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Description: When CYS step in as a last minute replacement for Iori Yagami on a British chat show, it could be their big break. Or perhaps it will just result in some big breakage...

Phil Lundy has been a popular host on British television for the last three decades. Starting his career as a news anchor, he then went on to host an intellectual quiz show and finally was given his own late night talk show. It's a pretty standard formula, with mid range celebrities coming on to plug their latest products and a musical guest to close. It lacks the superstars that grace the crimson couch of Phil's main rival, Norton Grey, but it pulls in a respectable audience for its time slot.

Tonight's line up consists of a premier league footballer who has recently announced his retirement, an actor who's just got their big break in a hot new crime drama and a young musician by the name of Iori Yagami. No, wait! Actually that last one has been replaced. Apparently the redhead has been the victim of a vicious theft and no longer has his saxophone to serenade the viewers with his smooth jazz. A last minute replacement has been drafted in, some band by the name of CYS. Phil has never heard of them, but it's probably fine. He never really enjoys the musical acts anyway. He'll give his usual fixed smile, displaying his gleaming white veneers and nobody will be any the wiser.

"And here they are, with their new hit, RE: Bloody! It's CYS!"

It's about two thirds of the way through the show when the band are finally announced by Phil, and the camera pans over to where Yashiro is standing at the head of the stage, wearing his trademark red leather jacket and white slacks combo, electric guitar in hand. Instantly, the frontman is thrashing around as the overhead lights strobe in dark multi-coloured tones, kicking straight into the violent high-tempo rhythm.

As the band slips into the more melodic middle section of the song, Yashiro suddenly slings his guitar around to his back, pulling a suspicious saxophone from behind one of the stage's sound monitors and blasting out the lead part on the woodwind instrument.

Chris is on the drums and gives the performance expected from him and then some. Sometimes, he sings, sometimes he drums. In the end all three always kick ass. He is wearing his blue t-shirt and black jeans ending high over the bottom of his legs. As well as his blue boot-like shoes.

When Yashiro pulls the saxophone. Chris takes his trademark innocent look 'we didn't do anything.' And continues to drum his parts.

If Shermie's eyebrows could be seen, it would be clear that they are raised towards the studio ceiling at Yashiro mysteriously being in possession of a stolen saxophone. Apparently she wasn't in on the scheme. This calls for a band meeting! First things first though. She needs to focus on creating her own kickass keytar performance. Perhaps if they make this work, they can even get to play on prime time.

The skirt suit she's styled herself in follows the classic shape favoured by the French fashion designer. Tailored and tight with a tantalisingly short skirt and low-cut jacket. When the studio lights find her however, the fabric resembles a mirrorball, revealing hidden depths, dimensions and colours covering her curves.

The rest of the rock song seems to go smoothly and following the fading finale, Phil beckons them to join him and his other guests on his leather sofa. Squashing up beside the raven haired actor, Shermie does a double leg cross that would put Sharon Stone to shame. Thankfully she's wearing underwear.

When the number finishes, Yashiro tosses the saxophone aside, letting it crash into the stage before any of the sound technicians on hand can catch it. It doesn't look like any of them were expecting the gesture. The white-haired guitarist then pulls a face before spitting on the floor.

Once he's beckoned over by the speaker, Yashiro tromps over moodily, squashing up against Shermie's other side and demonstrating the couch's comical lack of capacity to host the entirety of the guest group given the man's broad-shouldered and musclebound mass.

He throws his drumsticks up, and it falls on the drums in just the right way to make a little beat as he moves away toward the couch. But it quickly gets drowned by the Saxophone crash.

He walk toward the couch, and it definitely won't work out, less Chris or Shermie get squished, or both of them. So he ends up sitting on the arm of the couch. He has no problem with that. Beside he can make it cute, work the crowd that way

Phil Lundy can't help but watch the sexy show provided by the Parisian and once his green eyed gaze fixes on her flexible form, he finds it almost impossible to look away.

"What are you staring at, old man?" she questions, squirming in the actor/Yashiro sandwich. "Don't you want to ask us about our music instead of trying to get a look up my skirt?"

It's hard to tell if she's genuinely offended or just trying to mess with the host. Either way he seems to be flushing a florid shade of red. Perhaps from embarrassment, perhaps from anger or maybe a bit of both.

The footballer at the far end of the sofa, lets out an ill advised laugh, which sounds all the louder against the backdrop of the now silent audience.

"Wait, I thought he was supposed to ask the questions," Yashiro says with a confused expression as he looks between his long-banged bandmate and the host. "I didn't write any questions down! Nobody told me we were gonna have to do that! What the <bleep!> is this <bleep!>?" Yashiro's scowl is fierce for a moment, but then it relaxes faintly as a realisation dawns on him. "Oh, right! That's a question. That's my question. Take that, Redhead!" The last comment is bellowed to the nearest camera.

He is amused at the antics going on right now. Oh, Phil is in for a world of hurt. Chris doesn't join in right now. He was bidding his time. His bandmates would see his gear turning inside his head. So something would come up at one point, but right now, he's just happy to observe and give perfect smiles to the crowd in the studio.

"If you can call that music" is the harried host's rude reponse to Shermie's prodding.

Twirling one of her twin tails around her finger, a slow smile spreads across her pink painted lips.

"Our music will change the world" she informs him. "You'll regret not taking us seriously."

"Lighten up, love" is the footballer's advice, which results in the redhead leaping up and launching herself into his lap. As she swings a punch at his square jaw, the camera cuts out abruptly, leaving the dreaded dead air to be broadcast to the British public.

When the camera cuts back in, the seating has been rearranged, with Yashiro now sitting at the interviewer's desk and Lundy somehow sandwiched between Shermie and Chris, the actor tied to a chair of his own and gagged with a white cloth while the footballer is unconscious on the floor.

"So," Yashiro says sternly as he adjusts a pair of glasses he's now wearing for some reason and shuffles a sheaf of papers in his hands, "Lundy-San. Which band is the best band in the world?"

*Chris puts an arm around Lundy.* Be very careful what you answer. We don't have a "d'uh" Moment like this. *He smacks Lundy behind the head* So make the right choice, the fans already know. And you got a nose for this. *He grabs his nose rather tightly* Yes, a big nose. *then he lets go and smiles at the fans* Older people need help sometimes, I am always happy to help them.

The show's credits start to roll, the familiar theme tune playing over them. Getting to her feet, Shermie starts to groove to the music, whilst the traumatised actor stares blankly at her.

The voice of the continuity announcer kicks in "Stay tuned as up next we have another chance to see Country Castles. A relaxing yet informative look around some of our nation's most treasured and historic landmarks."

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