Iori - Finding The Violet Flame

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Description: Mr. Burr seeks out Iori to give him a message. It goes better than you'd think.

Just an average day, in an average part of Japan. Birds are singing, a comforting scent of flowers on the wind, not a cloud in the sky.....

Wait, that was yesterday, across town. Wrong date and time....

At PRESENT time, it's a dingy back alley at twilight. In the building adjacent, slightly off-key singing can be heard from the bar, where open mic night has fully commenced. Trash is piled up near the places back door, causing a reek to fill the area in the smell of old beer, slightly rotten citrus, and who knows what else ends up in their trash cans.

It is here that, in the shadows, a man in a dark suit, holding a cane and wearing a dapper bowler hat, waits for his query to arrive.

Mac's Bar is a common enough place to find Iori Yagami. His band occasionally will do a show there, despite the fact that the clientelle isn't quite the audience for whatever prog-fusion that they play. Still, their skills are usually enough to get some people to appreciate it.

Now, though, the show is done. The band is cleaning the stage and getting ready to head out. Well, most of the band. Iori Yagami, heir to the Yasakani and GIGANTIC ASSHOLE who DOESN'T HELP HIS BANDMATES WITH TEARDOWN, steps out the back door into the reeking alley. He twirls a pilfered cigarette in his fingers and puts it between his lips, lighting it with a spark of violet, Orochi-tainted fire. He takes a drag and looks up into the light pollution filled sky, the crescent moon shining down, matching the one on the back of his long leather jacket.

He frowns slightly, eyes starting to skim the darkness. He feels a presence. ... Maybe it's a kitty.

"Mr.Yagami, i presume?". An aged, but chipper voice asks, as Burr steps from the shadows with a smile, hands on his cane "The honor is mine. Your name carries much clout as well as infamy."

The stranger tips his hat to Iori "You may call me Mr.Burgess, and i'm here with a most interesting business proposition for you from my current employers, if you're so inclined to listen to the offer i carry?".

Iori frowns deeply as Burgess emerges from the shadows. It is, in fact, not a kitty. He is very disappointed. He takes another drag of the cigarette, blowing the smoke out. Briefly, it hazes the moon. He narrows his eyes slightly, never the trusting, or even personable sort.

"A gig? I don't handle that. Talk to my drummer."

Of course, his gut is telling him it's not a gig, but, well. Everyone gets one innocent assumption. After that, they get the flames.

A smirk is his response as Burr responds "Oh, it isn't exactly a gig for you and your... musical associates. It's a specific invitation for you specifically, Mr.Yagami". He pulls out a card, and offers it to Iori. On it, is listed the following:

Asclepius Springs Society

Medical and Therapeutic Hotsping Community

Tateyama, Chubusangaku National Park.

Iori approaches and takes the card, squinting at it in the dim light. A theraputic hotspring community? His eyes flick back up to Burgess then back down to the card.

"And why," he asks incredulously, "Would I care about a medical hot spring in some national park?"

He remembers hearing something or other about some national park danger on the news, but he wasn't really paying attention. Because he doesn't care.

Burr places his hands back upon his cane "It's of no concern to me whether you care or not, Mr.Yagami. You see, it seems a small monastic order has taken over the operations of the place, and the head Priest sent me to come and request you come visit him. His motives and reasons are not my business, nor is it my place to make you do anything you do not wish to. My job began and ended with informing you of the offer".

Iori takes another pull from the almost forgotten cigarette and flings it away, the butt hitting the ground and scattering dying embers in the dark. He regards Burgess head on then, his tall and lanky frame seeming to loom in the poorly lit alley.

"Did Kusanagi put you up to this? That asshole doesn't have to summon me to the middle of nowhere if he wants to die so badly, I'd do it right here. Tch."

He looks at the card again before glancing back at the door of the bar. He runs a hand through his hair, letting it fall back over one eye. On the bright side, as annoyed as he seems, he's not radiating heat or throwing sparks everywhere. That's something, right?

"You know what? Fine. I'll go. If it's Kyo, I'll just beat the shit out of him. If it's not Kyo, and someone's wasting my time, I'll beat the shit out of them, too."

Burr gives a suprisingly happy reaction to that, as if the idea amuses him rather than the repulsion one would usually expect from such violence "Splended! That would be an interesting fight to witness, i must say. I do assure you if it IS Kyo Kusanagi, he has a mervelous disguise, as i only know of said fighter from his reputation, but have never met in person". He gives Iori a tip of his hat and a slight bow "That, then, concludes my business. I thank you for your time, Mr.Yagami, and will now take my leave and return you to your day and whatever else it may hold". He then turns to depart, content in a job completed.

Iori watches Burgess depart, squinting at him suspiciously. Not that this is anything special, Iori is always suspicious. Or angry. Suspicious is safer, though. He watches the man depart the alley in silence, waiting a few more beats before he turns and re-enters the bar through the alley door. Or rather, tries to. It's locked.

As Burgess turns the corner at the end of the alley to go on his way down the street, there's a bright flash of purple light and a frustrated yell. Plus some screams of fear from inside that die down pretty quickly.

Just another night with Iori Yagami.

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