Ambrosia - Mr.Burr and Ambrosia meeting.

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Description: Ambrosia and Mr.Burr meets. Ambrosia is not sure why, but isn't worried.

Evening spreads its shadows across the Tateyama mountains. Pinpoints of light begin to dot the area as the sparse houses and buildings swap to evening illumination.

Meanwhile, in one of the finer hotspring resorts on the mountain, Malcolm Burgess sighs in relief as he sits back in one of said hotsprings. The comfortable water does its work on his muscles and body as he positions himself to comfortably watch the door. To the side, just outside the water, his cane rests leaning against the side of the spring within arms reach.

Sitting in the water, he can be seen to be clad in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, still with his trademark bowler hat. After all, even if mixing business with such pleasure, one can still try to look professional to some degree!.

.... and wait he does, for his appointment to arrive.

Having seen the area before the current appointment, Ambrosia teleports herself nearby. Not inside the building, but somewhere discreet close by. She's wearing a black, loose dress for the occasion. She examines the door from her current position. She did not believe a trap was set for her, but she still wanted to take the feeling of the place. Once that's done, she walks lightly toward the entrance.

Once at the entrance, she makes her way inside. Her steps very light, almost giving her a floating flair. She at least knows who she is looking for, even if, at the moment, she is not sure why she is here. That's the beauty of life. There are simply things you discover as you go. She makes her way closer to her requester.

He can see she has a smile on her face. Whether it's genuine or not is another matter. "Sir, I am here and accounted for." She says, looking at the man. Would he invite her to sit, join him in or something else? Things were so full of possibilities.

While Burrs smile is a warm one, somehow it just doesn't match his eyes. Not lecherous, something else...... but what precisely is hard to place.

Nonetheless, he tips his hat to Ambrosia as she enters "Welcome, m'lady. My compliments for your time". He motions to the other side of the hotspring. It's large enough to comfortably fit two with plenty of space "Your welcome to join me if you so desire. The water is very comfortable. If not you are welcome to take a seat, and i trust you'll pardon me my perhaps less professional positioning at present".

Ambrosia could not understand his eyes. It is probably the point. The poker of life. She nods her head. "Better to start on good bases." She pulls her loose dress off of her body easily as she is invited to join in. Under she has a sky blue swimming one-piece swimming suit. If anything, she at least planned in advance for this. She lets the dress drop on the ground and makes her way into the water on the other side.

Once settled, she speaks again. "I think you are exactly where you want to be. If I took you for less, because of it. I would be the unprofessional one here." She takes a deep breath and looks at her place here. Now if she felt that way inside or not is another matter. "I do wonder what this can bring forth for each other. If you forgive my bluntness."

Mr.Burr gives an amused laugh "In truth, i appreciate your bluntness. It's quite the refreshing change of pace from normal business, where everyone tries to over-correct for basic manners, sometimes to the point that nothing gets done!".

He replaces his hat on his head as he continues "We all have our choices to make, my dear. It is what makes life so interesting. On the one hand, you could have not shown up for a variety of reasons. You could have chosen to have a sit on a chair rather than accepting the offer to enjoy the water. You could have come in guns blazing rather than having an agreeable discussion. THAT is what i live for, and to see happen....".

He locks eyes with her, that intense stare bores into hers. There seems a hint of madness there, even if it is well contained and focused. "As you wish to not beat around the bush, i'll tell you that my sources have told me some..... INTERESTING things. In particular, that you are a member of a..... rather interesting and prestigious group. One that is supposedly not far from this very spot within these very mountains somewhere". He pauses a moment, as if to let his words sink into her ears and mind before continuing.

"I'm rather curious, and interested, to make this groups acquaintance, if you follow my meaning, and willing to make it worth their, and your, while if possible".

"Time is money, or time is something else precious. We either like each other, or we don't. No need for lengthy ass-kissing. I would hope you know your worth without me having to tell you true or false things to make you feel for your lack of self-love." She has a playful smile as she says it. Then she listens to the proposition.

She sees the madness in his eyes when he locks her with her. But it's almost not there. It's very well contained, or it's a trick. In hers, there is freedom. She isn't afraid to do what must be done because she wants to. There are other things, but those are harder to understand.

Then it's in her turn to speak. "I do." She doesn't try to hide it. Why would she? "What do you think would be worth my while? Let me ask you a question. If you wanted and could get your hands on a nuclear bomb. Would the bomb itself or the codes to activate it be the most important part?" She lets it go at that, letting him now take it all to him and have a moment to answer.

Burr gives it a moment of thought before giving his answer to her question "To me, honestly, neither would be important in and of themselves. They are merely tools for an admittedly destructive, and one dimensional, purpose. What i find the most important parts would be who would use such a thing, for what end, and on whom". He tilts his head to one side "As for worth while, what i have to offer are, as a businessman, resources. Contacts, money, some influence perhaps here and there. I am no stranger to fighting, and have no qualms aiding in battle personally if need be. That, however, would be for your peers to determine. As you are the only one my contacts could ascertain as a member, i'm attempting to 'get my foot in the door' so the saying goes".

"It's refreshing, someone who makes his own choice. Why should the choices I give you be the only ones?" She nods her head approvingly. She pauses after that.

After said pause, she continues. "Tell you what. In due time, I will mention you, and they can decide what they wish to do. So far I like you, but if you get in the way, it will quickly change. If you have the choice of going with me or against me, choose the former. I also will not get in your way. I have no desire to do so." Another pause before she continues. "I am not trying to disrespect you in any way. Simply there are things more important than you. As I am certainly not what's most important to you either. If I would take a guess, I am a means to an end. If you like me, it's a bonus, not a necessity. We're good that way?" She looks at him and even extends her hand. It is hard to tell if she is nervous inside or just blunt and knows what she needs and wants. Either way, he would know where she stands.

Burrs smile widens as she says these things, and at the end he gives a laugh "Oh, my dear. I have no interest in 'getting in the way', and have no delusions that i am 'important' in some way. You misunderstand my intentions, though i confess there is indeed an element of 'means to an end' present, but that is how all deals begin, do they not?". One hand tips his hat as the other gives her hand a firm shake "A mention is perfectly fine. They, like us, have choices to make, and thus make the world continue to go 'round! I can ask for nothing more!"

She nods her head and enjoys the firm handshakes "ThenI think we said everything. I just want one thing in truth. One day I will ask for a favor. I won't force you to do it. All I ask you is to make time for me to tell you about it. If you accept or not will be based on your own decision then."

She then stands up but doesn't get out of the water then. Everything was said, and in her mind, there was no reason to make it last longer. But she gives him a chance to say something else or tell her there is more. She's not running away after all.


Burrs response comes a bit faster than maybe she was expecting?

"For an endorsement to your peers, i find this a more than generous price, and will always listen to such requests".

She gives a smile. It was nice and quick after all. "Then it is indeed all. Thank you.It has been a pleasure. You shall hear something soon about this." She gets out and picks up her dress. She doesn't seem bothered by the dripping water. She doesn't even put the dress on. "Now, if you will excuse me. There are other things to handle." One moment she is there, the wet sound of falling water, proof of it. The next, she is gone. A little pool of water where she was standing and magic in the air were all that's left.

.... and just like that, Burr is once more alone with his thoughts. He relaxes once more, a smile on his face "..... I wonder what will happen.....". His smile widens at this thought as he drifts off into a light sleep.

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