NFG Season One - It's A Bonus Stage Party!

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Description: With his home and place of business serving as the venue for the NFG tourney, Team Frost Sponsor, Abigail, decides to host a block party at the infamous Abigail's Scrap Metal in celebration of the end of Round One! There's beer to be drank, grilled Turkey Legs to be eaten and, most importantly, automobiles to be smashed! VROOOOOM! ... Poor Bred.

Abigail's Scrap Metal is pulling triple duty these days. First, it's Abigail's place of business and home - maybe. NFG or not he's got books to balance. Secondly: As Team Frost's headquarters cause really, The Bay Area Chief is not about to spend money on a facility when he is already spending money on all of this and running a business here. Large sections of the scrap yard itself have been hollowed out and re-organized to allow for sparring areas, obstacle courses and other assorted shenanigans for Frost members. All that scrap had to go -somewhere- though and that brings us to the third purpose.

A row of abandoned but still intact cars line the streets just in front of the mechanics garage and office space of varying sizes, shapes and colors. Other piles of scrap are being pushed and shoved around by various paper bag wearing Mad Gearites while still more have grills fired up, cooking up some of the finest Metro City meats the streets have to offer! Practice for their Thanksgiving Day turkey drive.

It's all in all somewhat chaotic as local denizens gather to watch the spectacle including even some Skull Cross Gang members lurking here and there And they seem fairly into it.

The Bay Area is....not the eye sore it usually is for once! It would seem that the spotlight of NFG has lead to at least a marginal effort of cleaning up the streets of the Bay Area, moving stacks of tires, getting some of the trash out of the way and, at the very least, putting up warning tapes for the parts of the rails that are to weak to support weight and have sent bodies tumbling over into the drink.

The place is still dominated by an infamous scrap yard mind you so there's only so much beautifying that's going to happen and, well, you should see this place on a normal day.

The roar of a motorcycle can be heard in a distance. Given Abigail's keen sense of vehicle mastery he could tell who it belongs to as well. It has been quite some time since Maxima has been around. In fact Abigail, K' and the cyborg haven't talked since they clamed the title of King of Fighters. Of course given the deal made Abigail had a nice bit of cash from the prize money to put into his scrap yard.

With cigar in mouth and shades being worn, the Canadian rides forward towards the scrap yard. He has been busy with a few things personal and more so he is now busy with the World Warrior tournament which is why he is in town at the time. Why not use the time to visit what could be considered a friend?

Maxima comes to a rolling stop and he knocks the kickstand down before dismounting the motorcycle. He reaches up to pull off the shades and pocket them in the leather jacket he wears and gazes about. "Abi, you big bastard, where are you?" he calls out after pulling the cigar from his mouth.

And who else should show up, entirely on foot of course, but the big pink genie himself, Hashim. Perhaps this is his way of apologizing for his last run-in with Abigail, or perhaps he just smelled those grills and wanted to see what was cooking. Maybe both! Regardless, after stopping to help carry some tires to a stack in the corner, he dusts off his hands and has a look around.

"I see Mister Abo- er, Abigail was not deceiving me after all. This is a very admirable job cleaning up the streets, though I think it is usually metaphor?" he muses, scratching his chin. Approaching one of the grills, he eyes it for a moment before asking, "So, what is on the menu today, hm? I will pay, of course."

The sound of massive engine begins roaring, accompanied by the creaking and groaning of metals and the clanking of falling debris. The massive orange-yellow clamp-claw hauler in the back of the scrapyard roars to life under Axl's control and slams downward violently, crashing into the cement of the scrapyard and sending debris flying everywhere and several combat dummies tumbling in wild direction. "Dammit, J! You didn't reset this right!"

"HEY!" Abigail's vast voice cuts in from the garage entrance. The giant Mad Gear Chief ducking under the half raised garage door and then pushing it up higher as he straightens up to his eight foot and something immensity. His body seems to swell in size, reddening with his rising stress and power as the visor on his welding mask cracks from the building internal pressure caused by the sight of his scrap yards machinery being so abused.

"Watch it! I ain't fixin' that again! If I have to, I'm gonna make alla you haul crap in and out of there! What're you -doing-!?"

His ears twitch. Even over his bellowing that familiar sound of that incoming motorcycle does reach his ears though he continues marching towards the gates leading into the scrap yard itself and then looks appraisingly. When Maxima arrives and thunders at him, the giant Mad Gear turns towards him finally. "Where th'hell you been?!" by way of greeting him, "Get over here and help me..."

At which point his gaze also falls on Hashim. He lifts his welding mask up, eyes widening at the almost slip up of his name but he calms himself and allows a slight smirk, "...Yeah well easy misunderstandin'. At least you lived through it, right?" He makes another gesture at Maxima to hurry up.

"The finest Metro City street turkey we can cook up!" declares the Mad Gear thug to Hashim at his question. "..And..I dunno..just donate somethin' to the cause I guess." he thumbs over to a large metal tin being used for collecting money. "...And don't ask where the turkeys come from either!"

A brow quirks. The response of where the hell he has been not surprising, but the sudden demand of help. It makes Maxima smirk slightly as he snuffs out the cigar and pockets it. "So demanding. Maybe there is a reason I haven't been around." he jokes as he steps forward and looks to be directed on what needs help.

"I should ask the same. King of Fighters make you content?" he asks Abigail while smirking slightly again. "I have expected you to be in World Warrior and yet here you are being busy with your business. Nothing wrong with that, but I feel a bit cheated we might not get to fight again any time soon." he admits.

His gaze does shift about some. There are people around, but none that could cause trouble from his analysis. Hashim stands out, and Maxima finds little info in his database, but the most important part is what info he does have doesn't connect Hashim with NESTS. "I came here because I might have a job of interest for you, Abi. Once this tournament is done I think I got a deal you can't say no to."

Among the variety of new fixtures that lie scattered around the exterior of the scrap yard, one in particular dominates the others, both in size and by not being a literal heap of junk. A large RV camper roughly the size of a city bus sits parked on the near side of the makeshift practice yards, looming large against the piles of scrap and old tires. The exterior is painted all black save for a single patch of white over the camper door which has been shaped in the silhouette of a stylized and very shapely winged female angel. The overt imagery makes it fairly obvious who the luxurious camper belongs to but, just in case, its owner can be found nearby most days lately finding new and creative ways to slack off.

Since her arrival in Metro City, Angel has been looking forward to meeting the various members of her new team. It's been some time since last she had any real fieldwork to do and harassing the nerds in the local NESTS research bases was starting to wear thin as a source of entertainment. As always, her fellow agents seemed to be perpetually busy with their own tasks these days, not that she would be likely to find much fun hanging around them anyways. Nameless was about as interesting to talk to as a bulletin board and K4999 was a little /too/ exciting to be around for long. Maybe some of these new faces would prove to be a little more her speed.

Unfortunately, it seems that most of 'Team Frost' has been giving her the cold shoulder. That or they found somewhere better to live than this rusty old dump. Not that she blames them. If it weren't for the generous donation of expendable funds granted to her for taking on the role of mentor - an idea that's positively laughable - she'd probably be off lazing around at a nearby hotel or NESTS bolt hole. Technically the latter are supposed to be avoided until emergencies, so as not to give their presence away to potential enemies, but if the living conditions here don't count as an emergency then she doesn't know what does.

Today, the resident slacker has spent the majority of her afternoon joining the local grease monkeys in getting herself filthy. And not in the sexy way but more the 'covered in grease and oil' way. Which might still be kinda sexy, depending on your preferences.

Angel lies on her back underneath the carriage of a small but sleek 50cc motorcycle, a set of tools scattered haphazardly within arms reach. The sound of a socket wrench being worked echoes up from beneath the machine, intermingling with the softly strumming beats of some classical rock pouring out of a small old-fashioned boom box. The Mexican teen's nasally voice rises up in concert with the more prominent parts of the chorus, the agent apparently oblivious to the presence of the new arrivals for the moment. With so many people showing up to help with the preparations it's hard for her to pick out anything unusual.

"They are from the street, are they not?" Hashim asks the grilling thug, entirely seriously. "That is why they are called street turkeys. I have not seen any, but I am assuming they are kept in a safer part of town."

The sudden crash of the hauler does cause him to jump, momentary panic in his eyes as he tries to work out what just happened, but he soon calms down upon realizing it was just an accident. It does, however, get Abigail to come out into the open, so as Hashim takes a turkey leg with a word of thanks to the cook and a couple dollar bills in the donation tin, he steps toward the giant among giants.

"Hello again, Mister Abigail. It seems you are having some trouble, yes? Perhaps I can be of help, to make up for the... misunderstanding the other day." the half-Jinn offers, then nods to Maxima as well. "And you are Mister Abigail's friend, I take it. My name is Hashim, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

The Bay Area Chief, Mad Gear's top enforcer, Belger's bodyguard and now owner, manager and mechanic of what seems to be a highly successful repair shop and car modding enterprise demanding? Him?

Naw, never!

C',mon.." he demands of Maxima but then pauses to his questioning on his ambition and goals. "Mmmm?" his eyes return towards the other man now and he peers at him thoughtfully, looking more calmed now as he considers his words. Then.

"I already did that World Warrior run once. I'm involved in this sponsor thing right now, didn't feel like double dippin'...besides...I got my eye on getting my belt back from that Honoka chick. She's been sitting on it long enough and I don't plan on' losing. Word is she's in World Warrior though so I guess I'm gonna have to wait and find some other ways to get my workouts in.." his voice trails off at that end and he then grins at Maxima, "Why you offerin'? I could use a sparrin' partner that won't crumple like a weak engine block..."

As Hashim approaches, Abigail turns to properly greet him. Indeed a giant among giants though bizarrely enough there are bigger about, and in NFG no less. But there's only one Abigail as he demonstrates when he rumbles out an approving, "VRRROOOOM!" at Hashim volunteering, "That's what I'm talkin' about. You ready to push it to the redline?!"

He steps to the side, beckoning them further in and revealing" three massive semi truck cabs just sort of slouched over in the scrap yard.

"They busted up my hauler by being idiots so help me get these things outta here so we can kick this off!" he declares to the two other big bodies, looking quite serious about just man handling a semi truck cab and dragging, no maybe even carrying it, out..

"Hugo could do it!" he adds in an attempt to pre-empt any balking, "C'mon, it'll be easy and quick!"

He turns back to Maxima, "You can tell me about this job then."

It is rare that Maxima is the small man of the group, but here that would be the case. It is far for him to be bothered by such a thing. Big lads just hang out with big lads, right? His gaze shifting from Abigail a moment to regard Hashim. "Maxima. Must say I haven't heard of you before. A fighter though, I can tell that much."

Not like he gets to say much more. Abigail gives his reasoning to why he isn't in World Warrior this time around and shows what he needs help with. There is a slight chuckle from Maxima. "I see. You don't want to be the only one doing all the heavy lifting." He steps up towards one of the semi truck cabs and eyes it before reaching to get a good grip. There is a sound of steam being released as he manages to heft it up and raise it over his head. "You're lucky I am made of sterner stuff, Abi." he quips and looks around. "Where do you want it?"

As for the possible job. There is a pause as he looks to Hashim again and considers. "The job? Well I won't go into detail out in the open, but let me say it involves you getting your hands on some tech that normal people wouldn't get. You'll ruffle some feathers, but if you couldn't handle the possible trouble afterwards I wouldn't ever talk to you about it."

"I don't know what that means, but... yes?" Hashim answers with a mildly perplexed look. Thankfully, Abigail provides enough explanation right after by showing off the trucks, and the genie man raises an eyebrow. "I do not know who this Hugo is, but I am willing to try."

As he walks over to the cabs, the fuschia fighter nods to Maxima again. "Yes, I am a fighter indeed. I come from Oman, where I too cleaned the streets. Although, in the more metaphorical sense, as I punished evildoers." he explains, wrapping his beefy pink arms as well as he can around the front of the truck cab. With a deep breath, his whole body tenses as he bows his legs, lifting with all his might.

After a few moments, with considerably more effort than Maxima, the truck lifts off the ground, and Hashim waits to heed whatever instructions Abigail might give.

In the dim shadows of the scrapyard, red eyes almost glow as they peer out into the small throng of humanity. Zarine's expression is flat and almost disgusted by her surroundings. She is used to, if not finery, than some level of refinement. Not this ... grungy and greasy environment.

At least she managed to dress like an actual, modern day human today. No fancy dress or heels out here. Just a black tank top, black, tight capri-style workout pants with a red stripe down the outside of the legs and white sneakers. Her long hair is pulled back in a ponytail and, despite the growing twilight, she's wearing sunglasses.

Her gaze flickers across the activity in the scrapyard, shaking her head at the actual possibility of physically dragging such a large wreck by hand.

As the song on the boom box comes to an end, a grease-covered tanned arm reaches out from underneath the motorcycle to slap at the buttons until it turns off. Shimmying out from underneath her machine, Angel grabs a dirty rag from her tool kit and attempts to scrub her hands and face clean of grime and sweat, which has the predictable effect of leaving her with only moderately cleaner hands and a much smudgier nose.

Now sporting her new urban commando look, the teen kips up to her feet and takes a gander around. The number of random goons seems to have multiplied in the past hour or so, apparently summoned by Goon Prime, a.k.a. Abigail, to assist with this shindig of his. She wasn't aware that backyard barbeque was a thing that hard-nosed criminal gangs usually got up to but if there's free grub involved she's not going to complain. That hyper-accelerated super human metabolism of hers isn't going to feed itself, after all.

Wandering over to the nearest grill, Angel partakes of the offerings of burnt bird flesh and yoinks one of the larger turkey legs off wholesale. A quick trip to her personal ice box adds a fresh beer to the contents of her dinner, nicely rounding out its nutritional value. What? Booze is made from grains, it counts!

Thusly armed with dinner, Angel wanders her way over towards the front of the junk yard to see who all showed up to mingle. Those darn contestants can't hide from her forever!

"Yo, Tiny! Where you hidin'?"

The prospect of getting his hands on some wild machinery to do some wild things with is quite enticing to the biggest of the gathered bruisers. The immense mechanic lights up at the idea but as the physical exertion begins, his mind shifts towards that and he pumps both of his titanic arms upwards in an approving and encouraging gesture.

"Alright! Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Check out the horsepower on these guys!" His words are cheerful and booming. Big grin plastered across his bull doggish face as the crowds also begin chiming in and cameras flash. It is a visual spectacle and perhaps surprising the vampiress who has joined the group now and has perhaps who has seen everything. It is, after all, pretty outrageous. These are semi-truck cabs after all. Busted up and ready for the scrap heap but nevertheless - still semi truck cabs.

The audience seems quite pleased but there's a little cringing from some of the more ne'er-do-well types who were looking to get an eye at some of the local fighters and spy some limitations and weaknesses. Skull Cross, Head Crates and others slink backwards. Ain't nobody looking to scrap with those two now.

"Right over there. Out in front." Abigail instructs, gesturing to a big open space near the entrance of the graffiti covered main garage where there's room for both trucks. "I'll be sure t'send Katana your way the next time his damn truck breaks down."

He adds before walking out of the scrapyard and past Zarine's position. He pauses to study her but then has his attention called towards Angel as she saunters in, "'hell were you doing back there. If you want me to crank up your bike you just gotta ask!"

He finally pulls his welding mask completely off and tosses it over to the side though he then asides towards Zarine, "Yo, princess. C'mon out. Congratulations are in order, eh? You rocked that fight! Got messier then I thought you had in ya, eh?"

The few gazes Maxima were getting from the small time gang members were easily discarded. None actually came off as a threat from what he could tell and his display of strength is more than enough to make them think twice about causing any trouble. He isn't against a good fight, but none of those could offer it. Now Hashim? well maybe in the future.

"Cleaning up the streets of Oman? I can get behind that. I am a bit of a street cleaner myself." he admits. "Nice to meet ya, Hashim. I think it might be fun to see how strong you really are one day if you are up for it. All in good fun of course." he adds. If anything it is always a good way to gather more data on new fighters he hasn't come across. World Warrior so far has been good for that with his encounter with Bezique.

He carries the semi truck cab with ease where directed and lets it drop to the ground. "You're lucky I don't ask for payment. Do you ask all your friends just to do all your dirty work?" he asks in a joking manner.

Though his brow furrows a bit. A somewhat familiar voice that soon goes with a familiar face when Angel makes her presence known. The cyborg actually remains quiet on that, not saying anything just yet. He seems glad he didn't mention his plan fully to Abigail yet as he didn't expect NESTS to be around.

Hashim is too busy focusing on carrying that cab to bother looking at the gang members or responding to Maxima. He's certainly got a lot of power in that frame of his, but he's still clearly outclassed by the other giants present as he slowly makes his way one step at a time to the entrance of the garage. Finally, with one last puff of breath (which is accompanied by a small fireball that quickly dissipates in the air), he drops the cab to the ground, narrowly missing his toes.

"Phew... I have not done something like that before. It is, perhaps, good workout." the jolly Jinn giant says after catching his breath. By this point his tunic is soaked with sweat and oil stains, and his face only kept dry by the cloth wrapped around his head. Grinning at Maxima, he responds, "Yes, I would be down for this. I have seen many amazing people since coming here. It has been very eye opening, to find that there is greater strength still to achieve."

There is a long moment of silence as the vampire takes a step back into the shadows, almost seeming to vanish. Then there's a deep sigh and she steps out into the building night, peering at the assembled before she looks up (and up and up) at Abigail.

"Yes. Well. That was very hard fought. Laurel is ... An interesting person." She pauses. "You should not be surprised at the brutality. I -am- a monster. And older than everyone standing here combined, I might add."

She shoots Angel a glare, tugging the sunglasses down just a bit, showing her bloody red eyes. "My name is Zarine, not 'Tiny'."

"Whoa! Gonna pass on that one, big guy. I do my own tune-ups!"

Angel watches the display appreciatively as all three of the hulking brutes show off their physical prowess to the adoring crowd. She makes certain to stay well clear of the crash zone, however, lest one of the massive truck cabs prove to be a bit more than the two smaller Hulk-wannabes can handle.

Or should she say, one Hulk and one Robo-Cop.

The Mexican girl's expression changes from impressed to surprised upon spying her former ally, eyes going wide. Of the all the places she did not expect to find this walking refrigerator this would be up on the list.

A catty smirk slowly crosses her grease-smudged face as she looks around to try and spy the second half of this duo of dunces. If K' is here, he'll be a lot more fun to tease. Alas, it seems as if she will be denied that particular pleasure today. Ah well, that just means all of her attention can focus on the tin can!


Calling out to the big lug nut in a saccharine sweet voice, Angel waves her half-eaten drumstick in greeting. Her body becomes a literal blur of motion a moment later, moving faster than even most supernatural or enhanced eyes can keep up with. She reappears at Maxima's side, leaning casually against the much larger cyborg in an overly friendly manner.

"Hey there! Long time no see, ol buddy, ol pal!"

With a positively Cheshire-sized grin, the girl pokes at his shiny chest with the end of her turkey leg then gestures at the junk yard around them.

"Your warranty finally expired, eh? Shoulda coughed up for that extended policy!"

Zarine's misunderstanding of her nicknames seems to go unnoticed at the moment, Angel's attention soaked up by the prospect of smack talking her former co-worker.

The stunt, difficult though it was, seemed to have earned Hashim some of Abigail's respect and accolades as the massive Chief reaches out and slaps his hand down for Hashim's back in affirmation of his success.

"Good job! You keep working on building that horsepower of yours and you'll catch up to him in no time!" he grins while jabbing his finger in Maxima's direction. "Why...if you're lookin' for local work I might even be able to hook you up!" He grins down at the djinn but then turns towards Zarine, "I think she was referring' to me princess.." Nevermind the fact that he's using a nickname for her himself. But her point of her age and maturity seems to stand with him and he shrugs lightly while reaching for and then tossing a towel over towards Hashim.

"Lotta monsters around these parts...or maybe folk that are called monsters but really aint and folk that should be considered monsters but got by. Either way, good job. You and Laurel got folk at the edge of their seats. Not bad for a first outing... Even better that you got us a win!"

Then Angel calls out to Maxima and Abigail turns towards them both, clearly surprised. The confusion evident on his face should affirm he's got no idea of the connection between the two and has probably no understanding of NESTS and what it all means.

" two know each other?"

It is best K' is not around. Things would certainly get heated and his temper is much more out of control. Maxima can easily be confused as big and brutish, but he is far from that. He isn't happy about what he sees, but he handles it well. There are people around here that shouldn't know about his past fully.

"Angel, spry as ever I see." he comments in response. He is certainly less fun to take jabs at because is the more reasonable of the pair of renegades. "I am just here to talk to a friend." he replies and nods to Abigail. It seems his intent to further explain his 'job' to Abigail will have to wait. Of all places he didn't expect NESTS to really have ears and eyes in the junkyard.

"In fact I was just leaving. Very important things to be done. You of all people should know that." he tells Angel and even gives a wink. He looks to Hashim once more. "I'll try to catch you another time. I would like to see how strong you are." he tells the much larger man before his attention returns to Abigail.

"Afraid I have to go. We'll talk business a bit later." If Abigail gets the hint is up to him, but Maxima makes it sound like it should be a more private conversation saved for another day.

The Cyborg tugs the shades from his jacket and puts them on while heading to his motorcycle. He eye Angel once more, but says nothing. There is plenty to be said later, but for now it is best to just leave. The Harley he rides roars to live once more and the big Canadian rolls out.

Hashim gratefully accepts the towel, using it to dry himself off and wipe some of those stains away. "My thanks, sir." he says, stumbling slightly from the slap to the back. Gentle as Abigail might be, it's still quite the mighty blow of friendliness. "Oof, er... Well, I would not mind some form of reliable employment. Taking it from the pockets of the gangsters can only go so far."

As Zarine and Angel begin to join the conversation and Maxima goes to leave, Hashim waves goodbye to the cyborg. "Yes, I will be looking forward to testing myself against you. Until then, farewell." Glancing over toward the grills, he adds, "I think I will have another street turkey. Lifting the truck has given me quite the appetite. Good day to you all."

"You know me, charm and flexibility in a cute little package!"

Angel's mockery earns roughly the boring response she expected. Ah well, it was worth a try. The wink is a bit unexpected, though. How sassy! Maybe there's hope for his personality yet. It would make smashing him like the /traitorous/ beer can he is all the more entertaining.

But, that will have to wait for when she can get him somewhere a bit more private. Abigail's a bit of a chump but she doubts he'll sit idle while she borrows his heavy machinery to make some fresh license plates out of one of his acquaintances. And she doesn't want to end up like one of those truck cabs.

Dislodging herself from the cyborg's side, Angel allows him to leave without any further harassment. She did pick up a nice little tidbit of information in that short exchange at least. Maxima was here on some sort of business which means there's potential things for her to poke her nosy little self into to cause trouble! Maybe this job will finally start to pay off, even if not in the expected way.

Filing that mental note for later, the teen decides to try and make some progress on her actual assignment - namely finding some juicy new morsels for the lab nerds to study. However, as the majority of her little ducklings have yet to make an appearance at the dinner party, Angel turns her attention back to Abigail.

"So, you and the tin can know each other, huh? Where'd you meet him, anyways?"

Angel may be a new fellow mentor on Team Frost but Abigail's history with Maxima leans his loyalty and ear that direction first. He indeed catches the tone and the implications of his comment and he just raises both eyebrows, crinkling his death metal make up before reaching up to rub the back of his head as Maxima has already roared off away from the scrapyard.

When Angel turns towards him he settles his gaze onto her with a sudden twinge of annoyance at her line of questioning as if she should know already: "What th'....we -won- King of Fighters! Me and that crazy white haired flame throwin' friend of his. Sheesh." in a kind of 'don't' you know who your own teammates are' sort of tone to his voice.'

His irritation shifts to curiosity though, "Anyway how do -you- know 'im? What'd ya scare him off fer?" his monstrous arms fold as he peers at her and one eyebrow raises once again, "He owe the ex-wife for your child support or something?"

He acknowledges Hashim's departure with a flickered glance and nod but he also seems disappointed. "Figured he'd try his hand at the challenge..." he muses, "Mebee he'll be back."

His attention returns to Angel and Zarine now, however. With the others withdrawing all together or stepping back to regather wits and strength, the actual Team Frost remain the only ones of note at the moment. There may indeed by the lingering premise that Abigail could know more then he letting on as well as his blue grey eyes seem to be now looking fairly piercingly at Angel.

"Oh did you?" Angel rubs the back of her head and sticks out her tongue playfully. "Guess I wasn't really paying attention to that one, nya!"

Not that she pays attention to /most/ of what goes on the street fighting world. Pretty much only when her dynamic duo of crappy bosses decide that NESTS hasn't engaged in enough cartoon villainy lately does she actually bother to keep track of things. Who won what tournament or teamed up with what group is info that isn't particularly relevant to the teen's slacker brain. If it's actually important to the mission someone will tell her. Usually.

When Abigail inquires about her own familiarity with Maxima, the girl just grins again and takes another big bite out of her turkey leg.

"Shomething lhike that."

Back when Maxima and K' were a part of the big ol happy NESTS family, his advanced age probably would have left the older man stuck in the dad role. She wonders how he'd feel about that. He and K' certainly had no problems abandoning her and the rest of NESTS's motley crew of orphans and misfits when they took their leave. Whatever, not like she cares about what some traitor thinks!

"So what's up with the community barbeque? You neer-do-wells get together to roast marshmallows and swap ghost stories on the regular or something? Kinda hurtin my mental image of the gangsta life here, Tiny!"

He's got no idea about her job or bosses and who she is of course but he -does- know about NESTS. The hint that he did King of Fighters with Maxima and K' should put him on the radar but it's not like they spent time giving him dossiers and he really only paid attention to that which was relevant to him at the time.

. "Hey I'm kinda a 'big deal'." remarks Abigail and for once it's not actual hyperbole. He spreads his massive arms to the side and leans back a little bit, cocking his head to the side, "World Warrior qualifier and top ten ranking fighter, King of Fighters champion, Neo League champion and Worldwide Belt holder...lost that though I'm gonna get it back. C'moooooon. Know who yer sponsorin' with."

A sort of 'who you think you talking with speech, Mildly hypocrtical as he knows nothing of her.

"You think I don't see some folk lookin' down at us just cause Mad Gear is content runnin' the streets of Metro City? Pfft. We'd crush 'em. But folk can be happy where they're at as well... So why try unless they come for us?"

Abigail grins at Angel albeit there's this 'slasher grin' type of cadence to it.

"Anyway my days of extortion are behind me. I got a legit business. We aint all bad. A little community spirit is good for folk. Besides, it's a chance for some of the NFG folk to show off and maybe earn a little prize money if they do well. Maybe even for some of us to show off. Good press, right? Plus who doesn't have fun breaking things. Don't tell me you don't."

Angel's eyebrows lift slightly as Abigail rattles off his list of achievements. Big guy's been busy it seems. And here she thought he was just some has-been goon with a fetish for rusted metal. The more you know. Of course, all of that was probably in the documents they gave her to read but she mostly just skimmed through. The nerds who wrote those things up loved stuffing in a bunch of pointless trivia. The important thing was the primary mission.

Swallowing another mouthful of delicious street turkey, the teen shrugs and points the now mostly denuded leg bone at her oversized compatriot.

"Yeah, well, I have a theme park."

Technically, it's not actually /hers/. Alma probably owns most of the actual stock. But it's definitely named after her! Either way, he doesn't need to know all the boring details.

After a few seconds of smirking smugly up at him, Angel chomps the last bite of turkey off the bone.

"Do you have a theme park? Didn't think so."

Wiping her face off on her sleeve, the teen guzzles down the entire can of beer that's been loitering forgotten in her hand in one long pull. As usual, she barely feels a tingle before her enhanced liver sucks all the fun right out of her bloodstream. One of the downsides of being bio-engineered to be immune to all manner of toxins. She'll need something a hell of a lot stronger to even get tipsy, much less drunk.

Holding the empty can up, Angel crushes it menacingly in her fist making an over-exaggerated growl.

"Grrr. Angel smash!"

The teen's familiar lop-sided grin replaces the expression after a moment and she chucks the balled up bit of aluminum into a bin some thirty feet away, nailing the shot with no obvious effort.

"So, where /are/ our intrepid little newbies, anyways? I've been camped out here for days and yet to see any of the little rascals."

"Do I lookl like I want a damned theme park? What would I do with a theme park!" Abigail fumes. An Abigail themed Theme Park would be....sure would be something that the world is better left without.

To her question on the fighters though he grunts, folding his arms. "We're their sponsors, not their babysitters."

He considers that for a second and then turns away to start walking back towards the garage, though he continues to speak as if expecting Angel to follow.

"You just saw Zarine. Juri's probably trying to be hands on with Coco's trainin'.... Buford probably wouldn't be a good mix with you. No need to send folk backwards. I got him covered. Tamaki and Nixie..."

Abigail's voice trails off abit as he rubs his jaw in thought. "Well...we can't -make' em train with each of us just provide the space and do what we can. I'd like t'be more hands on. Probably would make them win more but well, Coco took out Genie which is kinda ironic considering somethings I know. Tamaki lost but Zarine won and Buford and Braun ended up taking each other down so that's two wins, a loss and a draw. That'll send 'em to us looking to get patched up and get some morale boost and training in before the next round."

Abigail gestures loosely, rolling his hand about as if winding up his thoughts, "Go to their matches. Cheer 'em on. We'll see who else shows up to this. Do 'em some good, probably."

"I did?"

Angel blinks and hits rewind on her memory of the past couple minutes, sifting through the throngs of greasy gangsters and funny colored mohawks for a familiar face. Eventually she remembers the sunglasses and pasty complexion.

"Oh! The grumpy one with the Ray-Bans. That's the uh... the vampire, right?"

Even saying that out loud sounds ridiculous to her still. The world has changed pretty radically in the past few years, sometimes she still has trouble believing it's actually real. Every day is Halloween now it feels. As if she didn't already have enough to worry about with people throwing blasts of fire and lightning at her all the time like some kind of circus act, now she has to deal with curses and lycanthropy and all manner of weirdness!

Fortunately, despite his dopey looks, Abigail seems to be on the ball. She hasn't even made time to review the fight footage of the first round matches yet. For now she'll just have to accept that the big guy knows what he's talking about and nods along.

"Well, I hope you're right. I'm /very/ interested in getting to meet the crew."

As the night continues to fall, the shadows both get larger and start to fade as true darkness begins to take over. As the last rays of the sun disappear behind the shadow of Masters Tower, Zarine actually emerges fully.

"I did win against Miss Laurel. She is ... formidable. She is clearly not human or, perhaps, she is possessed by the unquiet dead. ... Of the spectral variety," she says.

As the darkness deepens with the sun setting, the seemingly chaotic and impromptu street fair continues to increase in intensity. More brave the Mad Gear's cooking and grilling as more of the infamous Metro City turkey is grilled up - but other offerings are available as well. The music blares and people seem to be hanging out though also waiting for intrepid new generation fighters or sponsors to show and show off. The lifting of the semi truck cabs riled them up but the scrap cars await attention and Abigail purses his lips as he checks matters out with one balled up fist resting on his waist.

"Huh. Maybe I shoulda announced it louder or I guess they afraid of Team Frost..."

He then glances over to Zarine, "I don't keep up with all that Thriller mambo jumbo but that was a pretty slasher fic' of a match you had. You think you can beat Laurel again if you had to have a go at 'er? Who knows, they might do another 'Rumble' you might have to."

As the shadows deepen the neon colors of Abigail's Scrap Metal's signage seems to glow even brighter and the street lights pop on. More of them working then usual! Additional set up spotlights keep the place well illuminated so the party and challenge continues unhindered by the creeping darkness of the evening..

Djamila got partly driven there, but she asked to be able to do the rest by foot. So when she arrives at the place, she's alone. She's still wearing her smartwatch looking Lifeband. She's not forgetting it anymore. "Hello there? Anyone. I heard it was opened to everyone after all, and you bet if it is, I am going to be part of it. So here I am." She walks further with her staff, looking confident enough. There is time later to be embarassed if they don't want her here.

She is wearing a pair of black short shorts, a black top, a black blindfold, as well as black boots. "Hello everyone. Hope I am at least not here at a bad time. It might not need to be said, but I am Djamila. If there's a party, I want to be part of it." She snickers.

After a pause she continues "I hope you're all well and all that. I am doing amazing." Not exactly true, but what's in her head shall stay in her head.

The arrival of Djamila pulls Abigail's attention away from Angel and Zarine both at the moment. He grins. It's not exactly pleasant looking as, well, this is Abigail but that hardly seems to be a point of concern for Djamila for obvious reasons. Instead, his booming voice better reflects his mood as he greets her in the best way possible. Car noises: "VROOOOM!"

The giant claps his meaty hands together producing a loud echoing *thwack* "That's what I'm talkin' about. Not afraid to step right into Team Frost territory for some grub and fun. Come on in! You're Team Metal, aren't ya? You guys picked up one of our older members, Sarah."

He looks her over and hmms thoughtfully. "Come to try your hand at the challenge or just hang out? Best times on smashin' up some cars earns some extra spending cash. Money raised from Mad Gear sellin' food and Abigail's Scrap Metal will match it."

He can't help but look a little incredulous at her as he finishes his appraising study but she wouldn't be in the NFG at all if she couldn't do some damage after all. "Whaddya think? Gonna show us what ya got?"

Well, Djamila doesn't lose her smile. So she doesn't seem to be scared being here, at least. She giggles at the car noise, and she has to try it too. "VROOM!" She can't get as loud or as low he does, but for her it's all in good fun.

"Why would I be afraid of coming here? If you wanted to hurt me or anyone else coming here, it would mean you don't believe in your own team. It would be silly. You have a good team. We're all great in this." She takes a deep breath. "Yes I am team Metal. I am happy we have Sarah in there. She is a great addition. You've had some great addition too, if I may say so. At least so I heard. Trying to keep up with things.

Then she makes a request which might be surprising. "I am totally thinking of smashing cars. You better believe it. But first, do you mind if I explore this place a bit? I never really been in a place like this before. So, with your permission, I am going to do that. Or not if you say no. Not trying to piss you off or anything. I will be respectful." She smiles and awaits the answer as she rests her staff on the ground and leans on it, chi keeping it upright.

When the vroom is returned, Abigail grins big. It's so rare when others speak his language.

"Heeey, not bad. Sounds like you might have some pretty good acceleration in that engine of yers. I dig!"

He inclines his head, listening to her explanation of matters and then nods in approval. "You got it! You got us figured out and yeah, we got some champions in the making alright. As for exploring?"

He pauses to consider this. The furthest depths of the actual scrap yard continues cleared out areas for Team Frost and training content but it's not like he's hoarding state secrets back there. The -real- secret stuff, his various insane modding plans that sometimes look like a mad scientist trying to plan out a death ray or something, are locked away in his office. No need to risk that getting out in public.

"Abigail's Scrap Metal is open for business!" he declares, "Feel free to take a look but just be careful. Everything in the scrap yard's not necessarily bolted down y'know? Don't want a pile of cars falling on you and obviously don't go touchin' any of Frost's training equipment. Gotta put the brakes on that but you got the greenlight for everything else."

"I am a guest here. The least I can do is greet you back, right?" She grins. "Thank you, though."

"May the best fighters and team win. No need to do anything underhanded for that." She smiles. "We're not salvages."

Then, when he gives her permission, "Thank you, and I got it. I don't touch what's not mine, and you won't touch what's not yours." She giggles. "Thank you, you're really cool. I won't be too long." With that, she disconnect her staff from the ground and almost goes skipping. She has such a sure steps when she wants it to be. She also takes the time to nod at everyone else here before she leaves.

Fortunately for Abigail, NESTS doesn't really go for the death lasers or doomsday device brand of evil otherwise Angel would probably have already started snooping around. They're more into the elite clone army approach. Which is the primary reason that one of the TOP agents is here conducting clandestine research into all these interesting new 'research subjects'. She isn't really sure how wise it would be to hand literal monsters over to the nerds that can't even make a stable Kyo clone but fortunately that's not her problem.

But, at the moment, since this party is kind of a dud, Angel is more interested in livening things up. Maybe if she makes enough racket some of the more shy people will come out to play. Who doesn't love bonding over beer and smashing things?

"Yo, Tiny, check this out! I'm about to give you a front row seat to pure awesomeness!"

Sauntering over to one of the various mostly intact vehicles that have been lined up for wanton demolition, the teenager takes a moment to go through her pre-smash ritual. Yes, she breaks things often enough to have a warm-up for that.

Firstly she reaches for the zippers on the sides of her long bomber jacket drawing them back all the way to her elbows which lets her carefully fold the vintage leather back out of the way. Don't want her favorite piece of attire getting scuffed up! Her arms are more durable than the leather anyways.

Next in line is the zipper down her front. She had fastened the girls up while working on her bike as a safety precaution. Super soldier or not, getting that particular bit of her anatomy caught in a motor would be unpleasant. Turning her head to regard the crowd of gangsters gathered around the scrap yard, Angel gives them a sultry wink as she slowly drags the fastener down about halfway exposing ample amounts of her prodigious cleavage.

"Alright, kiddos, don't blink or you'll miss it!"

Tugging on her gloves dramatically, Angel eyes her chosen victim and gives it a quick once over. Then, with a nod she draws her fist back, whirling it around almost cartoonishly and then leans into a massive haymaker aimed at the car's driver side door.


One would think that the punch of a teenage girl would prove of little concern to a near solid block of iron and steel. After all, Angel isn't some freakish muscle-bound titan like Abigail who /looks/ like he can crush a car into a ball with his bare hands. But, as anyone who has kept track of the shapely fighter's professional career would be able to attest - looks can be deceiving.

The impact of knuckles on metal proves to be catastrophic - for the metal. The door crumples like a potato chip and then explodes off its hinges, blasting completely through the cabin and into the passenger side door with enough force to dislodge it from its mountings as well sending both careening like giant shurikens into the piles of junk beyond.

She's been exploring the place for a bit without touching what she was told not to touch and without dying. Which is already a win. How was it fun without having eyes to see? Who knows, but she did it anyway.

When some loud metal noises happen, it catches her attention. "Oh someone has started." She makes her way back to where the action is. Once she's there. "Who is giving metal a run for it's money? Those were very powerful complaining sounds." She smirks. "I will be ready to try myself once it's a good time. Wouldn't want to pass over anyone else." She settles her staff upright and leans over it. "Thanks for letting me check out the place Abigail. It was interesting." She smiles then adds. "Hello to anyone I might have missed when I got in. Really nice to be here and meet people.

The party seems to be going just fine but the lack of challengers for the demolition is noted by the Superhuman Hot Rodder. It's still early mind you, they've really only just gotten going and it takes a moment for word to travel. As to Angel:

The Mad Gear gang are indeed impressed if not slightly befuddled by Angel's antics as that certainly didn't look like something someone like her would be capable of doing. Not that they shouldn't know better given the world of professional fighters and....well..everything else that's out there. The crowds get into it, reveling in the visual display and destruction hammered to the already battered car.

Abigail folds hs arms and turns his attention from Djamila as she leaves off to suss out the particulars of the environment and is now drawn to watching Angel with an arcing eyebrow. He doesn't seem utterly flabbergasted, unlike the hooligans and spectators.

"Heeey you got some kick to your engine after all. I was wondering what you brought ot the table. Where'd you say you were from again?"

He inclines his head, eyeing her, "What, you lookin' for a job as a scrapper or somethin' after this? Hn I guess not with you owning a 'theme park' or some junk."

He smirks now and steps forward, approaching her with some sort of sequoia that's pulled itself up from the earth to lean over towards her and the battered vehicle.

"Anyway, yer a sponsor. I expect you to be able to do that."

He then jabs a thumb over his shoulder towards one of the semi trucks.

"But instead of laying a fist into a car already just about ready to fall apart like that one... If you want to -really- show off, you try that over there. You might actually impress me if you can pull off demolishing that in a few hits."

When Djamalia speaks again he turns towards her, "Hey no problem. Ah, don't mind Angel she's just showin' off. You want a crack at it?"

Angel dusts her hands showily and then rests them on her hips, turning to unleash a friendly smirk up at the big brawler. She leans forward suggestively, eyebrows wiggling as the incorrigible teen engages in her sworn duty to interpret everything ever said as sleazily as possible.

"Flattery will not get you a look under my hood, big guy."

Leaning backwards, Angel sensually arches her back until her hands touch the ground and lifts her cowboy boot clad feet up into the air in a casual handstand. Her elbows bend slightly, bringing her head almost flush to the ground, and then with a powerful shove the teen sends her entire body catapulting up into the air. A couple of showy back flips ends with the young brawler landing with acrobatic grace atop the hood of the ruined car, her arms spreading out like a circus acrobat finishing a trick.

"Mexico! Home of Lucha libre and tequila!"

She wiggles a finger at Abigail and Djamila, grinning.

"I'd wear a mask but it'd be a crime to cover up a face this cute, nya!"

Her gaze drifts over to the semi, eyebrows lifting at the challenge. She... might be able to tear it apart with a whole lot of time and effort. But that would be more like work than fun.

"Gonna pass on that one, Tiny. I'll leave the demolition derby to monster trucks like you."

Instead, she turns her attention to the visitor to the camp. Her gaze runs up and down the dancer from bottom to top, sizing her up with a thoughtful 'hmm' before nodding.

"Welcome to wasteland, weary wanderer. That stick just for show... or are you gonna show us all how good you are at working a pole?"

"Now that I've heard the sound of metal getting destroyed, I am ready for this." She takes the staff from the ground and spins it before settling it under her arm. "Just tell me the rules." She grins. "Oh I gotta do this." A short pause before. "VROOOM!" She giggles. "Now I am even more ready." She undulates her hips a bit, the grin never leaving her face."

She listens to the rules when Abigail gives them. she gets ready. She wonders why there aren't more people around right now. This is a good fun thing before the next match happens. She idly wonders if she will be against a frost member or a blaze member this time around.

When Angel addresses her. "Oh you bet I am participating. I am great at the pole, in a club and in a fight." She smirks. "Learning more everyday in the fight part of it, because of awesome people. For that I am grateful."

COMBATSYS: Bred's Old Car has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Bred's Old Car   0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Djamila has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Djamila          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0   Bred's Old Car

"What's the matter? Bit too much for ya?" says Abigail, grinning at Angel tauntingly but then turns away and moves closer to the staff wielder.

"Let's start with this one. Bred's got them to spare."

Who is Bred? Hopefully someone who has agreed to this and who doesn't have a history of having his cars busted up. It's an old cadillac though presumes it's a donation to the cause.

Abigail studies Djamila with curiosity though. She's made her way here, made her way around the Scrap Yard and more than that, made her mark on NFG so needless to say he's some interest in seeing how she's about to navigate this.

He steps over the car and turns his voice towards her, grinning once more "Right over here. Don't hold back. Take your best shots and let's see how well you do!"

"Not all of us are human trash compactors, Tiny!"

Angel flops down atop the car and sprawls out on her side, propping her head up on one hand. Might as well watch and see how this goes. Technically, her assignment was to focus on the members of her own team but doing a little extra research on the competition can't hurt. Besides, it'll make her look more mentor-y if she actually has some advice to offer when she finally gets around to booking some one-on-one sessions with her trainees.

"Show us what you got, girl!"

She chuckles. It's nice when you can mess with people because you're friend enough with them to do it.

So Bred has cars, and the one she is going to destroy is one of his. Hopefully it's not his only. If not, 'Sorry Bred.' she thinks idly. "Ok, I will give it my best. I probably won't be as strong as your friend here, but I might surprise both you."

She makes her way to the car. Then she slams her staff down right bey the side of the car. She keeps it upright with some chi at the base. Then she jumps on her staff. Once high enough, she extends her legs and lets herself spins, doing the helicopter, her booted feet hitting at the car as she lets herself slide down to the floor in a split. A bit of wind seems to help her spin in this case to help her keep the momentum against the metal.

"This is already fun." She chuckles and pulls herself back up using her staff, arching her back in the process. Who wouldn't enjoy destroying a car.

Bred's Old Car says, "Autobot! Transform and Roll out!"

COMBATSYS: Djamila successfully hits Bred's Old Car with Chopper Spin.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Djamila          0/-------/------<|===----\-------\0   Bred's Old Car

COMBATSYS: Bred's Old Car takes no action.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Djamila          0/-------/------<|===----\-------\0   Bred's Old Car

"If you were as strong as Angel already....I might be wondering what th'hell you're doing in a this tournament." belts out Abigail at that. Though in truth there are a number of powerhouses out there involved in this. "Yeah let's see what you got!"

His voice then trails off as he watches her spin into her attack. ""

Her attack slams home with a thunderous crash. Wind from her whirling movements and kicked up by her chi circles its way through the area, whipping through the cheering bystanders. The car, as most cars are wont to do, takes the hit solidly but not without clear damage to its frame from the assault. It rocks wildly, frame visibly battered and warped from the strike but still hanging in there. At least it doesn't get up to attack back! Such a thing wouldn't be out of the scope of what some might imagine given rumors of Abigail's savant like capabilities with modding and vehicles of various stripes.

"Yeaaah!" he roars, "Keep going!"

Angel's head tilts back in a laugh as the dancer takes her comment rather literally. First vampires and goblins now pole dancers. What in the world is even going on with this fighting circuit? Can't argue that the technique isn't effective though.

"Work it, girl! Makin' me wish I had some loose bills on me."

Looking over at Abigail, she gestures at the heaps of trash lying around them.

"You got a disco ball hidin' somewhere in this mess, Tiny? I can go grab my boombox and we can get a real party started."

At least the car has damage, and the way Abigail talks pumps her up more. "Why is that so fun, really?!" She laughs than grrr playfully.

She disconnects her staff from the ground, then she moves and jumps once, smacking her staff on the hound, and as she jumps a second time, she smacks it down at the windshield. She seems to apply more force to it. Perhaps she's letting her inner rage out a bit at the moment. Make it a therapeutic event too. "Shame no more people are trying this right now."

She trust her ass out at the end of her move. "I have space if you want to put some bills in there." She smirks. She's not ashame of her job when she's not fighting. It made her survive and gave her a family.

COMBATSYS: Djamila successfully hits Bred's Old Car with Superman.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Djamila          0/-------/----<<<|=======\-------\1   Bred's Old Car

"Why do I have a feeling that any party you try and kick off will bring the cops." says Abigail as he turns towards Angel and then makes a gesture at all of the activity around her. Music, food and the entertainment to the fans of NFG caused by Djamila as she goes to town on the car.

"What kinda street party you tryin' to run 'ere?"

As Djamila lands her next attack, the windshield warps and then caves violently from her assault spraying chunks of glass inward into the car as the force of her blow also warps the the roof and buckles the hood violently.

The attack draws Abigail's full attention once more, especially as she lands that winning pose in the aftermath of her attack. Two blows in and the car is already looking nearly ready for the full scrap heap.

"There's some wild fighting styles in this league alright. Never thought I'd see something like this."

"Go queen!" yells Roxy from the backdrop. The belle of the Mad Gear clearly approves as does many others in the crowd, urging Djamila onward.

"Because I throw the best parties, obviously."

Angel sticks her tongue out at Abigail playfully, winking. If only he knew just how accurate that statement is. NESTS isn't in a habit of doing things by halves and the quirky agent is no different. It's a shame Sylvie didn't come along with her on this assignment, the little spunky little spark plug could have added a whole new element of fun to this scrap heap shindig - and probably shorted out the local power grid.

Djamila's showing off is rewarded with an appreciative whistle from her fellow scantily clad teen.

"Careful, cutie, you might rev this crowd up a little too hard with moves like that. Gonna be a few oil spills to clean up at this rate."

She can't help but chuckles a bit again at the banter between Angel and Abigail. She wonder if they have ever been together. Not that it is any of her business, but she can let a little part of her mind go there.

She undulate her hips once more, shaking her ass a bit for a brief moment, before she moves again . "Thank you. I am having fun, and I can't help giving a little show while at it."

She goes back to that door she hit previously, "You want a show with this car though? I will give you a show."

After a second, she slides forward with power. Like she might do to power through an opponent attack, though there is none in this case. She slams the end her staff at the door, pushing hard and screaming. "YAH!" . Can she dislodge the door. She isn't sure. Probably not like Angel did it earlier, but she has her staff. So, on a stationary opponent, she prioritize force over agility.

Whether the outcome of it, she does have to take a deep breath after this. She's not in a sexy pose at the moment.

COMBATSYS: Djamila successfully hits Bred's Old Car with Fierce Strike.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Djamila          0/-------/----<<<|=======\=====--\1   Bred's Old Car

It's not -just- the hooligans of Mad Gear here. NFG is popular and attention grabbing and fans of them all persist in bringing the general denizens of Metro CIty and the Bay Area in particular here.but quite clearly many members of Mad Gear are enjoying the show the fandom around Djamila has grown considerably. No doubt her current actions are helping that as well.

As to Abigail and Angel - well given the age differences the banter is more akin to an easily annoyed older brother fussing with his overly energetic and aggravating sister then anything else. He eyes her with frustrated bemusement, ignorant of her less then upstanding connections but even then that probably wouldn't matter. Mad Gear may be on the up and up now but they were, in recent memory, the terrorizing power of Metro City that required a direct hand by heroes to attend to. The scrap yard may be a new landmark but the pall of violence in the Bay Area still lingers even though years have passed.

Then again, he may think differedntly after he next talks to Maxima...

The latest attack does monstrous damage. Shattering more windows and her effort yields success as the car door goes crumpling under the power of her attack. More cheers rise up for Djamila and Abigail studies her and slowly grins noting the it sets in.

"No resting babe! This is a contest! Go as far as you can go and then if you can't go no further that's where you end up!"

Already there's a big chalk board with her name on it as they stand ready to put her results down.

"What's it gonna be?"

Angel is used to being the bigger sister in her particular family! Not many subjects last long as a NESTS experiment for a variety of reason which creates a high turn-over rate. And the retirement plan for ex-supervillian science experiment is rather permanent. That someone as quirky and seemingly lazy as Angel has managed to survive the longest out of all of her 'siblings' is a mystery that even she doesn't really understand. Maybe she's just one of the only things NESTS has ever made that actually works properly.

That being said, annoying the giant mechanic is rather entertaining and she doesn't exactly have anything else to do around here. This little distraction is the first bit of action that's broken the daily routine of listening Abigail clang around inside that garage of his all day.

"Comon, girl! You haven't even been going long enough to finish a single song. Gotta have more stage presence than that!"

"Oh I am not done yet. I just need to breath after this. " With that said, she takes a couple of deep breathes, "You can be sure I continue." She gives a wink. The people cheering is so nice, too. Having fans. It's still very new to her. It's not the same as for her job. At her job, it's her body that gets all the attention. In fighting, it's still her body, but people know she's Djamila. At least, that's how it feels to her.

She wish she would have a brother or a sister, but she is grateful she got neither. That would have been so messy. Yeah, maybe that's what Abigail and Angel are acting like after all.

When she is done getting the oxygen she needs, she sets her staff upright, connecting it to the ground again with chi. Then she jumps on her staff and climbs, until she is standing on it, keeping her balance. Then she jumps, and a gush of wind push her up before another pushes her down, both feet hitting the top of the car like a vertical drop kick. She lets out a wince, because her legs felt that. It's quite the impact for her body. Is it enough to total that car. Who knows? She is unable to tell. Abigail will have to let her know. She just felt the roof giving in under her, but to what point. She's no expert. She jumps down from the car, grabbing her staff along the way and stays on it, awaiting to see if Abigail wants more damag

COMBATSYS: Djamila successfully hits Bred's Old Car with Strong Kick.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Djamila          0/-------/----<<<|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2   Bred's Old Car

COMBATSYS: Bred's Old Car takes no action.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Djamila          0/-------/----<<<|

COMBATSYS: Bred's Old Car can no longer fight.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Djamila          0/-------/----<<<|

With a rounding crash and a blaring of a horn, the strike crashes the car straight to the ground and sends all four tires hurtling away. The roof crumples and the back window gives out as well in a spray of glass and folding and crumpling metals and plastics. The car actually rebounds up from the ground on its impact before settling back down again and doing so with its own raucous noise now mixing in with the cheers of the audience and crowd. The last hit seems to have really done a number on it.

"Alright! Way to go!" cheers Abigail encouragingly at the destruction. "Let's take a look!"

The Mad Gear Chief begins to walk around the car, assessing its final damage and then nodding in approval as he turns towards the chalk board, "Four moves for full damage and some change. Mark 'er down for that and ten percent overage on the standard strength one"

He turns back to the dancer and grins, "Not bad! Looks like your team's got a powerhouse."

Djamila smiles. To be honest, four moves to destroy a car, she's not sure if that's good or not. There are probably professional fighter who could destroy it in one blow. Like Abigail probably. But someone like her, still in training. What does it mean. She decides to ask. "In your opinion, is that good?" It's a question for either of them. Then again, Abigail said she was a powerhouse. That's not usually what she goes for, but she did prioritize strength on this one. She can be versatile.

She stays on her staff besides that. At one point, she holds herself with her legs and waves to the crowd. "This was a hell lot of funs.I recommend breaking cars or something to let out anger. But only things you have permission to break." She laughs. Right now, she feels like really good overall. Winds circles her a bit. "Thank you for that opportunity. Team Metal. We know how to ROCK IT!!!!" She grins. "But with sponsors like Abigail and Angel. You better know Team Frost is a force as well!!!" She laughs and grabs the staff again before letting herself slide down until she touches the ground.

COMBATSYS: Cred's Next Car has joined the fight here.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Djamila          0/-------/----<<<|-------\-------\0  Cred's Next Car

COMBATSYS: Abigail has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Abigail          0/-------/-------|>>>----\-------\0          Djamila
[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Cred's Next Car  0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Abigail successfully hits Cred's Next Car with Dynamite Punch.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Abigail          0/-------/-----==|>>>----\-------\0          Djamila
[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Cred's Next Car  0/-------/-======|

COMBATSYS: Djamila has left the fight here.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Abigail          0/-------/-----==|======-\-------\0  Cred's Next Car

Another car gets positioned as Abigail turns towards Djamila. Axl grumbles at it, "Aint that Cred's car? Man I don't trust that guy. I thought Bred had said we could use one of his?"

Not Cred trying to get in good with us again.." grumbles J.

"Hey you think that just anybody can completely wreck a car with four strikes and their bare hands?" asks Abigail of Djamila. "Of course you're strong and skilled. Good enough to be a professional fighter and more then that, eh? But obviously you're not as strong as more experienced and powerful folk."

He frowns at the sight of Cred's car as well, walking over towards it.

He then takes a sudden half step lunging movement that pushes him forward towards the car in a thundering elephantine step. His massive arm swings out, sending a single punch thundering forward so powerfully the air visibly distorts just before the fist crashes into the car thunderously. The entire side caves inward as the car rocks upwards violently, nearly flipping over before crashing back down, bent halfway to a U shape from folding around Abigail's single strike, "KABOOM!!"

The spectacle draws more noise from the crowd, needless to say but his point seems well made.

"It took that hit pretty well just like it did when you hit it but don't look like we're -that- far off. Ask yer Thats what they're there for. To train you to be stronger. If you use 'em.."

Bred, cred, where do they find those guys. Street creds, hair bred? She doesn't know. Her mind just going over not really useful stuff.

She answers Abigail, "Honestly, it's my first car I destroyed, and it's not something I really watched either before. Well, watched is a big word too, but yeah." She chuckles. "But really, I was asking for someone my level. You would kick some ass on that car, I am sure."

When Abigail punches the car, she can't help but read. "Oh wow. That's incredible." Almost as if she can see it. "Wow, I mean really wow." She finds that blow really cool, and she seems at a lost for words.

Finally, she gets her words back. "I am not the car expert here. But damn, that a mighty blow." She then answer his words. "Team Metal mentors take care of us. I just go around and meet people I can, make friends. We're on different teams, but there is no reason we can't get along when we're not fighting. I would love to call you a friend." She says matter of faction. "I will get stronger, I do everyday. This car taught me a few things. I am sure you can believe and understand that." She grins. "If I win this contest, great. If I don't, I still get something from this."

COMBATSYS: Abigail knocks away Cred's Next Car with Ontario Drop.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Abigail          0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2  Cred's Next Car

"I figured you dont' go around smashin' cars. I mean...most folk probably don't. Consider this just a bit of a, I dunno, bonus round..." rumbles Abigail with a vague gesture, "Plus, yeah, it shows you something. That you're in a league all your own. It's why people watch us, eh? Why they cheer. You can do something unique to yourself so yeah, revel in it, right?"

He then shrugs becoming -slightly- more non committal at the whole 'friendship' talk. "Yeah, well....not like I'm trying to recruit you to Team Frost or somethin'. Rules are rules. You can always come back and talk. You're more talkative then the rest of our folk it seems Except Buford. You probably don't need to talk to 'im too much. I wouldn't suggest it.." He considers her again and then reaffirms, "Yeah not a good idea."

After a pause of consideration, the goliath suddenly crouches down and then jumps. His massive body clears the height of the car and then on his way down he kicks his massive legs out in a monstrous drop kick which slams so powerfully into the vehicle the entire area seems to shake wildly. Cred's unfortunate car is sent tumbling away wildly, leaving glass flying and crumpled auto parts hurtling as it flips over and over and then ultimately slams violently against a far wall near the entrance to the scrap yard itself.. A totaled bunched heap of metal.

"Get Cred's junk outta here!" he bellows after slamming into the ground with another earthquake resulting in the aftermath of that drop kick. "Cred still owes me money for that oil change!"

COMBATSYS: Cred's Next Car has left the fight here.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Abigail          0/-------/---====|

"I make friends, I find challenge around the way, to better myself. I did need to smash a car. I just didn't know it's what I needed until I did it." She grins at that. "I feel good. I had some nice wins in NFG, some losts too. I've matured about all this recently. I will always do my best and be in control. All I can do in the end." She finally answers his last bit. "Right." She smiles.

"Oh, I wouldn't leave Metal. I don't want to be recruited somewhere else either. I just like... it's easy to just see you as a team Frost sponsors. But you're also Abigail, who has a life beside that sponsor gig. NFG will end one day, but I hope I can still talk with some of you. Maybe I am just too sentimental." She chuckles. "Blame it on losing my mother very young and a very bad father."

Then Abigail gives another hit to that car, which is even more incredible than the first one. "Well fuck me!" She lets out quite loudly, then grins. "Uh, not literally, but yeah, you're strong as hell. I could feel like the ground shake from that Wow." She can't help but laugh. She's happy to be here right now.


Angel had sort of zoned out after the stripper finished her display. Djamila has some power behind her for a newcomer but a lot of it seems to come from the weapon. You can get a lot of mileage out of a little leverage. There doesn't seem to be any particularly flashy supernatural mojo going on with her techniques either. She's clearly got the chops to compete but as far as NESTS would be concerned there's nothing worth noting here. Plenty of other even more skilled warriors like her out there that have been passed over. Her bosses have some rather specific tastes when it comes to potential experiments.

However, Abigail's sudden decision to display his own power house of a body catches her off guard. The whump of crumpling metal and shattering glass almost sends the teenager rolling off her perch. She eyes the car, which now is closer to resembling a giant horseshoe, then the big guy himself.

"Tryin to show off for the pretty lady, tough guy? Might tryin pickin one that can actually appreciate your personal brand of art."

Seems like Djamila is impressed enough, regardless of her ability to actually see the horrendous damage dealt by those dumpster sized fists. That or she's just being nice. Certainly gives off the vibes of someone who doles out too many compliments on reflex. Not sure how long that sweetheart streak will last in the cutthroat playground that is professional fighting. Plenty of people willing to take advantage of that kind of naivety - such as herself!

Angel kips up off her seat on the half-ruined car and starts to meander back over to her trailer to get another beer when a second monstrous impact crunches behind her. The remains of what used to be a car go careening past her, spinning like a wild tumbleweed in the breeze. Bits of glass and shattered metal force her to scamper backwards, bouncing lightly on her heels as a muffler almost takes out one of her legs. But it's the trajectory of the ruined car that really makes her panic as the thing only barely misses clobbering her fancy new trailer.

"Hey hey! Watch your aim, you goon! People live in this dump!"

There's a final horrible wrenching and squealing sound of metal being compressed and crushed as Abigail lifts up what remains of the car and squeezes, crumpling and crushing it up into a final balled up mass of metal as he rumbles loudly, "Bring out onna BRED's cars!"

Poor Bred.

He grips hold of crushed car before tossing it up and down in a single hand, producing heavy thuds and spraying oil everywhere as he turns to Angel.

"I don't recall you payijn' no rent for slummin' it on my property anyway! You wanna park take the risks!"

And it's not just the sound of Abigail's workshop and scrap yard that might keep her up all night. The guy loves his Death Metal.

"Hn....anybody with half of fighting sense can tell that girl knows exactly what's going on around her. She appreciate this alright. C'mon. Look at the way that pole of hers moves. Stays upright and stuff. An't you a sponsor? Have a little insight or Team Frost is gonna yeat ya alive...newbie..." he grins at Angel.

Another resounding crash occurs as he tosses the balled up scrap over his shoulder to send it crashing into the yard. As to his orders, Mad Gear complies. Another car, this one in better condition then the last, replaces the previous ones as the street party continues.

She is here for some fun and she had that. If someone would ask her what type of fighter she is, she would say she's just herself. That's all she is. She's Djamila, the stripper who's also a fighter and other complicated things, because life can get complicated at times.

She listens to the banter again between the two. Yeah, probably brother and sister if there is something. Whatever, it's nice ot see in some ways.

She does know what is going on around her and then some. Would anyone be able to fight without knowing hwat is going on. "I do know what's going on. I keep track of things. Don't all fighters do that to some degree?" She inquires. Even if she knows the answer already. "Anyway I guess now I get to relax, since I've done my parts." She grins a bit.

Is it always this loud? The answer is probably yes when Abigail and his yard are involved, but it seems especially busy with all the crunching and crashing going on. Enough to cause someone who was trying to take a nap to stir. About a block away some trash shifts and falls to the wayside as a figure sits up with a grunt. "Just five more min....guh."

Oh, right. Faolan had forgotten he perhaps had a bit too much fun with some of the other Ikari a few hours ago and while most had the sense to return to the hotel it looks like the Irishman just found a makeshift bed. He even finds a few quarters in his hat that fell to the wayside. Well he supposes he does have that vagrant look to him and he can at least appreciate some people in Metro care about their fellow man.

That change is pocketed and his hat tugged on. He reaches to pull his bata from the trash pile and slips it into the makeshift case that gets sluing over his shoulder.

It is another big crash that makes the Ikari wince and he shakes his head. Wandering out onto the streets it doesn't take long to figure out where all the noise is coming from and the mercenary squints a bit. The area is dirty and only somewhat looking fuctional in a lot of ways. Ahh, just like Faolan himself most of the time. Even though the place isn't in the best of shape there seems to be a happening and possibly a party.

That is exactly why the Ikari finds himself drawn in that direction and soon sees the sign. "Ahh, that guy." Yes it has been some time, but Faolan remembers the little fight he was involved in that pitted Abigail against Rose in England a few years back. Not only that he has seen enough to know Abigail has been a busy man with perhaps having more fame due to his win in King of Fighters. Somehow it does not surprise him this is the kind of place Abigail calls home and who is he to say anything? He just slept the past several hours away in a alley.

It also seems Abigail himself anda few others are around and there seems to be some sort of shindig going on. Maybe he should reintroduce himself to the big man.

Angel lets out an exasperated sigh and shrugs, shaking her head from side to side. She's learned to put up with a lot of weirdness over the years of being a NESTS agent but having to dodge flying cars is a new one. The music she can deal with though the teen is more partial to classic rock and some of the new age hybrid metal herself. Nothing wrong with a tasty guitar riff but there's other instruments, ya know?!

"As if anyone would pay to live in this dump! If anyone owes something, it's you who should be payin' me, Tiny! Me just standing here makes this place ten times more tolerable, nya! Better than havin to look at your wannabe KISS mug!"

Angel holds both hands up to the sides of her head and makes little devil horns with her fingers, wiggling them at Abigail tauntingly. She sticks her tongue out and blows a raspberry for good measure! Bastion of wisdom and maturity, yep. Definitely qualified to mentor people.

Angel's gaze drifts back to Djamila, her dopey lopsided grin returning.

"Yo, if that pole is what you've been starin' at this whole time, Tiny, you have some priorities to reconsider."

Now that she's relatively sure that a car-meteor isn't going to flatten her in the next few seconds, Angel finally makes her way back to the camper and fishes an armful of fresh brews out of the party-sized cooler. Returning to the group, she tosses one at Djamila and another at Abigail, watching to see just how well the blind girl can keep track of her surroundings.

"There's a big difference between generally knowing what's going on and being able to notice little details."

"Maybe I'm trynig to be a professional NFG sponsor?" quips Abigail, grinning slowly as if honing in on the buttons he seems to be pushing, "C'mon. Roxy's like right here. You aint got nothin' I haven't seen already babe."

The banter he does seem to appreciate though...or at least he must since he doesn't try and palm her skull with his massive hand at the 'wannabe KISS comment.' Instead he just laughs, a loud boistrous rumbling laugh at her behavior and then turns, "I feel like Zarine should be lookin' to mentor -you- or somethin' not the other way around. Sheesh. Maybe it's good Juri aint here. That'd start some fireworks between you two."

Or they might gang up on him knowing his luck from time to time.

As more cars are repositioned, Faolan would wander into the heart of the street party. Meat is being grilled, soda and beer, music, the works....and Abigail's Scrap Metal at the eye of the storm. The place is trashy but, granted, it's looked worse. It cleans up -some what- but there's no changing a junkyard dog from being a junkyard dog. Or so it would seem.

The chalkboard with Djamila's name, time and dificulty of the car is hoisted up and Abigail turns to inspect it and then espies the approaching Faolan. HIs eyes squint as a distant memory stirs. A long ago SNF. A wild match with supernatural eleemnts..

"Hey, I think I know that guy.."

So, Angel throws Djamila a beer. Djamila keeps her head where it is, but she lifts her hand catching the beer in it. "I know what's going on." She shakes her head. "Though I did and still do some pretty stupid mistakes, at times." She sighs. "Thanks for the beer babe." She doesn't open it quite yet however.

After a moment of silence. "You need to make sure your pupils notice the little details. Do you think that would get in the way for you to see them? Do you need to concentrate to teach someone something, ignoring some distraction which you shouldn't?" She frowns, and out of the blue. "I hope she's ok." To no one in particular.

After that little thing out of nowhere, she stays quiet listening, taking in things, waiting if there will be someone else to come to the challenge of breaking a car. See if someone ends up beating her. Well, besides Abigail. That's a given.

Zarine has been here the whole time! Really! "It was ... very close. It truly was anyone's fight, master Abigail," she says primly and politely. "It was also very brutal, yes. Once she began to ... utilize the powers she has, I knew it was likely safe to use what would be lethal force for almost anyone else. I will refrain from doing so to others," she says.

Angel beats on a car, and the vampire looks unimpressed. Then again, she never looks impressed. Of course, being six hundred years old kind of makes one jaded.

"While my age and experience say that I am quite skilled, it seems my long sleep has sapped me of my physical capabilities. I am simply not as strong as I once was. Human life lessons are ... not my specialty."

Far be it for Faolan to ever fault a place for it's appearance. He isn't exactly looking for some fancy pants place to hang out and pay out the nose for crummy foor and even crummier drink. No, this is certainly more his pace and when he sees there is food and booze well that hangover is going away rather quickly and he looks a bit more alert.

"A face from the past." Faolan calls out, easily hearing Abigail speak. It isn't exactly like quiet is a setting for the big man. "Heard all the noise that is loud enough to wake the dead and me for that matter. Had to take a look. Never knew that is where you made your happy home."

The other faces don't seem familiar. No, he for sure doesn't know Djamila and Zarine, but something seems familiar about Angel. Ahh well, it is probably nothing. If anything it causes him to grin. "And look at all your guests. I never knew you would be so good with the ladies." he says in a joking matter.

He tips his cap to Abigail. "Faolan if you don't remember. I was kind of an agent in that lil fight between you and the weird fortune teller lady. Rose I think was her name. Also not one to complain, but it seems like it is a bit of a party. What are you celebrating? Some other grand win of yours or something else?"

Angel tosses a glance over her shoulder towards the blondie in question, quirking an eyebrow. She mulls over her response for a moment then decides to take the diplomatic route.

"Yeah, you got some milk shakes on tap, Tiny, I'll give you that. But, comon..."

The Mexican gestures at herself with her free hand, turning sideways to strike a sexy pose in profile. Her eyelids half lower seductively as she tilts her head forward sending her snowy white bangs drifting alluringly over one eye.

"I'm the whole damn ice cream shop."

Turning to Djamila, Angel shoots a finger gun at the blind girl in response. Apparently she sees just fine...somehow, so she should get the message.

"Way too many questions about irrelevant nonsense, girl! Just relax and stop worryin' about that stuff. Angel never does and she's cruisin' through life without a care!"

Another beer goes sailing through the air, this one on a collision course with the grumpy vampire. Angel has no idea if she can even drink beer but it's the thought that counts!

"You too, Sunshine. The only 'life lesson' to learn from being a human is that you should keep your head held high... and your middle finger even higher! Always gonna be something tryin' to keep you down. Only way to beat it is to keep on being yourself. If you obey all the rules then you miss out on all the fun!"

Actual advice from Angel?! Quick someone check for flying pigs!

A final can of brew is tossed up into the air. Angel moves deftly, sliding sideways to catch the beer on her shoulder and then roll it down her arm only to finally give it a bump with her elbow and send it sailing on a slow arc at Faolan.

"Head's up, new guy! This is a party zone, no dry throats allowed!"


Abigail's deep voice raises in recognition of Faolan as he draws nearer and greets him. "Yeah, I do remember that! That was a long time ago.. Where ya been??" He greets the man with friendly cheer, as if he were a long lost member of Mad Gear itself. Abigail has a reputation of being a gorilla and a grump but it seems in reality he can be quite welcoming under the proper circumstances.

"Come join the fun.." he offers, gesturing over the area to indicate the food and drinks. "Yeah this is my place o'business. I run this repair and moddin' shop and scrapyard. Abigail's Scrap Metal!"

The giant turns around to look over the area, "And, not a celebration per se....Well maybe. I guess you could call it an 'Round One' end party. This here is for the New Fighting Generation tournament. Big fighting tournament centered around a crop of newcomers to the scene." He points a meaty arm towards Zarine and then Djamila. "These are two of our superstars right here that just finished some matches. Zarine's on my team and Djamila here is visiting us for another. I'm hostin' a car smashin' event. Best times and damage gets a bit of a prize of some extra spendin' cash. Just me giving back. Angel and I are two of the sponsors involved.

Indeed it's far and away from the days of him just being Mad Gear's enforcer and even stepping into the professional fighting world for the first time.

"These three gals look good and have some serious horsepower between 'em. Not to bad of a combo there."

"I am not worried. I am learning." She grinds before she finally opens that beer and even takes a big swig. She doesn't drink that often, but it's not her first beer.

She gives a wave to the new comer and to the girl who was here all along but very quiet. The party is growing.

She listens to Angel's advices. "That's great advice. Fuck anyone who would keep us down." She laughs and takes another drink of the beer. "Ok this has been fun, but I am going to meditate a bit. I will keep listening more or less to you all, but I won't participate as such. I want to center myself. This has been great so far. Thank you Abigail, Angel."

She finishes her beer and settles it down near her. She gets her staff ready, and starts undulating her hips while holding it. Winds starts swirling around her as she makes a quiet om sound, recentering herself, among other things.

A hand shoots up to catch the bottle with ease. "Never one to waste a beer." he quips back to Angel and a calloused thumb pops the top of the bottle off and turns his attention back to Abigail

It really does seem he has been a bit out of what has been going on in the world. Granted he has been busy with some important missions for the Ikari Warriors and this week is the first time he has had a break in awhile. "Oh well, I am a busy man. Finally got some time off to do my own thing." Like drink too much and pass out in ditches and alleys. Perhaps it is best he should keep busy to prevent that sort of thing from happening as much.

"So you're a teacher now too? Heh, times change I guess. Don't impart too many bad manner on all of em."

"But all good fighters huh? Guess they wouldn't be doing much in a tournament if they weren't. Will have to look into things and see what they are all about."

A beer comes flying at Zarine and her hand moves instinctively to catch it. She peers at it curiously, her frown thoughtful. "I will not drink this." She sets it aside somewhere. Maybe one of the gangers will find it and have a nice treat!

She can't help but witness Angel do her 'sexy girl' routine, and it just makes her frown, her red eyes almost seeming to go matte. "Does no one in this time have any class?" She snorts derisively. "Your femininity is a weapon. One of the most dangerous weapons you can use if you are able to wield it properly. Throwing it around and acting common tart is not the way. Tantalize, tease. Hint, but do not flaunt."

The vampire shakes her head, rolling her eyes as she fades back into the shadows. "I do not understand humans."

Teacher. It's strange how words that are equally applicable can draw out so many different emotions and reactions. Mentor, Sponsor....hell..even trainer. All of that suits him fine but 'teacher'? Abigail pauses a moment, considering that and sobering a little before breaking out of that bit of melancholy reflection.

"Hey I'm just doing my part. Thought it'd be good promotional content for m'shop and it is! And hey, if some good fighters come out of this owin' me for impartin' something into them..even better, right?'

He spreads his massive arms wide, grinning a little as he gestures with them, "So far so good. I've managed to help take onna the worst and make him a contender. There's others as well. Folk I'd have to think about before just walkin' up on 'em..." He side eyes Zarine for an instant and then adds, "B'sides I don't you gotta worry about me giving them bad habits. Most of 'em are coming already pre programmed with 'em.'

He then notes abruptly that he has no beer. She never threw him one!

"Hey!" he says turning towards Angel as Zarine finishes speaking, "You just gonna do me like that, eh?"

"You said it, girl! Go do your thing!"

Angel sends Djamila off with a final bit of encouragement and a wink. She's not sure how smart it is to be pep talking the opposition but on the other hand she doesn't really care about the tournament. All she's here for is a bit of espionage action to be followed by some 'polite invitations' to tour NESTS's science facilities should anyone interesting happen to catch her eye. If the other teams get a little more wind in their sails, so be it. Might make for a better show.

To Faolan she offers a lop-sided grin. "A man after my own heart."

Seems like he's busy gabbing with Abigail at the moment, however, so she gets to deal with Miss Grumpypants. Angel turns to the vampire and quirks an eyebrow at her skeptically.

"Angel getting lectured on how to be sexy. This is a new one."

The teen's grey eyes scan up and down the much older woman's body critically, a catty smirk eventually working its way onto her face. She steps up close to Zarine, uncomfortably close one might say, and crosses her arms beneath her chest. By some sheer coincidence, certainly not any intentional move on her part, the gesture causes the Mexican's already sizable cleavage to press upwards emphasizing it even more than usual.

"Then again, I can't blame you for being afraid to show off when there isn't much to see. Not everyone can be as ~gifted~ as Angel. But don't worry, Sunshine... I will let you bask in my beauty completely free of charge, nya!"

Abigail's cry for booze will not go un-answered! (Even though she totally threw him one before.) Picking up the can Zarine set aside, which requires her to leeean in even ~closer~ to the pale immortal, she flicks it over her shoulder in the direction of the bellowing voice.

"Never let it be said Angel is not benevolent!"

Surprisingly enough Faolan is cognant enough to pick up the comment from Angel. He doesn't perhaps look like the type that is good at focusing on more than one thing, but he tilts his head to look her way during his conversation to at least give a bit of a salute with his free hand.

His attention does shift back towards Abigail and he gives a shrug. "Hey, you do you, fella. I got my own recruits to train and such too so I understand. We all grow up, but doesn't mean we have to become complete bores." he motions around. "Proof you aren't becoming some dainty lad that just wants to sip tea and talk about boring stuff is right here. You got the wild one throwing beers and you got uh....." he kind of tilts his head and looks in the direction of where Zarine was moving back into the dark. "Well I am sure she is fun sometimes."

He upends the bottle of beer and downs it pretty quickly. "So some sort of car destruction derby deal you said? Not interested in any prize, but if you got some cars that need a thrashing I might know a guy. If not I might just go check out some of this food."

"Angel, stop harassin' folk! You keep throwin' yer ta-tas around so much they gonna fall off!"

Abigail snatches the beer can from the air but glares fumingly at her and the vampire aristocrat behind her. The can practically vanishes into his massive mitts but he moves his thick fingers with the practiced ease of someone capable of manipulating small items deftly despite his immensity. A skill he's obtained and that he has to have considering his line fo non fighter related work. Kind of hard to effect car repairs and modding if you can't handle the tools or the machines without crushing them.

"You wanna go at it?" he finally asks of Faolan while turning to face him, "We got the cars, let's make it happen. It's intended for the NGF folk so they can show off a bit and mingle but that don't mean others can't take part. Can't let you go for the prize money though as that wouldn't be fair but if you just wanna flex abit.."

A horn sounds as a Toyota Lexus arrives, pulling up in front of Abigail's shop to loud laughter and Mad Gear cheers.

"Hey Chief!" shouts Axl from the drivers seat, "Got it!"

"A distant far away voice echoes, "My car!!"

Poor Bred.

"Alright!" says Abigail, cheerfully ignoring the dismayed cry. "Round two!"

COMBATSYS: Faolan has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Faolan           0/-------/-------|====---\-------\0          Abigail

COMBATSYS: Bred's New Car has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Faolan           0/-------/-------|====---\-------\0          Abigail
[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Bred's New Car   0/-------/-------|

"Eh, let the lady have her fun." he says to Abigail in response to his little shout at Angel shaking things about perhaps more than he prefers. "Better than someone boring and not wanting to do much of anything." He doesn't know Zarine enough to really be talking about her, but if he did he would be looking her way.

The car is brought about and Faolan reaches up to pull his bata free from the case it is resting in. It isn't quite long enough to be considered a staff, but the gnarled stick can easily be used with one or both hands. In this case he is just using one to hold it, his brow furrowing just a bit, sparks of black electric like chi starting to form and spiral around his arm and start to curl about the bata in his hand. "No need for prize money. I am not in this for the money of the flex. Sometimes you just got to enjoy some good out destruction."

Not to mention it has been a few days since he was last in combat. Even then he was more working as a commander than getting to be deep in the action. Blowing off some steam on a helpless car isn't exactly a bad thing. "Sounds like someone isn't about to like what happens to this thing, though." Poor Bred indeed.

The energy swirls and gathers at the tip of the bata and he raises it up overhead before gripping it with both hands, he then swings downwards in a slashing motion almost like a samurai with a katana. The result is a large swath of energy erupting from the bata and hurtling right into the front of the car.

here is a pause afterwards and he considers as he straightens up. "Or wait, was I supposed to just kick it about a few times and maybe headbutt it?" he asks. He didn't really assume there are rules, but perhaps he should have asked first.

COMBATSYS: Faolan successfully hits Bred's New Car with Irish Curse.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Faolan           0/-------/-----<<|====---\-------\0          Abigail
[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Bred's New Car   0/-------/--=====|

'Axl, get ouf of the car for cryin' out loud!' shouts Roxy at the blond haired, bandana wearing Mad Gearite.

What the..oh sh-!"

Axl kicks the drivers seat open and dives out just as the attack comes hurtling in. It slams violently with an array of sparks, shredding metal, shattering glass and flying engine parts. Ripping right into the front of the car and sending a shockwave rippling out.

The spectacle is a touch more then before..well..then the NGF dancers efforts. Abigail's quick demonstration earlier aside, the visual fireworks here are a touch more noticeable and the street crowds turn their attention to the demonstration of Ikari might.

"No rules. You go until the car is down or you're too tired to continue. If I was ranking you I'd rank it by number of attempts it takes to bring it down and how much damage you ended up doing. Speed, power and I suppose a little bit of pizazz as well. How 'cool' are you.."

Abigail grins slowly, clearly impressed with the first strike.

Bred just cries in the background. They always do this to him. Then again how does he keep getting cars so successfully? A mystery much like Mad Gear 'respawn' rates, no doubt.

"Pretty good!" acknowledges the Bay Area Chief.

So for a moment, it is all about centering herself. She had learn somethings today and was putting them in order, in her mind. The winds is circling around her, soothing her body, soothing her mind as well. She's aware of people around her. She simply isn't an active participant.

But when the new arrival proceeds to starts to destroy a new car, that gets her attention. The sound of it makes it easy to get her back into things. She stops her meditation for now, and pays attention to the destruction going on.

Soon after, she gets a message from her smartwatch looking thing. Letting her know the NFG next round fights have been announced and letting her know who she will face. "Interesting." She says as she hears her opponent's name. She figures she might have to leave soon. But for now she's happy and content to be around. When she leaves, she will at least thanks her host and say goodbye.

Then, after thinking about it some more, she feels like she should go prepare for her match. She goes to Abigail first. "Thanks for the fun." She punches him playfully, where she can reach without doing damage. Could she damage any part of him with a single playful punch? Not likely. "Call me to let me know how I did, mind you? Or for anything really." She gives him her number "It was a real pleasure. I gotta go prepare for my fight now. Goodluck for all of team frost."

She then goes to Angel. "Been cool meeting you too. Goodluck for Team Frost. Two cool Sponsors." She punches her shoulder lightly. She then looks at the other two, who she didn't get to meet that much. "You both take care, and goodluck." She waves at them. Then she waves at the crowd who have been watching.

When she's done with the goodbyes, she slowly makes her way out of the place while saying something to her Lifeband. Soon, she's out of sight.

Oh, oops. Maybe Faolan should have given the guy driving the car time to get out before getting his attack out, but Axl managed to escape so no harm no foul. Not only that he has a feeling Abigail would only mock the guy for sitting around in the car like a goober.

"Heh, got it. Well if I get tired beating up a car I am not that good of a mercenary." he says with a half grin. Really, the other Ikari would never let him ear the end of it if there was a story he started beating up a car and got too tired to finish it off.

Stepping forward he closes in on the car. It took a good hit, but it still needs a bit more punishment. If he were Ralf or Clark the thing would probably be destroyed by now, but well he has a bit more training before he becomes that big of a heavy hitter. "Well no reason to leave the job half finished."

He closes in and he swings low with the bata in an upward arc to knock the car upwards so he can slam the bata into the bottom of the car while gripping the bata with both hands again. With a grunt he hefts it upwards over his head and he sinks a bit in the ground. Already the black energy is filtering from his arms into the bata one more and then blasts the car off into the air with another release of that energy. "And the crowd goes mild!"

COMBATSYS: Faolan successfully hits Bred's New Car with One for the Road.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Faolan           0/-------/-----<<|====---\-------\0          Abigail
[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Bred's New Car   1/-----==/=======|

"Whoa, not bad..not bad.." muses Abigail once again as the blow lands a thunderous crashing strike. The fact that the car was actually launched upwards as part of this demonstration is also noteworthy and catches more then just a few eyes. It's not hurtling across the entire area like when Abigail drop kicked the last one, but it's not unimpressive by any means. Ralf and Clark he may not be, no, but his strikes are nonetheless a violent destructive display. Exactly what this crowd wants to see.

The swirling crackle of black energy is of note as well and Abigail's eyes focus on that, drawing upon memory of their last encounter in the process and his eyes open abit more particularly as the blast launches the car upwards violently with a shower of scrap and twisted debris raining back down again. It crashes thunderously into the unforgiving cement once more, horns blaring and oil spraying violently.

"What's that black stuff anyway?" questions the giant man, "I never could wrap my head around all that mumbo jumbo. That some sorta magic?"

Faolan at least looks rather pleased with himself. Really it is like getting a free rage room to just take out some aggression. No worries of being deep in a jungle fighting god knows what or even dealing with the likes of R and the crazies Rugal employs. Though given the cries of Bred from afar he can't help but feel a bit guilty.

"Ehn? Oh, the energy. You should know at this point. I mean I guess I never seen you use it." Heaven forbid if Abigail somehow managed to harness the power of chi on top of his massive strength. That could drive any man to drink. In Faolan's case he'll just use that thought as a good reason to get another beer when he is done having his fun.

"Some people have fire, some have ice....I uh, well it is electrical. I mean a nasty shock and all, never quite knew why it comes out black." He gives a helpless shrug. "It helps to keep this from breaking easily. You think a normal stick is going to be able to handle the weight of a car?" he asks and gives his bata a light twirl. "Not like I can't do some damage without it.

To prove his point he moves back towards what is left of the car and he picks it up with a grunt. Stumbling some he isn't able to hold it up high like Abigail, but he certainly has enough strength to lean backwards and heft the car about behind him to send it sailing across the scrapyard again with what was essentially a german suplex."

COMBATSYS: Faolan successfully hits Bred's New Car with Strong Throw.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Faolan           0/-------/--<<<<<|====---\-------\0          Abigail
[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Bred's New Car   1/-======/=======|

COMBATSYS: Abigail knocks away Bred's New Car with Abigail Smash.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Faolan           0/-------/--<<<<<|=======\-------\1          Abigail
[                           \\\  <
Bred's New Car   2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|

Indeed, Abigail legitimately harnessing his capabilities is probably not something anyone really wants to see. Or maybe they do and just don't know any better. The behemoth has made it this far on pure brute strength and tenacity alone. Size that, in a more sane world, would probbaly make him the biggest man alive but frankly being in the top five or so is not a bad place to be considering what else is out there.

Not that he'not impressed when he sees it, even if he doesn't get it. Suplexing a car? Now that he understands.

"Oh yeaaah! Push it to the redline! I didn't think you had that in ya!" declares the superhuman hot rodder as the car goes up into the air and the crowd goes wild with cheers. Wanton legal - or at least semi legal - destruction is exhilerating to watch and participate in. Sometimes you just want to blow off steam. There's no telling what Abigail's -actual- work outs look like though the Bay Area residents can attest to what it sounds like at least.

The car goes crashing violently into the ground, tipping into its side with a final groan of metal and a flattened roof and twisted front end to its name. It's -basically- scrap metal at this point though there's still destructible elements to it. It tumbles towards Abigail who reaches out with a massive foot to stop iits screeching slide. He then reaches down, gripping hold of the side of it with his fingers and suddenly lifts, practically flicking the car upwards with a sudden gesture of his immense arm. The ruined junkheap sails high overhead, and then drops back down towards the giant who arcs his arm back and then swings his massive palm around to thunder into it explosively. The impact sends the remains of the car crumpling up like an accordion before being launched through the air towards the scrap yard depths itself.

So yes. Probably don't want this guy to learn to harness chi.

COMBATSYS: Bred's New Car takes no action.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Faolan           0/-------/--<<<<<|=======\-------\1          Abigail

COMBATSYS: Bred's New Car can no longer fight.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Faolan           0/-------/--<<<<<|=======\-------\1          Abigail

All in all Faolan was having fun. A bit of destruction like this wouldn't hurt anyone. Well it probably hurts Bred on an emotional level, but it isn't like Faolan knows the guy. From what he gathers this seems to be something of the norm so the dude is probably used to it.

There was intent of a follow up, but well Abigail decides to pretty much finish off what little is left of the car. Faolan has been in plenty of fights and seen some crazy stuff, but sometimes just seeing the power of unbridled physical strength is the most impressive. People train for years to hone their craft then Abigail comes storming in and just punches things into submission. Faolan respects that.

"Well thanks for letting me have a little fun there, Abigail. Wasn't expecting much of an exciting today before heading back to the base." If anything he is kind of sad the rest of the Ikari he was with on the trip weren't around to indulge. Though perhaps multiple Ikari would be a bit much. As much of a drunkard Faolan acts he is actually has a pretty good head on his shoulders most of the time. "What are the names of the people you are mentoring anyways? I will be sure to keep tabs on them and see how they do."

COMBATSYS: Faolan has left the fight here.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Abigail          1/-------/=======|

"So we're Team Frost." explains Abigail as he absently wipes oil against his already stained skull print shirt. "Lemme see here.."

He holds his massive hand up and starts counting them off: "We got Zarine who you saw earlier. Don't get confused by her being restrained and resreved, especially compared to Angel's wild self. She's a monster and a beast in a fight. Just look up her match with Laurel and you'll see what I mean and she don't sparkle in sunlight either. In fact don't bring that up to her."

He gestures to the scrap yard, "Then we got Nixie. Some sorta goblin girl who fights using bombs and was the champion of the very first tournament way back in Southtown. Good pick there. Hopefully she won't get arrested for terrorism attempts." He doesn't elaborate.

"We got Tamaki who I gotta admit I don't now as much about personally but she's some sort of mystic creature. Some call 'er a Darkstalker but they call everybody Darkstalkrs these days. We also got Coco who is a grand a mind-girl with mind-powers. Sometimes she carries a 'tude and was kinda onna the 'bad girls' of the last round in Sunshine City. Then..."

Abigail pauses, in search of his words. " he goes by Buford. Big Buford. The guy's a mental case and an immature nutjob but he's somehow managed to get himself some wild sword skills and he fancies hinself a kinda samurai. A tleast an anime fans vision of one. He was my 'dark horse' pick for the first draft and Mad Gear and I've been working with him to make him a Grade A heel and fighter and he's doing good enough. Just gotta smack sense into him from time to time."

Faolan rubs his chin as he hears the various names listed off. It seems like quite a band of misfits and it seems very much proper that Abigail would be the one somewhat in charge of it all. None sound too familiar, but it seems like some people to keep track of for sure.

"Well on the bomb girl don't worry too much. Local authorities might have problems, but if she was an actual threat I think me and my group would already know about. Kind of specialize in that sort of thing." Even so perhaps Nixie is a name to kind of put in the records in case there is some sort of misunderstanding.

"Well they sound as crazy as you so it is fitting. I have to say I like it." he admits and gives a big grin. "If you want I can always offer assistance on if they want someone to spar with. I am not always available due to work, but if I get some time I don't mind teaching them some lessons. Hell, maybe they can teach me some too."

Well he likes to -think- he's in charge of it. How -actually- in charge is another matter altogether but his fellow sponsors seem to give him his proper due, verbal spats and sparring aside.

"The draft turned out that way. I don't know what's going to happen next. Our team isn't the same as the one that we started with. We had Buford in the beginning and we got him again but everyone else is new. That happens with the teams but we'll see. I guess you can say things worked out naturally..."

The goliath shrugs and but then he raises an eyebrow in considration of the offer. "Mm..hey...that's not a bad idea. I mean it's not against the rules. I brought Katana in to help Buford and Juri hired Daisuke as an 'intern'. Sure. If you wanna hang out and offer tips or spar with 'em.. let's do it."

Faolan fumbles about and digs through his pockets. While most people would probably pull out a cell phone and just read off their number he actually pulls out a little notepad and a pen. Squinting some he as if trying to remember he jots it down. "Look this miiiiight get me in trouble, but this is my civvie line. If someone wants to set something up just get in touch with me for them. I don't need my phone blowing up when I am in the middle of something important."

Not that he carries that phone on his person when on important missions most of the time, but well the booze can make a man forgetful and he is better off covering his bases. He rips off the sheet of paper and places it in one of Abigail's massive hands. "Try not to lose it." he says in a joking voice given how small the paper is in comparison.

He gives a casual glance about. There is booze and food, but he knows better not to get too carried away. He had his fun. It is time to meet back up with the rest of the group and get on the plane back to the base. "Thanks for being a good host there. Lets not wait a few years to talk again. Or maybe sometime I might come to you for a challenge." he says with a laugh. Maybe getting punched about by Abby might give him some new move ideas. That certainly happened with his spars with the likes of Ralf and Leona.

The bata is put back in the carrying case and he gives a lazy salute to the big man. "See you in the future, fella. I'll be watching all the new fighters when I can." With that he turns about and heads out. This wasn't something he planned, but in the end it turned into a good thing. Reconnecting with someone he respects, getting booze and possibly getting some interesting people to spar with. An Ikari can't ask for much more.

"Sounds good t'me."

As Faolan makes his way elsewhre, Abigail likewise disengages from the immediate affairs and takes a moment to step back towards the garage. The street party is still in high heights and full swing and doesn't need anymore cajoling and coaching to push it on. If more NFG fightetrs show and wish to try their hands then that'll work out. Otherwise it looks like Djamila has earned her some spending cash. He'll have to pay a surprise visit to her team headquarters to deliver it...and maybe cause a little trouble along the way as is the Team Frost style.

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