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Description: Stumbling upon Frost busting up some mooks in Metro City, Lilith makes a new friend.



The sounds of struggle were heard in the dark alleys of Metro City, not an unusual sound to be heard in these shady streets. Men grunting, the sound of knuckles colliding with flesh, trash cans rolling on the ground and screams of pain as a body hit a wall. All things that were heard before, common in these gang filled streets.

What was less common perhaps was the sound of a drill perforating a body accompanied by a shrill cry of pain. The temperature was also much colder than it should be this early in summer, even on a cool night such as this. A cold sheet of ice covered the streets as it ran red with blood.

"Come on! That's all you guys got!!?" Came a woman's haughty cry as another gang member was bodily thrown out of the alley. His companions, unable to withstand the assault from this unseen attacker, fled in horror away from a dark alley.

"Man, I can't believe I ever struggled with losers like these guys." A young woman walked out of the alley, pale skin, violently spiked up blue hair and blue lips were her most striking features. Her street clothes, just a top and jeans with running shoes were sprinkled with the blood of gang members.

Frost looked at her hands, doll like joints interconnecting her digits with the rest of her hands betraying their artificial natures. These were either implants or this woman was more like a living mannequin. "Huh.. at least the upgrades are working. Nice.." Said the blue haired woman to herself.

It had been a while since Lilith had visited this place. Something in her old, residual memory (which was not exactly reliable, or substantial) had told her this was a good place, a fun place! Only a little of such inklings remained after her merging and emerging from her sister, which had stabilized her form at the cost of pretty much everything else--but she was still a succubus, and the scent of blood and violence in the air was just as perceptible to her as it was any other night creature.

And holy shit, there was a lot of it here!

Lilith appeared out of a dark reddish shadow that slid down along the side of a tall building nearby, gawking at all the mayhem.

"Woow... who did that?" she didn't seem excited with a childish curiosity as she might have before, she was actually a little scared, but curious all the same. Sniffing the air--these were bad guys, bad people very much so--all had grimy spirit auras and breaths--and speaking of...

As she approached one of them, her high heeled boots clicking, she could tell one of them was still quite alive. At least for now.

"Who did that, huh?" she tilted her head, frowning a little, brow raised, before trying again, "Quien te hizo eso? Por donde?" Language was about as fluid to a Succubus as their sexuality.

There were numerous factors at play here. Normally Frost would reel back when hearing a voice approaching her out of nowhere and immediately take a defensive stance. It took a lot of skill to be able to sneak up to her like that, so whoever was getting close knew their stuff.

However, that girlish voice took her completely off guard as did.. the Spanish.

"What the--? Do I look Latina to ya??" The would be ninja turned to look to the person addressing her, far too confused to actually have aggression in mind. Lilith caught Frost in rare form, for she would normally not even bother questioning someone like that and would simply attack, but as succubi are oft to do, Liltih's natural charm and apparent innocence were enough to temper Frost's anger just enough so that she could lay eyes on the girl rather than immediately attempt to crash a cold fist on Lilith's face.

"Whoa.." Perhaps it was for the best, Frost was, ironically, frozen in place when her piercing blue eyes fell upon the young looking succubus. Not at all the type of person Frost was expecting to run into here. She was at the very least expecting a young sort of gang member, not this sweet, soft girl. Lilith was like a rose growing in a swamp and that made even the cold hearted assassin pause.

"What the hell do ya think yer doing here eh, kid?? This place is dangerous!!" And Frost would know considering that currently she -was- the danger.

"Mmmphh?!" when Frost announced herself to Lilith, the succubit was already a little... distracted. The soul breath coming out of the gang member she had been interrogating was going away /so fast/ and she had not been able to restrain herself. She would be found literally sucking face with him, his eyes filming over before sinking further into his head, his skin tightening, taking on a wizened appearance--the lips drawing back from her delicate lips, between a strange icy blue mist passed.

"B-bwuh?" she pulled herself back, a hand clasped over her mouth, as if she had said a bad word before she could stop herself. She looked over to the man again, wincing a little, oops... She done goofed.

"BUUURP--" she held her stomach, not able to restrain the sudden belch, either--what looked like a small dark blue bat emerging from her mouth, fluttering around her.

"Dangerous, yeah, I saw that..." she sighed a little distractedly, looking back at Frost. Oh shit--the smell of blood was coming from /her/ now.

"Sorry, I just got a little carried away--that one was going away and..." the bat that was fluttering around her looked distinctly bewildered, flapping there as if admonishing Lilith.

"Well what did you expect me to do?? You were full of holes, okay--" she barked exasperatedly, making a series of comical grabs for the bat, chasing it around.

"Oh uh--I'm Lilith, please don't put holes in me!"

Frost could only put her hand on the sides of her head and pull on her own hair a little when she saw Lilith essentially locking lips with one of the gang members she had killed. Was she trying to give him CPR or something?

"Too late for that, kid. He's done!" She scoffed as she began advancing over to Lilith, now more curious than anything. Frost had run into a lot of eccentric individuals in her career as a street fighter and then turned NESTS assasin, but so far this teengaer girl was taking the prize. Was she a true bleeding heart or just insane? One way to find out..

"What are you even talking about--GAH!" Just as she was about to interrogate the girl further, Lilith burped, which was a completely natural response and all- except for the blue bat that came out of her mouth. Now -this- time Frost did take a stance, rapidly switching to her Tongbeiquan as she was expecting trouble. Was this some kind of trick or a chi based attack? Or.. something!

At the very least, Lilith didn't appear to be attacking, she seemed more concerned with the bat that came out of her mouth which Frost didn't know what to think about to be honest. She was still bewildered by some cute girl just wandering into the toughest, most dangerous part of Metro City, the bat coming out of her was just extra.

"Relax, okay? I'm not gonna hurt ya." Unless you give me a reason, added Frost in her mind as she straightened up. "Lilith then.. I'm Frost. Can you tell me what the hell yer doing here and what ya did to that guy?" Frost wasn't super well versed with Darkstalker lore, so she didn't immediately jumped to the conclusion that Lilith wasn't human.

"You're not?" Lilith briefly stopped, pivoting toward Frost, with her legs close together. She looked like a young lady that had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar, and now was surprised to find out she wasn't getting yelled at for it. She did look at least to be a teenager, though not a fully grown one. Which perhaps helped with her somewhat absurd costume and appearance.

"Oh... well, that's good! I was just wondering who was fighting over here and I uh, found all these guys," she made a sort of grimace, rubbing her purple pixie cut hair, as if tryinbg to rack her brain. "They're kinda... dead, and that one was, too--" she changed the subject. She'd catch that new bat friend of hers soon.

"I'm a succubus! I noticed he was fading and I wanted to uh, you know--not let all his breath go to waste," she looked a bit ashamed about it, looking down and making small circles against the ground with one boot.

"Or at least you know, humans fade--and I made that one part of me!" or at least he will be once Lilith gets ahold of him, she shakes a fist in the direction he went. Morrigan wouldn't let her soul bats flip her off and fly away, she gently kvetched at herself internally.

"No, I won't." Frost repeated trying to remain cool headed- which was a surprisingly hard thing for her despite being a cryomancer. For an ice user, Frost's temper ran notoriously hot. "Just as long as you're a good girl and behave, okay?" She chided her, still under the impression that this was just some lost teenager that took a wrong turn to a crazy party. Well, the whole pulling bats out of people kind of hinted that Lilith was much more, but Frost couldn't guess what so she just had to assume she was just a mundane crazy human.

Actually... Frost had to wonder if Lilith was the type of person that got a kick out of wandering into dangerous places like this and inciting trouble, but the way she was responding told her otherwise, so Frost just had to hope there was a shred of sanity in this girl. For the good of everyone anyway..

"Um.. yeah, I did that." Said the cybernetic ninja, wholly admitting to killing a bunch of men. If Lilith was expecting Frost to apologize she was barking the wrong tree. She was good at what she did and liked to show off, under not as strange circumstances Frost would be laughing and/or flexing her muscles. It was only because she was so confused that she didn't.

"A succubus? Like.. the soul sucking hot chick monster?" Frost balked a little. That would explain the weird Halloween costume and well, Frost was a cybernetic ninja, even if she had never ran into a full legit monster she'd have to be a fool to not believe something like this existed. Plus, this girl had burped out -a bat- which was still flying around by the way. Seeing was believing in this case.

"Huh.." Well, since she was here, might as well get to the bottom of this. Frost looked up to the bat flying about and shot it with a ray of ice which froze it in mid air. The bat fell out of the sky, now encased in ice, and Frost caught it to hand it over to Lilith. "Here. This is yers I take it?"

"Oh, well... I guess they were bad, so," Lilith had a hard time verbalizing this sort of emotional response, she seemed to not whole-heartedly be in approval, but couldn't really argue with it either. She'd seen people just walk up and pop people in the back of their heads, or people randomly freak and attack old people in her time in Metro. It wasn't always a friendly place. But it could be fun--no wonder it attracted so many weird creatures like her, though.

"Uhm, sorta!" Lilith brightened a little bit at the question aimed at her. "We live on breath from humans, it's from their souls," she waved a small hand at the people scattered around, now deceased. "But they don't really 'die' when we breath them in--they live on inside us!" Lilith nodded, trying to look bright and cheery here, though she feared she might not do too great a job at that.

"Ah--there you are, you little bugger," she blinked as the bat was caught in ice, taking the block from Frost. She seemed confused as to how to get it out, at first trying to comically use her teeth to bite through the ice--before rethinking that plan, fumbling the block around like a rubik's cube.

"So they attack you?" Lilith questioned, distractedly.

"Ahuh... I see..." Well, shit, guess monsters are real! Just like that. Frost had no reason not to believe Lilith right now, what with her sucking a bat shaped soul of a dead gang member. Even if Lilith was straight up lying to her, she was definitely some sort of magician that could manipulate the chi of humans and 'suck' them into herself. Human or monster, Lilith was a succubus, there was no doubt of that to Frost who really would rather not sweat the details. Again.. she was a cybernetic cryomancer ninja, for all intended purposes she was as weird as Lilith if not more.

"Nah, I just killed them for the fun of it." Frost casually shrugged her shoulders when Lilith wondered if she was being attacked and she had to defend herself. Hey, at least she was honest! "Well, nah, not exactly for fun. I was testing out my upgrades on them. It used to be that I'd barely be able to take on five or so guys like this, now I don't even break a sweat."

Frost was no means a good guy- she wasn't exactly evil, this attack had been deliberate. She targeted the gang bangers because she knew they were people that deserved to die. But at best this was vigilantism, and at worst just straight up murder. Frost was.. morally ambiguous for sure.

Either way, she felt that Lilith wouldn't judge her too much. After all, here she was, sucking the souls out of men, who was she to judge someone like Frost? In fact, feeling some kinship between them the ninja didn't mind helping her out a bit.

She shook her head and tried to pull Lilith's head away from the bat incased in ice. "Hey! I can break it free, but you gotta be ready to catch it or its gonna fly away again. Comprende??" Apparently she knew some Spanish as well.

"You what?" cut to Lilith asking this, her mouth half full as she attempted to sorta munch the iceblock down, looking back at Frost, awkwardly. The ice cube, now somewhat worn down, popped out--into her hands, as she spoke to Frost, nodding to her vigorously.

"Wha? Oh, si si!" Lilith lapsed back into Spanish briefly there, for a second. She would hand the ice cube over, and wait expectantly for Frost to do her trick, and then just sort of... nomph the bat as it was freed. It looked like a teenaged girl trying to gnaw down a poptart.

"So you do this kinda thing a lot? coming down to Metro and all that, Morrigan doesn't like it down here a lot--she's my sister," Lilith explained.

"She likes to go to fancy places, like Italy, or Britain--and bother that Demitri guy, I saw some of the texts she sends him," she giggled, apparently amused at her bigger sisters attempts at trolling her rivals. "He's a uhh, vampire, I think--you know, the kind that suck blood, not souls."

Frost thought that the Spanish was cute and amusing, kind of like Lilith's overall feeling in general honestly, but most pressingly was the fact that she didn't flip her lid when Frost straight up admitted that she was killing gang members mostly for the fun of it. Yeah, she looked shocked as most people would be, but -most- people would either flee, fight her, or give her a long spill about what she was doing was wrong. Instead, aside from looking taken back, Lilith just kind of asked Frost if that's something she did frequently or if she came to Metro often- as if they were in a bar or something more mundane. It was refreshing to say the least.

She couldn't help but chuckle when Lilith went and nomfed on the bat as Frost broke it out of its ice prison. Not exactly what she was expecting from her first time meeting a full blown monster. From the things she heard and read, succubi monsters were the type that'd try to pin her to a wall and suck her soul out via intercourse- but Lilith was a sweet kid and they were just kinna chilling. It was nice, like the younger sister that Frost never had.

And speaking of sisters, Lilith went and brought up the subject of her own. Curious, what made Lilith think that Frost was the type of person that would care about family issues exactly? But Lilith had somehow gotten past Frost's icy guard and she decided to indulge her.

"Eh, not really." She said first on the subject of her making a habit of killing gangers in Metro. "I ain't no vigilante. It used to be that I did it for practice, but after tonight I'm prolly gonna have to go after bigger fish to really challenge myself. I have..." She hesitated to go full on the details. "..thing.. I have to do.. someone in particular I gotta beat up and I'm preparing myself for it. You could say it's an older brother." She chuckled at the strange paradox.

"Sounds like a real piece of work, this sister of yours. I kinna know how it is even though I don't have blood relatives." She said in regards to Lilith's own family woes. "But hey, who needs those posh jerks, right? You're free to hang with me anytime you want. I kinna like ya, kid." Frost offered a blue lip smile down at Lilith. She was just rubbing her the right way for some reason. Probably the succubus charm but Frost didn't know much about magic and such to attribute it to that.

The bat struggled with Lilith briefly, in her mouth--she was trying to swallow the thing--until she eventually picked him out of her mouth and slapped it against one of her blue tights, which... seemingly absorbed the thing. If one was paying attention, there was now a new dark outline of a bat-like shape on said tights, joining the others.

"Sorry about that, oh right--we were talking about sisters," Lilith inhaled a deep breath, now finally able to concentrate.

"Oh no, Morrigan is fiine--she can be a little rough sometimes, but who isn't, y'know?" Lilith grinned a little, closing her eyes briefly. "Anyway... ooh, you wanna hang out sometime? that'd be fun! I don't use humans for sparring practice that much though, will warn--they're kinda too squishy... I mean maybe if they were a jerk I could see, but," she looked back up at Frost. "You're not from the demon world, right? you're from somewhere else?" she tilted her head, curiously, hopping forward and balancing effortlessly on one of her heeled boots, peering here and there all around Frost, in a bit of a juvenile fashion.

Lilith playing with her bat was starting to be a little distracting. Frost was just about to offer impaling it with an ice spike so that Lilith could do whatever it is she wanted to di with it- which apparently was eating it, but ultimately Lilith won out in the end and she did just that. Finally! Frost couldn't help but roll her eyes a little. Lilith was cute but she seemed to be a bit of an air head. Which was fine really- cute and dumb, just the way Frost liked them.

"I'll say, hehe.." Frost chuckled darkly as Lilith mentioned that bit of roughness. "I certainly can be -very- rough, but not always. I can play nice sometimes." She assured her as she tilted her head, looking on curiously as Lilith mentioned that humans were too squishy for her. "Ooh? Tougher than you look, huh? I guess that makes sense being a succubus and all, make 'em drop their guard and then shred 'em, huh? I feel ya, girl." The ninja placed her hands on her hips.

"But you don't gotta worry about me. I ain't from the monster world, I'm from here, and while I used to be human that ain't the case anymore." She grinned as Lilith started to draw closer.

"Why don't.. I show you?"

And as Lilith began inspecting her curiously, Frost lurched forward and..

Her head rolled off her neck and towards Lilith. There would be a chance for the young looking succubus to catch Frost's head, but otherwise it would roll down and land on the girl's feet.

"Hmm, sorta!" Lilith thought about it a moment, then nodded. "I actually I kinda like partying with them a bit more, there's lots of nice ones, course, they might just be nice to me a lot because of how I look," she shrugged a little, keeping the smile on. She was something of an optimist, apparently.

"Really? I'm impressed!" Lilith blinked a little, her eyes widening a little--and then... Frost just... rolled her head off?

"Oh snap! Your head! It... comes off!" Lilith reached down and would try to pick up Frost's head by the sides, like it was a pumpkin. "And you're not hurt or nothin'! that's so cool!" Lilith grinned and gently held her head over one arm, patting Frost's short light blue hair playfully.

"I shall hug them and love them and call them George, g'heh~" Lilith was indeed just playing around now, looking down at Frost's now disembodied head, before tilting it around and checking out how it connected to the body and de-tached like that. "Man, first I thought 'Dullahan' or some kinda spirit like that, but nah, looks like something else!" she'd try to carefully hand Frost her head back, if she motioned for it.

"Darn straight it's cool." Said Frost's head, not above ice puns clearly. For all her sadism, cruelty and just plain horrible negative traits, Frost could be a bit of a prankster at times and Lilith's personality kind of made her feel like she could relax around her a little. Again, this was probably because Liltih's succubus nature making Frost feel like she was safe, but not being an expert on monster lore, Frost just felt that Lilith was naturally friendly other than anything else. Besides, Frost really did feel like she could defend herself if a fight started and even then Lilith had made no indication that was hostile. Even with Lilith holding her decapitated head, Frost did not feel vulnerable. There was a reason for it, ya see, Lilith holding the head like that actually put the succubus in danger- but to find out why, Lilith would actually need to see Frost in action, no way she was going to start revealing her secrets just like that.

"Hahah, very funny. You can put it back on now." Frost's head said and indeed Lilith was already being a good girl and trying to put the head back on. Frost's body leaned down so that the succubus had an easier time putting it back on her shoulders, and with a clicking noise, Frost's head was back on its neck, almost as if she was made out of legos or something like that.

"Dullahan.. oh yeah.. the headless knights. I actually know what that is." Said Frost, rather surprising herself. "Nah, I'm not that, I'm just a plain ol' cyborg, sorry if I got your hopes up but I'm not a monster- not in the traditional sense anyway." Surely, other people would argue otherwise.

"But hey, I'm still plenty cool, 'chica'." Frost used some more Spanish trying to impress Lilith since she had seen the girl liked speaking that language. "So waddaya say? Wanna go party?"

Lilith hadn't even intended the ice pun, likely, she was just very straightforward!

"Here ya go," Lilith had to stand on the tippy toes of her heeled boots to help get Frost's head back up onto her shoulders, the other femme being a bit taller than she was, and then hopped back and down once it was set on her shoulders again. "I didn't know it came off! Well, technically everyone's does, but... y'know," Lilith grinned a little sheepishly, before listening to blue-haired big sis there.

"Ohh, is that like part robot? I see... I'm part spirit, so I'm part something else too," she grinned, nodding and hopping up and down a little at the Spanish. "Yeah! I thought that's what that guy spoke--turns out I was right, when I breathed him in," she looked excited at recounting this. "Vampires do somethin' similar, at least the Makai ones do, I think--they absorb information from people when they drink their blood, like succubuses do with breath," she looked up again at the word 'party'.

"Do I!?" she nodded vigorously.

Oh, Frost was aware that she was a full head -pun maybe intended- taller than Lilith, it's why she tried to lean her decapitated body down so that the succubus could re-attach the cyborg's head.

Big sis Frost. She definitely liked the sound of that! If Lilith decided to call Frost like that from now on the ninja certainly would not mind~.

"Not just part robot, I'm full on robot, baby. Every part of me." Frost's hands spun in 360 degrees, then her upper body, then she raised her leg to also spin it in circles. "Well, I guess I do have some stuff that is still fleshy, like the stomach and.. other fun parts.." She glanced at Lilith warily, as a succubus she probably knew what she meant by fun parts. "But anyway, that's besides the point. All that matters is that I'm hella cool and you should stick around with me. I know how to have fun."

"Hm.. really? I bet that comes in handy." Smirked Frost before she walked next to Lilith and boldly wrapped an arm around the girl's slender waist, trying to lead her away from the alley full of mangled corpses. "So.. what kinna party are -you- into, toots? Not the fancy stuff like yer sis I take it?"

"Hmm, so I guess that means you have no breath, or at least not like a human..." Lilith seemed to be curious about that, but she wasn't about to ask to investigate at least, not soon, anyway.

"Hey I can do that too--I mean, I might have to break a few things, but I can put myself together again," Lilith stuck her tongue out a little, then thought about Frost's question.

"Parties--you know, like the really fun ones they throw at the big houses in the nicer parts of town--with all the loud music and underage drinking!" she grinned again, trying to act a little tough, or like she was a big girl. Really, Lilith could get into anywhere party-wise--but this was just what she tended to do, it seemed.

She didn't seem to mind that Frost was leading her off, with an arm around her like that--her clothes subtly shifting to include a blue and darker yet blue bat-print hoodie over leotard, as likely they were going to be seen by humans. She did this almost subconsciously--not many humans ran around in shapewear like this outside of the gym.

"I know, lets go to the boardwalk! You like hot dogs?!"

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