NFG Season One - Immersion Learning

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Description: One moment, Chevy's poolside; the next, she finds herself beside a much more impressive locale. All thanks to one of her new sensei!

Ariastra is to get everyone. While dealing with the other teacher time too. So far, so good. She got Ichika and Buck. Now to get Chevy and Tamaki.

Well, she sees Chevy now, not busy. She goes toward her. "There you are. I hope you are well." She gives a smile. "If you're not busy, training time. Take my hand my hand, and we will start this." She does let Chevy take what she needs. Once she gives her hand, there is a weird Chi feeling. One moment, they are where they are. The next, they are somewhere else completely. Close to water. A waterfall specifically. It probably has to do with Chevy's capabilities and why they are here.

"Ok" she sits down on the ground, close enough to the waterfall, yet just far away enough so they can hear each other's voices. "Have a seat, Chevy. We will talk. If you have any questions or concerns, formulate them now."

Ariastra is dressed in her usual outfit. Black leather pants, a red shirt with some black and a golden Egyptian emblem on it. Her blue bracelet and some sort of combat boots look alike.

Chevy likes the sun. Mostly. She's kind of sad the smog doesn't lend itself to a nicer day. But it's still nice enough for her to have spent the early morning at poolside. When Ariastra finds her, she's been seated on the edge of the pool for some time, her sandals close at hand. The hydromancer has been trying to get perfect columns of water to rise out of the pool upon command, to varying levels of success. She's wearing a t-shirt -- knotted up to leave her midriff bare -- and a pair of denim shorts. The straps of a red bikini peek out from the sides.

It's been a productive morning. But she was ready for a change of pace, as is obvious from the speed with which she jumps to her feet. After exchanging a few words, she's quick to don her sandals and round up a few thing -- particularly, her pole and buckets. She also -fills- said buckets; only having one half-bucket instead of her full loadout in her spar with Buck was less than optimal.

"Okay," she says, "Ready!" And then she takes Ariastra's hand.
... And then her -mind- is blown.
She had talked with Ichika in passing, about this...
But she didn't remember the 'transported to another place' part.

As the roar of a waterfall replaces the dull din of pool pumps and A/C units, Chevy starts to look a little queasy. She rests the tip of her pole on the ground for support.


The words seem a little more... ethereal to her, after that mind-blowing experience. But Ariastra is her sensei -- and the words were a command. So she is quick to sit, cross-legged, on the stone, resting the pole across her lap, the buckets on either side of her.

"... Buck and I had a little spar last night. It did not go well, eh-heh." She draws in her breath, her eyes half-lidding as she learns to -enjoy- the experience of the waterfall, rather than try to talk over it. "... Sometimes when I have been fighting, things just feel right. Everything just... comes natural to me. And then others, everything's... off. Like the water just doesn't wanna listen. Or like I just -forget- how to channel it." She looks to Ariastra. "And yet, like, I've ridden bicycles all my life, and never really forgotten how the pedals work, or how to keep my balance. I don't get it."

When Ariastra takes someone somewhere, she usually has some reason why she takes them there. A personal reason for each of them. But taking them away from the smog is also a very perfectly valid reason. Somewhere calm and quiet for each of them. Today is simply Chevy's turn.

She cares about what Chevy is doing, but she simply doesn't want to speak out here. The place is not the best to get deep into someone's mind and soul. You need a quiet environment, at the very least. It also allows her to see, in time, how fast someone can go from peaceful talk to fighting. Granted, in a regulated fighting contest like this, they usually will know when it's time to fight beforehand. But Ariastra. doesn't want to train them only for the contest but for life.

So there they are now, at a waterfall. No one does well with teleportation the first time. It's one thing to know everything is connected. It's one thing to experience it in this way. It was still a learning experience hopefully.

When Chevy explains to her about last night's fight and what happened. What happens in general, she smiles at her and listens. Listens until she is done before she speaks. Then she asks a simple question.

"Did you want to show what you could do to the sensei? To prove yourself? Were you worried or stressed that you had to perform or else? Anything along that line?" She had opened up to her about it, so that would be a learning experience too, if possible.

Life lessons are important, as are the transitions to and from combat readiness. Chevy can appreciate the tutelage in both, considering the father who -would- have guided her in these things has passed.

Chevelle's eyes open fully. Her blue eyes show an alertness to each word, a noticeable response. She nods with each question -- though, per her upbringing, she makes a point of considering her thoughts before responding.

"... Oddly, nah, it wasn't any of that... We were just horsin' around, I feel like. No senseis to impress, and..."

As she speaks, she scratches her temple. "I mean, once I started flubbing attacks, -that- kinda stress kicked in, for sure. Once the fear that I was just gonna miss all my beats set in, it just went downhill from there."

She thinks more for a moment. And then raises a finger. Her words spill out quickly: "Come to think of it, Buck's animal forms really mommicked up my train o' thought, it was like watchin' old movies with crazy special effects an' all." She pauses, tilting her head. "So you think it... you think it could be -stress?-"

Ariastra does not rush Chevy to answer. In a fight, you must think quickly and react either with full knowledge or instinct. A mix of both in a lot of situations. But questions, especially those that are part of understanding one self. They need time. So time she gets.

She listens as Chevy analyses the fight and then comes up with some answers of her own. She's a smart one.

When Chevy is done with her introspection, Aria smiles and now can answer. "I think you have a great instinctive understanding of your water. Your skills, just like it, flows, and then it just happens. You are in the zone. But if something blocks that flow, like stress. Then the thoughts of what you are doing pile up like water stuck at a damn. The natural flow has been altered. Does it resonate with you, Chevy? In this particular case, I can show you different paths, different reasons why it is happening, but you are the one who knows yourself the best, and I want to enhance this, not snuffs it out." She waits for Chevy's reaction to it. She is willing to continue on this subject if necessary and makes sure Chevy knows that even if she asks another question.

She proceeds with that next question. "The draft. Why were you picked second and contested? Why do you think you were my personal favorite choice?" Another question where introspection is needed. This is not exactly important to fight, but it can be important to know what someone saw in her. She goes quiet once again to let her ponder this as well.

The redhead nods as Ariastra walks with her along the path to understanding. Her own words had just spilled out, but her sensei is able to put them back into a form that makes more sense. Chevy smiles and nods. "Yes, ma'am--" she answers, out of habit. She's quick to correct herself: "--sensei." Raising her fist to her mouth for a polite cough, she adds, "Water does seem to resonate with me, sensei, yes -- I can feel the energy here." She spreads out her hand, turning to let her fingertips shadow the path of water down the falls. "It's... soothing. There is so much water, racing and thundering to the bottom, and yet there is such calmness afterwards, because there's space for all of it to just... relax."

She smiles faintly, turning back to Ariastra with interest. "I would like to learn more about..." Her fingertips wiggle, as she struggles with the words. "This. Just..." She breaks into an almost musical laugh. "I 'on't know how t'describe it." Ending with a grin.

As for the question of the draft, Chevy simply shrugs. "I don't know, sensei. I honestly don't. I thought it might've been Miss Ichijo, since I'd mentioned her in my interview thing. She uses a staff and she works with spirits. I'd always thought it was a neat combination that I ain't seen any other fighters use." She bows her head, afterwards, lowering her gaze. "But I do not know much about you, sensei, or what you might see in me."

"Yes, I've seen you fight." She says. It probably didn't need to be said. But if there were any doubts about it, now she knows. "I've seen firsthand your connection with water. I figured here would be a good spot to know you better without any pressure from the outside world. Everyone gets their special place. I would say I have a broader connection with things, but I do not have the closer relationship you have specifically with water."

She smiles. "Correct me if wrong Chevy, but could it be you simply want to know more about yourself as this is all part of you? It's an Affinity, for lack of better words." Still letting Chevy come up with the answer. Whether Aria is right or wrong. She doesn't care. She doesn't need to be always right. She needs to guide.

"I saw your potential. Yes, I say that to all the recruits. I will add something for you to know." She takes a deep breath. It seems it will be profound. "I see myself in you." This might also be pretty cryptic without any further context. "I was ready to fight right there and then. Because there was no other choice but to have you on the team. The only reason I backed out and told the other team you should decide is... This was not my future in the balance, but yours. Your future couldn't be decided in a fight. It had to be your choice, to be fair to you." She pauses for a moment.

Chevy raps herself on the temple with a balled-up fist. "Ahaha, yeah, I mean, -of course- you did..." When she gets nervous, she rambles more. And this is something else Ariastra has already figured out.

But it's... -words- that she struggles with. She grew up in rural North Carolina, and spent her past few years working on a hog farm. She didn't -need- good words to do her job. So when Ariastra offers one, she grasps for it like a water canteen in the desert. She raises both index fingers, with enthusiasm! "Yes, yes, that's it! Affinity!" She smiles at the connection.

... And the lightbulb starts to dim.
"... But I mean, yeah, learning what to -do- with that is where I'm stuck. It's... I don't get to -choose- where my fights take place. I'd love it if they could all take place -here!-" She chuckles at the idea, a bit shyly, and rests her hands back in her lap.

"It's just a question of how much water I have to play with. More water, more neat tricks. But unless I wanna lug around a five-gallon jug..." She lets her thoughts wander for a moment.

As to her selection: "I'm... really glad you did, sensei. It hasn't been long but I really appreciate your giving me the choice. I... I was kinda spooked by Team Frost, to be honest. Especially with that angry one on the team, the one who went first." She fidgets with her pole, trying -not- to drum on it, but doing everything except that. "I really look up to Abigail." Pause. "I mean, how can you -not?- But he's really a whiz when it comes to trucks. ... I'm not sure how that applies to fightin' though."

"It's ok. Losing or winning is not what makes you a good fighter in the long run. What makes a hero? Well, we could get into a deep conversation, but let's sum it up to one point. They keep getting up." She pauses a moment to let that sink in. Then she continues. "They keep getting up when they lose. They are not a hero because they win it all. They are a hero because they lose some, and they keep coming for the next one."

"And then, if you allow me to extend to legends? They make regular people get up after a loss. They inspire regulars to be heroes. Every hero has been a regular person at one point or another. You are not born a hero, and you're definitely not born a legend.

She takes a deep breath. "All this to say, you can be whatever you want to be. You don't need to win every single fight for it to happen. Do your best, learn from the losses, learn from the wins. Be sure to also see what good you did in those losses, and the bad you did in those wins." She gives her some time to think about this dump of info for herself before she answers the rest.

"One day, you will call water to you from far away places. Or you will make water out of air molecules or teleport water in those buckets. You will discover what is best for you. We will work on your affinity to keep it that way. So it keeps flowing naturally with you. Instead of having to fight with it. You have a gift, and we will make it grow. Is that good with you Chevy?" So it's not an order. It's her life, so she gets a say in it. She waits for her answer and then finishes with the last part of their discussion.

"That angry man. I would have gladly fought him, even if I am not currently at my full strength." She is serious, by the look of her eyes. "But yes, you had to have the choice. As for Abigail, he's special." Could be good or bad, unknown at this time, her face pretty neutral. "But if you wonder how trucks matter in this. If instead of a water metaphor we used trucks. "To get you stronger, we will rev your engine until it roars like a wild cat." She winks at a Chevy. Of course, she's not in the big guy's head himself, but a long life brings a lot of knowledge if you want it.

A hero? Chevy smiles placidly -- she certainly doesn't think of -herself- as a hero. But maybe someday she will be someone who fits the image that Ariastra is painting.

She nods along with the words, taking to heart the message -- that learning is the sum product, not the number of wins or losses. And that even a 'win' can be colored with downsides. She knows she wasn't a high point earner -- instead, one of the lowest. But that didn't bother her, especially; she knows she's on the bottom tier when it comes to pro fighting. "I understand," she states, in the moment of silence.

One thing is certain though -- Chevy seems much more engaged when Ariastra is talking about water. Summoning it, condensing it from the very air around. Big concepts -- ones she can't even get her hands around yet. That gets her nodding with a bit more enthusiasm. "Yes! I'm really looking forward to that. It's all so... strange and /magical/ right now, it hardly feels -real- when I do this stuff. So to even think about the other stuff you mentioned is just... wild." She grins, once again finding herself at a loss for words.

She is a bit confused for a moment, when Ariastra talks about an angry man. Chevy had been talking about Juri. But Ariastra was likely talking about Goldlewis Dickinson -- someone whose frustration was -very- much on display. Once Chevy figures that part out, her expression shifts back to a smile. And she even snickers a bit as Ariastra co-opts Abigail's peculiar metaphors for her own use. "Haha. I like trucks an' all, but I don't think I'm at the point of usin' 'em in a fight. Water just makes more sense to me."

Do real heroes believe they are one? Does someone say they are a hero really one? Those are questions for another time.

What she is happy about is Chevy understands the win-and-loss concept she presented. Someone new needs to realize that. A win is nice, but not the end of everything. This seems to have hit home. So no reason to go back on this. Those two simple words, 'I understand' are enough for Ariastra.

She is not surprised when Chevy is more into it with the water discussion. She is young. She's eager to be in a conversation for a subject she is close to. "You will learn. I promise. Anything is possible." With one hand, she makes a small icicle in her other one. "Everything is connected." Sensei Peng You's teaching is also helpful here, with the five things he mentioned before.

This is very much a misunderstanding as Ariastra did not see Juri as a threat, so she didn't think of her. Goldlewis was a threat because he tried taking Chevy away. So her mind went straight to that person when Chevy mentioned an angry person. She decides to joke. "I don't think you would enjoy carrying buckets full of trucks for your fights." She gives a wink. "Ok. Unless you have some more questions, I think it's time to see firsthand what you can do." She stands up and looks at her. She means a fight, "I am aware this place gives you an advantage you might not have in a real fight. But this is not to judge you on a win or a loss. I want you to just flow. Let the water and you be one. You flow with the water. The water flows with you."

COMBATSYS: Ariastra has started a fight here.

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Ariastra         0/-------/-------|

Anything is possible. Everything is connected. Simple words with bold implications. Promises for a future, limited only by imagination, reach, and willpower. The optimistic tone is one that resonates well with Chevelle, who associates such a tone with the people whom she treasures most in the world. She may not have known of Ariastra prior to the draft -- but she's sure to be walking alongside her for the near future.

Though -- the eternal's humor does strike her a little unusually. "... Well, I mean, could fit fifty Hot Wheels in a bucket," she insists with a grin. "Not real practical though, naw."

Chevy watches Ariastra stand -- and takes the time to listen to the preface before she, too, rises to her feet, raising her pole upon her palms. She nods. "I'll do my best..." she starts, a tinge of anxiety in her voice.

She realizes... she has no idea what sort of fighter Ariastra is. But if winning or losing is irrelevant, well, so be it. She takes a few paces back, narrowing her eyes and drawing in her breath. Chevelle reaches out to the space around her, following the advice she was gifted with.

Let the water and you be one. You flow with the water. The water flows with you.

No time like the present. Chevy draws in one last breath -- and then suddenly spins a half-turn, hurling the entire contents of a bucket at Ariastra. Her forehead knits in concentration, as she draws back -- and she begins to draw a refill from the stream behind her, intending to refill her bucket soon. As the water hurtles towards Ariastra, it begins to glow with a faint blue aura -- a potent, blistering energy that heats the water, and bolsters its strength!

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Chevy            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         Ariastra

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[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Chevy            0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0         Ariastra

Ariastra is either too old to have a good sense of humor, or her sense of humor is too advanced. Probably the former. As she sees Chevy ponders a moment, probably thinking she doesn't know what Ariastra does. Two greenish-turquoise scythes appear in her hands. She brings them together to form one big double scythe. "When you fight next. You will not be the same fighter. If you face someone you already fought. They won't be the same either. Everyone will have grown. At least if they are taught right."

She waits after that. Chevy does a water attack, and it doesn't seem to be her strongest. Good. Don't tire yourself right away. She doesn't say that but gives an approving smile. Perhaps that smile makes her too slow. She gets hit with the heated water. She takes a sharp breath in. Her skin reddens where it was exposed. But then she settles back on Chevy and she focuses. "Good flow. The heat is a nice touch. It's painful and distractive from the burning sensation." But she doesn't attack yet. "Show me more." She focuses on herself internally and takes the time to cool down. Cold coming from her scythe and herself. And she focuses on Chevy. She is truly not attacking this turn, waiting for Chevy, analyzing her, it seems.

COMBATSYS: Ariastra calculates her next move.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Chevy            0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0         Ariastra

Even as her water slams into Ariastra, Chevy is already starting the process of refilling her bucket with fresh, unchlorinated water. She isn't sure if there's much a difference when it's used as a weapon. Who knows?

But as Ariastra focuses on her, Chevy grits her teeth. It could mean that she's letting her continue to attack. It could just as easily be a warning against trying anything -too- risky. But the redhead doesn't give much of a second thought to it -- if she wants to show the Eternal what she's got, it's got to be from the gut!

And that means Chevy just does what feels right -- and in this case, it's summoning a powerful burst of water from the stream at her back! It's powerful enough to blast her forward in a body splash attack at her sensei, with -- she hopes -- enough kinetic force to bowl her to the ground! If that happens, the wave that washes over will start to turn more viscous -- possibly even slowing the Eternal's movement for a counterattack!

COMBATSYS: Ariastra dodges Chevy's Marsh Mud.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Chevy            0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0         Ariastra

Chevy doesn't let up. That's a good point for her. Don't let the opponent time to think. if you have something up your sleeve. She approves. Though, there is a lesson to be learned from everything. Ariastra doesn't move. Her body is still cold.

Ariastra watches the water raising. She will need to have impeccable timing on this. It's not the first time Ariastra tries something crazy. As the water comes at her, she makes a high jump over it. her cold steps, freezing some of the water enough for her to travel on it, the rest of the water going about its way as she jumps down in front of Chevy, separating her double-scythe in two. "Sometimes what should be impossible becomes possible."

Then, in a quick motion, she opens her arms and closes them to impale the pointy end of her scythes into Chevy's sides. If that works, the scythes release electricity in her body for a moment, before she pulls them off.

COMBATSYS: Ariastra successfully hits Chevy with Eternal Punishment.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Chevy            0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0         Ariastra

Chevy grimaces as Ariastra suddenly -moves-. For some reason, it hadn't occurred to her that the Eternal would actually... fight back? Perhaps that's why she mentioned the idea of winning and losing...

At any rate, Chevy tucks and rolls before hitting the ground, swinging her pole above her as a counterweight so she can stop in a hurry. The dramatic motion also leaves herself -completely- soaked, but considering she was wearing the bikini underneath anyway, it scarcely matters. Plus? Now she feels -truly- in her element, with the droplets of water helping her to cool off.

That lasts until she turns to find Ariastra splitting her weapon across -- and then just as casually driving them into her sides. Caught by surprise, Chevy makes a pained expression, drawing in her breath at the suddenness of it all. Gritting her teeth, she starts to keel forward -- but catches herself by jabbing the pole against the rock for balance.

Still. She was implored to -do her best-. So she uses her weighted pole as a bludgeon, pivoting it down to slam against Ariastra's shoulder, before moving forward in an attempt to hook the pole behind her knee, lock it out -- and force Ariastra to the ground! All the while, her pole is empowered by bursts of force from the water they hold!

COMBATSYS: Ariastra dodges Chevy's Armed Combo.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Chevy            0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0         Ariastra

Ariastra has hit with that one. It looks like Chevy wasn't expecting it. She thoughts Ichika or Buck would have told her what to expect. It seems not. "I will heal you if you need it before we go back home." She let her know whether she is worried or not.

As Chevy prepares another attack, this time a more physical one. Ariastra feels something. There is a force put in that blow and something else. She knows it wouldn't be pleasant to be hit by this. She brings her scythes together once again. So she can fight the pole with a sort of pole of her own. She catches the staff with one end of the scythe to move it away from the shoulder. When Chevy continues to try to catch her from behind, she uses the other end of the Scythe to pull back. "That's good too. Adding power to it is a sound choice. I am guessing you're trying to get back in the game in force."

Before she finishes speaking, she returns the favor. She swipes at Chevy's leg with one end of the scythe to pull her down, cutting her in the process. There is also an icicle forming under them. If she falls she will discover that. But she thinks, since ice is a form of water, she may know the icicle is there. So she watches.

Now matter what happens, she puts a stop to it. "Ok, enough Chevy. Unless you would like to get another blow in. I don't want to hurt you too much. It has been enlighting."

COMBATSYS: Chevy fails to counter Fabled Memory from Ariastra with Low Tide.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Chevy            1/-----==/=======|======-\-------\0         Ariastra

Chevy can feel what's going on -- even the extra bursts of speed weren't enough to close the gap! But once she's committed to her attack, she has to follow through with it. Water does not just -give up-, it's got to continue flowing onward. Forcing it to do otherwise is just wasted energy, especially with such a water source on her side.

She nods grimly in response to Ariastra's comments, fearful that if she responds with too much vigor, she might pass out from blood loss. A dark thought passes through her mind -- at least the bikini she chose is red, right? But that thought is put to rest when she remembers the mention of healing. ... Can people of Ariastra's skill just -do- that sort of thing??

It's a moot point though -- as combat is still ongoing! She sees the scythe closing in, and pins her pole against the rock ledge to try and stop it. The splashed water surges, roiling around in what seems like it -would- be another geyser-like eruption -- but unfortunately, Ariastra's speed is far greater, and as Chevy is swept down, and an icicle -slams- into her calf, her pained shout shows that -maybe- she's in over her head. "Ungh!"

She... falls, to put it bluntly, only barely catching herself with a hand. Her brows furrow; air hisses through her teeth as she struggles to ward off the lightheadedness caused from the multiple stab wounds. And yet -- for one instant, it looks like she might deliver a weakened kick at the nearby Ariastra -- until she hears those three words.

Okay, enough, Chevy.

Her t-shirt plastered against her, transparent for all intents and purposes. Her wounds dribbling crimson across the stone. Her ribcage heaving with effort. Adrenaline keeps her from feeling the worst of it -- and -almost- impelled her to take another attempt.

She shuts her eyes for a moment.
Forces herself to breathe in deeply.
And exhales through her mouth.

"T-thank you," stammers Chevy, twisting herself to lie a bit more flatly upon the stone. The pole is practically forgotten at this point. "I... it looks like I'm not fast enough to keep up with you, sensei," she continues, a light shiver rippling through her drenched frame.

If she knew what Chevy was thinking. She doesn't mean to bring dark thoughts to anyone. She doesn't thankfully. Though, she does see something in her eyes. She will have to reassure her at one point.

Chevy tries to break through. It's a bold move. But even if she had succeeded, it would have been luck at this point. She wonders if Chevy flowed into that move or felt desperate. That thought is put on hold as she hurts herself more with the icicle, even if only in the calf. Yeah, Chevy needs healing. It's ok. They all did.

She watches Chevy some more. Will she continue to fight? The water would. She did tell her to flow with the water. But there is a time when it needs to stop. Thankfully Chevy stops. She is about to control herself. She gives a smile.

"You did great Chevy. I would have been surprised if you could have stood up toe to toe with me. I might be weaker than I should currently, but I am not that weak." She smiles. "You're ready for some healing?" She extends her hand. "Just one question. That attempt to outspeed me and power through. Was that going with the flow or desperation?"

If Chevy answers positively to the healing, she helps her up. and she can feel some energy filling her body, closing the wounds. It only leaves behind a little bit of pain to remember, but Chevy wouldn't be bleeding anymore. Then she waits for the answer.

COMBATSYS: Ariastra has left the fight here.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Chevy            1/-----==/=======|

Chevy nods to the suggestion of healing, and reaches up to accept the offered hand.

"... Hmm...." Chevy thinks on that for a moment -- a bit longer than usual due to the adrenaline and anemia. "... A... little of both, I think? The water seemed like it was okay with the idea. And if I were faster..."

The healing ripples through her, a wave of warmth to counteract the water's chill, to seal the wounds.

"I've always just gone with what feels right before," she admits, eyes drifting downward to the wound on her calf.

But when she sees the wound closing right before her eyes, she just has one thing to say.

"... whoa."

"I see. You did well Chevy. The first attack was faster than I expected. I didn't take it seriously enough. I should have. The second attack was great. I tried something, and it worked out. But it could have failed too. Just remember Chevy. It's better to take a loss than risk a permanent injury. It's perfectly fine to take a knee in a contest or run away in a real fight. If it comes to that. I am just trying to say that don't push your body beyond what it can take just to not look bad. Your long-term well-being is important. I don't know if you will ever need to do that or when. But you know your body the best, so just keep that in mind.

Then it goes to the healing. "I can't do that while I am fighting. At least not in my state, but after, when I can concentrate on only that, it's usually no problem." She smiles. "How about we get something to eat, and we talk a bit more? Then I will take you back home." And with that they spend some more time together, before going back home.

COMBATSYS: Chevy has ended the fight here.

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