NFG Season One - Cleaning House

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Description: Returning to Blazin' HQ after his match with Kenzo, the aching Braun is surprised to find it in just a little bit of disarray compared to how it was when he left. Oh, and a Cavewoman. Can't forget the Cavewoman. Well it's a shared space so the clean up after the party begins so that more viol--sparring can be on the table, Team Blaze style.

"The hell happened in 'ere??"

It'd been a long day and not a particularly good one at that. His match with Kenzo in the depths of Metro City did not result in a victory for Team Blaze and for Braun that's two fights resulting in what was basically a draw and then a loss. It was close. Very close. But at the end, just a half fraction shy is still being shy of the goal even if the journey was remarkable. Great fights and brawls are fine and dandy but...

He likes to win.

So when he sluggishly returns back to their designated headquarters and meet up spot, expecting to try and stretch and relax, snarl and complain....imagine his suprrise upon opening the door and finding the main gymnasium a bit of a wreck. Large weights have been tossed around or dislodged from heavy stomping about. Scorch marks dress the ground and wall and the very rear of the warehouse sized location sports one of the garage doors for large cargo forced upwards and busted as if a great power had lifted it up and bent and broken the mechanics necessary for it to lift and close on its own.

That and the remnants of what looks like a pizza and beer party. Unbeknowst to him, not long after he'd left, Zog and Hawksley had them a little bit of a match with an onlooking Kongou. An irishman, an ogre and a gigas. It couldn't have possibly ended any other way. The brutish beastman sniffs the air, nostrils flaring as he takes in their scents and then prowls forward through the main entrance with a languid gait to his long limbs as he looks around and frowns. He's almost insulted he wasn't included though timing matters. He was likely being slashed by an electrified kusari-gama when it was going down.

"Hn. I guess they're bar hoppin'. Hope it's a big bar.." he muses to himself before passing by the counter near the entrance of the gym and reaching down to retreive an old pizza slice. He sniffs it, best to check for ogre scent after all....nad after deeming it safe, noisly chews on it while walking towards the displaced weights.

Ayala struts out of the one working shower at the back, wearing what looks like a black bikini and sandals, not appearing to mind that she's being beheld by the giant sabretooth gentleman--before going behind a small changing screen to get 'dressed'. For Ayala, this involved getting out of that bikini, blowdrying off and getting into her usual gray one... which, perhaps had the unfortunate distinction of also being from a sabrecat of some variety, though this was not readily apparent. Once she saunters out again, she gives a little wave to Braun, who's been standing there the whole time.

"Oh, hola Braun!" she cries out cheerily, not seeming to mind what he just had to watch. She might look a little confused as to what he found so strange about the place apparently looking like someone half-wrecked it and then had a kegger there, these sorts of things were apparently pretty normal for her.


Well that was an eye full. Braun just kind of stares at this dislay at first before eventually just shrugging and shaking his head turning away to reach for a displaced set of weights. His massive hands curl around the grip of the barbell and he hefts it up despite it there being hundreds of pounds of plates on either side of it., likely having been set up for one epic bench press.

And yet some how it'd been flung clear across the room.... Perhaps, though, somehow isn't the right phrase. Zog, Kongou and Hawksley would certainly be capable of that. More so, considering there's footage of Kongou folding a semi truck cab like a piece of paper....

Braun, however, exhibits his own degree of vast power as he carts it away from the wall like so much luggage and then lifts it up with one bulging arm to set it down heavily upon a rack.

"You always shower, change clothes and get dressed infront of an audience?" he drawls out, deep voice rumbling with an almost bored cadence to it despite his reputation for more high energy antics.

He lifts a clawed foot up and pushes it against the bench press, shoving the entire thing backwards to clear it out of the way. Ultimately he seems mostly like he's opening up the sparring area from the clutter.

'Were you here for whatever bruhaha went down? Looks like the boys got up to some fun. Still smells like Ogres and Irishmen..."

"What you mean? Ayala always makes sure to shower after training or fight," the cavewoman doesn't seem to understand the question at first, before tilting her head, the mane of blonde curls bouncing a little. "Ayala was also wearing plenty," she raised a brow, before getting a bit of a catty grin, at that, shrugging and half-turning to survey some of the damage

"Haaaa..." she sighed a little, bringing a hand to her forehead. "They did lot of damage in here, didn't they?" the cavewoman peered over to the sabretoothed man, flipping the tail-scar of her outfit over her shoulder. "No, Ayala wasn't here. Ayala almost sorta misses the Rite-aid," she was referring to her last team base/workout center, that Frost had.

"You know, you look a lot like Beastman--is Braun from Makai?" she turned toward the sabretoothed cat man now, looking a little curious, but also a bit amused.

That catty expression is noted. Braun's eyebrow lifts in mild amusement and his mouth curls into a slight smirk, lupliftig up sligthtly to expose those large incisor and canine teeth before he looks away. "You know what I meant, princess." to her first comment to his prior statement. He reaches down and picks up an empty kegger and tosses it up and down ino his hand like a light beachball , wobbling it here and there in search of the sounds of any remaining liiquid and hten finding none, places both of his clawed hands on either end and squeezes. It crumples up, noisly and quickly, vanishing into his meaty palms as he looks around and then back towards Ayala.

"You know about The Makai eh? Figures. Answer's no. Well not directly. There's some ancestry involved from my home village. You could say...we're cousins and we've had some dealings with the nobility there. Bodyguards and the like. One of the things I was training for before things got a little topsy turvy."

There's a pause as he looks her up and down, studying her pelt and then smirking again with that bored lazy almost sleepy look to his gaze.

"That aint a problem is it, princess?"

"Ayala know about it, yeah," she nodded, with more seriousness. "On the Expanse, sometimes creatures came from there, very dangerous," this seems to imply that where she was from was /near/ it, or somehow connected. "Princess? Ayala is tribe chief," she seemed a little amused at that, but also shined on, just a bit.

"That not what they call it here, is it?" she blinked and brows rose when she saw Braun just take that big metal keg and just flip it up like that. "Braun /strong/," she grinned again, amused with that. She had seemingly gotten too used to how weak most normal humans were on Earth.

"Ahh, Braun tribe from there..." she nodded, that made more sense to her, it seemed. "Ayala curious since not even many beastmen even from Outworld or other places, she thought," she has picked up a small bag of discarded snacks and is casually munching on some 'manly' sncks like pork rinds or the like.

"So when see you thought that might be case--it not a problem," she winked.

"Just makin' sure. From the looks of yoru wardrobe I had to check to see if you were eyein' me for new coat or something.." drawls Braun out lazily.

The compliment to his strength draws another slight bemused smirk.

"You got no idea...Chief..." The princess bit was a bit of a joke. He knew she wasn't one but it seems he's enjoying verbally prodding at her. "How strong I am...that is. Course...Our sponsors are on another level. Wouldn't suggest arm wrestlin' with Zog or Kongou.. Or maybe you do wanna. I've seen crazier training routines..."

His voice trails off as he tosses the keg over his shoulder to let it thud heavily behind the counter with an unerring aim to his casual and flippant gesture. "Course more trainin' is what I need it seems. My matches haven't exactly ended up with wins yet..." HIs expression darknes lightly before he looks back over towards her and adds, "....And my home is more like yours. It's not -in- The Makai but it's...near. Nearer to -here- yeah..but still near to -there-....if you get my meaning. "

He then shrugs again and moves to clear more space out of the way to open up the sparring area once more bit by bit. "...You'll meet more strong folk if you keep lookin'. You fought alot of 'em yeah? You've been at this tournament longer then me..."

"Hah, that gross--Ayala don't make clothes out of people," the cavewoman closed her eyes and waved that off, though she did seem amused by it still. "Sides, Ayala would probably be pretty cold with that pelt," she walked around the man, quickly finishing the bag of snacks and tossing it into a bucket somewhere. She was still sorta-civilized, after all. She knew where the trash goes.

"Kongou? Not wrestled with him, Zog look like he want to wrestle though," there was that impish grin again, though ambiguous. "Oh, you mean wrestling with just arm--mmm, Ayala used to do that back down south, South 'Merica," she nodded. "Easy way to make money--but people stop challenging you fast," she looks up at Braun.

"Braun have that problem too, right?" she was silent for a few moments, before nodding again. "Yeah, Ayala not from Makai either, Expanse different place," apparently she did. "Ayala fought Coco, Chevy, Djamilla, Nixie, JD--Ayala didn't do too well at first, not many chi users where she from."

"Yeah I bet he does wanna wrestle..." drawls Braun with that same rumbly deep but languid tone, dripping with the amused sardonic sarcasm of someone that might have been discussing that very fact behind Ayala's back. He'd make the 'are your ears burnin' joke but he figures that might be a bit -too- much colliquial jargon for the cave woman.

He lets her get a good look at him though and even deliberately bunches up the muscles of his vast chest, nearly creaking the sinew there as he leans forward "Not warm enough to wear eh? You lookin' that close chief? You want a closer look you just gotta ask..."

He lets the hairy slabs relax back again and drags a big finger up to his jaw to consider things further.

"...and yeah that's what I meant.'ve your matches go this past round? You konw Team Blaze is in last place. Hawksley's pullin' his weight. Rest of us? Dunno..."

"Ayala don't like to make jokes like that," she waggles a finger a little at Braun. "Braun is team member and Ayala don't like to skin teammates," she paused. "Though, Ayala did think Nixie didn't taste too bad..." she giggles a little, clearly joking here. She was joking, right?

Ironically, she doesn't seem as flirty as one might expect, but she /does/ admire the extreme musculature of the lion man, either way.

"If helps, Ayala thinks you would help make very strong children," she idly picks up one of the weights and tests to see how heavy it is--if it's one of the ones Braun was working with, he might be surprised to see she can handle it.

"Ayala beat Djamilla, DKO Nixie and JD, lost to rest," she said without hesitation. "Not many chi users back home, Ayala was not prepared with how many were here," she shook her head. "Ayala got faster, more skill," she nods, doing a few reps of the weights.

"I'm -joking-.." affirms Braun, leaning back against the counter now as he watches Ayala handle the weights. He actually -doesn't- seem surprised. It adds up. She's apparently some sort of tribal chieftain who dwelled not far from The Makai, as such distances go, and carries herself as a fighter. She probably would be preternaturally strong.

Frankly he'd be surprised if she wasn't.

"I figured you wouldn't do that. Sarcasm, chief. You gotta read it better if you wanna hang out earth side.... And as to kids? Pass. Got to much to do right now..."

He does seem impressed by the ease in which she shoulders her wins and her losses and he rubs his jaw again in consideration.

"Hn. Yeah no sense in sulking in it. DKO's aint a loss... and that you took JD down in one is pretty impressive as he's a bit of a beast aint he.."

He then lowers his clawed hand and crackles of reddish chi dances between his enormous talons, glinting in his eyes as he rumbles, "It can be hard t'deal with, Chief. Most folk don''t bolster their spirit. Their aura. Aether some might call it. Different words, similar principles. If you can't take the hits, getting more aggressive and going for faster takedowns t'mitigate the damage your going to take is the way to go. Most often they're gonna be glass cannons..."

He grins a little bit at her, eyes narrowing. "..But not all th'time.."

"JD not normal, even less normal than you or me," Ayala shakes her head. "I remember hearing stories of things like him back when was girl, seen a few--but never fought one that can talk," Ayala shrugs. She puts down the weights and watches Braun rep those weights a little more, seeing his red chi crackle. Her green eyes widen a bit, seeing it, seeming curious.

"Ayala had to get more crafty--but Nixie was pretty... 'glass', yeah," not just from the glass shards she had taken on in the fight, either.

"Braun want spar sometime? Ayala could use the practice, maybe," she considers, though as she sits down indian style, putting the weight down, she wonders if that's a good idea almost.

"We might end up on different team next time--likely, it could give us too much info on eachother," she shrugs with a smile.


Braun drops his hands and the chi disperses. He considers Ayala...then shrugs.

"I guess it depends on how y'see it. For one..." he makes a few languid gestures, "While it's true we may end up on opposing teams if they do this shuffle thing again...or hell..just plain end up fighting in another free for all, them's just the breaks. We can watch each others matches. Be around when the sponsors are training ...what difference does it make? Maybe I already know everything I need to know? Maybe I study your match footage more? You gotta think bigger."

He shrugs, folding his arms, "Not that I'm saying we gotta spar now if you dont' wanna...or ever.. Just saying it don't really matter and you shouldn't over think it."

"So Braun /wants/ to fight Ayala," she apparently gets the idea what he's into the idea, tilting her head and cracking her knuckles a little. "Ayala will, if Braun want," she stretches a little, apparently somewhat eager, but she doesn't want to just jump him here.

"You want wait? We can do later," she looks around the place. It's still sorta trashed. "Maybe they want us to clean up around here first before we do that," she laughs a little, waving a hand at the state of the place.

"OH WELL, Braun can help Ayala clean, if he want," she begins lugging up one of the kegs... Though finds it's still got some fluid in there, a mischievous look as she tilts it over and opens the spigot. Yep, Cavewoman frat beer chugging ensues.

"Hey you're the one that brought it up and then got cold feet afterwards." notes Braun, "If you wanna spar just say so. I'm saying it's not a problem. but if you wanna get drunk on their left overs fine whatever."

Pushing off of the counter, Braun takes a few long strides until he's into the gym proper. He places a foot against a barbell and then under it to lift it up..and then kick it upwards with a dull thud. He reaches out to catch it and then shoulders it as if it were a weighted club.

"Just say the word, Chief. Clean or get cleaned...."

He grins a little at that, grin forming, "Up to you."

"Ahhh... Ayala shouldn't fight right after drinking, anyway--Mitsuru and scary fire hair man will have our asses if they find it like this," Ayala's command over English is at least getting a bit better... though maybe the booze is helping grease the wheels there just a little bit. That /was/ a lot of beer she just shotgunned, after all.

"Ayala say clean, but will test out Braun soon~" Ayala makes it sound a little playful here, even--was she trying to flirt with him finally...? Well, the alcohol does tend to help with that...

"Fair enough, Chief." rumbles Braun, "And if you're talking about who I think y'are then I think the only one you gotta worry abou there is Mitsuru. Either way sure. Let's get this cleaned up so we can hold it over the others heads and then just trash it again with more sparring."

His only response to the flirt is another languid smirk and then a shrug before he moves off to right another set of weights.

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