World Warrior 2023 - R1: The Red Wanderer vs The King of Drip

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Description: The Grandmaster of Drip faces the Red Wanderer in the first round of World Warrior. Will age and guile bring down youthful vigor? Or will sinister powers topple Wing Chun?

The World Warrior Tournament.

Looking at the schedule in his hands is none other than the Grandmaster of Drip himself: Leroy Smith. The old man with the slickest gear, the pimpest cane and the sweetest Sugar is standing in front of his own cargo ship at the dock where this here bout was scheduled. He almost doesn't look like he's here to fight as his outfit screams more like he's going out tonight; But maybe that's just the vibe the Grandmaster of Drip exudes.

Sugar's seated next to his pristinely shined shoes and the tip of that cane is resting easily on the solid ground of the dock. His face is calmly reserved as much as it can be recognized with the expensive shades being used to cover his eyes completely.

It's been a minute since he's had to show the world what he can do. The World Warrior Tournament is looking like the best place to do just that. So, he waits.

These things are always a swirl of dreamlike confusion. Ever since the Descent and her part in it, Ahmya has been warring with herself. Trying to stop withdrawing when it's time to fight. Trying to be in charge rather than whatever power or entity that lives in her blood.

It's a ceaseless battle, but she has to try. For her own sanity, she needs to be in charge. To control the violence.

For the uninitiated, Ahmya Shiki is a young woman in her late teens with straight black hair that falls just to the nape of her neck. Unlike her however many times great grandmother, Ahmya is built slim and almost delicate. She's wearing an ankle length, dark blue tunic style dress with a slit to her hip on the left. Under it she's clearly wearing compression shorts for modesty and comfort. On her feet are black, flat heeled ankle boots. Tucked behind an obi-style belt are her two weird vertical ring guarded swords.

She approaches slowly, politely. Though her facade slips when she sees Sugar, blue eyes going wide with that 'Puppy!' expression.

"Mister Smith? I'm Ahmya. We're to fight. ... Your dog is so cute."

There's a tilting of the head that comes from Leroy Smith as he watches the young one approach. He's got his eye (one of them still works, you see) on her the entire time just in case. He's had to rough up quite a few young individuals in his town over the years so he seems to always be on alert. It just comes with being one of Southtown's protectors. It's part of the deal.

"That we are." comes the measured response in regards to the scheduled fight that is about to commence. "Ain't too many young people with even the smallest bit of respect. Appreciate that." Ol' Leroy's not used to being called Mister Smith, maybe?

"Guess I won't send you home to whomever raised you lookin' too bad." There's a playful and teasing smirk as his stoic bravado fades away some. He might as well have some fun with this. At the very least, he can find some teachable moments in this here battle.

Sugar doesn't move a muscle until Leroy does. She goes to lay down on the side so that she can watch in peace. She's rocking her favorite red hoodie and everything. She's even sashaying a bit like she agrees with Ahmya's assessment of her.

Leroy Smith keeps both of his hands on his cane to make sure he's giving off the illusion of an underestimating the younger fighter.

"Whenever you're ready, youngblood."

COMBATSYS: Leroy Smith has started a fight here.

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Leroy Smith      0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Ahmya has joined the fight here.

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Leroy Smith      0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Ahmya

The young woman's body language is absolutely respectful. And a little timid. Though Sugar does a lot to make her feel better. The dog is in a hoodie, it is the cutest thing. If this goes okay, maybe she'll get to -pet the dog- after the fight. She still has to fight first, though.

As Leroy makes some space and takes up a not at all ready ready stance, Ahmya draws her swords, fingers through the rings. She takes a deep breath as she does so, the power thrumming in her veins already. Resonating. "Good luck, Mister Smith."

Without another word, she moves. Darkness seems to ripple around her as she seems to just vanish and reappear closer. Like she's teleporting. Either way, when she's close enough, she swings one of the swords at Leroy. A testing swing, checking his defenses.

COMBATSYS: Ahmya successfully hits Leroy Smith with Quick Strike.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Leroy Smith      0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0            Ahmya

Leroy always has to play it cool when he's dealing with someone he hasn't fought before. Especially those that are younger than him. He doesn't want to let on too much about his skill level due to using it to his advantage more often than not. So he's even offering a bit of a respectful nod back in Ahmya's direction. "Same to you." Those good luck tidings are met with a similar response.

Then it's time for things to get serious and serious they get. Ahmya comes at him with teleporting speed and the older Drip King can't move out of the way fast enough. It's very obvious he was attempting to step aside but that blade slices through his silkiness and even draws a little blood from across his arm. "Oh, it's like that?" Leroy offers a grin. "Right out the gate, huh?" Leroy flips his cane into its holstery position and slides into a very loose Wing Chun stance, his eye keeping close watch on Ahmya from behind his shades.

"I can dig it."

His movements are quicker than they should be for an old man as he rushes for Ahmya, reaching out to grab at one of her wrists and extends a leg at her ankles to see if he can't knock her off balance long enough to give her a quick toss!

COMBATSYS: Ahmya blocks Leroy Smith's Quick Throw.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Leroy Smith      0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0            Ahmya

Ahmya is a little sloppy. She strikes, but her evasion isn't what it should be. She strafes the blades upwards to intercept Leroy's grab, but the old man is pretty quick himself. Thusly, the intercept succeeds, she's off balanced and thrown. Luckily for her, she's nimble enough to land on her feet, even if it's a little jarring.

She straightens, gripping her left blade in reverse grip and the right one in normal. She draws another steadying breath before she rushes at Leroy again, striking low but jumping, dragging the blade upwards with her as it trails violet chi.

"Forgive me!"

COMBATSYS: Leroy Smith blocks Ahmya's Cloudburst.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Leroy Smith      0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0            Ahmya

Leroy's started moving so there's a good chance he's not going to be still. Being still is how you get hit and that's not something that Leroy is looking forward to having happen again. Mostly because his opponent is rocking a pair of swords and that's just bad for his Drip. Which is why that dragging blade is met with Leroy's strong cane. Though the violet chi trailing behind said blade still manages to sizzle against Leroy's arm during his attempt to keep that blade away from himself.

"No need."

Leroy makes sure to keep this fight light and to show no ill will for the bout. It's a tournament and things are going to get a bit messy. Everything but his movements, though, as he seems to be quite calculating in where he puts himself. His feet move with the block and he turns his body just enough so that he can respond at her with a swift straight kick aimed at her mid-section. His body continues to flow as he sweeps his other leg up and around to aim a roundhouse kick at his opponent as well.

COMBATSYS: Leroy Smith successfully hits Ahmya with Lao Weng Xuan Feng Jiao.
Grazing Hit

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Leroy Smith      0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0            Ahmya

Ahmya's movements are serpentine and graceful. She's blisteringly fast as she moves, almost seeming to flicker. When she lands and Leroy retaliates, she stomps the ground, backdashing. The straight kick brushes her torso, but the follow up is what gets her. She manages to bring her arms up in time to catch the roundhouse, but the force of it throws her to the ground, sending her tumbling in a rustle of dress and the scrape of metal on the pavement.

She slides back to her feet, breathing heavily as she plots her next move. One of her blue eyes seems to be shifting, darkening towards purple. Which is a little weird. Her blades burn violet as she stutter steps forward, only to vanish in a wave of darkness.

She reappears above Leroy, driving the two blades downwards in an assassin strike in silence beyond the rippling noise of her teleportation.

COMBATSYS: Ahmya successfully hits Leroy Smith with Setsuna.
- Power hit! -

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Leroy Smith      1/-------/=======|======-\-------\0            Ahmya

Assassins are something that Leroy has only had to deal with on occasion. Most of the time they are random gun-for-hires that can be handled with a swift punch or kick. It usually doesn't take much to put them to bed. However, the same cannot be said for those individuals that have chosen the world of professional combat as their path. There's always a bit more to these individuals.

Especially when they can teleport.

Leroy loses track of Ahmya though his stance remains firm. It's not until he thinks he catches sight of her does he respond with a step backward to give himself some room. Unfortunately, her ability to just reappear has taken that into account and allowed her to drop from above and Leroy has no time to move out of the way. Those blades slice right into him, creating a cascade of blood from his body. It's a POWERful enough strike to stagger the old man and he almost finds himself on a single knee. They only buckle for the moment before he's practically leaping at Ahmya and aiming a swiftly moving fist at her chest. Let's see if the Grandmaster of Drip can't make it harder to breathe.

COMBATSYS: Ahmya full-parries Leroy Smith's Medium Punch!!

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Leroy Smith      1/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1            Ahmya

Ahmya's eye keep darkening. It keeps changing until it stops at a shade of bright, bloody red. She still seems to be in control, even as she dances out of the bloodspray and gives a glance to the adorable dog over there. Dogs are cute. She can't help it.

Even so, it's a contrast to the gory scene before her. Blood drips from her weapons even as the demon chi boils it away. The Grandmaster isn't done yet, it seems. He comes again, throwing a mighty straight, and her body moves on instinct. She doesn't even think about it. Both blades are taken in a reverse grip, the hilts crossed. She steps into the punch, catching Leroy's wrist in the crossed hilts and she pushes the blow up and away as she twirls around behind him in a fan of blooded blue cloth.

She presses her advantage, coming at his (for the moment) unguarded back and lashing out with a twirling series of light slashes that trail glittering motes of violet.

COMBATSYS: Leroy Smith counters Charged Combo EX from Ahmya with Chain Punch - Devastation.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Leroy Smith      0/-------/-----==|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2            Ahmya

Wing Chun Master Leroy Smith is in the middle of getting his old bones sliced and stabbed with the ease of an assassin. If he's noticing any particular struggle between the youngblood and the violent screams within, he's not letting it on. Those sunglasses he keeps on his face help to keep him from giving away much of anything. While his body is bleeding, quite profusely, it seems as if the old man is powering through the pain by sheer force of will. And mastery of his art.

Ahmya's ability to parry out of his punch was enough to have Leroy immediately on the defensive. He knows what she can do with those blades and he immediately prepares for the next attack. His feet are already planted and preparing for the next attack when Ahmya comes towards his back with all of those twirling slashes of that pair of blades.

Leroy's movements have him spinning out of the way and continuing to weave around the blades being twirled until there's a break in the movements. He goes low, almost scoop tackling Ahmya to slam her on her back. No hesitation as Leroy unloads a series of rapid-fire punches (moving at a similar speed to those twirling slashes of hers) aimed for Ahmya's face.

Leroy aims to finish off this combo with a final brutal smashing punch before hopping up and back to prepare for retaliation.

Youth may be vigorous, but age and experience are wily and all the more dangerous for it. Ahmya lashes out at nothing, as Leroy shows his mastery, sweeping the young woman to the ground and unloading with speed at her with his fists. The most eerie part of all of this is that she's utterly silent at the pummeling.

And then she's just gone.

She reappears on her feet, bruised and puffy, but upright. The dark power roils in her veins and the demon magic erupts. Chains burst from the ground to bind Leroy in place. She takes one step forward and vanishes from sight. She reappears closer before doing it again.

When she next reappears, her face is inches from the old master's. She reaches up to cup his face. The fact that her blades are in reverse grip in her hands only becomes apparent when she drives them forward and drags them upwards in a terrible twin slash across the chest.

Or, you know, he moves in time and this doesn't happen at all!

COMBATSYS: Ahmya successfully hits Leroy Smith with Skandha Avidya.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Leroy Smith      1/-------/=======|>>>>---\-------\0            Ahmya

Leroy is impressed. He really is. Even though he hasn't been snarking through this fight, he's taken to doing that thing where he looks quite impressed. Even if it's clear the disappearing acts are getting on his nerves a bit, there's something to the challenge of having to try and figure out exactly what he can do it keep her in one place long enough to do some actual damage.

Hitting her rapidly has not proven to be successful enough.

Leroy can't even get his hands up fast enough considering the speed at which she reappears right in front of his face. He doesn't have time to move or block or dodge because those blades are cutting into him with more ease than they normally would considering just how close she is. The twin slash strikes home, deeply, and by all accounts there's a big chance that Leroy Smith loses his life this day.

But the damn old man won't actually stay down.

The outpouring of blood that splatters in all directions as he falls to the ground and the blood just pours from his chest as though he's crimson fountain of sorts, Leroy stumbles up to his feet with some sort of generational pride that will not allow him to stay down. Not this easily, anyway.

The pain is etched all over his face but Leroy Smith finally manages to get himself completely upright and once more into his fighting stance. He's just going to need a moment to... compose himself.

COMBATSYS: Leroy Smith gets some sugar from Sugar.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Leroy Smith      0/-------/=======|>>>>---\-------\0            Ahmya

Ahmya struck hard with her infernal technique. After her strike, she hops backwards in the case of a retaliation. It doesn't come. Instead, Leroy takes a moment to breathe and compose himself. She has a choice to make. Do similar, or press her offensive.

She chooses the latter.

She flickers again as she rushes Leroy down. She lashes out with one blade, pivoting only to bring the other around to strike backhanded, violet chi trailing the blades at all times. Her hands are quick, her strikes precise, but Leroy is the Master of Drip. Can he withstand?

COMBATSYS: Ahmya successfully hits Leroy Smith with Lotus Dance of Oblivion.

[                         \\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Leroy Smith      1/-----==/=======|======-\-------\0            Ahmya

No matter one's art or one's mastery of said art, there are some things that just cannot be compensated for. Old age just may be one of those things if the curious case of Leroy Smith has anything to say about it. The older statesman sends Sugar back off to the side after some much needed love and affection to regroup. A moment that may be his last moment in this tournament of World Warriors.

Perhaps he should've waited for the Earth Elders Tournament.

Considering how much blood he's lost it's a bit of a miracle that he's even on his feet long enough to witness the latest in a series of vicious savagery from the whippersnapper known as Ahmya. Pressing the offensive seems to be the better choice as another flickering rushdown is upon him. Leroy attempts to protect himself but one can only do so much against such sharp and violet blades. That chi just adding an extra element of brutality that leaves Leroy looking even worse than he did moments ago. No amount of wound licking from Sugar is going to repair this.

Using whatever internal strength he has left, Leroy pushes his own body to its limits, moving with a speed that he should not be able to. He's almost a bit of a blur as he draws his pimp cane out, giving it a thrust towards Ahmya's midsection. He's relying completely on speed now as he keeps up the caning by rising the cane for a smack underneath her chin. His movements push faster as that hopefully leads into a twirling spin around himself to bring it down towards Ahmya with a final overhead strike!

COMBATSYS: Leroy Smith can no longer fight.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Ahmya            0/-------/-======|

COMBATSYS: Leroy Smith successfully hits Ahmya with Master's Lesson.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Ahmya            1/----===/=======|

Ahmya is in an odd place. Half awake, half in a detached haze. It's lucky for everyone that she's not fully in the haze. Her bows land, her fighting brutally efficient and, well, just brutal. She pulls back, waiting to see if Leroy will fall. Waiting to see how this ends. Waking up more, clawing her way out of the fog.

Then she takes a cane to the chin. And to the top of her head. The pain is searing, making her stagger and nearly drop her weapons. She hisses in pain, clutching her head, but when her eyes open, they're both blue again.

"I...Ow! ...I guess I deserved that."

That's it. That's all she wrote for the man known as Leroy Smith. The combination of Ahmya's blades, his blood loss, old age and the fact that his adrenaline just ran out all play a contributing factor to his fall. It's a fall that's mostly slow motion and the way he smacks into the dock is pretty hard. So much so that even Sugar comes rushing out to make with the licking of the face. Just to make sure that Leroy will be able to get back up. When the time comes.

Oh, what a time that will be.

For what it's worth, Sugar knows the deal and does not growl or snarl in Ahmya's direction. Even if she does rest protectively next to the still breathing (somehow) body of Leroy Smith.

Southtown's going to need a new street cleaner if this keeps up.

Ahmya shakes off her pain. She looks like hell, bruised and batterd but at least she's still upright. She bows deeply to the downed old man and his doggo, but she does not apologize.

After all, he told her not to.

She slips the weapons back behind her belt and wanders off. Leroy will be fine. After all, she may have won the fight, but he's still the Grandmaster.

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