Jae Hoon - Lesson Two: Finals are a bit more important!

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Description: Victoire has decided to take up the good fight against Kim's youngest son, which is all well and everything, except that Jae Hoon learns the hard way that perhaps maybe he can't focus on more than two things at once. Exams are no joke, my friends!

Victoire has been enjoying her stay in Southtown. Whilst the first fight in the league hadn't been auspicious, the second had gone much more as she had hoped. A truly intense battle which ended - of course - in her inevitable victory! She'd even made a new friend, and perhaps helped to inspire the next generation of fighters.

"Are you sure about taking on this fight?" Her assistant asked, a rather more serious-looking woman with short purple hair talking in a low voice as Victoire completed her warm-up stretches. "This isn't even part of the League. There's no prize money on the line. It's just you and this... Hoon boy. We don't get anything from it."

Given the rather relaxed nature of the challenge that had been issued it might be a surprise for Jae Hoon to find the beach as crowded as it is; Victoire has her staff, the people who have fallen into her orbit in hopes of leeching success of their own from the French fighter, or who are genuinely inspired by her presence. Such things do tend to happen with the more magnetic personalities in the fighting community.

"That is where you are wrong, Marie." She says, easily, as she sweeps her foot through the sands of the beach, testing the ground that the fight will be taking place on as the crowd begins to grow beyond just her own hangers-on. If there was one thing she liked about Southtown it was the fact that there were always, always people willing to become part of an audience for any fight that might be kicking off.

"Although my style is unique to myself, it incorporates many elements of our beloved Savate. The kick-based arts of the Kaphwan family are rightly beloved the world over, but this is an opportunity to strike a blow for France. Besides."

She flashes a bright smile back to Marie, and the woman is immediately struck silence by it as her boss - and friend - straightens and cracks her neck. "I was myself inspired by seeing a professional fight for nothing but the thrill of it, yes? My magnificent performance today will launch a dozen promising careers to follow in my own unmatchable footsteps, of this I have no doubt!"

With full awareness of League in full throttle, Jae Hoon admittedly has been disappointed. Always keen to take up the mantle of honour when it comes to representing his father's name, he usually is the first to sign up for a tournament like that.

But, you know what takes a bit more precedence?

His final year of school.

Yes indeed, there are things that require more of his attention than participating in tournaments and such, and at most, he can really only manage time for training during his day. League matches take up time and energy that isn't quite in his agenda these days.

Which made it all that more surprising when he received an invitation. A challenge bestowed by someone he's actually never really heard of (shocking, I know). Intrigued, and frankly exhausted and in need of a break from his studious efforts - regardless of how much he truly enjoys the process of studying - he couldn't seem to find it in him to refuse. It /could/ count as part of his daily training regime, if he really wanted to look at it like that.

That is why Kim's youngest son shows up on this sunny, warm, and slightly humid day, over prepared as per usual with a large duffle bag stuffed full of items he may require post-match; water bottles, protein bars, bandages, you name it. Everything one could possibly need to replenish their energy and patch themselves up if needed. Also par for the course is his attire, the simple Taekwondo-style uniform, freshly ironed, cleaned, and the like, to make himself appear as presentable as possible.

After all, he truly has no idea who his opponent is or where they come from.

The Korean teen sheds himself of his belongings as he approaches the makeshift ring, easily designated by the small gatherings of crowds (all of which he had to politely excuse himself through so he could get to the centre). There stands the unfamiliar lady, seemingly engaged in conversation with what appears to be a business person of sorts. Maybe an agent? Assistant?

Either way. It seems he is late! What shameful behaviour on his part, yeesh!

"Apologies for my tardiness." Ever polite and friendly, his handsome features lift into a smile as he nods in greeting at his challenger. "You must be Victoire, then? It's an honour."

"Of course it is, young man, of course, of course." Victoire says with a smile as her opponent makes his way into the designated sandy ring. It is unusual for her to fight without cameras, but it is a pleasant change. Today, they are fighting only in front of the eyes of the public - and in doing so they will create a unique memory for those who happened to be here the day the beach became the battleground between Victoire and Jae Hoon. The thought of it brought a lightness to her step as she gave a last nod to her associate and turned to face him more completely.

Jae might have all sorts of other things on his mind; his schooling and his furtherance of his father's legacy amongst them, but the older fighter has no such burden. This was something that her entourage often had difficulty understanding. They saw her sign up for competitions and seek to claim all manner of prizes and rewards, but those things were never what she was fighting for. Fighting was it's own reward. She was precisely as invested in this fight as she was any of the upcoming Neo League battles. Of course, this likely came easier when you were completely assured of your own success in any event.

The youth had a couple of inches and just over thirty pounds on her, not to mention his training under one of the most highly regarded martial artists in the world, but there's absolutely no sign that any of this troubles Victoire in the least as she stands before him, and extends her left leg to the side, raising her hands ready before her as she looks him in the eye.

"There is no need to stand on formality, my friend. Please, feel free to begin at your convenience, and let us show these fine people a fight to remember, yes?"

Immediately noticed is this energy of pure delight. Victoire practically radiates with it as she lightly bounces towards him, light-footed and perfectly aware.

It's actually incredibly refreshing to see.

A kind smile graces his features, and Jae can only quietly appraise her aura. It speaks volumes when fighters come to enjoy a match not necessarily to win, although that may be the case here and now, but also for the sheer love of fighting in and of itself. Martial arts in any form is an expression of passion in some way or another, and when he is faced with someone who resonates with those ideals, it makes the challenge all that more worth it for him.

If only everyone could approach these things with such a mindset. Then, perhaps, there wouldn't be an unbalance in fairness, joy, or even cruelty.

Oh well.

She begins to prepare herself, inspiring Kim's scion to do the same. Her stance is recognizable to Savate-style, with a hint of her own expression within. Curious, and certainly worth noting. He hasn't fought someone who practices this particular form before, but it has held curiosity and intrigue to him as he's witnessed other fighters. So accustomed to Asian combat styles, it's always rather interesting to study and encounter European-rooted fighting.

With one final glance over his shoulder to ensure that his belongings are all tucked where they should be, he takes one respectful step back from Victoire. A bow comes first, and then his lengthy form shifts just to the side as he crouches down into a casual but proper fighting stance, indicative of an experienced and diligent fighter. Even if this is just a friendly match, he wouldn't bring disgrace upon his father's name by fighting lightly.

Every instance and each move counts. He holds that burden with the highest esteem, knowing full well those teachings make him shine in ways uncountable.

A hand quickly but with full good intention extends outwards, as if gesturing to her first. "After you, ma'am," he relaxes his tone, though still it holds a note of formality despite himself. His smile drops into something more focused, intent on readiness for the match to begin.

"Very well!"

And in the very next instant, Victoire is tearing across the sands. Her feet leave deep furrows in the beach as she runs, her arms at her sides in a wild dash. She was certainly not going to take the opportunity to set the initial momentum of the fight pass her by. Many fighters believe that attacking puts one inherently in a position of weakness; that overextending and placing the opponent in a reactive position allows them the greater flexibility to respond and strike back at the flaws in the individual's stance and style.

Victoire has never subscribed to such views. To her mind, it is always better to be the one setting the pace in the fight; forcing the opponent onto the back foot narrowed the number of possibilities they could reasonably respond with. Victoire genuinely loves to battles, yes, but she didn't fight only for the joy of it; she fought to prove herself, to demonstrate her superiority and to take those striving steps towards the legend she knew would one day be hers.

And she would do it by narrowing the possibilities until there was only ever one outcome for her: victory!

She really ought to be slowing down as she approaches him if she intends to go for most kinds of reasonable kick. But of course, the issue here is just that: Victoire has no intention of going for a *reasonable* kick. Instead, with all the gathered momentum of her headlong rush, she simply bends her knees - and that is all the warning Jae gets before she launches through the air with both feet twisting upwards to crash into his chest.

That definitely isn't a classic Savate move.

COMBATSYS: Victoire has started a fight here.

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Victoire         0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon has joined the fight here.

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Jae Hoon         0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         Victoire

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Jae Hoon         0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         Victoire

And so, a common ground exists between the two of them, whether the thought of proving oneself also sits at the forefront of their mind.

Being the younger son to a prestigious father, forever undermined by his elder brother's genius and natural talent, Jae Hoon has had to fight to reach the top. All his life, his goal to uphold his father's ideals, to be known through hard work and dedication, always shines forth. The sheer dedication he demonstrates has become something he's been recognised for back home, and is something he is striving for in Southtown. That, and the absolute desire for justice against all things cruel, terrible, and evil.

Thankfully, that latter bit of subject matter isn't something to be concerned about during this fight. Victoire doesn't give him those sorts of vibes - rather, the exact opposite, in a different way.

That is what makes this fight honourable.

This thought remains in the back of Kim's scion brain as the European woman launches herself towards him. Unexpectedly, the move isn't all that reminiscent of Savate in the slightest, instead demonstrating a sort of personalization to the style itself. It doesn't matter for him, however, because while each martial art has its own flair, a kick is still a kick. Almost like a soaring screwdriver, she twirls towards him, and despite the speed, he matches pace.

"You're quick!" he compliments.

His torso swivels, allowing for the arm closest to the attack to bend at the elbow, the other hand lifting so the palm flattens beside it, as both limbs work to deflect the assault away from him. It isn't forceful enough to bat her away completely, just enough to bounce her legs off him and create enough room for his hands to twist. Deft digits attempt to find purchase at the ankle and calf. Should he secure a grip, his back heel digs into the sand, allowing Jae to tilt himself in a way that would lift Victoire mind-air, over his shoulder, and tossed some distance away from him entirely.

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon successfully hits Victoire with Tai-Otoshi.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/------=|===----\-------\0         Victoire

The grab lands easily enough and Victoire finds herself tossed through the air. She lands heavily, but she doesn't stay down for long - a little frustrating, perhaps. She had thought she would be quick enough to slip around the boy's reach, but alas, her twisting motion was not enough. The sand helps to cushion the blow only a little; but if she is annoyed by coming off worse in the opening exchange it only spurs her on to bounce back stronger. She digs her foot into the sand beneath her, and explodes back into motion.

"You have not yet begun to see my speed!"

Her assault this time comes significantly differently. Rather than slamming into him with pure momentum on her side, this time, she swings her right leg up and around. It's an impressive motion; pivoting upwards so that she can crash her boot right into the side of the boy's head. And almost immediately, she brings the left up and around as well! Showing off her acrobatic prowess by kicking him from both sides at almost the same time.

And should she succeed in pinning the boy's skull betweeh her feet, she'd swing around and slam him bodily into the sandy beach beneath them both, aiming to pin him face-down into the sand with her boot on the back of his head.

Victoire may not be evil; she's certainly more cheerful and enthusiastic than most dark souls would tend to be... but that doesn't mean she's taking it easy on Jae, not at all! If anything, she is now more determined than ever to prove that she can in fact keep up with him.

COMBATSYS: Victoire successfully hits Jae Hoon with Victory Slammer.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0         Victoire

Despite having created some distance between them, his opponent is back on her feet and racing towards him rather easily. She's resilient, quick, probably testing his reaction time. Jae Hoon knows full well that there isn't much time to get out of the way or even to knock her away a second time. His lean form crouches slightly, fists balled tight and positioned in front of his face, preparing for collision.

And, truth be told? There is not anything pleasant to say about what it feels like to have two sequential kicks slamming right into each temple. It's a sensation he's all too familiar with, but not exactly one he enjoys. The first kick impacts in a way that causes an immediate headache to split across his forehead. The other forms stars that dance before his eyes, decorated further by little specks of black.

Somehow, she sustains a grip throughout, managing to leverage herself in a way that brings him face first into the sand below. The grains puff up like a halo around his head upon his arrival, unfortunately landing rather deftly on the insides of his mouth, since, well, naturally he'd be baring his teeth on the way down. Something carves its way into the supple skin of his bottom lip. The acknowledgement of pain escapes him by way of a short grunting noise, but otherwise, he doesn't show much other indication.

In fact, he's already pressing both palms into the plushy surface of the beach, somehow finding purchase there. The Korean teen rolls, showing off a split lip which trickles a thin line of blood down through the textured sand still adhered to his face. Utilising his upper core strength, he rises his hips and then pushes up from the ground into an upward moving kick aiming right for the underside of Victoire's chin.

All intents are to channel his fiery chi into the bottom of his foot as he does this, but...

That isn't quite what happens.

Yes, flames do appear. They're discoloured however, from a rich crimson to a sickening emerald green shade that seems to bubble and evaporate at the tips, acting almost like an acid instead of fire. This abnormal flame burns up the length of his calf as Jae attempts to knock the French woman off balance, likely searing into whatever it touches along the way.

COMBATSYS: Victoire blocks Jae Hoon's Hien Zan.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/---====|=======\-------\0         Victoire

"A clever trick!"

Victoire can't quite keep the smile from her lips as she sees the energy building at the base of his foot. Then he's lashing out at her with it and acidic fire comes roaring up to try and scorch across her side. But she is no amateur to be intimidated by flashy energy attacks. It was an art that she, herself, rejected entirely; she preferred to excel purely in her martial talent than touch any kind of supernatural or interior force. Perhaps because she had simply never been able to channel such powers with any kind of consistency. Nevertheless, there is a huge difference between not being a fan of these arts and being helpless before them.

Her gloved hands snap down and she braces both into the boy's calf, shoving rudely back into him and taking the impact on her palms. Sticky green fire scorches the fine white of her gloves, but she remains very much standing and very much strong as she meets his eye with a glimmer in her own.

"Perhaps against a lesser opponent, it would even have been enough!"

And as she swings around to face him, her leg raises up, knee to chest-

-only to then SNAP upwards in a vertical slice which aims to crash the heel of her boot right into the boy's jaw and send him tumbling back to the sand he had just risen from!

Her style may not have the lightshow which draws oos and aahs from the more easily-impressed elements of the audience, but when it comes to the kicks and throws which make up her style she very much knows exactly what she's doing - and there's a certain kind of person who finds her stalwart determination to stand steady against such forces with nothing but the strength of her own muscles, bone, and relentless drive just as thrilling as the more visually impressive arts - if not even moreso!

COMBATSYS: Victoire successfully hits Jae Hoon with Heel Kick.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/=======|=======\-------\1         Victoire

Certainly, he is impressed by the pure bodily strength this woman possesses. In some ways, her raw power is rather reminiscent of that of Kaphwan, who also chose the same path of rejecting elemental power. The choices his sons made to embellish the art they've been trained to know only served as a way to further their own skills, their own potential, but not in a way that is meant to be harmful in its entirety.

If anything, it's a nice touch to an already fulfilling martial art form, even if Jae is still dealing with the nonsense regarding the eschewing flair to his chi.

Even though he can appreciate her approach to a style, it still doesn't feel nice when the young scion's attempt at dodging the incoming kick ends up getting him a boot to his jaw instead. The force is enough to send him back earthbound, lending rather unfortunately to the headache he's just received from the earlier blow. The weight of his body stings at his elbows as he bends to catch himself, the angle somewhat awkward as his temple bumps into the sand, but he manages to brace and roll himself instead of face planting entirely.

Back on his feet, Jae Hoon crouches low. An appreciative grin spreads across his handsome features, brightening it despite the small smears of blood decorating his chin. "Nice retaliation. I can see you're very passionate about what you practice." Palms spread wide, pressing into the earth below, grains of sand pushing up and out over long digits. A glob of spit frees his mouth from the runaway grains that clustered there, and then he's off to the races once more.

"As someone who also loves what they do, I can respect that about you!"

Rising to three-quarters of his height, kicking off from the ground in a burst that has him advancing towards Victoire rather quickly. His knees bend, generating momentum that allows him to leap grandly into the sky, to which he twists mid-air to allow his dominant leg to swing around and up in a crescent moon motion. The heel comes driving down, threatening to bash straight into the crown of his opponent, and not without a slight catch to it.

In the seconds before it nears her, his foot ignites in proper bright flames the colour of autumn, aiming to also singe whatever it touches along the way.

COMBATSYS: Victoire dodges Jae Hoon's Hangetsu Zan.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/=======|=======\-------\1         Victoire

"Of course I am passionate. I am, after all, the greatest fighter in the world."

The phrase is all the more confusing for being spoken like a simple statement of fact. This is not just an arrogant boast; she may truly believe that she is the greatest fighter in the world. Certainly, she acts as though she believes it. She holds herself tall and proud as he kicks off from the ground, and those shining golden eyes of hers take him in as he arcs into the air. This is the kind of effort she appreciates most; when one is falling behind in a battle, that is when the most determined efforts to throw things back in your favour come to the fore. The kick comes arcing down towards the top of her head--

And she shifts to the side in perfect synch with the momentum of her opponent, allowing him to bake the sand to glass with the bright fire of his passion in turn. "You have not a little skill yourself, my friend, I look forward to seeing what you can accomplish when you can focus properly on honing your talent!"

It is, perhaps, a surprisingly insightful comment from the French woman. Maybe she can tell that he is distracted? His schooling has taken a significant amount of his attention of late, after all, and perhaps, in the ineffable way that fighters can glean such truths about one another, she can see it in his kicks.

Perhaps she is just assuming this is the case because he is of the right age for it to be a confusing, distracted time and she had noted that he was not a part of the Neo League and therefore couldn't possibly be committing as much to his fighting career as he might be.

Whatever the case, it is an earnest statement - and not one that spares him from her retaliation. With the boy descended and the fight now at the close quarters she much prefers, the woman reaches out to grasp him by the shoulder.

If she can manage to grab him, one strong leg serves as a brace and she simply hurls him down over her knee and backwards into the sand. Standing over him, the intent is to ensure that she can end up looking right down into his eyes with a bright smile on her lips; thus far she has done a great job of controlling the pace and tempo of the match... but she knows better than anyone that such things can change in a moment. The furious downward kick had been his first attempt to do that.

She wants to see what his next one will be!

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon blocks Victoire's Quick Throw.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Jae Hoon         1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1         Victoire

Insightful as it might be, the comment serves as a pausing point for Jae Hoon, who deeply considers the implication behind it. Clearly able to understand her good intentions, he takes advice like that to heart more than anyone could ever begin to surmise.

Every hint, suggestion, or criticism is taken seriously - probably sometimes too much, if I'm being honest. There is no doubting the earnesty of Kim's youngest son to strive to be better, to represent the best version of himself and his practice.

It's probably why he's been so distracted by school, honestly.

Even in the realm of academics, it's important for him to do well. Being a high school student has proven to have its challenges, to be certain, and final exams really loom quite heavily over the minds of the students choosing to undergo them. After all, they do make the choice to attend high school here, instead of it being part of the regular curriculum like in Western cultures.

Perhaps, though, he hasn't quite considered the impact his studies have been having on his performance today.

The thought clicks just as Victoire shifts around beside him and attempts to grab hold of him. Swiftly, and effortlessly, the Korean teen swivels his lanky form into a defensive stance, bringing a forearm up to bat away her hand before it finds any sort of purchase. The skin colliding with the fabric of her glove smacks, echoing a little even as he side-steps away and creates a sprint's worth of distance between them.

"You may be right," he acknowledges firmly, a focused expression painting his handsome features. "There is much I want to show here today, and I can't possibly accomplish that if I'm thinking of other things."

Brown orbs, bright and curious, close, and deep breaths inhale into his lungs, lifting his chest and sternum. Once-tightly balled fists relax, becoming slightly slack at his sides, as Jae begins the meditative process of recentering himself. Casting away any and all distractions, including thoughts regarding school, his family, and even worries regarding his hamster back at his apartment. Ridding himself of any potential burdens. Deep within, the naturally flowing chi sits warm in his core, kindling and stoking like a steadily burning fire. Yet despite all this, his awareness heightens to his surroundings, keen to the noises ongoing around him.

How appropriate.

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon enters a meditative state.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Jae Hoon         1/------=/=======|=======\-------\1         Victoire

Victoire's reputation isn't all positive, shockingly. Most people who encounter her find her arrogant, offputting, elitist. She's got the ego of someone with ten times her own skill and a style that demonstrates the kind of close-in technical skill that is only real possible when you have absolutely no fear of your opponent. It's the kind of thing that can lead one to feel that she doesn't take anyone else seriously. The opposite is true in many ways; she firmly believes that anyone who can take a few hits from her is worthy of the deepest respect, but her infuriating refusal to show regard for the possible counterattacks her opponents may level against her can really rub people the wrong way.

As Jae takes his moment to gather his thoughts, she also demonstrates one of her other terrible qualities; impatience.

"You don't have time to take a breather, mon amie!" She scoffs, "Your opponent is VICTOIRE INVAINCUE!"

By the time his eyes are opening again, she's covered the distance between them. Bearing down on him, the woman's hands are reaching out and it truly seems as though she's going to grab him-

But then she snaps downwards, and her gloved fingers dig into the sands. The woman literally vaults the last metre, spinning through the air in an acrobatic twirling piroutte, which ends with her heel coming down towards his shoulder with all the momentum she can muster behind it.

She really does respect the boy - but that's precisely the reason she has to keep up the assault at the highest pitch she can! If she did him the disservice of allowing him time to breathe and compose himself she'd be implying that she didn't need to give this fight her all, and she absolutely does need to do that!

COMBATSYS: Victoire successfully hits Jae Hoon with Change-Up Kick.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Jae Hoon         1/----===/=======|=======\=------\1         Victoire

There are many things to respect about a confident fighter. One that thinks they do no wrong, however, is an interesting twist on that approach. Jae Hoon has much experience with that, thanks to his elder brother, but the cockiness that comes with that attitude shines brighter with him than it seems to with the Frenchwoman he's fighting today.

She certainly doesn't hold back, though, with regards to informing him of how she truly feels about his decision-making here.

Rather funny, actually.

Perhaps the breather is a bit of a poor choice of timing. It serves to recenter him, but at a cost. No longer distracted, his downfall in this moment is the recovery time from taking that moment's pause, which leaves him wide open.

As such, when Victoire leaps rather grandly at him, she manages to sink her heel into the crook of his shoulder and collarbone. It drives him into the earth rather forcefully, the solid ground under the plush sand colliding rather fiercely with his kneecap. Nausea immediately hits his throat, and his shoulder protests heatedly against the offending foot trying to knock him back into the ground.

The assault presents a great opportunity for him to make use of his momentum however, which the Korean teen immediately takes advantage of. Dropping his center of gravity, Jae presses up on the sand and up so that right in the European's personal space. His body spins, unleashing both his legs in a twisting kick that shoots up and aims for her torso, hoping to send her once again from him.

COMBATSYS: Victoire endures Jae Hoon's Spin Kick.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Jae Hoon         1/---====/=======|=======\====---\1         Victoire

When she gets like this it can feel like she's not far off in her self assessment. For Victoire, it is all about maintaining the momentum she craves; keeping herself in synch with the ebb and flow of the fight. Her focus on it is admirable, though she doesn't have anywhere near the level of other distractions in her life that poor Jae suffers from to even try to get in the way. She's a professional, after all. Staying focused on the fight is her primary obligation, even when those fights are ones that her entourage does not fully understand why she has picked.

As Jae starts to move, Victoire sees what he is doing, and for once she plants herself down. Rather than continue her forward movement into the next attack, she slams her boot down into the sand and grinds her heel in as deep as she can. The result is a moment that gets a real set of gasps from the watching crowd; because Jae twists upwards and his legs impact the slighter, slender woman right in the side.

And she does not move.

The thudding impact of it reverberates for all to hear, and there's a "HNNF!" As her nostrils flare and her teeth clench. Even her knee protests as the boy's force tries to wrench her out of position - but of course, in spite of the fact that this looks like an incredibly reckless thing to have done, and one which definitely hurts her, the woman is utterly convinced that this was the right call. After all, she had made it. And although the pain of this moment was intense, it left her exactly where she wanted to be - with the boy rebounding from his effort to move the immovable object that she had briefly become.

Her eye glints. For a moment, the crowd watches with baited breath; not even the seagulls make a sound, as though the entire world is waiting to see the confirmation of her genius.

And then, fast as lightning, her leg snaps out towards the young man's head--

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon blocks Victoire's Maximum Revolution.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Jae Hoon         1/=======/=======|===----\-------\0         Victoire

And rather swiftly, Jae Hoon blocks the incoming blow, his forearm snapping up just as the leg attempts to collide with his face.

Nice try!

But that wouldn't feel too nice.

"You certainly put up quite the fight," he compliments rather wholeheartedly. It is abundantly clear here that Victoire means business, with every fibre of her being. With every intention well-placed, he doesn't use his words as an excuse to hold back. Rather, it reflects the respect he wishes to bestow her, and beyond that, the actions themselves are to follow through with those very same feelings.

"I'm honoured to be matched up with you today." Even if he is a little distracted by the on-goings in his own head.

Note: don't accept matches when you're writing exams, Jae!

Despite this, and like I said earlier, he's going to give this his all, as rapidly and as intensely as possible.

Rising up now, the momentum of his weight swinging round allows him to press tight to the ground once again, palms pushing. A flurry of wild yet well-controlled kicks fly up, attempting to barrage the Frenchwoman with multiple blows to the head and chest. Surrounding both heels is a tail of flame that bursts out upon impact, exploding and erupting in fiery smoke should they hit their projected target.

And if it isn't impressive enough, a phoenix would ignite into the sky at the end of the assault, painting the clouds with beautiful shades of autumn and crimson.

COMBATSYS: Victoire blocks Jae Hoon's Chou Hou'ou Kyaku ES.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0         Victoire

That's a lot of kicks!

The sparkle in Victoire's eye has not died down just because her lashing foot was turned aside. In that instant, she had reassessed the flow of the fight, pulled her leg back and shifted her resources back onto the defensive. As it turned out, this was precisely the right decision to make. Jae's furious flurry of feet and fire meets an equally determined guard; Victoire's body having to dodge and weave to throw some of the aim off as well as throwing out her forearms to match each kick in turn. When, at last, the world explodes in flame and heat - Victoire's crossed arms meet the assault and she skids back half a foot in the sand beneath the intense demonstration of the young man's skill.

"And I see that you are worthy of your father's legacy, mon amie." She returns with a smile, reaching up, briefly, to return her hair back behind her ear with one gloved finger. "Your Tae Kwon Do and the flame in your heart can match me kick for kick, so... I shall show you now a move that is an Invaincue Original!"

And having kindly given him the warning, she comes rushing back in, low to the ground as she rockets across the sand. Both hands aim to snare the much bigger man and - really, it doesn't matter what part of him she manages to get a hold of. If she can do it, he'll find himself being flung bodily into the air despite the difference in size between them.

And then a moment later she's joining him with a mighty leap , grabbing him around the middle, and driving him back-first into the sands with as much force as she can muster in a flashy powerbomb more akin to professional wrestling than anything she's tried thus far!

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon interrupts Supreme Powerbomb from Victoire with Shakka Shuu EX.
- Power hit! -

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Jae Hoon         0/-------/--=====|=======\=------\1         Victoire

Impressive that Victoire is able to keep pace with those rapid-fire explosive kicks. She, too, deserves a compliment or two for her efforts, for her ability to withstand the blows and come out willing to share niceties and the like with him.

Truly an admirable fighter, to be certain.

Refusing to get cocky, unlike how his brother would in a situation like this, Jae keeps a hyper vigilant eye on the Frenchwoman, eager to even the fight out. His distracted mind has proven to be his downfall today, but no longer will that be so. For someone to call attention to his desire to live up to his father's name? It means he has to continue the work, to not let such words allow him to fall into complacency.

As such, he's watchful. Mindful.

And when she begins to move? He knows exactly what to do.

Her stance is low, clearly attempting to get within reach of his midsection. Not willing to stand for that, Kim's scion crouches low into his side stance, withdrawing his knee tight to his chest. In a sharp snap outwards, he buries a flurry of side kicks into her shoulder, chest, and torso region. Each one is precise and well controlled, without a spark of flame to go with them this time. Rather, it is a demonstration of his skill.

For if there is anything Jae Hoon has dedicated the entirety of his life to, it is into the practice of the incredible art known as Taekwondo.

Once the assault ceases, the teen rotates back to balance both of his feet in the sand, loosely. Fists raise defensively in front of his face, earthy coloured irises peering between the gap. He's on the ready.

Victoire had not seen that coming.

There's an audible gasp from her entourage as the champion fighter is driven back in a hail of kicks she can do nothing to mitigate. The blows hammer into her one after the other, send her reeling across the sand and - thoroughly - break the momentum that she had built up throughout the fight. For a moment, she looks quite stunned, those golden eyes of hers wide and her mouth open in a little moue of shock. The crowd is going wild -- and it's not just for her flawless performance any more. It's because the tide has been significantly turned. Both of them can feel it. The razor's edge between victory and defeat. For as one-sided as things had felt in the earlier stages of the bout, now, she is slowed, tiring, and the hits she has taken have mounted.

It is... frustrating. She raises her gloved hand to her mouth and wipes her lips as she stares the boy down, recovering her stance and taking a slow, steady breath. "No, no." She murmurs, quietly, to herself. "It is too late for the dramatic comeback now, my friend. I am afraid that there is only one way for this to end today."

She cracks her neck and bends her knees just a little. She focuses her mind back on the inevitability of her victory. A knife-edge? Nonsense! She is Victoire Invaincue, her triumph was inevitable the moment that she stepped into the ring! Just because he got lucky and got a couple of hits in... as though that could ever truly change the outcome here!

When she explodes from her standing start it is easy to miss the slight lag. The fight has taken more out of her than she would care to admit; her muscles are protesting and demanding that she slow down, but she refuses to allow such a thing. Instead, she comes in fast and then darts around suddenly to the side-

Where she aims to snare Jae by the arm and hurl him around in three wide loops, dragging him through the sandy ground before letting him tumble across the beach - only for the woman to complete a cartwheeling arc, intending to end with her boot crashing down on the back of his head so that she can bow to the crowd in what must, surely, be her moment of final victory!

COMBATSYS: Victoire successfully hits Jae Hoon with Royal Parade.

[                             \  < >  ////////                      ]
Jae Hoon         1/-----==/=======|=------\-------\0         Victoire

/She/ may think there is only one way to end this match.

Jae Hoon has a very different opinion, if he's honest about it.

With the wire cutting close on even, the grind begins. Even as she succeeds in getting purchase on his forearm, even as he's violently tossed about, hitting sand, clay, and everything else buried into the earth beneath him as he goes tumbling away. There is no doubt in his mind that he will attempt to level out the playing field, despite his battered form laying motionless for the briefest of seconds, absorbing the impact.

He'd gone skirting away on his belly, so his palms just begin to grip at the sand when a real pain slams into the back of his skull. Stars explode in front of his eyes as he basically faceplants into the sand, searing that previously earned headache into his brain, erupting in a terrible migraine that splits over the entirety of his crown.


Absolutely, he sits there for a moment, likely deceiving onlookers that he's down for the count. In reality, he's willing himself to move, because that blow nearly knocked him unconscious.

Stubborn to the core, Kim's scion pushes himself up with wobbling arms, his body protesting every bit of the effort it's taking to get back on his feet. Yet, he does it, rearing around to face the European woman. One hand swipes the sand away from his face, while the other curls into a tight fist that hovers up at his eye level once again.

"I'm not done yet..." he breathes.

With every ounce of energy reserved for this fight, the teen rushes forwards. Hips twisting, a high kick swings out, intent on knocking right into her temple. Following up on that, if it lands, his body rotates into a back-flip, in which he matches her height and slams her core so solidly it may very well lift her skyward.

If he's going down, he's taking her with him!

COMBATSYS: Jae Hoon can no longer fight.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Victoire         0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Victoire fails to interrupt Hou'ou Kyaku EX from Jae Hoon with Crowning Moonsault.

COMBATSYS: Victoire can no longer fight.

"No, my friend, I am afraid that you are."

Victoire reaches back and tucks her hair behind her ear with the statement. He'd managed to slip out from beneath her elegant heel, but she has seen enough fights in her day to know when someone is running on fumes. He has done well, really, to pull things back as much as he had - but now she need only to finish things in style and the Invaincue fighting style will be all the talk of Southtown. She certainly LOOKS confident. Everything about her exudes it. She smiles as he approaches, gold eyes glittering in a way which just seems to say 'I see what you are doing'.

She launches herself into the air, backflipping around with the intent to land directly on Jae's shoulders. This will be a fitting way to finish things. A final farewell for a combatant who has given her his all. The crowd will love--


Certainly, the first kick passes neatly beneath her - but she hadn't seen the second coming. The back-flip from Jae meets the backwards somersault from Victoire, and the woman practically launches herself into space for him. The combined momentum shoots her so high into the sky that for a moment, the crowd stare up open-mouthed and shading their eyes from the light of the sun to try and see where, exactly, she is.

When she lands back on the ground again it is with an incredible crash. Both fighters laid out quite convincingly amongst the beach sands.

The fight might well be the talk of Southtown for a little while... but perhaps not for quite the spectacular reasons that she would have hoped!

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