Aeria Corday - Tarmo and Aeria

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Description: Tarmo and Aeria meet, Tarmo and Aeria fight. Tarmo wins... but does he really?

Mac's Bar is... not exactly a high-class affair. Most bars that happen to be the nesting ground of a motorcycle gang rarely are, afterall. Even less so when the gang in question may or may not have some involvement with the yakuza. Still, it does draw a certain kind of audience, even outside of the gang in question. People who might occasionally want to fight. And as long as those kinds of people happen to fight each other without disrupting the biker gang, it's just as well, then.

And wouldn't you know it, someone comes crashing out through the door of the bar during this lovely(?) evening. A man in all leathers flies through, nearly taking the door off its hinges as he does and rolls across the ground. But right after that guy, comes another figure charging out. A larger figure, at that.

"Not done yet!!!"

The massive, immensely muscular man charging out roars out, clad in a hooded field jacket that has been left open to expose his otherwise shirtless form. The massive man charges his way through after the man that was just thrown out. The smaller man tries to throw a punch straight for the enormous man, but... Instead, the charge brings a large fist to slam against his face to knock him right back down. It doesn't seem to knock him out, though, but... the enormous man actually grabs him by one leg with just one large hand, lifting him up and turning into a wild spin that ends in the poor sod getting tossed across the street, and through a window of some closed storefront.

"Well," says Tarmo with a rumbling laugh, swiping his hands afterwards and turning to step back towards the bar. "Guess that's that!"

Aeria has money, money because of her mother, mother because she has invested in stuff. Yet, Aeria loves to fight and sometimes hunt for different kinds of things. So it's not as much of a surprise to see her in a bar like this.

Though she looks rather bored in there. Even with all of the bikers around and other nonrecommendable people. That all changes when she sees a man flying in like he just had a rocket up his ass. But this is not what is most interesting. It's the big guy responsible for it. She watched with an amused grin. The parasite inside seems to enjoy the show as well.

There is more to the fight. The biggest man is dominating the fight which is going on. If one can even call it a fight. It's quickly stopped. The entertainment is no longer so.

Aeria decides to go see the man walking toward in. He would probably know she isn't from the biker crowd. Though her red eyes might be interesting. "Well, aren't you a big man, who knows how to use his muscle?" She touches one of his big arms. "Do you have some time for a lady like me?" She smirks a bit. She doesn't look like much in physical presence yet.

The massive man does stop when Aeria's hand finds it's way to brushing against one of those thick arms. Tarmo himself peers down with a subtle quirk of a thick, dark brow. He does seem to take note of the red eyes, and... well, he might not be terribly experienced with supernatural beings, but he is jsut enough so that it makes him a little wary, at least initially.

"...Suppose that depends, lady," the big man rumbles out, then, in answer to her. His appearance alone marks him as definitely not being a Southtowner, being largely dominated by the japanese, but his accent easily suggest he is not a native english speaker either.

However wary the large man might be, he does roll one boulder-sized shoulder in a subtle shrug, and moves to step towards the bar counter, for now. "At least get you a drink, since ya asked. Be rude otherwise, right?"

She looks confident for some reason "It depends on what?" Her smile turns a little bit into a smirk, though she will be answered soon enough. "You're a foreigner too." She speaks English well. She doesn't look like a native Southtowner, either.

"A drink is acceptable. Give us time to talk, yeah. Or do you do your best talking while fighting?" She does stop touching his arm for now, though. "I think everyone here has the potential to be rude. It's not the most safe-looking place I've ever been." She smirks more, and she moves closer to the counter as well. "Aeria." She says, extending her hand. "And you are?" She inquires from him. She almost seems to weight Tarmos, figuratively speaking.

"Guess we just gotta see," Tarmo suggests with another shrug -- but this one comes with a subtle smirk. He seems confident enough, too -- one supposes most people of that size and strength usually end up being so, even in a place like this.

Just as they reach the counter, he does turn to Aeria, with her offer of a hand, one that he takes with one of his own. That large hand might nearly envelop her own entirely, though, if he wanted to do so, but right now? Right now he just gives a firm shake -- albeit a bit on the gentler side than he might be capable of. He must be conscious of his own strenght. "Tarmo. Pleased to meet ya."

"I bet you judge someone in their fighting. Just a guess. I don't know you well enough yet." Aeria says. She sees the confidence. Can't blame him for his size. It's cute to see in her book, though she doesn't say that out loud, at least not now.

Those are large hands fights for fighting more than intimates encounter. She does wonder about his feet, too. She might glance there a little. She doesn't use her strength either. Though it most likely is lesser, for all everyone knows, with a woman like her.

"Please to meet you too. You're here for business or pleasure." She means Southtown, not the bar in particular.

She also thinks. This guy would fit the bill. Strong, not the sharpest knife of the bar. At least in her opinion so far. A fun minion to have for a while, if she has her way.

She finally adds. "I will have what you are having. Simple enough." She stretches her body, doing some cracking in the process, as she does so.

For the record, Tarmo's feet are clad in some pretty heavy-duty, military-issue boots down there. Not that he seems to notice any looks given over to that way. Either way, they look the kind that would probably feel pretty hefty stomping down on someone.

"Depends on what you consider to be 'business' or 'pleasure'," the massive Finn declares as he leans into the bar counter, not even bothering trying to settle on any kind of stool. "Guess it's mostly pleasure right now, though. Fightin's always a little bit of business around these parts though, I suppose..."

When she makes her decision for waht to drink - or rather, leaves the decision in his hands - he narrows his eyes suspiciously at her. "Yeah? Alright." With that, he turns to flag the bartender down, and declares, "Bottle of Talisker." A bottle. Not a shot. A *bottle*. "And whatever the lady's havin'." Giving her an out, then, in case trying to down a whole bottle does not seem appealing to her.

She notices he seems to be ready to fight even more if something comes up, at least with the boots he is wearing. She likes what she sees, in the potential he could be used for.

"You are right. Think you could take on everyone in here?" She asks, gauging him. She's not ready to go for the kill yet. But it seems like a prime target, compared to all the little players here.

The bartender looks at her after. "I believe I said whatever he's having." The bartender raises an eyebrow. "The whole thing?" Aeria nods. "What he's having." The bartender shrugs his shoulders and then gets two bottles, giving one to the big man and giving the other one to the small woman.

When she gets a bottle, she slides a bill to the bartender. "Because you might not be able to afford so much." She teases Tarmos. "God, part of me wants to test you out. You know what I mean? But you do look really strong, I can't deny that.

Tarmo looks surprised when she agrees to take a whole bottle for herself at well. At first, anyway. That surprise turns into a wide grin, and he rumbles out, "Well, aren't ya full of surprises, lady?" with a laugh following after. Though he does narrow his eyes when she slides those bills over in order to pay for it all herself. "Well, I *can*, but if ya insist..."

He quickly opens the bottle for himself, and just waves a hand dismissively to the bartender when he tries to offer him a glass. Some whiskey conoisseur is about to have a heart attack. "What, everyone?" He asks with a curious look to Aeria first, and then a gauging look to the people gathered in the bar. "Mmmm... Probably," he suggests. "Individually anyway. At the same time? ... Still maybe. Would gotta be all tactical-like though. Why ya ask, huh?"

He promptly takes a good, long swig from his bottle then. It's not exactly light in alcohol or taste, but that doesn't seem to stop him. Though with Aeria saying... *that* while he's drinking, he has to stop and swallow just to give her another bemused look. "Test me... How exactly, lady?"

"It's ok, I will let you buy me things later. As you can see, I am indeed full of surprises." She almost seems to be playing. She's not exactly a pro at flirting or whatever she is doing. Playing fits a lot better here.

She opens the bottle as well. "We're going to treat this like a small bottle of beer, won't we?" She chuckles. "This bartender doesn't know his job too well. Go in full bars and they will always open the bottles for you. Not because they are chivalrous though, or bullshit like that.

She listens to him talking about how maybe he could take them all, individually or together. "I am trying to see if you are worth my time. To truly test you, I need to take you on myself. How else will I know if you are as strong as you look?"

She takes a big swig after telling him that as if she is trying to match him. Perhaps she is trying to connect with him. Maybe she's trying to make him more vulnerable. A spider making her web?

Tarmo is *absolutely* treating the large bottle of scotch like it was some lightweight beer you could find on any old shelf in a grocery store. The alcohol doesn't even seem to sting him.

But, with Aeria talking more and more, he just seems to grow more curious about her. Maybe a little more wary too, at that, again. "Worth your time, huh?" He repeats in a low, growl-like rumble. "Almost sound like someone plannin' to use me, ya know..." But, he doesn't seem intent on retreating away from this absurd notion. Instead, he props one elbow on the counter, and leans subtly closer to her while resting his cheek to the palm of his hand.

"That what ya want? To wrestle with lil' old me?"

"I never met someone like you yet. But I wasn't looking." She laughs softly. "That's impressive, really.

"Worth my time. I will put money on you if you're worth it." Not really, but she knows she wouldn't be as interesting if she said she would fuck with his mind to make him a... toy? Who knows.

If you're not afraid of getting dirty, like hitting a woman and all that cool stuff? Are you afraid of someone asking for it?" She says her piece. "Are you going to get mad at someone hinting you might be afraid? Yes, I want to test you myself because no one else can say into words what you will show me through pain." At least in this part, she is straight and honest. Because it should raise his interest. Or she may be mistaken and it won't at all. She will find another way then. She isn't worried. At least not right now.

"So, then..."

Tarmo's eyes lid subtly, as he leans closer to her again, face hovering just above hers for just a moment.

"You want to test your own strength, too, isn't it?"

His lips curve into a smile with that question, and before she can answer, he's drawing back again -- to suddenly down the entirety of what remains of the bottle of scotch. And once it has been emptied of every last drop, he unceremoniously slams the now-void container of glass upon the counter.

"I'm going outside," he declares, pushing away from the counter. "If ya plan to try and throw down with me..." He stops after turning his back, just to look back over his shoulder with a grin. "Let's not stop the other folk from drinkin' by makin' a mess of this place, hm?" And having said that, he casually sticks his hands into his pockets, and goes sauntering towards the door. He doesn't stop to see if she follows -- but there is a faint suggestion, in what he said, that he fully expects her to.

"Maybe. I don't expect to be as strong as you. Don't worry. If I did, I would not bother. I will make it worth your while though." She nods her head. "Least I can do right?"

"I am going outside too, or he's going to be hitting air, and that won't be a good look." She said, "Yeah, I hear you, let not bother the fine strangers of this bar." She smirks. She comes outside. She has no visible weapons on her. It might be the quickest fight in history if her ass can't cash the check her mouth just did.

"Ok, should I be nice to you and let you hit first? See if you can knock me out right away. Do you want me to hit first? Or you're going to hit me while I am talking. Or I will. Who knows." She grins and cracks her knuckles.

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Tarmo keeps walking without even looking back to Aeria, the whole way. Not even once he is out the door, not even while she's talking about how exactly they should start.

"You probably think I might be underestimatin' ya, right?" He murmurs, still with his back turned to her. "The thing is, though. I've fought plenty enough people who look more or less like ya... to know that's pretty much exactly what I shouldn't do."

Having said, that, there's absolutely no other warning to be given. The massive man is suddenly spinning around, and the motion carries his arm into a wild, powerful swing guiding his enormous fist, nearly larger than her own head, straight towards her. No more waiting, apparently. Now it's time to test each other.

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When he tells her she expects him to underestimates her, and she shakes her head. "I am hoping you don't. That would make you less impressive." She shrugs her shoulder. "I was just enumerating ways we could do this, is all.

Then he does start, and he's quick. That's a nice turn of events. She brings her arms in the way, and nothing breaks. She does feel the sting in her arms for taking the punch and it does make her slide back a bit. She doesn't go flying back, however. "Ok, that's promising."

She then sweeps at his legs with her own, trying to make him fall on his back. She has to test his equilibrium. If she manages to make him fall, she then slams the palm of her hand toward his throat. If she does not make him fall, then she jumps trying to hit that throat, but it would probably be a lot less efficient then. But it's all ok. One thing is for sure, she's stronger than that average woman's body accounts for.

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"Sturdier than you look," Tarmo rumbles once his fist pulls back, smiling wide with much more pleasure than one should have for having just thrown a massive punch at a woman, perhaps. "That's good. Was hopin' that wouldn't do much."

Her leg comes sweeping in, though, and he... well, he just turns his body subtly. He seems to see what she's getting up to. The subtle turn is made to bring him into a steadier stance, one that helps him not so much as jostle when her foot smacks into his thick, meaty ankle, even if it does make him grunt subtly. "Good thought," he rumbles, suddenly stomping forward before she can move and try anything else. "But that works on people lighter than me!"

With a loud roar, he suddenly charges forward with more force, body lowered down enough to let him guide himself shoulder-first towards Aeria, and bring the whole weight of his body to bowl into her with his sudden sprint forward.

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"I can't make it too easy for you." She smirks. Or you might not have fun at all."

"I will make you lighter if I need to make you so." She says strangely, but she's having fun too, even if she doesn't succeed in making him fall or anything.

Then Tarmo means business. when he charges with more force. She tries to dodge that, not pushing herself at full power. She doesn't need the feel yet. Still, that's not fast enough, and this time she gets hit in her chest and sent away, until she flips in the air and lands on her feet, sliding back a bit. "Oof." She rubs her chest." That's more like it. Come on!"

She starts walking back toward him and observes. She seems to have a different glint in her eyes. "hit me again." She observes him only this time. Her body seems to slowly heals though, even while she fights.

COMBATSYS: Aeria Corday focuses on her next action.

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Tarmo skids to a stop after slamming his shoulder into the woman, feet anchoring and posture rising up a bit more with his arms raised to the sides in a slightly upward angle. Like a bear standing up on two feet in preparation to throw itself at something.

But there's no counter-attack to come. The Finn narrows his eyes at this. "Oh, I see now," he rumbles. "You got somethin more than you appear, don't ya."

He might well be expecting her to try to be baiting him. But if she's able to heal quickly, he can't really afford to wait and try to find a better opening. Instead, he stomps forward again, with those arms raised to his sides suddenly closing in with a pivot of his upper body, guiding one arm to sweeping for her side in an effort to wrap around it for just half a second -- enough to shove her aside and towards a nearby parked car.

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[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
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She gives him a wink. "I hope so. If I was a completely defenseless woman, I think I would have a suicidal wish right now, don't you?

She isn't sure if she sees a slight hesitation for him to come to her right now, but he does come. She doesn't move at all this. Instead, as he moves, her eyes flash redder for a short moment and she sends a mind blast to him. One that makes it hard to breathe. At the same time, she focuses her energy and slams the palm in his sternum, with enough force to probably push him back some, but just how much, she isn't sure. She lets out a low growl after she is done with her move. "Now bring it. Like your life depends on it." She winks once again and bites her lower lip.

"Gh--?!" Something stings in Tarmo's head. It's like the worst goddamn migraine he's ever felt. It's a hard enough sting that his balance actually goes awry before his arm even finds it's way home. It disrupts the actual force of the swing itself, and... ultimately, leaves him open for the palm strike.


The Finn actually is senst stumbling back, between the surprising force behind her hit, and the disruption to his equilibrium thanks to the psychic assault. It leaves him reeling back and coughing afterwards. One hand to his middle section as he drops to one knee, the other rubbing at his forehead.

"Urrrgh..." He groans out, unable to get up off his knee for a good while, and even when he does push up, the motion is wobbly and unsteady. His inner ear might be ruptured. It's going to be hard to maintain any kind of balance for a while now. "Okay, fair... enough..."

He lets out a growling breath, and tries his beast to assume a steady stance again, as his large fists come up in front of him in a boxer's stance, and his green gaze narrows in on her. "I can't mess around with ya, can I?"

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"Surprise. Mother fucker." She says playfully. She looks happy to see him stumbling back like that. She looks pumped.

"Fair enough indeed. So I guess it's your turn to bait me. Comes on." She smirks and moves toward him. "Let's see now. Block this." Like she is telling him what to do.

Soon after, she jumps and slams the heel of her palm upward. She slams it into his nose hard, if she has her way. She has to see what he will actually do. She doesn't believe he will be obedient yet. But blocking would be good. She lets out a laugh. Either way, gravity pulls her back on the ground after. She can't fly.

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The moment Aeria's palm comes, so does Tarmo's. One of those fists suddenly opens up, thrusting to slip past the incoming arm from Aeria, aimed towards her...

But something goes awry. THe angle of her arm might have come unexpected, but his own arm slips away from it's intended trajectory, and his massive hand thrusts just above the woman's head, grabbing at empty air instead of her skull.


the palm crashes into his nose, cracking at bone to draw out a sharp wince from the hit, shoving him to stumbling back again with a hand instinctively going to rub over it while blood flows out.

"Hhhhhhgh... Guess.. I shoulda, done that instead, huh?"

Yeah, that was bait, but she went for it, and now he is bloody and she is fresh as a flower. A rose because she has thorns.

"What I say goes. You better get it in your head. I have your best interest at heart. Some people tend to make bad decisions for themselves." It's like she's planting a seed, a seed for later to do what she has planned.

After saying that, she gives a kick toward his left side. It's nothing fancy or super strong. It's only to add to the damage she already inflicted and to see his reaction to the move.

"You can always take a knee when you have too much."

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"You're feelin' real bossy, huh?" Tarmo growls, actually baring his teeth now. He doens't so much smile this time, now. He might enjoy the fight itself, but what she's saying is something he doesn't seem to immediately agree with.

He tries to brace himself by shoving himself forward, but the leg manages to smack in to his side like a whip, drawing another sharp grunt from him, and momentarily making him wobble with his already-disrupted sense of equilibrium.

"Alright, lady--" He growls, and suddenly, he leaps.

Up high, into the air. It's not high enough that it doesn't take long for gravity to bring his immense mass back down, with his hands outreached like in a football tackle. Aimmed to grab onto her shoulders as an anchor -- while the rest of his immense mass would come bearing down on her, pulled by the cruel force of gravity.

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Glancing Blow

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Tarmo            1/-----==/=======|=======\==-----\1     Aeria Corday

Aeria Corday says, "Does it bother you that much? It's fair. You might hit harder now, then." She gives a wink.

The kick that hits is a nice bonus. She didn't really expect to really do much with that.

Then Tarmo leaps in the air. The problem with heavy people is that gravity tends to pull them faster down. She tries to get out of the way but does not succeed completely, and she ends up tackles under him.

She feels the impact from the tackle, yet, it's also not earth-shattering, but she also feels the weight of him over her. "Oh no. What am I going to do? You got me... Nice tackle there."

Then her eyes flash a little redder again and then if she manages to get a hold of his mind, for a moment, he will feel like he's dying. Perhaps a heart attack, perhaps drowning. However, Tarmo feels it it really feels like he will die. However, he does not, and the damage he gets is not permanent. If it works, it only adds to the damage already there, and perhaps fear, if one has a fear of dying."

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# Disabling hit! #

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Tarmo            1/---====/=======|=======\==-----\1     Aeria Corday

Tarmo's hands do try to grip for her arm and shoulder still, with a wide, if somewhat angry grin. "What indeed," he growls, right before that new sting comes.

And that's... something different. Tarmo's eyes widen while the force of it courses through his mind, as if it's going through his very soul. He shudders, and a strained sound leaves his throat. More blood flowing from one of his nostrils, inexplicably. "F--fffuuuuck...!"

But. He grits his teeth after it. And he looks down to her with a furious glint in his eyes. "What *are* you?" He growls, before drawing his hands back...

But with that, comes one of his enormous hands suddenly reaching for one of her ankles, with a nearly bone-crushing grip. If she doesn't manage to slip away, he's going to actually pull her up by that leg -- and swing her around like a ragdoll, to slam into the ground below, at a nearby car, even into a lightpole, over and over again, with a furious roar, before sending her flying up into the air -- just to be caught into one final, fierce overhead punch while she's still in mid-air.

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emit "I am your worst nightmare and the most interesting person you will ever meet, all rolled into one." She grins, she enjoys this a lot. At least until it is soon-to-be ragdoll time.

Her ankle is grabbed. She half attempted to not be grabbed, but she was pinned pretty well there. She pulled in the air and the beginning of the nasty starts.

1- She hits the ground hard, smacking into it like it's she is meant to be a shower and make a 6 feet deep hole.

2- She hits a car nearby. A nice little red number. But as soon as she hits, she leaves a print on the metal of her whole body. She's bleeding now.

3- Then she hits a light pole, over and over, like she's an axe and the light pole is a tree. Except she's not an axe. However, the light pole ends up hitting the ground with a bank. Maybe she's an axe, after all. But what she is right now is a mess.

4- Because it's not done yet. He throws her into the air and catches her with a hard over head punch, which makes her smack to the ground yet again and leaves quite a bit of blood there. She has to be done for now, right?

But no, she forces herself back on her feet. One of her arms is in the wrong position. It might be out of a socket or might be broken.

She starts laughing. "Fuck." She sputters blood with this. "Now we are talking." Good job Tarmo. You will do what I have in mind." She coughs blood out.

Suddenly, she starts screaming and then slams the palm of her good arm into her sternum. Then, she uses her mind to push her back tomorrow. And she jumps, extending her good arm to clotheline him before she finishes with stomping on his chest with both feet as she lands. That is if she has her way. She's a bit out of it, but that doesn't make her back down at this point. It's all or nothing.

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[                         \\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Tarmo            0/-------/---====|>>>>>--\-------\0     Aeria Corday

"Rrrraaaahhh!" Tarmo actually roars out after that final punch, the massive man panting with the adrenaline and lingering paint both, his broad chest rising and falling. He actually takes a moment while Aeria is irecovering on the ground, laughing as she might be, to shed his jacket offo f himself, and leave that immensely muscular upper body bared. A mass of muscle.

"What you have in mind, huh...?" He growls past his teeth, cracking his knuckles as he stomps his way closer, body glistening with gathered sweat from all the effort that has been put in.

But the scream. That damned scream. It actually makes the massive Finn clamp his hands onto his ears and groan out loudly. "Saatana--!" He lets slip with pain, the psychic energies laid into the scream bombardin his brain and making his grey matter jostle uncomfortable. It forces him to grit his teeth, but--

He manages to push through it enough to allow himself to let go of his head and bring his arms up like a shield in front of him. Boot-clad feet skidding subtly on the ground when her arm slams into hers, making him growl all the more.

"YOu can..." He hisses out. "...Try!!!"

And with another mighty roar, his foot suddenly thrusts up. In a high-arcing kick that snaps for Aeria's chin, only to continue up for the bottom of his boot to be brough aiming directly skyward in a display of flexibility she might not have expected from someone that muscular.

But he stays like that for only half a second, before his leg snaps back *down*. To stomp his heavy foot right down towards her again, not just to hit her but to force her down, and to stamp her onto the ground with all of his weight with asphalt-cratering force.


COMBATSYS: Aeria Corday fails to counter Kirvespotku EX from Tarmo with Loa Loa.

[                         \\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Tarmo            0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0     Aeria Corday

"Nice block there." She smirks, still bloody but less, because she's still healing there.

He brings his foot up. That's quite some agility. It can be impressive and it is. When the foot comes down, she tries to hit his mind and uppercut the foot, but she's still a bit dazed and she can't make it, and instead, she hit hard and slams hard into the ground.

But, she still pulls herself slowly up. "Come on really, that's all?" She spits more blood, yet can be seen healing a bit too. It's weird. That 'woman' won't stay down right now.

Fully expecting some kind of further strange magical (or psychic?) shenanigans, Tarmo does withdraw his foot again. It doesn't seem smart to stay too close to the woman for too long, does it?

Usually he would be pleased to see someone keep going even after all that. For the fight to not end just yet. But something about the woman feels off to him. Makes him feel a bit nervous. On top of that, all those psychic assaults have left him reeling more than he might have even realized. His legs feel weak underneath him, his vision blurry. His body is trying really, really hard to just... make him stop.

"...You are one fucked up lady, you know that?" He growls, and while she's still working on getting herself up, he actually stomps in for her again. Not content to let her get up on her own terms, and instead reaching to grab for her face with his massive paw, and shove her back by that hold to send her right back down into the curb. Assuming she doesn't manage to slip away from that grasp before he gets proper hold... or stops him in some other way.

COMBATSYS: Aeria Corday fails to counter Medium Throw from Tarmo with Medium Throw.
- Power fail! -

[                         \\\\\  <
Tarmo            0/-------/-----==|

COMBATSYS: Aeria Corday can no longer fight.

[                         \\\\\  <
Tarmo            0/-------/-----==|

She is grabbed again before she can get back up, only to be slammed back down hard, and this time at the moment, she's not moving. She tried to throw him instead, but that didn't work out. The body while she seems out, is healing itself.

Meanwhile, something is reaching for Tarmo's mind. A seed, which when used, will make him love her and want to please her, to have her approval. A seed that can bloom, and go back, like a three in summer and winter. It takes a bit before she starts moving again, but she heals faster while she is not fighting, and the thing can work on only that.

Tarmo is left panting after everything. HIs hand remains on Aeria's head after she has been slammed down, almost as if he is ready to lift her up and keep slamming her if she shows signs of moving again. But when she doesn't... well, he lets go, and staggers away.

"Fucking hell..." He groans, needing to stop to lean against the car that had gotten quite damaged during the rampage. He doesn't feel good. He's left feeling vulnerable and hurting after everything. His mind still hurts and stings. It feels kind of weird, but he can't quite put his finger on what exactly it is...

But for the time being, he just staggers his way away, as far as his legs can take him. At least as far as into wherver the nearest motel is, so he can get some rest. And as far as he knows, leave this very strange woman behind...

While his mind is still his own, he actually thinks he might never see her again. If only he knew.

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