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Description: CYS and Chrismas are two extremely popular thing, but when you combine the two, it's too much.

"Good evening, Tennesse. My name is Raelynn Jones and we start this news bulletin with shocking footage from downtown Gatlinburg. Our reporter, Charlene Davis is on the scene.

"Hi Raelynn, shocking is the right word! As I'm sure many people know, Gatlinburg has being playing host to it's very own Winter Wonderland since December 3rd, with plans to run it right through to New Years Eve, when the spectacular event would close with a fireworks display to welcome in 2023. Now those plans have been ruined by rebellious rock fans."

The report cuts to images of the Winter Wonderland earlier in the month. It shows wooden market stalls selling festive foods and Christmas crafts and there's merry music playing in the background. A stern sounding male voice with a Southern accent starts to speak over the footage.

"The town of Gatlinburg in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park has been welcoming visitors to it's Winter Wonderland since opening the doors on the afternoon of Saturday December 3rd. Locals and tourists have been enjoying the gorgeous gifts and delicious delicacies on display. The plan was to play host to a world famous rock band in the period between Christmas and New Year, but unfortunately The Red Hot Chilli Peppers weren't available. Still, they did manage to land CYS, who proved to be a big draw, especially with younger fans and the tickets all sold out. This is a decision that Gatlinburg is likely to regret."

The show cuts back to live footage of Charlene with her hair messed up, her eyeliner smudged and her coat torn. A teenager is tugging on her sleeve with a scowl on her face, prompting Charlene to turn around and slap her across the face.

CYS keytar player, Shermie Jourdain is still standing on the stage, that's been positioned in the centre of one of the city's narrow streets. Her eyes are obscured by her curtain of red hair and her sexy Santa costume, complete with fur edged boots is looking rather askew, giving the crowd a clear view of her matching panties.

"Calm down, cheries!" she calls to the crowd, though her tone is less than convincing. In a quieter voice, she addresses her bandmates "Yashiro, Chrissy, our music is so exciting, we are driving them wild!"

Yashiro, for his part, is dressed in a sexy Santa costume of his own, much to the chagrin of all who were expecting a more conservative and traditional Christmas concert. He's wearing a tight-fitting, fur-lined red Santa coat that leaves most of his rippling chest and stomach on full display, with black leather straps buckled across his body in a fashion similar to his usual stagewear. He also wears a pair of tight red velvet trousers, black boots, and a billowing fake Santa beard and a red and white Santa hat. There's also a very non-traditional dog collar around his neck.

"Merry X-Mas, Gatlinburg!" he shouts as the stage burns behind his back. It doesn't look like it's an intentional part of the show. One of the sound towers set up amongst the crowd topples over as rambunctious teenagers try to scale it for a better view.

"Hey, don't wreck the gear, babies! If you want to hear it better, we'll just play... LOUDERRR!!!"

Yashiro takes the cue to start thrashing violently with his guitar, headbanging as he hammers the strings with his pick, his white curly beard flapping wildly with the motion.

Chris is dressed as an elf. It's not his favorite costume, but he manages to look good in it, in his innocent trademark way. He's playing his drums and rocking with his bandmates. "Calm down people. There is enough CYS for everyone."

But to no available. The crowd is really on fire tonight, and so is the stage. It looks more and more difficult to play, but it's not Chris's first Rodeo. Or anyone else on the team, for that matter.

Suddenly, one cameraman drops the camera or drops with the camera. Soon after, the live footage goes off, to be replaced by colored bars and that annoying high pitch sound. Yet, the channel assures nothing is wrong but a little technical difficulty. Yet it doesn't come back up anytime soon.

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