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Description: Recent matches have led to one ultimate need: Wardrove change! Djamila ane Braun meet for the first time outside of Drippin' Style, but a mutual search for new threads leads to a contest of more then just fashion sense.

Not only was Buford an incredible jerk in the fight. But her clothes were ruined then. Granted, you don't wear nice clothes in a fight, but she didn't have time to change for that one. So now, since she has some free time, she decided to come back to freestyle.

Today so far has been quiet. Sounds like a perfect day to do that. Little does she know that might change. That's the beauty of life, unexpected things happening and meeting people.

Today, she's wearing a pair of dark blue shorts and a dark blue top. It seems she likes her shorts. Of course, she also has black boots and a black blindfold over her eyes.

She arrives in front of dripping styles. She remember the last time when she met Hawksley there and then some of his sponsors. That guy felt so tall, but the other one seems to be the more cruel of the two. At least that's how she felt. But she didn't want to disrespect a sponsor, so she left at that time. She wonders if new adventures await her there. She takes a short moment to get the vibes just outside the store. She has all the time to enter the store a bit later.

It seems to be a recurring problem, that of clothes being ruined. In Braun's case, the massive beastman doesn't exactly have a sprawling warddrobe to begin with. He does what he can to take care of what he has but he's got a look he prefers and a style he works with. One might even call it an 'outfit'. It works for him and his abilities work wtih it as well, warping them to suit his more transformative nature when he gets into the heat of battle.

So imagine his annoyance when Junko proceeded to incinerate most of it.

Fortunantely he's got more then just -one- outfit and so he approaches Drippin' Style wearing shredded jeans and a long sleeveless jacket, sleeves long torn off to reveal the pillar like masses of his arms, His torso is bared save for a series of necklaces about his massive trunk of a neck and his clawed feet score lightly against the ground as he walks.

His nostrils flare as he takes in the scent of the area and he frowns mildly well before actually rounding the corner and seein Djamila...seemingly aware of her presence before he actually laid eyes on her.

"Eh? What've we got 'ere..."

She seems lost in her thoughts for a moment while she's standing there. But when she hears Braun's voice, it takes her out of it, and she even cocks her head.

She recognizes the voice. She heard it in a match. Not one of her own, but one of her teammates. Oh, Kenzo and Braun... yeah. That should be it. "A Braun and a Djamila, I would say. Right?"

She then turns to face her the direction of said voice. "Nice to meet you. Do you need clothes too, or just passing by? Never wear nice clothes to fight if you can help it. They won't be nice anymore." She chuckles, talking with him like she has known him for quite a while, even if it's the first time.

Then, even before he answers her query, she holds the door open for him. "After you, if you will."

He is not unfamilair with her either, though encountering other members of the contest out on the streets is not something he's used to. As such, even though she is friendly he remains momentarily stand offish as he studies her, roving his gaze up and down her form with a mix of appreciation and hesitation. Suspicion is part and parcel of his nature even though boldness comes along with it as well...and thus for a heavy pregnant beat, he says nothing.

Then he seems to give in to his impulses and he shrugs a bit, more for his own sake then hers as he presumes she doesn't see his body langauge and general gesture.

"Hn. Yeah yeah. Course it don't much matter what you wear if folk are busy shootin' fire at you.." He remarks. HIs deep voice is a languid rumble. Almost a lazy bored drawl that seems to contrast the crazed abandon of his high speed brutal fighting style. He takes a few steps closer, looming over her with his seven foot plus frame....and then ducks his head low to slip into the store, reaching out to push the door further open or his great frame and to take holding it open off her hands.

"So you hear to upgrade yer look, eh?" Braun rumbles as he passes her by.

If Djamila wants to fight someone, she will be upfront about it. She will not hit out of the blue. It's not her style.

While he's examining her and pondering, she waits. She doesn't add anything. She also doesn't tell him to hurry up. She gives him the time he needs.

"You're referring to your match with Junko. She's quite a handful, to say the least. I had the pleasure of fighting her, too. That was something.

After a pause, she adds. "I bet you're fun to fight too. I mean, you're no pushover with your frame. As far as I know anyway, correct me if I am wrong.

She lets go of the door when Braun gets it. She moves after him inside and then tells him. "Yeah, my blouse got ruined because of a sword and blood. Such is life. I am hoping I can find a similar one again. She uses her staff to help her walk the moment, once inside the place. "Can you find clothes easily? I mean, with your size?" She inquires from him, curious.

"Not easy. Nope." responds Braun, easily. His eyes move to her staff but then he looks away and takes a few heavier steps into the store. Their very presence pulls nearly all attention towards them. Even if he wasn't a giant beastman and she a beauty with her staff ... the very fact of their NFG status makes them something of local celebs and so cameras click and whispers and fingers get to pointing.

Braun's overall look is....not exactly inviting though. A few quick glances here and there make it quite clear he's little interest in engaging with the 'riff raff' at the moment and instead he begins to make his way towards a rack sporting tee shirts. As anticipated, their sizes are too small for him so he begins to slowly prowl towards jackets and other accessories.

"Usually just get stuff custom made if I need to.." he adds.

He then gives out a rough laugh, "Buford...right? Heh. Funny guy. Not sure I"d call a fight with Junko a 'pleasure'. I smelled her intent to do more then just 'beat' me. Girl's got some problems. Watchers and officials mighta gotten pretty hurt cause of her... Bad vibes on the whole tournament if y'ask me..."

He pauses and then admits, "..But it was a wild fight. Yeah."

"I see," She says, not really asking more about it at the moment. Instead, she hears the fans... It was still weird to have fans and to be a celebrity, as local as it may be. She has a few people at her strip gig who are loyal to her, so to speak, but this is on another level

. She waves as she hears the cameras click. At least at the beginning. Her staff can be heard hitting the floor in a rhythm as she walks but to another rack of women's blouses. The cashier she met last time didn't seem to be there. Poor girl doesn't work 24/7.

"Yeah, that's what I was thinking in my head. Being tall is both a curse and a blessing. Which is it more for you, if you don't mind me asking?" She's not afraid to raise her voice a bit to be heard if necessary.

"Buford is quite the misogynist, I found out. It's a real shame." She shrugs her shoulders and finds a blouse, not light blue like the other one, but instead light purple. It would do. Of course, how she knows the color is another matter. "Junko, it's complicated. It looks like she even hurt herself with what she does. It must not be easy for her. Though security should be better during matches so folks watching the fight don't end up in the hospital or worse."

She then ponders. "Yeah, NFG has been lacking safety in general, I can't deny that. Let's see how the final tournament goes though. You're ready for it?" She says as she moves back closer to him now, with said blouse.

"That's on her." says Braun, not sounding to sympathetic to the premise of Junko hurting herself when she fights. "She made her choice to be in this. Gotta be responsible for yourself. If you can't control your skills maybe you need more practice before you start performin'... Don't sound to complicated t'me."

He watches her, eyes narrowing a touch and then smirking ever so slightly.

"Buford touched a nerve eh? Hmmm... Somma that's probably an act. The rest probably experience. Needs somebody to show 'im a different perspective on things. Did you?"

He seems unimpressed with the offerings on the racks he's at though and after a pause he turns to look back at her. "Bein' big and tall has its problems. LIttle point complain' about it when I can use it to my advantage."

She ponders a second. "That's true, I suppose. Now, it just depends if someone forces her in the tournament. If she had joined on her own free will, you would think NFG would be more ready for her. It just feels like a last-minute thing. I don't know." She shrugs and smiles. "Either way, she might learn to control herself better. We will see I guess."

"I showed him another perspective on himself. So that's something." She chuckles. "But if I am honest, he did strike a nerve. It's ok. The fight is done now. Won't fight him again unless it happens in the tournament, but there are already two persons I really hope to fight in there." She leans over her staff.

"So more of a blessing then. If you need some friendly spar, let me know." She knows unless she screams bloody murder, her security now just outside the store, will not interfere. She is fine with being protected if necessary but she wants her space.

"You don't seem too lucky with clothes here, though. To make up for that, if you're hungry, we can get grab a bite, my treat. I am sure we can find something nearby."

""Yer just a regular ol'good girl aren't you." drawls Braun, resting one hand against his waist and lifting his other hand up to rub his jaw. He smirks mildly, massive teeth pulling back abit though he knows she cannot see it.

"Trying to be all understandin' of Junko even though she's obviously a killer...and now you wanna hang out with me? You sure your babysitters out there wouldn't get nervous? I'm not exactly from the right side o'the tracks.."

He lifts up a simple black tee-shirt and looks it over thoughtfully before settling on it and he balls t up into a massive hand and reaches with his other into his pockets to fish out a wad of cash.

"-And- yer talkin' a spar? That's two hotties that want to get rough with me. First Ayala and now you. I need to write down a journal or something so I can remember where I'm gettin' all this charm from..."

"I am just me. Went through my lot of things and know my way with a pole." She stretches a bit her staff stays upright by itself. After all, we all have a story." She brings her hands back to the staff.

I guess I have a soft spot for Junko's plight if we can call it that. Maybe I am wrong. But if no one gives her a chance, her life will be lonely as hell. Being lonely is not super fun, you know?"

She laughs softly as he mentions himself. "Oh, at least I am not trying to evade them now. So they won't interfere, less something really nasty happens, or if I scream bloody murder. I have a good feeling about you though. A tough opponent perhaps but not a danger otherwise.

She goes silent a moment as Braun does his things with the t-shirt. She was wrong, he did find something.

"A spar, where we don't hold back. With your size, you're ideal to fight, don't you think? Ayala is a good choice to spar too. You're on the same team, so you can do it on base. With me, well we could always find a spot outside. Wouldn't be too different from an NFG bout." She pauses but quickly adds. "Not that you're not charming or anything."

"Junko blew up a buildin' and probably put a bunch of, women, kids, in the hospital and maybe worse if they weren't lucky." observes Braun, "And didn' show a lick o'remorse about it while she was busy callin' me out and viewin' me like some sorta lesser creature so excuse me if I don't 'ave muvch sympathy for 'er. Just sayin'."

His words are direct but lack any sort of harshness to them. He's not berating her here as much as just stating facts.

"Just make sure you know whom yer feelin' sorry for." he adds, "An immature guy's misyogny don't seem so bad compared to that. He aint goin' around cuttin down fight spectators with stray sword swings."

He eyes her a moment longer and then finally smirks, "....You serious though. You want a spar. Now? For real? Hn..." Braun's mouth quirks a little bit as he considers her, "And without holdin' back...." There's another pause and he finally shrugs, "Alright. Alright sure. Fine." He slings the tee shirt over his shoulder and languidly prowls his way towards the front, intending to drop a wad of cash at the cashier for it. "Fine..." he repeats. "I'll indulge ya."

She listens to Braun talk about Junko then says. "You're not wrong. I don't know why I have a soft spot for her. It was a hard fight, and I got hurt in it, and I know some people in the crowd did, too. You are right. She is dangerous, but I can't hate her. Then some people less dangerous, they get on my nerves, like Buford. But he doesn't slash the crowd. It's very true too." She really can't deny he is right on both accounts.

"I am completely serious if you are up for it. If we don't do it now, who knows if we will meet again? We're not on the same team. I can't knock on your room or whatever and ask you for a fight then. I have you with me now, so I am asking for it now."

She follows him toward the front, as she wants to pay for her blouse as well. "Thank you. I appreciate it. It will hopefully be a learning experience for us both." She grins.

"I aint got a problem with her personally. Whose hatin'? She did what she did and made her own feelings clear." responds Braun. "I aint suggestin' you hate her just that you keep yer eyes open and yer mind clear..."

The shirt paid for, the giant brute slips his jacket off right in the store and then lifts the shirt on to begin to pull it down over his frame.

It is indeed to small. A tight fight that clings to his massive physique almost like saranwrap, hugging the contours of his massive body in an exagerrated fashion. It almost immediatly begins tearing in spots but the giant makes no reaction. He probably wanted this.

"Heh. Looking good." he decides before reaching down to sweep up his tattered jacket.

"Alright, let's do it..." he grunts before opening the door to step out onto the streets, ducking his massive body to do so but then holding the door open with his long arm for her to come out once she's finished paying for her garments.

With the likelyhood of a fight rising up more and small crowd begins to gather and Braun glances about, wrinkling his nose in mild irritation but he says nothing and simply waits.

"It's fair. Thanks for looking out for me." She says with a smile.

When Braun tries out his shirt, she pays for her stuff. She hears the tears of the shirt. She doesn't comment on it though. If Braun isn't saying anything about it, it's probably wanted. Djamila pays for her blouse and gets a back. "Thank you."

She makes her way back to Braun. "Looking good, I confirm." Which probably sounds like a joke because of her condition.

"Alright, I am with you." She follows, "You're also a gentleman." She says as he holds the door open, and she comes out. "Or you're return the favor. Likely both." She chuckles.

Once in a good spot, she puts her bag down. She doesn't seem too worried about it getting stolen. "Ok, I am all good. Good luck, Braun." She even gives a small bow.

COMBATSYS: Braun has started a fight here.

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Braun            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Djamila has joined the fight here.

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Djamila          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Braun

Braun doesn't react to much to her comment about his appearence. He knows of her handicup . He even compared it to Junko's own when they fought. If anything, her words make him presume she has -some- method of seeing in her own way, though that may not necessarily be true.

Still, she wouldn't have made it this far without some capabiltiy of knowing with whom and what she treats.

"Alright babe." he rumbles, getting a few paces away from her and then spreading his legs wide and leaning over slightly to get into a more combat stance. His massive arms raise, one forward and one back as he balances and his massive talons gleam, crackling softly with faint wisps of chi like bursts of black and red electrical energy.

"LIke you said. Don't hold back.." he rumbles with a grin.

She doesn't take Braun lightly either. She will see what he can do and adapt then. That's the fun of it.

"Ok, I won't hold back, I promise. Don't either." She doesn't react to his stance. Either, by choice or she doesn't know. But she probably does know.

She goes toward him and then slams her staff down upright. It sticks there with some chi, and she climbs high on it. Then she turns herself so she is upside down, hanging by her legs, and she reaches for Braun's own. Instead of trying to grab them, as they are massive, she reaches behind them and pulls her arms to trip him. In the case where she can't reach both, she will at least do so with one. Either way, the goal is to make him fall down. It might be silly to try, but she's gauging him right now. After that, if she can, she lets herself slide to the ground until a hand touches the ground and flips herself upright, one hand going to her staff.

COMBATSYS: Braun blocks Djamila's Inside Leg Hang.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Djamila          0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0            Braun

It's certainly not a tactic he was expecting. That she'd so quickly and willingly close the distance and then go right for an attempt to trip him and pull him to the ground almost catches him off guard.


Instinct seems to kick in and as her grasp grapples for him his body twists and his great limb swats out to push her arms away from his legs with a swatting sweeping motion followed by a pouncing backwards lunge to gain a brief bit of distance from her as she rebounds from her attack to return to her staff.

"Huh." he muses, eyes roving over her dancing movements and then sparking with a sudden red hue as chi crackles to life up and down his long limbs.

He lunges forward, springing at her like a thunderbolt, his movements sending wind hurtling up and down the sidewalk and through the bystanders as he draws near. A gigantic arm lashes out, whipping around at her with a single wide arcing strike that also seems to drag a jaggged swatch of visible chi with it as it cuts through the air and follows the trajectory of his massive clawed hand.

COMBATSYS: Braun successfully hits Djamila with Beast King's Decree.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Djamila          0/-------/----<<<|=------\-------\0            Braun

"Well done," She tells him. This is a friendly fight/spar, after all. There is no animosity of any kind. As far as she knows, anyway.

She gets ready when he retaliates. But he is faster than she expected for his side. Even if she tries to get out of the way she gets it rather hard from the big clawed hand. She does her best to follow the hit after to not get hurt more than she has to. She hits the ground, and the blow has an effect, but she gets back up.

Once up, she calls her staff back to her with the wind. "Oof, you're fast. That's noted."

She then jumps toward him and spins, trying to hit his stomach weirdly with it.

COMBATSYS: Braun endures Djamila's Improvised Smack!

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Djamila          0/-------/---<<<<|====---\-------\0            Braun

A bit of banter during a fight can be healthy. It can also be a tool to aid the combatants and throw them off. SHe's already revealed much to him by noting how BUford unsettled her...but after considering matters he decides against using that and keeps it friendly. She is right after all. It's just a spar.

A very, very, public spar.

"Whatsthematter... can't keep up?" he rumbles, prodding her just a little it with his words but not jabbing to deeply. "C'mon. Heard you clocked Genie pretty good.. . Gotta keep up."

A little taunting can't be resisted after all.

By the time he's finished bantering she's on him and he braces, holding his ground and allowing the staff to slam right into the brick like expanse of his belly. He wholfs, abit, but leans forward into the strike as well, coming in down and then then up again in a lunging grasp for her. His legs pump, jumping him from the ground and if he grabs her he takes her with him, leaping up into the air into a spinning spiral and then back down again to try and crash earthwards with him ontop of her after the wild ride.

COMBATSYS: Djamila dodges Braun's Cyclonic Driver.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Djamila          0/-------/---<<<<|====---\-------\0            Braun

"I have to let you hit me from time to time, to feel how strong you are." She would wink if she could.

She feels her staff hitting the strong belly. Yeah, that's more expected of him. But okay, she has to be on her toes. Concentrate. Especially as he comes at her as she strikes her. He grabs her a moment, but she's slippery as she lets herself fall to the ground, and uses another gush of wind to push her away a bit. "Not this time, thanks babe." Then she waits until he settles a bit, then comes back and slams her staff back upright and jumps high on it. She extends her legs and does helicopter kicks, spinning around to hit his body, until she ends up on the ground in a split if she has her way. Then she gets back up if able.

COMBATSYS: Djamila successfully hits Braun with Chopper Spin.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Djamila          0/-------/-<<<<<<|=======\-------\1            Braun

Two back to back blows. The first he had expected and braced for. The second one, not so much.

His missed grab leaves him reeling and when her kicks go slammijng into his face he ends up seeing stars. His vision goes white briefly and his whole body is sent tumbling backwards.

Reflexively a massive kick springs out, kicking at her staff and then up again at her as he goes into a full on flip, using his hands to brace his body to vault back away from her to gain some distance in order to reset his momentum.

"Urgh! Damn girl. You kick like a bull!" he rumbles. The sneering comment a compliment in his own way. Surprise and shocked by the force of those blows.

COMBATSYS: Djamila fully avoids Braun's Light Kick.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Djamila          0/-------/<<<<<<<|=======\-------\1            Braun

She feels herself hitting him with her kicks. That works out for her. As he lets out a quick kick, she spins on her staff, and as it hits it, she uses that as momentum, unconnecting her staff and landing down closer to his side. "Woof, you are really quick. Quicker than someone your size should be. Thank you, though." That was also a compliment. Hopefully it would be taken that way.

One would expect perhaps, with such a big guy and massive force, she would stay back to hit from afar with her staff, but she keeps coming back in instead, as if she didn't care about his reach. She makes her way back and she jumps in the air. There is a gust of wind upward to make her go higher. She tries to slam her staff on his head. If she manages it, she goes in the air again to slam to hit a second time. She is trying to keep the pressure right now.

COMBATSYS: Djamila successfully hits Braun with Superman EX.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Djamila          1/-------/<<<<<<<|=======\====---\1            Braun

The force of the blow is completely unespected. Braun's eyes bulge out when the staff slams down onto his head for the first time. He twists backwards again but the second hit catches him powerfully and he spirals backwards, reaching down to grip the pavement with his massive talons and digging up debris as he scores a massive gouge into the streets to arrest his momentum.

He rumbles something out, his deep voice an unintelligible snarl as he holds his ground and then abruptly lunges forward at her with a violent burst of speed trailing rubble in its wake.

He seeks to dash past her in a rushing movement while dragging his massive arm to swipe through the air and drag violent force with it. Chi once more crackles to life, blazing around his arm like a comet's trail as he swipe at her whilst his whole body seems to enlarge taking on more bestial and leonine qualities. She cant see that of course but she would feel the vast pressure welling up and the huge wave of bestial chi as it rips through the air. HIs claw swipe drags a blazing arc of energy behind it and then in the aftermath of it he keeps moving - but his tactics alter slightly as he attempts to redirect the fury of his stamina to accelerate his healing to regain a touch a of energy and endurance to counter the surprise heavy strikes against him. It's a testament to her puting him on the back foot so quickly and so easily that he's forced to resort to this. He's not happy - but he is intrigued.

COMBATSYS: Braun blitzes into action and acts again!

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Djamila          1/-------/<<<<<<<|=======\=------\1            Braun

COMBATSYS: Braun gains composure.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Djamila          1/-------/<<<<<<<|=======\-------\0            Braun

COMBATSYS: Djamila reflects Raging Thunder Roar from Braun with Evasive Strike.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Djamila          0/-------/<<<<<<<|=======\==-----\1            Braun

She's happy when she gets the hits again. She's in the zone right now, and it works out for her.

"Hang in there, you can do it." She tells him as she can't quite hear what he snarls. She didn't quite take him down, but it certainly wasn't pleasant. It doesn't sound pleasant anyway.

Then she can feel he prepares something hard. His chi is there. It wants to be strong, to show it's there. Djamila knows. She has to do something When she feels his strike with so much quickness, winds surround her. It seems to make her quicker, as she jumps to the side and strikes at the same time. Her chi wind, bounces the energy of his attack at him. "Have you ever felt it yourself?" She says as she lands. "Now you do." Pulling her staff back closer to her, now that this strange hit is done. Unfortunately or fortunately, she isn't able to prevent Braun from healing himself. She only adds to the damage she already did to him.

The nature of this battle is bizarre to him. He can't get a read on her and she dances effortlessly away from his strikes and redirects his attacks. Even his attempts at healing are countermanded and Braun slides back away from her at the force of her assaults and then grimaces, putting a hand to his chest from the gouge marks that ripped into him from his own attack.

"Dammit.." he grimaces and then he frowns deeply at her encouragement.

"Don't patronize me, sister. I don't know what kinda bag of tricks your spinning but it's clear yer good and I'm sloppy."

He straightens up and frowns, chi crackling dangeorusly over his body and his physique audibly creaking as his sinew bulges and his mane like hair begins reddening as if an inner flame was building.

"I aint lacking in self confidence so I can admit you got me on the ropes but I'm about to make you earn whatever win you get out of this 'spar'.."

Though it be a spar, he's keenly aware that if it were a real match he'd have quite a lot on the line here and his reputation is already on the line given the spectators of their match. It's hardly a private training match.

"Let's run this again..."

COMBATSYS: Braun focuses on his next action.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Djamila          0/-------/<<<<<<<|=======\=------\1            Braun

"Sorry, I don't want you to be discouraged, is all. You are very cool. You're pushing another side of me. But that's what I am looking for. Give it to me."

The people watching are just happy seeing an unscheduled fight/spar kind of thing right in front of their eyes, cheering on both fighters.

"Though I am surprised you're not attacking. Ok, if you need a breathing." She teases a bit. She knows one good hit and things will be different.

She slams her staff down, and she stops moving, focusing on everything around her. She can't let her guard down.

COMBATSYS: Djamila stops moving and focuses herself.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Djamila          0/-------/<<<<<<<|=======\=------\1            Braun

"Hn. Encouragement can come across as patronizing babe but don't you worry about it."

Braun can be quite mean spirited and rough but it's hard to stay annoyed at her sincerity.

"Yeah I am kinda cool, yeah?" he rumbles, tone both sarcastic and amused. "However it's cooler to win." Which might be him giving her an off hand compliment in his own way...or also giving her a clue as to his intentions here.

She doesn't take his bait which causes him to grin he closes the gap. To onlookers it's as if he's practically warped out of sight, only to explode into view just infront of her, coming in low and then lunging upwards in a massive swiping attack. His assault a full on blurring uppercut as his clawed attack takes him upwards in a spiraling wind mill like assaulting upper cut. More chi trails behind him, gouging through the air and the ground as it arcs and follows the spinning trail of his leaping upper cut.

COMBATSYS: Braun successfully hits Djamila with Whirlwind Fang.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Djamila          1/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1            Braun

"I didn't mean to patronize you. Not really. But you don't need to be cuddled though. I am aware." She giggles a bit, in a good mood.

"You are cool. Thank you. As long as you are standing, you can win too." She announces she doesn't take the fight as if she will automatically win.

Then he seems to disappear. She tries to use her instinct, but it doesn't work. The swiping attack hits hard, and during that onslaught, she is defenseless there. When the uppercut hits, she goes high in the air. There is blood, and there are bruises, but she flips in the air, to at least land on her feet, but she is the worse for her. He can see the attack has hurt her. "Oops. Now that was something." She stands up strong though. "Where were you hiding that all this time." She grins. She loves this. The pain a remember. Take nothing for granted."

Again, winds come around her, to speed her up, the chi can be felt. She grabs her staff back and then sweeps toward Braun's legs rather hard to trip him. If she manages that, she slams her staff toward his sternum, using wind to push it in even harder.

She hurts but is certainly not out yet.

COMBATSYS: Djamila successfully hits Braun with Jade Split.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////                          ]
Djamila          0/-------/-------|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2            Braun

"To many compliments can backfire.." grouses Braun but there's really not much else he can say. It's clear he's annoyed. Aggravated. But frustration isnt' doing much for him other then letting him -be- frustrated and facts are facts. She's simply got a leg up over him. LIterally.

So though his attack lands solidly, he doesn't take it for granted and immediately prepares a follow up. His chi wells up within him until it finally explodes outward in a huge blast wave that wraps about his body and washes away his previous look - enlarging his entire frame by more then a foot and resulting in a true bestial behemoth which now swamps over the sidewalks with a massive flowing mane, tail and red energy crackling about his furred and muscled leonine form.

He starts forward with a low prowl - only for her attack to slam home against his enlarged legs. The force of the attack upends him and sends his massive frame tumbling downwrad only for the staff to go slaming down into his sternum with wild abandon. Wind rushes into him and through him and then beyond in a massive gust as he emits a loud roaring thunder of pain, stunned by the unexpected force.

Hise yes then pop open wide and he leaps up in an attempt to push her off of him. His enlarged arms come swinging around again with a thunderous chi dragging swipe, then another and then another in a wild barrage of attacks mean to crash violently into her.

This is followed by another leaping attack with an x-shaped gouge of energy ripping through the air about her as he attemps to blast past her to the other side..

At which point that enlarged form bleeds away in a ripping surge of energy and he goes tumbling forward to the ground, exhausted. "Damn!"

COMBATSYS: Braun can no longer fight.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Djamila          0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Braun successfully hits Djamila with Monarch's Relentless Fury.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  <
Djamila          0/-------/=======|

She hits again. Seems luck is on her side. "I will try to stop that then." Meant for his earlier comment. But since he's not out yet, she is also pushed by him. He's about to attack. Djamila doesn't try to get out of the way. She takes the attack, trying to take it all. It hurts, it messes up her body right, but she takes it. Then he finishes with x shape attack of energy as he blasts to the other side. She falls to one knee. She's bleeding "Oh that will take healing." She however uses her staff to push herself back up on her feet. She is rocked, but not out. She feels for him, but she hears him, tumbling to the ground. "Good match. Fuck that hurts. But I needed to feel it. She does the omm sound a bit, and the winds come around her, to heal her a bit, stop the worse of the bleeding. Though she will need more healing. "Thank you for this, I really appreciate it."

"See, no one interfered. I wouldn't let my security do that in one of my matches. Thank you again. Hope we meet again, maybe even in the tournament." She slowly walks to get her back, but security comes grabs her and takes her away. "But wait!" "No madam, you have to come with us, you're hurt and they will have our head if you can't compete in the tournament." She sighs. "I will be able to. BYE BRAUN!" She coughs after that and they take her in the car.

COMBATSYS: Djamila has ended the fight here.


He's -not- happy....but he's nto angry.

"Yeah, yeah. Good match.." he grumbles. Gradually his frustration drains away as he pushes off of the ground. "Yer good. No denying that. You got me. Facts are facts. Anyone that underestimates you is a fool."

Braun finally grins a little bit. "Lucky me your security stayed out of it. Must be nice, having that perk. Or maybe it gets old being baby sat. I think the teams are over with after these last matches happen but if you want a real part...ditch the watchdogs and come hang out at Blazxin' HQ..."

Braun's answer to her is interrupted by her security actually jumping in now. He frowns but simply watches as she's pulled away despite her protests. As the car roars off he just stands there, hands on his hips and then he limps over and grabs his beat up jacket and finally stands back up and straightens. He's likewise already healing. He glances over his shoulder briefly and rumbles in the direction of the now distant car. "Next time babe. Next time..."

And then he's off as well.

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