NFG Season One - Sunshine City R2 - Genie vs Ichika

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Description: Swiss Miss Genie takes on Ichika in the debut of her new Punk Rock Persona! Swords and backsides collide along the banks of Sunshine City's Venice Canals in a fight that parent's groups are calling "A danger to the safety of the public" and "A shocking breach of the peace".

After seeing much of the worst face of Sunshine City, it feels somehow obscene to Ichika that her next fight is in such a picturesque part of town. If this was all she'd seen of the place she would think it a tourist's paradise; the water is beautiful, the small boats are lovely, the ducks are... well, ducks. Any day where you get to see a duck can't be a wholly bad day. That's just a universal fact of life.

Still. She does her best to push that thought out of her head. She's quietly surprised by the size of the crowd that the New Fighting Generation has been able to draw; there's a lot of very middle-class-looking families here to enjoy the spectacle, even though neither she nor Genie had performed particularly admirably in their recent fights. Then again, Lyraelle's mastery of social media was probably helping pick up some of the slack... and it IS the debut of her new outfit in an official fight capacity.

It's certainly quite a transformation. Previously she'd appeared in a rather fancy kimono. This time, the leather jacket, yellow crop top with her family name plastered across it, torn denim skirt, stockings and boots - not to mention all the lightning bolt insignias - has her looking far more rebellious than her general attitude might suggest she wants to. She's really going hard on the heavy metal aesthetic. It's only really her hair - stubbornly and perpetually unstyled - that has remained the same.

If this was some nefarious punishment by Lyraelle to force the girl to make amends for her previous losses, though, Ichika seems pretty happy with it.

She can practically feel the electricity in the air as she takes up her position along the canal bank. Her hand rests easy on the hilt of her sword. Last time, she had tried to clear her mind - practically an impossible task. This time? She's embracing it. Brilliant blue eyes drink in the faces of her audience, the clear sky above, the officials busying themselves around cameras. No need for extra lighting this time. Idly, she scans the crowd for Ariastra; the ancient had said that she'd try to make it. Not that Ichika would hold it against her if she didn't. Whilst the sponsor seemed stressed about her pressed schedule, Ichika couldn't fathom what her relationship to time must really be like. And the many other demands place upon her.

"Haa, this is exciting." She says, tightening her grip on the hilt of her weapon. "How am I supposed to keep my head clear and follow my instinct when I'm so eager to show everyone what I've learned?! My heart is racing and we haven't even begun! What a pleasing paradox."

Genie, by contrast, seems to not changed much since the tournament began. Perhaps this is a failing of Genie. It could be she has laid low in the wake of her recent disastrous showings against Iris. It could be that she has opted to lay a bit low---Abigail and Juri are certainly larger than life personalities...

In any case, the young Esper is still dressed in her well fancy combat uniform, a blue gi that she seems to have purchased from a reputable manufacturer--or maybe she had it tailored? Genie does seem to be very wealthy, after all. It contrasts her red hair quite nicely! When she arrives, her hair is tied back in a ponytail. She seems serious, determined...

And it all falls apart upon seeing Ichika. Genie breaks into a bit of enthusiastic applause. "Oh, that is a good look for you! Ah, yes, hello, I'm Genie. Sorry, I have followed your matches so far, so I am a bit excited. Nice to meet you!"

Ichika seems mildly surprised when Genie compliments not only her outfit, but her fighting. "Ahah... well, I hope you're not too excited, Genie." She says, trying not to feel weird about using the older girl's name right off the bat - America, she's in America, she has to try and fit in at least a little! - "I've been learning an awful lot, so I'll try and make it a lot more difficult for you than I have my previous opponents."

She... definitely seems a lot more relaxed than she did against any of them. Usually she carries so much weight on her shoulders it practically crushes her down. But here she is, standing tall, and very happy to meet the wealthy woman's eye. That kind of gap in social status is something she has had to deal with a lot at Justice. "Your uniform suits you too! And I enjoyed watching all your matches." She grins. "Last time looked pretty rough, but don't worry, I don't have any magic tricks up my sleeves. Good luck!"

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"Ah--you saw that then. Not my best performance, no...but I will do better!" Genie stands up straight at attention, shifting her footing and assuming a fighting stance. Her palms are open, one arm extended forward while the other is pulled back closer to her chest. It's not quite clear what style she's using. It looks familiar, but somewhat off.

"Well, please show me your best! I will do the same!" She seems nervous, but she is trying to hide it (poorly).

"Here I go!" Genie springs into action, launching herself at Ichika with an overhead chop. It's not especially practiced or precise, but the fundamentals are there. Maybe?

COMBATSYS: Genie successfully hits Ichika with Medium Punch.
- Power hit! -

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Genie            0/-------/-------|==-----\-------\0           Ichika

"Of course. I watch all the matches. But I also watched you against Kuroiwa-san. I know you aren't to be underestimated."

She draws her sword as the girl settles into her stance, and those bright blue eyes of hers focus on the stance in front of her. It's rough, yes, but hers likely isn't perfect either. She can still see what Genie is trying to do; holding her arms ready to respond, planting her feet to steady -- wait no she's jumping at her.

There's a delighted laugh from the girl at the unexpected motion and she tries to twist out of the way. Unfortunately, she dodges into the swing rather than away from it, catching Genie's palm full on in the collarbone, knocking her to one knee. There's a huff, and Ichika grits her teeth. She felt that! Luckily, taking heavy blows is something she's getting more and more practiced at dealing with.

"Hnf. Yes. Definitely not to be underestimated." She mutters softly.

And then she is coming forwards! Rather than rise immediately from her position she slashes low with her blade, aiming to draw a sharp, stinging line across the front of the heiress' shins as dives forwards, hoping to wind up behind her!

COMBATSYS: Genie blocks Ichika's Artful Slash EX.

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"Ah! You saw that one too...well, I worry sometimes maybe I got, how do you say, a bit lucky with my performances since then?" Genie smiles awkwardly, but it is misleading with the surprising oomph she puts into her chop. After her palm connects, even Genie seems to be a bit surprised--perhaps not by her successful but moreso her level thereof. One might say, wide-eyed as she is, that she did not know her own strength.

But she breaks away as positions shift and Ichika goes on the offensive instead. The woman draws back and tightens her footing, digging in to brace herself as she pulls her legs close then tries to step into the strike. It's awkward and not very precise, but the false-parry does seem to soften the impact a bit as Ichika suddenly dashes past and positions herself behind the Suisse.

"Ah, so fast!"

Genie pivots, hopping on her now sore shins. She backs off, then starts gathering power. Pink-purple power gathers in her palm, gradually at first, then more steadily. Genie widens her stance, setting her hips further apart and drawing back her arm as one foot rests in front of the other. She assumes the stance of a javelin thrower, finally, and with a pop and crackle of power suddenly has a spear from the gathering power. She steps forward and hurls it, this time trying *not* to telegraph her incoming attack.


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[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Genie            0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0           Ichika

Ichika simply didn't see it coming. At all.

One would think that given how deeply she had studied Genie's style she'd recognise what was likely to happen when the woman took up the javelin-thrower's stance, but the simple fact is that the energy Genie gathers is completely unlike anything the girl has any experience with whatsoever. It evades her sight and her senses until the very last moment, and then when it is released, those brilliant blue eyes of hers widen with shock. She does the one thing she absolutely should not do.

She freezes.

The lance slams into her and she cries out, blown fully off her feet by the force of it. She rolls, and is only barely able to stop herself from tumbling over the edge and into the canal. She takes a deep breath. Okay. That was, strange. She doesn't understand what just happened... more or less at all. But rather than let herself panic, she snaps her sword back into its sheathe, and raises her other hand, palm-out, towards Genie.

She focuses.

"Impressive." She says, "But, I'm not, done yet!"

She has to push herself through this. Sweat already beads on the girl's brow as she surges forwards, powering through with as much speed as she can muster. She lunges, and as she does the sword comes flashing out in a slashing draw that leaves a beautiful trail of shining blue energy - aiming for Genie's shoulder. And then another, and another, and another. Ichika pushes herself, fully committing to the assault as she aims to drive the woman back with a series of swift cuts all coming in for her upper body, all leaving that same glittering arc.

COMBATSYS: Ichika successfully hits Genie with Lambent Assault EX.
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[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Genie            1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\1           Ichika

Genie actually seems to have her eyes closed after throwing the spear, as if she's afraid to see the results on whether or not it hit its mark. When it does, and when it knocks Ichika to the ground (however briefly), Genie raises her arms and brings them together before abruptly pulling them back. Was she going to applaud her own success?

"Thank you!" Genie sounds practically gleeful. Maybe it's due to her recent string of less successful efforts? In any case, it does not prepare the Suisse for the woman's swift counterattack.

"Oh n--" the heiress's exclamation is replaced by a shriek as the other woman's energetic flurry of slashes rip into her uniform and explode with a flash of glittering blue. She's thrown to the ground, violently, and she takes a good moment to recover.

"You're very good at this too," Genie says through watery eyes. "But I am not done either!" Genie plants her palms and pushes up into a sweeping kick aimed at clearing Ichika's legs as the redhead rises to her feet in the same motion.

COMBATSYS: Ichika blocks Genie's Medium Kick.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Genie            1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\1           Ichika

Ichika's blade snaps down to take the kick - luckily on the flat of the blade. It rings in her palm, and only then does she flick it off to the side, the energy around it fades, and she resheathes it, replacing it in her saya. The girl's fingers remain tight around the hilt and the slightest frown tugs at her brow as she stares the woman down.

She can tell that there is something unusual about the woman; the aftershock of that violent energy is still rolling through her body. Far worse than the physical blow had been. But her sight is completely failing her. When she expects a forward attack, the woman jumps. When she expects her to back off and recover, she throws out a quick kick. She'd expected Nixie to be unpredictable, but she'd been able to follow the goblin pretty well up until the end. She had not expected Genie to be so difficult to predict.

There's a shocking intensity in those eyes of hers as she meets the heiress' eye, and the teenager gives a firm nod.

"Of course." She says, firmly. "You and I owe it to each other to show our best. You are unlike any other opponent I have fought, Bouvier-san." And she bends her knees, readying herself. "I am excited. Usually, by now, I have a plan. But against you, what plan can I have? You don't even have one yourself! I can't counter your moves when you're not playing the same game as me. It's, fascinating. One wrong step for either of us, and it will all be over, but, we're dancing to different music!"

There's laughter in her voice, if not in the intensity of her stare. It's easy to see there; Ichika has spoken a lot to her teammates recently about how she will carry on even if she fails. But that doesn't mean she is happy to lose. She wants to win. And every part of the girl's ferocious intellect is bent to trying to find something she can use to build a path towards that goal.

COMBATSYS: Ichika focuses on her next action.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Genie            1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\1           Ichika

As Ichika parries, Genie falters in her retreat. There's a definite sense that she was hoping for more, and when she does not find it, she instead flounders to figure out her next move. She almost topples over on her rise, but seems to right herself with a bit of effort--almost as if an outside force rights her balance. While there may be something off in Ichika as well, Genie does not truly notice. It seems, at least right now, that her attention is limited. Perhaps it is not from a lack of willingness, but a lack of training. An untrained eye, as it may be.

Her intensity, however, does not go unnoticed.

"Ah, oh," Genie chuckles nervously. "Of course!" she agrees. "I promise I am doing my best! I, well..." Genie shuffles, resuming her stance. "I am still figuring this out myself! My apologies if I am unrefined!"

Genie focuses, her expression more intense as the Suisse seems to be concentrating on something. She looks toward Ichika, perhaps through Ichika, and seems to find what she is seeking. Suddenly, something twists and pulls at the other woman, as if unseen hands take hold of her. The Suisse gestures as though she's pulling a rope and threatens to pull Ichika, psychically, toward her. If she comes closer, however, Genie seems to be at a lost as to how to intercept her safely.

And thus, Genie repositions slightly and tries to catch the potentially incoming woman by clocking her with her toush as she flies toward her.

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[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Genie            1/-----==/=======|=======\====---\1           Ichika

"It isn't a matter of refinement..."

Ichika begins to speak, and then she feels, something, grabbing at her. This seems to distract the girl, and she takes a deep breath. She can't, see this, at all. There's a thrill at the realisation. The only other time she has felt so blind is when Noboru had torn away her connection to the world entirely. Her heart leaps. She tries to dig her feet into the ground. Still she's dragged forwards. She STABS her blade into the ground--

And it is all she can do to maintain her grip as she is suddenly hurled through the air regardless. Shards of elegant cobblestones are thrown up as she is sent hurtling through the air, to collide bodily with her opponent's rear end. The force of the impact is completely disproportionate to the body part used. It still makes her crumple and choke. For a moment, she is still.

"... it is, a matter of Truth." She manages, "I can't, see yours. So, I'll show you, mine!"

And then she is a blur of motion.

There is no hiding the desperation in the maneuver. This close, this open, this injured, there is only one move to play. One route that MIGHT be able to carve a path to victory. The girl's teeth grit, and in stark contrast to Genie, who seems unsure of how to even use her power, the girl puts absolutely everything she has into this motion.

Her own muscles tear as she surges upwards in a corkscrewing cut, aiming to hurl Genie up high into the air with a rising, jumping slash that would - should her plan be successful - spin them both around. It is at the very apex of that arc that her eyes would meet Genie's again; the strain is written clear on her face, teeth clenched so tight that she's bitten into and through her own lip.


One step further. She pushes even harder. And blurs out of existence to reappear behind Genie, and slam into her back with the blade. If all goes according to plan she'll hit her like a tiny meteor, drive her into the earth... and, maybe, just maybe, finish it in one shattering blow.

Though either way, at this point, she's looking much the worse for wear.

COMBATSYS: Ichika successfully hits Genie with Price of Progress.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Genie            2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|===----\-------\0           Ichika

Genie's attack helps confirm that it's certainly not a matter of refinement. Even she seems a bit surprised at the effectiveness of her attack as the Swiss miss's keister delivers a crumpling blow, breaking her nervous braced pose to look back over her shoulder to see the damage.

But as she does, Ichika has already recovered and is springing back into action. Suddenly she barrels toward Genie, pushing her muscles to the limit, launching into a corkscrew cut that launches Genie through the air for a follow-up, then another, then finally a meteor-like diving blow that knocks the heiress flat to the ground.

Genie suddenly sputters and coughs once she has a moment to recover, letting out a low groan before she does. She was not precisely intact herself, but now she looks like she's barely able to stand as she climbs to her feet, hair a mess and her uniform torn.

She sways once, then stabilizes, her eyes watering and her face dirty. It's not a look that the wealthy heiress is used to, but it's one she's quickly growing accustomed to in the NFG.

"I can't...I can't give up yet!" she says, power crackling her. Her hair stands on end, as it lifted by static, and lightning dances along her body. She extends her hands behind her, as if she's holding a broadsword, and power gathers in between her palms. Eventually, it forms into a very rough shade of a great sword, and Genie steels herself.

She surges forward, swinging the blade not really with Ichika's finesse, but more like a club. One strike, then two, then a flurry of blows in sequence.

COMBATSYS: Genie successfully hits Ichika with Arondight EX.
* Attack Of Opportunity! *

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Genie            0/-------/---<<<<|=====--\-------\0           Ichika

Ichika stumbles back after her impact with the ground. Cushioned as it is by Genie's body, the girl clearly believes that this is over. As hard as she had hit her, she doesn't envisage Genie managing to get up again. When she does, in fact, manage to rise... those bright blue eyes of hers widen. And when she not only manages to rise but to gather such an obviously huge amount of power, well. The girl's eyes are like saucers. This is chilling. Superficially, the power looks like lightning... but it isn't. She's seen lightning chi before. She doesn't know what this is, but it isn't that.

"I wouldn't ask you to." She replies, digging her feet into the cobblestones and raising her sword into guard position. And then, perhaps confusingly to the poor heiress, she continues. "Not a wizard. Not a sorceror. Not a sage. Not a conduit. What ARE you, Genevieve Bouvier?"

The sword brings a smile to Ichika's lips, and she gives a sharp nod of her head as the injured woman gives it her all. Bright blue power surges around her once again. It pours out of her to try and help augment her guard; and she doesn't make the same mistake that she did against Nixie. When Genie's blade comes down, she keeps the shield raised as strongly as she can. Her teeth grit as the first blow sheers clean through it regardless, the bright light shattering into hundreds of sparkles...

And then the rest hits her clean, the girl's head rings as her knees give out.

"... beautiful."

She doesn't have long. Or much left to give. But she can't just fade away. Her grip tightens on her sword's hilt one last time, and she points it up at Genie. What she thinks she can do from this position, where her legs clearly aren't listening to her any more, is, at first, a mystery.

And then she twists the weapon around, and one of those tiny shards of chi that had been in the process of melting away is caught on the tip. She closes one eye, steadies it, and shoots the spark towards Genie, aiming right between the eyes.

Only then does she let herself fall.

She can find out if she has another loss to her name when she wakes up.

COMBATSYS: Ichika can no longer fight.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Genie            0/-------/---<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Genie parries Ichika's Brilliant Spark!

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Genie            0/-------/--<<<<<|

Genie continues the combination until she drives through Ichika's guard, pushes her further, wows her with the power and beauty thereof. The Suisse is breathing heavily, struggling to stay standing, when Ichika turns that chi into a pinpoint needle of a strike aimed for Genie's forehead.

Yet, in that moment, Genie demonstrates something different. The chi stops, suspended briefly by an unseen force as Genie, breathing heavily, holds it back through a demonstration of will. It is almost instinctual, reactive, and demonstrating a skill normally beyond Genie's training. It does not hold forever, but it does hold long enough for Genie to move, narrowly avoiding the spark as it shoots past her.

Genie huffs and puffs for several moments, her sword disipating. "Did...did I win?" she asks no one, slumping over and falling onto her rump.

COMBATSYS: Genie takes no action.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Genie            0/-------/--=====|

COMBATSYS: Genie has ended the fight here.

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