NFG Season One - Life in a Fishbowl

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Description: Sunshine City should have some sunshine-filled beaches, right? Well, yes, but also, it's kind of a mess. Luckily, there's a NFG facility nearby for Chevy and Buck to squeeze in a quick practice battle.

Unfamiliar with the city, Buck would have located Chevy back at the hotel before coming out to the beach. Especially in a city with the reputation of Sunshine City. Not that he doesn't think Chevy can handle herself, but moving in groups just seems a more sensible option to the country lad. Just walking through the city its clear he's out of his comfort zone, even more so than back in Southtown it might seem.

Still dressing in jeans and a black tank top with his jacket, there's on concession he made to going to the beach over his normal outfit, trading his boots out for a pair of easier to remove sneakers, though he stops at the edge of the sand and frowns at the littered beach. "Glad I didn't get a pair of sandals." He mutters, kicking aside an old beer bottle. "Gotta be a nice clear stretch around here somewhere."

He looks over to Chevy, then back to the littered beach with a heavy sigh. "Unless you think they'd let us use the arena." He says with a nod towards the encased fighting stage a bit further down the beach.

Yeah, Sunshine City is... much different than Chevy had imagined.
The layover in Metro could've been worse.
The -airport- was nice.
Even the hotel was nice.
Maybe not quite as nice as the Hotel Southtown, but nice.

But it didn't take long before Chevy came to realize that Sunshine City has a split personality. The hotel seems to have been right on the boundary between Inner and Outer Sunshine... and Outer is a *dump* in comparison. Chevy had been on her phone when she'd left the hotel, but that first wave of gunfire in the distance got her to mind her surroundings real quick.

Like Buck, her attire is simple and casual today: loose-fitting pants, a t-shirt, a windbreaker, and high-top sneakers.

Like Buck, she's considerably underwhelmed by what passes for a beach here. She frowns, glancing around. "Oh... hrm. We could clear off part of the boardwalk, but..." And then her expression brightens suddenly! "Oh yeah... I remember reading something about that..."

She whips out her phone, and a few seconds later: "Yeah, here it is, like, -buried- in their last email. NFG gets a free pass!" She holds up her phone to Buck, the screen showing a 2D barcode.

The redhead winks back at Buck with a grin. "That arena place looks a /lot/ better than getting tetanus out -here-. Race ya!"

That's all the warning there is before Chevy's off like a rocket, in a mad dash for the glass "shoebox!"

"Yeah, glad this isn't the first beach I get to see." Buck pulls out his own phone at Chevy's prompting, a brand new thing he got just before leaving home. It's not the latest model, but it is shiny and new. He flips through until he finds the code and grins. "Well, that's somethin' a.." He cuts off as he's suddenly challenged to a race.

"I wasn' ready!" He calls out and gives chase, kicking up sand as he tries to race after Chevy, but Buck just is not the fastest guy around, at least not without using his abilities, and he's not going to do that right now.

He knows he's going to pound up to the shoebox second, but a challenge is a challenge, so he doesn't slow until he slaps his hand against one of the glass walls. Then casts a nervous look up to one of the defensive measures. "Some city."

He casts a look around for the scanner, and flips his phone around and pops it under, waiting for the beep of a successful scan and the click of the arena's lock opening.

There's running as fast as one can -- and there's burning oneself out before even -more- demanding physical activity. Accordingly, she lets her pace slow to not -completely- outdistance Buck. It's still a good idea to stick together, after all. That gives her a chance to lean against the glass as she waits, her face aglow with good cheer as she catches her breath. "Oh. Friendly welcome party, I guess? I hope we don't end up needin' those or anythin'..." She graciously accepts the invitation to stride on in.

And just as soon as she does so, she finds that the sound levels are -much- different. "... Uh, -wow-." The roar of the ocean is muted, and the sounds of urban warfare are all but nonexistent. Even without a roof or ceiling, the ballistic glass cuts down on the majority of the noise. Chevy walks around, looking at all the features of the facility. "Place is brand new, huh. Guess they figured they'd need some good places for us to fight..."

Chevy walks over to the bleachers, propping her pole alongside them and setting her collapsible buckets down. She starts to fill them with water from the bottles in her pocket as she glances over at Buck.

"So, uh, I'm eager to see your fighting style, but you mentioned, uh... turtle shells, right? I take it your other animal forms aren't as, er... wardrobe malfunctioney?"

Buck follows inside the glass walled arena and frowns a little. "Now I know how a goldfish feels." He mutters as he sits down on one of the benches and begins to unlace his shoes, which might provide Chevy with some of the answer to her question.

"Um.. I mean I can usually keep my pants intact. Just try not to soak them too much, denim gets heavy when wet." He sounds almost like he's joking as he kicks off his shoes and sets them aside on the bench. He shrugs out of his jacket and folds that up arefully before setting it aside.

He plucks at his tank top, then shrugs his way out of that a well, before standing up and doing a few quick stretches. The jeans do, thankfully, stay on.

Sliding between the ropes and into the ring proper, he bounces a bit on the poured rubber flooring, testing it out. "Well, this isn't what I had in mind, but it'll do."

Chevy's quick to offer her own view of the 'fishbowl' idea: "For now, yeah -- but in a real fight we'll be able to see people here. And heck, we can throw stuff at 'em if they get rowdy."

She finishes filling up one bucket, frowning slightly as she didn't bring enough water to fill up two. With a mild shrug, she hooks the bucket to the pole and hoists it up onto a shoulder. "I'll try, but no promises..."

Granted, with her paying attention to her bucket, she wasn't really paying much attention to Buck himself. She kind of missed a few steps there, she realizes, as her freckled cheeks rapidly turn crimson.

"... So this'll be a new experience for us both!" she blurts out, perhaps a -smidge- too loudly. And perhaps a smidge too -quickly-, she clambers up into the ring.

Her cheeks return to their usual color as she winds the pole into a few quick revolutions -- focusing on her craft helps ease her momentary spot of anxiety. "Yeah," she comments with a probe of her toes, "... it's kinda springy. It'll do." And with a smile, she snaps the pole to a halt -- with a splash of water she's able to catch with ease in the bucket.

"Alright, so... let's kick this off, yeah?"

COMBATSYS: Chevy has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Chevy            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Buck has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Chevy            0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0             Buck

"I ain't sure that's gonna endear the audience to us if we start chuckin' bottles their way." Buck says as he watches Chevy enter the ring, still going through a series of arm stretches, crossing each one in front of his chest before nodding.

He bounces a couple more time on his toes and drops into a brawling stance, fists up and a grin across his face.

"Here I come."

And he takes a few quick steps across the ring closing the distance between himself and Chevy. Once in range, he pivots on his back foot, rotating his body to the side and bringing his other leg up, giving a good glimps of the rock-hard hoof at the end of his leg where his foot should be before he kicks out with it, aiming for a center strike on Chevy.

COMBATSYS: Buck successfully hits Chevy with Hoofing It.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Chevy            0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0             Buck

"Well, if they're gettin' rowdy, I don't think I'll be carin' much!" Occasionally Chevy's got a quick response at the ready like that. "'course, in a real fight, I'd hope to have more water on hand. Somethin' I shoulda thought of..."

She gives her pole a quick twirl as Buck announces his intent. Bracing it in both hands, she swings her pole upward with an intent to intercept the kick -- and it might have worked, if a -foot- were coming her way and not a densely compacted -hoof-. It'd be plain to see the dismay on her face in the instant before the hoof lands, knocking the wind out of her and forcing her to stagger back a few feet. "Whuff...!"

Some water splashes out, but based on her earlier talk, she relies on her power of 'persuasion' to urge the water back into the bucket as she turns to the side for recovery. "Wow, yeah... that's a pretty quick shift..." comments Miss Beaumont, as she takes another stride forward. Her pole swings forward -- and then a sudden shift swings the lower end down towards Buck's instep. "My turn, though...!" Her goal: to try and hook Buck's foot upward and outward, in an attempt to swing his legs out from under him! "Hrrraaah!"

COMBATSYS: Buck blocks Chevy's Corner Store.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Chevy            0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0             Buck

"They don't all gotta be fancy, and I've been around enough horses to get that one right." Buck jokes as his foot returns to normal, the hoof splitting into toes as he brings his foot back down. Luckily he does so quick enough to shift his stance, and ruin the water's driect flow to his other foot. Though he does stumble a little after the quick hop, requireing another shift of his feet before resuming his balance.

"Sorry, got a small advantage, I've seen you fight. But you got more experience, so.."

He swaps which foot is in the lead again, each flip putting a little bit of distance between him and Chevy, and hopefully keeping her eyes on his foot work.

On his footwork, and away from the serpentine features overtaking his face and neck. His mouth opens wide, scaled lips spreading back and open in a mockery of his normal grin, and displaying a pair of wicked fangs that shouldn't be a problem at this distance. At least until he rears back and launches a glob of chi mixed with serpent spittle in Chevy's direction.

The good news is he keeps the venom muted to an annoying burn.

COMBATSYS: Buck successfully hits Chevy with Spit Take.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Chevy            0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0             Buck

Chevy pulls back her pole after the flubbed attempt, acting quickly to keep the water on the top of her pole stabilized. She lets out a chuckle as Buck tries to downplay his momentary advantage. "Eh, been in a tussle here and there. Ain't nothin' too fancy though..." Drawing back, she whips her pole around into a quick spin as she hops from one foot to the other -- doing her best to stay nimble.

... But -wow- is she not ready for the sudden facial transformation. At first it reminds her of the early morphing effects she'd seen in movies from the 90s -- and it seems to have spellbound her so much that when she realizes she needs to dodge, it's a moment too late to do so! Wham -- the gooey serpent spit nails her right in the stomach, soaking right through the t-shirt fabric and forcing a hiss from Miss Beaumont. "Geh..." she laments, stepping backwards.

"Yeah, that won't keep me up at night..." she quips with a lopsided smile. But rather than attack, she circles around, considering her plan of attack.

"So lemme get this straight -- you just... woke up with this power one day, yeah?" She seems to be in a good mood -- or else she's stalling as she winds up to take two long strides in to close the distance! Rather than try and snare him by the leg, she aims to pin Buck by his arm, tug him off-balance, and leverage him to the ground! All -without- the use of her water, obeying his earlier request...

COMBATSYS: Buck dodges Chevy's Mix-Up Throw.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Chevy            0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0             Buck

"Ssssorry." Which comes out in a sibilant hiss, forked tounge flicking between his lips. At least his face returns to normal fairly quickly, but he scrunches his nose and shakes his head as it does so. "Oo.. that one tickles."

"No, found some old shrine when I was on a backpacking trip." He explains, with a shrug. "Got weird powers from some old god. I'll tell you the whole story over burgers sometime. Not that there's really much more to the story. But burgers sound good."

He chuckles, enjoying a bit of banter along with the fighting.

He snaps his arm back as he manages to catch Chevy going for it, shifting to the side, with a quick double step, moving around his teammate.

There's no fancy tricks with the left handed jab that comes next, a little more prodding of the defenses as he still is trying to get a feel for the flow of the battle, his eyes warrily keeping tabs on the buckets.

COMBATSYS: Chevy fails to counter Medium Punch from Buck with Low Tide.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Chevy            1/------=/=======|===----\-------\0             Buck

"Oh... huh."

In some ways, the simple explanation tells it best -- there's no grand scheme, no mystic powers. Just divine intervention. Easy enough to wrap her head around. Chevy nods with approval and a faint grin. "I'm always down for burgers. 'specially now that we're back here."

She seems... more than a -little- frustrated as her attempts at trapping Buck's limb again net her nothing. She'd taken his earlier statement to heart -- betting on the idea that if she used her water, he'd see it coming. But in fact, he seems to have seen through her attacks anyway.

So, back to basics it is. Chevy smiles.

"It was -weird- havin' em in Japan. They made 'em look exactly like in the picture." She wrinkles her nose, as Buck approaches. "I don't think they -tasted- the same though."

The pole is brought vertical, the bucket swinging high. She starts to pivot back out of the path of the punch -- but in doing so, her foot gets caught on the less-balanced pole, meaning she inadvertently takes the punch straight to the face! Reeling backwards , she swings the pole wide, crumpling to the floor in a controlled fall -- and then whipping herself back to her feet.

"Guh... I can -not- get my head in this today, sheesh." She pauses for a moment, stepping backwards with -most- of her water still in the bucket. And then she cracks a smile. "Heh. Maybe I'm tryin' to think *too* much."

"Right? Fast food burgers just don't seem right unless they look like someone sat on 'em." Bucks says cheerily, though he quickly winces as he fist connects with Chevy's face. Sighing softly as she still jokes afterwards.

"Ask Ariastra for some time, though she's probably gonna try to grab you soon. She was tellin' me to just follow my instinct. Good advice."

In a real match, Buck might push his advantage here, but this is supposed to be a sparring match. So he backs off a bit to let Chevy compose herself for a second. "Control and instinct." He shakes his head. "I probably need to wrap my head around it more."

He resets his own stance, taking a deep breath in and exhaling, trying to center himself for the next exchange.

COMBATSYS: Buck focuses on his next action.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Chevy            1/------=/=======|===----\-------\0             Buck

"Yeah... I guess I'm just tryin' to see too much, instead of just letting it -happen-." Chevy steps back, stretching her pole out to one side, and -- with Buck giving her some breathing room, she lets herself look around the 'fishbowl' to the surrounding beachscape.

She lets the bucket swing, at the end of her pole, as she muses aloud. "Control and instinct, yeah," she repeats.

A quick move of her pole -- and the water sloshing around, slow to respond. She swings the pole sharply again, painting another swath of water through the air. She's 'bending' the water, to some degree, reacclimating herself to the feel of it. She hadn't even really -used- it much in the fight, aside from trying to exert the weight on her pole.

"I didn't think switching to just one bucket would have this big an effect," she comments, sweeping the water through another arc, as she pivots around to face Buck again. When she brings her pole back around -- she flashes him a confident grin.

"But yeah. I'll talk with her. Could do some good!" Her cheek may be starting to swell -- but she smiles despite that. "Thanks for the breather!"

COMBATSYS: Chevy gains composure.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Chevy            1/-------/=======|===----\-------\0             Buck

Buck grins, keeping his attention on Chevy as she moves the bucket around. Just because he's backed off for a spell, doesn't mean he expects her to. "I'm more curious how you figured out you could move water." he moves a few steps to one side, then the other, making a plan of attack.


Then without much warning other than the question, he's moving on to the attack again, feet pounding on he rubber as he closes the distance, barreling down on Chevy.

He draws one arm back, telegraphing a powerful strike and then as soon as he's in close, no strike comes.

Instead a cloud of black roils out from him, a cloud of squid ink and a pulse of chi to keep it swirling in the air for a few seconds, engulfing him, and possibly Chevy, in inky darkness for just a moment.

COMBATSYS: Buck successfully hits Chevy with Inkblot.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Chevy            1/------=/=======|====---\-------\0             Buck

"Well, ain't nothin' special," she comments. "I had to help out at the hog farm a lot. Lots of sloshin' liquids around. One day it was super dead at work, boss was out of town... and I was zoned out. Just goin' through the motions, y'know?" She laughs, at that: "And some of the times I noticed the stuff was sloshin' around all on its own, before I even put a bucket to it."

She nods her head in affirmation. "Super ready." And when he swings his arm back, she gets ready for him to close in.

... Which he doesn't actually do. She holds back on her movement -- only to realize that she'd misjudged the space. And gotten throughly coated with squid ink.

After her experience so far in this little sparring match, she just breaks out in laughter. She can't even see squat...

But she can reach out. With her -water-. Staggering back, she nonetheless snaps her pole around, unleashing her water like a lacrosse ball -- and coaxing it to whirl around in a spiralling vortex! The hydromancer hopes that her water can do what she couldn't -- make its mark on Buck!

COMBATSYS: Buck blocks Chevy's Rinse and Repeat.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Chevy            0/-------/-----==|======-\-------\0             Buck

"Sorry 'bout the mess." Buck intones from inside the ink cloud.

Though the water washes away the ink still suspended in the air and most of what was still clinging to Buck. That move does have an unfortuneate habit of leaving a mess.

Buck hasn't moved from where he was inside the cloud of ink, his arms crossed in front of him in a defensive posture as the water washes over him, forcing him to plant his feet into the rubber mat to keep from being pushed back.

He used the temporary cover to prepare his next attack, as his arms are covered in a rough exoskeleton of mottled blue and grey, and one of his hands has been replaced by a large club-like pincer.

There's not much time to gauge his appearance though as he uncoils his leg muscles and whips out with that massive claw not to grab, but just using it as a massive shell-covered club. Someone's been studying Japanese seafood.

COMBATSYS: Buck successfully hits Chevy with Shell Game ES.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Chevy            0/-------/-======|=======\-------\1             Buck

"It's... it's okay! It'll wash out, right?"

Chevy's keeping her eyes shut for the moment -- mostly because she can still feel the ink on her face, and she'd really rather not let it get in her eyes!

But, as a result of that, she's not -fully- ready for Buck's attack. She can hear his feet hitting the mat. Ad she can hear him closing in. But when she leaps away, it's -- again -- with the estimation that he's got a normal-length reach for a human of his size. And not some gigantic crab!

The crab's claw slams into her legs, knocking them right out from under her and sending her to the floor. She howls in pain -- though she's trying not to -laugh-, also! Twisting just so, she's able to put her feet under her...

But something else happens. The water she'd splashed earlier had been left on the mat. And when the redhead springs back to life -- she spreads her arms wide, with an attempt to tackle Buck into the puddle of water -- at which point, the water would punch back, trying to percussively hammer into him from the opposite direction!

COMBATSYS: Chevy successfully hits Buck with Marsh Mud.
? Strange Hit! ?

[                        \\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Chevy            0/-------/=======|=======\===----\1             Buck

Buck can't help but give a quick clack-clack with the crab claw. "Normally I use a turtle for that attack, but your water gave me a better idea. Thanks." The exoskeleton starts to soften and return to normal human skin, claw splitting apart back into fingers. Definitely an odd sight.

It gives Chevy the opening she needs to barrel into him, and he's about to go sprawling back, already bracing himself for the impact, when it feels like the ground is coming up to meet him. He grunts as the water pummels him from behind.

He curls in on himself, bracing against the blows and suddenly his whole upper body grows in size and sprout a coating of brown (unfortunately wet) fur. His arms gain most of the extra mass as his hands turn to giant paws. Even his head turns ursine as he lets out a full-on bear roar.

And then he's swinging, one giant paw coming in from one side, then another clobbering strike from the other side. Then he lifts both arms overhead and brings them down in a smashing blow in a display of pure strength with no finesse to it.

COMBATSYS: Chevy counters Bear Arms ES from Buck with High Tide.

[                         \\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Chevy            1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0             Buck

With all the water splashing around, Chevy grabs some of it and uses it to dilute the inky mess around her eyes. Rubbing it clear with the sleeve of her jacket, she grips her pole close and rolls away from Buck into a low crouch, preparing herself to defend againstthe inevitable counterattack!

"Huh, that worked out a little janky..." she comments -- though now that she's able to -see- properly, she's able to react to the bear arms! Gritting her teeth, she focuses on two things:

One -- the water -underneath- Buck. It might seem like a minor nuisance, but when someone like Chevy has -control- over that nuisance, it can turn into a bigger problem. In this case, she just 'bends' it to be a bit extra-slippery...

Two -- the bear arms towering over her! If Buck is aiming to use gigantic size, Chevy's got the tool to deal with that -- leverage! By angling the tip of her pole into the floor, she provides an effective fulcrum -- and when the first swing comes in, the pole redirects the force into the floor itself!

But when the -second- clobbering swing comes in... that's when Chevelle changes the formula. By angling the pole into the crook of Buck's arm, she uses the raw, undisciplined force to her advantage -- and with the added slipperiness of her water, she's able to twist him right out of his strike into an armbar grapple -- and by leaping upwards, she's able to slam him down onto his back!

Then, though, she has to deal with the scent of wet bear fur. Wrinkling her nose, she gives one quick elbow to Buck for his trouble before rolling back to her feet.

"Of all the bear-faced =audacity=..." she teases, swinging her pole back. As she does so, much of the water starts to follow her request, rolling across the floor in sheets until she's able to scoop it up into her bucket.

The bad news is momentum and size, so one Buck has committed himself he has to follow through, even as Chevy dismantles his attack combo with her quick defenses. The good news is Chevy now knows exactly the sound a confused bear makes. A rumbly, "Grru?" right before Buck lands on his back on the mat eith a ring-shaking thump.

He's already mostly back to himself as the elbow drop hits him square in the chest, producing a more human, "Oomph."

"Er... I deserved that. Like gettin' run over by a tractor."

For a moment, it might seem that Buck is just content to lay there, staring up at the sky. But no surrender has been called on either side.

Then he coils his body, bring his knees up to his chest and kipping up back to his feet. He uses the forward momentum of the move to continue forwards, finishing his motion with a right hook that manages to put most of his weight behind it.

COMBATSYS: Chevy blocks Buck's Aggressive Strike.

[                           \\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Chevy            1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\0             Buck

From her relatively safe distance, Chevy stares at Buck like he grew another head. Run over by a tractor?! Wouldn't that -kill- someone? "... Did that -happen- to you before or somethin'?" Maybe if the ground were soft and squishy it'd be okay...

The delay gives her time to retrieve her water; she hops backwards, keeping her pole to one side. The kippup -- well, she didn't expect it from -Buck- but she recognizes the move from her favorite martial arts movies, of course! But she also tends to see a drunken master-style punch coming with that kippup -- and accordingly, she swings the pole and bucket into her path! Even though the force of the attack is redistributed, the jarring impact splashes the water out of her bucket, putting it right back onto the floor -- and sends a shudder down her spine all the same! Exhausted, the hydromancer can feel her shoulders starting to sag... "Uooogh..."

Sucking in her breath, she draws back. It's not the end! "Well, at least I got -some- licks in..." she comments. And then with a quick swing of her staff, she aims her staff in such a way to sweep Buck's feet out from under him! If she manages that, her plan would be for him to land right in the puddle he'd just made... at which point the water would blast him upward like a geyser! And if -that- all happens according to plan, Chevy would be right there to snatch him out of the air by the leg, whirl around in a 180 -- and toss him like a hammer!

COMBATSYS: Buck blocks Chevy's Spout Toss.

[                           \\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Chevy            0/-------/-----==|=======\==-----\1             Buck

"I'm imaginin' it's what gettin' run over by a tractor's like." Buck retorts with a smile, even in the midst of a fight he keeps his good mood. In fact, it only seems to make him even more jovial to be trading blows with someone.

He pulls back his fist after he pummels her bucket, not what he was intending and takes another step forward, only to feel a splash around his feet. He looks down at the water around him, then back up at Chevy with a wry grin and a laugh. "Aww... hell."

Expecting the attack from the water he drops to a knee and braces himself, which has the unfortunate effect of taking the pole meant to trip him as a strike to the side, but it keeps him upright as the water once more washes over him.

Shifting tricks abandoned for the moment, probably having to do with the fact he's breathing hard and nearing his own limit, but stubbornly refusing to give in he reaches up and makes a grab for Chevy's arm, and taking a play from her book if he can manage the grapple, simply attempts to leverage his strength to chuck her away from him to open up some breathing room.

COMBATSYS: Buck successfully hits Chevy with Quick Throw.

[                                < >  /////////                     ]
Chevy            0/-------/---====|=======\==-----\1             Buck

Chevy can't help but laugh at the way Buck reacts to the threat of potential geyser-ing. It doesn't take her out of the mood of attacking, mind, but with his lowered position, she just can't work up the leverage she needs to, and her pole wobbles as it smacks against his leg. She pulls it away, shaken -- and from the looks of it, she's already feeling a little lightheaded!

So when he springs up to grab her arm, her reactions are a little tardy, and the redhead starts to fall back and away -- only to be yoinked right up off her feet and hurled in the direction -Buck- wants her to go. Letting go of her pole and its bucket, she still finding cause to -laugh- as she tumbles onto the floor. Rolling twice, she ends up on her back -- and just lets her arms and legs flop down onto the rubberized surface.

"Ah-hah... hah... hah..." Cheeks growing red, she just lies there for a good while. Her white t-shirt's lightly soaked in front, her windbreaker sleeves are plastered to her forearms. And her face and part of her chest are soaked with ink. And yet...

"Aahhhhhhh! That was a good rough-and-tumble!" She can't help but let out a few more peals of laughter.

"So now I can tell my friends back home I fought, like, a whole zoo, I guess!"

COMBATSYS: Chevy takes no action.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  <
Buck             1/-----==/=======|

COMBATSYS: Chevy can no longer fight.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  <
Buck             1/-----==/=======|

COMBATSYS: Buck has ended the fight here.

As Chevy is tossed, Buck plants one foot onto the mat in an effort to push himself to his feet, but as his opponent stays on the ground he just drops back down, sitting cross-legged in the puddle and he breaks out in laughter.

"Well, if that's an indication of what I'm in for I should star worryin' more. Seriously, I'm going to feel this in the morning."

Despite his protestations, his jeans are completely soaked through at this point, and sitting in the water isn't helping, but he just can't bring himself to care.

"That's me. Zoo of Buck. Watch out for the bear, he's wet and ornery."

Spreading his arms, he falls backwards, bouncing a bit on the mat bu just happy to rest for a moment in the sunshine and maybe let it dry him off a little.

He raises a hand, holding up two fingers. "Just give me a couple minutes and we can go grab those burgers. My treat. Just need to remember where I left my wits."

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