Velvet Blue - Follow the White Rabbit

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Description: Alice the Rabbit finds herself in the Gold Lounge and meets Velvet Blue and Sabrewulf.

The door to the club is visible to anyone with the right kind of eyes--that is, someone of the more supernatural persuasion... though sometimes humans under the right circumstances--certain children can notice things, as well as the mentally-ill under a full moon, or a heavily intoxicated individual. The door doesn't always seem like it's in the same place twice, too--the red upholstry of the door seeming likely quite out of place in the usual drab or dreary surroundings, but almost as if the red isn't just pigment, but glowing somehow. Getting closer to the door, one might notice there is quite a bit of music and voices coming through it tonight--as it is something of a holiday. Or maybe it was around the globe. Any excuse to throw a special party.

Opening the door reveals the retro-decor club has quite a few... people, in it--even if from first glance it looks like some kind of costume party for adults that's gone awry. A very tall and very lithe woman with silver hair struts by, stiletto heels clicking--dressed in what looks like a combination of a cigarette girl from the '40s and a playboy bunny outfit, order slips stuffed into garters and carrying a tray of drinks. There is something like electric-swing music playing, think Caravan Place. There is a lot of raucous laughter and cheering, the bar almost full and very busy, while a stage at the other end invariably has some kind of act going on.

Though it wasn't something she often did, Alice decided she wanted to get out and have a little fun tonight as she really had no obligations at the moment, being between jobs. She gets dressed up in a royal purple sleeveless dress with white trim decorated with purple geometric shapes, giving it a sort of Aztec flair, along with a pair of brown leather high-heeled boots and hits the town. However, she can't decide where she wants to go and browsing places on her phone isn't helping, so she just ends up wandering a bit.

She is considering going home when she spots the door that appears to be covered in glowing red upholstery. Curiosity getting the better of her she approaches and opens the door, slipping inside and looking around before moving further in, eyes growing wider with a few surprised blinks as she takes in the rather unusual mix of patrons as well as staff. She can hardly believe she found a place where she actually feels a bit more out of place in her human form. With a smile she moves away from the door, continuing to look around as she wonders if this is the sort of place where someone would seat her or if she should just find a spot.

"Come now boys, can't get too worked up--even if I am here," there is a voice around the other side of the bar and a figure steps out--quickly at first, wrestling a pair of figures away from eachother, and having a few words with them before a brawl goes any further. There is a long dark suede jacket, and... thigh-high platform-heeled sparkly boots? With what looked like glitter, or stars on them--the platforms a dark gray. It was like watching a universe shift and undulate as they moved. The figure had long dark straight hair, caucasian skin, but long ribbed bat-like ears, and seemed to be a male done up in purple lipstick and dark lip liner, a long blue leathery forked tail protruding from the back slit of the jacket.

"Well well well, what do we have here?" they eventually look over and might spot the new arrival, sauntering over toward Alice now that the fight has broken up, and things are more calm.

"You didn't dress like that if you weren't coming here to party--or are you announcing yourself in the queen's domain?" the queer figure gestured to themselves, a hand on their hip, grinning. One could see white ivory fangs against their teeth, and yellow cat-like eyes.

Alice was continuing to let her gaze wander around the room, giggling a little at the Alice in Wonderland motif in the decor. "I'd fit right in shifted to my beast form..." She mutters to herself with an amused expression. Her attention is then drawn to the voice on the other side of the bar, and her expression grows more serious as it is apparent that the owner of said voice is breaking up a fight. As the bat-like male in decidedly feminine attire approaches her she looks him up and down and smiles as they greet her and comment on how she's dressed.

"The queen? Oh my, I hope I won't be losing my head tonight." She says with a giggle. "Can't really say I planned to come here, but the door was hard to miss and I was feeling curious. Though you might say I was meant to find this place... My name is Alice, and... let's just say the white rabbit and I have more than a bit in common, though I am generally more punctual." She says with a grin.

"Not that kind of queen, fortunately--and red is not at all my color," the ribbed eared one shook their head. "I'm Velvet, Velvet Blue--you may call me Velvet, or really whatever if you so desire, not strict on those sorts of things--this is my club, and more or less also my territory, to be more serious, you said you were a beast of some sort?" Velvet walked around Alice, scrutinizing her and the dress, in the process--tapping a finger against their chin, that blue spaded tail flicking. The finger was tipped with a semi-conical tapering pointed black nail, a bit beastly themselves, it would appear.

"Well, welcome to our wonderland, Alice--" Velvet couldn't say that without grinning. "This is a special place for us not-normal types, and it is supposed to be hidden to humans, so I figure your coming was eventual--just don't mind the other patrons, it's a big party night," he stepped around in front of her and gestured to the club.

"Business or pleasure, tonight? I take it it's the latter, this evening?" Velvet smiled.

"Nice to meet you Velvet, and yes, I did mention that, guess not much gets past your ears, though I can relate to having that blessing and curse. Perhaps I could change, this being one of the few places I might feel more comfortable that way. In any case, pleasure, I don't have any business to speak of at the moment, just wanted to get out and have some fun tonight, and I am happy I found this place sooner rather than later, I haven't really gone to clubs much before, but I think I may have to come back here again." Alice responds with a bright smile, then ponders a moment. "So, what do you recommend for a newcomer like myself?"

"Well, they're very big ears--the better to hear you with, my dear," Velvet's eyes widened a little with a cheeky grin, before nodding at her next words. "So you're a shapeshifter, of some sort? would explain why you were able to see the door--welcome to The Gold Lounge, in that case, if you know you know--a good portion of the area's supernatural population come here, if the atmosphere suits them--and I am the proprietor, like I said," Velvet turns and would show Alice briefly around the club. "Right now the tables are a bit crowded, as is the bar--perhaps you'd like to accompany me to the VIP sitting area near the stage?" Velvet whipped a small digital remote out of where it was tucked in one of his boots and the din of the music subsided somewhat, leaving the other noises like clinking of glasses and voices more prominent.
%f"Tell me about yourself, Alice--you native to Japan? I'm from the USA, myself," Velvet saunters towards the sofas and coffee tables reserved for the owner and special guests, nearer the back, boot heels clacking.

There are people of all shapes and sizes present and some are far less 'human' than others. For some, it might be enough to make one's head spin! The dizzying array of clubgoers hides many individuals from the sheer diversity alone. Even at the bar people are shoulder to shoulder waiting for a chance to order a drink before moving along to other parts of the club. A few occupy seating at the bar, although they tend to be off to the side and out of the way of the unending orders.

No way to easily discern one Darkstalker from the next. In this, at least one bar patron remains hidden in plain sight, bare furry back hunched forward, arms on the counter in possessiveness of the orders personally made. Somebody is a heavy drinker...

Alice grins at the Big Bad Wolf reference and nods at the question of being a shapeshifter. She follows Velvet toward the sofas and before she takes a seat she slides off her boots and shifts forms, becoming a snow-white wererabbit as her dress stretches to accomidate this new form, especially towards her hips, the skirt splitting down the sides. She sits down and gets comfortable before answering his other question along with the first.

"I wasn't born a shapeshifter, but the events that lead to me gaining the ability aren't for happy conversation, and I haven't seen my parents since then. My father was Japanese, and my mother was American with German heritage. So I guess in a way I have some small connection to festivities on July fourth." She offers with a bit of a shrug, her eyes continuing to wander around the club, though they linger on Saberwulf for a bit as he reminds her of someone she knows.

"Well, it's the 4th for some of us here, anyway--persoanlly we just like an excuse to throw a big party," Velvet replied, moving past the bar when he stopped, wrinkling his nose and taking a sniff at the air--then turning his head toward the stools.

And speaking of big bad wolf...

"Ahhh--so that's why all the expensive foreign stuff was getting cracked open--Konrad, you old dog, come over here," Velvet stepped at the stool nearest to Sabrewulf and between another patron, not seeming to mind either's personal space.

"We have guests, Konrad--new new guests, do you want to say hello to the pretty shapeshifter lady?" Velvet grins, leaning closer to the big gray/blue fuzzy werewolf.

"--He's a friend of mine, kind of quiet, little shy--Alice, meet Freiherr Konrad von Sabrewulf," he turns back to Alice and grins at the two, gesturing with a bit of a bow towards the werewolf.

The werewolf stinks of booze, but his drinking keeps him docile and he has the money to throw around, so it is what it is. Face still turned away and nose downard, there's a shake of the beast's head at first and a hand with crazy large claws grips round a pint glass that stands tall above a collection of shotglasses around it. With a clilnking of claw against glass, the wolf creature lifts the glass and carefully -- somehow -- pours the contents into his muzzle with his eyes closed. Soon enough, the glass is empty and it thunks against the counter. "Verdammt. Are you trying to play matchmaker with me again? Warum zum Teufel ziele mich an, Velvet?"

With a deep throaty fear-inducing rumble near-fully drowned out by the sound of the revelry about, the werewolf gathers together the shotglasses with one hand, spilling a little, and moves them to sit on the flat of his free hand while turning in place upon the stool. "Scheisse... Fine." His eyes blearily open to reveal eyes of sinister red, glowing brightly, leaving afterimage trails in their wake.

Alice realizes she didn't fully the question of if she was from Japan or not and adds to her previous explanation as her gaze turns back towards Velvet. "Oh, and yes I am from Japan, was born here and have recently been working as a nurse at Southtwon General Hospital." She is a little surprised when he moves to introduce her to the werewolf she had been eyeing, and stifles a laugh at the comment about matchmaking.

"Well you do actually remind me of someone I'm close with." She says with a grin as she stands and walks over to join them by the bar, and as she looks at how much Konrad has been drinking she wonders how he's still able to speak coherently. "I speak of my mother being of German descent and then get introduced to a German, what a small world this can be at times. Nice to meet you Konrad, and I guess I'll order a drink now that I'm here. Could I have a Broadway's Alibi Cocktail?" She asks with a glance toward Velvet.

Velvet Blue is pretty patient with Konrad, he knows what kind of problems they have, it would appear. Or something like that. And it does smell to be a boozin' werewolf, at that.

"Excellent hand-eye-muzzle coordination this one, though, as you can see--" Velvet turns back to Konrad from Alice, smiling. "Weeelll, you keep turning down my requests to put you on stage, we all know you'd be a knockout in some lipstick, tiara and heels--" Velvet does attempt to help Sabrewulf not knock any of the shotglasses onto the floor as he gets up.

"Don't mind Konrad, he's really a big teddy bear, aren't you?" Velvet turns from Alice back to Sabrewulf again, grinning like a little shit, stepping back so the huge guy can actually get up off the stool. Good thing they ordered real wood furniture around here... Can't really find wooden stools to support werewolves at IKEA.

"Ahh, a nurse, huh? That could be pretty valuable if anything happened around here and things got bloody, if you'd be interested in making some extra money sometime, not /all/ of us have healing factors like Konrad here, right?" he patted Sabrewulf on the arm as they walked, finally getting to the sofas. "Ah yes, Cinnamon--get her a Broadway's Alibi, would you?" Velvet had flagged down the very tall, silver-haired cigarette woman/waitress from earlier, the bunny ears of her 'costume' didn't appear to be a costume at all really on further inspection, due to the quite realistic fur tufts on them.

"There we goo--" Velvet plunked down on the big red velvet one, leading the blue L shaped one across from it free for the guests.

There is no small amount of surprise as this werewolf, Konrad von Sabrewulf, eyes over the other...shifter was it? The studious look holds for perhaps a moment too long, yet then the wolf's ears lay back and he lets out a defeated sigh. "Look, if this is about... I do not know who let things slip around here, but I do not, in fact, yet have a cure for lycanthropy or other forms of therianthropy. If I did, would I still look like this?" The wolfman stands. His clothing is minimal; but a pair of shorts provides modesty. He's only as tall as a man, perhaps slightly more, yet stoops as he stands. His muscles ripple, even beneath the definition-muting of such blue-tinted fur, and his claws and teeth are exaggerated in proportion. The delicacy required to handle fragile items must be immense. He follows along with a tipsy stumbling.

"If you pass me your contact information, I can put you on the list if there are any developments," Sabrewulf tries to offer discreetly at the expense of potentially choking the poor nurse with the alcohol fumes he breathes. There are no new developments. Cradling the shots in one hand, two claws pluck one up to knock the contents back and down his throat. At least Alice wouldn't be drinking alone. "What, are we sitting again? I was already sitting." And he was sitting somewhere where he could get nonstop drinks.

Alice does eye the waitress's ears for a moment and chuckles briefly, she had thought it was a costume at first glance, but getting a closer look shows she's not the only bunny here tonight. She grins a bit and nods at Velvet's offer of work. "I worked with the ER patients a lot, so I got a lot of exprience very quickly, dealing with all sorts of crazy injuries, so I'm sure I could help in such a situation. Do you get bloody brawls here often?" She asks with a tone of curiosity as she moves to grab a seat on the couch near Velvet, but first she pulls up the back of her skirt a bit, letting her fluffy tail pop out as it was really starting to get uncomfortable having it pressed up against her dress.

She turns back toward Sabrewulf and shakes her head. "I had no idea you were even trying to find a cure, though I guess if this sort of thing is caused by some sort of change made by man, it should be reversable, in theory. I'm no genetecist so I can only offer wild speculation..." She coughs a bit as he tries to speak to her more discreetly and she gets a strong sniff of his alcohol-laden breath.

"Sure, I'd at least consider a cure, depending on the risks." She offers back quietly, pulling a slip of paper and a pen from her purse and writing down her name, phone number, and email before passing it to Sabrewulf. She then chuckles at his remark about the sitting situation. "Well we were sitting too, and now we're sitting closer to where you were sitting."

"Who said you needed one--clearly there's no cure for what /I/ have either, dear," Velvet grins cheesily, gesturing to himself at Sabrewulf's admission of not having a cure for werewolfery.

Cinnamon would return momentarily with Alice's fruit and vegetable filled tequila cocktail--which probably impressed Louis, the antlered bartender who likely didn't have to mix up many drinks of that level of sophistication.

"Whew, what have you been into Konrad, sterno?" Velvet waves a little in the air, teasing the werewolf pretty brazenly, as if the fumes of alcohol are affecting him too. "It's a good thing I don't smoke, we wouldn't be howling at the moon tonight, we'd be sitting on it," Velvet crossed his platform heeled booted legs and relaxed, pushing his tail along side of him. "Of course we're sitting again, I had these sofas imported damnit--going to use them," it's perhaps clear Velvet and Sabrewulf sort of have a back and forth like an old married couple, they seem to have known eachother a while.

"It could be indispensable to us, since you know, we can't really go to a normal hospital, maybe some of us can--a few can disguise our true natures, like yourself," Velvet nodded to Alice, who he widened eyes at and grinned. "Look at that Konrad, you already got her number, you still got it~" Velvet made a big wide fangy grin, putting his arms up back along the top of the sofa as he reclined back. "So, Alice--did you want to show us the beauty in the beast?" he seemed curious. "And I thought that was /me/ around here," he sighed, mock disappointed.

The werewolf wobbles a little and takes the paper, although his claws dampen it in a few spots. "My bag..." No sooner have they begun to settle again that the wolf turns around wanders back to where he was sitting, pushing past other patrons, to fetch something left behind. It at least gives Velvet Blue and Alice a bit of time to chat about first impressions without the German once-man around.

At length, he eventually is able to return, but this time with a handbag in one hand and the shot glasses missing from the other. In their place, there is one highball glass filled with potent potable chemicals. Some of them even have flavor. The paper had been placed inside the bag, the shotglasses were drained, and a new order was obtained. NOW Sabrewulf is ready to sit, albeit requiring a bit of personal space with his alcohol-fueled aura, and he does so, places his glass to the side, and opens his bag yet again.

"A smoke isn't a bad idea. I have some in here somewhere. Now...wohin gingen meine Zigaretten?"

Alice takes her drink from Cinnamon and smiles. "Thanks!" She offers before taking a sip of the orange cocktail with a carrot leaf for garnish. She laughs at the remark about smoke lighting up Sabre's alcohol fumes like a powder keg. While Sabrewolf is off grabbing his bag and a new drink she does continue to converse with Velvet, nodding at the problem of not being able to go to a normal hospital.

"That's a good point, if you ever really need help for someone in that situation, feel free to give me a call." She offers before taking another sip of her drink. Then as Sabrewolf is coming back Alice meets Velvet with a confused gaze at the question about beauty in the beast. "Show you the beauty in the beast? What do you mean?" She had already shapeshifted so she wasn't sure what he was getting at now. As for starting up a smoke, she certainly wouldn't be partaking with having seen first hand what it can do to people, but she refrains from lecturing someone she's only just met.

"Nuh uh, that's only for big bad wolves, I think," Velvet playfully declines the offer of a cigarette, waving a hand dismissively, but with just enough flamboyance.

"I myself have a measure of healing sorcery, but I can't be everywhere at once, and I have to expend energy to do it--so having a nurse on call would still be very helpful, dear," he takes stock of the now transformed rabbit lady sitting across from him.

"There we are, it would appear you and Cinnamon might have a little in common--apologies, I am kidding there," he leaned forward and peered at the very large, muscular form of the rabbit. Wasn't like Cinnamon at all, of course, this was more like Sabrewulf, if anything.

"I do realize it's a bit ironic that I have a rabbit and a wolf sitting so close to eachother on the same sofa, I should have inquired about your species prior to this, Miss Alice," Velvet grins a bit sheepishly, bowing his head in apology.

"I'm sure Konrad can contain his appetite for long enough however--I have some feline in me myself, and I was impressed at how cordial he was on our first meeting," Vel smiled.

"Velvet is very much an enjoyer of nature, you see," remarks the werewolf as he pulls out a cigarette case from underneath what seem to be glass vials of blue liquid. "When we first met, he was hugging a tree like a bosom buddy." The case is opened to reveal a row of cigarettes and a few cigarette holders along with a few matches. "He also teases. I have not actually ever eaten anybody before -- Dem Himmel sei Dank -- at least not to my knowledge."

A grim statement, indeed, spoken with a hint of dread. He doesn't always remember... "So, not sound like a stuck record, but if this isn't about a cure or about trying to hook me up on a date why bother the dear lady with my ineffably dreary presence. Certainly there are more lively people around to lachen mit." The werewolf fits a cigarette into a holder and holds it with his left hand before pressing his right hand to his chest. "I at least try to have the decency of staying out of the way of others' fun. I haven't attended a party proper in decades. Not to say this doesn't count, but it's not the same as the stately romps I used to do in my youth. Velvet Blue can do many things, but making me younger is not one them."

Alice grins at the mention of having a little in common with Cinnamon. "Yeah, a little. She looks like if I could partially transform. As for Sabrewulf, he seems to be doing a fine job containing any urges he may have of having rabbit for dinner... and you say you have some feline in you? You are a very interesting combination of things I must say, and it all comes together nicely. So um, how long have you two known each other?" She manages to ask before Sabrewulf mentions that he hasn't eaten anyone as far as he knows, and ask Velvet why he pulled him into joining them since he's old and dreary. Alice couldn't really tell how old he was, but considering she's barely old enough to drink, she assumes from the way he's talking that he's at least a generation older than her. "Well I honestly don't mind your company, it's my first time here so I'm happy to meet anyone who is willing to at least make an attempt at friendly conversation."

"More like you'd probably chased me up it," Velvet grins to Sabrewulf, before rolling his eyes a little and then nodding in approval. "Yes, he's not eaten anyone, yet--I would know, I look after him," Velvet sips at his own drink, which he's had Cinnamon drop off--which appears to be a small glass of soda with vodka or whiskey in it. "That only goes to show me your situation has stabilized somewhat, even if you lament your lupine state, you should not be so quick to dispair, mein herr~" Velvet smiled again, before adding, "Even if his appearance is something of a... distraction, for the normal folk," he turns to Alice again.

"Yes, the err, creature that made me this way was very particular about what traits her servant possessed, you see--thankfully they became useful in escaping them," he shrugged a little, looking more serious now, with that. "I've tried to create a free place here for everyone that's not normal, so they may have somewhere to go and be themselves, that includes yourself, of course," he nods.

Striking a match with one hand against the claw of the other, Sabrewulf seems content to light up amid no real protestations. A cigarette on a holder. Really. Funnily enough, the concept works well for muzzles. The wolf looks over to Alice with a shake of his head, for what glorious image that produces from his eyes. "If you didn't know any better, you'd swear that Deutschland had a new queen after two hundred years."

That was...a joke? Konrad draws tobacco smoke through the holder before leaning back, tipping his nose upward, and just staring up at the lighting.

"Oh, you were made to be as you are now by some sort of creature? I'm glad you were able to escape and avoid forever being their servant. This really is nice. I mean, I may be able to easily pass as human, but I've still experienced how people react to my beast form, and it's nice to have a place where I can take on this form and be accepted by everyone around, not feel like I'm going to be attacked or jeered at for not being human." She says with a smile, taking another sip of her drink, thankful that her stubbier muzzle made the act easier than for Sabrewulf, since this was her first time trying to drink from a glass as a rabbit. Next she grins a bit at Sabrewulf's attempt at a joke, and finally speaks some German herself, despelling any doubt that she understood the bits of German spoken earlier. "Ich hoffe, sie bringt ein neues Zeitalter des Wohlstands."

"Well I'm honored you'd accept me as such, Konrad," Velvet batted his eyelashes at the werewolf, apparently catching the joke, it was unclear if Alice did, even though Sabrewulf had been directing the joke to her.

"Yes, quite, me as well," Velvet sipped at his drink again, before setting it on the coffee table across from his sofa. "Indeed, you likely have an easier time of it than some of us, Alice--though folks with altered perceptions or the very young can sometimes see through my own disguise--normally humans, especially adults with closed minds don't see anything amiss," he explains.

"Man, now both of you are doing it~ well at least you'll be fast friends, I think--we could always use more," Vel slips back on the sofa and sort of half sprawls onto it, dangling an arm over the side. Perhaps he felt more relaxed and at ease with these two over him than he might have with more formal guests.

"I dig the cigarette holder by the way, Konrad--I'll have to pick you up a black enamel one next time I'm around France," he snerks.

"Nur wenn Sie gerne ein Kleid tragen," the werewolf responds to the...wererabbit? Konrad exhales smoke as he speaks, but jolts back to sitting upright. "Moment mal! You can change back still?" The blue guy searches around for an ashtray or something to use as one -- something he should have done first -- although he may have to rely on any leftover glasses left nearby that haven't been picked up yet. There is, for a brief interjection, a rumbling from the wolf with clenched teeth, but the motion quickly passes.

"Verdammt, Velvet. You could have lead with that introducing your friend." Sabrewulf exhales and places a free hand over his face with a light rub. On the note of cigarette holders, however, Velvet did have experience with them in Konrad's home on one visit. Dark night. By the fireplace. Pulling his hand away to expose his eyes once more, there is a sad yet genuine statement offered to the rabbit: "You are very fortunate in that."

The wolf sinks back into his seat once more with a sigh. "My last meeting with a therianthrope did not go well at all. This is...different."

If Alice didn't fully catch the joke at first, after how Velvet responds to it and the response from Sabrewulf harkening back to Velvet's earlier talk of getting Sabrewulf up on stage wearing lipstick, a tiara and heels makes it a little too obvious, and she had to admit the mental image of Sabrewulf in a dress is quite amusingly rediculous, so much so she fails to keep a straight face. "Leider sehen solche Kleidungsstücke an manchen gut aus, aber in Ihrem Fall wäre amüsant vielleicht eine bessere Beschreibung..." She responds in German again, then switches back to English for the talk of her ability to change back. "Yes, it does sadden me that not all are so fortunate. I do hope you are sucessful in finding some sort of cure, someday."

"I would assume so," Velvet, now has his head supported by one arm, as he nestles into the corner of the arm of the sofa and the back, peering back at the two. "Otherwise how did she walk in here wearing that woman suit?" Vel raised a brow at Sabrewulf not realizing she can switch back and forth. "His form is shapeshifting is he's uncontrollably locked into a lycanthropic shape, y'see dear, so if you ever consider your situation unfortunate, well--there is always someone worse off," he plucks at his own bat-like ears. "These too, don't go away, or this--" he hefts his tail a little, at his side, as it flicks about beside him. "I just afford myself a sort of illusionary disguise, but those with open enough minds can see through it, as I explained earlier," he grunted lightly as he sat up again, now in a more proper sitting position. He drained the rest of the soda in his glass, pushing over the glass with watery worn cubes at the bottom for Sabrewulf to shake his ashes into.

"On the other hand, he seems fairly able to keep himself calm and collected, and not fall to animalistic rages, which is the important part, really, though it does make pub crawls a bit awkward, I know," Velvet took a deep breath, sighing. "See, we can accept you just fine for who and what you are, Konrad."

"Don't goad me into an argument over my desire to regain my humanity in whole in front of another therianthrope, Velvet. As I said, my last meeting with one did not go well and I'm not sure this is the right time..." Konrad waves a hand to gesture to the activeness around the club, " go into all of that. Perhaps if it were quieter."

After clearing some ash, the werewolf goes back to lazily (and drunkenly) smoking. "What Velvet is not telling you, of course, is that I must keep myself drugged and dulled in order to maintain my sense of self. Nobody but me seems to believe my situation is as dire as I feel it is." A shrug follows. "A cautionary tale, then, this meeting. Get a good look at me and hope you never fall into such desperation."

There are more friendly topics for conversation to choose from. Existentiality will nearly always bring the aging noble down in spirits. "I can always step away if you find my presence too draining. I get that a lot."

Alice can't help but chuckle a bit at the idea that she came in here wearing a human skin, which was smaller than she is now. But she supposes Sabrewulf just didn't notice her when she entered. She does nod toward Velvet though, and this further discussion on the matter perhaps makes her more inclined to help treat the less fortunate ones that can't change like she can, to the point where she feels she wouldn't want to charge them, but thinking back she assumes the offer of payment was just Velvet paying her for the help, not that it would come directly from the patients. "I can only imagine what having a wolf-like beast side that threatens to overpower your normal self. I think I'm a bit more high-strung or nervous at times now, which I feel is the prey insincts of the rabbit coming through a bit, but for the most part I can keep it under control. I guess I understand why you've been drinking so much now..."

"Ohh, therian this, therian that, whatever," Velvet seems to relent and dismiss the topic then, since it is clearly not the right time or place. "My apologies for having dampened our otherwise magical evening, call it an old habit, trying to cheer up our friend here," Velvet clears his throat. "Alright then, well Alice, it was lovely meeting you, and I would love to have you here again, anytime you feel like dropping in, or need to see me," Velvet rises from his seat, the platform heeled boots thumping against the floor as his tail swished about behind him.

"I need to attend to a few things, the crowd here has gotten a bit rowdy since I last left it unattended, but it was a pleasure meeting you, and seeing you again, Wolf," he gestured to Sabrewulf, before giving the both of them a bow and stepping aside.

"Please, excuse me dears~"

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