Fightfest 2023 - One For The Road

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Description: The night after 'After Fight Drinks,' Hawksley finds his future opponent Coco drinking alone in the hotel bar and decides to join her. They discuss their upcoming match over a few drinks.

It's a much fresher Hawksley that enters the Hotel Southtown's bar this evening. Following a restful day in his room, recovering from the injuries he sustained in his first round match, the Irish lad decided to take a shower and then head down to the bar for a drink or three.

The atmosphere is a lot less chaotic than when he was last here. There's no sign of movie stars, bearcats or sword wielding schoolgirls. Instead the only guests present are a middle aged couple dressed for dinner, a young businessman in a sharp suit and a certain purple haired party girl by the name of Coco. Since she's the only one he recognises, he heads in her direction.

He's more clothed than the last time she saw him, dressed in a pair of faded blue jeans, similar to those he fights in and a navy blue t-shirt with '1977' printed on it in gold lettering. His hair is still damp from the shower and his skin has the scent of citrus, recognisable as the one favoured by the hotel's chosen brand of complimentary toiletries.

"Alright, Coco. Not got your little buddy with you this evening?" he asks, glancing down at the floor, just to be sure Captain Morgan isn't hiding under one of the chairs.

The purple-haired posh totty is indeed sat on her own at the bar, this time wearing a cotton purple number and matching satin-strapped sandals, one leg folded over the other as she perches on her barstool. Her binturong companion is nowhere in sight, perhaps giving her a chance for the spotlight in the absence of the show-stealing fuzzy sailor. She has a half-drained purple cocktail on the rocks in a martini glass in front of her, a wedge of lime sitting on the sugar-coated rim. Approaching her, Hawksley will likely notice that she has her earbuds in again, although she's not dancing to any music being piped through them at the moment. She looks up at his address, reaching up to take one of the buds out and offering an amicable smile.

"Who, Captain Morgan? No, he's on the run from the law at the moment. Ate an influencer alive, didn't he?"

She rolls her eyes and sighs dramatically.

"He's always getting up to mischief."

She looks Hawksley's clothing up and down, noting aloud, "You've got a shirt on this time." She turns her grey eyes up to his face. "And you've washed nearly all the blood off. In fact, you look almost fit for going out."

"He finished that fella off then?" Hawksley responds with his best serious expression. "Well God rest his soul" he continues, making the sign of the cross on his body.

"You never had any more bother off the blond gobshite did you? I was gonna come back, but me and mammy were talking a while and then I had the urge to lie down. The next thing I know, there's sun streaming through my window, so there was."

He takes a seat next to her at the bar, gesturing to the man serving to fetch him a drink. He seems to know exactly what Hawklsey will want. "Can I get you one yourself?" he checks with Coco, picking up the cocktail menu from the polished wooden surface of the bar. "I'm guessing from the colour, you're on the Purple Rains."

"As for me being fit for going out, you say the kindest things. I even had a shower and everything."

His face does still bear the signs that he's been in a brawl. There's purple bruising around his jawline and his nose is still slightly swollen.

"You could have made more effort though" he bats back playfully.

"It's my fault, really. I ran out of berries, so I suppose he decided he'd eat a worm instead," Coco says of the absentee bearcat as she unfolds her legs and smooths down the hem of her sundress. "And you need not worry yourself about me. I'm used to dealing with his sort. If a gentle letdown doesn't work, there's always the elbow shot to the solar plexus. Assuming I'm not interested."

She appears to consider Hawksley's offer of a drink for a moment. "Besides, who says I shouldn't be getting him to sort you? You certainly had him beat for scruffiness at the time."

When he fires back about making more of an effort, she gapes at him for a moment. "Oh, now you're definitely buying me a drink. Best accompany it with an apology card." She lets out a huff. "Luckily, I have the good grace to save the elbows for our official match."

She doesn't refrain from sticking her tongue out at him, though.

"I'll remember to bring some berries to our match then" the Irish man muses. "That way your man Morgie will be less likely to turn it into a two vee one."

He rests his hands on the bar, flashing a smile at the bartender when his pint arrives. "Another Purple Rain for the lass, Shun. Stick it on my room tab with the rest."

Taking a slow sip from his drink and then turning to Coco, he comments. "I'm not surprised you're used to dealing with that kind. My ex, the one I thought you were in my dazed post fight state, had aggro all the time. It's good to know you can take care of yourself if needs be though. I mean, if you've entered this scene, then you must be a pretty tough cookie. You can even stick your tongue out and everything.

"As for the apology card, I'm all out of those. Since you just called me scruffy though, I reckon we can call it even."

"Oh, you don't have to worry about the berries," Coco says reassuringly to Hawksley with a sweet smile, her tongue retracting as she turns to rest an elbow against the bar. "I've tried feeding him cereal before, and as it happens, he doesn't like Lucky Charms."

She keeps her composure with an almost-innocent smile as she finishes off her present Purple Rain with a slurp.

"I'm tougher than I look, I suppose. I spent a few months training at a kickboxing school in Thailand. My first match was the closest thing to a real fight I've been in, though."

She tilts her head a little to one side, her purple hair spilling with the motion. "You keep comparing me to your ex. What was she like, other than clearly totally bae?" she asks as she picks up her newly poured Purple Rain for a long sip.

Shaking his head, Hawksley fixes his dark eyes on Coco. "You know we don't have that crap back in Ireland? It's an American novelty thing. I've never had a Lucky Charm in my whole life. Unless you count the pocket watch my Granda gave me."

He listens as she explains about her fighting experience to date, staying silent until she asks him about his ex.

"Tiff was a darling. The only lass I've been serious about in my life. She broke my heart, so she did." He clutches a hand to his chest.

"She was a dancer at the club I worked the bar at. Some local bigshot was hitting on her hard, so I decided to hit him hard. The club owner wasn't happy and neither was Tiff. I lost my job and my woman in one night."

"I've never had them, either, but I spend a lot of time in hotels and on cruise ships," Coco mentions to Hawksley, letting her cocktail glass rest lightly against her lazily-curled fingers. "So sometimes I have to make do when it comes to trying to get Morgie fed. Bit like havin' a small furry child, I suppose."

Her eyes narrow just a little as Hawksley starts talking about his darling Tiff back home. "So, you're saying that the girlfriend I reminded you of is a stripper. At long last, I've managed to escape the long shadow of my posh parents. I was aiming for 'worldly and independent,' but clearly I've overachieved. Cheers."

She lifts her Purple Rain in toast before sucking it down like a soda on a warm day.

"You know, if you have problems around jealousy, maybe working in a club where your girlfriend takes her clothes off every night wasn't a wise plan," Coco comments.

Hawksley can't help but laugh at Coco's indignation. "It was just the hair and figure" he explains. "Same colour and length, same body type. It's not like she went around naked on a day to day basis you know. She liked her cute little dresses too. She was just a normal girl who happened to dance for a living."

He lifts his glass in response to her "Cheers".

"I'm not jealous as a rule. I knew what Tiff's job was from the off, since we met at the club. I was fine about her dancing for other fellas, but that one crossed the line and he needed to know that wasn't cool."

He takes a long drink, savouring the mixture of malty sweetness and dark bitterness. "So just how posh are your parents? We talking Made in Chelsea or The Royal Family?"

Coco gives Hawksley a smirk as he explains the connection between his ex and her own appearance. "So, just the body and hair, then. Well, it's good to know that I have options if this Fighting Generation lark doesn't work out. Maybe I can ask that Djamila for some pointers." She takes a sip from her drink, savouring the alcohol, sugar and citrus for a moment before answering Hawksley's question about her parents. "Well, you know Coalbridge's Clothiers? The fashion house? They specialize in bespoke formalwear and animal cruelty. My dad runs it. John Coalbridge. You might've heard of him, if you follow Tory politics or the Fortune Five Hundred." She takes another long swig of Purple Rain before setting the drained-dry glass down on the bartop. "I've been travelling the world alone for a year now, hoping to get kidnapped and held for ransom so I don't have to go back home. Unlucky so far."

She turns her blue-grey eyes to Hawksley's face. "You'll go easy on me when we have to fight, won't you? Knowing I'm a delicate daughter of a pair of toffs? I only joined the Generation because I thought it was all going to be staged and my job was just going to be looking pretty. Especially when they tossed me up against the fur-kini queen in the first round."

The lackadaiscally brazen way in which she speaks and holds herself suggests that Hawksley may not have caught her on her first cocktail after all.

"I can't say I do know Coalbridge's Clothiers" Hawksley responds with an amused tone. "I'm willing to bet they don't have a branch in Cork City. I'm also not really one for formal clothing, if you hadn't guessed already."

He's made short work of what was left of his Guinness, so he signals for a second, as well as another Prince special for Coco. "I don't like the sound of animal cruelty and Tories. No wonder you wanted to escape. Kidnapping might be a bit of an extreme option though."

As the drinks arrive, he slides the bright beverage along the bar towards his companion. "I know you don't wanna go home, but you might not wanna stick around this place either, if you're looking for an easy ride. I reckon the brawls are gonna be bloody and brutal and you might not wanna get your pretty face fecked up. I'm not saying I'll feck you up on purpose. Truth be told, I've never hit a woman in my life and I'm not thrilled with having to do so, but I'm not gonna hold back either. Anyone in the New Fighting Generation needs to deal with what they've signed up for."

"I would've guessed you're not really one for clothing generally," Coco remarks, resting her jaw against one hand as she finds herself looking Hawksley's t-shirted torso and arms up and down again before looking back up into his eyes. "You planning to take your top off again for our match, or do you only do that when you're fighting other men? ...Or hanging out in hotel bars, for that matter."

She smiles as Hawksley orders her another drink. "Okay, perhaps kidnapping would be a bit oh-tee-tee. Luckily I have chosen softcore blood sport instead."

She frowns at Hawksley's words regarding the violence to come, swirling the cocktail with her straw and taking a slurp. "Not planning to be an easy ride for me, eh? I should have known you'd be the sort who likes it rough. Well, in that case, don't expect me to be an easy ride, either." She continues to twirl her stray absentmindedly with one finger as she gazes at Hawksley challengingly. "I know the commentators like to talk about how high I can kick, but if you try to mess my face up, I might just end up kicking low instead." She cocks an eyebrow at the Irishman as she sips from her Purple Rain.

"Oh don't you worry, cailín. I'll be taking my top off for you too. I can't afford to be getting good clothing ruined, so I can't. You'll know all about that being from a fashion family."

He turns to face her directly. "A fella might think you're flirting with him, if you weren't too careful" he remarks, looking back into her silvery eyes with his dark brown ones. "But you're not wrong on either count. I'm far from an easy ride and I do like to play rough."

He smirks into his beer "I'll consider myself warned though. When I go high, you go low."

"It's Constance, not Colleen," Coco points out, construing Hawksley's Gaelic as a misremembrance of her real name in need of correction. "My parents went with a French name so I'd sound more bougie. Good to know that you'll be going topless for me, though."

She smirks at Hawksley.

"And if I was, obviously it would just be part of my masterplan to put you off your game for match day, not because I have a thing for violent men who forget to put a shirt on."

She raises her glass to her lips again and lowers her eyes, quipping, "I'm quite good at going low, you know." After a thoughtful sucking on her straw, she tilts her head a little and looks at Hawksley's shirt, then face, again. "Do you like music?" she asks, slightly out of left field.

"I know your name, Coco" Hawksley explains. "Cailín just means girl where I'm from. Im not sure what the feck bougie is though. Some daft lasses were chattering about it on The Apprentice and they totally lost me. That show is full of absolute tools."

Shaking his head and swigging his drink, he considers Coco thoughtfully. "So you've got a masterplan now, so you have? I think you're overthinking this whole thing. Just try and hit me hard, I'll do the same to you and it'll be grand. One of us will go through to the next round, the other will get to spend more time in the hotel bar and pool. It's not a bad way to live, so it isn't."

He goes in for another swig, but starts spluttering when Coco puts on her less than subtle sucking display. "Jesus" he mutters, before swiftly latching on to her change of subject.

"Yeah, I do like music. Love it even. My favourite band are Ash, hence the t-shirt. How about you? What's your sort of thing?"

"Bougie. You know, bourgeois. It is a stupid word, seeing as people use it in the opposite way to what it actually means," Coco comments after emptying another cocktail and slurping at the ice before wiping away a bit of purple from her chin. "And if you're going to hit me hard, can you try and aim for the bits that I keep covered, ta? I don't want my beach bod to match my hair. Assuming you can hit me at all, that is."

With the topic turning to music, she offers the earbud she took out earlier to Hawksley. "This is the sort of thing I listen to. Mostly anything that suits a night out. I was trying to choose a theme song. You know, like, something to play when I come out for a match. I've been agonizing over it for a couple of days now. I can't settle on anything, though."

"You've still lost me" Hawksley admits with a shrug and then looks Coco up and down. "Like you say, I might not be able to hit you at all. Who knows? I'm gonna give it a lash though and so should you with me. You're worrying yourself too much about it all. Just relax and enjoy your drink."

He accepts the earbud, inserting it into his ear. "Yeah, not bad. I'm guessing you're a bit of a party girl then? It's not really what I'd sit and listen to myself, but It's alright when I'm out with the lads."

As Yeah by Usher comes on, he adds "They used to play this one in the club."

"Maybe you're right. I mean, I'm not -that- worried. I just don't want anyone mistaking /me/ for a zombie," Coco comments as she slouches her back against the bar. "Not until the morning after, anyway. I'm sure I could have been taken for one the day Captain Morgie showed up." She nods her head in confirmation of Hawksley's identification of her party lifestyle preference. "Yeah, I like this sort of music. This one's David Guetta - ledge, obviously - and Bebe Rexha. He always comes up with such fresh tunes." She bops her head along to the music as the song changes to Usher. "Yeah, it's a great tune to dance to. Whether or not you're wearing pants, I suppose. Bit testosterone-y for a theme song for me, I reckon, but I love moving to it." She looks down at Hawksley's shirt again, leaning a bit closer as she seems to be succumbing further to the pull of inebriation. "So, who are Ash when they're at home?" she asks, flippantly tapping a finger against the number on the shirt and turning her eyes up to Hawksley's. "Some 'classic rock' band? You're not from nineteen seventy-seven, are you?"

"I think you were the only one mistaking people for zombies" Hawksley grins. "I've felt like one plenty of times, but nobody's said I looked like one before."

He leaves the earbud in, continuing to listen to the purple haired girl's party playlist. "Ash are a band from Northern Ireland. Kinda pop punk I suppose. My mammy took me to see them when I was nine in Dublin. She was into them when she was younger. It was feckin amazing. The whole thing kinda blew my mind. I've loved them since. I saw them again just before Christmas twenty eighteen. Nineteen seventy seven was the name of their first album. Probably their best to be fair, but they're still knocking out good tunes now."

He finishes another drink, but there's no sign of him ordering another for the moment. "Tell me the story about how you and the Captain met. It sounds like you were completely langers."

"Pop Punk? So like YungBlud or something, then?" Coco considers, positing a frame of reference with which she's familiar. "I thought you might be a punk sort. Wouldn't have guessed the pop bit, though."

She rubs a hand sheepishly against the side of her face and laughs lightly at the request for the story of her meeting with Captain Morgan. "To be honest, I don't remember most of it. I mean, obviously I was blackout plastered the night before. I woke up in Thailand after a Full Moon Party in my let with an empty bottle of rum and a sleeping bundle of fur on the floor next to me. Nearly made me wet myself when it started moving. I must've thought he was a cat or something and let him in the night before. I tried asking about and no one knew where he came from, and he clearly wanted to hang around me, so I just ended up keeping him." She lets out a nostalgic sigh. "I love animals. He's an armful and a half, but I wouldn't ditch him."

"I suppose some of YungBlud's stuff could be seen as pop punk. They're not really that alike though." Hawksley remarks, whilst settling in to listen to the tale.

His face is animated as Coco talks and he nods along at the right points to encourage her. When she's done he lets out a loud laugh. "You were well and truly scuttered. Letting a cat in? I feckin love it. I gotta say, I wouldn't mind going along to one of those Full Moon Parties myself. I've heard they're pure savage."

He flashes her a sincere smile and rests his elbow on the bar. "I'm gonna have a Jamesons for the road. Can I get you anything?"

"I mean, it could have been worse. At least it wasn't a skunk or a porcupine or something," Coco says, tittering and teetering a little against the bar. "Obviously, you can probably guess where Morgie got his name from." She grins as Hawksley mentions wanting to attend a Full Moon Party himself. "They're amazing, I'm pretty sure. I mean, I don't really remember most of the ones I've been to, so they must be good." She gets a crafty expression. "Maybe if you let me win I'll take you with me to a Full Moon Party," she offers slyly. "Or maybe I'll defeat you by giving you a Full Moon Party of my own," she adds with a wink.

Coco says, "As for a drink, I'll have whatever you order me."

"Two Jamesons, Shun" Hawksley requests.

"You're little furry fella would be named after the rum, I'm guessing? Coco and Rum. It's got a nice ring to it, so it has."

The drinks arrive, one placed in front of each of the young fighters by the bartender.

"May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live" he toasts her, knocking back his own in two thirsty mouthfuls.

"I'm gonna decline your offer though. If I win the whole thing, maybe I can make enough money to take myself to a Full Moon Party. I might even invite you along if you behave yourself" he adds, returning her wink.

Coco takes the drink placed in front of her and lifts it in toast back to the Irishman. "Cheers," she says, clinking her glass against his before knocking her own back and covering the light cough that the whiskey draws out of her. "And ditto."

She sticks her tongue out at Hawksley as he winks at her. "You can't keep buying me drinks all night and then expect me to behave myself, Lucky. You might as well throw petrol on an open fire and tell it to keep it cool." She puts her glass down, then slides off of her stool, stepping toward Hawksley and stumbling, a hand resting against the man's arm to catch herself. "You aren't actually literally going on the road, are you? I mean, you've got a room here and all," she says as she leans up to him, seeming to become very focused on the side of his face - then reaching a hand up with the intent to blithely pluck her earbud back out of his ear.

"I don't plan to buy you drinks all night and I don't expect you to behave yourself either. That's your responsability" Hawksley retorts. "I wouldn't advise throwing petrol anywhere around me though. That could go very badly, so it could."

He watches her silently as she slides off her stool, wondering what she's up to and only speaking when she asks him a question. "Nah, the only place I'm going after this is to bed."

He flinches as she removes the bud, putting his finger up to his ear to touch the place where it had been. "You off to bed yourself? I can get you there safely if you want. I'm a bit worried you'll fall over in those heels."

Coco polishes the earbud on the hem of her dress once it's been reclaimed before putting it back into her own ear. "I'm talking about what's already been done, Lucky. I can't be held responsible for my own actions after half a dozen cocktails and a shot of Jameson's, can I?" She laughs a little at his warning against throwing petrol near him. "I suppose you're so hot that the petrol would catch fire, is it?" She starts to push a hand against his chest to put some distance as she turns away.

"No worries, babe. It's not my first time this heels in drunk - hups!" As if on cue, she stumbles a step or two as her right sandal betrays her confidence in a startling and sudden heel turn, nearly falling over. She straightens up and smooths her skirt down, running a hand over her brow and through her hair before looking over her shoulder at Hawksley.

"Like I said, I'm alright, but, umm... you might want to say good night to Morgie, yeah?" she offers, hesitantly.

"You've had six cocktails?" Hawksley reacts. "No wonder you're swaying away."

"I'm not claiming to be hot in that respect, Coco. That's not for me to comment, so it isn't. I'm prone to starting fires though, so...

He gets off his own stool, as she starts to stumble, taking her bare arm gently with his own to offer support. "Yeah, let's go and see Morgie. I need to say goodnight to my little mate."

Truth be told he couldn't care one way or another, but there's no way he's letting her stagger upstairs in this state.

"It might have only been five, I've lost count," Coco admits as she allows Hawksley to offer an inch of support before taking a mile, leaning against his side and slipping an arm across his back for extra security. "So it also might have been seven. "Morgie'll be happy to see you, I'm sure." She starts walking away from the bar with the Irish brawler, humming to herself. "Oh, do they have a lift in here? I can't remember. They've got to, right? Not that I can't handle the stairs."

She turns her face up to his, her eyes lighting up. "Oh! We should make, like, a bet on who wins our fight. What would you wager?"

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph" Hawksley exclaims, at the information that it might have been seven.

He allows Coco to take all the support she needs from his solid frame. "Yeah, they've got a lift. I'm guessing you're on the lower floor like me?"

He guides her in that direction, pressing the button to go up and waiting till it arrives, before helping her into the silver elevator. He selects another button to get them to the right floor and glances at their reflections in the mirrored walls around them.

"I'm not a betting man as a rule. There's too many variables. If I was going to place a wager on our scrap though, I'd do it on you. That way if I win I win and if you win I win."

"Yeah, I'm good at getting low on the floor," Coco claims as she smiles up at Hawksley. "Just don't ask me to prove it right now. I'm just a little bit wobbly at the moment."

Ushered into the elevator, she leans against the mirrored wall, turning to look at her reflection in the mirror. "Oh, look, Hawksley, your girlfriend's already in here," she calls loudly to Hawksley over her shoulder. "I can see why you had a thing for her. Let's be honest, she's pretty cute." She puckers her lips, then smiles and waves at herself in the reflective surface before turning back to Hawksley. "Oh, you know what betting against yourself is, though! If you do that you'll just throw the fight. Not that there's really any downside for me there, honestly, except if I take the bet then I'm betting against me, so we just end up trying to lose harder than each other. Like, a submission competition... exhibition."

"You're completely scuttered, lass" Hawksley chuckles, feeling greatly amused by the Brit's behaviour.

"I can promise you I won't be throwing the fight. If you beat my arse, it'll be fair and square."

The door opens, as they arrive at their floor and he guides the girl out into the hotel corridor. "Which number is your room?" he checks, looking from left to right.

"Yeah, well, if you beat my arse, then I will not concede that it is fair or square. Actually, fair, maybe, not certainly more round." Coco hangs from Hawksley with one arm as she extends the other to dramatically indicate her door a short distance down the hall to the left, where the numbers steadily descend.

"One oh three. I think they gave me that one because I was the third to make the audition. Which one's yours?" she asks, raising her eyebrows questioningly.

"I'm in one oh two. It seems we're next door neighbours." He sets off to the left, taking his time so she can keep up in her heels. "I guess that means I audtioned second then. Fancy that."

They have to pass his own room to get to hers. Once they arrive, he waits for her to locate her key before leaving her. "Get yourself safely in, check on the little fella and then have some water before bed" he advises. "Make sure you sleep on your side too, in case you're sick."

"Ooh. Looks like you come before me. What a shame." Despite her inebriated state, Coco finds her keycard easily enough, sticking it into the electronic lock and eliciting the expected *click* and green light. Before Hawksley can leave, she turns her back to the door, pouting at the Irishman. "Oh, but you haven't said good night to your little mate yet," she protests. "You should come in so he knows you - whoa!"

A force from the other side of the door wedges it open, causing Coco to fall unexpectedly backward onto her arse on the room's wooden floor.

"Oof... couldn't they have had some carpet in here?" she complains with a wince as Captain Morgan slips out of the room and runs headfirst into Hawksley's ankles before raising up against his pants leg with foreclaws and chuckling.

"Morgie! Get back in here, it's beddy bye time," Coco chides the bearcat as she reaches out for him.

Hawksley watches the drunken display unfold before him. As Coco hits the deck, the Irish man is about to intervene, when he's set upon by an overly matey Morgie.

"Alright, little fella?" he asks, picking him up and holding him in his arms, before making his way into the hotel room. He seems comfortable carrying the creature and his calmness obviously work for him, as the creature doesn't seem to be struggling.

The room is an exact replica of his own, minus the smell of whiskey and dirty socks on the floor. "Shall I be setting him down on the bed now?" he wonders. "I can help you there yourself afterwards."

The room may not smell of whiskey or dirty socks, but it is rather exceptionally untidy; apparently 'Morgie' has found his way into Coco's suitcase at some point, as too many of her unmentionables to mention have been strewn about the room.

"Sure. I'll probably have to play with him a little while before he's ready to settle," Coco murmurs as she leans forward to undo the straps of her sandals, then kicks them off. "Actually - oh, bloody heck, Morgie, what have you done?!" Sighing, she pushes herself up to her feet and staggers over to the bed, slumping down on it and holding her arms out to receive the binturong. "It's alright, I'll tidy it up in the morning. Sorry about the, um... mess."

"This is nothing" Hawksley assures her. "I've got four sisters back in Ireland."

He starts to head out of the room, after one last glance at Coco and the Captain.

"Look after yourself, yeah?" he requests.

"I'll see you at our match if not before."

He makes his way into the hallway and back in the direction of his own room. As he prepares for bed, he can't help thinking that whatever comes of this New Fighting Generation, it certainly won't be dull.

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