NFG Season One - How to Train Your Goblin

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Description: Katherine Flake agrees to assist Nixie with an attempt to use a ption to become human again. Will this end in disaster?!

The refitted drug store that Team Metal had alotted to training was something, at least--Moondyne Mouse--or rather, Katherine Flake had seen nicer disposal areas in her time. Of course, that was when she had been working with NESTS, no longer--this was definitely something to get used to. She wasn't a stickler for cleanliness or nice things--but damn, could they have at least picked a CVS to make this place out of, or even a Walgreens? It was a Rite Aid, for godssakes! It had given her an all too unfamiliar reminder of seeing the 'R&D space' that Rugal had directed her to and she'd been given a tour of, what had looked like a combination of Highschool Computer Lab and a DIY garage space.

Thankfully for all involved, she was not a normal person and definitely didn't care about the law, so she'd already seen to some... upgrades, in that area. But the matter at hand!

'Kath' had picked up Nixie in a town car rental after they were done with training for the day, and agreed to escort her to one of Arctel's laboratories to assist her with a special project the goblin had--which Kath had come to understand was her trying to relieve herself of her goblinoid shape.

The lab space is in an old warehouse, at the moment, one rigged with lighting running from thick braided electrical cables along a hard industrial cement floor, along with a series of equipment set around tables and workbenches--laboratory centrifuges, glass piping, beakers--along with commercial refrigerators for storing supplies.

"There we are, just... don't trip on the wires, cable management is on the 'to-do' list, aheh..." Kath grinned, wearing her trademark suit and letting Nixie in through one of the heavy currogated iron sliding doors, with a device that looked like a IR LED remote.

Nixie's already had the cauldron set up she needed in advance. A former Rite Aid wasn't the worst location for her to do her research but she doubts any of the ingredients she need would have been on stock. She been been able to purchase most of what she needed with her winning from the tournaments. She frowns a bit as she sees the stae of the warehouse.

"This certainly could be cleaner, I don't need any cross-contamination. Are you sure you know what you're doing?" She would prefer to work with another skilled alchemist or at least a magician with this, but given the team she been drafted to that wasn't really an option. The goblin looks up at the robotic mouse woman., "Come to think of it, did you draft me because I won the tournament or because you thought I would be a good fit?"

'Kath' had hung up her hat on a hook protruding from the edge of one of the benches and walked over, looking over the cauldron with some interest. This was actually fairly interesting for Moondyne, however her civilian disguise had kept her focus on it less sharp. Magic was actually fairly interesting a concept, alchemy as well. She didn't understand it fully, but wanted to. Perhaps was a bit weird for a robot to be interested in such things--but she had a more open mind than some humans, she liked to think, anyway.

"Okay so--" Kath moved to put on some thick rubber chemical gloves, apparently not bothering to remove her suit, apparently that was just how she rolled.

"Drafting you was a team decision! You're our spunky green everlasting gobstopper of fighting prowess, after all," Kath grinned and might have even ruffled Nixie's hair, had she not already been wearing the gloves.

"Besides, the fans definitely /love/ the shortstack look," Kath grinned at her, and for perhaps not the first time Nixie could notice that huge grin Kath had betrayed some rather large chompers--buck teeth, in fact, ones that loked almost like the kind on a rabbit...? or a beaver?

"Yeah, yeah. It's awkward being so small. Can't drive a car without heavy modification, lift anything heavy, have to be right in front of anything to grab it...not to mention the whole issue with bright lights and loud noises." Nixie's quick to point out the downsides. "Thankfully, I don't have weakness to silver or iron, or that would be a real pain being an alchemist. She puts a pair of gloves and goggles on herself.

"How would you feel if someone turned you into a goblin and completely changed your life?" She can't help but to notice Kath's teeth. "You think a group called Team Metal of all people would have dental."

"Well, that's what we're going to try and help you with tonight--but you know, I'm only five foot nothing myself, so I know a little about how that feels," Kath explained, giving a little smile and a shrug. Nixie would perhaps notice there /were/ a few hard plastic step stools around here and there, already. Ones she could likely use.

"Well, I'd probably not be very amused with it, considering I like how I am just fine," Kath tilted her head, the pale blue curly hair she had brushed back from her cheek a little.

"Ohoho, well then, lets just get down to your project, yes? What do you need help mixing exactly?" she grinned again, this time a bit more subdued. She had frowned at first before raising a brow at Nixie's remark about her teeth, not apparently getting offended by the comment on her appearance. A bit more... determination had seemed to creep into her body language now, though.

"Putting the ingredients in and stirring it after all I have to climb inside." The cauldron was huge and Nixie has short arms after all. She's got human blood, magic reversal potion, detoxins, water, clay, a photo of when she was human, and various other materials on hand.

The goblin uses the step stool to climb inside of the cauldron. "I can't really do it from inside after all. Plus I have to prepare the runes." She starts carving carefully on the bottom of the cauldron with a sharp knife.

"Well don't you worry, we'll make sure they're all added..." Kath nodded, getting to work in helping her with that. When Nixie's back is turned, however a container or flask here and there seems to move on it's own--independant of Kath's two arms. Including a packet of a very sketchy source, the label read...

'Dr. T Ray's Thick And Easy Double Donked Sauce'???

There was no way she was going to let Nixie just un-goblinize herself right after getting signed up with them. It was the entire point of the marketing appeal of her, after all--it'd be like Andre the Giant showing up one day as a five-foot six guy to the ring. And there was no way she was going to pass up an opportunity to help shill some of Dr. T Ray's special chi supplements.

"There we go, all done," seemingly invisibly, the packet was swung away--actually gripped by a small claw coming out of the end of the mouse woman's tail, beneatht he holographic disguise.

Of course Nixie doesn't notice as she carves the runes. The mysterious flask does delude the formula she's properly prepared. This is what she gets for trusting a complete stranger with the process but who else is she going to ask? Myriad? The mixture in the cauldron starts bubbling and quickly rises to her head. She doesn't want to drown herself after all. The woman splashes herself in the face with it though to make sure it's exposed as well. Don't want to head up with a goblin head on a human body after all.

"There we go, lets see..." Moondyne--or Kath had to bring over a step stool as well and perch herself over the lid of the cauldron as she watches the effects--though careful not to get splashed with the substance. Likely it'd not have an effect, but safety first!

"Ooh--the liquid level is rising--it's like when you mix pop rocks and soda," Kath giggled a little, resisting the urge to record this on a phone or the like, perhaps. It might have made a good bit of footage for an ad of some sort.

The composition of powdered chi supplement that 'Kath' had added would likely disrupt the effects of the spell that was cast, as it was an adulteration of some sort... but meanwhile have some... different sort of results, especially when it came to the goblins BULK.

Nixie starts glowing green and can feel her body start to elongate back into her previous proportions as she gains her old figure back. Her skin turns from olive green to a peach. "It's working!" She swims around in the cauldron before she begins to step out under own power. Suddenly she feels her body begin to twitch as her skin turns green once again, this time a brighter shade.

"No...something's going wrong!" Her body starts to compact once again as she begins losing the height she suddenly gained. She quickly jumps out of the cauldron completely nude onto the warehouse floor.

Katherine Flake watched with a sort of surprised, gaping expression--of course, beneath it was a pretty wild open mouthed grin, in actuality--the robot's eyes watching the proceedings with machine-like focus. Oh yes--this was happening just as planned. She had never seen the mixture's effects on a non-human, and apparently it could affect more than humans. Very very interesting data, this was.

"Oh, oh are you okay, Nixie dear? hold on, let me get you something to clean that off with--" Kath began to hurriedly scramble for something to help wipe that stuff off the girl--finally folding her a long towel of sorts out of what looked like cloth made for surgery dressings.

"Are you okay...?" she knelt down beside her.

Nixie reaches out for the towel and finds she her arms have grown a bit longer. They're still green abit a brighter shade. She also notices that has more of a figure than before, closer to what she had been before but still smaller. Her point of view is a bit higher than it was before, but certainly not as high as it should be. "What happened? I'm still a goblin aren't I?!" She lets out a scream full of both frustration and anger. She tries to run away but she's not used to the balance of her new form and falls over.

While Kath is helping towel Nixie off she is already making mental calculations of the compounds effects--yes, yes, they did have some... enhancements, at least it would appear on the hips and bust on this subject--err, Nixie, that is. She had to remember she wasn't exactly dealing with a test subject... just sort of a volunteer~

"My god, something went wrong, somehow! are you okay??" Kaths tarted, but still helped get the goblin girl clean, while apparently in awe of the sudden shift in her bodytype.

"It would appear it was not entirely successful... but there /are/ some changes!" Kath shone took hold of a light affixed to a stand and shone it over on Nix, helping illuminate the situation, pardon the pun.

"Oof--hey, be careful there--the floor is a little slippery..." the suited woman stripped off the gloves and attempted to go help Nixie up.

"It'll be alright, trust me--once we get this formula down, everything will be okay..."

Which was partly true, anyway.

"I don't have the money to try this again!" She lets Katherine help her back into her feet. "Not to mention how difficult it was to get my hands on all of the materials. for this. I swear I double checked everything, to make sure I had the right amount...ugh am I still not powerful enough?

Surely, a hex done by some witch Karen can't be that strong right?" Nixie can't believe she's still not strong enough to overcome this. She then looks down at her changed form and promptly places her arms over her chest trying to hide it.

"Well, it's a good thing we sponsors pay pretty well here at Arctel, then!" Kath sounds almost relentlessly optimistic about Nixie's chances here, even if the goblin girl seemed rather frustrated, hopeless and desperate.

Putting a dry lab coat over Nixie's shoulders, the spokes person helped her up, gently, as she rose from the kneel.

"Heck, I'm sure we can even negotiate some outside sponsorships like this, and you can rake in even MORE money!" Kath made a big sweeping motion with her hand in the air, as if trying to entertain the concept and show Nixie what a bright future she might have in 'Shortstacks monthly', or whatever.

"I can see it now babe, you're going places!"

"Really?" Nixie feels a bit better now as she takes the lab coat. It's large on her, but it's better than going around in the nude. "Maybe I can finally get Myriad off my back then. I should probably get some new outfits too because I'm pretty sure my old clothes won't fit now." She sounds a bit happier than she did before.

"Oh yeah, that's a great idea! I'll set us up a time when we can go out and do that!" Katherine Flake seems genuinely amused with this as well. Because well, she was. Both Flake and the mouse.

"Spandex, I'm thinking--all spandex!"

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