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Description: See Why Ess comes to Seijyun High to Kick Some Ess. Why? Read and See.

It started with lipstick.

Mitsuru Tokugawa never really used makeup before. She wasn't very confident on it, she wouldn't be. And Seijyun High had very strict rules on it. If you used it, it had to be very subtle. Modest. And yet, everyone noticed it when Mitsuru started wearing the quiet, salmon-colored lipstick. When she started brushing her hair. When she tied it back in a braid. Her uniform looked cleaner, and her satchel started having decoration. A flower here. A CYS button there. It was small, quiet things. But when Mitsuru started doing small quiet things like that, the other girls started to be nicer to her. Not -be- nice, no. She didn't earn that. But as Mitsuru became a little more lined up, a little more clean, she stopped getting as much negative attention. She was even excited when the CYS was coming by for a discrete local concert. She registered weeks ago; she did all her homework, she had no fights, no trouble. She was a good girl, who tried very hard to follow the rules so she could see them again. So she could see Shermie, and Chris, and Yashiro. She even got special permission to wear an official CYS T-Shirt, the best 10000 yen she had her family spend. She was so excited.

And then Grandpa Mishima posted his bounty.

Mitsuru was sitting in the front of the massive Seijyun HIgh theater, front row seat, she was trembling. Paranoia had seized her. She had just found out right before the concert. She didn't even have time to call Steve, she- she was afraid. All around her in the full theater, there we people. Other girls, the faculty up top. And slowly, she could feel it. The rumors. The words. The- the statement. All you have to do is beat up Mitsuru. All you have to do is have a video of you beating her up, and you would earn 1.5 million yen. She felt like meat. She wanted to run, and hide. Hide, and escape. But she wore the lipstick. She did her hair in a long, singular ponytail. She made herself more... feminine. And she was happy for it. And CYS had come to visit. She had missed their concert before, out of fear. Out of- because of Heihachi and -Lyraelle-. Fear turned to anger for a moment, as she shut her eyes. No. She would stay here, and watch the concert. She would have Yashiro, and Shermie, and Chris sign her pictures of them. She would have their autograph. And she would thank them all, for reading her love letter to Yashiro in private, and not mocking her for it. For supporting her. FOr believing her. At least that's the impression she got from her fight with Shermie. Who knows.

Maybe they would even invite her on stage, as their one true fan.

"I think if you performed at Seijyun High, you'd be so popular and make so much money!"

How could Shermie and her bandmates resist such a tempting suggestion from Seijyun student, Mitsuru? This is how they come to find themselves making their way into the theatre of the ever so fancy girls school.

Shermie is definitely not dressed like a demure young lady, as demonstrated by the proper pupils who make up their audience for today's rock concert. Sure, she's wearing a skirt suit, but it happens to be one that barely covers her buttocks and considerable cleavage, cut high at the back and low at the front. She's opted for an emerald green shade of material that contrasts beautifully with her flaming red locks and has teamed the outfit with a pair of knee-high black leather boots. Her lipstick is the same shade of salmon as Mitsuru's.

As she sashays and sways across the room, she spots her former Ristar opponent sitting in the front row and claps her hands in delight, greeting the trembling teen with a broad grin.

"Ah Misturu, we meet again! We had such a lovely time during our last encounter, cherie. Yashiro, Chrissy, come meet my friend, Mitsuru. She is the reason we are here and can make lots of money from the rich children!"

Chris is happy to play anywhere. Well, mostly anywhere. There is surely a place or two Chris wouldn't want to go, but there hasn't been such a case yet. So in short, he's happy to be at Seijyun High at the moment.

He's wearing white pants, a blue T-shirt, and black boots. He's not as sexy as Shermie is, but neither is he trying to. He's just good old Chris.

When he hears Shermie asking to meet her friend, Chris smiles. "So this is the famous Mitsuru." He extends his hand. "Awesome to meet you. I am excited to make a lot of money. Thank you." He smirks before he continues. "I hear you did well in the tournament. I hope we meet at another one. Pleasure!" He was pumped in playing here today.

Following along behind Chris, Yashiro cuts an imposing figure. Today, he's wearing a long grey trench coat covered in myriad unnecessary belts - an unusual detour from his standard bright red jacket. He's also wearing a large pair of gold-rimmed aviator sunglasses - ultimately, his aesthetic looks a bit like he's just stepped out of a cyberpunk film instead of his usual Valentine BDSM chic.

Of course, nearly none of the students are big enough CYS fans to note the fashion detour that Yashiro has taken. On the other hand, one of the other band members is recognized. A murmur sweeps across the rows, building to feverish crescendo, before one of the girls loses control completely and bolts out of her chair.


Yashiro's shades glint as his eyes flash over his shoulder toward the movement behind the trio. The schoolgirl is charging straight toward Chris. Yashiro recognizes the symptoms of this fever, and, with a single step, puts himself in the schoolgirl's path, reaching behind himself into his coat. With blinding speed, he draws his weapon, whirling it around to intercept the crazed fangirl's rush.


The girl crashes face-first into the feather-duster side of the combi-duster-broom, sending her crashing onto the seat of her school skirt dazed and confused, yet generally unharmed.


The sudden outlash and booming countermand cause the gaggle of other schoolgirls about to rise from their seats to hesitate.

"This is my bro, CHRIS! There is no Justin here! If you want to meet Chris, you can wait and get his autograph after the show!"

The onlookers, initially stunned, settle back into their seats, and an awkward silence falls over the room.

Satisfied, Yashiro telescopes his duster-broom back to size, offers a thumb-up to a janitor who's pretending they haven't met, and tucks the tool back into his coat.

He grins when he sees Mitsuru.

"Mitsuru-chan! Good to see you're still alive and kickin', kid! Thanks for makin' that wish!"

He offers a fist to the singled-out student to bump.

The most shocking shocks happen one after another.

When Shermie starts walking down the line, Mitsuru's breath freezes in her chest. Staring with jaw slack, there is some polite, restrained clapping. But when she -stops- at Mitsuru. And she -looks- at Mitsuru. ANd talks to Mitsuru. Mitsuru was the center of attention once. ANd then Chris, -Chris- comes there, and Yashiro! Yashiro saves Chris from a confused Bieberphile. All of a sudden, she was the superfan she dreamed about. She actually squeaks. She almost screams, but she squeaks. Jaw slack stupidly open, she squeaks. Mitsuru clenches her hand in a fist. She didn't paint her nails. Slowly, she raises it up, and like she was moving in water, she slowly brings it over to Shermie- no Chris- no, no, it was Yashiro. Eyes wide, groaning, she moves to fist-bump Yashiro gently-

"Watch out, Mitsuru, he might be looking to collect."

The girl was two seats behind Mitsuru. She was wearing glasses, and her expression was blank. But her words cut through like ice. She wasn't friends with Mitsuru. Mitsuru grew out of her. Mitsuru -scowls- at her, the student's dumb expression fading away. Pouting, she draws back her fist again, and pounds it, with much more strength now. "Thanks Yashirio! Thank you Shermie, and Chris, and all of you! You really inspired me! I am -glad- you came here because of me!" She states louder, raising her voice, eyes burning at the girl in glasses. She was practically snarling the last lines.

"I hope you don't smack anyone else with your broom!"

Shermie watches the show from behind her curtain of hair, her emotions floating somewhere between astonishment and amusement at Yashiro's behaviour.

"At least he didn't put anyone in hospital this time" is her comment on the Japanese man's assault of the schoolgirl and then she's placing a sisterly hand on the Swedish singer's shoulder.

"Chrissy, you are driving the girls crazy again! I believe it may be something to do with the hair. Hair can make very powerful statements."

Her unseen eyes shift to the girl in the glasses and is that a faint growl that escapes those perfectly painted lips? Either way, the dumbstruck student will be in no doubt of where the French fashion designer's loyalties lie.

"Come on CYS! It is showtime!" she commands, climbing up elegantly on to the stage and somehow managing to preserve her modesty. The intruments and amps are in place, ready for the rockstars to make some beautiful (or at least very loud) music.

Shermie gazes out at the rows of girls before her, mostly clothed in their expensive uniforms, with a few hints of CYS merchandise thrown in. She's been sure to bring plenty of that along with her. Afterall, why waste the chance of a captive audience, particularly ones that have wealthy parents! Strapping her keytar over her fabulous frame she waits for her bandmates to assume their positions and prepare to play.

Chris smiles at Mitsuru until that girl rushes for him. Beiber, what the hell? That's Canadian bullshit right there that should have never come out. Before the girl can get to him and he can't help but let out a chuckle. "Thanks, bro!"

Then attention is back to Mitsuru for a moment, hearing the girl speaks her venom. Yeah, that's school alright. Before he can say anything about it. Shermie speaks to him. He winks at her and then tells her: "You have the best clothes of the group, but I have the best hair" He laughs.

Then, it's show time, but before they go up, Chris mentions to both Shermie and Yashiro. "We totally have to take a pic with Mitsuru at the end of the concert!" Then he goes and gets into place, ready to kick ass with his mates.

Two fists collide, and the sound fills the room, filling the silence like water flowing into an empty vessel. Yashiro smirks behind the high collar of his longcoat, retracting his hand.

"Hey, nice punch! You could be a real fighter someday."

A few moments after he's made the comment, there's... is that a faint quiver on his lips, a crinkle in his eyes? A glistening hint of a tear stoically staved off?

No! Yashiro has a show to do, and he didn't prep the set list with sad tunes. He follows his bandmates up onto the stage, taking up his place in the middle - the Y in CYS. With one deft motion, he pulls off his many-belted trenchcoat and tosses it off to one side of the backstage - resulting in a clatter as the cleaning tool goes with it - and revealing that he was wearing the same red jacket that he always wears... under the trenchcoat. For modesty's sake, as it's a school performance - and in a show of support - he's wearing a tight white t-shirt under the jacket with the words 'F*CK CANSER' on it beneath the jacket.

"HELLO, SEIJYUN!" he greets the audience through the SM-58 provided by the school as he slings his guitar into position. "ARE you READY for CEE WHY ESS TO ROCK YOUR BUTTS OFF?!"

He gives a moment for the student body to react, then adds, "BUT FIRST, let's GIVE A HAND to MITSURU-CHAN for BRINGING CEE WHY ESS to SEIJYUN HIGH!"

Mitsuru would not cry.

Even though Yashiro, uh, might have -insulted- Mitsuru, the schoolgirl was as innocently oblivious to Yashiro's statement as he was to her feelings in general. She was possibly the most embarrassed she has ever been in school. And that includes the incident with the Lightning Spangles underwear and other unlicensed products. Looking to Chris and Shermie, she just flashes a forced smile. "You guys are so awesome. Sorry! We don't get a lot of boys here, so I think, uh, a person as manly as Chris, uh, with hair, uh." Mitsuru loses her words, as Yashiro takes off his shirt and shows his shirt. There is a -gasp- from the balconies, as the teachers realize, fully, what a terrible thing Mitsuru has brought. Mitsuru is still standing when Yashiro finally brings attention to her again. For thanking her. Her eye twitches.

There is a silence in response.

Mitsuru freezes for a moment, and turns around. And just -stares- at the other students. While they DID have many rich parents with disposable income that would be, well, to be honest, be heavily invested in high quality CYS products, they were not exactly eager to be grateful to Mitsuru. The girl in the glasses begins a slow, lazy clap. Soon, some of the other students join in, alternating between coughing and very quiet giggling. Mitsuru stands defiantly, face unconsciously turning bright red, as tears builds in her eyes. She starts clapping for herself, as fast as she can, before she stops. But scowling, she nods her head, and looks back at CYS. She forces a smile, because she is HAPPY. "Thank you! Yashiro! Chris! Shermie! I'm so grateful for you!" She falls back to a sit, and crosses her arms. She was going to have fun for the concert. SHE WAS GOING TO HAVE FUN. Steadily, the slow claps trickle to a stop.

THe coughing and giggling does not.

The sentiment of Yashiro's t-shirt is solid, but the spelling? Oh well, Shermie didn't watch French movies with him because of his intelligence. As the crowd go wild(ish), she caresses the keys of her chosen instrument, her French manicured nails shining in the stage lights.

Fans of the threesome will recognise the intro to Rhythmic Hallucination. The distorted and somewhat eerie creation features muffled voices and chilling laughter, before kicking in with heavy chords and a driving beat. As the almost supernatural sounding melody makes its presence known, Shermie starts to dance to the music, forming her body into shapes as she makes her way across the vast stage.

She's completely oblivous to the less than warm reception from the coughing and giggling girls. She's revelling in the rhythm of the rock and their childish display can do little to dent her delighting in the spotlight.

Mitsuru though, if she knew about that, the musician would be mad! She can't stand bitchy and bullying behaviour, unless it's by her and towards someone who totally deserves it!

He smiles, at Mitsuru, at Shermie, at Yashiro, and at all the girls that can see him too. Girls love him. Boys want to be him. He's in a great mood right now, and he knows they are going to give a kick-ass concert.

When it's time to play, Chris plays his part and sings when it time. He at least knows their own songs. Right now, there is only the music. He's really getting into it, and is just happy to be here.


After the initial drug-trip-like intro, Yashiro shouts out and suddenly joins in with his distorted guitar riff, hammering out the repeating, catchy lick ringing through the room as the punchy synthetic drums play through the speaker system. Even on a PA system provided by the education system, the live version is more polished and devastating than the album track - they've had plenty of practice since the original recording and didn't have a massive amount of cash to splash out on the original.

Yashiro's guitar work on the track isn't about technical depth or speed - it's about feel, and he gives that in spades, rising and stomping to the beat as he plays his part with sincerity.

And when they reach the breakdown of the song, where the guitar goes quiet, he shows that same heavy-metal attitude as he pulls away a cloth concealing his secondary weapon of choice - a standing harp - and starts to pluck out the ethereal, pixie-like melody of the section while banging his head left and right with every other note.

Mitsuru slowly felt the anxiety melt away.

Yes, there was anxiety. Yes, there was fear. Fear of Lyraelles, of Heihachis, of students, of Fathers, of every single person. Because there was music, pure music from pure people. She, well, Mitsuru kind of could see past the veil. She could see that Shermie was kind of greedy, Yashiro was kind of a butthead, and Chris, well, Chris was actually a lot like Justin Beiber. But despite their faults, there was a purity with them. And when she let that purity wash over her? Even as the audience wasn't really cheering it on, but kind of politely tolerating it?

Mitsuru stood up and cheered.

She stood up, and cheered, and joined in. She was pretending there was a crowd, there was an audience that was really into it. There were pictured being taken. Not just of CYS, but of her. Maybe it was blackmail. Maybe it was just going to be something that they were going to make fun of, forever and ever. But Mitsuru didn't worry. She had lipstick on. And when that harp came out? When that harp came up, and it was time for the full headbanging?

Mitsuru was headbanging along, screaming her throat out.

The musical mademoiselle looks back and forth between her badass bandmates, admiring their skills and smiling to herself at Yahsiro's unexpected (to the crowd at least) harp solo.

She's noticed Mitsuru too and how much the tormented teen is getting into their playing. The other kids? Who cares what those snide and stuffy little snobs think? Even if they can reach one fan that way, then their efforts are worth it.

She cries out too and it sounds joyful, there's nothing like a live show or fight to get the heart pumping and the pulse racing. Performing makes you feel so alive!

She's full on rocking out now, rushing to the front of the stage and looking dangerously close to falling off it. She keeps her footing though, despite the fact her eyes are totally covered and she's wearing boots with very high heels.

Everyone in the band is doing amazing, as usual. There is a reason they are a success. It's them together. Real fans get it. The rest can go hang. Money can't buy good taste. Money can't buy you happiness. At best, money buys you plastic. There's a reason there's a barbie girl song out there

So, he continues playing, singing, rocking to the music while Shermie is as sexy as ever and Yashiro is as wild as ever. The harp is a great touch, but Chris isn't sure most of the audience can get it. Ah, who cares? Money can't buy intelligence either. Mitsuru invited them, and she's rocking on. So it's a complete success!

CYS might only really have one fan in the audience. For Shermie, it may be enough to have one fan.

For Yashiro, even that one fan fades away in the tide of synth-metal-fusion, because, for Yashiro, music is a spiritual thing. He writes music because it's a way of lyrical and melodic expression are a way of letting loose the darkness within. He plays music because it's a way of communing with something primal, a power that echoes from ages past. He might be jamming out on a harp in front of a mostly-tepid crowd of teenage girls, but to Yashiro, he is alone with his God, and his God demands he fucking slay this harp solo. He plays faster and faster, until the part reaches its glittering apex -

- and then breaks away from the harp, slamming back into the guitar riff as he storms back to the front of the stage, stomping along to the pounding beat as it hammers back in.

And something about the music, the intensity, drives at least a couple of students to rise up from their seats and join in the headbanging. And it grows and passes on like an infection, steadily. It's not Bieber Fever - it's CYSteria. There's a reason why they're already being lauded as provoking a cult following.


If there was CYSteria, then Mitsuru was being CYSterical. She feels free, unburdened. And she isn't alone. Being the vanguard of it, she was actually in tears. She didn't do eyeliner, so you know, nothing was running. Mitsuru wasn't with any gods right now, but she was with the song. The perfect balance between Shermie's electrifying beauty, Chris's blazing cheer, and Yashiro's earth-shaking power. Mitsuru tries to dance.

Mitsuru does not dance very well.

In fact, she starts to go to the stage. She starts to scramble up to climb up. To dance, to party with her -friends- that was CYS! And so was, uh, so was other students. Seijyun High was beginning to rush the stage, the schoolgirls worked up into a frenzy. It shouldn't be a problem, security should-

Was there security?

Was the teachers trying to scold the students the security?

As the crowd become a cult, Shermie slaps her white haired beau on the back in celebration.

"Wonderful work, Cherie" she practically purrs under her breath, so subtly it is easily drowned out by the stirring sounds of their playing. Her twin tails bounce back and forth as she kicks in with a keytar solo, spinning in circles as she hits all the right notes. Her spinning only stops when she feels a set of frenzied fingers grab on to her foot.

"Sacré bleu!" she shrieks, trying to shake off the crazed girl with a head of curls.

Soon the seamstress is swamped by more of them, a whole army of CYSterical school kids! She's knocked to the stage floor, still somehow playing her keytar.

A teacher with her hair pulled into a tight bun sprints towards the stage in her sensible shoes, her feet skidding on the highly polished floor. She grabs on to the edge of it, not bothering to use the steps and pulls her bony body upwards till she's amidst the sea of students and rockstars. Perhaps she's here to exercise her authority?

Pulling the grips from her long hair, she shakes it loose, then kicks off her shoes and starts to throw herself around frantically in time to the music.

Or, perhaps she's here to PARTY!

Everything is well. And lo and behold, more people are getting into it. Good tastes then, after all. That's great. It is really, really great.

At least it's great until the girls all rushed the damn stage. Too many crazy girls, too close. Somewhat he continues with the song as well. They are all professional, after all. But at times, he pushes some of them away firmly. But there are too many of them, will the CYS need to get rougher with the crowd to get out of this? Chris wasn't against the idea, but his thoughts weren't showing on his face, as he still had a happy front at the moment.

As Yashiro is thundering into the overture of 'Re: Hamster,' he's suddenly the target of an impromptu mosh pit on the stage, several of the teenage girls crashing into him and off of each other. Broken from his reverie, he realises the severity of the situation.

What was a spark has become a wildfire, faster and more intense than any the band has witnessed yet. Even the hated Redhead couldn't expect to see a reaction like this. Especially because jazz fans preferred to sit at tables and quietly sip their gin or whatever.

But this is about to go too far.

Yashiro's stony jaw sets and his etched brows lower grimly before he pushes forward to his microphone and takes hold of it.

"THANK YOU, SEIJYUN!" he bellows as he continues to play his guitar. "WE'RE GONNA HAVE to CUT the SHOW SHORT because you ladies are ROCKING TOO HARD! But to MAKE IT UP TO YOU, you're ALL INVITED to our NEXT BIG SHOW! FREE TICKETS FOR ALL SEIJYUN STUDENTS! And..."

Yashiro stops playing to grab a handful of CYS t-shirts, before tossing them billowing off of the stage.


Technically, he's planning on charging it to the school's trustee board. After all, it's a necessary expense to keep this riot from spiralling out of control. The prospect of free merchandise draws a throng of the mobbing schoolgirls away from the stage, and once Yashiro's shed the shirts like so much meat before starving hounds, he moves to free Shermie and Chris so that the trio can run off-stage to look for a fire exit.

The riot was building.

As Mitsuru is taken up by the frenzy, she howls, as the call for free tickets, free stuff, free swag! The girls were crawling, crawling on the stage. Writhing, And- and fighting. There is a punch thrown, hair begins to become pulled. Someone with a suspicious rag attempts to sneak up on Chris, Beiber-lust burning in her eyes. Mitsuru herself was throwing hands, punching the glasses off someone. CYS was so -proud- of her. The anarchy. The chaos. The disorder against the ordered society. "YEAH! WOO! CYSTERIA! CYSTERIA!" Mitsuru screams as she starts punching almost -everyone- off the stage. Except her CYS. She doesn't even notice them slipping off the stage as she acts as a security riot police.

The girl without the glasses hides under the chair, trembling in terror, as someone starts letting off a tear gas canister from the upper balcony.

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