World Warrior 2023 - R2: Ahmya vs Unagi

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Description: The stoic, cursed Ahmya faces the equally mysterious Unagi for her World Warrior match. Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. She took the midnight train going to the Pink Paradise in Sunshine City. As Unagi works the pole position to get a lead in the tournament, will Ahmya stop believing? Or will she hold on to that feeling?

The neon sign on the front of this building announces it to be 'Pink Paradise.'

Located up a dimly lit alley, the club's doors open up into a spectacular scene. Female security staff dressed in tight pink dresses allow or deny you access to the wonders beyond. If you make the grade, you will travel up a set of glittery pink carpeted stairs with pink lights running up the sides. At the top of these stairs is another door. Once this is opened the sound of pulsating dance music that is currently playing. In the center of the spacious room is a large dancefloor with poles positioned at different points. It's here that the dancers put on a display for the club's clientele. Surrounding the dancefloor are plush looking pink velvet sofas with circular tables positioned in front of them. Poles are inserted into the center of the tables, so that private dances can take place here. At the back of the room is a neon pink open heart shape that serves as an entrance to pass through into the next area. Here is a large curved bar with a black glossy surface. Multiple pink lights are inserted into it and pink stools are placed against it. As well as a selection of beer, wine and spirits, the bar sells pink champagne. There's also a cocktail list consisting of all pink colored cocktails. The list features Pink Ladies, Candy Cane Martinis, Raspberry Rose Spritzers, Pink Passion Party Punch and the club's specialty Pink Paradises. It was an unusual place for a World Warrior match, but at least during the daytime, it was mostly clear. Mostly.

Unagi was at one of the tables, wrapped around a pole.

Unagi Laochan was an older Asian man with messy silver hair parted down the middle. Salt and pepper beard cover his chin and face, and his skin seems rough and tanned from hard work. Despite the weathered toil that this man has clearly seen, he somehow seems younger than his composure should demand. A purple baseball cap sits on his head, bearing the symbol of a unicorn on it's center. He is dressed in a blue ryoshi's outfit, a blue water-proof jacket tied around his waist with a pair of overall bib pants. Underneath is a stained white shirt. He wears a pair of waterproof gloves. His brown eyes seem tired, dark rings hanging under them. He was upside down, clinging on the pole with his bib-panted legs with strength and control. In his hand was a pink cocktail, specifically one of the club specialties in the Pink Paradise. He was sipping it idly, as he continues his slow, deliberate spin. Normally he would have a faint aroma of fish around him.

For some reason, it seems to be mingled with the ambience of the club instead.

This was, in fact, a very strange place to hold a World Warrior match. Especially given that one of the participants is barely old enough to -be- in here. Certainly not old enough to drink, though.

As she makes her way through the club, she still manages to be wearing more than most of the dancers do at least. That's something. Her fighting attire is, as always, an ankle length blue tunic covering a black sports bra and compression shorts, fingerless gloves and short boots. Easy to move in, good traction and possibly most importantly grip on her weapons. The two short swords are tucked behind the wide red cloth around her waist.

Slipping around tables and sinking deeper into the club, she finally comes upon the upside down man. She tilts her head, squinting a little. She tilts her head further, going as upside down as she can to get a better look.

"Excuse me ... Are you my opponent? Upside down faces are hard for me to recognize, forgive me."

"Am I?"

Unagi stretches a leg out, repositioning himself upright, not losing the momentum of the spin. "Oh yes, I remember. I am Unagi, a humble fisherman." He brings his ankles to the pole, arcing his back as he keeps himself locked on it, continuing the spin. The highball remains perfectly balanced. "And I am here for my World Warrior fight. I am merely passing the time until my opponent comes. I apologize, it's so easy to forget who I am." He gives a chuckle, as he imitates the girls's own head tilts,

"You must be Ahmya Shiki then?"

He finally lowers himself down, bringing his feet on the table. He continues to circle slowly around the pole, taking deliberate, intentional steps around it. "You know, these things aren't typically right for people your age. It's dangerous for your spirit, to say the least your mind and body. Some people spend their entire lives at these places, wasting themselves away until there's only a hungry shell left behind." He stops his rotation, leaning his bottom against the pole as he looks down at the student from Gedo High, his eyes focused on her own. "Oh, I mean these sorts of clubs of course." Unagi quickly adds, a twinkle in his eye.

"The World Warrior is certainly the kind of venue for young ladies like you." %
He brings his leg up coyly, foot to the pole, lowering the brim of his hat as he glances up. "Shall we begin then?" He states with a low growl, trying hard to suppress the cooing in his throat. "Or do you need a minute to get yourself ready. As a fisherman, I know how much time it takes to get those tools ready for work." He casts a sideways glance to the knives, before wrapping a leg around, turning himself upside down again as he gives a long, slow spin in the opposite direction. "Every good fisherman must prepare before they go out to sea, and the right tools as well. They need their uniform, their bait, and naturally, every fisherman needs their pole~ So take as much time as you need. No rush." His spinning stops as he hangs there, legs locked around the pole, as he looks at Ahmya upside down with a calm, almost bemused expression from the older man. He takes a sip from his highball.

"You wouldn't want to lose your head in the heat of the battle, would you?~"

A fisherman? An interesting opponent to be sure. She idly hopes that he does not strike her with a bluefin. Those things are big and she will never get the fish smell out of her clothes and hair. She can tell immediately that this man is -odd-. Waxing philosophical in a place like this? While traipsing around a pole? It's got to be some sort of mind game.

It takes her a moment to get caught back up to what he's saying, and the implication with the pause makes her flush and take a step back. Before she starts sputtering, he clarifies a little bit, and the pink starts to fade, though her expression goes flat. "Mister Unagi," she says reaching behind her back and drawing her two odd short swords with the vertical ring guards. "I am ready. I will not disrespect you by holding back. Do the same for me.

Her back foot slides a bit, and the two weapons are brought up, clutched in her hands, the first two fingers of each hand tucked into the rings. "Come at me when you are ready."

His last statement makes her eyes twitch slightly. It's likely she will lose her head, just ... not in the way he expects.

COMBATSYS: Ahmya has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Ahmya            0/-------/-------|

"Oh, how polite of you."

Unagi spins around the pole, intricately steadying him around the table, taking his time as he rights himself up. It was a mind game. Well, a moment in the game, as Ahmya would find out. "I will just need a moment to deal with my drink." There is no drink in his hand. The highball slipped out from his hand in a high arc, spinning in the air as it's contents spill out. He wasn't done righting himself up when he is launched from the table.

He's in the air.

Firing like a rocket, he sails off the table, off from the pole, with a flying kick. The high ball, however, would almost insidiously be rolling its way through the air. A splash of Pink Paradise longways, with a real danger of the actual glass itself shattering on impact either at Ahmya... or the ground around her. A distraction. The real attack was high and fast, shooting right through the air with Unagi's heel leading the way. If he connects, a second kick would come like a hammer, bringing enough force to blast him back to a table. If he missed? Why, he would be across at another private table, ready to steady himself with the pole there...

Spring loading the next attack before it comes.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan has joined the fight here.

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Lee Chaolan      0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0            Ahmya

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan successfully hits Ahmya with Silver Bullet.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Lee Chaolan      1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\0            Ahmya

Well, maybe she will lose her head the traditional way. First is the glass. Her swords spin up, battering the drink vessel aside. Except it's glass so it shatters into a million pieces, making her yelp in surprise. This is the seed of her undoing. She would have been better off letting the glass hit her. Instead, she gets wrecked.

The heel drives into her, making her boots skid backwards on the floor. She seems like she's going to struggle through, but the followup strikes with brutal, blinding speed. It's no slouch in the force department, either. It strikes her shoulder and literally sends her flying. She sails through the air, and is only stopped by a table.

Well, it -was- a table.

Said table blasts to shards and splinters, the dancing pole a bent and mangled wreck. For a long moment, she's still, buried in wreckage. It's faint at first, but a pulsing begins. Low and insidious. Dark chi. It begins to radiate from her blades first, and then her. An outline grows up her left leg, filling in a dark blue. It's a snake, and it winds up her thigh and disappears. Almost bonelessly, she extracts herself from the wreckage, eyes closed. When she opens them to regard Unagi, they've changed. Her left eye is now a bloody red.

She takes one step forward and is consumed by a ripple of darkness.

The ripple reappears atop the table Unagi bounced onto. Without words, Ahmya lashes out with her twin swords in reverse grip, dragging them upwards violently.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan interrupts Setsuna from Ahmya with Scatter Kick.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/--=====|=======\=====--\1            Ahmya

The fisherman was being aggressive, to say the least.

When Ahmya takes the distraction of the glass, she is charged a sizable tab for it. As the man's kick rips into her, the follow up kick knocks her upended, sending her smashing into another table. When Unagi lands, he makes an audible dismissal with his tongue, clucking it almost mockingly, as he begins to rebound off his table straight back at her. "I told you these places aren't typically right for people your age. Terrible form too, you'd never make it as a dancer I'm afraid." He watches that surge of energy, that slither of the tattoo.

As Ahmya surges at Unagi, the fisherman is in flight. %
He's bringing around another kick, in timing with Ahmya's own attack. There's no defense, only offense. His speed was nearly matched with Ahmya's, only slightly slower. Enough to leave him open. The upward slashes tear up at him, cutting into his front and chest as he brings the aerial kick around. The roundhouse kick connects precisely with the girl's neck, hitting with the back of his knee. As to why the back of the knee comes as the slash completes, the old man latching on with his leg as he brings his full body as a leverage point. Momentum comes as he slams Ahmya head first into one of the few surviving chairs around the shattered table. He was using the environment again, again and again. But Unagi doesn't fall down with her. No. Using his other foot to maintain his balance, he finishes with a sharp, curt -stomp- into the back of her head, pinning it down as with a bemused purr. "And there you go nearly losing your head, oh no no." The bloodied, raked fisherman ignores the fresh hot injuries, the vile tainted wounds on his front. He leans down, giving a harsh whisper.

"It seems you haven't listened to a word I said~"

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan endures Ahmya's Skandha Avidya!

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Lee Chaolan      0/-------/--=====|==-----\-------\0            Ahmya

Once more, Ahmya is sent sailing. This time, the retaliation is immediate and brutal. She's wrenched through the air by her neck and driven into more tables, making more debris. The place is, at this point, becoming a wreck. Unagi taunts her, but it doesn't seem to faze her. It's hard to say if Ahmya, the real one, if even aware of what's going on. If she's here or just being puppeted by her cursed blood. Either way, she vanishes from the pile of rubble, making some space.

She reappears across the room, battered and bloodied, but still on her feet, even if it's in a slightly sagging, almost boneless way. If Unagi is at all sensitive to the flow of Chi, the stuff in the room gets a lot darker. Twisted and unearthly. The floor rumbles, and chains burst from both the floor and the ceiling, catching and binding the fisherman. Ahmya takes a step forward and vanishes. An instant later, she's just closer.

Then again.

And again.

Within a blink, Ahmya's face is inches from the fisherman's, her hands coming up to cup his chin gently. She tilts her head slightly, leaning forward and--

Wrenching her blades up and across his chest as he's bound, putting everything she has into it, letting the blood spray like a Tarantino film that doesn't star Johnny Cage.

This was the real dangerous part.

Outside, Unagi seems almost amused by the chains, as they restrain him. He even tries to sit in a chair of the club, though it seems to be more set to dangle him in place. Bemused, at the fact she was moving in ways that defied the laws of physics. That's because inside, he was making a very serious calculation about -how- powerful his opponent was. He had hoped to overwhelm her before the dangerous techniques came out. He failed, to say the least. As she comes up close, he gives a little kissy face. But there isn't any chemistry. He doesn't -see- a human being behind those eyes. He knows something underneath the girl was compelling her. A madness. A monster. It didn't matter, as she lines up her cut.

As the blood sprays out, he is practically vivisected.

The chains break, and the fisherman lets out a gasp. He neatly falls onto the chair, sitting in place for a brief moment. Oh, he can't hide the pain. The smirk becomes a scowl, a look of fierce determination. His hat falls away, his silver hair comes as his entrails begin to seep. It was a killing blow. He doesn't fall though, as the chains release.

He kicks.

Gritting his teeth he wastes no time between the moment of freedom. The attack comes quietly and swiftly, a one two jab with the left and the right, almost sneaking in as he hooks the chair behind him. Ducking low, he gives a single driving punch with his right with a backfist. The other hand, gripped across his abdomen, struggling to keep his organs in. There are not words from him now. The combination comes to an end as he brings his foot around for a full forced high kick, attempting to bring the chair around the foot to smash straight Ahmya head first in it.

And drive her straight into that already damaged pole she collided with earlier.

COMBATSYS: Ahmya just-defends Lee Chaolan's Revolution Zwei!

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/=======|==-----\-------\0            Ahmya

Whatever is piloting the girl, human things like mercy and concern seem to be gone. All that seems to be left is focus and an unemotional thirst for blood. She is going to be so sad later. These are the perils of her lineage. She is not free. She is not happy. It's all her fault.

The chains crumble to so much dust, and Unagi comes out swinging. She is a blur of forearms and flashing steel, his fists striking, but finding no purchase. When the final, brutal kick comes, she intercepts it with the crossed flats of her demon touched blades. The force of it sends her skidding across the floor, throwing up plumes of ash and ruined wood. The back of her heels touches the debris pile, and she tilts her head.

Then she vanishes again.

When she reappears, she is much closer to the fisherman, and she sprints, leaping at him. Her goal is to land on his shoulders to drive him to the ground, where she will stab him again.

Kind of a theme, here.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan auto-guards Ahmya's Tartarus Drop.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/=======|===----\-------\0            Ahmya

Flawless movement.

THe chaos of the opening assaults has transfigured. Her deliberate defense ends with a single blow into the blades. It is worse than nothing. She even looked like she was -recovering- from it. She was already gone. But the fisherman wasn't confused. When she leaps, he pretends to not notice. It's only when she comes at his shoulders does he snap, catching and guiding her past him. The blades come narrowly close, cutting the hairs on his chin. Shoulder checking the arms, he exhales. "Hmph. Weakness." Unagi chortles. "A weakness of flesh, and a weakness of spirit. Can't you do anything -more- impressive?" Was he talking to the girl? Or was he talking to the thing behind her?

It could very well be both

Unagi doesn't have much time, and he wasn't interested in letting her disappear again. After his redirect, he was attempting to climb on her, jumping on their side before taking them down with a tackle. Again, leveraging the environment, this time taking her to a fresh table, unblemished by their earlier work. He would slam himself and her into a chair on the way, before letting the table- and her head- absorb most of the impact. Unagi was awfully focused on targeting the head.

Maybe he was serious about losing her head.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan issues a challenge!!

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/=======|===----\-------\0            Ahmya

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan successfully hits Ahmya with Lee Stunner.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Lee Chaolan      1/----===/=======|=======\-------\1            Ahmya

Internally, Ahmya Shiki is watching without control. She fights and rails against the thing controlling her, but this far gone, all she can do is watch and know that when she wakes up, -everything- is going to hurt. Still, all she can do is watch.

Her body, driven by whatever wicked entity that has control of her bloodline, fails to find purchase with her blades. Instead, she is manhandled and driven into an unblemished table, violently being battered around the head. Even this fails to make her blank expression change. No grimace of pain, not even a blink. She writhes her way free from the wreckage, battered, bruised and bleeding from various wounds. Some of which still have shards of table hanging from them like the quills of an unnatural porcupine.

She doesn't care.

Coming to her feet, she sways like an entranced cobra, or a punch drunk boxer. Still, her hands are steady as she brings her blades up. Whatever is driving her knows this will likely be her final pass. Her last chance to finish this. Her twin blades burst into violet fire as she makes ready.

When she moves, she blurs. Not teleporting, just blitzing Unagi with inhuman speed. Her blades move in a dance as she spins, lashing out again and again as she tries to finish her opponent off in one final series of empowered strikes.

COMBATSYS: Ahmya successfully hits Lee Chaolan with Tenma Wave Cyclone.

[                         \\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Lee Chaolan      2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|==-----\-------\0            Ahmya

Speed, incredible speed.

Even after he smashes her into the table, Unagi was focused like a laser. Rising up, she was up faster. She was fast, yes, but he was fast too. And experienced. The tactical positioning of the two was flummoxing each others defenses, without any loss of offense. The blades spin, and he moves in, attempting to maneuver, attempting to reposition. There is another cut to the side of his neck, a little closer shave this time-


The girl had hit the carotid.

Everything that happens next is in slow motion, no matter how fast it is to the outside eye. The moment that fountain of blood sprays out, he grips it with nearly the entirety of his strength. With the other hand latched on his disembowelment, this was a problem. This was a very, serious problem. Unagi had received a killing blow, and everything that mattered now was controlling that. Her dance wasn't done as he brings his hand to his neck. Everything else would be sacrificed in the dance, everything that was less than the gush at his neck. Certainly he can try to dodge but it's almost pathetic. The worst of the NFG could do better than the shuffling Unagi was doing. At best, he was spreading the targets for Ahmya, working with her clinical violence in a collaborative defacement of his body. A rake exposing his ribs, his bones barely managing to protect their organs. A severing blow that just comes short of cleaving his arm clean. When the choices of good sturdy options to absorb as hit runs short at the very end, Unagi does not lose his focus on the girl. He just needed a stop. A moment pause. An opportunity. The blade comes cleaving into his jaw, ripping open a hideous, bloody glasgow smirk on his otherwise fine features. It comes. The moment respite. The pause.

His one chance. %
For a moment, the gentle facade is broken. A single expression of primal, pure disgust rips across his savaged visage. Unagi bursts with silver energy, the moment the pause comes. He shifts slightly to the side, before the energy explodes around him. It's pinpoint. And he unleashes the mother of all mulekicks aimed right underneath the armpit, into the rib. Aimed right through the lung, straight to the heart. And right there, every cut, every injury, every spiteful, slow carving is aimed right for her heart. Whatever was controlling her, well. It better have a plan of how to deal with a lack of a circulatory system. The plan was probably more teleporting and cutting to be honest.

And frankly, Unagi didn't have much more tolerance for that anymore, with both arms out of commission.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan successfully hits Ahmya with Mist Flash.

[                         \\\\\  < >                                ]
Lee Chaolan      1/-------/<<<<<<<|=======\-------\1            Ahmya

COMBATSYS: Ahmya takes no action.

[                         \\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      1/-------/<<<<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Ahmya can no longer fight.

[                         \\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      1/-------/<<<<<<<|

When she wakes from this nightmare, Ahmya will do as she always does after a brutal fight. She will wash her clothes, she will wash herself, and then tend to her injuries. Though this time that oder might have to be changed.

She strikes like a whirlwind of blades, steel flashing, violet chi trailing behind her in a glitter of motes. She delivers terrible, violent pressure to the disguised Lee Chaolan, scattering his blood across the club, landing blows that would kill lesser men.

In this case, they just make him retaliate harder.

His own power blooms, and in the briefest instant of opening, he strikes like a viper. The kick is terrible, bones crack audibly and the inertia is visible on her body. His raw, terrible force fights against her wicked, demonic powers and wins. It's almost cinematic. One moment she's there, her body fighting against the terrific impact, the next she's just gone, blasted through another table, taking one of the poles with her, and then punching into a wall, where she remains, limp and completely unconscious.

Surely someone will get her medical attention soon.

Unagi inhales, and exhales slowly.

He was waiting. Waiting as he holds his blood in with one hand, his organs with the other. Breath in. Breath out. Waiting for the counter attack to come. Waiting for her to rise up like a corpse, and finish him. Breath in. Breath out. The edges of his vision were greying. But he wasn't relaxing.

Even when the fight is called.

She wasn't the only one who needed medical attention. Fortunately, several nurses rush on to the scene. "Thank god~" Unagi coos, as he slowly loosens up. Unagi's slight smirk becomes a frown, as he recognizes the uniforms of the nurses. They begin to climb on the few surviving the tables, gripping the poles. "Oh" Unagi sighs, eyes locked in at the dawning horror unfolding at the end of the battle. He pauses a moment, as both Unagi and Ahmya cling to life, death looming over them. He waits a moment. He looks to the downed Ahmya. And then the dancers. And then, Unagi pulls a hand off his throat. Blood sprays out, as he flashes a thumbs up.

COMBATSYS: Lee has ended the fight here.

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