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Description: Tarmo runs into Lilith who has been moonlighting at the Mars & Venus in Southtown to help find some semi-willing donors for her succubi feeding needs. Question is, is Lilith prepared for an encounter with the Finn?

Having a moniker like 'The lost child of lust' set a pretty bold and kinda dodgey set of expectations for someone--even if you were the sister of Morrigan Aensland. Lilith had been through literal hell and back, and had literally nearly died after the old body Jedah had made began to deteroriate. Well... she also sorta /did/ die once she had been able to reunite with Morrigan, but had managed to get better and re-emerge from her sister. She didn't remember a whole lot from before then, but small things. And she had been given the riot act from her sister once she sprouted anew out of her shoulder like an Ettin's second head, which had been pretty alarming for the both of them. Probably better than if she had slid from any other part of Morrigan, lets be fair. Lilith had a few adventures since then, like meeting Frost, for example--and she had wandered where she went--she was hard to find!

What was also hard to find was food. See, like her sister, Lilith was a succubus--she ate people, in short. Of course, it wasn't /too/ terribly bad for them, those enthralled by a succubus and had their soul essence devoured typically joined with them as one of their soul bats, and they didn't seem to mind. Of course, Succubi didn't /have/ to totally comsume them, and Lilith didn't necessarily like doing that, unless there was a pretty good reason. Which brings her to this place--The Mars and Venus had been fairly easy to infiltrate. For a Succubus, they could change their appearance very easily, and it wasn't hard to pretend to be some kind of foreign girl that needed quick money and wanted to work in one of these places--it happened a lot. Lilith was perky, a bit sporty, but also playful--yet still retaining a sort of innocence that was belied by her true natures.

And hey, Lilith even got to bring her own uniform! That being a red lady maid outfit, with white frilled choker, cuffs, blue tights (conspicuosly familiar to those who've seen her normal outfit) red 3" pumps and red lace hairband. Of course, most of these things were her wings boots just reforemd into different things, but it's not like any humans could figure it out. And speaking of humans--she had currently cornered a rather over the hill salary man and was maneuvering him into a fairly intoxicated state in which she could a little 'sip' of that luscious soul essence. She'd take her tip and leave him in the booth and he'd get a cab home and be none the wiser. Neither would the cafe.

It's a decent cover to do that kind of thing with, too, if 'sipping' was the most someone like Lilith was alright with doing, anyway. There's a lot of very expensive booze sold in the establishment, so any kind of dizziness or the sort would be easy to mark down as the customer merely having more than they could handle. Even with more forward physical contact being largely forbidden by club rules.

Well. The truth is, the Yakuza family that happens to own the establishment in the background might be at least somewhat aware of what Lilith is doing, but at least so far it has been considered a non-problem, evidently. There's also a good chance she's drawing in some repeat visitors, so... good for business with very little actual harm to the customers, right?

While the succubit is finishing her way through her chosen mark here, the floor manager on duty is leading a new customer to one of the empty booths. A large, bearded foreigner, who... for some reason has chosen to wear absolutely nothing top-wise underneath his hooded jacket, and with the aforementioned jacket left unzipped, a massive array of firm muscle is left completely exposed there. This is a *little* worrying for the staff on duty, perhaps, but he paid good money to get in, at least.

And the truly enormous man promptly flops into the center of the booth shaped in a half-circle he has chosen, tree-trunk thick arms spread along the top of the softly-cushioned couch and legs slightly spread in an overly relaxed stance that the locals might easily consider 'rude'.

But Tarmo has never been much for social conventions, as it turns out. Not particularly familiar with these kinds of establishments, either, but he'd heard about them before and gotten curious, you know! He just had to try it out. He was a little bemused when he was asked in the front if he had any requests for someone to accompany him, though, and just told the staff to bring whoever was free.

If Lilith had been made by whatever group runs the place, she might not have noticed--or cared. Necessarily--she was a bit of a carefree sort... at least when she wasn't trying to navigate one of these older guys that drank way too much and found their way into a booth here. Said booth was currently shaded by a light diaphonous curtain, while several other girls were busy tending to their 'dates' of the evening, Lilith was having quite a time. The guy was nearly falling over himself drunk, and Lilith had already made the transition from the seat enxt to him to his lap--and was trying to calm and get the man more focused--namely for that exquisite soul-draining kiss.

"Oh yes, that's so funny--ahah--you're a really charming guy, no really!" Lilith grinned brightly, trying to get the man more under her control so she could tap him, when SUDDENLY--there is a very strong energy sign that enters the club behind her.

"Mmphh?!" Lilith was in mid lip-lock and soul drain with the schmuck in the booth when Tarmo rumbles in and manspreads all over the booth. Shit, what if he was here for her, Lilith thinks--but then rationalizes they probably weren't... maybe. But she had to investigate. Leaving prince valiant where he sat, in a daze, Lilith readjusted her red lacy maid dress and stepped back out into the hall, making her way over to where Tarmo sat.

"Hello there, welcome to the Mars and Venus, sir..." she smiles and closes her eyes, bowing and curtseying, standing just outside of his booth.

Just before the succubus in maid outfit comes along, a waiter does happen to bring over a... well, a rather considerable amount of alcohol. Several large bottles of various liqours. Smokey whiskeys, some fancy cognags, the lot. Nothing in the more expensive end of the menu, but still hefty enough of an amount to be quite costly.

And one of those bottles is already getting opened -- usually the hostess accompanying the customer would take care of pouring and such, but he apparently didn't care to wait. He does stop right after the cork has been taken off to peer at Lilith, the enormous man tipping his head slightly to one side while considering the woman in the maid outfit.

"Hooh? I didn't see most here dress up like you. Interestin'. Well, glad to meet ya."

His other enormous hand taps at the space on the cushionings of the booth near him in inviting indication, then. "Name's Tarmo. First time in someplace like this. Ain't got anything like this back home. ...Not sure they have anything like this anywhere outside Japan, honestly, I've been all over."

And just like that, he tips the opened bottle of whiskey in his hand and... drinks straight from the bottle. Any nearby whiskey afficiniados would have a heart attack seeing that.

Well shit--this one I don't even have to keep teasing and cajole to get drunk, ain't that the luck--Lilith might be thinking. Even though she's not exactly hungry now--that would be her luck, wouldn't it--the very next 'gaijin' to walk in that's a big spender and he's getting himself nice and plastered. Of course, Lilith has no idea how much the Finn can drink, likely, either.

"Special goth lolita maid, sir--for delivery!" she giggled, she slipped down into the booth next to Tarmo and made herself comfortable, while also doing her duty of pouring the drinks and lighting cigarettes and all that, if Tarmo was into any of the latter.

"I'm Lilith, nice to meetcha," she's using her real name as her 'hostess' name, of course no one would likely suspect. She is already blinking and wide-eyed over the large assortment of booze that's been brought over, and the man himself.

"You're very tall! aheh--sir, I'm supposed to pour you drinks here, you... don't need to drink right from the bottle," she giggles again, though she doesn't seem to find this a problem, she's more amused than anything. "Have you ever been in a host club before?"


The enormous finn peers over the bottle while still chugging the liqour that was definitely not meant to be chugged. There was even a sipping glass provided specifically for a slower pace of drinking! But the Finn just genuinely looks confused by the idea that he shouldn't be drinking like this.

STill, he pulls the bottle away from his lips regardless, with... a little over a quarter of the litre-sized bottle's contents already drained away. And he just looks like he might as well have just downed himself a nice swig of water instead.

"WEll, far be it from me to take your work away from you," he rumbles, leaning to set the bottle down onto the table in front of him before leaning himself back into the backrest again and spreading his arm back over it at his side. "Nope. Never. Been to all other kinds of clubs, but... nothin' like this. People mostly come to these places for... what, company? In the non-double entrende sort of way?"

As Tarmo puts the bottle down Lilith leans over and quickly sniffs at it--she darts her head back and wrinkles her nose a bit, but still retains her smile. It was definitely much more potent than she was used to.

"It would seem you're going to be giving me a lot of work if that is how thirsty you are, sir," Lilith grins a bit and goes through the trouble of pouring the Finn a long tall glass from that bottle, before handing it off to him. This was kind of her job, after all--and handling 'foreigners' and the like, especially the colorful ones, tended to be her specialty. The other girls were more into the more predictable, and easier sorts of 'dates'.

"Most of the time, yeah--these are places for men to pay to spend time with a girl, sir--if you're looking for something else, well, this might not be the best place," she grinned a bit sheepishly. Though she was no stranger to getting raunchy, Lilith was still innocent in that she didn't really have any ulterior motive for things like that--it was more part of her nature as a Succubus. She also wasn't exactly being dishonest by selling her time and company either, in some ways, anyway.

"So where are you from? you're very tall, like a viking!"

"Got a deep well here, what can I say?" the enormous mana rumbles, followed with an equally rumbly laugh right after, his massive paw tapping against the top of the couch with it.

"Mmm... I can see the appeal though. It's not like the 'something else' is really legal anyway, right?" Though he does pause right in the middle of reaching for the glass she had just poured out for him, brows burrowing together for a moment. "...Right? I'mma be honest, I'm not *that* familiar with the local laws. Well, doesn't matter, wasn't expectin' anythin' like that."

The glass is finally taken after that little tangent of a thought, so he can take a good, long drink there. Still clearly a slower pace than he would prefer, but what are you gonna do?

"Viking, huh?" He actually laughs at that, waving one hand at the girl. "Close, I guess. I'm from Finland. No vikings from where I'm from, though."

"Unless I wanna do it, on my own time? then it's a different story," Lilith is being honest here, and she's keeping to the tenants of her job. "Otherwise... it's not quite like some other places, certain things are legal here if you pay for them, like a massage," Lilith smiled and nodded, as if this was a wholesome thing. It really wasn't.

"Yeah, so tall, and that beard, you're like from a fantasy movie, or something," some of this might be Lilith trying to entertain the man, since clearly it's working, but some of it might also be her adolescent-ish naivete.

"Finland? Never been there," Lilith raised a brow and thought about it. "Where is that near? I'm not from Tokyo myself, more around the UK," she explains, quickly refilling the Finn's drink, nearly as fast as he can quaff it.

"Aww, come on, I ain't anythin' like that," the Finn insists over Lilith's apparent observations on his stature and presence, even shaking his head in between some sips of the whiskey. He's been pretty quick at draining that stuff, too. "Part of the job to compliment the guest too, right? DOn't worry about it though, ya can speak yer mind."

He seems to have at least some kind of ideas on how customer service jobs like these function, be they right or wrong.

"Oh, it's close by..." He seems kind of used to people not knowing a whole lot about his home country too, for that matter. He makes a vague kind of gesture with his hand, sort of upwards and to the right. "North east from the UK. Right by those viking countries you mentioned."

"I am! I always do," Lilith protests, sounding a little adorable there, or adorkable, depending on your senses. "I was just curious anyway, I like to learn about new things," she peers at the bottle, before trying to pour herself just a little bit of the liquid--before gingerly raising it to her lips and trying to drink some.

What follows is perhaps a hilarious sputtering and she coughs a little, her face turning red. Like she'd just drank paint thinner, or the like. She's /definitely/ not used to drink that strong.

"Oof... I'm okay... and oh, really? Wow! Wait I didn't think there were still vikings around..." she might be a little ditzy, ontop of naive--though that might also be confusion from the drink.

The foreign customer maintains a pretty good mood still, but once Lilith imbibes on the drink herself, and... well, coughs the way as she does, his thick brow quirks up slowly.

"Hey, hey." Arms unwrapping from the backrest of the booth's couch, he leans over some, patting one of those strong hands to her shoulder. "You aight? Not used to the stuff? Ain't no shame in it, don't gotta indulge in the stuff just cause you work here."

He's quick to let out another laugh then. He *might* assume she's getting affected by the alcohol already, but... something about the girl makes him actually give a pat to the very top of her head. "No, dear, there's not really any vikings around. But the countries they came from are still around, you know?"

Her face still a bit red, Lilith clears her throat and nods a little bit, smiling sheepishly. There might have been a little tear she had to wipe away from one eye. "I'll be alright! Just not used to that sorta stuff," she was used to something a little bit more ethereal, for sustenance, to be fair, ontop of whatever food and water she ingested. Which was usually more sweet... and not as intensely fermented.

"Ohh," Lilith doesn't seem to mind the patting of her head, it's kinda amusing, even, more like he was toussling a youngster's hair. Which well, she was. Appearance-wise, anyway.

"Just rememebr there's not supposed to be any touching, alright sir?" she regained enough of her composure to wink at the man as she smiled up at him, reminding him of the rules. Of course the way she said it made the rules sound more like guidelines, than actual rules.

"Well it was nice to learn about a new place, at least, you staying in Southtown for a while, or just passing through?" she's apparently a bit relieved this man wasn't here looking for her, as well.

"Yes, yes, I'm sure that's mostly supposed to keep people from gropin' and stuff, right?" Tarmo murmurs, quite purposefully giving a bit more of a hair-tousling pat there on the girl's head before drawing his hand away. "I'm sure the bouncers ain't gonna beat me up just for rufflin' your hair, yeah?"

Well. They might, if the spot him doing it.

Though that does leave him looking a *little* curious about something else regarding this girl. Between the way she reacted to the drink, and her overall behaviour...

"...How old are you, Lilith?" He asks, suddenly sounding just a bit more serious. He's not even reaching for the booze himself in that instant, despite likely initially putting up the image that he has a nearly endless thirst for the stuff.

"Right, at least in the club," Lilith is still a little new on the subtlety thing, but she's learning. Still, she closed her eyes and grinned as the larger man toussled her hair, again. It was kinda nice, to be fair.

"Mmmnnaaah, not really, not unless I start making a scene," she giggles a little. Obviously she's far from it. "You're funny though," she says a little enigmatically, it's not quite clear just which part of this she finds amusing.

"16 sir," she nodded, matter of factly. "Don't worry, I'm pretty mature for my age," she grins again at that, sitting back against the booth, crossing her legs, as if to reinforce this point.

"...Sixteen." Repeating the number she gave to him in answer, the Finn's eyes narrow quite a bit now. He actually straightens up from his relaxed slump, too, while he considers the girl.

"...Isn't that a little young to be working in a place like this?" He asks, still with that serious tone. He does pointedly reach his hand over to tug the glasses on the table a bit further away from her. "Definitely too young to be drinkin' this stuff..."

"Whaddya mean? it's good for a teenager to make extra money, right?" Lilith blinks a little bit, not perhaps comrpehending why the man is suddenly a little suspicious of that. "I told ya, we're not even supposed to touch eachother, those are the rules, so it's okay," Lilith shrugs a little bit with a smile.

"Mmm, depends on the prefecture, sir," the succubit nods a little bit, looking down at the alcohol. "They don't mind if I just sample it sometimes, we're not supposed to really do a lot of drinking though," she shakes her head.

"It's okay, honest!" she makes a note to make sure the man's glass is topped off.

"...This place is still like eighteen minimum for customers though, right?" Tarmo continues on his line of questioning, still seeming very much suspicious of the whole arrangement. "I feel like there would be some kind of law about, like, employment in a place like this...."

Staring down at the girl, those little concerns seem to build up within the massive finn, bearded face twisted entirely with some kind of displeasure now. "...Is there someone making you do this, by chance?"

"I think so," Lilith replied, tilting her head a little as she watches him. She grins at last though, shaking a hand. "It's not a place like that, Mr. Tarmo, far from it," the red maid outfitted succubus laughed a little bit, making this still seem like no big deal.

"Someone making me do it? No," she answered plainly, "No one makes me do anything I don't wanna do, except maybe my sister, and only sometimes," Lilith shrugged, looking back at the whiskey.

"She takes care of me, here and there, looks after me, y'know?" she smiles.

"I mean, sure, it isn't... But, it's still, well... an adult establishment," Tarmo reasons out, rubbing his large hand along the side of his head now. Maybe just a little put off by how casually Lilith seems to be taking this whole deal. Maybe it's just some kind of cultural difference?

But then again, he also doesn't know what Lilith actually is, so there's that.

"I don't know, I just assumed there would be some kind of minimum age limit for when you could work at a place like this..." Saying that out loud doesn't make him look at her any less suspiciously, either. Now, at this point he *does* reach for the whiskey again, taking a good swig. This conversation is rapid returning his desire to drink again, albeit for different reasons.

"I... see. Your sister sounds like... a good person?" He does not sound *entirely* convinced by that, either, but...

"Well the rules are a little different in Japan, Mr. Tarmo, sir," Lilith keeps her expression sunny, shrugging again and seeming to relax. She has been keeping track of how much alcohol has been going into the Finn, and it's a pretty staggering amount by her reckoning.

"Are you sure you're okay, Tarmo, sir?" she looked at him a little amused, but incredulously, watching him take the bottle again. Thinking about her sister, meanwhile, she nodded.

"She is! she's helped me a lot, saved me once too, when I was really sick," well, body disintigrating, more like, but that still counted, hopefully.

"I... suppose I just don't know enough about the local traditions," Tarmo mutters, relenting at least a little right now as far as his suspicious line of questioning goes.

"Hmmm?" He looks to her over her question with some visibly confusion, but then glances back to the bottle in his hand. That's when some realization hits in, and he allows a laugh to rumble out with a shake of his head. "Oh, this? Nah, this ain't nothin' for me. I ain't even feelin' buzzed!" He insists with a wide, confident grin... and promptly takes a good, long swig straight from the bottle.

"Jeez, I didn't know vikings could drink that much," she makes sure to keep another bit of liquor from the bottle poured for him, relenting, apparently. "Just hope you can't drink all night, sir, but... eh, I probably am not needed for any other folks tonight," Lilith gets comfortable, smiling a little as she snuggles up against the big bearded man, just a little bit. She doesn't seem to mind this, and she had likely guessed the big man didn't either. Succubi could sense these things.

"Still not a viking," Tarmo points out after drawing the bottle away from his lips, his other hand going to wipe over his lips to get some of the leftover droplets of the smokey liqour cleaned away. "But hey, I'm not gonna try to keep you here past the time I paid for or anything."

He peers down at her when she gets right up close to his side, his thick brows shooting up slightly. "Thought there was no touching allowed?" He asks, though he doesn't actually seem to mind. He's not trying to push her away or anything, at least.

"Just teasing a little bit," Lilith peaked an eye open in Tarmo's direction, even if she wasn't turned to face him. "That's fine, you can whenever you want, really, but I'm having fun," Lilith nodded, tilting her head a little bit.

"What do you mean? You're not touching me at all," she points out, apparently inadvertant or accidental didn't count, here. "I'm just relaxing, it's nice to get a client who isn't super needy, y'know? Some of these guy, whew, they want their drinks poured, cigarettes lit, gotta talk for hours," she made a motion her hand like a jaw open and closing, like a handpuppet.

"I mean, that's the job I know, but still," she sighed.

Looking down to her, still, Tarmo does give a vaguely amused look at her answer to his own teasing question. "...That's true enough," he agrees eventually, and turns his head for another quick drink, while listening to her talk about how the job goes for her most of the time.

"Hey, everyone's allowed to complain about their jobs, right?" He points out with a little laugh. "I mean, probably don't complain about it to *those* customers, right? But I get it at least."

His free hand does go down again to give a quick, cheeky tousle over her hair right then, and he even teases some more with a murmur of, "Bet it's a nice change of pace to have someone around you can just talk at, right?"

"Yeah... reminds me I need to call my sister again soon, and hey--I'm getting off work in about an hour, do you want to go someplace to eat, maybe?" Lilith mentions it casually, as if she's done this a lot with people that come in here. She really hasn't. At least, not to 'eat' that way. Sometimes the clients were fidgety or squirrely, or didn't like to drink as much, so some more subterfuge was needed if she wanted to put the 'succ' on them, so to speak. Succubus, that is. She could just sneak through windows or into rooms when people were asleep and invade their dreams the old fashioned way, so to speak--but this way at least she had more of an idea of who the person was, and she was able to gauge better whether she wanted to feed. Some folks were possessed of bad juju and weren't particularly enjoyable, even if it was sustenance.

"How does that sound?" she smiles, but doesn't seem like she'd be particularly hurt if he declined.

"Hrm..." The Finn does think about that for a moment. The mostly-emptied whiskey bottle is turned around in his hand, letting the liquid within slosh about while he gauges just how much is left there.

"Yeah, alright," he eventually offers in agreement, nodding his head down to the girl. "I could go for some food. Guy my size needs to eat a lot, you know?" He flashes his teeth with *that* particular claim, too, eyes sparkling almost. "I'll pay for it, too. I'm in a good mood."

"Sure, I could go for that, I know a little place down the street," Lilith makes sure the man's drink is topped off once again before she sits up again.

"I'm gonna go get ready for clocking out, I will see you later, mister Tarmo," she gave the man a bow and a smile once she stood up, before her heels clicked off in the other direction down the hall, disappearing into the shadows, seemingly. Which... well, she did, it was dark in there, moody lighting--less darkstalker shenanigans.

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