NFG Season One - Ayala and Djamila Get Together Again

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Description: Ayala comes visit Djamila at Team Metal. She needs a guest pass first. After that the girls have a great time together. They both cherish the moment as this is what Friendship is about.

Ayala had not been in many of these huge high rise-type buildings before. She'd been in multiple story buildings before, of course, and she'd even ridden on creatures that could fly, even--nevermind planes. Structures like these just didn't exist where she was from, and they were still a bit queer to her. Looking up at these huge skyscrapers reminded her of the 'Aeries' that some of the rural nobility in the Makai lived in, which were typically bloodsucking fiends of some sort. The big city often didn't offer such gothic horrors as that, however--instead, this place was the temporary home of a particular friend of hers--that being Djamila.

"Holaaaa, Ayala here to meet Djamila!" she was however confronted by security outside. Not the first time she's run into guys like that, so things don't escalate into any kind of confrontation--but it does take a moment to get things sorted out, before her friend might descend to meet her, that is. Djamila might find Ayala waiting outside the building, tapping a foot and with a hand on her hip, looking a bit bored with the security guards.

Djamila mentally kicks herself for taking so long to get in contact with her friend Ayala. Things have been so crazy in a way, with all the fights. Finally, she took the time to invite her. She just has to hurry down before bad things happen with security.

She makes her way down from the 80th floor, and when the elevator opens in the lobby, she hurries outside. "It's fine, Ayala is with me. I invited her. A guest pass for her, please. One of the guards pfft. "You could have warned us earlier. Djamila answers. "It's not like you have to prepare anything for us. First time I have a friend over here, so guest pass, please." She repeats, and eventually, Ayala gets said pass.

Djamila goes to Ayala proper. "I am so sorry for this and for taking so long to contact you. I missed you, but things have been kind of crazy in Metro City. Please come in, we can go in the areas I am allowed in, Ok?" She also adds. "I hope you are well." She even offers her arm if Ayala wants it, though maybe it should be the other way around. Of Course, Djamila has her staff, and she's also wearing a black skirt and red blouse."

"Djamila!" the guards can't stop her this time from more or less glomping her friend, since she pusehs past them, perhaps a bit to their chagrin. This is just how folks from her tribe greet eachother, really--it's a hearty sort of bearhug. Not too strong, however.

Entering into the base of the building, Ayala is impressed by the cleanliness of it, compared to the city outside, and the strength of the air-conditioning, for one.

"This where Djamila live?" she looked around a bit in wonder, following along with the pole-fighter. The team bases she'd been in previously were like 'disused rite-aid' and 'old boxing arena/gym', amenities like this were not common there.

"Ayala is okay, got a shard of glass fighting Nixie, that kind of hurt... otherwise had to have a match with John Doe," she tilted her neck around, popping a joint here and there. "Ayala is improving," she nodded.

"Oh, I missed that." Djamila says, talking about such a nice bearhug from her friend. "Thank you. I feel loved." She squeezes her a moment too, mindful of her staff though.

"Yes it's where I live, well, we not all the building. A few floors. Training, Entertainment food and a safe place to sleep. I can show you the entertainment area, and if you're hungry, feel free to order something. They are really cool. We never go hungry." She grins and takes her to the elevator. "If you never rode one of these, it's going to feel weird, but you're safe, I promise." Just in case.

"You are doing great, and you beat me. I am so sorry for how I acted in the fight. I was not in a good place then, and you caught it, and I was ashamed after. Then Metro City got me busy. It was totally time for us to meet again. I really missed you." She admits to Ayala then goes in the elevator with her, assuming she does not resist.

Once she's disentangled from Djamila, the two are just sorta walking along through the large tower-like place. "Guess this is the kinda base you live in when your team does that well," Ayala shrugs a little with a grin, looking over at Djamila. "Ayala did a lot better this round than last, though," she pauses for a moment at the elevator, peering in before eventually following Djamila inside. If her non-sighted friend was brave enough to use it, well she was going to rise to the challenge.

"It do feel weird..." the sudden effects of gravity on the occupants of the elevator did remind her briefly of a plane ride.

"Ayala was hard on herself before, she wasn't putting enough effort into it, Ayala don't think she really earned it in match agaisnt Djamila," she put a hand on her friend's shoulder, tilting her over to look at the blind-folded fighter.

"Felt bad, too," the silence beyond the drone of the elevator becomes a bit more apparent.

"I changed how I see things after the rumble. It seems it worked out for me. I was so angry before. Now, I am more at peace." She nods her head. "Nixie match was great. You're the first who stopped her from winning." She grins, so awesome."

She nods her head as Ayala mentions it is weird. That's why she warned her. How Ayala feels is important to her.

"We were both messed up at that time, and you won. I am fine with that either way. We both learned from this I think, and we are still friends. That's what matters the most to me Ayala. You are important.

The silence goes for a while longer before Djamila says. "Even once NFG is done, I still want you in my life Ayala and be in yours. If you want it too." She smiles.

Finally the elevator opens to be a entertainment room and someone who takes food order to a kitchen. "Welcome to my living area." She grins. "Hope you like."

"Ayala knows, it was very tough," the cavegal nods a bit, responding to the Nixie comment. Perhaps it was the cavewoman's own experience with supernaturals that gave her the edge, there. Or maybe she was just ready to make good on her 'emergency foodsource' joke. To her it was a joke, anyway--her tribe did not practice cannibalism. Too many things in the Expanse that'd do that for ya.

"Ayala know it professional thing, it's okay--just wanted to let you know," Ayala leaned a little bit against Djmaila, at least until the elevator doors might pop open. It sort of pops her out of her moment there.

"Ayala smell water, this bathhouse?" she sniffed at the air, steppint out of the elevator, tilting her head. Pools and gyms tended to have that chlorine scent, also a feeling of moisture in the air, which was more what she was sensing. She seems curious about this, sure she's swam before, but never quite had access to a facility like this.

"It was tough, but you did it. You can be so proud!" Djamila smiles at Ayala about Nixie, and she means it. If Ayala would say a joke about Cannibalism, she would take it as such. She thinks highly of this woman and friend.

Djamila nods, "Thanks for letting me know." This felt right to be with her friend again. Then she asks about the water. "It's a swimming pool. It's good to strengthen the body. I enjoy doing laps here and there." She ponders. "We can swim if it's something you would like to do. Let me know if you're hungry too, and we can order. I am just happy you're here."

"Oh, also, since were going to the tournament soon. I want to wish you good luck, and part of me will be rooting for you. I don't know how things will go, but I wish you to have fun at least. You're amazing." She beams.

"Sure, Ayala would like to try swimming, but can't eat before you go swimming," Ayala knew this, it was a really bad idea. "Guess we swim later, can eat now?" Ayala supposed it was better to spend more time hanging out than just splashing around in a pool for the duration of the meeting. She was more interested in the quality time aspect here, it appeared.

"Ayala know Djamila cheer for her, part of why Ayala tries harder," she put arm around the other figher briefly, not appearing to care if people saw them that way.

"Sure, let us eat and 'chill' or however you say, first," she grinned a bit, before nodding to 'Jam to show her to where they might sit, or the like.

"Ah, Ayala not sure how things will go either, but she's getting stronger," she nodded, this at least was true.

"I guess all cultures know eating just before swimming is a bad idea." She smiles sheepishly. "What would you like to eat? So I can order it." She is happy to eat and chill. She just noticed Ayala noticing the water, and she didn't want to keep it from her if she wanted to go in.

"Good. I will do my best too. I would love to win it. Not saying I will though. I will just try. We will both try and see what comes out of it, right?" She squeezes Ayala lightly against her, when she feels her arm. She is fine with physical affection.

"Eat and chill, we have a sofa, and we can use the TV. Have you ever seen a TV? You might wonder if I have ever seen a TV myself." She laughs at that.

"You're getting stronger, better. I am impressed with you." She truly was. She might be biased, but Ayala means a lot to her. She says as she waits for Ayala to decide what she would like. If she has a specific taste for something.

"You mean has Ayala seen talking picture box? Of couuurse," Ayala gives the blind-folded fighter a little poke on the shoulder gently there, teasing her a bit. "Ayala was sure confused when she first saw one, though, must admit," she puts her arms behind her head a little, flexing, with an arch of her back. The blonde still knew how to casually be provocative it would appear, no matter the setting.

"Ah, don't be--Ayala was not very impressed with herself last round," she blinked back up at Djamila, being of just average height, the pole-fighter is on the same height as her. She seemed fine with the relaxing and feasting idea, for the moment.

"Ooh, do they have fajitas? Ayala would like some with chicken," she seemed excited there. Not many places she'd been in served really good Spanish food.

"Yes, talking picture box. I wasn't sure if you saw one before. I am sorry. I can only imagine how weird it must have been the first time. But you're a smart cookie. You learn quickly. Right?" She grins. "And you sure give me competition in stripping." She grins more.

I wasn't impressed with myself in Sunshine City and I turned it around. You did too. Give it your all in the tournament, and you will see." She smiles and taps her left shoulder.

"I am sure they can." She says when chicken fajitas are mentioned. She makes her way to the guy. "Two plates of chicken fajitas, please. with drinks to go with it. Thank you." She gives him a bright smile before she comes back to Ayala. "It won't be too long. Please have a seat. Make yourself comfortable."

Once they are both sitting down. "I was happy to be picked up again by Metal. I feel good here, but I was hoping we would end up on the same team for round 2. That would have been cool. My teammates are great though. No complaints. Except I haven't really met John all that much. ." She shrugs. "But yeah."

"Well, Ayala don't know about that last one," she rolls her eyes a little but keeps on grinning, not apparently conceding her skill with that particular form of performance. Sure Djam and her had partied at the Pink Paradise before, though Ayala was probably more of a hazard when it came to that.

The cavewoman slunk down on a seat, but not before at least taking her shoes off and leaving them in the entrance to the 'parlor', so to speak. She was at least a /little/ bit civilized.

"Djamila and Nixie were highest in demand," Ayala nodded, looking over at the blind-folded one. "John? Oh, John Doe--I don't think JD sees people much," she shakes her head. "You know he's kind of..." she hesitated to say it. Apparently you didn't say the Zed word, even in private.

"You're a head turner, I am sure of it. If you can dance, you're golden. Everyone can remove clothes." She laughs. There was more to it, but she didn't consider herself an elite or something. She's just Djamila, the stripper and now fighter. R
As for shoes, she didn't tell Ayala to remove them. But neither does she stop her. She does sit beside her though, with some distance to not be in her bubble

"I think Metal likes me. I like them too." She chuckles. "Nixie well, I didn't see her much either. So I wasn't sad really she wasn't any longer with Metal. We got Iris and Sarah instead, and I am happy with those choices. As for John, well, apparently he doesn't really talk either. That other guy talks for him. From checking some of his matches anyway." She gives a shrugs at that.

She then asks. "Do you enjoy it at Blaze? Is it better than Frost for you?" She waits for an answer. Soon, two plates of Fajitas with drinks are brought to them. "Oh, thank you. You're awesome." She smiles.

"Mnnn, Djamila might need to give me more lessons," Ayala shrugged a little, apparently not thinking she was the greatest at it. "Djamila is great for sponsorships, they like those," Ayala apparently realized Metal was more of the 'corporate entity' types, even though the concept of big business was still a bit fuzzy to her.

"He talks, just doesn't talk much," Ayala is only speaking from having been in a fight with him, to boot. Not that that is an excellent place for conversation. "Ayala think Blaze is okay, like it about as much as Frost, the base is a little nicer, it more of a gym," she nodded. Frost's had literally been a converted old disused drugstore, after all. And not even one of the nicer ones!

"Lion man is pretty fun, need to spar with him," she is reminded of Braun.

"Who knows, I might be an NFG sponsor one day." She laughs. "can you imagine that?" She takes a deep breath. "But I could teach ya more stuff. Then you can maybe even do your own things. Who knows. I mean I brought my style to fighting. Why couldn't a fighter bring their style to stripping."

She listens to Ayala saying he talks. "Maybe one day we will meet good and proper. Otherwise, I met everyone else. So not too bad at it." She listens to Ayla talking about Blaze compared to Frost. "I went to Frost, and it was pretty cool with Abigail Destroying a car was fun. Great time." At least at the scrapyard, she didn't go to the previous place.

Lion man? Oh, the new guy? Yeah. I need to spar with my team, or whoever has time and wants to spar. I would spar with you if you wanted and not be like that fight we had. My head is in the right place now. Just keep it in mind if you want to try some moves in a chill setting. A training of sorts.

She then digs in her plate of fajitas. She enjoys having what her friends are having if they eat together. Makes her try food she might not when alone.

"I mean, it might make sense--most of the wrestlers Ayala met in South America were older, and had become booker or managers," Ayala seemed to find this reasonable. Would Ayala make a good manager? She wasn't entirely sure.

"He's kinda hot, I mean--for lion man," Ayala engages in some girl locker room talk there, casually. "Garage was always dusty, though, was strange," she recalled, smirking a bit. "And Juri, as well..." Ayala gets a thousand-yard stare from just saying that name, before snapping back out of it.

"Ooh, is fajitas here? Ayala go get 'em~" the cavewoman apparently can smell some food coming, and pops up out of her chair, not making Djamila get up as she would go and get the food and proceed to chowdown next to her.

It was a nice moment, to be fair. Cherished, even--Ayala knew it was important to treasure them.

Djamila says, "I bet most of us could be a sponsor one day at least if there is a new NFG when we are older. They would be lucky to have you." She smiles.

"Braun is? He's not my type. But it would suck if we had to fight for a guy or a girl." She grins. "I hope things will work out between you two if there's something to happen there."

SHhe listens about the garage, but she can't really say anything about it, since she didn't go in that garage. When she mentions Juri, Djamila can see things happening there, but it doesn't seem like the right time to talk about it. Especially when Ayala realizes the food is ready.

"Yeah, it's here. Thanks, babe." She smiles. Apparently, there had been some confusion, but she also cherishes this moment. It's what real friendship is like. Moments where you can just be yourself together and forget everything else. So for a while longer, they are together, and they have a good time. Until it's time for Ayala to go home. But that moment will be later.

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