've undastood--even if I could change back, can ya really go home again?" she shrugged. "I feel like I can do something, at least--look at all your fanclub over there--they wouldn't stick around ya if you were some feral beast, would they?" she jerked a thumb towards the zoot crowd, now pulled herself up onto her knees. "I'm just happy to make the acquaintance, suguh~" she grinned at the man and blew him a kiss, she wasn't quite so base as to make a 'call me' pantomime with her hand, but it was sorta the same energy.

"It was a good fight anyway--I never thought I'd get to fight THE Daniel Little, or do as well as I did--sorry about the family jewels there, by the way, hon~ huhuhuh..."

She blinks, realizing the man has now since disappeared into the darkness, likely when she had looked away just then. The rabbit lady raised a brow.

"Huh, guess that's what that feels like," she shrugs with a grin, before summoning a card portal of her own, and slips into it.

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