NFG Season One - Metro City R2 - Ayala vs John Doe

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Description: The NFG proudly presents, in partnership with the Dead Squirrel (not a furry bar), and John Doe Productions - Just Doe It! - the hottest fight of the century. Cat Girl vs Zombie Boy, a tale of Fangs and Fury!

Ayala enters, this time heralded by a little more fanfare than before. Landing the DKO on Nixie was tough, and she had some brand new scars to show for it. Darn exploding goblin potion bombs. These inner city type places all seem to run together for her, as she's more used to nature, and sparser areas. Still, once inside, she gets the feel of the place. It would probably be referred to her as a 'drinking hole' or the like. She knows it's not literally a hole, of course--but the euphemism likely isn't too far off from how somebody modern would deem it.

"Hola, Dead Squirrel--Ayala Feldspar will fight here," she raises her hands, getting into position wherever the fighting area is setup. Probably on the floor or lounge area, whichever--wherever is cordoned off and there aren't people to get in the way.

"Where is pretty cold man, Ayala want to get started," she threw her arms up again.

There is a beat of silence.
Then another.
And another...
A good two minutes trickle past, camera crew standing stoic while sight managers confer in the background, one stepping away to make a call in the corner. It is as she finishes dialing that a distant voice can be heard, words muffled by the door as they approach from outside.
"'M -u-- -ayi--."
"You Idiot!" a higher, slightly raspy voice cuts across the male, loud enough to be heard clearly through the door. "She's not a furry."
"Because she doesn't have an animal head, DUH."
"Wait, that's how that works?"
The green door swings wide to reveal Matt in all his spray-tanned glory, bleach blonde hair gleaming in the afternoon sun. Pausing, he leans back and cranes his neck, peering up at the Bar's sign and blocking the way of anyone who might want to come inside.
"So wait," he says, squinting at the squirrel-headed figure that gives the establishment its face, "That means This is a furry bar?"
"Yes, idiot," comes the annoyed response, followed by a meaty THUMP of fist striking flesh.
Tone a few notches shy of manly, Matt is sent staggering through the door, clearing the path for Titania's petite form to come stalking through, steps hopping into a neat little skip and turn that sends her spiky blue pigtails flying out to either side.
"Johnny! We made it!"
Tone taking on a light, girlish quality, she beams at the dark-haired fellow that shuffles his way through the door, hands shoved deep into the pockets of a baggy black hoodie. Having a bit of a sway to his stride that hints at potential pre-gaming, he flashes a quick grin to Titania, hand coming free to ruffle her pigtails as she melts into a blushing puddle.
"Yeah, but I don't see any furries," Matt puts in, fishing his phone out of his baggy shorts just in time for it to stop ringing. Glancing down at the caller ID, he adds a simple, "Huh, wrong number?" as the set manager across the room slides her own phone away into the back pocket of her jeans.
"Unless," Matt adds, phone forgotten in his hand, "Ayala IS a furry, like I was saying. She's totally got that beast girl vibe."
"You're so stupid!"
Recovering from her blush, Titania rounds on him with open disdain, while JD shuffles past them toward where Ayala herself has been left waiting.
"Hrhhh." he grumbles through a sigh, handsome features wincing into a slightly worn but genuine smile as he waves an easy greeting to the wild woman. Wandering into the large circle of cleared floor at the center of the bar, he sets himself across from her, glancing around for the ref who should be signaling when they start.

A lot of the remarks from the peanut gallery go right over Ayala's head. She migth have eaten a few squirrels or other such animals, and worn even more of them--but the concept of 'furry' is one she's thankfully ignorant of. For now.

"Pretty cold man has come, finally! Ayala and he do battle!" she's still got the ESL speak, but she's getting better. Here and there, slowly. The cavewoman steps back and makes sure there's enough room around them, before hunching her shoulders just a bit and shifting her center of gravity, her hands balling into fists.

"Can cold man keep going after Rumble? Maybe he still too stiff," Ayala grins. It's not quite clear what sort of teasing is going on there.

COMBATSYS: Ayala has started a fight here on the right meter side.

                                  >  //////////////////////////////]
                                  |-------\-------\0            Ayala

COMBATSYS: John Doe has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
John Doe         0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Ayala

While the pair of possy devolve into another pointless argument in the background, John Doe has eyes only for the blonde across from him. Even in silence the actor projects a certain easy charisma, dark brows furrowing slightly at the teasing note of her response.
He almost looks, bashful? If only he weren't too cool to blush.
Shoulders lifting into a shrug, he smiles through the shyness, then scuffs his sneakers apart into a wider stance, fists raised and expression going focused.
"Fighters ready?" Asks the ref, another young woman in jeans and a black and white striped shirt.
In the background, a smart phone is sent flying through the air, bouncing off of the wall and smacking to the floor with the crack of breaking glass.
"You asshole!"
Stumbling forward in an attempt at a run, JD takes two quick steps, distance shrinking, before launching himself into a high, spectacular leap...!
Only to smash heavily to earth on his chest, sliding across the wooden floor on a flailing collision course with Ayala's legs, where he might just be able to grab her and bring her crashing down to earth before struggling to roll away.

COMBATSYS: John Doe successfully hits Ayala with Return of the Living Dead.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
John Doe         0/-------/------=|==-----\-------\0            Ayala

"Good, they stay over there, we can get to business," Ayala cracks her knuckles, eyes widening as JD begins to just leap for her. The dead man's able to grab her legs and flip her over--but she rolls with it well, tumbling, but soon finding herself back on her feet.

"JD got faster?" she brings her arms up and fists together as she tries to bring a heavy blow down on the cold man's head, rearing back and putting a foot forward to help put her weight into it. However--at the last moment she unclasps her hands and instead attempts to grasp JD's shoulders, apparently this was a feint--and tries to slam him down to the floor with her landing on him!

COMBATSYS: Ayala successfully hits John Doe with Hell Drop.
- Power hit! -

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
John Doe         0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0            Ayala

Faster John might be, but more coordinated he is not. The teen heartthrob has just managed to clamber up to one knee when the much more nimble cavewoman comes at him, hands descending from on high. Head ducking forward, it looks as if he intends to take the blow full on his back, leg flexing within his jeans to propel him up and through the smash with indifferent strength. However, this is absolutely the wrong thing to try for a grapple!
It is easy enough for her to grip his shoulders, full weight landing on his back and turning his forward rise into a falling face plant. Forehead striking the wood floor with a jarring THONK, he flails beneath her, likely not appreciating having a beautiful woman sprawled across him nearly as much as he should.
"Gmmfkh." he grumbles in protest, right hand reaching back to grope for a hold on the first part of Ayala he can find. Being freakishly strong for a man of his size, his pale fingers grasp and squeeze, arm flexing to try and drag her off of his back and slam her hard into the wood beside him, before beginning to once more climb to his feet. However, this time he has no plans on letting her go, doing his best to gather her in against his side and crush her there with one arm while he rises back to standing.
As before his flesh is cool to the touch, smelling of soap and shampoo but not much else. He doesn't even seem to sweat. It is odd, but maybe he's just cool under pressure?

COMBATSYS: Ayala blocks John Doe's Burial Ground.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
John Doe         0/-------/-======|=====--\-------\0            Ayala

Ayala is a bit sporty and slight, by some regards--so it's not like JD is getting crushed by some elephantine weight--though she puts a good bit of force into dropping on him, so there is that. She winds up sprawled against him, in the process, grinning a bit.

"Hello John Doe," before she attempts to pull herself up, dissentangling herself. She realizes what he's trying to do all too late--grimacing and shutting her eyes as he begins to squeeze her against him and the floor there.

"Hnnnghh!" Ayala manages to kick out of it before too long, before rearing back with both hands--now actually bringing her fists down on him, it would appear--trying to strike him!

COMBATSYS: Ayala successfully hits John Doe with Hammerblow.
- Power hit! -
~~ Alluring Hit! ~~

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
John Doe         1/-------/=======|======-\-------\0            Ayala

Managing to make it to his feet with Ayala saddled against his side, John Doe provides plenty of moments to be clipped and turned into fan art later. Johnevere fans all across the world begin their furious typing to protest this new pairing, while Ayohn cults begin to spontaneously appear and multiply.
With the wild woman being as slim as she is, it is easy enough to wiggle her way free of the grip and straddle herself onto his back, fists hammering down upon the back of his head with brain-jarring force. Bell rung, he staggers a bit to the side, threatens to topple over with her still upon him, and plants a hand upon a table, the pair of them having wound their way to the very edge of the fighting space.
"Hrrrrrgh..." he groans, glossy hair swishing as he shakes his head from side to side. Pushing upright, he gives a sharp jerk, attempting to dislodge his passenger before whirling on the spot, hoodie flying out around him as he sends a pale fist hooking around toward the side of her head.
"Shut Up! What is happening? She's all over him!"
Titania's plaintive screams butt in from the background, full of outraged venom at the very idea.

COMBATSYS: John Doe successfully hits Ayala with Hook Punch.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
John Doe         1/------=/=======|=======\-------\1            Ayala

Ayala brings her fists down on JD over and over again, while straddling him--it definitely looks something else briefly, aside from the hitting part. Definitely a section that'll get clipped somehow. Beads of sweat run down the blonde cavewoman's forehead as she repeatedly strikes the dead man, but he just groans in response, gurgling. Ayala had dealt with a zombie or two before, since the Expanse was linked to Makai. Clubs or rocks tended to handle them pretty well in that regard, a bit of a boon for her people. She hasn't had to fight one barehanded before, though--and not for a tournament. It made things a bit different.

She cringed and sweat flew back as she was punched in the head, finally rolling off the man, her long gray tail scarf whirling as she attempted to put some distance between her and the zombie--though that wouldn't mean she wouldn't bounce off him with her feet if he remained in it's path!

COMBATSYS: John Doe blocks Ayala's Tail Spin.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
John Doe         1/-----==/=======|=======\=------\1            Ayala

It is a shot in the dark, thrown with little in the way of skill or precision, but in the way of most of John Doe's attacks it is strong. As his punch sends Ayala reeling, he lowers the arm, the fabric of her scarf trailing across the limb just moments before her parting kick catches his forearm and sends her bounding away.
He looks, more surprised than anything, clearly having not intended to block an attack that he didn't even see coming. Glancing down at his arm, stiff and unmoved, he gives a helpless little shrug, smiles, and takes a staggering step in per suit of his fleeing opponent.
Having finally escaped the relentless pressure of the cave woman's close game, JD does what any forward-thinking brawler would do. He throws himself at her with absolutely no restraint or planning, lunging the last few feet with an enormous haymaker punch likely to smash the lighter fighter clean off her feet and backward into a nearby table. Coming on behind that punch, he aims a second wild blow toward her side, then an uppercut at her jaw, and finally swings his right foot in a sloppy punting kick toward her gut that could flip both her and the table up and over in a mess of crashing chaos.

COMBATSYS: Ayala interrupts I Zombie from John Doe with Spin Kick EX.
- Power hit! -

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
John Doe         1/-----==/=======|=====--\-------\0            Ayala

Ayala moves away from the punch as JD barrels towards her, bumping into the table behind her, which to be fair hurts a decent bit. However, before JD can come down on her, she grits her teeth and brings her right leg up and around in a full force roundhouse kick, aimed right at the zombie's head. Sweat beads fly and her scarf tails along behind her, along with that curly blonde hair of hers.

After landing the swift kick, she rolls off to the side to await JD's inevitble next attack--since even she's sure he's not going down that easy, due to the look on her face.

The impact of foot to skull is both epic and extremely satisfying, John Doe's perfect hair flying out as his head snaps sharply back. Jolted to a complete halt, he totters on his feet, threatening to topple over backward and leave himself prone once more and ripe for the beating.
Having taken so many hits to the head at this point, it's a wonder that he hasn't fallen unconscious.
Hand reaching up to grasp at his bruised, battered forehead, he wipes a way a dark smudge of blood from a cut over his eye, gives himself a steadying shake, and turns his attention back upon Ayala.
Far from displease, JD looks pretty happy. With the joy of the fight washing over him, he staggers forward and reaches for the blonde, attempting to snag a hand full of her scarf, drag her in close, then reaches for a hand full of toned cave woman thigh as he attempts to heave her up and up, hoisting her high over his head before hurling her off across the bar with careless strength.

COMBATSYS: Ayala blocks John Doe's Medium Throw.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
John Doe         1/----===/=======|======-\-------\0            Ayala

"John Doe still not hurt," Ayala comments, not in wonder, or surprise, she sounds like she knows this would happen. It's not like you can really 'hurt' JD, at least, not in the conventional sense. Her scarf is grabbed, and she's pulled in close. Not the best position to be in, when it's a zombie, for sure.

"John Doe still want Ayala--" she struggles with his grasp to her leg, not letting him gain control of it. Again, it's a bit of an unfortunate camera angle with that, again--but she's able to pull away from his grapple before she's thrown. Instead, she returns with a series of punches aimed right toward JD's chest, trying to batter him down, or perhaps make him fold and fall. Fat chance of that, of course.

COMBATSYS: Ayala successfully hits John Doe with Gatling Punch ES.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
John Doe         1/----===/=======|=======\-------\1            Ayala

The struggle over whether or not Ayala winds up airborne is, perhaps a touch more provocative than the normally wholesome actor intended. Or, perhaps it isn't. Everyone who's a fan of JD, Coco, or the NFG itself likely remembers the Rumble's spanking incident.
A popular clip, that one.
Regardless, by the time the cave woman has tugged herself free, John Doe is ready for her. Arms up, fists clenched, he moves begins to sway to the side, to slip gracefully around the first of her many punches. The look in his grey eyes holds the truth. The focus and presence of mind that lets everyone watching know, KNOW, that he's clued into the moment. He's got this figured out.
And then he gets punched.
A sluggish lurch to the side is all JD manages before Ayala socks him square in the chest, blow after blow driving him backward in a barrage of meaty THUMPs. Sent stumbling into the table that he nearly put the woman over just moments before, he sags against it, hands falling to his sides and head lolling forward as she beats on him like a speed bag.
Glossy black hair falling across his face, he lets out a long, slow breath that hisses through his teeth, and is still.
Too still.
Right hand blurring up from his side, he aims a savage punch at the blonde's chest, rising from the table with slow deliberation. Stepping forward, he follows that punch with an overhead smash of his left fist, threatening to crash down upon her head and drive her to the floor from the raw force behind it. Just like that moment they shared during the rumble, the actor seems beyond pain now. Beyond all human frailties as whatever is driving him takes over.

COMBATSYS: Ayala blocks John Doe's Bone Yard.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
John Doe         1/--=====/=======|=======\=------\1            Ayala

"Now..." Ayala picks herself up after rapidly punching JD like that, realizing that soemthing has happened, herself drenched in sweat. She looked back up at JD, realizing he's still coming--and put her arms up. Bone cracked against skin and sinew, causing her to real back in pain as she brought her arms up to block his strike. It hurt, and she didn't know if she could do that again.

"Ayala not give up yet, Ayala tough like sabrecat," she breathed hard, panting almost--but cracked her knuckles, steeling herself for what was to come.

"Can John Doe keep going longer than Ayala?" she asks, between pants--the answer to that question is probably 'yes', to be fair.

COMBATSYS: Ayala gains composure.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
John Doe         1/--=====/=======|=======\-------\1            Ayala

"You have no idea how long Johnny can last!" comes the helpful shout of Titania, both her and Matt having crowded up to the edge of the makeshift arena to keep a close watch on the proceedings.
"My bro's like a wild animal," Matt adds, completely missing the added subtext that this unhelpfully provides. "Like a machine, for real. Like a wolf made of motors. A Motor Wolf!"
Silent as the grave, JD stalks forward to meet Ayala, features remaining lost in deep shadow. The sense of something fills the air between them, a ramping tension that could be fear, terror, or something else. An intense pulse of sensation that radiates out from the actor to impact everyone in the room differently, Matt letting out an exuberant battle cry while Titania falls quiet, thighs pressed tightly together.
And with that, the monster is coming, sprinting forward in a sudden burst of speed and coordination. Reaching out for Ayala, he attempts to grip her roughly by the ribs and rampage her backward off of her feet, carrying her across the length of the bar and scattering two tables before slamming her spine-first into the wall. Shifting one hand to the center of her chest, he attempts to pin her there, feet dangling off the ground, before rearing back to slam a single punch into her jaw. There is enough juice behind that punch that if he misses, he's likely to put his fist through the wood-paneled wall.

COMBATSYS: Ayala blocks John Doe's Evil Dead.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
John Doe         0/-------/-----==|=======\==-----\1            Ayala

Ayala is hurt bad, by this point, but taking that distance from JD and getting a breath helped a lot, apparently. Her arms are really messed up from all the heavier than bricks punches and strikes she's taken from JD, but somehow--somehow something within her gives her the strength to pull through.

"Wha... Que pasa?" she blinks as the weird intense energy radiates out of JD, it's bad, whatever it is--and Ayala knows it.

"Evil spirits--" she cringes and blinks, looking up to see JD barreling towards her, she puts her arms up and tries to stop his approach--she cannot, her feet skidding against the floor, driving up dust, splinters, smoke. She gets slammed into the wall, but before JD can land that punch that's sure to take the stuffing out of her, she grabs his hand, stopping it.

"Ayala can bite like zombie, too--" she begins to growl and then unleashes a frenzied attack on the dead man, biting and clawing at him and kicking away from him!

COMBATSYS: John Doe blocks Ayala's Tooth & Nail.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
John Doe         0/-------/-----==|=======\===----\1            Ayala

Punch pulled up short in the blonde woman's hands, John Doe lets out a cool breath directly into her face. If she can truly bite like a zombie, she might have to get brought in to one of his movies some day, though the growling assault she unleashes seems more like the work of a feral cat than a plodding undead.
Face turning away, JD drops his hand from her chest and pivots to accept the opening claw on his shoulder, her follow up bite sinking into the sleeve of his hoodie as he wards her off with his arm. Perhaps fortunate for them both that she didn't get a mouth full of whatever he's made of, as it might be contagious.
He could turn her into an actor too.
Shaking himself free of her, he accepts her final thrusting kick to his side and rounds upon her as she goes leaping away, chasing after with another burst of that unexpected speed. Dashing across the distance, he leads the way with his right fist, throwing a heavy superman punch toward her ribs that might just catch her before her feet have touched the ground.

COMBATSYS: Ayala interrupts Dash Punch from John Doe with Dance Floor EX.

[                                < >  /////////                     ]
John Doe         1/------=/=======|====---\-------\0            Ayala

Attacking JD in this way however, as Ayala quickly remembered, was like trying to bite and claw at a half-frozen slab of beef. She even has to draw back and retch a bit as she tries to bite down on his shoulder--not always the best idea with a zombie, but. She furrows her brows and growls as the dead man blows cool air across her face, finally kicking away from him as he rears back for that Popeye-esque punch that's bound to completely put her lights out. The punch grazes past her head causing her to recoil in pain, but grabs hold of JD's arm with both of hers, immediately after--drawing up with all her strength as if she's trying to break his arm and half--and she is--her body beginning to glow green with chi.

"Ayala take you across the dance floor!" somewhere, probably, maybe from someone's phone--thriller plays, as Ayala proceeds to roughly handle JD around the floor of the Dead Squirrel, her energy finally exploding out of from her body at the very end of the 'dance', her hair wild and blown upwards!

John Doe is not the most breakable competitor to have joined the NFG. In fact, though others have him beat in speed, skill, or raw destructive power, he's certainly at or near the top for durability. And so, when Ayala latches on, she finds the limb in her grip scarily hard to budge. Even with all the muscles of her body bent against it, the joint does not want to reverse.
Shouldn't it just take 5 pounds of pressure?
Muscles straining, it takes considerably more than that before the joint starts to give, forearm eventually snapping back toward his tricep with a gunshot CRACK.
For his part, JD doesn't even grunt.
Hauled off his feet and whirled across the bar floor by his broken arm, his body smashes through tables and topples chairs. Furniture is flung in all directions, the camera crew scrambling to move their equipment as she threatens to send him slamming through it as well.
With the energy building and building, John Doe lets out a hiss of a breath, and reaches up with his free left hand. Fingers groping, he attempts to plant his foot and drag her off of his other arm by her throat, to lift her up high before swinging around to splinter yet another table with her body, thrashing her violently back, forth, and around as if trying to wring her neck.
And then, she explodes.
Like an engine stalling out, JD's seemingly unending drive scatters beneath the blast of violent green energy. Fingers going slack, he drops crumples like a puppet with its strings cut, falling into an ungainly heap that does not twitch or threaten to rise.

COMBATSYS: John Doe can no longer fight.

                                  >  /////////                     ]
                                  |====---\-------\0            Ayala

COMBATSYS: John Doe successfully hits Ayala with Dawn Of The Dead.

                                  >  /                             ]
                                  |=======\=------\1            Ayala

Ayala is picked up and thrown--this time her body just can't withstand it--since she actually makes it through the table--all the way through it, and winds up in a heap on the floor. She can't bring herself up from the floor, even after struggling a little, but she's pretty sure her opponent isn't going anywhere either.

"Good dance, dead man..." Ayala blinks a little as she lifts her head, before it slumps back against the floor, the cavewoman fighter clearly out of it.

COMBATSYS: Ayala takes no action.

COMBATSYS: Ayala can no longer fight.

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