FightFest 2023 - Adventures of Cavewoman and Gadget Man

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Description: Kenzo joins Ayala Feldspar for drinks at the NFG hotel's bar. Communication is difficult at first, but they open up after a few drinks. Well, Ayala does, anyway.

The hotel had a small bar. Which to be fair probably wasn't used as much as it could be, due to the fact it had already had a train run on it by several of the other contestants, and a lot of other fighting scene groups and rowdy types. Bikers, some of the assorted Syndicate and Mad Gear wannabes, shit like that. Ayala on the other hand thought any place to drink was as good as another, and Kenzo hadn't exactly given her a suggestion on where they ought to go on small glowing screen, so...

The cavewoman is here, amidst the crushed out cigarette butts and semi-broken table and chairs here and there, sitting at one of the still intact stools on the bar, apparently waiting for her 'drinking partner' to get there, the one person tending bar likely a little bit weirded out by some of her mannerisms. Did they raise this one in a barn...?

When Kenzo steps into the bar, he looks a little bit different from what his appearance was during the fight. Combat specs replaced with glasses that still have an AR overlay. Combat suit replaced with a sky blue button down short sleeve shirt and jeans.

His eyes immediately go towards the cave woman before heading her way.

"Feldspar-san. It's good to see you again."

He glances over to the barkeep and nods before taking a seat.

"Hello! Gadget Man! Come, drink, party, fun!" it might not be the best idea of all of those things, but it's here--and Ayala has enthusiasm. She'd have made sure there was food too, but this place didn't seem to have very much of it, besides the bowl of nuts on the surface of the bartop.

"Not many call me that way--you can call me Ayala," she raised what looked like a large mug already filled with brown liquid, quickly tossing half of it back, brushing her long curly blonde hair out of the way. "Ahh, we make good team together, you think?" she tilted her head as she checked out his new glasses--likely the regular sorts of glasses she'd been other people wearing, so she didn't seem to find them out of place. She couldn't seem to figure out which he looked better in, somehow, though.

"Not much food here though, hope that okay--lot more other places, I think," she leaned against the bar.

The gadgeteer laughs with the cave woman's enthusiasm being contagious. He takes a deep breath and releases it. A glance is given to the bowl a nuts before he looks at Ayala once more.

"Sorry. I'm usually in more formal environments. It's a hard habit to break. You can call me Kenzo."

He glances at a menu close by and grabs it and starts to look through it. That is when the barkeep approaches him.

"I haven't decided what I'm going to eat just yet but in the meantime, I'd like a Fanta Melon if you have it and if not that Fanta Lemon."

He then turns to his 'drinking partner.'

"Not a bad team at all. What do you think the next challenge will be?"

"Sure, Ayala can do that," she vigorously nods her head, still holding the glass. She frowns when Kenzo says he doesn't want to drink, though. "What, you not thirsty? Kenzo not feel well?" she doesn't seem to understand the why he doesn't want to, since well, where she's from guys of all ages drank.

"Oh, yeah--sure," she waves over the bar tender again who takes out a can of the fanta for Kenzo from a small glass-doored refridgerator beneath the bar.

"Oof, not sure--Ayala think she got a splinter beating up that car..." she winces a little to one of her hands, where it was bandaged already. By splinter in this case she must have meant 'metal splinter', which yeah, was no joke. "Hope it's something where we get to compete more! know, show off how fast or long we can jump," she downed the rest of the mug, before pressing the barkeep for more.

Kenzo cracks open the can of Fanta Melon and takes a sip before swirling it around in his mouth and swallowing. That flavor was popular for a reason.

"Metal splinter? Has the medical crew taken a look at that? I'm pretty sure they would have ways of extracting those."

He continues to look through the bar menu to figure out what he wants to eat. Nothing on that first page has appealed to him so he flips it over.

"Out of those things, what do you think you would be better at doing?"

"Ahhh.... Ayala don't really know, I can do other things than just break stuff, though," she relaxed a bit more after she got that second mug of beer, only taking a small pull from it. "Huh? Oh, yeah--they had doctor look at it," she nodded, tilting the bandaged hand here and there.

"Ayala would like to do more fighting, to be honest--but could do other things, too! Need to train more however..." she sighed a little, looking down. "Didn't expect to get beaten by fancy lady like that," she lamented.

"Ayala want to go out dancing sometime, too--but needs to gym more, tribe depends on me."

"Couldn't have been more embarassing than my fight. My opponent didn't seem like she could throw a decent punch or kick. Her mechanics were off. I had difficulty in damaging her but that energy..."

He trailed off as he remembers the pain as well as the embarassment of having hit himself due to his attack bouncing off of her energy shield. He takes a another sip as he silently wishes he was two years older so he could be of age to drink himself into a stupor. Instead, he focuses on the last comment by Ayala.

Why is your tribe dependent on you?

"Why is your tribe dependent on you?"

"Ayala is chief of her tribe, back in her land--training to get stronger so she can help them survive," the cavewoman sighed a little bit, rolling the drink around in her glass. "No need to feel too bad--Kenzo can train hard still and get better, right?" she reached over, patting him on the shoulder with what might feel like impressive muscle. At least compared to how she looks.

She looked around the bar, as scanning the many containers and bottles behind the bar.

"Ayala wonder what kind of spirits they have here..." uh oh.

The tech ninja nods upon hearing her answer. It is a reasonable answer but with the media attention that it is getting it presents a few more questions. He doesn't voice any of them right away as he is in the process of finishing his Fanta Melon soda off.

The barkeeper returns to their area once again and he's ready to order.

"Another Fanta Melon soda, some oolong tea, an order of korokke, and an order of gyoza, please?"

The oolong tea ordered specifically because it is the same color as the beer. He then turns to Ayala.

"With all the media attention this is getting, do you think your tribe members would be using it as an opportunity to scout out your weaknesses and try to use them against you?"

The bartender takes the order and sighs a little as he has to go get the food from the back of the kitchen area, likely. Which leaves the two of them alone for a moment.

"Why would tribe want to hurt me? I am their chief," Ayala is momentarily thwarted in her quest for some hard alcohol, but this at least provides for better conversation.

"If something happen to Ayala they in trouble," she's still a little confused, tilting her head at Kenzo. "Why you say such thing?" she grabs a handful of peanuts, munching them down.

"Growing up, I learned very fast that not everyone has your best interests at heart. There are some people that look out for themselves rather than the group. If you have people who look out for the group and care about you but are willing to speak up respectfully when they disagree with you. They are keepers. I've seen leaders surround themselves with 'yes men' and paid for it because those types are too concerned with maintaining their position, their individual interest, to be of use to the group whether it was their company or otherwise. And they will be first ones to try take power should something happen to you."

He takes a sip of the nearby glass of water. He stares at the old can of soda and then goes for the bowl of edamame and munches down on that while waiting for the barkeeper.

"If my people tried live on their own, they would probably die," Ayala stared at her drink for a moment in silence, after swallowing the peanuts. "Expanse is too tough for people to live on alone, least always has been," she shrugged, peering back at Kenzo. "Kenzo don't like other people?" she frowned a little, though seemingly more curious than anything, a brow raised as well.

It takes a few more moments for the bartender to get back, but they do eventually bring Kenzo their food. And Ayala has the chance to flag them down for something like a really stiff wine.

"Hard, hard drink, please!" she nodded vigorously. She tried to lean over and clap Kenzo on the back, gently, for her.

"Kenzo worry too much, you are young, you are strong," she tried to grin, to cheer him up.

"I like specific individuals. As a group, people are pretty horrible."

It is at that moment his food and drinks arrive including the oolong tea in a beer mug to give an appearance of drinking and a fresh can of Fanta Melon. Thankfully, Kenzo doesn't have either of those beverages in hand or in his mouth because there would be a mess after the strong back clap he receives. His eyes bulge wide open instead.

"Young? Maybe but due to where I've gone to school, there are a load of expectations placed upon me. Because of that, I have to think about those things."

"Kenzo probably younger than Ayala, anyway," she teased a little, giving him a bit of a funny side-eye mischievously as the next round of food and drinks arrived, the cavewoman undoubtedly happy since she now had something with a bit more kick to drink--which she immediately started tossing back.

"Expectations? yeah, Ayala know about that," she cleared her throat, dealing with the impact of the harder alcohol pretty well, all things considered. She wasn't going to go too hard on it, though--since she had company.

"What expectations Kenzo got? do well in school?"

Now having recovered from the back clap, he takes a sip from his mug of oolong tea. When the beverage is removed from his lips, a pensive expression appears on his face.

"That... But because of having gone to Justice, there's an expectation of being among the elite be it business or otherwise. It's a pressure that among those in the New Fighting Generation, Kasumoto-san might be the only one who understands seeing as she's currently a student of that same school."

He takes his chopsticks and takes a bite into some of his gyoza. He then shrugs and looks at Ayala again.

"I'm not even sure I'm explaining it correctly."

"Ah, so you find it hard," Ayala seems to understand, in her somewhat primitive-screw-head sorta way, pardon the turn of phrase. She is a lot smarter than she first appears, it would seem. "You can do it, Kenzo--you can fight, and get better, and smarter, and make parents proud," she finishes this with another pull from the wine she's gotten ahold of, her cheeks getting rosy. She looks back at him, and blinks a little, realizing he's drinking out of those brightly-colored cans, which are usually decidedly NOT alcohol.

"Oh, Kenzo drinking fizzy drinks... whole time, huh?" she laughs.

Kenzo is lifts his beer colored beverage in his mug and is about take a sip when she points out the can of soda and laughs.

"Not all of it is fizzy. I am drinking tea as well."

He then takes a sip from the mug once more.

"I'm under the legal age in Japan to drink alcohol."

He shrugs and takes another sip of the tea in his mug.

"Kenzo will get bigger and stronger and he can drink wine sometime!" Ayala says this as if it's an oath, like something she guarantees she will make happen, or will happen. She's strange, but it's with a certain gusto that is hard to deny. Maybe it's a little endearing somehow, as well. Maybe.

"Ooh... Ayala should maybe have ordered some food too," the drink begins to hit back a bit, and she finds herself looking a little woozy, momentary dizziness.

It's looking to be a long evening, at any rate.

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