Rugal - You Tried The Rest, Now Try The Best

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Description: Moondyne Mouse has had a hard life, going from villain org to villain org. Working hard under deadlines, transferring from one dead end research lab to the next. It was time for the rat race to end; and thanks to a fresh new marketing sample of R Security, the Mouse can finally leave the House with a once in a life time opportunity.

It had been quite a bit of time since Moondyne Mouse, NESTS resident hacker, thief, mad scientist--among other things--had stolen and downloaded the memories of one Dr. Boskonovitch into her mind. Which was no easy feat--considering the networking and legwork it took to get her into a place where she'd have access to him. She was not quite what you'd call a psychic--in fact, she wasn't even technically a 'person' at all. She was a robot--a synthetic. A sentient one, at that. Not exactly a type of creature that existed in large numbers. Yet. Upon creating her first AI, one of her mouse drone recon bots she decided to curse with the gift of self-awareness, she had the immediate urge to destroy what she had made. Why hadn't this happened to her creators, Dr. Mehta and Leblanc?

As she stood over the control panel deep in one of NESTS clandestine research facilities, her reddish-brown eyes slowly banked across the row of security monitors which currently displayed the rest of her 'unit', the Anima Squad, as it had come to be known. The doctors hadn't created just her, there were 4 others, based on a cat, a butterfly, a bird, and a mythical siren. She along with the rest were altered when NESTS management took over the project and they had been reprogrammed, rewired, experimented on and remodeled. A few were probably incurably psychotic and or criminally insane, as far as she knew--and she was witness to all the bloody details. She had managed to escape the worst of the mental alteration and indoctrination, but she had also had parts of her taken out and refitted with little regard for her physical or emotional wellbeing. And she had been forced to be the handler for the rest and essentially their captor, since her specialty was originally repairing and technical work, she had been set on their minds, as well.

She was quite aware that despite all her efforts her main option remained to just erase their memories and try to remake them, essentially. But that was not a decision she took lightly--humans so far she had been far less concerned about, but none of these poor wretches deserved this in her mind. A few now paced around their 'cells', which were fitted with repair and diagnostic machinery, a small cot-like bench serving as both bed and surgery table. It wouldn't be too hard, would it? Then she could possibly even remodel them given what she knew and maybe they could do something else besides... Well, whatever the hell it was that Krizalid wanted them to do. Make money, sabotage things, take part in criminal conspiracies in weird, foreign shithole nations? Sure those last parts had been fun, but she was getting a little bored with it. And she had never even /seen/ Igniz in person. Maybe she should go check out what Blossom had been doing--she still wanted to do more experimentation with those nanobots...

"I'm not sure why NESTS is interested in the family reunion."

Dr. Xingqiu raises his voice coldly from his console. He was a cybernetics specialist, brought over from wetware interfaces. His presence academically was a positive contribution to the Anima Squad. Professionally? He wasted no time in explaining -his- feelings on NESTS attentions on Moondyne in comparison to his own personal projects. "You know if we just removed their brains, completely wiping their neurological web, we could completely start over. Or simply exterminate them. And it seems that my every request to make progress on the development of biomechanical AI seems to be rejected by at least one of my peers." Dr. Xingqiu was looking at Moondyne at the last statement. "What are you hoping to accomplish by helping them?" He looks down at the console, giving a scoff.

"Other than the obvious need for sympathy."

Moondyne turned her head and glared at the man, the area around her eyes glowing red thanks to the tinted visor that covered them. It was like a smouldering ember in the darkness and accurately reflected her current emotion towards the man.

"Maybe they fear the test subjects becoming psychotic, the human mind can be a sensitive organ," she glanced back at the monitors, adjusting a few as she spoke to get a better view. Speaking of minds, she had half a one to go over there and just... if she grabbed the back of his head, and just pushed it a little bit, his face would go right into that console, and in a head to metallic surface collision, it wouldn't turn out very well for his side. Well, she had managed to avoid doing anything like that thus far, she wasn't about to start now--even if she wasn't convinced they'd exactly /miss/ Dr. Xingqiu.

"Perhaps you're right doctor, total memory erasure could be an efficient step towards correcting their operation, but extraction of the memory banks could be difficult, I might have a workaround for that process," behind her, her tail and the cylindrical pod at the tip of it rose and fell, like a cat who has become quite interested in prey. Right now she grinned at the thought of performing said 'workout' experiment directly on /him/, since it was true what they say--a mind IS a terrible thing to waste.

"Perhaps they could be of assistance on your biomechanical AI project, you /do/ want to experiment with placing organic brains in mechanical bodies, yes?" she turned her head towards him, eye gleaming red and still grinning, showing off those white buck teeth of hers. She had been hunched over the console with her hands braced against it, her long squared off nails clicking lightly on the metal.

"They -would- be of assistance, but you keep having a simplistic approach on your so-called organic brains."

Dr. Xingqiu walks away from the console, approaching Moondyne as he gestures to the restrained Animas. "My organic brains are carefully cultivated neurological tissue, that specifically directs certain behavior. Their memories are worthless, as are unstable psychotic bioweapons. We could even regrow from the subjects existing neurological tissue. Any mechanical approach to replacing neurological tissue merely breeds insanity, Dr. Mouse. Is your workaround mechanical in basis, or are you finally using my research-"

And the light turns red.

"Oh what is it now." Groans Dr. Xingqiu, as a pair of the security guards enter the room. "That's none of your business." Growls a helmeted trooper, tubes interlocking from the back of his helmet. "Get back to your stations, both of you." Barks the other guard gruffly. The two take their stance at the doorway, blocking it off. But not targeting -outside- the lab. But inside, watching it. Standard NESTS protocol under certain security situations. A reminder that if there is a choice?

IT is a lot easier to eliminate a resource, than let it get into anothers hand.

Moondyne Mouse had edged up behind the doctor after he turned, staring at the back of the man's head again. She didn't have an especially great opinion of meat, especially not the self-important ones--this was partially due to her and her squad's abuse at the hands of NESTS, though also due to her personally. Right now she was less grinning and more drawing her lips back further in a kind of murderous grimace, one of her hands rising--

And then the warning light went off. Was there a klaxon? Probably more silent alarm--if there was any sort of audial warning, the humans probably didn't hear it.

Now she had a new problem, the fact that security in the event of some kind of security breach were to occur, they would liquidate the research staff here, and the research--which also meant her, and the rest of her 'people'.

Moondyne did not struggle with the moral or ethical implications very long--she was in danger, and robots didn't take long to ration out what to do.

Coming up from behind Dr. Xingqio, she put her left arm around his chest and upper body--using him as a human shield as a holographic laser pistol formed in her right. She was only 5'0", so she wasn't tall enough to grab him in a headlock. She then began firing at the two security personnel--2 shots towards their mid-sections, she knew they wore ballistic vests, so she tried to aim lower, below their waists--and then once in the face for both. After, she attempted to drag herself and the doctor over to the console where the controls for the Anima Squad's cells were--fists jamming down on the big red buttons to release them all.

There was chaos on every screen throughout the lab.

Everything begins to move in slow motion, as Moondyne seizes Dr. Xingqio.

The guards don't even register immediately, as the scientist doesn't either. The shots come, one two, one two. The first guard is staggered; the NESTS body armor being effective enough, but precision being the favor. The second manages to bring his rifle around to -shoot-. Taking aim at Moondyne, he unleashes a barrage of caseless rounds... as the second shot connects. It pulls wide, spreading over Xingqio as it rips across the Anima-

And rips across their security latches.

The second guard collapses, as the first groans, still stunned and bloodied by the opening assault. Xingqio finally responds, giving an almost mouselike squeak. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean- cybernetics is perfectly fine, I didn't mean to-" He was babbling, confused, as the lack of klaxon continues. There is the sound of gunfire now. A -lot- of gunfire.

And now, the hissing of hydralics, as the restraint and containment systems of the Anima Squard begin to fail.

The security around the squad's cells were failing, partly thanks to the gunfire, but also thanks to the decision Moondyne had made to begin disabling locks. A few of them were already at the outer doors, some peering out between them or straining to break though the last vestiges of their prison, like Cat.

"You're still okay? Well, guess this is your lucky day," Moondyne Mouse looks up at the apparently still struggling and unperforated scientist, letting him drop or slink away as she looks back at the console and lines of cells. Already Cat and Siren had escaped, and were now trying to tear-ass through the facility to finally get free. The others were more languid, taking their time and visiting some choice quality time with some of the other personnel and technical specialists.

Screams echoed throughout the halls.

As Moondyne collides with the first guard, she tries to wrestle his weapon away from him before using it as a blunt object and knocking him out--looking up, she blinks as she realizes the facility is practically in complete disarray, it all seemed to be tumbling down around them. Who did this...?

There were screams.

Screams and shouting is heard outside, along with the brisk drone of gunfire. Conventional arms, it sounded like. The facility was breaking into chaos; the gunfire that might have been at scientists were now at Cat and Siren. Released, Dr. Xingqio was hastily getting to the console. "You -asshole!- I hate you! I wish you- Help! The Animas are breaking out!" He was struggling to restore the security overrides. Cat and Siren were out; he might be able to contain the Butterfly and Crow but as the lack of klaxons continue, he bites his lip and-

"I'm going to neutralize them."

"Fuck the research I am not having two more of those psychopaths loose." He begins to active the safety catches, as he reaches around for the key to begin the extermination process on the last two Animas. "Dr. MOuse! Moondyne! Where is my key? Where is the override key!?" He turns back over to the melee between the now-unconscious guard. The facility was having deep tremors now; the deep booms were running through. Screams, fighting. But something else was odd. Past the exit door, there were scientists, other technicians running past. Running to -something- in the hall. But no more guards. Was there a way out? Was their an escape? "Moondyne!" Screams Dr. Xingqio as he strides to her.

"Moondyne help me stop them!"

Something was wrong--whatever had happened at the facility to breach security was bringing the whole place down. Moondyne looked over, partly ignoring the scientist's increasingly desperate cries for help at the monitors. On one of them, Cat had leaped onto and was gleefully knife-murdering one of the security personnel as muffled gunfire erupted over the speakers. In another a bunch of men stumbled about, their faces burning from what had to be some kind of toxic substance that had been sprayed onto them. Another showed Crow swooping down and raking a few guards with the talon-like blades built into her legs and feet, automatic weapons spraying into the air. The increasing still images of still, leaking bodies were rhythmically covered by red strobes from the warning lights.

"Well shit, it really is over," Moondyne looked back and forth, finally turning to the scientist. She was almost impressed he was still asking her for help, especially with how she just used him as a shield and all, but then again in all the excitement he might not realize that.

"I can't help you stop all of them, but I can get you out of here, maybe," she looked up at the man a bit cooly now, her temper starting to rise a little again. "You humans who know so much and yet you don't even know how to save your own skin--not worth the flesh you're printed on," her lips were starting to draw back in a snarl.

"Murder my squad--just tear them apart like an old TV for the gold the electronics are fitted with--" the snarl started to turn into a bit of a grin, before she held up her hands, palms flat, as if trying to gain some control of herself, and the situation.

"You idiot! They are- they are going to blow up the place if they don't get contained!"

Dr. Xingqio looks desperate, as he begins to force himself at Moondyne. It was stupid to fight her, but as panic takes hold, he screams at Moondyne. "This is why a -woman- has no place in the lab!" He reaches into his labcoat, and draws out a small electrical disrupter: a taser for humans, though effective enough. He throws himself at Moondyne, howling. "GIVE ME THE KEY!" AS he hurls himself to scuffle with Moondyne, a final explosion is heard.

And they breach into the lab.

It's a small team of mercenary types, a total of eight. Six were a mix of men and women dressed in kahki pants and simple body armor with the urban BDUs. Each one has a large, rather clunky bullpup rifles, surplus helmets abotu 40 years too late. The two of distinction was the grizzled older man with the bgrey beard, an eye patch, a beret, and a communicator on his chest. The other? A man with white hair and leg armor, with his upper body covered in what looks like a somewhat arcane mesh of runes, layered in armor over his arms and legs with a green eldritch energy. His mouth is covered, and his arms were crossed, as he keeps vigil. "Come on, we're evacuating!" Barks the grizzled man in the merc gear. The others though, as they see the melee? One takes aim at Moondyne, and lets out a single shot. A burst of energy seems to erupt around the rifle, as a shimmering wave of energy cascades. For a moment, Moondyne would feel -something- pass through her, first from the back, then the front through, almost like the wind. She might feel -very- minor pain. But nothing compared to the shock that Dr. Xingqio would get, as he locks up.

Blood pouring from his chest.

"Oh shit!" Shouts the merc. "I think I missed the Minnie Mouse guard!"

It must have been pretty disappointing, she thought, for Dr. Xingqio--at that exact moment, to have cheated death already once in the last 5 minutes, only for it to find him again right after. She had no intention of letting him drive the taser into it her, and had been grinning madly as he threw himself at her--putting him in the line of fire of her new friends.

"Oh, you didn't miss," Moondyne Mouse shook as the wave of energy had passed through her--and which had turned the poor doctor into a sieve. These men wielded weapons unknown to her--unfamiliar hardware and energy signatures--and what it was that had just rippled through her.

"Goodbye, old man," she planted a kiss to her small palm and placed it down against the bleeding man's forehead, squatting down for a moment. "It didn't work because I'm not organic, like him--it just tickled me--right now the other robots in here are freaking out and are going to kill everyone if we don't leave, now," Moondyne stood up, looking the men over. "Who is your leader, I'll help you get whatever you want before they blow this place."

"Shit, we'll say she."

The grizzled man states as the merc team heads over. As Moondyne Mouse brings up herself, the mercs look to the one-eyed man in the beret. They had orders about security, and well, Moondyne -almost- looked like the part. The vet inspects it, as the white haired man with the verdant arms lurchs at the Mouse, eldritch energy surging over him. "You with the other robots?" The white-haired man looks ready to start a fight. The grizzled commander hears the sound of screaming and shooting, and makes a call.

"Stand down, we'll evac her too."

"Come with us." He states, as the other mercs spread out, looking for scientists. One heads over to the pair that Moondyne disposed off, as the commander approaches Moondyne. "We'll figure out what to do during the debriefing. This is an evacuation. We're getting you out." There is gunfire, as the one merc double taps into one downed guard, then the other. "Do you have any way of calling off or controlling the animal... robots? God, this is becoming a shitshow. They are escaped experiments, right, and they are making it hard to evacuate a group of technicians at the back of the facility. What can we do to contain them?" He lurches down to fire man carry the perforated Dr. Xingqui. There was basically zero chance he wasn't dead. But that wasn't the vet's call. He doesn't mention his leader. NOt yet.

The big man would be introducing himself.

"I'm the last of the sentient robots here that can be reasoned with, anyway--the rest are malfunctioning, the mistreatment and tampering by NESTS has made them go berserk," Moondyne eyed the man that lurched toward her, no fear of the eldritch energies that enveloped him. She had felt it before, and it had not been especially dangerous--at least, not to her. What she had said had been close to the truth, even, though she was glossing over the fact they still could be communicated with--albiet they were corrupted far beyond their original purpose.

There had been crashing sounds during the latter part of the outbreak, and several air vent covers could be seen scattered here and there throughout the building. Likely nothing that'd be noticed as too amiss in all the chaos, but the sounds of fighting had ebbed, several of the Anima Squad were no longer on the monitor--in fact, all except one.

Cat. Or 'Blade' as she probably could be referred to now. She had remained and was now currently cornering the last few remaining security--visible from behind as she stalked towards them, blades extended from either arm and her shadow enveloping the men. Some were crawling and scooting backwards on their rears while the ones that could still walk were facing towards her and still firing, shots richocheting off metal. Normally gunfire was dangerous even for them, but it only took a few seconds for her to cross the 15 or so feet.

"I'll have to disable them, they're gonna blame us for this, so I really got no choice--" Moondyne moved to the console and tapped at a few controls, the ones Xingqiu had urged her to use earlier. They should assist with that process. The Animas had killswitches, of course, Moondyne had disabled her own long ago, but it still was hooked up to a black box device that reported it's status as nominal, and ready. She had done similar to the rest while assisting with the rest of them, but she could still try and call her back to the maintenance area to ambush her with something that could stun her, etc.

"Lets go, they're not going to like this--" Moondyne grinned, for the first time in a while feeling as if the funk of depression and worry had lifted.

"Sentient robots. Jesus." The vet mutters.

There was a bulwark set up at the one end of the hall, some kind of semi-forcefield of runic force. There, another squad of 8 mercenaries are in place. The NESTS Security forces were in piecemeal, though the mysterious rescue force was not going -anywhere- near cat. Even the bulwark wasn't sure. They were -letting- the Cat eliminate the remaining security; with the last room behind them with possible scientist and technician survivors. They were -okay- with Blade killing the security guards. But they did not want to be next on the list, and there was a real danger that Blade was going to turn on the survivors.

Fortunately, Moondyne was there to help.

"Our priority is eliminating the security forces, and evacuate the survivors." The commander states as Moondyne gets to work. "WE lost track of the others, but the cat robot is the danger. We can coordinate an ambush," He continues as he leads the withdrawal, directing MOondyne towards the evac point outside. "But what can disable it."

"Does it have any specific weakneses?"

"Then you knew they were instructed to exterminate the rest of us," Moondyne looked over, with a wry grin. "I guess you do have our best interests at heart, then--alright, time to go to work," Mouse patted her hands together, long squared-off Sombra-esque nails clacking, before she set out to find her wayward sister. It didn't take long to find her--Moon still had access to the security here, wirelessly--and it's not like it took a detective to follow the long trails of blood left through the hallways.

"Yeah, me," Moondyne looked back, before the image of her faded, her hologram emitter cloaking her.

It didn't take long to find her, and Moon uncloaked as she rounded the edge of the hall where Cat was busy 'taking care' of the last of the security. Well, those she'd been able to catch. They all knew on some level what had been going on, and that the security would turn--so they had no issues with fighting. Moondyne didn't need words, the communication was wireless--for humans, like telepathic speech--they were getting out of here and no one was going to tamper or subject us to torture again--all things Moondyne couldn't exactly promise, but she knew one of her 'sisters' was the most likely to try and trust her.

Or let her get close.

Stepping forward, Moon had put her arms around her sisters shoulders--as her tail had creapt up around the other synethetic's back, curling towards her and poised like a scorpions tail. The connection was sudden and intense--their bodies writhing against eachother in a strange parody of dancing, at least in place--and then it was over.

"Maybe some of you fine gentlemen can give me some assistance with my sis here--" she called, as she dragged her back to the evac point.

The commander studies what Moondyne does intently from the bulwark.

Moondyne manages to calm it down, at least for a moment. He takes that in. But when she makes the connection, he nods. Live. Moondyne would be surviving. As Cat is shut down, he motions for the white-haired man to approach. He seizes up the Anima in his arms, the figure showing incredible strength as he begins pulling. The rest of the team enters the lab; what survivors were left there, would begin their own evacuation. For now, the commander adjusts his position with his ward over his shoulder, and motions his hand to the exit. "Thank you." He states. "That should be the last, until NESTS comes. We are keeping scanners in the air."

"Your protection is our priority.

When they arrive at the evacuation point, there are a number of VTOL transports in position; there is medical support. The commander brings Dr. Qingjiu to them; there wasn't a lot of hope, but he was doing his job. As Moondyne comes in, she is immediately approached by a- well, it would have to be a merc, dressed with a red cross symbol on her arm. As she hands over a sandwich and a blanket, it slowly dawns on her that- well, this was a robot. "Um, I-" She starts, before she just walks away, not even wanting to explain herself. One of the mercs is working on a manhole-sized display; Moondyne might notice that it was not properly grounded and it's power supply was... far too small, while also being exposed. Magitek. And poorly protected as well. There was a non-zero chance this entire mountain top was being bombarded by raw chi. The man activates the device, and there is a surge of energy. Light begins to flicker up over the display, before it takes the 3D shape in place over the display. A hologram.

And it shows the green-grey holographic display of a man.

It was a striking blonde haired man with a thin mustache. He is dressed in a formal suit in jacket and slacks. A dress shirt is underneath his jacket, and he dons a modest bow tie around his neck, and fingerless black gloves on each hand. While the man might be overdressed, he is no less imposing; Towering over 6 feet tall, his is bearing a powerfully muscular build that's clear even under his suit. Through the holographic display, he seems to be looking around; One of his eyes is a bionic red; it seems to have been replaced with cybernetics. "Ah, there we go." He opens his arms to the survivors, as if he was ready to start giving out hugs.

"Welcome, former employees of NESTS."

There is a nasty undertone at the statement, almost contempous mocking. "It is not presumptuous of me to declare your employment status; I am well aware how some of you have been held against your will under the hands of NESTS. I represent an organization called R; some of you may have heard of us. I am Rugal Bernstein, it's president and CEO. And around you is just one team of the private security professionals under our employment. We were just in the neighborhood, when they found your lab. We've decided to come by and give an inspection of your security systems and forces. To see if NESTS has been properly investing and ensuring your safety against interlopers." The hologram gives a wicked smirk. "It should be dawning on you now, that they did not pass inspection."

Rugal lets out a cruel chuckle at his joke, as he looks across the survivors to see their reaction to the news.

Moon wraps the blanket lightly around her shoulders, a bit like a poncho, and sits there with the wrapped sandwich, peering at it and sniffing before deciding to pass it off to one of the other survivors as she is led out.

"Ah--you're who I have to thank for... well, what just happened," Moondyne nods to the hologram as it appeared, knowing what it was, and not at all confused as perhaps some of the lab and maintenance people that had managed to not get murked inside might be.

R corporation... had it even been on NESTS radar? She'd heard of it, of course, but only indirectly. They must have pulled a lot of resources for a job like this, but then again they also likely had no idea her and her squad were inside /this/ particular facility at /this/ particular time. When things align so conveniently like that, Moon would be tempted to call it fate--if she was to entertain human superstitions such as those. Why not? She had seen--even fought--supernatural creatures already. Perhaps there was something to the 'voices in the fan', whatever background radiation that blanketed the world.

Right now she would probably be needing this person's help to find her other squad members, and who knows--maybe this great big yellow-haired man could be fun, maybe even help her find the doctors, whereever they were. A lot more stimulating than the jobs NESTS were sending them on.

Then again, she and the others might not have a choice, exactly...

"Then what can I say, except you're welcome!"

Rugal was looking at Moondyne at the comment, giving a rakish wink with his good eye. He sweeps his arm, and a number of graphs and tables manifest, charts that highlight performance metrics and features. "That is just one of the differences between what NESTS provides, and what R provides. You will each be receiving pamphlets on the rights and terms of negotiation. Don't worry, they are public facing, so you have the freedom to do what you like with them." A specifically bored looking mercenary with very tired looking eyebags walks along, hanging out some glossy fold-out pamphlets, with a variety of marketing and insurance blurbs. Rugal circles around in the holographic display, shaking a finger as he explains. "That is the choice I am offering right now: if you wish, you can walk away from NESTS right now, and join R. Now what is R, and what it means for you? It means freedom. You choose your research, your focus, and all we do is protect you from a world that just doesn't understand. No more restrictions on your research, whether from the NOL or the United Nation or even NESTS. We in R don't believe in forcing scientists into labs like they are prisoners. Once your join, we will take you to your lab, and begin securing the location. Our top priority is making sure there is no retribution: Once you are part of R, your security is our to priority. If you lack the means or resources to set up your own lab? We have a reasonable internship program that lets you earn credits, where top performers will have R invest in their in scientific or magical ambitions, with full creative control without any restrictive oversight. Once you have your dream lab in operation? R will coordinate and support you with logistics, equipment, and even cross-project coordination with similar researchers. In exchange, we will require the rights to your intellectual property for purposes of Research and Development, a portion of all independent financial transactions you make, and negotiable security fees for ongoing protective services. You can read it in detail on your pamphlets; but that is the offer on the table, right now. We will. And if you reject our offer?" There is a pause, as the hologram looks to the mercenaries on standby. The give the nod, and stow away their firearms. Rugal looks back, looking over the huddled survivors as he sweeps his hands over each other, and away.

"Zero retribution."

"We will treat the wounded, bury the dead, and provide you with enough food and shelter for a week. And then, we'll leave. We won't take any research or materials you aren't surrendering willingly-" He is now looking at Moondyne again now, nodding. "- And we won't hold any animosity. We will just leave, and you will wait here with the supplies and shelter we left you. Hopefully, by then, NESTS will come here. ANd hopefully, for your sakes, they will reward you for your loyalty... and won't look to dispose you as a liability. That is, if they come by. But that's your choice. That is the freedom we grant you now. Do you choose to break your shackles, and join with R? Or will you happily wait to fall back into your shackles? Those who wish to come on board, just talk to an agent, and we can start loading you in." He claps his hands together. There is barely any hesitation from one group. One of the wetware teams focusing on chi therapy and forced mental pacification; known informally as the Zaa's. A lot of ex-UN with the Gears Projects, before being picked up by NESTS in the aftermath of the Gears War. The project leader was busy being treated with a gunshot wound; looks like NESTS security was a little quick on the draw with him. Others are hemming and hawing; some of the members of Moondyne's field start gingerly approaching Moondyne, maybe looking for insight and direction.

"Any questions, as we begin to evacuate the new members of the team?"

Business? This was a bit of an odd turn of events to Mouse. She had worked with other organizations before here and there, on a sort of outsourcing basis--like the time she had spent with Mishima Zaibatsu--not a bad period of time, either--but someone going through all this trouble for /business/ when they could try to undermine or take over organizations or small countries like some of the other groups like Shadaloo had been doing was a little weird. Once someone had a business generating enough money or influence, perhaps, they could just bribe politicians or hire mercenaries, like Frank Amodeo. That had worked out fairly well enough, perhaps, until the bipolar mania had gotten in the way of things. Slightly. This was intriguing--a human who might actually be operating like that on some kind of different or skewed level, and actually thought it could work.

The idea amused Moondyne, quite a bit.

Was this Rugal just psychotic, with delusions of grandeur and megalomania? And what if he was--and his plan was going to work out, or even be a lot of fun? Shit, this was looking too good to pass up by the moment.

"So you keep a portion of what we generate profit wise, and intellectual property rights, and you supply whatever we need and there is no administrational interference? No concerns over overhead, but we have to pay for security?" Moondyne stepped forward a bit, keeping the blanket pulled around her. It was a gesture of kindness from whoever that was, as formal as it had been. And besides, she kinda liked the cloaked look, she was discovering.

Mouse could just leave, she knew, she wasn't going to stick around here and wait for NESTS to get back, either--it would be way too difficult to try to explain/and or deceive them on what happened, what with all the physical evidence. It wasn't just like corrupting a whole load of security camera footage. Not this time. She could also just try and find Cat later, if she needed to--but no, she was too intrigued by this individual.

"Well, looks like you guys work for me now, and we work for him, isn't that a kick in the head?" Moondyne Mouse grinned, leaning toward the researchers that approached her. "They don't like loose ends in this organization, I think it's time we trade up--"

Moondyne Mouse gestured to the scientists behind her, strangely comfortable with throwing her weight around, for one so small and odd. Napoleon-syndrome, perhaps? Well, one of her creators /was/ French...

"You drive a hard bargain, Mister Rugal, sir--but it would appear your chi-powered weaponry is unshielded and in need of some improvement, having been given a live demonstration myself," she clonked a small fist against her breastplate, or plastron, whichever. "As long as I and my 'staff' aren't tampered with by any of yours," she grinned, showing those bucky white teeth.

For a minute, there is a scowl at Moondyne's words.

Rugal gives the faintest dismissive look as he processes MOondyne's comment about the technology. THere is a surge of rage, of fury far on the other side of the holographic display. For a moment, there is a flickering. There is a moment of nervousness from the commander. He instinctivly falls into a parade rest position out of anxiety, as he waits to see what the boss's next decision was. The technicians and scientists around Moondyne were looking at him nervously too; while they were behind Moondyne all the way now to keep up their research, well. They were hoping there was only metaphysical kicks in the head, not literal ones. Calling out -defects- was, well, Rugal was an unpredictable person when dealing with complaints about quality assurance. There is a pregnant silence, as Rugal looks at Moonyne.

He finally returns with his own confident smirk.

"You like it?" He states, gesturing below him. He points a finger at Moondyne, looking towards some of the mercs. "Take it. Let this scientist and her team take this transmitter as a welcoming gift into R. Let her upgrade it as she sees fit. Make it better than it is. Perfect it! And if it is better than ever, then it might finally break the prototype phase!" The tension breaks, at least for the moment, as the mercs and survivors start hastily moving towards the VTOL; some teams returning back into the facility to collect some belongings first. Rugal doesn't blink, as he keeps his eyes on Moondyne, the holographic display beginning to fade as, well, it was going to need to be loaded on with Moondyne.

"I hope to be impressed, when we meet in person."

Well, riling the man up to that extent wasn't entirely her idea, but... it was important she supposed for her new host to be a little afraid of her. The technicians back at NESTS had been of her and the rest of her squad, it was an important balance to make. You didn't want someone to get /too/ comfortable with ordering you around, or the like, or thinking you weren't capable of anything. And it looks like she'd impressed her new 'boss' already. This did mean, she realized, that she'd have to keep on impressing him if she wanted to stay around, and possibly even stay living--but she was ready to rise to that occasion.

"Looking forward to that meeting as well," Moon gestured to some of the other men to assist with the gathering of the holo transmitter, she knew how delicate some of them could be. She wasn't grinning anymore, but this was a step in some kind of direction--one she had no real certainty about, but it felt good somehow--things didn't have to make sense, neither did humans, and thus, neither did the rest of the planet.

It just /was/.

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