NFG Season One - Metal Paradise

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Description: Katherine Flake AKA Moondyne Mouse decides to take a trip over to the Pink Paradise to check up on Djamila, one of Team Metal's sponsored individuals.

When Djamila came into work tonight, she perhaps didn't expect the kind of sight that greeted her. Seated near the stage at one of the tables was who but Katherine Flake, Arctel representative and Team Metal sponsor. The strange woman was in one of her usual expensive yet still somehow dodgey looking suits--with the charcoal gray pinstripes on the suit jacket and eggplant-colored trousers. Red ascot tied around her neck and sunglasses, her short light blue curly hair partially hidden beneath a dark gray fedora. Leather dress shoes. She looked like a business woman of some type, but apparently went for a more 'powersuit' kind of look, with just a hint of sleaze.

And speaking of sleaze... well, currently they had a few of the girls on stage eating out of her hand, more or less--thanks to all the money she kept dangling out in front of them, looking like they were going to nearly tip back in their chair especially when one girl had to lean right over them to collect the money. The business woman was grinning ear to ear throughout this, meanwhile--looking like she was having quite a bit of fun.

Sometimes, when Djamila needs to empty her head, she comes back here to dance. It's a nice place to be at while in NFG, though she doesn't dance every day anywhere like she used to be. But today, she wanted to be here. So she is.

She knows of the "business" woman who is at the front. The girls seem to love it, so it must be a heavy-paying one. The more she gets ready, the more she feels like she knows who she is. Then it clicks. There was this sponsor she heard briefly at the party before the second draft. She was pretty sure it was her, but did she want to be recognized, or was she trying to be incognito? That was the problem. She gets into her outfit backstage and then makes it on stage soon enough, when it's her turn. She starts dancing, and when she can she gets close to Katherine. "Are you here incognito, or did you want to talk?" Now, if she made a mistake and it's not who she thinks it is, she will look like a fool, but it's ok too.

"No no, seriously how much for you to--oh hello! Our little fighting dancer!" Kath blinks a little, her queerly reddish-brown eyes catching the light for a moment. "I was just here to see how one of our sponsored fighters were doing, but, y'know~" she gestures to the girls still around her, another came over and handed off some kind of martini glass with pink liquid and an umbrella floating in it, which Kath took from her.

"I was just saying hello to the girls," Kath grinned, sitting back and letting the girls dance for a bit as she held a conversation with Djamila, more or less.

"You've been doing pretty well, even better than some of our Rayco products sponsored individuals," she didn't spring the idea on becoming a sponsor for that too, however, just yet.

Clucking her tongue for a moment, Kath shut up and just watched Djamila dance for a moment.

the other girl didn't ask any questions. Djamila's question wasn't the usual question a stripper would ask. But Djamila is not quite the usual stripper either. Probably all sponsors by now understand she's not usual in everyday life, if not in her stripping life.

But she does apologize for something. "I didn't mean to interrupt the lot of you." She says as she can hold the conversation and dance. She moves away sometimes, but she always comes back. That wasn't too weird. A stripper going toward the money. Nobody bats an eye at that.

"You can say hello to any girls you want. I am not here to stop it." She smiles. She looks happy to be here. She needs to look happy to be here, no matter the circumstances.

"I am happy you are happy with my performances. I changed my outlook about things after the rumble. It paid off. There might also be a video on the net about a certain spar with Braun from Blaze. I won that too, so no bad publicity.

When things go silent, one might think Djamila would be embarrassed to dance for her sponsor. She isn't. She never hid who she was. She never hid she enjoy stripping so it's more like 'Take it or Leave it.' As Katherine is watching her, she gives her the most attention. So that it isn't weird. She does move around the floor a couple of times while dancing, allowing another client to share. During her dancing, she gets down to her panties. Everything else is there for the world to see.

She waits. If Katherine wants to ask her something or tell her more, she is sure she will do so.

"What? Oh no--I came here to see you, actually! But I didn't want to let the other ladies feel left out," Kath slips a rather large-sized note into one of the girl's garters before gently shooing her away, since she had to give Djamila her attention for the moment, sipping at that pink martini drink.

"And boy look at her go!" Katherine is grinning with those big goofy buck teeth of hers, even as Djamila's top or bra winds up flopping onto her head, hanging off her hat and dangling there, askew. She plucks it off and places it in her lap, watching the girl continue her act.

"Just doing my due dilligence here and trying to check up on our sponsored fighters, and all that--I take it you've had all your needs met?" she she drains more of that glass before sending it off for another refill.

"You're very nice to them, thank you." She means it. "The girls don't force it when they are sent away. They know it's not good to upset a paying client. They will remember when they come back next time.

"She uses her staff also as a pole, so she can do pole tricks anywhere on stage. She displays all her assets in different positions. She has the same agility and assurance as when she fights. Just this time it's to enhance her body and curves, instead of hitting someone hard or dodging them.

"If you want to talk more, I can give you a private dance in the VIP area. I am worth it." She smiles.

She does answer positively when Kath asks her if all her needs have been met. "Security has been taking care of me when I need it. I have a roof, food when hungry, and a nice training area. I don't need to work every day unless I want to. Yeah, my needs are met."

After some more moves, she adds. "You're more in the background, usually? I only remember you at the Rumble Metal afterparty. Not that we talked." She at least got the body for stripping, with everything being natural.

"I know, you've been coming here, how else do you think I knew where to find you," Kath replies, her voice a bit higher in volume than a normal conversation tone, so as to get over the din of the music and noise in the club.

"Right, right, I was there--so, you seem to be doing fairly well on your own, and you're probably not looking for anymore sponsorships--even if I believe I have confirmed that Rayco brand products are one hundred percent Halal," Katherine grins at that, shrugging either way. She doesn't seem to want to push it, either. Really, Moondyne is just sort of hiding behind this corpo facade and just enjoying the show here, although it does chafe at times to be unable to directly interact. Most people would find the 5-foot tall talking mouse robot woman a little out of place.

A little lightbulb goes off in 'Kath's head at that, though this isn't anything visible, thankfully.

"I sure love coming to clubs like this, always do my best thinking here!"

"I presume my lifeband allows all sponsors to track me. For safety purposes of course." She sticks out her tongue a bit as she continues to dance. She is sure of that, just as she is sure conversations are listened to at the headquarters, if not more.

I am good. What would a sponsorship from Rayco do for me?" She takes a moment to dance around before again coming back. "I mean you know I am all helping team metal win this. They have been taking care of me. But Rayco. I gotta think of what gain I would get from it?" Djamila is curious. Whatever is known or unknown. Djamila treats Kath normally and with respect. However, the respect might be difficult to see, as she treats the sponsor like she has known her for years. That's how she treats all conversations in some ways.

"Maybe it's the titties in your face." Djamila bluntly says, but it's not judgemental. Perhaps Kath is not the first one to come here to do some thinking...

"There is that, though I don't like to rely on it," Kath kept on grinning, taking the fresh drink that was handed off to her. "Well, they are chi-based supplements that have been shown to increase energy levels by twenty percent! And like I said, hundred percent Halal, but if you're not truly impressed, I'm more than enjoying the show," Katherine took out a crisp but modestly-sized bill out of her pocket and stood up a little, leaning over to slide Djamila the tip.

"Trying not to look like I'm bribing our poor sponsorees, or anything," she laughed a little, sitting back down in the chair, her drink sloshing.

"That also might be a distinct possibility," Kath replied about having 'the girls' in her face, which she most definitely got an eyeful of just now, her sunglasses propped up on her forehead just for that.

"Makes the hunt too easy?" She smiles. At least can't fault Djamila for not saying what she's thinking. Then it goes back to the sponsorship. "So, I get their drinks, that may or may not do what it claims. And then I do well in the tournament and they get to say it was because of their drink. They make a ton more sales. If I lose the first match, they don't know who the hell I am. It's a lose-lose situation, it looks like to me. If I want a drink, I'll buy it. Would need a good contract with benefits. Because frankly, no I don't really give a shit." She gets the tip from Kath. "Thanks, babe." She means that, then it's back on the pole, she goes for the big finale on stage, then she can go on the floor and see if anyone wants anything. Or stay with Kath to talk some more.

"You're paying me for the enjoyable view." She smirks and lets her slide down from the pole all the way to the floor, and the music she is dancing to stops.

"Titties, making men and women happy since the beginning of times." She makes her way down gracefully off the stage with her staff. "So, do you need anything else Katherine?" She inquires to her.

"That is usually the idea yes," Kath replied, nodding to to what Djamila was saying about the sponsorship. She doesn't seem disappointed or worried that Djamia is likely to say no. She's apparently just having fun hanging out here at the club.

"Hahaha, well you're definitely spirited, I like that," Kath finishes her drink as she watches Djamila give her 'big finish', the fedora-clad woman reached into a pocket and 'made it rain' for the blindfolded dancer by throwing up a handful of smaller bills, before tipping her hat.

"I'll be seeing you around," she points toward Djamila and fingerguns a little with a grin, before moving to step out of the club. She leaves very uninventfully, leaving seemingly no trace she was even there besides the money on the stage and drinks she finished.

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